Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi Domestic Airport (T1) Review

By | December 21, 2017

This is my second visit to the Plaza Premium lounge in Delhi Airport T1 Terminal Domestic Departure side. The Lounge was highly crowded the last time i was there, maybe due to acceptance of almost all cards and hence i wasn’t able to take any pics. However had a chance to visit again, solo this time and here’s my review 🙂

Note: If you’re looking for the lounge in Delhi T3 Terminal Domestic Departure, check out my other review:  Delhi Airport Lounge Review – Plaza Premium (T3) Domestic

Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi T1 - Entrance

Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi T1 – Entrance

My Experience at Plaza Premium Lounge Delhi T1D:

I took out my shiny Diners Black credit card to get access to the lounge with some special VIP welcome 😛 but i was turned down saying that they’re having some server issues with Diners cards and hence i can’t use it. Sad! I asked if its common with Diners but they said its very rare and its only on that day they were facing the issue.

Luckily, i was carrying quite a lot of cards that day, so i swiped my HDFC Platinum Mastercard Debit card to get Access to the lounge (Mastercard benefit). The lounge has very good set of snack items spread around.

My all time favorite is Cornitos Nachos Crisps, the first one from left as you see in the below pics.

Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi - starters

Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi – Snacks

Plaza Premium Lounge

View of Delhi Airport from Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi food

Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi food



Apart from the usual stuff, i met a guy who swiped the prestigious Infinia Credit Card for lounge access. I tried to start a conversation with him about the Infinia card and he said that he was holding it for quite a time, as if its yet another usual card for him.

He’s a calm & cool person and was bit looking like “who the hell is this guy asking about my credit card”. Also, as he came with his family, kids, i respected their privacy and ended the conversation there saying i’m planning to get that card sometime soon 😉

Facilities at Plaza Premium Lounge – Delhi Airport:

  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Food: Yes. Buffet with some snacks.
  • Ambiance: Good, but its usually Crowded.
  • Recharge Station: Yes.
  • Complimentary Access on: Priority Pass, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard

Overall, its a very good lounge in Delhi Domestic Airport with good set of snacks, though i wish they’ve more space in the lounge as it was 90% full by the time i left. I still remember my last visit to this lounge when i was eating almost for half an hour without a break. It was quite tasty and they do have dessert section to fulfill the meal.

Update Sep 2017: Service & food spread is getting depreciated over time here. My latest visit wasn’t a good one and the same is being experienced by others as well. Access through Visa Cards removed as well.

Have you been to this lounge or have you ever met people holding the cards like Infinia or Amex Centurion, etc? Share your experiences in comments below.

67 thoughts on “Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi Domestic Airport (T1) Review

  1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    If I am travelling from Bangalore to Delhi than would I be allowed to use the lounges in both Bangalore and as well as in Delhi ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can access only Departure lounge in Bangalore. In Delhi, You can visit Arrival lounges. There are two arrival lounges in T3 Terminal.

      1. ketan

        Hello Sid,

        Again a grt review…we can only use lounge in departure?
        What about arrival?
        And if we have connecting flight eg Ahmadabad to Dubai via Mumbai…so how can we use lounge at this places can we use all three places??
        If we have pp(Regalia CC ) we can use in free or pay $27?

        Thanks a lot for for all reviews really helpful for many ppl …
        And I have applied for Diners Black after reading your review and i received…


        1. Siddharth Post author

          Great that you got Diners Black and glad i was able to help.
          1. Please note almost all lounges are in Departure part of the airport only.
          So in this case, you can access the lounges in Ahmadabad & Mumbai.
          2. PP that comes with Regalia has 12 free visits per yr.
          You wont actually need it as long as you have Diners Black 🙂

          1. Ketan

            Thanks for rplying bro
            Pp for back up bro:-) as u told there was issue in diner…
            How much add on cards we can use in diner black for lounge?

          2. Siddharth Post author

            I think you can have 3 add on cards. I got two and i’ve started using them for lounge access already. Its smooth and the Rs.2 charge don’t even show up on statement.

  2. Nikunj Sanghavi

    To my understanding “R U saying that u had utilize the HDFC Platinum master debit card which come along ur preferred saving account.” What r the charges ur card had been charged for lounge visit as this card come along free of cost with saving a/c and how can they afford the lounge visit facility with this card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Almost all MasterCard debit cards from HDFC has 2 complimentary lounge visits per quarter. Preferred Plat MC has 4 visits.
      Basically Mastercard absorbs this charge, infact lounge access is the main reason why people use MasterCard.

  3. Parth

    Hey Siddharth, I have only experienced American Express lounges (T3 – Delhi and T1 Mumbai). I hold a platinum reserve card and hence food and beverages (except alcoholic) are free for me. Is the the case in other lounge access program too? I was hoping to get a ICICI Bank card and I read Visa clearly mentioning a “set” menu with one of – starter, drink and main course. However, ICICI Bank’s Coral card – Amex and Mastercard don’t divulge details? Any idea if in lounge food is complimentary or paid for?

    I’m looking at ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve been to most of the domestic departure lounges in India and Food is always free/unlimited in almost all of them except in Goa.
      Check out my Mastercard lounge list where you can find review for each lounge 🙂
      Go with Mastercard Variant on Coral.

      Yet to experience the AMex Lounges.

      1. Parth

        Oh okay. Amex lounges are smaller and don’t have shower facility. Food is delicious with substantial options. Amex altitude lounges require platinum above to enter. Food is free only for platinum reserve / platinum (charge) and above. Hopefully we will once meet there! 🙂 ..

        Thanks for this, I will go with the mastercard variant! Cheers!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, Amex Jet card has access to these Indian Amex lounges. I maybe getting it soon.
          Hah sure, btw, do use your actual name/email so i could at-least identify you 😀

          1. Karim

            Hi Sid
            Almost all comments are for Delhi T3 and T1, what about T2 lounge. Is terminal 2 lounge of Delhi airport don’t have access for master or visa card holder

  4. Anurag Joshi

    Hi ,
    I am going Pune-New Delhi-Pune.
    I have Platinum Master Card.
    I want to know the complimentry lounge facility available to me in the airport.
    Please do tell me whether I can access Lounge facilities on arrival also ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Am unsure which Bank Card you’re holding so can’t comment. You can check master card helpline to know avail free visits on your card.
      Most lounges are available in Departure. Delhi T3 Arrival lounges donot accept master card.

  5. rohit

    i have axis bank my zone credit card an one axis bank titanium reward debit card can i get acess to airport lounge at delhi airport for me and my wife or i have to get add on card for her saprately?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      If both are under Mastercard variant, yes, you’ll get access. Add on cards doesnt work with this credit card for lounge access.

      1. rohit

        both are visa verient but its written on booklet that you have complimentry lounge access…..n want to ask that one card is sufficient for both of us or my wife need her card saprately for free access

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Only Visa Signature/infinite cards has access. Cross check with bank. Whatsoever, only one person is allowed per card.

  6. Harish

    Hi Sid,

    I have multiple cards like Axis bank Titanium Rewards MasterCard Debit Card and HDFC Diners Club Rewardz Credit card. If I am going to Airport Domestic Terminals of Delhi and Mumbai, I guess they both should work. Also my wife is with me, so can I use 1 card on her behalf or only I am allowed since my name is imprinted on card, since 1 Axis DC Titanium Rewards have some number printed on it because it was issued in Insta-kit.
    If that doesn’t work, how can I take my wife in All lounges with me. Please let me know.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, just give her the card and ask to swipe. You don’t flash both cards. they might deny.
      I don’t think Mumbai T2 accepts. maybe T1 would accept.

  7. Rohan

    Hi Sid..

    I just got VISA Signature card..what all I have to pay if I intend to use the Plaza Lounge at Delhi and Mumbai airport.. somebody told me that all I have to pay is 2 bucks via that card and all eatable and drinks are it true..??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, that’s true Rohan. Food & Drinks complimentary.
      Mumbai T2 terminal don’t have Visa Lounge access ASAIK.

      1. Vivek Agarwal

        Even Delhi T1D have not been accepting visa signature cards any more, its only valid at T3

  8. Rohan

    Thanks buddy.. Mumbai T,2 is international.. I will be using domestic terminal of Mumbai airport.. Guess that have lounge..Thanks for the info.

  9. Nishant Mohan

    Last week I met a lady with Amex Black card at this lounge. While I was using my HDFC Regalia for access 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Wow, Centurion Man!!
      You should have tried to chit chat with her, did you? 😉

  10. Madhur gurbani

    Nishant was the lady indian or foreigner , I want to know that whether amex centurion is issued in india or not ?

  11. Madhur gurbani

    What is the eligibility criteria for amex centurion card , is it the same as foreign that you to spend 250,0000 $ annually on amex platinum card to get the invitation for the centurion?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      it should be in similar range. Will come up with a separate post for Centurion soon with more info.

  12. Madhur gurbani

    Dear Siddharth,
    When you will make the review of amex platinum as it is the key to the amex centurion and what is DIY concierge

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its more like having a Personal Assistant who can get things done for you.

  13. Thomas

    Delhi plaza premium arrival lounge is accessible in t3 as written in diners lounge list. I tried the plaza premium arrival in domestic t1 but unfortunately we can only use priority pass. Since hdfc has cancelled domestic use I didn’t swipe it. For all other facilities it’s paid

  14. saurav singh

    i am having my dad’s hdfc pp only,not the credit card.can i get the acess?

  15. Harsh

    I have Dinners Club Rewards credit card.
    I am traveling from Bangalore to Delhi.
    My flight is landing at Delhi at midnight and I have to catch a train morning at 5.
    Is there any lounge at Delhi domestic arrivals which I can use?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its there in T3, but they just serve Coffee/snacks

  16. Rahul

    Hey Siddhant,

    Thank you for the blog. You got great articles here.
    I have a MasterCard Platinum Card which is eligible for lounge access.
    I had a few queries regarding the lounge usage.

    1) Which is the best lounge in Delhi where I can swipe my Mastercard?
    2) If I’m traveling on the domestic route can I visit the lounges at the International terminal? I asked this question because the ITC Lounge at the International terminal in Delhi has complimentary alcohol while the lounges at domestic terminals don’t.
    3) I have 2 Mastercard cards with me, both of which are eligible for the lounge access. Can I take my friend with me by swiping the second card on my name and if yes, which lounge will allow me to do that?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. There is only one.
      2. no
      3. This is hit or miss!

  17. Tarun Dua

    I have Easyshop Titanium & Easyshop Gold from Mastercard – International Debit card from HDFC Bank. Please note that I get these card on opening of Bank A/c – my name is not mention on it.
    I am going to aboard , can I visit the international airport lounge with this card or should I need another card?
    Please advise

  18. sameer madhok

    What is the procedure to get free access of airport lounge with visa signature debit card (indian overseas bank) ? I m using it for first time so don’t have accurate knowledge of how to get access and how much money required in that debit card

  19. Vikram

    Hello siddharth
    I have sbi visa global card. Can i get access to lounge at igi T3 new delhi . I have to travel from new delhi to bishkek.

  20. Dr Pankaj

    Whats the status of free complimentary food and drinks and of lounge access in respect of SBI Visa credit card ?

  21. ausaf

    Hi Siddharth,
    u cleared the oceans of doubt that i had, actually i just got RBL maxima mastercard which has 2 lounge access free per quarter, i have to boardin from new delhi T1 and 1st time i am going to use the lounge facilty ever. so any suggestion for me, and is it right that foods and drinks are free in airport lounges for these card holders??

  22. Rex

    Visited this lounge while taking delhi to kochi flight of spicejet in early morning. In my opinion this lounge deserves 2.5 star rating due to following reasons.-
    Food variety was limited and soft drinks were not available.
    Highly overcrowded. People were blocking seats by putting bags. Many people were searching of seating space. This is usual case during 4-6 am rush hours.
    Seating arrangement was pretty ordinary.
    Kitchen and food serving area are diagonally apart and passes through seating area. Hence every time when food is served or dirty dishes are taken back to kitchen , it creates problem for guests.

    I have also been to Plaza premium T3 international departure lounge. That one is way more polished and refined. Serving staff is like 5 star hotel staff.
    (Also these international departure lounges are twice as expensive than domestic departure lounges.). Same is case with earth lounge at international departure in kochi airport. This is one of the best lounge(accessed through visa or master card). Complimentary shower, booze, child’s play area, semi private relaxation area, business centre etc. Do try if you ever get opportunity.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yep, just reduced the rating. Even my recent visit wasnt good. Updated the same in the article.

      1. Gulshan Kumar

        HI Siddharth,

        I hope you are doing well.
        I have some query regarding Lounge access. I am having layover for 3 hours on Delhi Airport(T2) on 15th April 2018 . As I am holding My Zone Axis bank credit card and having benefit of 2 complimentary lounge access.
        I have never used this lounge facilities .So please can you help me with all the info like how to access Lounge with my credit card free of cost. And whether food and drinks will be free or chargeable.
        Please give me all info from basic as how to access and what are id card or any docs need to be shown for taking access.


        1. Sreehari

          T2 has a Plaza Premium lounge which can be accessed using Priority Pass/Diners. Not sure whether it is covered under the VISA/Mastercard Lounge programme. So please check that before you try to access.

          You just need to show your valid boarding pass and accessing credit card/Priority Pass. The food and soft drinks are free and unlimited, while you have to pay for any alcoholic beverages.

        2. Mouli


          Hope its domestic lounge ?
          Once you enter the lounge just swipe your card at the reception , they will charge you 25 rupees that will be reverted back
          All the food items inside the lounge are free, only for alcohol you need to pay
          For domestic lounge mostly they won’t ask for IDs

  23. Mudit Maheshwari

    I have Citi bank Rewards Card and American Express Rewards card . Will i be able to ente the plaza premium lounge at cheap rates?

  24. Rajesh

    Hi… they rejected my MasterCard hdfc regalia first credit card saying they don’t accept that anymore.. luckily I had my Sbi platinum debit card and I was able to enter… the food spread is poor especially the variety of non veg items… also they don’t have any juices… it’s crowded like anything and you may even find it difficult to get a seat. Chennai airport lounge was much better than this.

  25. Kapil

    Update on 8 Oct
    Delhi T1
    Regalia will be accepted on T3 premier plaza only
    T1 premier plaza no longer accept regalia. In case you have amex without lounge access you can get entry by paying 590INR.

  26. Mahesh Kumar

    It’s surprising! Whereas SBI Elite Credit Card says free Airpirt lounge visits @2visits/Qtr still Plaza Premium at T1/IGI Delhi regretted saying SBI Elite Card gives free access only at T3(International).
    Pl confirm and since when this change?

  27. Aditya

    I see that Diners black complimentary lounge access has been limited to T2 in Delhi. So, if we swipe Diners black at T1 or T3, will we be charged?

    1. Jambui

      @Aditya my mum dad both used DCB at T3 domestic in last week of Feb.
      Infact they got diff section reserved for diners/PP.
      So all good.

  28. Karan Chauhan

    I have IOB Visa Signature debit card Will i be able to enter the plaza premium lounge?

  29. Anees

    Update from mar2022- this lounge is closed because the company running it lost all their contracts. Its now called encalm lounge, and my idfc card didn’t work there. So no further review!


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