Earth Lounge at Cochin Airport Review (Domestic)

By | July 6, 2022

For a long time, Cochin airport had this Earth lounge accessible to domestic passengers. This lounge which I visited in 2016 has been closed now and is no more operational as of Jan 2019.

So the old Earth lounge has been replaced with a bigger and much better one, which was previously used by International passengers.

As you may also know, Cochin Airport got its brand new Terminal 3 dedicated for international flights, so there is another “Earth lounge” there serving international passengers.


TypePremium Airport Lounge
Cards acceptedVisa, Mastercard & many other cards
LocationFollow lounge signboard (2nd Floor)
Plug pointsYes, but limited
AmbianceBeautiful interiors & ultra spacious
Food optionsDelicious food spread

This Earth lounge is one of the best airport lounge in the entire country because it gives amazing views of the tarmac and also has tasty food and luxurious interiors.


Here we’re talking about the the Earth lounge located at 2nd Floor, Airside – Domestic Departures, accessible by domestic travellers only. Its actually a long walk and the sign boards will help you!

Earth lounge Cochin, Domestic Departures – Entrance

Check in

I visited the lounge in the early morning and it was silent with about 10% occupancy. I got access to the lounge as a business class passenger of Air India, however you can also access the lounge with any card like Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Priority Pass among others.


The lounge has variety of seating options from lots of dining tables to comfortable couches.

The chairs in the dining area are really comfortable and they had some premium sofas too. As this lounge was primarily made for international travellers, you can expect a overall premium setup.

The lounge feels pleasant even at 70% occupancy as it was when I left – well designed!

Earth lounge – Interiors


I still remember the fish curry & rice that I had for lunch during my last visit to the earth lounge. This time though, as I’m here for the breakfast, I didn’t get the opportunity to taste that delicious fish curry again.

Breakfast spread was decent and the fruits/juices/idli/dosa’s were all tasty & delicious as expected.

Food Spread @ Earth lounge, Cochin
Earth lounge, Cochin – Bar Area

View from the Lounge

The lounge not just has great interiors and delicious food, they also offer amazing views of the flights. I got spectacular views on the early morning flight. Here are some pictures,


  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.5/5

It’s undoubtedly an amazing lounge and you should never miss it if you’re flying out of Cochin Airport (COK), domestic.

This is one of the very few lounges in the country that gives amazing views of the tarmac from the lounge/dining area.

Have you been to this new Earth lounge at cochin domestic departures? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

62 thoughts on “Earth Lounge at Cochin Airport Review (Domestic)

  1. Jagadish

    Hi Siddharth,

    One General Query. While visiting any lounge in India which are complimentary with Visa/Master Card, Can I Take my 3.5 Year Old Daughter with me in the Lounge

    1. Chalam

      Usually below 5 years, they will not insist.
      Anyway the cheaper way for lounge access is through Rupay Platinum debit card, which now a days will be issued by almost any Bank.

    2. Shailesh

      Yes. Almost all Domestic Lounges allow children below 5 years as free visit. Few International Lounges too. There are few International Lounges which do not allow children even if you are willing to pay guest charges.

    3. Bhaskar

      Me and my wife on complimentary cards, took my daughter (2.5 years) to one of the lounge recently and there was no issue.

    4. Rex

      Any day….. usually they don’t insist fee for kids upto 5-6 years.

    5. Shyam stephen

      I have used the earth lounge many a times. Both the international one and the domestic. Its too good and quite spacious. The staff is very pleasing. The quality of their training and grooming is very much evident. Good views of the tarmac. Yes, they serve very good food and does have a great spread. Serves alcholic beverages too. A quality airport and quality lounge! Proud that its in my city.

    6. Minu

      I will be taking domestic flight..I’ve visa debit card and kochi metro card…also I’ve three children..eldest is 8 years and youngest is 2 years..can I get access with that

    1. reuben

      yes. denied entry with regalia first card..
      anyone have idea which all cards are accepted ?

      1. Rosily

        I had visa platinum credit card ( Barclaycard , Visa debit from HSBC and Barclays can I use any of these

    2. Arjun

      Same here. I had a Regalia and priority pass, they denied entry claiming some weird rules

  2. Neo

    Yes, it’s a great improvement over the “old” earth lounge. And the best part, it’s free for Vistara Gold/Plat.
    nice work on the AI biz class.
    Addicted to this site now, can’t thank you enough Sid.

  3. Ameya

    Hi Sid
    Nice review there! This is where you are getting the “Home”ly feel!

    Any idea what has happened of RuPay Lounge access?
    Is it still valid anywhere?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Well, this is heaven 🙂
      Home’ly part was related to overall airport experience, especially on landing. People are cool, no rush, good climate and great cab driver!

      Rupay lounge acceptance is as good as Visa/MC. Didn’t verify it here though.

  4. Pankaj Singhal

    Comparing it to Above Ground Level lounge at Bangalore – Domestic is high praise indeed.

    Need to plan a Kochi visit now !!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Definitely! Maybe also explore the newly opening “Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Kochi” in April 🙂

          1. Nisanth P

            I’m from Kerala, Gods owns county, but now hell is reining here. Tooo hot

            Compared to April. May will be cooler and occasional rains, 2nd part of May will be better, towards may end Monsoon starts,

    2. Nisanth P

      Agree with this, the best domestic lounges compared to Blore, Chennia, Delhi & Mumbai. Earth has fantastic view to the Airside and more lighty and open feeling, sitting area has nice comfy seating also gets relaxed. AGL/PP in Blore is closed and the dark interiors add a moody feeling. Mumbai/Delhi is inside the terminal without any open view. Chennai both lounges has limited airside view.

      I’ve been to T3 Earth lounge too, that is also very good and comfy, the sitting area is towards inside the lounge so not a good feeling, but dining area is good. In Domestic

      @Siddharth – Which LTF card gives maximum no. of Domestic Lounge access? I’ve Regalia and Diners premium, with both total is maxed out to 18, with my previous travel pattern, this was more than enough, but now 3/4 travel a month is happening with 2 lounge visits per travel this will exhaust soon. I’m looking for another option, any suggestion?

  5. Uma


    Would like to know which supplementary card allows free lounge visit. I have HDFC Regalia, Yes First and SBI Elite. HDFC Regalia supplementary card was denied free access to lounge.

    1. SHALIN


  6. C samuel

    Not a 24 hour lounge which kinda defeats the purpose. Was closed at 4 in the morning today

  7. Kiran

    Hi, I hold a ICICI paywave DC. And I have 2 complimentary access to lounges. This month I’m going to Mumbai. But I’m holding an economy ticket. Is the entry accessible or we need a business class ticket.

    1. Mohammed Ashraf

      Hi Kiran ,No need of business class,you can get entry with economy class ticket with your coral pay wave debit card.

      1. Subramanian

        I just contacted earth customer care they told this card is no longer participating. But when I called ICICI customer care they told it’s doing. I don’t know what to believe. Shall I go ahead with this or will my time be wasted. Anyone holding coral paywave dc.

        1. George

          i used the icici coral paywave dc and i was allowed free access to the earth lounge in cochin, but pls note that it closes at 11:30 PM in the night.

    2. Mouli


      Even if you hold Economy ticket also still you can use the lounge in Kochi


    is there free access for ADCB titanium mastercard issued in UAE? can international terminal passergers can access this? should we register prior ?

  9. Albert

    Hey I’d wanna know if I could use the lounge facility using my brother’s rupay platinum card.

  10. Mathai Joy

    I have a Andhra Bank International Platinum Visa Card
    Can i Use the air port Lounge facility at Cochin Airport ?
    Please Respond

  11. P.radhakrishnan

    Whether visa platinum debit card is accepted in cochin international airport lounge

  12. Eldho

    Hey I’d wanna know if I could use the lounge facility using HDFC VISA platinum debit card

    1. Ankur Maheshwari

      Yes you can,
      Refer below

      hdfcbank dot com/personal/products/cards/debit-cards/easyshop-platinum-debit-card
      hdfcbank dot com/assets/pdf/VisaVariant.pdf

      replace dot with {.} and remove spaces.

  13. Jithin

    Please advise the best credit cards (SBI PRIME , Regalia first etc )for airport lounge access in kochi and Bangalore.

    1. Sahal

      Neither has access as they are of visa variant. You might need to try Yes Credit cards. I used the same.

  14. Amandeep Sharma

    This is one of the best lounge in India. Got the chance to visit it today. Seating capacity is good and the view of the runway is amazing. Food was quite delicious. This is a must visit lounge if you are traveling from Cochin.

  15. Vijay

    I got a chance yesterday to visit the Earth Lounge at CIAL. The lounge is very well designed. Unfortunately the food quality was very poor. There was very little option for dinner and the food was cold. Apart from food, I would rate this lounge as good. The best lounge I have visited till date is the Plaza Premium Lounge at Ahmedabad airport – way better than Plaza Premium / AGL at BLR airport.

  16. Aparna Sankar

    Planning to fly abroad next week. Can I access the Earth lounge using IndusInd Visa signature card?

    1. Shyam stephen

      Yes visa signature card does provide a complimentry access at airport lounges. Two visits in a quarter.


    If you are going to visit Earth Lounge at Cochin, you must have a Platinum card with Rupay. This must be informed earlier

  18. Venugopal Subramanian

    I visited the lounge at Kochi Domestic terminal on 24 Apr 22…By 2100 hrs,food ran short…Specially payasam…As I had to wait till 2100 hrs,I noticed that food was getting colder and no effort made to heat them. I found some passengers who came after 2230 hrs,arguing with the waiters on shortage of food….This needs to be looked into ….

  19. AJ

    is Diners privilge not accepted here?
    Found in google maps review some one with a diners privilege hdfc was rejected entry because of payment issues from diners network

  20. Smitha

    I have a HDFC Visa Platinum Debit Card. Do I get access to lounge at Kochi Airport for domestic travel?

    1. Hari

      Among HDFC cards, I think only Infinia and Diners card have access to Kochi airport lounge.

  21. Rajarshi Roy

    Actually hdfc cards are now almost redundant with respect to lounge access, which is limited only to handful few domestic terminals, even regalia having a few of 2499 pa has same.
    Only diners n infinia has access to most lounges. Also recently launched tata neu infinity probably has better access. Hope to get a review of that soon. Any idea if existing hdfc card holders eligible for applying to that? I haven’t tried yet. Holding Ltf regalia first and have existing upgrade offer to regalia paid which I think not worth it. So any suggestions about tata neu infinity will be helpful.


    Whenever I visit Cochin airport I use to visit Earth Longue. The food is tasty, good ambience nice staff. We prefer food from here and avoid cabin food. Keep it up.


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