Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card Review

By | February 20, 2021

Joining Fees

Joining FeeINR 750+GST
Joining Fee WaiverSpend INR 7,500 in 60 days
Renewal FeeINR 750+GST
Renewal Fee WaiverSpend INR 70,000 in 1 yr


  • Online, Dining, and Utility: 1.25% (5 RP/Rs.100 – capped at 1,000 Reward Points per month)
  • Other Spends: 0.25%
  • Monthly Rewards: 1000 Points on 5 txns each Rs.1000

The monthly rewards concept on the card is a very good one and that’s the USP of the card.

For ex, if you spend Rs.5000 on 5 different transactions each Rs.1000 or more, you get 1000 reward points. That’s valued at Rs.250 which is grand 5% on the spend.

If you can stretch a bit and spend Rs.6000 a month every month for 1yr, you get the card for free + card renewed for free + you get Rs.3000 as reward points which can be converted to statement credit.

That’s about net 4.2% reward rate on Rs.72,000 yearly spend just with the monthly rewards, regular rewards are cherry on the cake. πŸ™‚

How to Apply?

You may apply Bank of Baroda Select Credit card offline through branch (or) through online portal using the referral link below:

Bottom line

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.8/5

Its an amazing card for those who know how to make use of it. To make things easy, you can simply use the card for wallet loads and enjoy the returns like never before.

I would say its the perfect entry-level credit card for beginners whose annual spends are less and yet look for decent rewards.

But of course you’ve to deal with the not-so knowledgable customer care if things go wrong.

Do you have Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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96 thoughts on “Bank of Baroda Select Credit Card Review

  1. Deep

    There’s a ICAI exclusive card by Bank Of Baroda which is only given to Chartered Accountants
    It has exactly same features as this card but with added advantage of Forex markup of 2% , 12 free airport lounge access per year and its lifetime free!

  2. Avi

    “1yr, you get the card for free + card renewed for free + you get Rs.3000 as reward points which can be converted to reward points.”‐——- I think you meant converted to statement credit.

      1. Avi

        one query though, do you think regular rewards will be applicable for 1000rs transactions if I load paytm wallet?
        there might be some hidden tnc which invalidates even monthly rewards for wallet loads.
        If they are trying to copy MRCC, hope they get atleast half the way considering it’s a public sector bank.

        1. Tanmay Lodha

          Yes, you will get 5 points for wallet reloads. no hidden T&C’s

  3. Tanmay Lodha

    I am using this card and guys believe me, BOBFinancial is really doing a great job from the past one year. They offer lots and lots of offer from time to time. There customer care is also improving but at a slow pace. Major point is that it is without any IVR.
    Now to add more to the content –
    1. Minimum amount spend required to earn reward point – Rs 100
    2. Reward points also provided on fuel transactions
    3. If the transaction is made within the 1000 points monthly 5x cap, then full spend amount will receive 5 reward points which will lead you to earn more than 1000 points (via 5x rule) in a month
    4. If amount denomination is Eg. less than 150, then points will be given on Rs 100 whereas if amount denomination is greater than equals to 150, points will be given according to Rs 200

      1. Tanmay Lodha

        Moreover, Customer care is available 24*7*365 (I know the fact that customer care is not up to the mark but they are improving slowly)

        1. Siddarth Thirunavukkarasu

          Not on mobikwik or Airtel Money, they have nerfed it. I earned points 3 months ago, but I no longer do. I still get points on PayZapp (Non-hdfc bank customer) and Freecharge.

    1. Mahesh

      Sorry. I didn’t get the third point.

      And one more point, Amex MRCC needs 4*exactly 1000, isn’t it? And this card 5*1000 or more, I am getting it right? That is even if I do a transaction of 1000 on fuel, 2000 on bill and so on, will they be counted in 5x bonus transactions and 1000 points will be given?

    2. Arun Ch

      Hi ppl anyone willing to lend der BOB credit card for an offer which I need .

    3. Nilesh Kabra

      Correction/ update- They have stopped giving regular reward points on fuel transactions. Although the transaction is counted towards bonus points accrual

    4. Sourabh Jagga

      Hi Tanmay,
      Can you please share more details about 3rd point?

  4. Saurabh

    I am holding BOB Premier credit card from last ~2 years. I would say their card benefits are really very good (specially for travel bookings) but when it comes to customer service it is way poor.
    e.g. I had to face issue for getting cashback for flight booking on goindigo website. After several follow up I lost hope. And then one good day and after a wait period of around 9 months cashback amount credited to my account. So basically if you are holing BOB CC your patience level should be of ∞ level.

  5. Sahil

    Are wallet loads eligible for points? Because then this card is a good complement to MRCC for wallet loads.

    1. Nilesh Kabra

      Yes. But you need to be alert as some of the wallet reloads are presently not being considered ‘online’ transactions & they only credit @1 per 100 instead of 5/100. I faced this issue on wallet reloads of Amazon Pay and Phonepe; had to raise the issue with their customer care. Yet to receive a response

  6. Abhi

    Have you reviewed the BOB EASY card already? It’s visa platinum and apart from regular features, it says : Get 0.5% of the card bill payment as cashback in your next statement. Innovative.

      1. Tanmay Lodha

        Absolutely correct, From all the 4 BOB credit cards (unsecured + publicly available), Eterna and Select are the best.

  7. Abhi

    How Select compares to MRCC, for those who have fee paid versions:
    At 70K spends pa on Select, assuming all on wallet loads or online, including the 1000×5 every month, reward rate is 12000 (bonus) plus 3500 (regular), total 15500, pt value Rs0.25. That’s Rs3875 in cash or 5.5% reward rate plus annual fee waiver.
    MRCC, for 70K, including the 1000×4 every month, would give 12000 bonus plus 1400 reg, that’s 13400, pt value around Rs0.4. Thats 5360 but card fee itself is a huge 5310. Sometimes it’s waived, or adjusted against 12K pts, or else you gain nothing.
    At 1.5L spends (all online), Select gives 12000 bonus plus 7500 reg, that’s 19500 pts worth Rs4875 or 3.25% rate.
    MRCC is 12000 bonus plus 3000 reg, that’s 15000 pts worth Rs6000 or 4.5% RR plus annual fee waiver. Assumed 0.40 rate considering amazon, with Taj its bit more.
    Clearly Select has low entry barriers, fee is low, target for waiver is also lower and reward also is in cash. V.good competitor for MRCC.

    1. Shivi

      AmEx is a different league altogether. You are comparing Prince (MRCC) to a Pauper (BoB Select)

      1. Abhi

        Yah MRCC is awesome, can hardly swipe it anywhere. Works best online, and in the online game, BoB Select gives 1.25% in cash and MRCC 2pts per 100 which barely crawls upto 1.15% if one really wants to choose Taj 24K. Coming to the bonus pts, I ve reviewed already. Only change now is the annual fee on MRCC which they have dropped from 4500 to 1500 (add gst) considering the competition from so many entry level cards.
        Talking of Amex, BoB Select is bad enough for people to give up their Amex Gold charge cards also.
        Furthermore, this poor BoB Select gives you pts on insurance and utilities that both Amex cards don’t.

        1. Shivi

          BoB cards would work best for you without doubt. I’d pick up AmEx any day.

          1. Abhi

            Bob cards, wow I just said Select. Have mrcc ltf and already gave up thoughts over gold charge thanks to Select.

      2. bhautik

        Sometimes Amex (prince) might have naughty children.

    2. Abhi

      With the upcoming changes on MRCC, BoB Select is becoming a great competitor MRCC.

  8. AM

    I had BOB card for 3-4 years but canceled in 2018 service was good I would say esp customer care direct line and now days there are many BOB offers on amazon and other portals so maybe the right time to try them again but again handling too many cards a headache for merely 2-3k worth of rewards point.

  9. Mithi

    There may be hidden restrictions on 1000 bonus points on five 1k transaction, I tried with around two 2k offline transaction & 3 1k wallet loads last month, did not receive any bonus points.

      1. Mithi

        I had raised complaint on their web portel, after a week complaint satus was rejected with no intimation

        1. Shashank

          You will get the bonus points within 60 days. It’s not instantly credited. As someone said above, your patience level has to be infinite.

    1. Sumit Sharma

      It gets credited in the next month, for exp., if you spend in Oct., the bonus points will get credited in the statement of November.

  10. Vivek

    The eligibility criteria is not as friendly as other banks. They don’t provide care on FD basis. Strictly income criteria. Poor show by BOB.

    1. Hardik gala

      They do provide credit card to self employed too, I got select on card to card basis and was approved without 2 days without any verification apart from call, waiting for card to be delivered!!

      1. Shimul

        Do you have account with them? As per bobfinancial website need an account for non salaried

  11. Vivek

    My city BOB branch also needs me to have an account in the branch, minimum 6 months old. Is the criteria same all over India ?

  12. Mannat Juneja

    Can anyone help by letting know the redemption options that are available? Amazon or FK vouchers?

  13. Muthu


    1000 worth 5 transaction. Can we do with the same vendor? Like can we top up our paytm wallet 5 times (5×1000).
    Is same vendor acceptable for bonus points? Please confirm anyone

  14. Tanmay Lodha

    The November statement for my Select card is generated and I am surprised to see that for the first time, I have received 1x points only for all online transactions. Not received 5x even on online transactions other than wallet loading so basically its not the wallet loading points issue IMO.
    Happened with someone else too?

    1. Mithi

      Yes I am also getting only 1x, did you receive 1k bonus points on 5 transaction

      1. Tanmay Lodha

        Hmm.. don’t know why BOB is not crediting 5x for online transactions, moreover, Eterna users have also reported that they are also getting regular rewards only, and not getting accelerated ones (5x).
        For 1k bonus points on 5 transactions done in the month of November, it will be credited in the December month and will reflect in the statement that will be generated on 1st January. So will have to wait till that to see whether they have messed up with 1k bonus points too or not.
        I faced this issue for the first time in November month statement only.. what about you?
        Do update me if you figure out something regarding this.

      2. Tanmay Lodha

        Any idea what’s the issue regarding 5x? 1k bonus points on 5 transaction are credited in the next month, and not in the same month.

        1. vamsi

          I too faced the same issue.
          In Dec statement: Only 514 are credited whereas 1288 need to be credited.
          In Jan statement: Only 1056 are credited whereas 1279 need to be credited.

          There is no issue in Feb statement. BOB has the worst customer support. They just have the email support. I am following up with them for the past 40 days and till date they don’t even understand the problem and keep on giving the standard replies.

          1. Tanmay Lodha

            For me, the problem was auto resolved in the next month itself.

  15. arko

    I got my first bill(got it on dec month ) spent 3 wallet load and 2 transaction in amazon .got 290 points spent ios less than 6k so i am getting 5x points.

  16. Nilesh

    Customer care isn’t upto mark. I got the ICAI exclusive card a week back, but for some reason it simply doesn’t work on online transactions/ wallet reloads. the customer care toll free numbers are not reachable. nor is there any response on email.

  17. Vineet Choudhari


    I am just planning my card strategy and wanted to confirm whether paytm/phonepe/amazon pay loads 5 x 1000, get you the 250 reward points plus the 1000 points.

    1. Nilesh Kabra

      Yes. Ideally you should, but for some reason at times they consider Amazon pay & Phonepe wallet reloads as offline transactions so you get just 10 points for 1000. Happened with me. I had to raise a concern with customer care. Yet to receive a response. I did get the bonus 1k though.

      1. nihal

        Did you get 1k immediately in the statement? or is it with a lag?

  18. Muthu

    Done any one have two BOB cards like (SELECT & EASY). EASY CARD giving 0.5% cashback for statement credit. Is it possible for spend on select card and payment on EASY card (for cashback) if same balance shared between two cards. Please confirm anyone.

  19. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Applied 12 days ago through C2C and got it delivered today. Got handsome limit of Rs. Three lakhs. Do we get auto limit enhancement. If yes than after how many months ?

    1. Anchit Singla

      Could you please let me know what is the process for applying on a card to card basis?

      I want to apply for the following cards using this method:
      1. SBI BPCL Octane
      2. BoB Select

      1. Vivek Vorani

        Just contact your bank. There is no special process. The executive will just ask for existing card photocopy, and toher KYC documents.

      2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        For BOB cards you can give kyc and statement of your existing credit cards.

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Joydeep I applied for Select card. Once I received the card I immediately upgraded it to Eterna.

        1. Aryan

          Can you please tell me the process for the upgrade? I received my Select card this month and I would like to upgrade it as well.

        2. Naveen Kumar PG

          Hi how you have upgraded to eterna from select. I have bob Premier I also need to upgrade to eterna. It’s been 4 months I am using Premier card.

  20. Vivek

    For ex, if you spend Rs.5000 on 5 different transactions each Rs.1000 or more, you get 1000 reward points. That’s valued at Rs.250 which is grand 5% on the spend.

    This means that transactions of exact Rs.1,000/- would suffice, right ? We do not need to make a Rs. 1,001/- rupees transaction.

    Kindly clarify.

  21. Vivek

    Any clarification on 1k bonus points on Paytm wallet reloads ?

  22. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Have BOB Premier card since last 10 months or so. Was unable to make use of this card much as benefits are less compared to other cards in my wallet.
    So decided to switch it to BOB Select which is a good rewarding card and sent an email to BOB cs on 12th May.

    Here are the steps–
    12.05.2021- Sent email requesting card variant change from Premier to Select card
    13.05.2021- Received an email that the matter is being looked upon
    15.05.2021- Received a email that the request is under process
    16.05.2021- Login into my account and can see Premier card no. replaced with a new one

    I haven’t interacted with the BOB cs so far and my 1st interaction via email has been fruitful and impressive.

    Specially, because as this is a downgrade (as per card variant n upgrade as per benefits in terms of rewards value), many bank’s doesn’t accept it easily in one email and you need repeated emails to convince them.

    Hope it helps prospective BOB card users.

  23. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    This card gives only 1 point ( not 5) per 100 for Amazon pay wallet top-up.

    1. Anuresh Rajan

      Did you ask the BoB customer care in this regard ?? Did they confirm the status of Amazon Pay Wallet Load as online or offline ?? And also asking if the amount of wallet load per transaction has to be Rs. 1001 or more or can be Rs. 1000 ??

  24. Neo

    Hi Sid, I have applied this card via your link. Here is the timeline
    I have applied on April 28th. E-Signed docs.
    Then received mail once again to sign on May 28th.
    Then after few days, video kyc scheduled. Then they asked to send KYC docs through email. Then one more mail received for salary slips. Finally application status showed card got approved on 10th June.
    Received card on 16th June. There is no contactless feature on this card? Shocked to know this. Mastercard platform has this feature, isn’t it? Anyway to get the contactless version?

  25. Binin Sukumaran

    Hi Siddharth,
    “For ex, if you spend Rs.5000 on 5 different transactions each Rs.1000 or more, you get 1000 reward points.”

    Are the 5 transactions to be done between my billing date or within the calendar month? In my case the billing date is 20th of every month, so should I need to spend the 1k*5 between 21st to 20th or between 01st to 30/31st of the month?
    Please clarify.


  26. dolphin

    Can anyone confirm if they are still considering wallet topups in bonus reward calculation? Planning for 1000 x5 paytm topups per month.

  27. Mr. Singh

    Received BOB Select credit card last week(I was eligible for Eterna too), called cust. support regarding activation. Came to know that my card is lifetime free and no joining fee is charged. He insisted on upgrading to BOB Eterna with no joining fee and lifetime free, but I denied it because I already have Prime card. I asked him why no joining fee and lifetime free for me, he told me that as I am a central gov. officer, he didn’t know the exact policy for this.

  28. Mr. Singh

    I have done two kinds of transactions with my select credit card.
    1. rent payment on cred- received 1 point per 100 rs spent.
    2. paytm wallet loading via zomato- received 1 point per 100 rs spent.

  29. Mahesh

    Hi Mr. Singh, for which dept do you work? I work for LIC, a Quasi-Govt. Wondering whether I can get it as LTF.

    1. Mr. Singh

      Class 1 Officer in central gov. ministry. I don’t know brother why they gave it lifetime free to me.

      1. Pranav Sharma

        How you applied and what things to keep in notice for this ltf scheme for govt employees,class 1

        1. Mr. Singh

          I applied online through the website, I also have an account in bank of Baroda. I just filled the application, I selected central gov offices in Job type. Also, I didn’t know that I would get it LTF. I came to know about this later. So cant really say how I got it LTF. Also as of now, the 1000 reward points on doing 5 transactions of 1000 each is scrapped. So, now this card is useless according to me.

  30. Sahil

    Did not get 5x points for wallet load in July. Plus no 1000 bonus points as well…dont know whats up

  31. Binin Sukumaran

    I got my first BoB Select card statement. Surprisingly got only 156 reward points, where I have had made online transactions worth 1200 five times in the last month.
    1200*3 to Paytm &
    1200*2 to Payzapp.
    Any idea why I got less reward points?

  32. Mohsin Hussain

    From 15th Sep 2021, the select card’s 1000 bonus points feature will be withdrawn. Now 1000*5 transactions won’t accrue any additional bonus points, effectively making this card useless.


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