Axis Bank Launches ACE Credit Card with 2% Cashback on regular spends

By | October 12, 2020
Axis Bank ACE Credit Card

Axis Bank in collaboration with Google Pay launched a new entry-level credit card named Axis ACE Credit Card that runs on Visa (Signature) platform. Here’s everything you need to know.,

Features and Benefits

  • 5% Cashback on: Bill payments (electricity, internet, gas and more), DTH and mobile recharges through Google Pay
  • 5% Cashback on: BigBasket and Grofers (till 31st Dec 2020)
  • 4% Cashback on: Swiggy, Zomato and Ola
  • 2% Cashback on: all other spends (except fuel, emi, wallet loads)
  • Lounge Access: 4 complimentary lounge access per year

5% category without any max. cap is very generous and also 2% cashback on all other spends is mind blowing to see on an entry-level credit card.

Speaking about lounge access, remember that the entry level cards gives access to only small set of lounges, while premium/super-premium gives access to almost all lounges in the country.

This is followed by most other card issuers as well, but its good to see Axis being transparent about it by listing them.

So what about the joining and renewal fees?

  • Joining Fee: Rs.499+GST (reversed upon spends of Rs. 10,000 within 45 days)
  • Renewal Fee: Rs.499+GST (waived off on annual spends greater than Rs. 2,00,000)
  • Limited Period Offer: No Joining Fee for applications received till 31st December 2020

How to get it?

Select Google Pay users should be able to see it on their app for now. Others should be able to apply online/branch/customer care shortly. I would suggest to give try post 15th Oct as its pretty new.


Overall its an amazing card for a fee of this range. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit card used to be one of the best entry-level cards but now they’ve levelled up and gave even a better product.

Speaking about the competition, ICICI too has a compelling entry-level product with its ICICI Amazon Pay credit card. HDFC Bank too has Millennia credit card but its nowhere close to the Flipkart & ICICI offerings for this segment due to its limits & tricky T&C.

Axis ACE not only serves beginners but also premium and super premium credit card users who needs more rewards as cashback, which is a need of the hour during this pandemic.

If you’re looking for a credit card with “low fee” and better non-travel rewards, your search ends here.

What’s your thoughts on the newly launched Axis Bank ACE credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

63 thoughts on “Axis Bank Launches ACE Credit Card with 2% Cashback on regular spends

  1. Ratnesh kumar

    Means Axis bank want to attract mobile generation of entry level and mid range level card user aggressively …..But I don’t know why x2 axis put higher spent limit for for annual fee waiver on their basic cards. E.g 2 lac on this card ….

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      I would not call it a basic card. Infact it is giving much high cashback than HDFC Infinia. I will use it more than Infinia but the problem is that limit is less in my AXIS credit card. Will try to get hands on it as soon as possible.

      1. Rushabh

        I would still consider infinia and DCB better for now as if you take amazon gyftr vouchers and use them to pay utilities on amazon pay, you get 33% on utilities.

        1. Ashish

          Is bonus points still being credited for purchase of Amazon gift card beyond 5K. I have not received bonus points on amazon gift card purchase for few months now. Also gyftr has removed PayZapp payment option on Amazon and Flipkart which i think essentially is to get card number being used for purchase

  2. SH

    This changes the game at the entry level. There are no caps on total cash back (unlike the Stan Chart cards), and no floor on minimum and ceiling on maximum transaction level from cash back qualification. Also as I understand the cash back is applied without the user having to do anything. It is great to see that we are getting to see these cards that give extraordinary value for a nominal fee.

  3. Sameer

    This has the potential to be an actual game changer. I am Stuck on Regalia from 4 years with a 1.3% RR. And this has minimum 2% that too cashback. Awesome!

  4. Sanchit

    Now if only RedGirraffe start accepting Google Pay as official biller…

  5. Himanshu

    I called up the customer care today as I wanted to change my existing Vistara Card to other card (No plans of travel for the forseeable future) and just out of curiosity, I asked the CSR if I can get the Ace credit card.
    The CSR checked the system for a while and then said you’ll get this card as an additional card and if you want to discontinue Vistara Card later, you can just call the customer care and place the request for the cancellation of Vistara Card and you can use the Ace card without any issue.
    So, for now, I have applied Ace card as an additional card and will try to cancel the Vistara card later.

    1. Kushal

      Were you able to appky for this card with the customer care itself? When I called they told me that the Ace card can only be applied via Google pay app only and will be given to those eligible for now.

    2. Kamal

      Thanks Himanshu for letting us know. I applied the next day of this comment (Day 2 of Ace introduction) via customer care call.
      I already have Flipkart axis credit card and I was doubtful whether they will allow me to swap for Ace card as they fall under same category.
      The CS person immediately recognized the new card and in matter of two minutes filed my request to upgrade ( is n’t it swap ? ) my FP to Ace . He promised me the card will be delivered in 14 days.
      I received a sms with reference number which said , once processed, card will be delivered in 7 working days which is delightful.
      I feel Axis CC dept is way better than HDFC CC dept. HDFC dint allow me to swap my useless Regalia first to diners privilege saying they both fall under same category .
      From the interaction I had with Axis today, I wish them for their growth in future attractive credit card endeavors

    3. Himanshu

      UPDATE: The card is now visible in netbanking/mobile app and close to 3 days for the card to show up in the app.

  6. Prashant kumar mishra

    I am a burgundy customer maintaining high 7 digits. Called RM and this was offered to me LTF.

  7. Praveen Katiyar

    Considering the fee for stanC Ultimate..
    This seems a better offering.. more so.. no more waiting for good vouchers for Ultimate..

    Will give it a try.

  8. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Sounds great from Axis.
    If only their processing executives do not discriminate against sections of society. I had applied for the Flipkart Axis card, they denied me because I happen to be a person with vision impairment. Its another matter that ICICI, SBI, HDFC,, Standard Chartered, IndusInd or RBL had no issues providing me a card. Siddharth, do you know who at the higheer levels can one contact to deal with such a situation, when one is not an Axis customer? Without a registered email ID, I am unable to contact the Axis customercare, but I want to take this up with the higher authorities in Axis before going to the Banking Ombudsman or RBI.
    And if I can sort the issue out, I should surely consider this card over the Flipkart Axis card.

  9. Points Addict

    Wait, how can we make credit card payments on Google Pay? Isn’t it supposed to be done through UPI?

  10. Amann

    Hi Sid

    How do you use credit card on Google Pay? I can only see Bank Account/ UPI payment option for bill payment.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Google Pay seem to have some kind of integration with Visa with which you won’t even need to share the card details. I doubt if its live.

      Anyway, once it goes fully live we will cover in detail on a separate review article.

      1. Rishabh

        It is live and currently we can add Credit/Debit card of Axis & Kotak or Credit Card only from SBI bank.
        Only VISA variants are accepted.
        Also it will not allow to use Card for Scan n Pay, only Tap n Pay merchants are supported via NFC of phone.
        So phone without NFC may or may not able to do offline purchase via Card on Gpay.

      2. Vishal R

        Feature is called visa tokenization. there will be unqiue number generated instead of your card number

      3. Anuj Kaushal

        Yes It’s live, I am using it with axis visa card. Right now only Axis and Kotak visa cards are supported

  11. AAJ

    Also works on GPay on iphone? I saw Kotak sending email to link credit card on GPay mentioning it’s just for Android

  12. MAA-traveller

    Apart from the 5% back on utilities (HDFC, Amex, Citi have some restriction or the other in this category), the biggest benefit I see is ability to pay by scanning GOOGLE PAY QR by charging the card. Is this possible and my understanding right?

  13. Kishor Sapkale

    The problem with Zomato & Swiggy cashback offers is
    They usually provide better offers with certain cards (card based offers instead of universal once)
    Like with HDFC they provide 120 flat on spends of 600
    ICICI Rs 100 off on spend of 500
    Soo these 4% cashback offers becomes obselete as you won’t be able to use this card
    Big basket & Grocers are sham literally zero discounts, they are selling stuff at MRP
    I still prefer Dmart or Jio Mart
    2% on all spends is a good addition but now that we have soo many cards its imperative we atleast achieve the spend based offers on these cards
    I already have Flipkart Axis Card don’t know how much sense would getting this card would make


      Hi Kishore buy groceries on flipkart grocery, Star Quik & amazon grocery app, a host of discounts are available on the product. Flipkart & Star Quik are the best options because literally lot of savings can be carried out for the entire month. Products are not sold on MRP. Cashback is credited to Axis flipkart statement, which offers better value when compared to other branded cards, when transactions carried out on the same card. Star Quik gives an option to buy appliances at lower cost.

    2. Saurabh

      For some reason, I see crazy discounts on Grofers and regularly use it. Bigbasket – I agree, discounts are not that good.

  14. Rohit

    I am not sure what is elligiblity criteria for axis bank credit cards. I have expression credit score of 807 & I was rejected for flipkart axis card. Where can i get information on about this ?

  15. Nev

    May I know what is considered as a Wallet load? For example, if we use swiggy and use wallet as payment option, is that considered as a wallet load?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes & No.

      Yes – because its a wallet.
      No – because I don’t think they use the right Payment gateway setup with a specific merchant code under wallet for this.

      So you can know only after testing. Ideally a merchant will get a separate wallet MC once there is significant volume under wallet.

    2. FrequentFlyer15

      Wallet load in thw crude sense is loading money in a wallet and then using that wallet to pay. However, almost all wallets are registered as a payment gateway. So, if you pay through say, Paytm, and then instead of using your wallet balance, click credit card and pay, then its not a wallet spend but a payment gateway spend.

  16. Cav

    Will i get 2% on Redgiraffe and NoBroker, if i pay the rent thru these websites/apps.
    I guess i will not get the 2% if i pay using Payzapp on Redgirraffe or Nobroker, as the payment would then reflect thru the PAyzapp wallet.

  17. Murali

    Can I apply for ACE card as I am holding Flipkat Axis card. Will bank allow to hold two cards (sharing the credit limit)

  18. Saurav Das

    Is there any minimum transaction cutoff on spends to get the cashbacks?

  19. Joyce

    Adding credit card and debit card is still not available for many users or in general more for the iOS Google Pay users and they might lose out on the offers ending 31st Dec!! And not clear if the cashback on insurance payments fetch 2% or 5% cashback? Else looks a good card to start with!

  20. balaji

    Really great cashback card. I wonder whether they will give 5% cashback for electricity bills that are about 1 Lakh INR. If there are no strings attached for these utility bills, then this is a great deal for many.

    The 5% Swiggy, Zomato and Ola is a limited offer. The TnC states
    **Valid on the website as well as mobile application of BigBasket and Grofers. This is a limited time offer valid for transactions done till 31stDecember, 2020.

    Also, this time TnC is clear on rounding . This time this is proper round off NOT round down. i.e., the fractional part greater than 0.5 rounds to 1 else 0.

    The cashback will be rounded off to nearest rupee value for each individual transaction. For eg., If for a transaction of Rs. 1070, the customer is eligible for a cashback of 2% i.e., 1070* 2% = Rs. 21.4. Rs. 21will be credited to the customer for that individual transaction.Similarly, for a transaction of Rs. 1080, the customer is eligible for a cashback of 2% i.e., 1080* 2% = Rs. 21.6. Rs. 22will be credited to the customer for that individual transaction

  21. hrishikesh

    I thought Google Pay only accepts UPI.I dont find any option of adding creit card in Gpay


      Go to the tab on right corner & click on the bank account linked to GPay. You have an option to link Axis visa debit/credit, SBI & Kotak cards. But payments are processed only for registered businesses under GPay. All the payments are not supported, P2P is restricted. Only C2B transactions are accepted.

  22. Ravindra

    Can i apply for this card if alredy hold Flipkart axis Bank credit card. is it possible for this. can i hold 2 axis Bk Cc Card

  23. ravi

    Online application is not fully enabled. It just collects basic data and promises a call back.

  24. BITAN

    contacted the customer care chat they said it’s a invite only model you can only apply through GOOGLE PLAY APP

    so have contacted the app , they said they are working on this eligible customer will get a banner on the app

    1. Bitan

      Finally application processed by axis bank

      Addon card also applied for parents

  25. Saurav Das

    Has anyone got the option to apply through Google Pay yet? If yes, where is the option displayed?

  26. Amann

    For all existing card holders, calling customer care is the best way to get this card immediately. But you need to call 18604195555 and not 18605005555.

    The 419 customer care executives are very cooperative and get things done. I got flipkart 2 months back and now have applied for Ace as well based on my LTF myzone card. The 500 ones are useless and often say offer is not available on your card or something similar.

    1. VK

      so, will you get a separate limit for this card or shared limit with existing card? also how many credit cards can one have from Axis Bank?

  27. Nikhil

    I applied on launch day itself via CC, card details are now reflecting in app. Limits are shared in true sense.


    Jst tried to pay a nominal amount on Google PAY app to my mobile postpaid using my sbi visa credit card. It’s done without any flaw. Showing all payment options while payment processing.

  29. Priyansh

    Only great aspect of this card is 5% cashback on utility bill payments. So 500 on 10k electricity bill- not a bad option over the year.

    Though wanted to understand how others are paying their utilities- I mean payzapp and others have too low a cap for cashback. Have some great cards in HDFC Black and Stan C ultimate but no idea if can get 5% benefit in any.

    P.S- will be switching Axis Privilege for this- of course not worth it for me to get this only for Utilities.

  30. Jasond

    Will lic cards which are backed up by axis, also work on google pay? They are issued ltf with flat reward structure and the main criteria is only that you should have a lic policy or relationship with axis.

    1. Aanal Shah

      Yes I Tried that on Android GOOGLE Pay Application ,i have LIC Signature LTF credit card.

  31. balaji

    It should be, if it is VISA. Try it once on GPay and let us know. GPay has recently added VISA CC by Axis,Kotak & SBI as payment methods.

  32. Rishabh

    Saw across diffrent sites, limited period offer: 500 Cashback after 3 Txns of 500 each in 45 days. That’s good deal considering card FYF in 2020.

  33. Pranab

    Exactly same for me.
    Also the card is now visible in netbanking/mobile banking.

  34. Pranab

    How’s credit limit works on Axis?
    Is it separate limits like SBI or same shared limit like ICICI?
    Today CCE informed, credit limit on my Flipkart card can be raised depending upon documents I provide. She even asked me about my expected limit 🤣. But mentioned, credit limit of this new card can only be raised after 6 months (currently having the exact same limit of Flipkart card).

  35. jitendra saraogi

    I have applied for this new card but do not see any option to link any credit card on google pay on my please help.


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