IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Review

By | February 27, 2021

Pinnacle credit card is one of the best premium credit card in the country since past couple of years. Earlier it used to make sense only for the high spenders because of its high joining fee but now it’s available at affordable fee options with welcome vouchers. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card in its current form,

Joining Fees

Joining FeeRs.15,000+GST
Welcome BenefitUpto Rs.15,000 Voucher (Gyftr EGV)
Renewal / Annual FeeNil

The good thing about IndusInd credit cards is the nil annual fee even on premium credit cards. Glad to see that system intact even after reducing the joining fee.

The welcome benefit comes as a Gyftr EGV using which you can redeem vouchers from various brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Swiggy, Ola, Uber, etc.

So ideally you get vouchers for the fee paid but the Rs. 2700 GST part is additional, which anyway you can recover on spending Rs.1 Lakh.

Note: As of 27th Feb 2021, you can get value of only Rs.12,000 for online vouchers and Rs.15,000 for offline vouchers as a part of welcome gift.


The problem with the design is that the white lines making the logo overlaps with the card number and that doesn’t look good, especially these days after seeing many new credit cards with clean design. 

Their exclusive signature debit card design is way lot better than the pinnacle credit card in my opinion.

It would be great if they upgrade the product’s design a bit to suit the trend.

Reward Points 

  • Online Transactions: 2.5%
  • Online Travel & Airline: 1.5%
  • Others: 1%
  • Select Categories: 0.7% (Utility Bill Payments, Insurance Premium Payments, Government Services, Education Institute Fees)

Note that for wallets you may get only 1.5% and for NPS & bill payments only 0.7%. Not sure on what concept it works though.

It basically differs on which platform you’re using and how they’re reporting those transactions to IndusInd. This may change anytime!

Reward Redemptions  

The pinnacle credit card is known for its ability to transfer points to cash credit, but you also have other options too, as below:

  1. eVouchers via Indus Moments
  2. Airmiles
  3. Cash Credit (1:1)

Note: The maximum number of reward points that can be redeemed for cash credit in one statement cycle is 25,000 reward points.

Airport Lounge access 

TFS Travel Club Lounge Chennai
  • International: 2 per calendar Quarter via Priority Pass
  • Domestic: 1 per calendar Quarter via Mastercard

Earlier, pinnacle credit card was not having priority pass complimentary visit benefit but it got added around mid-2018.

The Limits

The Pinnacle credit card is known for the generous return on online spend along with the ability to redeem reward points for cash credit. 

So this attracted a lot of people doing very high spends. A lot of people earned lakhs of reward points on this card due to less restrictions like points on everything like utilities and even fuel.

But that all ended recently and now you can only use Indusind Credit cards (any variant) upto its assigned credit limit in a month, beyond which it wont earn reward points, among other restrictions as you see here.

This limit is the only problem for those who are planning to get this card for high spends, making it less attractive than how it used to be before. 

Covid-19 Impact

When it comes to rewards for end users, IndusInd Pinnacle credit card is one of the very few credit cards which doesn’t see any impact due to Covid-19.

This is because you can redeem your reward points for statement credit, so you don’t need to worry about travel redemptions, which is the usual case with most other premium credit cards.

Other Benefits

  • IndusInd Exclusive Account: Complimentary, no need to maintain the Min. balance / NRV
  • Bookmyshow Offer: Buy1 Get1 offer, Upto Rs.200 per ticket, upto 3 tickets per month
  • Complimentary Golf: 2 Lessons per month, 4 games per month.
  • Priority Assistance: Same as what you get with IndusInd Iconia, nothing new
  • Priority Concierge: Never used, never heard anyone use either
  • Priority Auto Assist: Never used, never heard anyone use either

One of the biggest advantage of Pinnacle credit card is the Exclusive A/c benefit. I’m not sure whether this is linked properly to my existing Exclusive Ac, may know soon.

My Experience

I recently applied for the Pinnacle credit card for 15K+GST fee with 15K amazon voucher as welcome benefit. 

I got the card in 2 weeks of application, in simple envelope that made me feel like I’ve got a free cheap card from a public sector bank.

There are no sign of any premium’ness in the envelope or the card design. Overall gives a poor first impression.

Its been more than 2 months since I got the card, yet the welcome benefit hasn’t come and the emails are getting only robotic responses. Hopefully I get them after an escalation.

That aside, points are credited as soon as the charge reflects on statement. I did some test charge and I’m getting 2.5% on online spends.

Everything else works as a typical Indusind card, just like the IndusInd Iconia which I continue to hold as well with a split limit.

Getting the card

You may apply via branch so you can have the right contact to track the application. 

If you already have an Indusind credit card, consult with the RM to get the upgrade or as second card whichever way you wish.

After the recent update, you only need to have min. of Rs. 50,000 credit limit to be eligible to upgrade from existing IndusInd credit card.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.5/5

Overall it’s a wonderful credit card for those who do more online spends and need simple and easy redemption option. Yet, the other lifestyle benefits are poor for a card of this fee range. But again it makes sense as you anyway pay only the joining fee.

While we segment it under premium credit cards, its infact as good as super premium credit card (only for rewards), as 2.5% return as cash credit is better than 3.3% as travel rewards, especially during these tough times.

Moreover, complimentary Exclusive banking is a great benefit which I wish other banks too start doing. Infact HDFC has been sending Invites for complimentary classic/preferred a/c for card-only users, but not advertising it as a feature though.

Do you hold IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

163 thoughts on “IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Review

  1. Ankur

    Only joining fee and no renewal fee? Never heard of something like this before. It’s basically LTF after 1 year?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      All IndusInd credit cards work like this since long time. Wont last long though!

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Applied for Pinnacle card and received it 2 months back with above fee options. Later opened Exclusive account basis Pinnacle card, but still opening cheque of minimum 1 lac demanded, though not required to maintain any AMB.

        Haven’t still got welcome vouchers so emailed a complaint to cs and got a reply that it will be delivered within 15 days.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Were they aware of the AMB non-requirement via Pinnacle? And whether it is sufficient for other accounts in family banking?

          Same 15 days was told to me like 2 months ago.

          1. Nikhil

            Yes, branch people are aware about AMB no-requirement. For me, they took 2 lakh initial cheque but told later it became zero balance account, haven’t opened family account with it. 0% charge on locker is also another advantage for 1st year.

          2. Satish Kumar Agarwal

            Yes they were aware of AMB non-requirement via Pinnacle, still told that opening cheque of minimum 1 lac must be given or else open simple account by giving 10/ 25k cheque and later upgrade to exclusive via Pinnacle card.
            Just that I didn’t want to take any chance.

            Haven’t opened family accounts yet, so can’t say.

            Let’s hope they send vouchers at the earliest.

          3. Himanshu

            When I registered the complaint that I have not received the voucher, they gave me a random date and told me that they have already sent the SMS. After raising the issue via Twitter, call center, and email, I was given a link to redeem the voucher.
            Then, the link said I am not eligible for the offer and I was told to contact gyfter as Indus has already completed their process. Gyfter asked to contact Indus and this continued for a while. Their customer support is super slow and sends a copy-pasted reply pretty much every time.
            Then, one fine day after close to 2 months, I got the SMS and I was able to redeem the voucher.

          4. Mahadev

            @Siddharth, yes the pinnacle card is sufficient for family banking accounts for Exclusive category.
            Since past 2 years we have multiple bank accounts on a single Pinnacle.
            It took lots of efforts that time, to avail this Pinnacle route for Exclusive Bank Accounts.

          5. RAVI RANJAN

            Hi Sid,

            First of all, thanks for the review!

            Secondly, I’m holding maxima savings account in indusind bank. So, can I upgrade to complimentary indus exclusive based on this card?

          6. Ramesh Kumar

            I have visited two branches in CBE, but branch officials don’t have any clue this even after showing their website and forcing to open indusind privilege account with AMB of 10K. Finally raised to indusind customer care asking how to open exclusive account with pinnacle relationship in CBE, no response from them yet on this.

          7. Ramesh Kumar

            Seems IndusInd customer care routed the compliant to one of the branch where I enquired few months ago where branch officials told no option like that. Today, received call from branch manager saying it can be done and he’ll come in person to open exclusive account via online application based on pinnacle relationship.

            Does anyone know still there are issues(not able to perform online transaciton) with MC world debit variant? Or it’s better to select VISA signature variant?

          8. Muthu

            How to apply for the same? By calling customer care? I could not find any option to apply online. I am not an existing indusind customer.

        2. Karthik

          I was informed the welcome vouchers will be activated once you make the first payment. You need to contact them after the payment and they will send a sms code to use in gyftr website

        3. Ashish Gupta

          I contacted the RM for Pinnacle Card. He says I can avail the Zero AMB Exclusive Account only if I signup for Pinnacle by paying 50k + GST.
          If I get the card by paying 15k + GST, then I cannot open exclusive account with Zero AMB.
          Is that true ?

          1. Ramesh Kumar

            There is lots of confusion in this because branch executives not fully aware so better raise concern to customer care then they’ll route to the right branch executive to take appropriate action.

            In my case they told me it’s not possible initially, after raising the concern to customer care about the same branch executives solved the same by getting few approvals to open an exclusive account.

          2. Sudheer

            I got Pinnacle card through Bank bazaar with no Joining fee and opened exclusive account last month and got the confirmation from customer care that I don’t need to maintain any balance.

          3. Satish Kumar Agarwal

            No. I have opened Exclusive at Nil AMB via Pinnacle at joining fee of 15K, but opening cheque of minimum 1 lac was demanded by executive.

      2. Dharmesh kamdar

        Hi i am holder pioneer account, so still I need to pay 15k joining fees for the same..

          1. Ashish Sharma

            Hii, I want to start relationships with Indusind Bank any Basic Credit card .
            There are no any Branches of Indusind bank in my city . ( Nearest branch 120km )
            How can I start my journey.


        Dear Siddharth,

        Does Indusind bank provides second credit card with separate limit. For example, ICICI, AMEX, SBI and AXIS provides upto 2-3 variants to customer with different credit limit. However i heard from executives that it is not possible to do the same for INDUSIND and RBL. Please clarify. I am already having INDUSIND pinnacle credit card and is it possible to apply for INDUSIND LEGEND CARD also.

    2. Abhi

      Had got Platinum Select some 6-7 years back, which was also 1500+tax on joining and free forever after that. No welcome benefits though. Once I got other super premium cards, I gave it up.

    3. Amitabh Maheshwari

      Same is with ICICI MMT Signature Card. You pay ₹ 2500 and then it is LFT. You get ₹ 1500 discount on MMT on first use of the card at MMT and double black free membership for one year. A lemon tree hotel voucher too.


      The credit card is very dynamic and most of the credit cards do not charge Joining/Renewal Fee. Joining fee of Rs.15,000/+18% GST is very high. Though customers are attracted by way of offer of gift vouchers for Rs.15,000/- it is indirectly forcing the customers to buy products online, only from a select few sites. Why would any customer opt for such a credit card ?. In the present world a customer is a King and he need not be bogged down by such misleading offer.

  2. Akshat

    Which one do you consider better among the two Iconia or Pinnacle.
    Apart from amex targeted offers, does iconia have a leg up this card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Pinnacle. But Amex offers on Iconia are good, except this year.

  3. Prashant Gupta

    2.5% is good but will still stick to SC ultimate and infinia and dcb. Have loads of points on SC which i am planning to redeem for the PS5 from Croma 😀.

    1. Niraj

      Can multiple Croma vouchers be used in single transaction or offline store that we get from their 360 rewards website?

      1. Vivek

        How to pay iconia amex bill from hdfc bill pay its not getting credited

  4. Anirudh Agarwal

    Please do update when you get your vouchers. I wanted to apply for the card but was concerned about the delay in vouchers or If there is a catch.

      1. Jigar Shah

        I got vouchers after statement generated,

        You will get gyftr voucher by message

      2. Jasdeep

        It took me 3 months to receive my vouchers, they’re bad on this front.

    1. Karthik

      Received vouchers after 2 months of follow-up. There are no catches in redeeming the vouchers. Basically they give you a credit of 15000 in mygftr, so that you can redeem any brand gift vouchers they offer. You can also chose multiple brands with different denominations totalling 15000. Sorry, only catch is these gift vouchers have a validity of close to1 year.

      1. Karthik

        Just wanted to add that I did not receive priority pass card yet. If anyone has received please let us know the procedure.

    2. Washim Rahman

      You can request your branch manager to get your voucher. I got my voucher after 3 months.

    3. ALPA SHAH

      I speak from bitter experience, please do not make the mistake of getting taken in by vouchers as welcome gift. It is a nightmare trying to redeem them. I got yatra vouchers for 50k and they are non-transferable, one time use and non-refundable. Any cancellation and you lose the money. Please beware of these gytrapp vouchers, you will spend time shuttling between Indusind, gyftapp and the voucher company and no one will take responsibility for the vouchers. It’s like one it’s sold, it’s none of our concern.

  5. Ankur

    Website says:
    Priority pass membership for you AND your partner. Value shows USD 99 x 2
    Unclear, as T&C says “Priority Pass membership is complimentary for all IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Cardholders.”

    Regarding golf privileges: Website says 4 complimentary golf “sessions” (??) but T&C says 2 games and 4 lessons
    (your review says 4 games and 2 lessons)

    BTW, I went to the website to apply and it says call the given number. I called the given number, it says go to website to apply. LOL

    No where on the card details page the fees is mentioned. after going through every document on the entire website, found a “schedule of charges” general pdf which says fees is 12,999


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Welcome to IndusInd Credit Cards. 😀

      P.S. I’ve mentioned the numbers taken from the website that’s marked as latest.

    2. Thevendhiran kamaraj

      Dear Ankur basically you can also get the card for Rs.12999 without voucher, earlier it was Rs.25000 voucher card. So, those who are not interested to spend Rs.25000 as joining fee with voucher benefit , will just pay Rs.12999 with no voucher and get the paid card

    3. Shivi

      “BTW, I went to the website to apply and it says call the given number. I called the given number, it says go to website to apply.” 😂🤣😂🤣

      1. The Conscience

        Same happened to me. I’m still trying to figure out how to apply… Just DM in Twitter . No reply yet been 5 days. Sb Golmaal hai.

  6. Viswateja

    Abstract from Indus ind website:
    E-commerce transactions – ₹ 100 spent = 2.5 reward points
    E-com travel and airline transactions – ₹ 100 spent = 1.5 reward points
    E-com utility transactions – ₹ 100 spent = 1 reward point
    PoS, MoTo, IVR transactions and Standing instructions – ₹ 100 spent = 1 reward point

    KIndly please confirm whether all Online spends we get 2.5 rewards or only for E-commerce transactions only.

    Kindly update on rewards accrued for Redgirrafee/Nobroker/Payzaap transactions

    1. Sushant Kulkarni won’t..for Paytm it will give sometimes 1% and sometime 1.4%. Reward logic was totally screwed up

  7. Bhavye Goel

    Indusind declined to give me a Pinnacle Card on split limit on my Iconia Amex which is currently having 180K limit. They are asking me to upgrade to Pinnacle and Iconia will be closed or get a secured Pinnacle card as a second card. Even though I am having exclusive account and also escalations to nodal level also didnt help. Can you please guide how did you apply?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Maybe you tried when limit eligibility was higher for Pinnacle? I had to put a pressure on RM to get it done.

      1. Bhavye Goel

        It was as recent as November 2020. I was try pursuing it with my RM.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Then you’ve to escalate it further. In my case RM connected me with someone else.. some sort of regional cc sales guy or so and he got it done.

          1. amit

            I have indusind amex iconica cc , want to get the Pinnacle card too , but never found the CC number of Indusind bank , can you please guide how to know who will be my RM , i only have CC relationship with Indusind.

  8. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    It’s a good card and one of the few cards which still gives rewards points on wallet load. Guys I would like to share a trick. Instead of directly paying utility bills through Pinnacle ( 0.7% rewards ) you can load Mobikwik Amex prepaid card. You get 1.5% and than you can use this prepaid card to make utilities bill payments. I applied this card about 2 months ago through card to card basis of my Diner’s Black ( Rs. 4.80 lakhs credit limit ) and received Rs. 1.50 lakhs limit in Pinnacle. No physical verification was conducted. They are really transparent about rewards points and we can clearly see in the statement that we got how many rewards points per transaction wise. Automatic credit limit enhancement is not good in IndusInd bank. So Siddharth could tell us how often you get LE and by what percentage?

    1. Shubham Jain

      Can you elaborate on this mobikwik american express prepaid card. What is this and how to get it.

      1. MrNightStar

        How to get: Go to Moikwik app, see near top right. There is little AMEX logo, click on it.

        Mobikwik card is prepaid card which uses mobikwik balance. You can load mobikwik balance using DB/CC/UPI*. So, you get AMEX offers (if they extend it to partners like ICICI and IndusInd. Recently i got 300 off on 2000 in BigBasket).

        Mobikwik Blue AMEX Card gives 1% Supercash on every transaction. And it can use upto 3% Supercash you have lying in Mobikwik.

  9. Suhas wakankar

    I have indusind exclusive account for past 3 years, invested in MF, term insurance plans for self and family, also have medical insurance /health plan through IndusInd bank Aundh Pune branch. Pathetic service, poor knowledge of the bank staff, couldn’t care attitude of bank is shocking. HDFC and icici bank cards are far superior. I am using them as well. Avoid indusind bank all together. Rating. 02 /10

  10. Mouli

    Anyone who hasn’t got the welcome gift can claim it using this link after paying the joining fee.

    Took a lot of escalations to get this link

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, have tried this too. It was mentioned in the form where I signed. But the problem is it doesn’t work for me either. Maybe they want us to redeem it within some X days?

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        Received welcome benefits today after raising compliant few weeks ago with 90 days validity to redeem the same.

  11. The Conscience

    What’s the minimum credit limit required for card to card basis ?

    1. MrNightStar

      My branch guy was ready to accept my SBI card having limit of 120k. Go figure. If i get i will update.

  12. Daksh Setia

    Use Pinnacle credit card in Payzapp To get 2.5% Cashback on Utilities as they submit this transaction as retail transaction +5 % Cashback From Payzapp on using Promocode Bill Pay( Max Rs 125).

    1. MrNightStar

      Is this also valid on loading PayZapp for Swiggy etc?

      PayZap appears as ‘Transfer’ in OneCard and SBI also doesn’t give points.

  13. Phanindra Mothay

    I have been using the indusind pinnacle card for more than 2 years now and I want to say that I have been very happy with it. Before this card, I had the indus ind signature card which was also pretty good. I do spend a decent amount per month on this card though I have 4 to 5 other cards as I like their reward points program. The fees was 25000 when I took this card and got travel vouchers for the same with the first statement. Overall I have been using indusind cards for the past 6 to 7 years and I have no complaints.. infact we bought a lot of things with the reward points over the years 🙂

  14. Sanu D

    Once I wanted to apply for an exclusive IndusInd bank credit card as my first impression about this bank was very good, I found this bank is very innovative as they were first to introduce a duo card, account number selection and so on. I really liked those concept but as people say not to judge a book by it’s cover. When I first contacted the customer care to apply for a card, that was a very bad experience, I could not find any option to speak to an operator being a non customer. When I finally made it, they noted down my number but no one contacted me for so long. I visited the branch but people were non professional and I finally did not apply after hearing them out about the Benefits and all coz when I asked them a few questions they had no answer and I thought something was not right, I found, behind every benefits that they offer, there is a hidden policy. This bank is not transparent to the public at all. Take 1 lac first deposit for exclusive ac for an example. In these days, there are many credit card of other banks which offer a lot more good benefits in my opinion. Holding a super premium card makes no sense if someone can not utilise it completely, it will only help them to show off. This card provides golf access, now if I know that I will never play that game in my Life, there’s no point to get attracted for this card for that reason. It’s very important to understand the benefits that a card provides and your true needs, the benefits which will actually help you to gain. If I will get a better features which will suit me according to my true need, I am happy to take a rupay card as well. Don’t fall for their marketing strategy. Cheers.

  15. Upendran

    I have both Flipkart Axis and Amazon ICICI cards. Not sure if this is worth it.

  16. Aditi Purohit

    E-commerce transactions – ₹ 100 spent = 2.5 reward points
    E-com travel and airline transactions – ₹ 100 spent = 1.5 reward points
    Bill payments 1 reward point

    Too many conditions for my liking
    Apparently ecom travel doesn’t gets 2.5 reward points

    It’s almost like INDUSIND is reluctant to give anything away

    1. ManzB

      Better to go for SCB Ultimate
      3.5% return on all spends including wallet load. All points are properly detailed out against each txn. It gives unlimited lounge access to both the primary and add on card holders.
      The negatives are
      -No way to get waiver to the annual fees of 5k+GST but they gives points worth 5K against that.
      – The reward catalogue is limited. Not many worthy redemption options available. The popular ones are not available most of the times.

  17. Rajesh

    Is this the highest cashback rate available for general online spends Sid?

    I’ve only seen HDFC Millennia offer 2.5% but it was way too restrictive. And others I’ve seen, like Axis ACE and RBL Edition cards are 2%. Though ACE is still probably the highest for offline spends.

  18. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I have been getting upgrade offers from IndusInd for my Platinum card. They initially offered me the Legend card, today I got a call to upgrade to Pinnacle with 15000 and voucher. Surely better rewards than Platinum, but with most of my spends online being on Amazon and Flipkart, and with me having the AmazonPay ICICI Card and Flipkart Axis Bank Card, not sure this would be worth it, Particularly since they aren’t offering a waver for this card, though I got my Platinum card joining charges waved off by spending 25000 within 60 days. Even the lounge access isn’t any greater than HDFC Millennia that is providing 8 domestic lounge access per year on a card that has become LTF for me, and is otherwise available for a yearly fee of 1000 that can be waved with a 100000 spend in a year.
    IndusInd needs to up the game to make it more attractive. Simplifying the rewards can be a start, 2.5 for all online spends, 1.5 for everything else probably?

  19. The Conscience

    Anyone knows in detail? Paisabazaar giving this card in 12999. Paisabazaar Customer care is always as usual lack proper knowledge.

  20. Raj

    Compare to this card doesn’t Axis Bank Ace credit card seems better as ACE has base rate of 2% ?

    1. RRB

      All points are not equal. You need to see what a point is really worth in rupees. In the case of Indusimd it’s 1pt = 1Rs (or maybe 0.75 now). That’s not the case for Axis.

  21. MrNightStar

    Anyone can tell me cost of playing golf using credit card green fee waiver? Location: NCR

  22. Varun Rai Kapoor

    Hi Sid – Can you please help with debit cards which give a cash back ? Say if I use them for credit card bill payments. I don’t think Citi gives debit card points on bill payments for instance.

  23. Vineet Punjabi

    Hi, @Sidd,
    Wanted to ask you that did you update your iconia visa to pinnacle card, or you’re using it as a second card with iconia.
    As I spoke to the bank person he told me we cannot hold 2 cards of IndusInd bank.

    They said we get visa and Amex version of iconia and you can upgrade the visa version to higher variants cards.

    Thanks !

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Holding both. Ask them to consult with some senior CC guy. They will come back with a “Yes”.

      1. Karthik

        Hi Siddharth,

        Did you receive the complementary priority pass card?


      2. Sai Narayana

        I am facing same issue. They denied my request to retain Iconia Visa variant after obtaining pinnacle variant.

  24. RRB

    I saw in another comment on your site that statement credit is now 0.75 instead of 1:1 – – is this true?

    1. Bhavin Shah

      I just converted points on my iconia where conversion was 1 re, so for pinnacle it cannot be 0.75

    2. Nikhil

      It is still at Re 1 as per website. I even redeemed my points today @Re1 conversion

  25. Vineet Punjabi

    I spoke to him he told me that you can take it against an FD.
    Will get 90% Limit of the FD

    I have told him to check it with senior guy as you said.

    Which account variant you have in indusind?


  26. Sagar

    What is the Markup fee on International transactions?
    Is 2.5% reward points applicable on International spends too?

  27. Sahuja

    Their website says priority pass is valid for 2 years. Any idea whether it can be availed of for a further period without payment of any fee? Or does one have to pay the yearly charge applicable to priority pass card? Customer executive says on calling costumer care after the 2 yrs period is over, priority pass will be renewed free of cost. Any idea if this is actually true?

    1. Shimul

      It should be free of cost renewal as long as the card offer free PP membership.

  28. Bharath Gurram

    I have applied for this card and got it 2 days ago. Joining fee is not yet charged on my card. When will they charge it? If they don’t charge it, can I assume that my card doesn’t have both Joining & Annual fee?

  29. nandha kumar

    I have indusind aura credit card with 1.5 lakh limit.if possible to upgrade to pinnacle card.if possible how to get

  30. anand

    Can anyone please elaborate on the lounge access facility for add on card of pinnacle cc .. getting calls for upgradation to this card from my existing one. I would like to factor in that information before saying yes or no. Any help will be much appreciated.. thanks

    1. Amandeep Singh

      1 Free Domestic Lounge Visit Per Quarter
      2 Free International Lounge Access Per Quarter via Priority Pass

  31. Alex

    What about the existing reward points when you are upgrading to this card? For ex: I have Aura card with reward points around 2000(worth Rs 1000) , will it converted to 1000points in Pinnacle card?

  32. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Received the welcome vouchers of 15K today and redeemed immediately for Amazon pay GV.

    Basically you get an option to select among various brands available at GYFTR and can select multiple among them to make it 15K.

    1. The Conscience

      Bro, I cant find an option to apply for this card. The number provided on their site is useless. How did you Apply? Any tips in overall process would be highly appreciated.

    2. MrNightStar

      How much time did it take you from applying to approval to delivery. And later, getting vouchers.

  33. Nikhil

    Today I received 15000 welcome gift voucher which I redeemed for amazon vouchers. I also received priority pass yesterday but it has validity of 1 year only. Might have to request again next year.

  34. Sai Narayana

    What’s the complimentary Exclusive savings account opening process, customer support team telling that we have to open account normally and then link it with Pinnacle card through branch to get zero balance benefit, is it true or there any other way around?

    1. Bharath Gurram

      I am looking for answer to this question as well. Any help will be appreciated.

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      Yes, if you’re already hold pinnacle card. If you’re opening both together by visiting branch then initial deposit not required, this what branch manager told me when I asked why initial deposit required if it’s going to be zero balance.

  35. Sahil Aggarwal

    The fees has been raised to Rs. 25 k excluding GST. Other benefits are the same…anyone else got any idea for fee update.

    1. MrNightStar

      Yes, I’ve been told the same on Jan 1 2021. Gonna apply tmrw. They are giving vouchergram for the same. just 4500 tax.

      1. Ankur

        Remember that 25k vouchergram doesn’t include amazon. It includes select brands mentioned on the website

        1. MrNightStar

          Well, that’s a revelation. Thanks for telling this. Where do we have to select voucher? Can I tell the customer service when they’ll call for confirmation regarding card.

          For amazon voucher we have to take gyfter?

          1. Ankur

            Yes, seems like the case for Iconia, but not for Pinnacle.

            After making the payment for annual fees generated in the first month statement, call/email customer care and request them to send the welcome gift.

  36. Ankur

    Yes, it has been raised. While applying last week, I was informed that fees is increasing in 2 days. I immediately sent the application and booked my card for 15K.

  37. Murali

    I had applied on 2nd January. Fee is still 15K + GST. I got confirmation call from credit card dept before processing.

  38. Kushal

    Update: Now you will receive only 12k amazon vouchers and rest of the vouchers you can get 15k like pantaloons, etc for a fee payment of 15k



    1. Bala

      Sumit try the link shared by Mouli on Dec 10th. If u r lucky keep us updated.

  40. Nikhil Punj

    Hi All,

    How long does it take to receive the gift vouchers and the priority passes. I see everyone complaining about the delays in the Gift Vouchers looks like 3 months is normal with a continuous follow up


  41. Samtha

    Hi All

    Does anyone know what this record means in the credit card bill “PRINCIPAL DEBIT ADJUSTMENT”. I have and CR and CR record with this line item

    1. Shivi

      @Samtha – It’s an overcharge or undercharge on your previous bill that has been identified after the fact, possibly due to an estimated reading at the time of settlement.

  42. Anubhav Sharma

    I have applied for the card through branch.
    Can the author or someone share with me the link on their official website where it says exclusive account as a complimentary benifit. The branch people are totally not agreeing for the same. I have no problem in initial funding of the account but am sceptical about using it as primary account in the beginning

    1. MrNightStar

      Well, they asked me to open Online account with 20k funding and 294for debit card. You can do this.
      Later I plan on calling customer service to get it changed.


    Hi Anubhav,
    Recently I upgraded my Aura edge to Pinnacle… Not even 1month time…
    I opened online savings account first then…. Reached branch…… Initially will look like they don’t have info.. But surely they are aware of, depends on how we have interaction with them.

    Bank branch officials helped me to change it to EXClUSIVE savings account in just 3 days …. No charge or funding. Bank branch official works good and promptly.


    Navigate to IndusInd EXClUSIVE savings account page.
    Then go to Eligibility Criteria..
    Then scroll right. Till you see Credit. Where you can see..
    Indulge / Pinnacle Credit Card*

    That’s it.

  45. Anuj

    Dear Mr Siddharth,

    I would like to compliment you for your encyclopedic knowledge of credit cards. I am an avid reader of your posts and have gained quite some knowledge of credit cards from here!

    I am holding an IndusInd Iconia Amex Card. Could you guide me in finding what offers are being offered through Amex here? That is apart from the Amex Airport Lounge access?

    Moreover, i have been contacted by the bank, informing me that I can get my Iconia Amex Card upgraded to the Pinnacle credit card, that too without paying any joining fee. I asked them again, and they said that there was no joining fee. I would just have to purchase those vouchers of Rs 5k, 10K or 15k variants.

    Long story short – is it worth upgrading Iconia Amex to Pinnacle? Does Pinnacle have better offers, say in terms of reward rates, milestone benefits, dining offers or travel offers? I would be very grateful if you could clarify.



    1. Shimul

      That’s how Indusind bank work. I.E. you have to pay the fee of 15K+GST and you will get vouchers of 15K only.

      About Pinnacle:
      Check Pinnacle and Iconia again. Compare with your requirements then decide for yourself. Pinnacle is good for online spending.
      Reward rates 1 point Rs 1
      No milestone benefits.

  46. The Conscience

    Hi All,
    wishing Any Well Experienced Reader about Indusind bank would help.
    what would be the best Strategy to get Pinnacle plus Exclusive Account with minimum requirement and hurdles.
    it will help everyone.
    Thinking to get their Basic free card then open account and upgrade card to pinnacle and then convert account to exclusive.
    im eligible for all card though but striving for the best way .

  47. madhavan

    I am having indusind pinnacle credit card ,my credit limit is rs 2,00,000.card gives 2.5 rewards point per rs 100 spent so I wanted to know whether in the same month like for example I spend rs 2,00,000 using the card and pay the credit card dues on same day and on the next day I again spend rs 2,00,000,I want to know whether I would receive the reward points upto assigned credit limit i.e rs 2,00,000 or rs 4,00,000 (total amount spent in same month)

  48. Murali

    Thanks Siddharth for your review.
    Myself and my family having SB accounts for past one year. While applying for Pinnacle card, Bank person told me I can upgrade to Exclusive SB category and group all my family members (3 account) to Exclusive group.

    I had applied for Pinnacle card on 2nd Jan and received card on 26th Jan. I wanted to upgrade my account along with family members A/Cs to exclusive.

    Now trouble starts.. Bank person says card holder account only can be upgraded to Exclusive. Familiy members accounts canot be upgraded to exclusive. Family grouping possible only if NRV of 20lakhs maintained.

    Any comments?

    1. The Conscience

      Hi , just today I confirm this from IndusInd bank cyber city branch gurgaon. It’s all upto branch manager, he can even get you 15k fee with gift card or even 25k without gift card. It’s all upto them and how you present yourself if you personally know them they will do it in the minimum.

      No need to maintain 20L, tell them my friends already added without any requirement.
      I just applied today,
      Just wanna ask if they do address verification because since most of us working from home and I’m not present at rented ncr flat. If they do address usually then I have to manage accordingly.

      1. Shimul

        They do address verification for sure. Recent 2 CC applications did address verification and CC approved also. A person will come to the address. He called address verification Indusind bank bla bla. Meet him at the gate, ask for ID proof.

        My application was a self-employed business without a display board. Asked about the office told him on another floor (apartment building :p) but due to covid working from the apartment as an outsider is not allowed inside.

        I have few years old Exclusive account.

  49. Shimul

    Received my 15K gift card at the promised time.

    Statement generation with Anual fee > Pay the bill > wait 10 working days > Call customer care ask for the Joining benefit > wait 15 working days to get the SMS from Gyftr.

    In my case, it took 20 days from the request to received the SMS from Gyftr.
    I did check on the Gyftr link almost every day till I get an SMS always saying Not eligible.

    Link / indusindcreditcards

    Hope this helps.

  50. Nandhakumar

    Today confirmed customer pinacle card annual fee is 15k+gst .with 12 k gift voucher…@sid this is good upgrade

      1. Rohit

        I applied on 2 days ago (25th) via branch…. No credit card relationship with IndusInd, got call from +9111*** recorded line about fees and benifit. He told me 15k fees and 15k vouchers of Amazon, Flipkart, etc……

        Now I’m worried, if i get 12k only Amazon voucher 😭

    1. Muthu

      I am trying to get this card. How did you confirm ? When I called customer care, the IVR instructs me to visit website to know about premium cards. I am not an existing Indusind Customer.

  51. Rohit

    One more thing, branch people told me that same amount of voucher will be given for new application…..

    Only case of upgrades, people will get reduced amount voucher… Is this true? Or I’m in big loss if card will approved.

    1. Gagan

      I am also keen for this card. Spoke to Sales Lead in Delhi (got name from a friend).

      My understanding is the following:

      1) For upgrades, there is the offer of
      12K vouchers (for essential ones like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBazaar etc) or
      15K vouchers (for non-essential ones like Raymonds, Pantaloon etc)

      2) For new cards (regular unsecured ones, on basis of Cibil score), a person gets the option to choose 15K vouches (be it essential or non-essential)

      3) For new secured cards (taken basis of bank FD), a person gets the option to choose 15K vouches (be it essential or non-essential). Further if one opens a bank account too, there is also the option to get back extra cashback equal to the GST amount paid on card fees (~3000)

      I am getting more details, but those getting this card, should prod and get all info

  52. Sandeep Kumar

    Does nil charges means card is LTF 2nd onwards? Or bank has rights to charge you in future , including for non maintenance of AMB in Exclusive account ?

  53. Muthu

    I am trying to get this card. How did you confirm ? When I called customer care, the IVR instructs me to visit website to know about premium cards. I am not an existing Indusind Customer.

  54. The Conscience

    Got Pinnacle yesterday, Got my Exclusive account almost open. I just want advice which debit card to go for. It’s free .
    Visa Signature or MasterCard world.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Visa Signature is little better bcoz of flawless international transactions as reported by some users.
      Otherwise merchant offers n everything else is almost same.

      Even upon insisting for Visa Signature card & mentioned the same in ac opening form, I was still issued MasterCard version.

      1. Gagan

        I understand that nowadays one gets only Master Card variant for Pinnacle Card

    2. Sandeep Kumar

      Go for MasterCard World if you already have Visa Signature and vice versa.

    3. AshishR

      @The Conscience

      take mastercard if u want to cover more airport lounges,
      take visa if u want to enjoy buy 1 get 1 movie tickets (not sure if this offer still available post covid-19)

      better go for mastercard, but end of the day choice is yours

    4. Gagan

      @The Conscience

      Can you pls explain bit more? How did you apply for this credit card – basis fixed deposit?

      When you say got Exclusive account almost open – you mean basis this Pinnacle Credit Card relationship?

  55. Moh Nadim

    I have applied pinnacle credit card against FD for 1 year tenure and its so hard to get that 15k voucher anyway is there any other way to get the pinnacle credit card without FD as I want to use this card continuely I also have a IDFC classic credit card 62k limit sorry for my bad English

  56. Gagan

    Dear fellow users @Siddharth @Satish Kumar Agarwal @Mahadev @Ramesh Kumar

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and feedback here regarding Pinnacle Credit Card.

    I am keen to get the same, backed via Fixed Deposit and thus get the full fees back (15K of gift vouchers and additional interest on fixed deposit which sort of covers GST). But then I also want to be sure that one can Exclusive accounts complimentary here.

    From the local IndusInd Branch, am getting confusing messages. They say that a complimentary Exclusive account can’t be opened and one will need to maintain the relationship.

    Hence want to check with you guys, whether worth taking all this hassles. Is IndusInd true to its word? How is Customer Care & in general support?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      You can open an exclusive account based on a pinnacle relationship.
      Yes, branch executives will confuse things and say there is no option like that but you can write email to customer care and they’ll route to the local branch(based on pin code or you can indicate in email which branch you approached) to do needful.


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