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By | March 2, 2022
unicards grand uni carnival

Uni Cards has come up with a Grand Uni Carnival – a gamified event. The credit card promotions that we usually see are simple most of the time with something like “Spend X amount and get Y amount voucher”. 

Here however at Uni Cards, the event is made more like a game, just like the carnival games for kids. Here’s everything you need to know about the Grand Uni Carnival by Uni Cards.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get Guaranteed cashback on spending X amount (final target) + stand a chance to win Uni Select Hamper using the tickets collected by completing the additional challenges
  • Offer Period: 26th Feb 2022 to 27th Mar 2022
  • Fulfilment: 4th April 2022
  • Terms & conditions

So, there are two things that you can win out of the game: Cashback upto Rs.10,000 & Uni Select hampers for 2500 winners. Here’s everything about it in detail,

Guaranteed Cashback

Everyone is given 4 different spend targets and to win guaranteed cashback, you’ll need to complete the “final target”.

While Uni doesn’t mention how much cashback you’ll get on reaching the target, what Uni does say is that it will be upto 10,000 INR. It would have been great if cashback is mentioned prior though.

The amount of guaranteed cashback you win will be revealed on 4th April 2022.

Grand UNI Carnival - cashback

Uni Select Hampers

The tickets that you collect on completing the targets and challenges can take you closer to the Uni Select Hampers, the contents of which remains a mystery. But I think we may expect some gadgets/products and perhaps few Toblerone chocolates – just a wild guess.

The top 2500 users with highest number of tickets will receive Uni Select Hampers. Hampers will be dispatched on 4th April and will be delivered in the next 7-10 days. This is like a bonus, in addition to the guaranteed cashback that the user will win.

Having said that, to know your personalized targets, login to the Uni Cards App and tap on the Grand Uni Carnival banner. You would see something like below:

Grand UNI Carnival - challenges


A good event for the target group of Uni Cards I would say. The nice thing about the carnival is that the targets are quite easy to reach for most readers here, as they’re anyway personalized for existing cardholders based on previous spend pattern, limit, etc.

Also, I think we should be able to get a “good” value out of this Grand Uni Carnival, assuming so because even this quick and simple targeted offer which I received during Jan 2022 gave a nice 20% return on spend.

Incase if you’re new to Uni Cards, do check out the Uni Cards review here or just go ahead and open the app to explore the carnival right away.

What’s your thoughts about the Grand Uni Carnival? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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24 thoughts on “Grand Uni Carnival

  1. Dr Venkat

    Is anyone facing transaction declines multiple times on uni card.I have used my uni card in a hospital,grocery shop,ola, Paytm and even on Amazon and got declined transaction.every time I get sms saying decline due unusual behaviour.this happened at least 15-20 times.Called customer care but no resolution.every time I get same reply will look into it.

    1. Mouli

      I also faced the same and stopped using the card bcoz of this issue

    2. Shivakiran

      Hi. Do check if your card is activated for online/offline/contactless payments. Also verify if you had earlier set any limits for transaction in each of these cases. Happened to me when my online transaction got declined as I had set a very low limit. Upon increasing it, transactions went through fine.

  2. Sharad

    ****Hi Sid,
    Following your blogs from last few years and the journey has been rewarding so far. There is a question which was hovering in my mind. What you do with your old cards? Do you close the credit card account for the older ones as you move on to newer ones due to better features/benefits/lifestyle changes? I am stuck with many old cards which I rarely use and double minded as to keep holding them or close them. I guess it is good to have a old credit card active to have positive impact on your CIBIL, but not fully sure. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

    1. manoj singh

      Best option to upgrade your cards. It will not change your age of credit history. Close your non rewarding paid cards. Keep your free cards in your collection. Don’t close your oldest life time free card. Cibil will be ok in few months if you are not defaulter even after closing oldest account

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Was bit occupied last few weeks. Some new content should show up soon.

  3. Siddhartha Shukla

    The contest seems skewed in favor of some.
    When it comes to Uni Select Hamper, the contest details say “maximum spend with most tickets”. However, there’s a different number of tickets which can be won by each Uni Card user. I got to know of this today. So this means some of the users stood no chance of winning the Uni Select Hamper from the very beginning of this contest. This is a shame. They confirmed this in customer care chat over whatsapp.

  4. Selva

    Unlocked 560rs as cashback for 40k spends. Around 1% not impressive….

  5. Angshuman Ganguly

    Hi Sid ,
    My final spend target was Rs 40000 , spent Rs.40121 , completed all the tasks , collected 82 coupons.Today morning i saw i got Rs.560 cash back + Uni Select hamper. So that means normal cash back of 1% Rs.401.21 for spending Rs40121 & paying in full + Carnival cash back of 1.4% Rs560+uni select hamper, will update regrading hamper as soon as i receive .Was expecting at least 5% carnival cashback.

    1. Siddhartha Shukla

      I spent slightly more than 41000 and received same 560 as cashback. Disappointed to the core!!
      There were 83 tickets in total so you missed one ticket somewhere.
      Thankfully, I won Uni Select Hamper as well, but I don’t have high hopes after looking at the meagre cashback.
      I could have gained more reward points using other cards as well as other benefits (insurance, bill payment cashback offers). but the “upto 10k cashback” got me into it.

  6. Mouli

    got 84k target and received 710 as cashback and no gift hamper collected 55 tokens. Not a good one. Less than 1 % cashback

  7. Suredh

    Have 24K target and received 190 as cash back. also no gift hamper even though collected 62 tickets and 10% of top users.

  8. Mani

    I got unicard 1/2 card(instead 1/3) with 1.2% cashback option on full payment. In the carnival, for 40K target, i got 750 cashback with 78 tickets(i got the card in the first week of march). At 12 AM initially it showed 0 cashback!! Later they changed it to 750 + Hamper. Not sure, what will be there in Hamper. Anyone got the hamper earlier, please let know what can be expected in Hamper.

  9. Shivakiran

    Maapu…Vechutaan aapu😂
    Hi thala Sid, I achieved their target and collected 76 tickets. Spent overall 49.9k. Got 660+Gift hamper. 1.3% RR. If I had done nothing I would have still got the default 1% RR. Should have made the payments thru my Infinia or Ultimate. Lesson learnt. No more mystery payout contests ever again. Unicard good for swiggy/Zomato offers only.

  10. AAJ

    470 cash back + Uni Select Hamper
    Spends 34k v/s target 24K, 83 tickets with 15/15 challenges completed
    regular 340 cashback.. over > 2% returns in cash..

  11. Rajat Agarwal

    RS 750 cashback with spends > Rs 54,000
    Waste of points that could have been earned on other cards.
    As Shivakiran said, this card is good for Swiggy/Zomato only

  12. Mani

    Received Gift Hamper today:
    It had some chocolates, choco biscuit pack, mask and amazon echo dot 3rd gen.


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