Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.50,000 on spends

By | August 3, 2022
amex offer march 2022

American Express has come up with a new targeted spend linked offer for March/April 2022 with vouchers as grand as 50,000 INR on spends. This is an expected promo as Amex does such promos in the beginning of every year. Here are all the details you need to know,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend Rs.X and get Rs.Y voucher
  • Offer Period: 1st March to 15th April, 2022
  • Spend Type: Any
  • How to Enrol? Check email for the link.
  • Offer fulfilment: 15th Aug 2022

Remember that the fulfilment is expected ~4 months later, quite important for the Amex Plat metal card holders as renewal might kick-in before that period for some.

Offer Variants (Regular Cards)

  1. Spend 40K & get Rs.2K Amazon voucher
  2. Spend 1L & get Rs.4K Amazon voucher
  3. Spend 2.5L & get Rs.10K Taj voucher
  4. Spend 4L & get Rs.20K Taj voucher
  5. Spend 6L & get Rs.30K Taj voucher
  6. Spend 8L & get Rs.40K Taj voucher

Return on spend is in the range of 4-5% for most offers above, which is pretty good, just as it used to be.

Offer Variants (Platinum Charge Cards)

  1. Spend 1L & get Rs.5K Amazon voucher
  2. Spend 3L & get Rs.15K Taj voucher
  3. Spend 5L & get Rs.25K Taj voucher
  4. Spend 7L & get Rs.35K Taj voucher
  5. Spend 9L & get Rs.50K Taj voucher

Return on spend is 5% for most offers above except for #5 which gives 5.5% on the spend. And as always, these are above and beyond the regular rewards.

I’ve not received the offer on any of my Amex cards this time!


A nice offer from American Express in their usual style. As the world appears to get out of the Covid crisis, hope you should be able to make the target spends on time easily.

If you’ve not received the communication, you may check with the chat/phone support as there is slight chance that you might not have received the email for some reason.

  • Update: Offer fulfilled on 3rd Aug 2022

Have you received the Amex spend linked offer this March 2022? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

49 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.50,000 on spends

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No updates on that Shivi. But if I’ve to take a wild guess, I would say “before June 2022” as it will be 1yr by then.

      1. Shamik

        June 2022 is round the corner, hopefully Amex will accept new credit card applications.
        Do you have any updates on the same ?

        Thank you

  1. Aravind

    Did anyone receive the Vouchers for the November Spend based offer? I think its fulfilment date was March

    1. Gagan

      I spoke to Customer Care yesterday and was told that will get on/before 31 March

      1. Gagan

        I just received Rs 1500 Amazon Voucher today for Nov 2021 spends offer.

        Spent Rs 25000

    2. Utkarsh Naithani

      I had taken part in this offer in September (3L spends – > 3oK vouchers).
      Received my vouchers last month. (Amex Platinum user here.)

  2. R

    i haven’t received any such offer Mine is due for renewal and am seriously thinking if its time to say bye-bye to such high annual fee metal card.

  3. Anshul

    Received 2.5L/ 10K Taj voucher offer on my Platinum Travel. I have already spent 4 lakhs in current membership year, so no point spending 2.5L now. Also, these are more of retention offers. The cardmember is retained at least till the offer fulfillment month, and might also renew between this time!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “so no point spending 2.5L now” – But you still get 5% value with this isn’t it?

      1. Anshul

        Well, it’s just a 4% return. 10k Taj vouchers will need to be accompanied by additional out of pocket expense for a reasonable stay. Hence, I need to put more money beyond the voucher. And also, then staying at Taj would be a forced choice just to use the voucher. Instead, directing most of this spend to Infinia will give a 3.33% default return, plus 16.67% if done on insta vouchers. That would be a better value proposition. Of course, a personal choice what one prefers/values.

  4. Ajai Singh

    Got 1L offer on Plat charge card have not spend much with the card maybe that’s why. For the Platinum reserve I got no offer at all but I tried to enroll using the link and from the Platinum charge card and it worked but I don’t know what the specific offer has been enrolled for.

  5. Rajesh RG

    I haven’t received the offer. When I called the customer care, they said that the offer is not available for my Charge Card. Is there a way to get it? If so, let me know how. Thanks

  6. Ajeet

    Hi Sid,

    I need your opinion. Is it worth holding on to Amex MRCC? My 1 yr will be up this month and I have got HDFC Regalia, IDFC wealth and SBI prime in past 1 year which gets many exciting offer usually.

    1. Chandra

      Hi Ajeet,
      Your Question: Is it worth holding on to Amex MRCC?
      My Answer: Yes, it is worth holding AMEX MRCC.
      For Monthly Spends of Rs 6,000 (1,500 x 4), you get 1,000 Bonus Points. Now, for 24 Months, total points accumulated will be 24,000++ and total spends made will be Rs 1,44,000. Points 24,000 is worth 14,000 Taj Voucher. So it is worth.

  7. Ashok

    I have 3 amex cards – Plat Reserver, Gold Charge and MR. I didn’t get this offer on any of these yet.

    1. Ashok

      And too add, my day started with an email from Amex with 15K Taj vouchers against last years’ spend milestone – which I almost forgot. Also 10K vouchers received earlier on renewal of membership of Amex Plat reserve+5L spends. 25K Taj vouchers already. Cheers.

  8. siddarth bansal

    🙁 did not get the offer this time, not sure why though… any ideas?

  9. The Global Investor

    Looks they’re really feeling the pain of not being able to accept new applications!

  10. AAJ

    Didn’t receive any after the two between Sep-Nov 🙂
    Called up Amex, they said none on any card!

  11. Manish

    Hi, I haven’t received this offer in my card. However if i enroll myself using the enrolment link will I be eligible for the voucher?

  12. Sourav

    Received Spend 40K & get Rs.2K Amazon voucher offer for my MRCC!

  13. ravi

    Offer i got on my MRCC was , spend 40k between 1st March to April 15 and get 2K amazon voucher. One has to register.

  14. Amit Thakur

    I received a completely different offer than mentioned by Sid.

    Got 20k/ 4L spend offer

  15. Ankit

    So I was about to skip the offer I got, 2k amazon on 40k spend on my mrcc.So glad I dint. Since the offer is spread over 2 billing cycles, I am trying to get the best out of this. 1500×4 txn 1000 points, 20k monthly milestone 1000 points, 10rp per 100 on insurance, 2x rp on amazon voucher load through reward multiplier. So no reason to skip this.

  16. JAY

    Amex is bow discontinuing statement credit for gold collection!

  17. Vineet

    Amex platinum travel card now has points which never expire( earlier 3 years). After a raft of bad news from hdfc, this is the first good news in a long time. Received a mail from Amex today

  18. Diptendu

    Does AMEX still have Amazon voucher option in their 18K and 24K collection? Since 8th May the option has disappeared for my platinum charge card.

  19. Udayakumar

    Amex has stopped sending reminders on statement generation date. So that late fees can be levied on card holders A/c. Amex don’t even send reminder mails/ calls after due date to take benefit on late payment fees and interest rates. Amex don’t acknowledge mistake on there part, even though its a technical glitch. No wonder they are banned from acquiring new accounts. When all the bank follow certain protocol on Indian soil, Amex don’t. Its time they understand the market and follow it accordingly.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just ask them to waive it off, I’ve been able to get about 4K finance charges waived on a single call few yrs ago.

  20. Abhi

    As per t&c, which we all accept in the fine print while signing up, it is cardholder responsibility to ensure that they make timely repayments. Reminders is just a customer-friendly facility provided by most card issuers, but it’s not a must for them. So even if they miss you need find what your dues are and clear them.

  21. Ankit Saraf

    Dint receive yet.. The last date of fulfillment is 15th Aug. Will wait till then..

  22. Surendra

    I’ve not received any update yet for my MRCC. Anyone else received ?

  23. AbhiKohli

    Received 10K voucher. Just a few days ago I reached 4L so I thought it is 10K for that. Only after your update I checked that I’ve received for this offer not for Milestone.

  24. Ekas

    It’s funny how Amex didn’t even inform me about the offer and all this while I was so pissed.

    To my surprise I got 35k right prior to my decision on the annual fees! Guess I’ll stick around 1 more year 🫣

  25. K Jijo

    I have not received anything like this 🙁 I need to change my spending pattern…

  26. Amit

    does paytm wallet load count in 1500×6? and 1k points at 20k is including 1500×6 or above that?

  27. Umesh

    There is a another spend based offer on e voucher during 11th -15th Aug .

  28. Karthi

    @All – Is most merchants are accepting Amex cards now…due to their high fees because at times it is difficult to swipe card on POS machines and need to carry a back up card but amex CC saying they have improved a lotplus ICICI and SBI pos can be used for amex cards

    Is this true and any experiences…..

  29. AbhiKohli

    Received the offer again, but for spending 5L (for 20K Taj voucher) I’ll give it a pass. I am spending around 4L/yr, not sure how AmEx thought I can spend 5L in 1 Month 😀


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