Mobikwik Blue American Express Card Review

By | December 2, 2020
Mobikwik Blue American Express Card

Mobikwik in partnership with American Express launched the Mobikwik Blue American Express card for select Mobikwik customers by mid August 2020, later extended to many others by late Nov 2020.

This is technically a prepaid card but in this case it works more like a debit card that’s linked to Mobikwik Wallet balance. That’s a good innovation for sure.

Application Process

It was issued to only a few by August 2020 when it got initially launched and I got it by then. From late nov, its given to everyone who did the KYC process with Mobikwik.

Virtual card got generated instantly and they don’t have any plan for sending physical card as per tnc.


mobikwik amex blue card benefits
  1. Every transaction with this card redeems 3% of value from supercash
  2. Every transaction earns 1% supercash to your wallet
  3. Merchant Offers

Max. cap of Rs.1000 per month applicable for redeeming Supercash. Apart from that, You might get a credit limit of 10K once spends through this card exceeds 10k via their Zip offer (buy now pay later).


  • To redeem 3% of transaction value from supercash, you have to apply the offer in the app under Rewards section of the card each time
  • Supercash concept itself is complicated (though much better now than its inaugural version)
  • Merchant offers with this card are limited at this point

Mobikwik-Amex History

Amex partnership with Mobikwik goes back to April 2015, when it bought a stake in it. Mobikwik was a brand name few years ago with generous cashbacks on adding money and recharge, until it started a new concept of providing supercash instead of cashbacks and very few of its existing customers liked its complexity and benefits.

Even after demonetization Mobikwik was unable to capture the digital boom thanks to its supercash concept whereas others like Paytm, Phonepe, Google pay thrived.

Being a shareholder of Mobikwik, this partnership should have come much earlier (though in its present form, it is unlikely to please its customers in a big way).


Because of its dwindling user base & transactions volume, Mobikwik had to do something as it missed the digital bus. Amex being its major stakeholder had to step in to protect its investment from becoming dud. While launch of this card is welcome as this is 1st of its kind, much better innovation could have been done to woo premium customers.

As Mobikwik runs generous supercash offers time to time, regular Mobikwik customers will find this card useful as they can now get direct 3% discount via this card (if they have earned supercash). In other words, Mobikwik has made supercash redemption easier via this card.

Apart from that, post the introduction of 2% fee by Paytm for wallet loads, now Mobikwik with Amex network access is a good alternative.

  • Update: Paytm revoked the 2% fee again. This is probably the 2nd time Paytm is doing this.

Apart from small rewards, overall its not a great product, especially because of low acceptance compared to other wallets like Paytm/Amazon Pay, but its worth it when you are not able to use the others above for some reason or other.

Do you use the new Mobikwik Blue Amex card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Satish Kumar Agarwal

An Engineer by profession. Charmed by the world of finance including Credit cards, Mutual Funds, Insurance etc. Helping friends in becoming financial savvy gives joy n pleasure to me.

85 thoughts on “Mobikwik Blue American Express Card Review

  1. Ankit Kabeer

    I like this card a lot. Earning supercash is easy you can earn by credit card bill payment. And instead of using credit card directly anywhere. I use them via this card. Say you gotta pay school fees, instead of paying with Apay card I load Mobikwik and pay with this card. So instead of saving 1% I saved 4%.
    My rule is this. If there’s not a card specific offer then I’ll load Mobikwik and use this card.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Dear Ankit

      Was aware of the rules very much. But never thought it like that. Thanks for the insight.

    2. Sravan

      Thank you… One addition you can do is pay the credit card bill using mobikwik website with debit card. In my case it gives extra 1% cashback through my debit card

    3. Suyash

      I currently have 800 super cash. The card offers says that I can use 2% super cash. That 2% is 2% of 800 or 2% of my transaction value?

    1. MT

      I wasn’t charged 2% till october , November onwards being charged , though other readers have suggested a few ways to avoid in other posts , please do read them

    2. AbhiKohli

      I thought I am the only one…. but looks like paytm is charging 2% wallet load for few and not for others. Anyway, other option is to charge GiftCard in paytm instead of wallet. Gift card has restriction (can be used only to pay merchants no p2p payments.) But then my paytm wallet without KYC has same restriction as well…. so I am at no disadvantage.

    3. Sudheer

      Check again,if u are getting same problem, complaint to coustmer care @paytm

    4. Parth P


      Why you are adding to wallet, instead purchase paytm gift voucher.

      Same value, same uses, but no extra charges.

      1. Siddharth

        Nice idea indeed. Are you sure it works? Wondering why no one mentioned this before!

        1. Abhi

          Paytm gift voucher was mentioned in few posts, have purchased and used them. The beauty is paytm is now levying 1% fee on that also. Balance from paytm gift voucher can be used for merchant payments, and not for wallet or bank transfers.

  2. Kushal

    Any idea what are the repayment options available for mobikwik zip pay later? Do they accept wallet balance or credit card for zip bill payments?

    1. Abhi

      Amount added through credit card cannot be used for repayment of Zip outstandings. Its mentioned in Help.

  3. Abhi

    Paytm still charging me 2%, so I load it via Uber. Reg mobikwik, I have had to constantly update myself with changes in its supercash policies ever since I started using 3.5yrs back. Its kind of stable now, and I have stuck with them for all these years, having burnt thousands of supercash. As long as you don’t have to get into contacting customer care the wallet is good. For some time they even allowed monthly upto 10K wallet balance to be used to pay off credit card bills at no fee, but not any longer now. 3% supercash burn offer with their Amex VCC is until 31Mar only, I do hope it continues beyond.

    1. Tanmay Lodha

      “so I load it via Uber” – Sorry, didn’t get you, please elaborate…

      1. Kushal

        It means that you can load paytm wallet using uber without any charge as Paytm has started charging 2%. Hope this clears.

      2. MT

        login to uber account -> payment tab-> link paytm(uber and paytm same registered number required) -> add money …it wont charge you 2% … disclaimer : Valid only till Paytm plugs this workaround…credits to the person who suggested this method in other posts

        1. collageguy_ju

          Also works on Zomato. Should work on all apps where paytm has been linked and supports recharge of paytm wallet via the app.

          1. Abhi

            Paytm started showing me the same 2% message even via zomato. And on Uber it no longer takes the credit cards once already used, so they only want you to use UPI or debit card. Mobikwik Amex Blue was already enough for me to shift lot of my spends away from paytm and now their 2% levy has simply called curtains. Paytm wallet acceptance in local stores has also dwindled, as most QRs are increasingly UPI only. My wallet loading paytm has almost come to an end, and in turn the app’s usage.

      3. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

        Just checked in Uber app. It allows loading Paytm wallet via credit card once you link your Paytm account with Uber

        1. Tanmay Lodha

          Yeah, true, btw if we load wallet via credit card on paytm website, then 2% charge is not levied, any idea about this..?

          1. Pranab

            You can’t load wallet via credit card on paytm website.

    2. Akash

      Dont load paytm wallet with this card as it is mentioned in its FAQs that a charge of 5% will be done for wallet transactions. I lost some money while doing that.

    3. non-amex guy

      When I add to Paytm via Uber through Mobiqwik blue card, it is charging me 5%


    Excellent virtual card MOBIQUICK american express virtual card holders sent also physical card online it works credit card dicounts at online amex card offers

  5. Abhi

    Updated the app today. Why the Rewads tab has vanished from VCC page? How do we apply 3% supercash offer now?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Now it’s visible on the offers page itself.

      1. Amar

        No – can’t apply from that. It only shows the offer, no way of activating it.

        Also, it’s quite a buggy app – not able to apply supercash coupon on credit card bill payment even after multiple attempts and by default there is no supercash earn in credit card bill payment.
        I wonder how people claim about saving 4% through this route.

  6. caitano rodrigues

    Don’t used the this card its have very high transaction fees which is not mention any where after doing the transaction we come to know even we are not able to use super cash of 3% it’s say refer to terms and conditions

  7. Waas

    I stopped using paytm because the cashback has become way too complicated. MobiKwik has become easy in terms of getting redeeming its supercash compared to before

  8. Deepak

    I have used this card to pay electricity bill, utilized 3% supercash and also received 1% supercash.

  9. Ashish Kumar

    I stopped using mobikwik couple of years back because of their frequent changes to the supercash redemption rules.

  10. beginner

    Not sure if I understood this wrongly, I activated Blue card and then loaded money into wallet using MRCC and then when I tried to pay my electricity bill through pay bills section it showed that my blue card has been blocked by zaakpay and i tried using my wallet amount and it showed “wallet amount added from credit cards is not applicable”

    Any help on what I might be doing wrongly

    1. Deepak

      Try paying the same bill using the Blue card from some other app/site, e.g Amazon Pay, etc..

  11. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I was one of the early users of the Amex Blue Card from Mobikwik. Mobikwik is the digital wallet I have been using the longest, though since 2018, I was using it rarely. But the with the Supercash rules being made more sensible, and credit card bill payments giving a steady suply of Supercash, I found the new Amex card to be a very good option. I had to recently pay my Excitel internet bill. They had only Paytm as a wallet payment option, and the max return I would have had had on any of my credit cards would have been 1.5 percent. However, I loaded money into my Mobikwik wallet using my AmazonPay ICICI card, got 1 percent return there, then used the Blue card to pay the bill, also redeeming 3 percent Supercash in process besides getting 1 percent Supercash back. So overall, I could get a 5 percent return on the transaction.
    This would work only for smaller transactions as there are restrictions on Supercash usage, but particularly when Paytm is taking the customer for a ride, the Amex Blue card does give a vry good alternative….

  12. Ankur Maheshwari

    Now to redeem 3% Supercash, user need not activate in the app, rather they have to select the usage of supercash on the OTP page.
    A major update.

    1. Abhi

      Thanks thats a useful update.
      Earlier I was paying utility bills on paytm app using my paytm balance loaded via credit card. Now I use Amex Blue as the credit card on paytm app to pay the bills. It treats this as a PG transaction and not as wallet load, so there’s no 5% fee involved and I m able to burn 3% supercash. Effectively I could use mobikwik in competitor paytm app 🙂 . But once when I made bigbasket payment from freecharge using Amex Blue, there was a 5% charge from mobikwik, although 3% supercash was also burnt. There it got considered as wallet load even though I was only making a payment.

      1. beginner

        can’t we use the same blue card to pay bills through mobikwik itself? I tried but getting error ‘your card has been blocked by zaakpay’

      2. Shikhar Makkar

        Why don’t you directly pay using mobikwik? That way you can use 5% supercash. Also, how do you use this card on paytm or Amazon pay? I entered the details in credit card section and the alphanumeric cvv code but neither paytm nor Amazon accept it. Is it supposed to be used as a credit card or debit card and what about cvv?

        1. beginner

          You have to add under Credit Card only and it works fine in paytm and CVV is the 4 digit numeric code not that alphanumeric one

        2. Abhi

          Where you have option to pay via mobikwik directly its better to use that and burn 5% supercash. Where it’s not accepted but Amex is accepted then use Amex VCC and burn 3% supercash and get 1% back. Recently did a single transaction of 37K using Amex VCC and burnt 1000 supercash, my monthly quota, in one go. And I got back 370 supercash. Note that the burn has a monthly cap of 1000 but the 1% earn doesn’t have any cap. Since Oct, on one day in a month mobikwik has been giving 2% supercash on credit card bill payments. So supercash is now easy to earn, easy to burn.

          1. Shikhar Makkar

            Thanks abhi & beginner. Have you paid amex credit card bill using mobikwik? I tried it long time back and it failed and I didn’t take a risk the next time. For visa, master card credit card bills, I haven’t encountered any failure yet. Any idea about amex success rate, how it has been lately?

          2. Abhi

            Yes Shikhar, have paid Amex card bills successfully on mobikwik. I have encountered failures in past but thats regardless of network, earlier even payment to Visa has failed and reversed. But of late it has been more stable, sometimes takes longer to process but eventually works.

    2. Krupesh Patel

      It shows the offer but not able to apply it. Is there anything I am not getting or that’s a bug in the app?

      1. Ankur Maheshwari

        The supercash burn is to be applied on the OTP page, just before the OTP input box. Also, you will see how much SuperCash you will earn on this transaction.

      2. Jeevi

        It’s not working in iPhone. Try doing it in android. After it’s done, it works in iPhone too

  13. Mr Jigar

    Exited Mobikqwik long back… they kept on changing their supercash rules.. lost trust on them. Like AMEX cards they are awesome in terms of rewards & service.

  14. Karthik

    best alternative for paytm is amazon pay balance. load it via amex and pay bills. p2p not possible though

    1. Anshuman

      Also this card cannot be added to Uber as payment method. I have tried that and its not working.

  15. Abhi

    They ve added offer on zomato 20% cashback credits. Many other offers, such as bigbasket, are same as you get with regular Amex cards. Just that with this VCC you can burn supercash to get additional 3% discount.

  16. Niju

    The Supercash burn rate seems to have been reduced to 2% from the earlier 3% with the earn rate remaining same at 1%

    The maximum monthly supercash earning on Credit Card Bill payment seems to be set @500 now from the earlier 1000 and also the day when there is double rewards to credit card bill payment all my transactions failed except for AMEX cards and it took about 7 days for the same to be credited back to the account

    1. Abhi

      Thats the max supercash per transaction. You can still earn much more than 500 per month on CC payments.

    2. Niju

      The Wallet Loading change of 2% is also introduced beyond 10K per month which makes the Blue Card in effect providing 0% returns

        1. Parth P

          It can never be better than paytm..

          I had to dump mobikwik within a week of introduction of supercash concept coz I can’t waste my time twice for such complexity..

          After that I have rarely used mobikwik five to seven times.

          One time you browse offers to earn supercash and second time waste your time to redeem it… What a Joke.

          Paytm is now not giving much cashbacks than before, but at least it’s not trying user to keep in a spider web.

          Its human nature to be free and love for simplicity, not to be kept entangled in anything particular.

          Biggest example of success as a result of freeness and simplicity is ANDROID, on which platform these apps are working, still they are not able to grasp it.

          Paytm has understood it clearly from beginning. I don’t know why Mobikwik is not able to understand it.

          Even author of this post has confirmed. He has clearly advised users that if you are not able to use other options, then you can go for it.

        2. Abhi

          Paytm has upped its game. From recently imposed 2% its now asking for a “nominal” fee upto 4.07% to add money via credit card. Not able to load via Uber or zomato anymore. Wonder if anyone in this forum is able to use paytm anymore (loaded via credit cards). Even paytm gift voucher is now being charged atleast 1%.

          1. Siddharth

            Am not getting charged. Are they still giving this advantage to few accounts?

            P.S. I never transferred wallet funds to bank. Maybe that is helping now.

          2. NIju

            It’s 4.07% for Visa / Master Credit Cards and 1% for AMEX cards, Haven’t checked with Diners yet since HDFC doesn’t provide RP’s on Wallet Loads.

            The above is when I try through their app but when I load through the website it allowed me until 10K without any charges through AMEX Platinum Travel Card.

          3. Anshuman

            Well if you have citibank credit card you can still load money for free on paytm using citibank wallet recharge option. There is limit of Rs. 5000. I did the transaction 2 days back and it is working.

          4. Abhi

            I have done wallet to bank transfer few times (after loading via uber), and only well after they introduced the 2% fee. But its true they giving different treatment to different users.
            Recently at a shop, when I scanned QR to pay, it displayed a list of payment options including all my saved CCs and DCs, so I chose a CC and was able to pay without using my wallet balance, no fee for that.
            Meanwhile, Payzapp has revamped itself and will introduce scan to pay soon. They dont charge for loading wallet yet, and if they can get their act together, they can help phase out paytm.

  17. Abhi

    In barely 5 months of launch, the supercash burn rate has been reduced from 3% to 2%.

  18. Sudheep

    Wallet loading charges (2%) for monthly load of above 5K using credit card..

    I have more than 2000 Rs as super cash… to redeem will have to use UPI load now.. 🙁

    1. Niju

      The message I received was that 2% above 10K load per month and not 5K .
      This was about 10 daya ago, probably new rule introduced post that to limit that to 5K per month

    1. Sudheep

      Am getting the following message when trying to load through CC , beyond 10K . (it was 5K when I checked few days before)

      “Why are we charging processing fees from users?

      Whenever you load your wallet through a credit card, MobiKwik has to pay a high fee to the bank. We charge this fee to compensate for the cost.
      Please note that we only charge this convenience fee, once the total wallet load amount through credit card exceeds Rs.10,000 in a calendar month
      We recommend you use Debit Card for zero convenience fee and instant payments.

      How is the processing fee calculated?

      Below are some examples
      A user loads Rs.10,000 in the wallet at the starting of the month. No fee is charged for this transaction. The user again loads Rs.5000 in the wallet. A fee of 2% (Rs.100) is charged on the amount of Rs.5000
      A user loads Rs.15,000 in the wallet at the starting of the month. A fee of 2% (Rs.100) is charged on the amount of Rs.5000”

  19. Sakti

    I need to know any annual fee for Mobikwik Blue American Express Card. Please confirm

  20. Shivi


    There has been a massive breach at MobiKwik with over 37 million KYC compromised. From multiple sources, it seems that Mobikwik has allegedly suffered the biggest data breach ever. It is showing account name and IFSC code, saved credit cards & also CVV codes.

    All having MobiKwik accounts should change password, delete account & block domestic & International usage of the credit/debit cards linked to it and subsequently ask for cancellation & re-issue of such cards.

    1. Niju

      I hope this is verified as I had seen this in multiple news outlets although this has beed declined by MobiKwik.
      If this actually happened would have an impact on the IPO plans for Mobikwik.


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