Amex Offer: Get upto 20,000 Bonus Reward Points on Spends

By | December 22, 2020

After the Amex 2020 Diwali promo, here is yet another offer from American Express with additional rewards on regular spends. This is also a targeted offer, but I see many have got it, unlike the Diwali promo which many did not receive. Here is everything you need to know,

amex 2020 nov offer

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get additional XX,XXX Membership Rewards on spending Rs.YY,YYY
  • Eligible Spend Types : All spends.
  • Offer Valid for: Select Amex Card holders
  • Offer Period: 28 Nov 2020 to 30 Nov 2020
  • How to opt-in for offer: auto enrolled
  • Fulfilment: February 28, 2021

Speaking about offer variants, there are few types and here are the ones I came across:

  1. Spend Rs.20K and get 4K points
  2. Spend Rs.10K and get 2K Points
  3. Spend Rs.50K and get 20K points

There could be few other variants too. I fortunately got the 3rd offer which is highly rewarding one with handsome return on spend.

Update: This offer was fulfilled on 22nd Dec 2020


Its always good to see Amex spend linked offers but this one is only for 3 days, which is too short for most. Moreover, now Paytm started charging for wallet loads, so that’s another problem for some Amex cardholders to reach the spend requirement.

Anyway, I’m happy to see this offer on my platinum charge card and this sort of makes up for not receiving the Diwali Offer.

What offer have you received? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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69 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get upto 20,000 Bonus Reward Points on Spends

  1. Prashanth M

    I got 2K bonus points for 10K spend on my MRCC. And this indeed is a targeted offer – checked with two of my friends (both having MRCC), they haven’t got this offer

    1. Prashanth M

      I had plans of investing in NPS in December mid. Advanced it by 2 weeks & used the MRCC card πŸ™‚

  2. MT

    1. If you can get higher than 2% reward, then its worth to pay paytm 2% fees , there is a clause of eligible spends, which may or may not include wallet loads , here i see , even if someone is unwise enough to redeem at 0.25ps/point, can still walk with 5% or even 10% value(3rd offer)
    2. For paytm wallet loads , those with citibank cards can load via citi mobile app , no charges yet

      1. Durgesh

        No, you can’t. I tried on with my amex and Paytm asked me to pay 2% extra

      2. Prashanth M

        Vouchers are not available for PayTM wallet anymore. The ones you find are only for PayTM Mall – I’m not sure if the same can be used for bill payments (haven’t used personally)

  3. santosh

    Is it advisable to add 20k to Amazon Wallet? Can that be used to pay lic premium of 60K in January?

  4. gitns

    Hi Siddharth
    Do you find such offers on your account homepage? Unfortunately, I never get such offers. I got a platinum card in October and i called the customer service to confirm if I have enrolled for offers, to which they confirmed that I have.

    Is there a way to get such offers over email?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This offer in received only on email, not reflecting under amex offers.

    2. Sidharth Jain

      Same status here. Even after polite request, they did not entertain the give me the offer. The customer care deptt I guess have no control over who gets offers.


    If supl. cards receiving same mail does this offer apply separate for each supl. card or counted towards base card?

    1. MT

      Counted towards base card , bullet point number 8 in TnC document linked in the offer mail

  6. Xander

    Neither received the Diwali offer, nor this. Guess I should just close my Plat Travel now πŸ™

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I see this happen only on not-used-for-long-time cards. They might be having other filters though.

      1. Mouli


        Havent got any spend based offers for last 2 years in Amex for both Plat Travel and MRCC
        My Plat Travel is LTF,so they are ignoring it
        I used to get spend based offers before 2 years
        Spends are around 5L in Plat Travel and 1.5L in MRCC,I am not paying any fees to Amex so that might be a reason

        1. Siddharth Post author

          LTF could be. But I see some FYF cards getting offers too. Amex is using even more data points it seems.

        2. Nikhil

          I am getting offers on my LTF MRCC. So I guess LTF doesn’t makes any difference

        3. MAA-traveler

          @ Mouli,
          Before 2 years how was the spending pattern? Did you spend the milestone of Rs 4 lakh well within 12 months? And generally how has been the spending pattern?

        4. Priya

          How did you get Plat Travel LTF??? First time I’m hearing that amex gave this card free.

          1. Shivi

            @ Priya ~ Corporate offers in 2017-2018 & also early 2019 @ 15 Lakh ITR

  7. Shimul

    Got something else popup show on login. Don’t know which card but Travel i think.

    Enjoy Flat Rs. 2,000* off on Amazon

    on Home Appliances and Laptops

    Enjoy flat Rs. 2,000* off on your next laptop and home appliance when you spend Rs. 20,000 and above on Amazon.
    Hurry, this exclusive offer on your American Express Card ends on 30th November 2020.
    *Terms and Conditions apply.

  8. Kritin Kapoor

    Can this be used across any sort of spend or are there restrictions?

  9. Priya Pande

    Sid – you said “now Paytm started charging for wallet loads”
    So, can you suggest any alternatives?
    And have you stopped using Paytm wallet after they started charging?

    1. Gkcards

      you can buy amazon gift cards and then use amazon pay to pay all sort of bills etc

    2. Sujith

      PhonePe allows to load their wallet using Credit Cards with no processing/service charges.

  10. Aakash Coimbatore

    Hello all
    On which of the cards below would I get MORE CHANCES FOR AN UPGRADE?
    From AMEX MRCC Charge card to AMEX plat charge card

  11. AMITR

    As usual again nothing, have not received even single offer in last 1.5 Yr.
    Sid any help?

  12. MAA-traveler

    Neither received the Diwali offer, nor this. No August spend based offer also. Disappointing when I don’t at all get any offer for any of my three cards. AMEX better waive off my annual fee for no offers.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      This diwali was bad in terms of offers. No offer whatsoever on any cards Hdfc, amex or sc. i was atleast expecting stanc to come up with last year offer of 1-1.5% cashback.

      Now paytm charging 2% looks like i need to close atleast 1 of the MRCC or Gold card. Renewed my cards last months, got fee waiver on MRCC and 50% waiver on gold.

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        How much was your annual spend that you got 59% waiver on Gold card ?

  13. Ranjeet Choudhary

    Is it valid for 1 transaction of 20k or a cumulative of 20K. Any idea

  14. Saksham Dhawan

    I got the 20k offer.

    Loaded the same into mobikwik wallet.

    FYI :MobiKwik now gives you a fee virtual Amex card that let’s you use wallet balance at all online Amex merchants. Moreover, you get 3% discount (via their Supercash loyalty program) at all transactions.

    I would load into paytm but 2% charge is unacceptable to me.

    1. Abhi

      Have been a big user of mobikwik for past 3.5 yrs. Used far more than paytm. Its never charged any fee for wallet loading. Acceptance in retail shops maybe low and customer care is useless, but its been the best wallet in terms of offers and for online transactions. The Amex virtual card has been a blessing, using it wherever possible, limitation is the 1000 supercash monthly burn cap.

      1. haris Khan

        Can you please give me link or details about how/where we can use VCC from Mobikwik?
        Also, how to earn/use Mobikwik super cash.
        Thanks in advance.

        1. Abhi

          On mobikwik app, in the top row, you’ll find a small blue icon saying AMEX. Just click that icon and then on card page click on activate card. Your card details are revealed when you tap on the virtual card. OTP also shows there itself. There are two tabs on that VCC page – Offers and Rewards. On the Rewards tab, click on Apply Offer. Once you complete the transaction, 3% supercash gets used and mobikwik credits you 1% supercash additionally. You need to click on Apply Offer each time before using the VCC if you want to use 3% supercash from your transaction value. Supercash utilization limit is still 1000 per month across VCC and wallet payments. I use it to make online payments wherever Amex is accepted like school fee, bills etc.

  15. Abhisek

    On Paytm load with credit card charges , I came across a workaround which is loading the Paytm wallet through the UBER APP . it allows to load into Paytm wallet without any extra charges with any credit card. I have tried it and it works ( atleast for now ).

    1. Cav

      This Paytm balance load using Uber is not working right now. Can someone confirm, pls.

  16. AAJ

    Anything need to be raised with Amex, I am not getting any offers after 12.5 100% cashback on Plat Chrg

  17. Sanjay

    The t&c reads that payment should be posted on or before 30th November (28-30 nov). However, if I transact on 30th Nov 2020, it will be Pending for atleast 1 day & will be processed on probably 1sr December 2020.
    Will this offer also be applicable on swipes and payments made on 30th Nov?

  18. marketer guy

    For those, who haven’t received the communication, connect via chat, and confirm. I was eligible but did not get the communication.
    Also, remember the transaction should be posted in your statement on or before 30th November (pending won’t be allowed)

    1. Jitesh

      It is technically next to impossible for a transaction to post the very same day. Considering that, spends done today will make no sense and this is as grisly as it can get. AMEX needs to be very clear about this under the tnc’s.

      Siddharth could you please share some information over this topic. There’s quite a confusion about this. They’re right, how can AMEX expect people to perform a transaction on the 30th of November and then have it posted onto the account the very same day? This is a very clever tactic to save their MR points.

      Will swipes/online spends done today be eligible for the bonus MRs?

      1. Gkcards

        Online spends get shown the same day, however status shows as pending in amex site

      2. marketer guy

        I did a MobiKwik wallet transaction via their PG gateway, it got posted within 6 hours. I believe it is also a merchant dependent

      3. Siddharth Post author

        Most of the transactions don’t have issue with the dates. Usually they consider transacted date as the pending transactions gets updated in 2-3 days.

        I usually face the “posting” date different only on some international transactions and rarely on domestic transactions, depending on the merchant.

        1. AbhiKohli

          Beware with HDFC though. I once lost milestone benefit since I made transaction on last date of month (Redgiraffe through PayZapp) CC very clearly asked me to read TnCs which did mention posting date will be considered.

      4. AbhiKohli

        With AmEx it would convert pending transfer to posted once it get posted in 2-3 days. However, you’ll see transaction date as the date when you actually made the transfer. No where will you see posted date etc so it would be eligible. (Unlike HDFC where they’ll not consider it same time window till it get posted also in it.)

        1. FrequentFlyer15

          Open the Amex app, click on any transaction, there are 2 dates visible, transaction date and processed date. Each bank has a specific definition for posting. Posting for some banks means, its is posted to your account but others means processed. Not Sure, what it means to Amex. Once exec told me it means its showing as pending while another told me processed so I am just hail mary’ing on the offer.


    Those who have recieved this offer, can you please share the complete tnc

  20. Sukant

    I received spend 20000 and get 4000 points. Paid the school fees and some paytm wallet adds through uber.
    Spend must be posted to the Card account by November 30, 2020 to be eligible for this Offer. If the merchant partner does not submit the initiated charge, to be posted to your Card account, during this period, the spend may not be eligible for this Offer.

  21. Ayush Agrawal

    Got the 4k for 20k offer. Used it to buy big basket vouchers on Amazon which had their own 5% instant discount. Since BB doesn’t have any interesting card based offers anymore I thought this was the best way to use this offer.

  22. AM

    Received 4k points offer, added 20k in amazon Pay πŸ™‚ though mobikwik blue amex card is another great option added to that last time to complete 100k spend.

  23. Surya

    Hi Sid. I got spend 25k on reward multiplier and get 5k bonus points offer via mail.. spend duration is 16/12/2020 to 15/01/2021.. this is for my platinum charge card.. didn’t receive diwali spends or the spend offer during Nov 28 – Nov 30 on charge card or travel card or mrcc..

    1. Jeevi

      I too got 12.5k for 2.5 bonus points for the same period. Mine is platinum travel card

    2. MAA-traveler

      There are three variants of this offer:
      1. Spend 25k on reward multiplier and get 5k bonus points
      2. Spend 12.5K and get 2.5k bonus points
      3. Spend 5K and get 1k bonus points

      I got the second offer though I would have preferred the 1K bonus one. Spending 25K/12.5K on rewards multiplier (with all those restrictions) in one month is difficult unless we have some planned spends.

      By the way, I have not got a single bonus MR points for any of the Rewards Multiplier Promos. I know we get points only after 120 days but still I did not get the August 15th bonus (15 MR points/Rs 100). Have you folks got bonus MR points for any of the Rewards Multiplier transactions?

      1. Tejas Ghongadi

        There is one more.

        2000 Bonus Points on spends of Rs. 10,000

        Got this on the Plat. Charge Card.

    3. Neo

      I got the same on my plat charge as well. But there is no way to track how much spend is done using the reward multiplier link ( except manually). The Amex CC didnt know of a way


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