Amex 2020 Diwali Offer: Get Vouchers Worth Upto Rs.20,000 on your spends

By | March 16, 2021

Amex Diwali offer is one of the most awaited offers in the credit card industry as it is usually a rewarding one.

This year too we’ve the offer LIVE for most cardmembers and its much attractive compared to last year due to vouchers like Flipkart/Amazon as it is very much relevant to use during the current pandemic situation.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend Rs.X and get Rs.Y worth of voucher.
  • Offer Type: Spend linked, targeted offer.
  • Offer Period: October 15, 2020 to November 15, 2020
  • Fulfilment: February 15, 2021 
  • Excluded Cards: Centurion, Plat charge card, Jet & corporate cards.
  • The offer is applicable for only select American Express Cardmembers. A Cardmember is eligible for this offer only if he/she has received an offer communication directly from American Express through any of its channels.
  • Spends on the Supplementary Card(s) will be accounted under the Basic Card. The Supplementary Card(s) need not be enrolled separately.
  • To Enroll: Please check your email or Call Customer Care if you’ve not received the email.

Offer Variants

There are 6 different offer variants as far as we know, here are they:

  1. Offer #1: Spend Rs. 3,75,000 – Get Rs.20,000 LUXE voucher (5.4% Value)
  2. Offer #2: Spend Rs. 2,00,000 – Get Rs.10,000 Amazon voucher (5% Value)
  3. Offer #3: Spend Rs. 1,00,000 – Get Rs.5,000 Amazon voucher (5% Value)
  4. Offer #4: Spend Rs. 40,000 – Get Rs.2,000 Amazon voucher (5% Value)
  5. Offer #5: Spend Rs.15,000 – Get Rs.750 Flipkart voucher (5% Value)
  6. Offer #6: Spend Rs.5,000 – Get Rs.250 Flipkart voucher (5% Value)

And the cardmembers getting Offer #6 is also eligible for Offer #5 automatically. So they can choose their spend levels.

This is exactly how I wish Amex to do for others too. Giving two options would give more flexibility for cardmembers.

Anyway, its 5% return on spend as usual and if you’ve got the Offer #1 then its 5.4% but LUXE vouchers are not as attractive as Amazon vouchers.

Plat Charge Offers

Just like last year, its clear that the above offers are not intended for Amex Platinum. So if you have other cards along with Amex Platinum, you got to wait for some more time.

Remember, Amex usually considers the highest card variant on account for targeted offers.

So whether Plat/centurion users will get a separate offer or not will be known shortly. Mostly there will be something better than above!

I wonder why they send offers for plat cards after sometime, while they’ve to treat them in advance.

So, I have not received the offer yet. Will update this space if I do.

Bottom line

Overall the return on spend (~5%) is almost similar to what we saw last in 2019 Diwali promo and 2018 Diwali promo. And of-course this is apart from the regular rewards.

I should say that these are lot more valuable than previous year offers, especially for those who got Amazon Vouchers, as its almost cash equivalent.

That aside, some of them were disappointed in 2019 due to voucher type, like Paytm movie voucher. So they should all be happy this year, provided they have received the promo.

What offer have you received? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: The Offer was fulfilled on 13th March 2021.

116 thoughts on “Amex 2020 Diwali Offer: Get Vouchers Worth Upto Rs.20,000 on your spends


    I recd email for supplementary card but while enroling it is asking for basic card info.
    so have doubt on which card offer is applicable?

    1. ManzB

      Same here. In any case, I rarely get any targeted offers from them. And in case I get it rare cases, the offers are always targeted to the supplementary card only. Never enrolled. Let em see whether they allows the primary cardholder to enroll.

    2. Vijay

      I got the 2nd offer in my primary card. Would the spend on supplementary cards also be counted?

      It will be really helpful if you can comment

  2. Ashwin Kumar

    Any suggestions on how can we meet the spend criteria of 2lacs in a month?

  3. Rakshit Somani

    The festive season is around the corner and we have an Amazon Gift Card for you to add more joy to it.
    Spend ₹2,00,000 and above
    with your Card Get Amazon Gift Card
    worth ₹10,000*

    Got above on my platinum trave card today.

  4. Mouli

    As usual, this year also no offer from me.Amex following some weird pattern

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I see only very low spend users and new cards not receiving offers. Others should be fine.

      Spent too high by any chance? Maybe you’ll get a better offer in that case, like, no enrolment etc.

      1. Krupesh Patel

        I have spent around 5.25lc in a year on Platinum Travel card(a year old) but didn’t receive the offer. I have been spending more than 1.5lc on MRCC from last three years and never received Diwali offer on that too. Tried calling customer care, spoke to the senior representative, still got the same reply which I have been getting from last 3 years that “We have taken your feedback and will forward the same to the respective team”. Moreover this is the month in which I have been charged the yearly fee for Platinum Travel card. Tried calling them to waive that off (at least half) but they didn’t agree and had to let go my 10K points for 5900/- yearly fee.

          1. Krupesh Patel

            How it would help me? like you are suggesting close the cards and then re-apply for the same after some time?

      2. Mouli


        In Plat travel card spent around 8L and in MRCC around 3L
        Plat Travel renewal happened 2 weeks back and mine is LTF,so that may be a reason too !

      3. nikhil

        No diwali offer for 3rd year in a row now! These guys have decided not to give anything for high spenders. AMEX now does not care, escalated to Manoj Adlakha but his team only says marketing team decides on lot of factors so cannot expect much here.

  5. MAA-traveler

    Have not received any email or pop-up when logged into the site. None for any of the three cards I hold. That dreaded targeted offer. I was kind of expecting either no offer or fantastic offer as I completed spend target of 4L within 7-8 months on my Plat Travel card and currently using only on offers (like they ran this 15 MR points/Rs 100 Rewards Multiplier promo recently).

    The best one would have been Offer #4: Spend Rs. 40,000 – Get Rs.2,000 Amazon voucher

  6. Sharad

    Received the email, was lying in spam folder 🙂 ….t&c are silent om wallet load transactions. Is it same to conclude that spend offer is applicable to wallet load too?

  7. KK

    Got the 40K offer, though sadly my limit is 25K and earlier balance is 7k left. So max I can spend is 32K, making this quite usless on my MRCC.

    1. Shiv

      You can always make an advance payment of any amount to make your limit free 🙂

        1. Shimul

          This means you can pay wait for the payment received notification than use.

          Just pay 10K on the MRCC and wait for the payment confirmation from Amx. After that you can use 40K on the MRCC.

          1. Siddharth Post author

            Note: Paying more than 10% of the limit as advance may raise a flag and it will take more than a week to get the funds added to ac.

          2. KK

            Ah ok. Does that impact the credit score since I’m using more than my limit?

          3. Shimul

            @Siddharth I didn’t know that, i didn’t tried as my amx cc limit is good enough. I did with the others bank without any issue. Thanks for the info.

          4. Shimul

            First Amx don’t report the Credit card limit on CIBIL (As per CIBIL report) so they don’t know the total limit on your card.

            It’s safe to use like this: Spend 5/10k and pay 5/10k on the same day or others day. After payment is posted you can do the same again.

  8. AM

    Received offer 3 on travel card I think the best one really hard to spend 2 lakh in Covid time and not the best card for international spends.


    Any exclusions on spending like, spends on Fuel, Insurance, Utilities and wallets ?

  10. Rakshit Somani

    I have hdfc life ulips payment lined up for this period so its easy to reach the targets. Always buy / plan insurance plans , during october period. This way you get a grace period of 30 days always for making payments and wait for amex spend based offers to kick in . Once you receive it , take it by the horns 🙂

  11. Vivek Mittal

    Received offer 1 with spend target of 3.75 Lakh. Not sure if I will go for it since I am almost done with my 4 Lakh spend on Platinum Travel card to receive additional benefits.

  12. Rohit

    This year diwali is gonna worse for hdfc bank users no great offer all are useless

    1. Vikas

      Have been getting regularly offer of spending 22-28 k n getting 1k voucher from last 6 months

  13. sumit kasera

    Also got option 3 – did not get email but saw that on website popup.

  14. Gopal Gidwani

    I got Offer #5: Spend Rs.15,000 – Get Rs.750 Flipkart voucher (5% Value) on my MRCC card

  15. manoj singh

    Can we use for wallet reload like Paytm. Will it be applicable as eligible spends.

  16. HG

    Got offer #1, I honestly am not thrilled with the Luxe gift card and would have really appreciated an Amazon or a Flipkart voucher. A quick google search about this yields the brands you can potentially use on, yes I agree they are premium brands, but I am totally unexcited with the incentive. A quick google search and I found that this Gift card is available at a 7% discount already

  17. Sumit Gupta



    1. Manoj singh

      Which card other then amex gives rewards points in paytm wallet reload. Please confirm. I know know amex and Citi are giving wallet reload reward points.

    2. Vineet

      Can you please share the offer link to the cashback. I can’t see the offer

  18. Manoj singh

    Do Amazon pay card from ICICI gives reward points on Paytm wallet loading

  19. nithish

    if i login to american express account, at bottom of offer section i can see my offer.

  20. Meldrin

    I got the 1L/5K offer.
    Are Paytm or Amazon pay wallet load spends eligible for this offer?

  21. AAJ

    Anyone got for Amex Plat Charge or Rewards, I didn’t get any!
    Customer care says not rolled out when asked.. not sure

    1. AAJ

      Any received for Plat Charge or rewards card? Got both but didn’t recieive any spend based offer 🙁

  22. Dinesh Nisang

    I have 2 Amex Cards, MRCC and Platinum Travel. I’m surprised to receive Metal card offer from AMEX

    What’s your suggestion ? 😀

    Dear Dinesh Nisang,

    Upgrade to American Express® Platinum Card at a special monthly fee of just ₹5,000 only*.

    Enjoy No Pre-Set Spending Limit, a one-of-a-kind metal Card, benefits worth over ₹2 Lacs* and 1,00,000 Membership Rewards® points in a year#.

    Do anything with the 24/7 Worldwide Concierge.
    Earn 1 rewards point for every ₹40 spent*.
    Earn up to 5X rewards points with the Reward Multiplier.
    Golf privileges worth ₹17,000.
    Retail benefits worth ₹10,000.
    Wellness benefits worth ₹14,000.
    Access and vouchers worth ₹50,000.
    Fine dining & food delivery benefits worth ₹16,000.
    Travel & lodging benefits worth ₹23,250.

    Click here to know more about the Platinum Card.

    We will get in touch with you within one business day of receiving your application. There are no additional documents required^.

    Offer valid until 31 December 2020.

    I look forward to welcoming you to the world of Platinum and beginning the festivities together.

  23. Sree

    Checked with customer care and the agent confirmed that all transactions are eligible and it is the net spends excluding any refunds or cashbacks

  24. K Jijo

    Got Amazon offer 10% up to 2000 Rs off, Minimum Transaction 10000 or more purchase.. they are catching up with HSBC offer i have received on my HSBC card too:-)

    1. Debojyoty Sadhukhan

      Regarding the Amazon offer – Can the 2x /3x reward Multiplier be combined with the 2000 cash back offer ? If I use the 2x/3x link to do the transaction, will I get the cash back? Or will Amex flag the transaction as part of reward multiplier offer.
      Also I suppose it has to be a single transaction of Rs 10,000 or more for the cash back?

    2. Rahil Shah

      Certain questions that are not very clear from the T&C –

      1. Transaction of 10k to be made at one go or multiple transactions within the offer period are eligible?

      2. Insurance / other bill payments made through Amazon Pay are eligible?

      3. Purchase of gift vouchers / Amazon Pay wallet load is eligible?

      I did reach out to the customer care but was informed they are not very certain. In the customer executive’s view, a single transaction may be required and cashback may not be received for transactions mentioned in Sl. No. 2 and 3 above. However, I was informed that the offer is applicable only on Amazon India website and not on the app.

      1. Rohit

        Yes one single transaction of 20000 or more will ve counted. A spend of only 20000 or above will be eligible for a complete 2000 cashback.

        Example:- If you spend 11000, then you will receive 1100 cashback as a statement credit.

        1. Rohit

          I mean one single transaction of 10000. Max cashback will come only if you spend 20000 and above in one single payment.

      2. Kumar

        I had loaded Amazon Pay wallet and got the cashback very next day if it helps.

      3. Siyad M

        it is available in amazon app also. I availed the offer in my two cards via amzn app

    3. Sagnik Dey

      I have received it too . Does bill payment or gift card purchase considered in the offer ?

      1. Rohit

        Not sure about the gift card purchase but I think it should be eligible for the cashback. I made an electricity payment of 22000 and got back 2000 as a statement credit

      2. Bharath

        Yes. Spoke with customer care and they confirmed that Gift Cards are eligible purchase.

    4. Gautam Garg

      Is it valid on loading Amazon pay wallet too? Do share TnC link if you have it handy.

  25. Sandeep

    Hi Siddharth,
    Received below offer. How to know whether I am among first 12,000 cards to save the offer?

    “Amazon: Spend &10,000 or more, get 10% cashback, limited to &2,000 cashback
    Offer Details: Save your eligible Card and spend &10,000 or more, online only at by 07/11/2020 to receive 10% cashback, limited to &2,000 cashback. Limited to the first 12,000 Cards to save the offer.

    1. Kumar

      I saved the offer to my account and spoke with customer care via chat for confirmation. They said I am eligible.

  26. Shimul

    I am eligible on my both card for Offer #2: Spend Rs. 2,00,000 – Get Rs.10,000 Amazon voucher (5% Value) as per chat support did not receive any email. Not doing it.

    1. Bhavin Shah

      I also did not receive any mail and i was told i am eligible for offer#1 on all 3 cards…..useless

  27. Apoorva Tiwari

    I’ve got two offers

    1. Spend ₹1lakh and get ₹5k of Amazon pay (you have to register on the link).
    2. 10% cashback upto ₹2000 on spend of ₹20k at Amazon (it’s in the offer section in the account and you have to save it to your card). This is over and above the 3X points offer.

    On meeting the threshold last year I had bought vouchers on Paytm and that got counted. Of course, just my luck that it was Uber voucher that I bought and those got completely wasted due to the lockdown.

    This year I also have the Infinia so till date I haven’t spent anything on my Amex Plat Travel card. Might not change for now.

    1. Shimul

      This offer for everyone 2. 10% cashback up to ₹2000 on spend of ₹20k at Amazon (it’s in the offer section in the account and you have to save it to your card).

      I have this on MRCC & Travel card. Also, the add-on card from both MRCC & Travel card also has this offer.

        1. Shimul

          About 10% Yes, as per other user comments.

          For add-on card you have to check after login for the specific card account.
          If you can save the offer on that card you will get the 10% cash back I think.
          Ask ame by calling them or via chat to be sure.

          Note: I saved the offer on card but not spend it yet.

          1. Sudheer

            Thanks… for add-on card I was able to save the offer

      1. Sudheer

        Is this offer applicable for both primary and add-on card separately?

  28. Aniket

    I recently opted for upgrade to plat charge from MRCC. I requested them to keep MRCC active with spending criteria linked to Plat charge and they did (It effectively gives me my MRCC as a free supplementary card with same MRCC benefits). I haven’t seen any good offers on Plat charge card. When I asked recently to cust care, they guy said you have a very good offer in the queue so just wait. Let’s see.

    On a different note, they haven’t charged me platinum card fee yet. When it didn’t come in first bill, I asked them and customer care was like, this is seen first time in the history of Amex. I was like, okay :). They said they will charge fee in second bill, but nope. I already got 1.15 lacs of bonus points as I met my spend criteria in the first bill itself. Additionally, they gave me 15K extra points on Amex purchase recently, which is a mystery (I tried to do math with even 10X but it is still higher points than that). Anyway, I emailed them and called the, and on both channels they said they will add charge to the bill but they haven’t so likely I am going to get the plat card free for the first year.

    1. AAJ

      Lucky you , I must say
      Hope there is something for Diwali from Amex for Plat Charge!

  29. Sree

    Bought 2 gift cards worth 10k each in same transaction after saving the offer to card on 28th Oct. Got 2k cashback today successfully on my plat travel card

        1. Sudheer

          Anyone got 10% cashback on Amazon for both primary and add-on card by saving the promotion on both cards?

    1. Siyad M

      Yes I got the offer on both MRCC and SmartEarn. I didn’t get any email, but only the pop-up message on the homepage of both cards then I registered them qnd confirmed the registration by Chat Support.

    2. Siyad M

      From t & c
      In case the Cardmember holds and qualifies on more than one eligible American Express® Card, the Cardmember will receive only 1 Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 10,000.

  30. Siyad

    I have MRCC with 2 add on cards. I got the 10K 2Lakh Diwali offer. After that I recd 2000 cashback on 20K spend (amazon) offer. I availed this offer on all of the 3 cards. (Total 60k spend/ 6k cashback). Now flipkart has 5000 discount on 50k spend on amex. I am going to spend 50k spend on each card. It makes a total 1.5 L spend / 15k discount). Total spend will touch 2Lakh, 10k amzn voucher ready!!!. Total 30k offer in 2Lakh spend make a 15% offer…..

    1. Krupesh Patel

      Add on cards have separate offer? Or it’s just one per card type?

      1. Shimul

        From offer 2 TnC:
        • In case the Cardmember holds and qualifies on more than one eligible American Express® Card, the
        Cardmember will receive only 1 Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 10,000.

      2. Siyad M

        As per t & c
        Spends on the Supplementary Card(s) will be accounted under the Basic Card only. The Supplementary Card(s) need not be enrolled separately. If a Basic Card/ Supplementary Card is enrolled, the complete Account (Basic and all linked Supplementary Cards) will get enrolled for the Offer.

    1. Siyad M

      Some gadgets for my friends. Really I gave up the 5k offer to my friends…

  31. SAM

    Hi Sid,

    I was trying to get an Amex platinum charge card, what would be the way to avail the best offer now & how? I don’t have any Amex card as of now.


    1. Mohit

      Hi Youhan,
      I was wondering the same so I had a chat with the AMEX customer care. This is exact reply I got.

      “Voucher will be sent to eligible cardmembers on their registered email addresses by February 15, 2021. In extreme circumstances, it may take up till March 15, 2021.”

  32. Siyad

    SMS received today from AMEX
    Dear Cardmember, Congratulations for successfully meeting the spend milestone on your American Express Card during the offer period (15 October 2020 – 15 November 2020), your Gift Card/Voucher will be sent to your registered email ID by 15 March 2021. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

  33. Sree

    Went on chat and got the response that in extreme cases it’ll be fulfilled by March 15,2021

  34. Shimul

    Received an SMS saying my spending is eligible for the voucher. The voucher will be sent to email my 15 March.

  35. Sree

    Is this calculated only from date of registering for the offer? In my case i have registered on Oct 18th. However i had a spend of 30k on oct 16. Now Amex tells me i had spent only 73k between Oct 18 to Nov 15 so i’m not eligible.


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