HDFC Diners Club 10X Rewards got Bigger but with Limits

By | July 30, 2016

Here comes the biggest news from HDFC bank for those who’s minting money with the most lucrative Diners Club 10X Rewards Programme which helps to save upto 33% with Diners Cards with no upper limit (in past) on partner brands. While i entered pretty late to the game, i could see HDFC understood the potential loss and finally have put a cap on the amount of reward points you can earn in a particular statement cycle. However, the number is good enough for Diners Black variant.

HDFC Diners club 10x rewards on 10 Brands

HDFC Diners club 10x rewards on 10 Brands

New Brands on Diners Club 10X Rewards Programme:

They’ve added more partners to the 10X rewards programme thereby making it sound BIG, but not actually that big. While some brands got removed, like, clear-trip, new brands like lifestyle, Myntra, Uber, Makemytrip are new to the list. Here’s the full list that’s going to be active until March 2017 (at-least that’s a good news).

10x rewards partners

Diners 10x rewards partners

Apart from these changes, there are also new rules like,

  1. No incremental points for loading Wallets
  2. No incremental points for Uber (paid via Paytm wallet)
  3. Points will be posted in next statement cycle. E.g. if an eligible transaction (except for Lifestyle) is done on 9th September, 2016 and statement date is 15th of every month, the 10x reward points will reflect in the statement dated 15th October, 2016. In case of Lifestyle, this will reflect by the statement dated 15th December, 2016.

This is BAD. Finally they’ve made it too long to wait for the points. This is dangerous as no one knows when then gonna devalue the cards, point value etc like they did for allmiles and moneyback recently. While they have the ability to make us spend more and finally devalue the card as usual, i believe they wont do it with Diners cards as the primary value of Diners cards is that it rewards travelers.

Note: I still see Clear-trip site says the 10x promo validity is upto Dec 2016. Not sure if that still holds true. Maybe HDFC doesn’t want to mention the brands that are not active until March 2017, or maybe they’ll add more in future, or maybe “10x rewards on 10 partners” tagline sounds good for them 😀

The Future of 10X Rewards on Diners Cards

Though the Diners cards acceptance issues in India still exists, the lucrative 10X rewards programme is a surefire way to increase the penetration of Diners Club credit cards in India. They’re also increasing the acceptance level gradually online and also offline as mentioned in my recent post – Diners and Discover Cards now Accepted on Axis Bank Swipe Machines which all makes clear that Diners club is moving in right direction to compete with Visa & Mastercard in India.

Update as on Nov 2016: Makemytrip issues 10X points even if you don’t use HDFC5X coupon code.

What do you think the future has for Diners Cards and its 10X promotions? Feel free to share your comments below.

40 thoughts on “HDFC Diners Club 10X Rewards got Bigger but with Limits

  1. Sayan

    So on a Diners premium card the max spends can be 37500 INR to get the 10000 points limit. I fail to understand the Uber thing. Uber payment shows 2 options – cash & paytm. So if the 10X rewards are not applicable on loading paytm through diners then how is uber a partner here?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      There is an option to add a credit card in Uber apart from those 2 options. You have to use this to avail the offer i believe.

      1. naresh sharma

        hai sidharth
        i am using hdfc jet privedge titanium card i paid all my lic through smart pay(with out any extra fee)
        if i upgrade with dinner club reward any extra fee applicable for lic pament

  2. Sri

    Terrible news !
    Got the black variant yesterday and this news today :(.
    More partners and march 2017 commitment is good though.
    50K points per statement cycle on Black isn’t too bad still !

    1. Sri

      Wondering also whats the scene on snapdeal SIddharth?
      Any idea?

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Looks like Snapdeal is removed from the list, likely coz ppl are getting lots vouchers there 😉
        Lets see, they might add anytime as they’ve set the upper cap of earning points.

  3. Rohit

    I am not able to use diners club card on Big basket….are any one of you facing the same issue….I checked with big basket and they said diners club card usage is still not available..

    1. Girish

      It is available, actually they are having two payment portals. Payu money doesnt accept diners card but citrus payment gateway accepts. I faced the same issue. You come back from the payment page once if it shows payumoney portal then if you’ll make payment again it should show citrus gateway. In my case it did. If it doesnt work then try for 2,3 times.

  4. Abhay

    For redeeming the points the only way to do it is to generate vouchers and then purchase something? Lets say i want to buy a ticket or pay the bill. I habe to genrate vouchers first?

  5. Abhishek Jain

    Till now i was using the card in the business and was getting almost 1 lakh points in return due to 10x points offer. But now does this mean that even if i do a transaction of 1 lakh i will not get 20000 points which i was previously getting? I am diners rewards card holder

  6. Raj

    Hi I have a dinners premium card. I spent 40 k in flip kart and goibibo but I received 4800 points instead of 10000 points . Kindly guide me

  7. Prateek Bansal

    Air miles conversion has been devalued. Its 0.70 mile per Reward point now. 🙁

  8. Rohit Kant

    Hi Siddharth, needed your help on deciding between HDFC Regalia and Diners Club card. Which one is better? I see that Diners is a more premium card but Regalia sounds good too.

      1. Rohit Kant

        It’s the Diners club premium variant vs individual regalia.
        Regalia gives taj inner circle access but 10 free lounge visits via priority pass as per my info(not sure though). Diners has unlimited lounge access probably. This is the main sticking point.

  9. Prateek

    I have a diners rewardz. How to upgrade to a diners premium and successively to Black?

  10. Annk

    I have a HDFC diners club premium card, can I apply and hold HDFC Regalia card as well (along with diners)?

  11. Prashant

    Appreciates all the insights on credit cards! Great work 🙂

    Do you know if 10X works across lifestyle brands? (like homecenter)
    If not, any ideas on how to get this info?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Am unsure about it Prashant.
      Just check if they’re using similar swipe machine setup which will answer.

  12. Mayank Agarwal

    It is learnt that hdfc is going to upgrade diners reward card to all miles card in December. Whether we should accept or not?


    Hi siddharth,

    I have diners rewardz card. The diners club site says maximum points allowed for a month is 2500 on Rewardz card. But for my last month, i got 2500 + points. Not sure whether the 2500 point/month limit is in place or not.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s a Million Dollar question 😀
      From past records, i could say that they “WILL” extend the 10X or atleast 5X partners. (they may leave a gap)
      Though, partners might get shuffled.

      1. Abhay

        I pray. That they should. Some partners like flipkart,myntra should remain. And no, not 5x, we want 10 x ;☺

  14. sush


    Would like to know i have used mmt code hdfc5x while buyint tickets , am i elegible for 10x points or 5x points?
    and if 5x why they are claiming to use this code on there website.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No one knows why HDFC wants us to use this code, but i got 10X points without using it and many others claim to have received as well 🙂

  15. Parag

    Hey Sid,
    I got my Diners Black card!
    Do you know if the 10x reward is available on gift cards purchased on Flipkart? It should work right? I was thinking that I’ll buy a gift card now using Diners Black and use it later when I want to buy something.

  16. VS

    Bigbasket customer care says Diners club is not supported at BigBasket . Bigbasket website always shows error ‘enter valid card number’. Anybody able to use the diners card this week at BB?


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