Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card Review (India)

By | July 28, 2016
Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

I’ve been holding American Express Platinum Travel Credit card for quite sometime and after reaping its rewards, its time to get hands on next best card with Amex. From my point of view, Amex Jet Airways co-branded card is the only best option with American express worth considering next to the Plat travel card.

This is not only the top tier card that can earn you maximum JPMiles, but also the one which gives access to American Express lounges in Mumbai & Delhi which attracts me the most. Always wondered how the Lounges operated by Amex would be. Should be far better in taste of food and service level, which is what i’m expecting.

Jet Airways American Express Credit Card Signup Bonus:

  • Joining Fee: 5,000+Tax = ~Rs.5750
  • Welcome Gift: 10,000 JPMiles
  • One-way complimentary Jet Airways Base Fare Waived Domestic Ticket on your first charge

For a joining fee of around Rs.5,750, you get 10k JPmiles and a base fare waived ticket which is a nice deal indeed. So joining fee shouldn’t be a barrier to sign up for this card, as long as you utilize the welcome gift.

American Express Lounge (this not in india)

American Express Lounge (this not in india)

Ongoing Benefits:

  1. 8 JPMiles for every Rs. 150 spent
  2. Complimentary visits to 14 Domestic Airport Lounges at 12 cities in India
  3. Complimentary Access to American Express lounges in Mumbai & Delhi
  4. Complimentary Trident Privilege Gold Tier membership
  5. Two Room upgrade certificates at 9 Trident Hotels
  6. Complimentary iPrefer Gold Tier membership from Preferred Hotels & Resorts
  7. 3rd/4th night stay complimentary at select properties of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
  8. Dedicated Check in & Excess Baggage Waiver of 10kg on Jet Airways flights within India
  9. Enjoy 5% discount on Base Fare for revenue ticket bookings made on

That’s quite a lot of ongoing benefits on the card. The travel benefits are exciting and i wish some day or other i get into Hotel loyalty program stuff 😀

Features of American Express Jet Airways Credit Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 4.5/5
  • Reward rate: Upto ~5%
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Yes, to few Domestic departure Lounges in India.
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax
  • Special Features: AirMiles, Hotel Privileges, concierge.
  • Personal Concierge Service: Amex is known for its unmatched service with 24×7 Platinum Assist and Emergency Card Replacement, anywhere in the world.

While earning JPmiles in this range and even above is possible with ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card, travel perks like hotel loyalty program top tiers, complimentary stay, etc are the unique advantage of the American Express Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card.

Overall, while my best card for Flying domestic is American Express Platinum Travel card, i see this Amex Jet card as a source for new experiences.

Do you hold this card or wish to apply for one? Feel free to share your experiences in comments below.

34 thoughts on “Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card Review (India)

  1. Vinod Kannan

    Im having this card for the past 8 months. Even though the joining fee is just 5000, the annual fee is 10000. If u are in for JP miles alone, then this card is not for u . This card is best for ardent Travellers who used to stay in Huge Luxury hotels in India. But Goibibo and MakeMyTrip offers huge discounts on hotels. So i usually use HDFC, CITI, SBI and Amex Platinum Travel card which give 70% discount on GOIBIBO and MakeMyTrip for my hotel bookings. So, if u have other cards, this one becomes useless. Also mind the huge amount u have to pay as annual fee. Im going to cancel this card when it is due for renewal.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True that. The card is all about luxury hotel stay and airmiles game.
      Btw, American Express will waive off the renewal fee or reduce atleast to certain extent, if your spending is eye catching for them 🙂

      1. Vinod Kannan

        Yeah…. But i think i have too many paid credit cards. The only card that i use very less are Amex Jetairways card and Premiermiles card. Mostly i use HDFC REGALIA (To make myself eligible for Diners Club Black Upgrade) , SBI Signature card till 5 lakh spends (earned 18000 last year) and Amex Platinum Travel Card (For Indigo and Taj Vouchers, but only for 4 lakh spends in a year). Premiermiles is for Backup. But my only objective in the coming months is to upgrade to Diners Black.

    2. urluck

      Mr Vinod,
      I am using hdfc regalia and citibank cards, but dont know, which is better and when to use which card.
      Can u suggest which card is better and when ?

  2. Vikramjeet Singh

    What about RS 1000 waive off on Movie tickets ?on particular minimum amount of Spend just like American Express Platinum Travel card. is it applicable on on Jet Airways American Platinum Credit card?

    plz reply

  3. urluck

    what is your opinion about Indus Ind pinnacle mastercard ?
    Is it worth paying joining fees for this card ?
    is it really a good credit card ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Pinnacle Card is a very good one but hefty joining fee.
      Maybe worth if you spend like 20L or so.


    How good is Amex platinum card with rs 50,000 fees as they are offering 40,000 worth Taj vouchers with the same. How much money can be saved with all the hotel benefits there offers approximately??


        Yes still they are giving 40,000 worth of Taj vouchers.
        It is worth applying for??

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Pl check with Amex sales guys, they change offers quite often.

  5. Clifton

    How do you compare platinum reserve and platinum travel card. I am a frequent traveler and would prefer one offering complimentary access to airport lounges domestic as well as international

    1. Parth

      Just a point that could be mentioned is that this card offers 16 JPMiles for every Rs. 150 spent for booking revenue tickets on JetAirways Website. Which makes it slightly better than ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro card.


  6. Neil

    How many lounge visits per year? Is it 4 like the Amex travel platinum or unltd?

  7. Ashfaque

    Hi Sid,

    What you do with your old AMEX card when you get a new one. Like holding a Gold Charge and then Platinum travel. Does we get to advantage of both. I find it difficult to understand.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Amex allows to hold 2 Credit Cards + 1 charge card = 3 cards per person.
      But the problem here unlike other banks is, annual charges are pretty high that not everyone could afford it.

  8. Chiller

    Hey Sid

    Do they supplementary cards also get access to the Amex Lounges in Delhi and Mumbai as well as access to the other airport lounges?

  9. sravan

    Jetprivilege is currently running a promotion on this card, if you apply through cards[dot]jetprivilege[dot]com, you get an additional 10,000 JP miles, offer valid till July 20, 2017.

    1. apumkivi

      What will be the conversion ratio of JP Miles for booking jet airways ticket through their website?
      lets say ticket cost 10,000/-

  10. Sunny

    What do you think would be an ideal spend to get a waiver on this, any idea?


  11. Arup

    I’ve started buying food for our Austin(4yr old labrador) through JP shopping portal since December last year.
    one 12kg pack of Royal Canin costs about 7000/-, that’s about 365 JP miles earned normally plus bonus 910(13 JP miles per 100/- spent on flipkart) JP miles. So in total, roughly 1300 JP miles per month for 7000/- dog food bought via JP flipkart portal.
    So in 10 months, spending 70000/- for our Austin’s food allows me to earn 13000 JP miles.
    Now two redemption patterns:
    1. A last moment ticket from BLR to CCU in economy should be 8k minimum, which can be redeemed using 10500 JP miles. So this propels my reward rate to 11.5%(8000/- against 70000/-).
    2. An early booked ticket(15 days ahead at least) from BLR to CCU in economy would cost 4000/-, that can be upgraded to business using 12500 JP miles. One business class ticket in this sector of Jet airways costs 19000/-, so here I’m assuming my net gain will be 15000/-. That’s an amazing reward rate of 21.5%(15000/- against 70000/-)
    Sorry for the lengthy & boring post. Good day!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      That’s a nice way to maximizing Amex card usage!

      1. Kiran

        Hey Sid,

        But I have done more than that but they offered me only 50% fee waiver. The executive who spoke to me said they would charge 50% Coz that is been committed to Jetairways which they will not be able to waive it.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I knew someone who got full waiver. But yes, Amex changes its waiver policy very often.

  12. Anjana

    Can I use my regalia first card to pay my insurance premiums?


    I am planning to apply this card from jetprivilege website for welcome offer for 1 year, does closing down a card within a year affects cibil score?


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