Diners and Discover Cards now Accepted on Axis Bank Swipe Machines

By | July 19, 2016

As you might be aware about the Diners credit card acceptance issues in India, HDFC in partnership with Diners/Discover seems to work hard in diminishing the acceptance issues with offline merchants. While HDFC has one of the largest network of PoS Terminals in India, it shouldn’t be a problem in 80% metros to use the Diners card, however customers still used to face issues where the merchants hold Axis/SBI payment terminals.

Diners and Discover Cards Axis Terminals

Axis Terminal Charge Slip – Forgive me, squeezed it as usual 😀

Diners Club Credit Cards on Axis Bank Swipe Machines

During one of my recent purchase in Mumbai, i noticed that Axisbank is now accepting Diners Club & Discover (International) Credit Cards on Axis Bank Swipe machines. I came to know by reading the backside of the charge slip, see above for your reference. I could recollect one of my other purchase with Diners Card in my non-metro city on Non-HDFC machine and it went through and i was wondering how did that happen. Looks like this is the reason.

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Apart from Offline merchants, i could also see a huge improvement in Online Acceptance in past 2 years. I’ve been traveling a lot these days and i could tell you this – Almost all the hotels i’ve been to in past 6 months, be it Taj or smaller 3-4 Star hotels, all of them had HDFC swipe machine installed with Diners Logo on it. This shows how aggressive HDFC & Discover Financial Services is trying to penetrate the Diners Club network in India.


HDFC Diners Premium Credit Card

With their Active 10X rewards program, unlimited domestic lounge access, increased acceptance and other travel perks, looks like Diners Club is on its way to become one of the best credit card you could ever have in India.

12 thoughts on “Diners and Discover Cards now Accepted on Axis Bank Swipe Machines

  1. SriKrsna

    I just noticed this a few hours ago before you posted this. I too found on the same charge slip from Axis.

  2. SriKrsna

    This is also a strong sign that Axis might come up with Diner’s Club/Discover cards soon.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, Axis is already started issuing Forex Prepaid card in Diners network.

  3. vaibhav

    Diners Cads are now accepted at over 1 million terminals. I recently found that they are accepted at ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Axis and Citi Bank POS machines. They are recognized as ‘Rupay’ in the card type on receipt, but the payment gets done. Initially I was also hesitant about getting a Diners Credit Card, but their increasing acceptance has sweetened the deal along with its 10x reward points offer

    1. Tufan Chattaraj

      Diners club International and Discover Cards are tie-up with RuPay card network in India.
      Its accept all RuPay card POS terminals.

  4. Sulogno de

    So if I have an option to choose between a regalia and diners premium today, wouldn’t it be wiser to go for diners premium for its unltd lounge access plus 10x pts?
    Regalia would only have the Taj epicure as the added benefit plus there are news of it getting devalued post Nov this yr.
    Your inputs Sidharth?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      As you the details, its all your personal decision about the benefits you’re looking for to choose one.

  5. Aman

    Hi Sid

    Travelling to China. Anyone got any tips on how to get the best of Credit Cards there. Going to use YES First Exclusive and cash. Any other advise is also welcome.

    Thanks in Advance.


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