MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card Review

By | February 5, 2019

This is a review by our reader Satish Kumar Agarwal who recently got hands on MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Visa Signature Credit Card. Over to him:

The current position of ICICI bank in credit card segment doesn’t do justice compared to its banking business. And much to our delight they are now looking more aggressive with the credit card business, which can be seen by the new offerings. Recent online/ spend offers on ICICI bank cards have been good too.

I am an ICICI bank savings account holder since last 18 years and occasionally received emails regarding LTF Platinum chip card. But their Payback reward points system is not something that excites me. That’s the reason I didn’t apply for them. As Siddharth rightly pointed out, only card worth taking from ICICI bank is Jet Sapphiro, which is not in my radar as I am not a frequent flier.

MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card

Nevertheless looking at their recent credit card shopping offers, I was looking for one which is not a part of Payback points system and zeroed in on Amazon pay ICICI bank Visa credit card which was launched in last week of October 2018. As this card is by invitation only, I couldn’t apply for one yet. But looks like it will take some time.

Meanwhile on searching their other card offerings, one particular card which impressed me was this MMT ICICI Signature credit card launched recently around September 2018 and this is the review of same.

Joining Fees

  • Joining fee: Rs.2500+GST which comes to 2950/-
  • No annual fee thereafter (Looks like they have taken a leaf out of IndusInd bank)

Welcome Offers

  1. Lemon Tree hotels voucher worth 2500/- (No min. spend criteria, part of welcome kit)
  2. My Cash worth 1500/- in MMT account without any usage restrictions (valid for 1 year)
  3. Auto enrolment to MMTDOUBLEBLACK for 1st year (worth minimum 999/- on paying via HDFC cc else 1499/-)  n MMTBLACK programme
  4. Complementary 10 days Airtel International roaming pack (On booking international flight/ hotel by this card within specified offer period)

If you are able to use the Lemon Tree hotel voucher then this welcome offer may be termed as good one.

Regular Offers

  1. 1 international lounge visit and 1 spa session at selected domestic airports per year (Via complementary Dreamfolks DragonPass membership)
  2. 1 complementary railway lounge access per quarter (Currently only 3-4 lounges)
  3. Domestic airport lounge visits: 2 per quarter via Visa lounge access programme
  4. 2 complimentary movie tickets every month upto 300 per ticket via BookMyShow under “Buy 1, Get1” offer on first-come, first-serve basis
  5. Every sixth ride complementary with Ola (Worth upto 150/- max per sixth ride, but must complete 5 rides n use 6th ride within that month, as count will be set zero next month)

Point no. 1 & 2 is what excites me and was a major factor in deciding to go for this card (though complementary access is too low). Also these features are currently available exclusively on a handful of ICICI bank credit cards only.


  • Flight bookings on MMT – 1%
  • Hotel/ holiday bookings on MMT – 2%
  • Domestic spends outside MMT – 0.6%
  • International spends outside MMT – 0.75%

Milestone spends

  • Spend 2.5 lacs – 1100 My Cash each anniversary year
  • Spend 5 lacs –    4000 My Cash (additional over n above 1100) each anniversary year

Earning rate of this card is around 1% if used in a mix of categories mentioned above, which is below expectation for a Visa Signature card. As renewal charges are NIL 2nd year onwards, this may still be acceptable.

But if used frequently for bookings flights/ hotels on MMT then courtesy MMTBLACK (I am already MMTBLACK member via Yes bank complementary offer email link and hence I confirm this) the earning rate shoots to as good as 6% on spending 50K. Though My Cash earned via MMTBLACK route has a validity of 3 months only.

My Experience

Application Process: I applied via bank website apply online link on 25th November and got a call next day regarding the application. I was told that physical application along with documents will be picked up same day. But the bank executive came after a gap of 2 days i.e. on 28th November.

Surprisingly the application form asked for 2 references and their contact numbers also, which was kind of unheard by me so far. And the form mentioned the processing time as within 21 working days.

Upon enquiring I was told by the executive that form will be couriered to their card processing area and then only further action will take place. Again kind of bombed by their working in this digital age. Not a good experience so far.

Flow of card processing:

  • 25.11.18– Applied for the card via Apply Online link on ICICI bank website
  • 28.11.18– Visit by ICICI executive for application form & KYC documents pickup
  • 22.12.18– Received application reference no. via email (1st communication after applying)
  • 02.01.19– Received card approval information via sms & email
  • 05.01.19– Received card dispatch alert via sms & email
  • 06.01.19– Card delivered & received delivery confirmation sms & email
  • 13.01.19– Dreamfolks DragonPass delivered

They took almost 21 working days to provide me the application reference number. And card delivery took 31 working days after documents were picked up, which is quite long. In comparison my YFP card took only 12 working days or so.


This card is best used for its unique experiences like railway lounge access/ airport spa session, merchant based promo offers apart from using it for its regular offers and not for very high spends.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5

While its not a great card, its still worth holding if you’re not yet invited for Amazon Pay Credit Card. What’s your thoughts on the ICICI MMT Card?

Author: Siddharth

A Credit Card freak minting reward points and cashback for years, started adding Airmiles in recent times. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

44 thoughts on “MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card Review

  1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Did your provided income documents ?
    How is the credit limit in comparision to other credit cards you hold ?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Captain
      Yes. Provided latest 2 months salary slip.
      Limit is the lowest among my other cc’s.

      1. arnab ghosh

        did they ask for bank statement of salary account?? in my case they insisted for the same during tele-verification even though i have a gold privilege account with them and an existing coral credit card with CL of 2.10 lakhs. They told that salary slip only will not suffice. I have complained to their customer service and the issue has been escalated. Presently i am waiting for a reply.

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          Dear Arnab

          Can’t exactly remember, but think I too was asked for and provided bank statement of salary account.

  2. Amex Guy

    Appears to be a good option if one was about to pay for MMT Black anyway. Holds good for a year in that case. Frankly I’d like to see better rewards on MMT spend, this is worse than debit cards. Either that or they should make MMT Black a standard offering on this, instead of first year only.

    Card looks cool though.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Amex Guy

      MMT BLACK membership once taken is for lifetime. Only caveat is the spend counter gets reset to zero at the end of every year for earning rewards. So MMTBLACK feature is kinda permanent to MMT account once enrolled.

      Yup upon first look of the card I also felt nice.

    2. Sharathkumar Anbu

      MMT BLACK is different from MMT DOUBLE BLACK which provides free cancellation on hotels and flight bookings which is different from MMT BLACK. MMT BLACK provides spend based my cash which could be used for partner vouchers or to use while booking in MMT.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Rightly pointed out dear Sharathkumar. As this review itself was quite long, I didn’t provide much details of MMTBLACK/ MMT DOUBLEBLACK.

        They require separate reviews to do justice.

          1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

            Dear Sid

            I will try one shortly. Thanks.

      2. Amex Guy

        Yes, I meant MMT Double Black, the thing that costs 1499 a year. That needs to be a permanent feature of this card.

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          Dear Amex Guy

          If they offered MMT DOUBLEBLACK as permanent feature, then this card would have been a no brainer for frequent fliers n hotel users.

          Maybe they could have taken 500 as renewal fee and given DOUBLEBLACK as renewal benefit.

    3. Priyansh Modi

      Well, it’s LTF after joining fees. So doubt most people will look to discontinue even if MMT doubleBlack is not offered

  3. Rajesh Tejnani

    Need your application reference no to investigate the delay in card application process..
    Rajesh Tejnani,icici bank

    1. Priyansh Modi

      Even I had bad experience with this card application.
      Recieved Mmt plat after 20-30 days though applied for MMT signature.
      Had to follow up few times to reverse the joining fees and cancel that card and recieved Mmt signature after another 30-40 days. Total close to 2 months from application date .

      Card looks good, premium looking.

      For me, it’s mainly worth due to Mmt doubleBlack and gocash+ – settles the joining fees.

      The spa and railway lounge are benefits I am looking forward to.
      And ola rides also make it interesting (though most times use uber due to HDFC diners premium).

      Btw, anyone can help how to claim the doubleBlack/gocash+ and also the spa access?
      And railways access includes which stations?

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Dear Priyansh

        Airport Spa access is via Dreamfolks DragonPass card. You must have recd it.
        Railway lounge access includes New Delhi, Vishakhapatnam, Jaipur (doubtful). More stations may be added in future.

        1. Priyansh Modi

          Didn’t recieve Dragon pass card as far as I can tell (will still check the envelope day after once back at office).

          Thanks for the information.

          1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

            For me DragonPass came in a separate envelope exactly 1 week after card delivery. Though tnc mentions it to be within 45 days after payment of joining fee.

            Hope it helps.

          2. Rohan

            It’ll be sent once you make a couple of transactions on your Visa cc. Make sure they’re above 500 each.
            The dragonpass is shipped separately.

      2. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Dear Priyansh

        MMTBLACK n MMT DOUBLEBLACK membership link will be sent to your email containing a code. If you apply this code on your MMT account, your membership will be activated.

    2. Vishwa Manoj

      Hi Rajesh,
      I also applied for Signature card but after 30 days got Platinum card. Application number 18111209578. When contacted customer care they said to re-apply it by sending sms MMTCARD to 5676766 and again provide all the documents required.
      The executive who collected the documents also didn’t respond to my calls or msgs further.

  4. Ankit

    I have applied for ICICI Bank credit card, but my application got declined by the bank without any specific reason..

  5. Amit

    Very low earning rate in comparison to CITI Premier miles.

    Fees for Premier miles is ₹3,000 per year. And in first year you get 10,000 points worth ₹4,500 if spend on the dedicated website.

    Also normal earnings is 4 points per ₹100 & 10 points on air tickets and hotels. This translate a return of 1.8% to 4.5% on travel spends.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Amit

      While your points are valid, please see this perspective–
      1. Outside metro cities, difficult to get approved for Citibank Premier Miles card compared to MMT ICICI card
      2. While joining benefit is good, but 3000 miles for renewal fee of 3540/- is too bad every year
      3. No international lounge access here

      Though reward points earning rate of Citi Premier Miles card is better than MMT ICICI Signature card, still one has to earn enough points to jusify the renewal fee first.

  6. Amit G

    Hi Satish, what are the tnc for using Lemon tree voucher. Have you managed to use it successfully. Do you consider it as a true “welcome benefit” in terms of usefulness

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Amit G

      tncs are not much, but per night charges for Lemon Tree Hotel properties are in the range of 7000+. Locations are also limited to few cities only.

      Coming to welcome benefits– they are adequately compensated by credit of 1500 My cash having unrestricted usage on MMT with 1 year validity n MMTBLACK and MMT DOUBLEBLACK membership worth approx 1500 minimum.

    2. Parag

      Hi Amit,

      I believe it won’t true welcome benefit unless you can use the voucher for food and other services at hotel.

      This is because online hotel booking sites like MMT, Yatra etc. usually provide better rate (after use of promo code & wallet cash) than direct booking with hotel.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Dear Parag

        Please see the image of Lemon Tree voucher provided in review. The voucher is to be redeemed on MMT app or website only and not direct booking to hotel website.

  7. Praveen Katiyar

    Hello Siddharth & Satish Kr. Agarwal,
    Thanks a lot fr efforts from fellow card enthusiasts like me..
    Interesting to see banks follow this site and take comments seriously..
    My question – is there any harm if i upgrade my icici visa coral to icici signature mmt card ? Upgrade to this card is allowed ?
    I have also recvd invitation for icici amazon card which i already applied and recieved.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Praveen Katiyar

      Coral to MMT Signature?
      You have to talk to customer care regarding this.

      I personally felt this card a lot better than Coral (payback system is worst rewarding)
      taking into account overall features. Though it depends person to person.

    2. Saroj

      Hi Praveen,

      You can’t upgrade Your Coral card to MMT Signature. You need apply this card as Separate card. I have already called ICICI CC and got above reply.


  8. Hardik

    Hello guys, thinking to get this card as i was looking to get a icici card from sometime, can someone let me know do icici bank provide cards on c2c basis and if yes eligibility for this card and how old card should be, as i am new to credit card world and my first card is just 14 months old! Thanks

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Hardik

      Do ICICI bank provides cards c2c/ how old card- Yes/ Minimum 1 year.
      Eligibility of this card- Not clear, but 1 lac plus limit on C2C or 50K salary should be good.

      1. Hardik

        Thanks for information satish, i have 2 cards above 1 lakh limit but both are in range of 6 months old, as my first card is 14 months old, i have to apply online or visit branch for getting icici card on c2c basis?

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          Dear Hardik

          For c2c with any bank you have to visit branch only. No online option.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Praveen

      Please go through the review carefully. Its mentioned already in article.

  9. Rajesh

    hello everyone

    I want to hold icici sapphiro amex . My ITR is 5.5 lacs per annum. Having regalia with limit of Rs 3lacs.
    Am i eligible for sapphiro? Should i apply on ITR basis or Card to Card?

    from where should i apply? jet privledge or branch or online. I have no relationship with icici.



    I applied for it unknowingly and got approved with ICICI MMT PLATINUM CC…

    Can i use the card for online purchases/no cost emi… just like normal icici cards?

    I need reply Sir.

  11. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    @Dr Sreenivasulu

    Yes. You can use this card for purchases like any other credit card. You will be able to avail all ICICI bank offers on this card as well.

    You don’t need to be a flyer at all. It’s just that rewards will be little more if transactions are done on MMT.


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