5 Best HDFC Credit Card Offers to checkout in February 2019

By | December 14, 2019

One of the major advantage of holding HDFC Bank credit card is their merchant offers and they’ve come up with good # of offers this 2019. Here are some of the offers worth checking out,

1. Zero Flight Cancellation Charges

HDFC Credit Card Offer -Zero Flight Cancellation Charges

Offer Details:

  • ‘ZERO Cancellation’ at no extra cost on domestic flight bookings using HDFC Bank Credit card
  • For Refundable tickets, the portion of ticket cost not refunded by the airlines provider/carrier will be entirely payable excluding convenience fees upto a maximum of Rs. 25,000/-
  • For Non-Refundable tickets, 50% of ticket cost will be payable excluding convenience fees upto a maximum of Rs. 25,000/-
  • Maximum: 2 cancellation requests
  • Offer Period: 1- 28 February, 2019.
  • Source

It could be a nice offer for some, as all you need to do is just book your flights on HDFC credit cards. You can anyway get 5X/10X points if the flight doesn’t get cancelled.

2. 2X Points on Insurance

HDFC Credit Card Offer – 2X Points on Insurance

Offer Details:

  • Offer Period: 1st Jan 2019 to 31st Mar 2019.
  • Max cap: 5000 bonus Reward Points
  • Fulfilment: before 30th June 2019
  • Source

If you’re holding HDFC Bank’s Premium & Super Premium Credit Cards, its certainly one of the best offer for Insurance payments. Make sure to check out Amex Insurance Offer as well, as it maybe a better option for some.

3. HDFC Dining Offers

HDFC Dining Offers

Offer Details:

  • Upto 40% Off on Fine Dining
  • Source

HDFC Bank launched a mini dining portal recently wherein you could get upto 40% off on fine dining restaurants. I checked out the restaurants in Chennai and found that 40% Off on dining is applicable at the restaurants in Westin Chennai. While they could improve the # of restaurants to the system, its worth checking out.

Also they’ve partnered with Dineout for Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) to offer 50% Off on the booking fee, though, its a small offer but the GRIF itself gives you 50% off on buffet, etc. so the HDFC offer is like cherry on top.

4. Bookmyshow Vouchers

HDFC Bookmyshow Offer

Offer Details:

  • Rs.100 BookmyShow Voucher for every Standing instructions (automatic payment) registered.
  • Offer period: 1st January, 2019 to 28th February, 2019.
  • Source

Not a great offer, yet something is better than nothing. If you’re having multiple upcoming bills, this could get you good # of Bookmyshow vouchers.

5. Payzapp offers

HDFC Offers – Payzapp

Offer Details:

  • 10% Off on Bill Payments & lot more.
  • Valid till: 31st march 2019
  • Source

Payzapp offers are running for a very long time now as we saw in Sep 2018 and some of the offers has now been extended till March 2019. You could easily save min. Rs.500 a month with Payzapp offers.


Its good to see all banks coming up with new launches, offers starting Jan 2019. Hope this continues through rest of the year 🙂

Are you availing any of the HDFC Bank Credit Card offers? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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49 thoughts on “5 Best HDFC Credit Card Offers to checkout in February 2019

  1. Mayank

    Hi, Thank you for providing information for all the offers.
    Can you please add email notifications option for the threads on which we give a comment? It is very difficult to track when someone has replied to your query.

      1. Anoop E S

        Plus one more request.

        On the right side of the page which specifies the latest comments, could you pls add an option to see more comments? Coz once 20 or 30 comments are updated on this blog, we will be able to see the last 10 comments only.

        Thanks in advance

          1. Shivi

            Another request Sid – An option to edit or delete one’s comment!

          2. Amit G

            I think upgrading your comment system to Disqus will serve all these purposes. Do consider ..

      2. Shailesh

        Siddharth, checkout Disqus comment system. Lots of sites use it and its very popular comment management plugin. It has many features.

  2. A2Z

    HDFC rules credit card segment with extra ordinary rewards. Only thing is reconciliation & receipt of benefit remains in lurch at times. Still they remain leader in credit card offers

  3. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Planning to use flight zero cancellation offer to explore a travel destination for family.
    Let’s see if booked in advance, will I get real good offers or not.

    These offers provide kinda stimulus to spend. Family also becomes happy, who will complain?

  4. Hari

    There are certain targeted offers apart from the above ones. The offer on my Diners card is “Spend Rs. 30000 in Jan and and get gift vouchers”. The value of the GV is not mentioned in the mailer.

      1. Amex Guy

        Are targeted HDFC offers spend based? I’ve never received one, but I only use them for rent payment these days.

        What might trigger one?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          HDFC usually uses multiple factors for targeted offers. I got this one after 2Yrs!!

  5. Rohit

    I got this sms. Also received in Jan(spendjng done) and now also in feb
    Earn EXTRA on HDFC Bank CreditCard xxxx! Spend Rs.20000 & get a Flipkart/Lifestyle/BigBazaar/BMS voucher of Rs.2000 Validity: 28th Feb’19 hdfcbk.net/Kdne6BG T&C

  6. ankit verma

    Got a message for LE on my dinner black from 5 to 10 lac. Should I increase it.

    1. Rakesh

      For sure.. why not increase the limit ? 10L limit makes you eligible for best cards from other banks ..eg : YFE

  7. Chintan

    There is one more, if you have a business account with Amazon and Business Credit Card then you can get 10x points with cap at 5000 RP on Amazon.

  8. GTMAX

    Been using HDFC credit card for more than 3 years however never ever have received any marketing emails(targeted or for everyone) except the monthly credit card statement. Like me, a lot of other people have also reported the same issue in the past over here. After multiple attempts to get this resolved, it still remains an issue for me. If someone has actually been able to find a fix for this, it would be great if you can share this over here. Thanks!

    1. drgrudge

      I’m having the same issue with ICICI cards. Never received any promotional offers in any of the three ICICI cards that I hold. I’m not sure if I was even targeted for any offers or targeted but not received any communication ever for the promos.

    2. AJ

      Call customer care, also visit your branch and ask them to subscribe you again for the marketing emails. I had the same issue, did all the above, not sure which of it worked though!

      1. GTMAX

        What did you branch do when you asked them to subscribe you again for the marketing emails?

    3. etios

      Yeah, Even i don’t get any marketing or promotional emails. If someone knows the way to enable it, kindly post here.

    4. Venkat

      Same. Haven’t received even one mail from HDFC for my DCB beyond the monthly statement. Only received one physical mail offer (gold during Diwali). I am not too sure, but either me or my RM probably ticked the “don’t send marketing mails” box. Anyone figured out how to enable targeted offers?

    1. aka

      not yet..i am yet to receive the 500 BMS voucher for the spends in Nov. too.

      also did anybody get the Rs 5000/- Tanisq voucher on ICICi spends ?

  9. Sachin Gupta

    Hi all,
    Regarding The 10X offer of HDFC diners black card through Smartbuy, I wanted to confirm one thing.
    It says max 25000 points can be earned in a month. I know this limit is only for Bonus points and regular points are provided with no max limit.

    So my question is 25000 points limit is on bonus 9X which is bonus points or whole 10X points for the eligible transactions?

    If 10X – Then I will get bonus till spends of 75000 in a month
    If 9X – Then I will get bonus till spends of 83333 in a month

    Can anybody confirm this?

    1. GTMAX

      25000 limit is on the bonus 9x points and there is no limit on 1x points

    2. Divyansh

      Can confirm that it is for 9x. you can spend more but that will fetch only 1x. Thanks.

  10. A2Z

    HDFC has sent me offer for consecutively 2nd month of Spend 30,000 & get 3,500 worth vouchers like Flipkart, Bigbazaar, Bookmyshow etc. on my Diners Premium card.
    I got email & sms both for this offer. I had decent usage on that card.

    Now they are offering conversion to club miles card but for that they are asking 50% points devaluation reason being 1 RP = 1 miles on DCM card in compared to DP 1 RP = 0.50 miles.

    1. Chintan

      Use all the points first and take the update. Atleast generate voucher to use later.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      As far as i remember, I have on HDFC website seen upgrade form in their form section. If u go thru them, there is clearly mentioned conversion ratio from points of one card to other. Don’t take decision of redeeming if u are getting fair conversion ratio.
      Correct me if Im wrong, as far as i have learnt from cardexpert.in, if you arent into miles game(read frequent flier), conversion from DC Premium to DC miles is not of much use. As Sid always said, DC Black is the one you should wait for when having DC Premium.

      1. Chintan

        The conversation rate is mainly based on the rate of miles, and so if you get upgraded from Club Miles to Black you do not lose any point, and at the same time rate of the point get doubled. It is not same if you get upgraded from Premium to Club Miles where money value of the point is same but mile value get doubled. If one receive direct upgrade from Premium to Black they should do that right away without redemption.

        I received upgrade from Rewards to Clubmiles and the conversion rate wasn’t good so I used all the points in booking tickets.

    1. GTMAX

      Should be unless you are booking through points redemption. Also use Smartbuy. instead of Regalia website for revenue booking

      1. Poorna

        advantage of regalia website is there is no convenience fee. Is it still better to book via smartbuy

        1. Sharathkumar Anbu

          Hi Poorna,

          You get 10x reward points while you book through Smart buy. When you book with Regalia website, You will get the usual reward points, Not 10X. That makes the difference.

          236 Rupees convenience fee is per ticket not per passenger too, Also there is 200 Rupees discount to offset the convenience fee.

  11. Aman

    Hi i want to know that whether the 100% bonus rewards Insurance offer is only for life insurance or it also includes the car insurance

  12. GTMAX


    CAUTION – Longish post ahead!!

    I raised a complaint with Diners Black Customer care team around 6 months back. As is the case with HDFC, they almost took 4 months after monthly followups to come with a response after speaking with their marketing team. They told I am not eligible to receive any of these marketing mailers as my saving account linked to the same customer ID is mapped with 133 product code(which is actually the code for their 3 in 1 demat account[Savings, Demat & Trading]). However I never had any such type of account from HDFC, hence my normal savings account should have ideally been mapped with 100 product code which is for savings account. The solution they told me was to reach out to my RM/Branch to get my savings account mapping corrected with product code as 100.

    Steps to be followed for the ones who are facing this issue:
    1. Do not call any HDFC customer care helpline as you can avoid wasting a lot of time.
    2. Reach out to your RM/nearest branch to get check if any of your banking accounts are incorrectly linked with 133 product code. If you are actually using a 3 in 1 account, then you might need to find an alternative parallel solution having known the root cause of the issue as in that case 133 is the right product code for that account and you would not be able to get that changed.
    3. Once you find that there is savings account which is incorrectly linked with 133, ask your RM/Branch to get it changed to 100.
    4. There is a product code conversion form which you would need to fill and sign. In my case, the form was not readily available and my RM had reached via email to the HDFC business head for this demat account business stating the customer reason to get the product code changed. The business head had shared the product code conversion form & approved the account conversion. It took 3-4 days for the correct product mapping as that form was sent to Mumbai office.
    5. Having completed all this by around mid of January, I still did not receive any marketing Emails/SMS till Feb 15th. However, post 15th Feb I have started receiving marketing Email/SMS communication(not any targeted communication as it has been just 10 days). This delay from 15th Jan to 15th Feb happened as there is monthly maintenance activity which runs on that tool which refreshes the marketing emailer list. So my details got updated after the Feb maintenance refresh. So you might need to wait for around a month if your correct mapping after the next scheduled maintenance refresh.
    6. No one at the branch knew or believed that the issue I was facing could be because of this even after hearing from the marketing team that this is the problem. So just go ahead and get this done.

    For others who do not have any banking relationship with HDFC or do not have any savings account mapped with 133, raise/escalate the issue with them

    Let me know if this actually worked for you. Thanks!

    1. GTMAX

      Follow up comment to my last one. I have received a spend based offer for the first time ever in 3.5 years on my DCB after I got myself included in their marketing list couple of months back in February. Happy that this solution has finally worked. Though I do not know the amount of voucher that I will be getting.

      Voucher Alert! Get a voucher of your Choice from MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow, Flipkart, Big Bazaar on spends of 62000 with Diners Club Card. bit.ly/2PdJ20u *T&C

  13. Mayank

    Will I receive bonus rewards points if I complete transaction using Payzapp on flipkart, Amazon and insurance related products?

  14. Chintan

    did anyone receive Bookmyshow Voucher for standing instructions, because i didn’t

  15. Chintan

    I received this WinPin BMS voucher from HDFC against standing up instructions but it isn’t working, I also called BMS customer care they said they will check the issue and Lemme know as in their own system the code says invalid. “CONGRATS! Your BookMyShow e-voucher No. 7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of Rs.100 for adding Mobile bill in Jan’19 for SmartPay is here.”


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