SBICard Launches 9 new Co-branded Credit Cards with Landmark Group

By | February 20, 2020

Just as you may know, as Landmark is done with their co-branded credit card relationship with Standard chartered eff. 29th Feb 2020, they went all-in with SBICard for issuing the new co-branded credit cards.

This partnership between SBICard & Landmark Group adds 9 new cards to SBICard portfolio, under 3 major variants for each brand (Lifestyle & Home Center, Max & Spar). Let’s see if they’re worth it.

Prime Variant

  • Fee: Rs.3000+GST (equivalent welcome benefit as RP’s)
  • Landmark spends: 3.75% return on spend
  • Dining/Movies: 2.5% return on spend
  • Other retail spend: 0.5%
  • Accelerated Rewards on Landmark Spends: 58,000 RP’s on 1.8L spend (8%)
  • Accelerated Rewards on all retail spends: 20,000 RPs on 5L spend (1%)
  • Lounge Access: Domestic 8/yr (2/qtr) ; International 4/yr (2/qtr) via priority pass

Ideally, you get north of 11% return on spend when you spend about 1.8L with Landmark brands.

That’s a handsome return but would you spend that much on apparel a year? Perhaps not, but chances of you spending that amount at Home Centre is pretty high indeed. So it definitely makes sense.

Even if you don’t spend much with Landmark, you continue to get 1.5% on all retail spend, as long as you spend 5L a year. So it works for others as well.

Select Variant

  • Fee: Rs.1500+GST (equivalent welcome benefit as RP’s)
  • Landmark, Dining & Movies spends: 2.5% return on spend
  • Other retail spend: 0.5%
  • Accelerated Rewards on Landmark Spends: 34,400 RP’s on 1.5L spend (5.5%)
  • Accelerated Rewards on all retail spends: 12,000 RPs on 3L spend (1%)

So you get north of 8% return on spend when you spend about 1.8L with Landmark brands.

You continue to get 1.5% on all retail spend, as long as you spend 3L a year, similar tp the prime variant.

Base Variant

  • Fee: Rs.500+GST (equivalent welcome benefit as RP’s)
  • Landmark, Dining & Movies spends: 1.25% return on spend
  • Other retail spend: 0.25%
  • Accelerated Rewards on Landmark Spends: 16,400 RP’s on 95K spend (4.3%)
  • Accelerated Rewards on all retail spends: 8,000 RPs on 2L spend (1%)

You get about 5.5% return on spend when you spend about 95K with Landmark brands.

You continue to get 1.25% on all retail spend, as long as you spend 2L a year.


A Landmark co-branded credit card with SBICard is definitely a good partnership given the reach of both brands even in tier 2 cities.

While it may sound bit confusing about so many variants, I guess they decided so for brand re-call as they can’t sell a card with landmark logo in a tier-2 city, but having max logo would be lot easier. I’m yet to read any diff. In fine print though.

That aside, speaking about the cards, the design could have been better on all variants.

Coming to rewards, the base variant is of no use as Amazon Pay Card & Axis Flipkart Card are way better for this group. Even the Ola Money from SBICard itself is better than that. Select variant is good, but not outstanding.

But the Prime variant is well worth it, as it not only rewards well, but also comes with lounge access. Everyone shopping at Home Center now should hold the Lifestyle Prime variant for easy savings of well over 10% – if spent right.

But the big question is: Are they better than the other best cards with SBI like Prime, Elite, Ola Money SBICard & Vistara Cards? Not much! So it makes sense only for very few target group having significant spend volume with Landmark Group.

Looks like its high-time for SBICard to issue multiple credit cards under shared limit, similar to ICICI. What say? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “SBICard Launches 9 new Co-branded Credit Cards with Landmark Group

    1. Siddharth Post author

      SBI maybe an atheist, but SBICard is not one, but yes, they need to worship the God better 🙂

    2. Vic

      Sbi Cards is good, good support, good offers, even their bank takes action when you email to people who can take action (their higher management)

  1. Vineet

    I would love if someone tells me how to discontinue the Elite card. All the numbers listed on SBI card website ends up in non human interface on the call and the options don’t have any way of letting you reach a human being

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The easiest way to speak to SBI Card support is by sending an Sms as PROBLEM to 9212500888 and you’ll get a call back from them within 24 hours.

      1. A2Z

        These days they don’t return the calls

        With regards to 11% on card, why one need to hold this card & spend 1.8L
        If one really want to spend at Home Center then one can always get their gift cards at discount from other portals
        One holding HDFC card can avail Gyftr Smartbuy 10X too

    2. Shiv

      You should call on the number mentioned on the back of your card from the registered number. SBI Elite card IVR is fast and gets you talking to a human in less than 1 minute. You can also downgrade your card instead of closing it. I just did the same with my Elite to Prime.

      1. Vineet

        The card I specifically wanted was SBI VISTARA PRIME and the email communication clearly stated that this card will not be given as a downgrade. Hence I am thinking of applying for the Vistara prime and then closing my elite once approved. Thanks everyone for all their help

        1. Prashant Agrawal

          A lot of banks, including ICICI and SBI, treat co-branded cards as “stepcards” and maintain a separate vertical for product downgrade/upgrade.

        2. Vineet

          They gave a list of cards eligible for downgrade which includes co branded cards from Central, Air India, Etihad, BPCL.

          1. Jambui

            Its because vistara card is still not their list of updated cards.

  2. Mohit Arora

    Thank God they are not categorizing credit cards based on name of city/state like SBI lifestyle delhi etc. otherwise we will see 100s of variants.

  3. Harmanveer Kaur

    Need a serious help!
    I recently got SBI Prime Card for my mother, and it is her first card with SBI. Since the day of issue, they are spamming her with Calls, for Card Protection, Health Insurance plans…calling again and again, after denying.
    What should be done, to stop all these calls?

    1. Chakri

      Sir it happens in the initial days of taking card. No problem. Just say no to everything for some days. They will stop.

  4. Rohit

    SBI is just everywhere no mater where i go. In one day 3 people approached me at PVR, big bazaar and also inside metro station 🙂 So aggressive and they will not leave you until you say you dont have any credit card 🙂
    Even though I have an account I am not considering because of no LTF no matter how much you hold with savings and also read about many fraud transactions.

  5. Manjunath

    This is absolutely ridiculous by SBI credit card team. While having all the land mark retailers in one card would have given better option while it was with SC Landmark card. Well we never know where we walk in to shopping, its not possible to have different variants from SBI Landmark. SBI would realise there blunder very soon.

  6. SumS

    For Lifestyle HC SBI Card PRIME, they will credit 12,000 Reward point worth Rs 3,000 on payment of renewal fees. Means one looses GST alone for Joining / Renewal fee.
    Same is not there for normal SBI PRIME Cards. Probably time to compare the benefits of both these PRIME cards

  7. Chakri


    SBI MAX/Lifestyle prime card Says “15 RP for every INR spent online & retails stores of Landmark stores”.

    My doubt is, can we get 15 RP for every online transaction (Amazon/Flipkart etc) or for just online transaction of Landmark stores ?

    Please tell this

    1. Shivi

      It’s a co-branded card so you will get the 15 RP on online & retails stores of “Landmark stores” ONLY and not for every online transaction.

  8. Manoj

    Hi, is anyone using SBI paytm card. Is it worth replacing with simply save card??


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