Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Credit Card to be replaced with DigiSmart Credit Card

By | January 24, 2020

Standard Chartered has been issuing landmark Rewards credit card as a free card and many got them for the same reason. Now that the partnership between Stan C. & landmark is coming to an end, the bank is transferring these cardholders to Digismart Credit Card which is SC’s latest offering in the entry-level segment. 

The good news is, the joining fee for the same is being waived off as well for the first year. Here’s the detailed email from Standard Chartered.

Dear Client,

Thank you for banking with Standard Chartered Bank.

You are currently using the Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards credit card, which is a co-brand card with the Landmark Group.

This is to inform you that our association with Landmark will be coming to an end on 29 February 2020. Please note, that your credit card will continue to be available for use till expiry, and you can redeem your accumulated Landmark reward points till 28 February 2021. However, the reward points on card spends and related cashbacks will be discontinued post 29 February 2020. For any information regarding your reward points on this card, you may write to feedback [at] or call 1800 208 2444. Please be assured that your association with Standard Chartered will continue to be strong and we are committed to serve you with the best of banking services which are tailored to your financial requirements.

To further strengthen your relationship with Standard Chartered Bank, we are sending you a Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card. Also, as a service gesture, the monthly usage fee of ₹49 has been waived off for the first 12 months, exclusively for you. Should you wish to not avail of this card or require any other card variant, please reach out to us on our Phone Banking numbers or write to us on [at]

You can enjoy a host of benefits across shopping, travel, cab rides and lots more with the Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card:

For more details, please click here.

Your new Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card will reach your registered mailing address within 120 days of this communication. To update your mailing address please call Phone Banking or visit our nearest branch.

Any transaction or PIN generation initiative performed on your Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card will be deemed as your acceptance to use the card. Please be rest assured that your credit limit and credit card terms will remain the same. 

Assuring you of our best service always.


Jinesh Shah

Managing Director & Head

Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Mortgages & Payments

Should You take DigiSmart Credit Card?

So the obvious question now is should you take Digismart credit card or some other credit card from SC.

Digismart Credit Card is a “no rewards” credit card, meaning you don’t get any reward points on spend, but you do get decent discount with brands.

Among the benefits, the noteworthy ones are the 20% off on domestic flights, 25% discount on domestic hotels & 15% off on OLA. Of-course they do have limits but they’re well worth for a card of this fee range.

Now, as you get the card for free, it does makes sense to go for it.


I think Standard Chartered has made a good move by shifting the landmark cardholders to Digismart and making them free for first year. 

So Landmark Credit Cardholders, are you going for Digismart Credit card or a different one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Devavratha for sharing the info.

25 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Credit Card to be replaced with DigiSmart Credit Card

  1. SG

    Monthly usage requirement for lounge access on a super premium card. Excludes the super premium card explicitly from 3X/5X/10X offers. Monthly usage fee on a no rewards card. Quite a cheap bank in my view, or as we say chindi, in Hindi.

    Sorry I just had to say it.


    As per mentioned in the e-mail, can we ask for platinum reward credit card (life time free) in place of Digismart credit card? It is worth to hold it?

    1. Prashant Agrawal

      A better way would be to apply for Platinum Rewards online as only Online Applications are LTF, they’ll issue another card on same credit limit which will be LTF.

      You can use DigiSmart for 12 months and then decide whether you want to continue with it or not.

  3. Yogesh

    Nope, have asked bank to not issue me any other card unless its LTF . For now, Cc executive has reverted as SC does not give any card as LTF .. I have DCB which takes care of most of my spending.

    So will probably look for some other card from other bank ..

  4. Praveen Katiyar

    I got the email & sms of change of my Landmark card to Digi Smart card. Benefits of Digi Smart cards are few and have small cap, I have better cards for many such benefits.
    On my last interaction with Customer care, I asked and they confirmed that Iam eligible for SC Ultimate card. With 5K fee but limited redemption is what’s bothering me. What shud I do ?
    Also hold Regalia, Club Miles & YFE among others.
    Kindly suggest.

  5. Prashant Gupta

    @Praveen. Sc ultimate is better than the cards u hold. Some of the redemption options are back. You should go with it.

    1. Shashank Suresh

      @Prashant, what redemption options are back? Can you elaborate?

      1. A2Z

        Below vouchers are available currently but these keep getting removed so not all the time these are available

        Arrow eVoucher INR 1000
        Big Bazaar eVoucher INR 1000
        BookMyShow eVoucher Rs.1000
        Bose Soundsport wireless headphone
        Cleartrip eVoucher INR 2000
        Croma Gift Voucher Rs.5000
        Fabindia Gift Voucher Rs.1000
        Hidesign eVoucher Rs. 1000
        Lifestyle eVoucher Rs.1000
        Lifestyle Voucher INR 5000
        Mainland China Gift Voucher Rs.1000
        Make My Trip Open Voucher eVoucher INR 5000
        Raymond Gift Voucher Rs.1000
        Samsonite Gift Voucher Rs.1000
        Shopper Stop Voucher INR 5000
        Shoppers Stop eVoucher Rs. 1000
        Titan Gift Voucher Rs.1000
        United Colors of Benetton Gift Voucher Rs.1000
        US POLO ASSN eVoucher INR 1000
        Westside eVoucher Rs. 1000

        1. Shashank Suresh

          Thank you so much, A2Z. I have applied for the card now on a card to card basis. Hoping that the redemption options remain that way.

          1. Kishore

            How you applied card on card basis..? Online or offline..

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      @ Prashant
      Thanks for ur response. The reason which was holding me back as I thot i would spend big on Regalia/Club Miles and get chance to upgrade to Infinia/DCB. But HDFC being HDFC will take time to do so.
      I also hold Axis Vistara Signature which gives handsome rewards in form of Prem. Eco Tickets.
      Unable to decide, if u could help me decide further it would be great.

      1. SG

        SC Ultimate is a no brainer for 1st year atleast given that you get 10k MMT cashback as a one time reward. I use Ultimate for all spends apart that don’t fall under HDFC 10X.

      2. Prashant Gupta

        Yup difficult choice. For DCB the moment your existing limit is above 5L apply for upgrade. For SCB ultimate i leave it to u. It all depends on ur spends.

        1. Nitin

          Hi Prashant … does the 5L+ credit limit is the only factors which helps in upgrade? or there are other factors also considered during the applcation of DCB like income/ CIBIL etc? I am asking this because I have Regalia since last 5 months and CL > 5L
          What do we need to share for upgrade application and whats the process please?

          1. Prashant Gupta

            Its one of the criteria, spends being other and also minimum 6 months before upgrade/limit enhancement. The upgrade form in there online. Just download it, fill it and send to their chennai address and follow up once delivered. I think you need to send last 2 months salary slips.

  6. Gkcards

    I have SCB card which I haven’t used for a long time. Last week they sent a mail that if u used for continuous 12 billing cycles, they may choose to cancel or suspend account after informing, from March this year

  7. ARR

    Hi all,
    SCB rejected my application for the 5th time successfully. Meanwhile, I got approved the cards like Axis vistara Infinite, Amex Travel Card and ICICI Emerald Card.
    Their approval system is pathetic. I think their approval ratio is very poor.

    1. Himanshu

      Hey ARR,
      Honestly, I feel SCB has quite an easy approval policy. My Credit Card application was approved when I had more than 2 inquiries in CIBIL in the same month. I agree that they have messed up the back end system with no proper updates but the approval ratio is quite nice.

  8. Vaibhav

    stay away from stanchart bank. They are not helping me in cyber fraud in an international transaction. Here are the details

    Standard Chartered Bank is not following RBI guidelines and not reversing fraudalent international transactions on my credit card. Please join me as any of us can be affected by this fraud and these banks will take us for a ride.
    The details of my complaint are as follows
    My credit card was used for fraudulent international transactions without my knowledge on 13th December, 2019 as per monthly statements . I complained to stanchart about these fraud transaction within 7 working days about this fraud and a chargeback be done and transactions reversed. The bank reversed the amount but now again is saying that i am liable stating “We note that the said transactions were incurred post validating the credentials such as card number and the OTP triggered to your registered mobile number. An unique password (One Time Password) for each and every transactions will be generated and it serves as another level of authentication to carry out an online transaction. A review of our records indicates that the above mentioned transactions were carried out on a 3D secured website post successful validation of your card credentials and the OTP which was sent to your registered mobile number, the said transactions were approved.”

    The bank has no proof of the following and not provided any proof that i did these transactions
    1) No proof provided that these transactions were done on m y residential adress and i have received any goods
    2)No proof provided about the delivery of product/services availed against the payment
    3)Unavailability of ECI 3DS and CVV Response
    4) IP used for transaction
    5) Even the OTP mail was sent on 14th December although transaction as per statement is 13th December

    In international transactions OTP is not required so how can bank say OTP is provided and i am liable. I have reported the transaction within 7 days and as per RBI guidelines my max liability can be at most Rs 10,000 (this also should not be levied actually)

    Transaction Details
    1) INR37854 at
    2) INR 63720 at

  9. AB

    Looks like SBI has launched landmard rewards card, atleast two variants. This morning SBI agent at SPAR hypermarket trying to sell me SPAR co branded credit card.

  10. Rishabh Mangal

    Received FYF Digismart Card today to replace existing Landmark credit card.

  11. Amit

    Sc converted my digi smart card to ltf after emailing to customer care.

    1. Arko

      can i apply for digismart and later get it LTF.I am missimg SCB from my credit card portfolio.


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