Now get 10X rewards on OYO bookings with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

By | January 24, 2020

As you might know, OYO Rooms – the world’s fastest growing hotel chain as they call it, is in media all the time for many years. They managed to be in news almost every other week for investing/buying something or other. But looks like things have changed a bit now as they’re in the news not for any good reason.

That aside, having stayed at some budget properties, I haven’t personally stayed at OYO rooms till date – not that I don’t like them, but never had an opportunity.

But I’ve heard them to be “good” from some of my friends who stayed with them, yet I’m aware that the internet is full of horror stories about OYO.

Anyway, despite all that, if you decide to stay at OYO rooms, now you get 10X reward points as a part of HDFC smartbuy with HDFC Bank Credit Cards. While that may sound like 33% off on OYO rooms, well, I don’t think a super premium cardholder would stay at OYO but it might work well for some as I knew of few very good properties listed on OYO.


Its good to see that HDFC Bank is adding more & more partners into the smartbuy system and trying to grab the cardholder spends to be made within their system.

In past few months, they’ve added Gift Vouchers, Buses & Trains, and now OYO. That makes me curious about their future partners on smartbuy 10X as I don’t see them stop adding new partners anytime soon.

Anyway, do you plan to book OYOrooms via HDFC Smartbuy anytime soon? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “Now get 10X rewards on OYO bookings with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

  1. SG

    Is hdfc going to take responsibility if the infamous oyo auto cancellation happens lol

  2. Manu

    “Good” if the person is in college,or fresh graduate..

    Baaki it’s satisfactory .

  3. Raghu

    While I did stay in OYO rooms and had a good experience earlier, the most recent experience (about 6 months back) was very awful and terrible (spoiled my entire tour with their poor hotel management and customer service) and that’s when I have decided not to use OYO anymore again. However, it’s certainly good to see Smartbuy expanding and fast.

  4. DD

    It’s now removed. HDFC Dinners Black card features are n unpredictable. You may never know what will happen next.. Addition and Deletion of features is happening at anytime.

    1. jambui

      Good riddance.
      I think they must have re-thought about pressure on customer care to resolve oyo queries.

  5. Venkat

    Don’t forget the “Experiences” bit for redeeming point. They’ve partnered with Headout for that, and the rates are also very competitive.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Experiences are a great way to get gr8 value of your points especially when you go out of india. Saves good money. And rates are very competitive.

      1. Mayur Patil

        what are “experiences” in hdfc card. where to search for that. i never heard about it.

      2. SG

        The cities that experiences are available for, are very far n few in between though.

    2. RM

      For the “Experiences” section in HDFC Smartbuy Diners portal, do we also earn 10X Reward points on purchasing an Experience or we can only redeem points for Experiences ?

  6. Pavan

    I think they have removed oyo tab from smarbuy page now. It is not visible now

  7. Ankit

    Has anyone recvd 10x for transactions done on Amazon from Oct including Diwali Offer ? All my transactions are not credited. They were supposed to be credited in Jan end.

  8. Rohit

    Hope Airbnb gets added soon 🙂
    When will we get Evoucher of Rs 1500/ transaction which ran in the month of December. I am suppose to get 3 vouchers worth 4500 and got nothing till date. Whom should i contact on this ?

      1. Rohit roy

        Where do we get it mail or directly to phone ? Any conditions for using the voucher .
        Whom can i contact on this for not receiving ?

        1. Varun

          I got them through SMS in the month of Jan. There is no condition. Only thing, u cannot club it with another voucher. So basically, u will have to remove the HDFC 5% off voucher & use this one. So infact max 1300 benefit is there.
          I think you may contact HDFC Customer care reg same.


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