HDFC Bank 10X Rewards Extended to Jan 2020

By | December 31, 2019

Here’s a good news for the 10X rewards chasers: the offer has been extended for one more month – through Jan 2020. That’s a good way to start the new decade in a positive note. All terms & conditions remains same as that of the Dec 2019 Update. Here’s a quick look.

Diners 10X Rewards

  • Valid till 31st Jan 2020
  • Txns done on both offline stores and Online websites of First Cry and Godrej Nature’s Basket are eligible for 10X.
  • Ola post-paid txns are not eligible for 10X.
  • The incremental 9X Rewards will be posted within 30 days from the end of the calendar month
  • Offer T&C

Smartbuy 10X Rewards

  • Validity: Till 31st Jan 2020
  • Upper Cap: 25,000 Points for Infinia | 15,000 Points for Diners Black | Other Diners Cards & Regalia: 5000 Points | All other cards: 5% Cashback upto Rs.1000
  • Upper Cap Reset: Calendar Month
  • What this Covers: Flipkart/Amazon via Smartbuy + Flights, Hotels via Smartbuy & Instant Gift Vouchers, Buses & Trains
  • Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month. (except amazon txns, rest are getting credited in a week)
  • Offer T&C

Note: Currently the extension dates for both smartbuy/diners reflecting on diners site and should eventually reflect everywhere.


Another year, another extension! It’s good to see that HDFC Bank has extended their 10X rewards program to Jan 2020 without any changes. While that’s good, I just wish they extend it quarterly or half-yearly as following up on this offer every single month is not so comfortable for a typical credit card user.

With this good news coming our way, wish you all a very happy & rewarding new year 🙂

169 thoughts on “HDFC Bank 10X Rewards Extended to Jan 2020

  1. Ratnesh kumar

    Hdfc cards and theirs 10X offers are best…Hdfc is not leaving any stone unturned to maintain its 1st position in Indian credit card market…

  2. Rahul

    Looks like they removed irctc and vouchers from 10x according to the t&c page on smartbuy

    1. sunil

      I don’t think so. Atleast, 10X rewards is still on, on booking train tickets.

  3. Abhi

    Uber Premier is no longer additional partner?
    Any idea about extra 10% smartbuy voucher?

  4. Vc

    Hi Sid, just got upgraded to Infinia. Had a question – Do transactions originating from compare and shop to Tata Cliq not count for 10x?

    1. Naresh kumar

      They are counted but the time to credit compare and shop transaction will take additional 1-2 months. I did a transaction on tatacliq through compare and shop using my regalia card in August and next month september got upgraded to DCB, although i have received the 10x reward points for other amazon transaction, forex loading etc done in July and August before upgrade, but not the tatacliq transaction, i had raised a request on 4th Dec 2019 and still haven’t got the reward point. The infinia team says, they are waiting for regalia team to respond from past 1 month.
      Did a transaction of 50k on tatacliq again using dcb in Oct and now i am worried if i will get those points or not.

      To be honest, i have lost hope and decided not to use compare and shop from now on.

      1. Akshay Bansal

        Hi. I did a transaction of 45000 on amazon using HDFC smartbuy platform using regalia card on 31 October 2019.
        I have not received additional 10x rp. Pls let me know where can i raise my request.

      2. Sujit Patel

        HI Naresh

        Did you get the points for Compare & Shop > Tata Cliq? I also did a transaction worth more than 50k in March and now they are denying saying that it was not done via Smartbuy!

  5. Naresh kumar

    Diners 10x partner rewards posting has been changed to 90 days from last month, please update the post.

  6. Chintan

    It’s good that they have extended, i was expecting an increase in 9x earning slab for Diners Black to 25K.

    I guess it is not happening

  7. Mohit Jain

    I thought Smartbuy 10X was an inbuilt perk for Infinia Card Holders. How else do they justify the premium annual fees? Why should they need to keep ‘Updating’ this 10X on a regular basis is beyond my understanding. The day they do away with Smartbuy 10X feature, they should see max number of card cancellation requests.

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      Even if 10X stops, I do not see Infinia Card cancellations.

      It is a Super Premium Card in all respects.
      – 3.3% Reward Rate
      – Unlimited Domestic and International Lounge Access for Primary and Add-On Card Holders
      – Absolutely no penalty or charges of any kind on the card except interest for carrying balance forward
      – 10,000 Points in case of Annual Fee Applicability
      – Annual Fee Waiver at 8 Lacs
      – Lot of Other smaller features

      Even without 10X, it will still remain on the top of the Super Premium category credit cards.

      1. Mohit Jain

        The points you mentioned are valid. But almost all other Super Premium Cards provide similar , if not better features. If you take away 10X rewards, Infinia almost instantly begins to lose its shine. They would see almost zero traffic on their Smartbuy website if not for 10X feature. No more travel bookings as well (unless its for 1X rewards point redemption) . It would be a disaster.

        1. Points Addict

          The way I am seeing this, 10X is not going anywhere.
          I do expect a bit of devaluations to happen, for example lower max caps & point value devaluations even on Black & Infinia.
          10X per se is a marketing success and hence there is no reason for HDFC to take it away.

          1. Abhi

            @Points Addict, 10x can’t last forever. HDFC has to pull it down ultimately. 10x means a huge expenditure for bank. Bank gets only 2-2.5% or less from any card payment. Out of which some goes to Card networks (Master/Visa and maybe higher for Diners) and more than 3.3% you get back as RPs. So giving 3.3 itself is bank spending more on you then what it gets (That is like pampering its higher end customers from the profit you making from other hoping they will give more high value business.) So people savor 10x till it lasts but don’t take it as a birth right 🙂

        2. RB

          What other Super Premium card would you recommend. which has good cashback?
          I have been thinking of applying for SC Ultimate, but as per comments on Siddarth’s SC Ultimate post, the vouchers are becoming not good (most of the time, there are no vouchers from useful vendors).

        3. Abhi

          @Mohit, which other card ? None of the other card still matches Infinia privileges. Some which does also have huge fee (some more than Infinia) and others have lesser renewal benefits. For Infinia you get complete fee back as RP only thing you spent is GST.
          Smartbuy website…. I do agree with. It would probably loose most of the traffic (Since it is a meta search, some people may still use it, but mostly may not. Eg, I may use it for flight when not using google flight but surely not for hotel)

          1. Mohit Jain

            Just to give you a less expensive alternative – Consider SBI ELITE. Its annual Fee is 5K. (Although I have never paid any fee on any card, ever). Milestone bonuses ( Upto 75 K worth over Rs 25K). RP on utility spent , also counted towards bonus points. Priority Pass membership – Domestic and international lounge access. Trident Membership. Fee waiver on milestone spent threshold. Other small perks like 2 free Movie tickets every month. Restaurant discounts These are inbuilt benefits and without the anxiety of looking for 10X rewards points extension on monthly basis.
            PS : I have both ; HDFC Infinia, SBI ELITE. Also AMEX Gold CARD – Eligible for Platinum card free Upgrade.

          2. Mouli

            Mohit Jain
            Hope fuel spends also counted towards milestone and how much spend needed to get the fee waiver

          3. Mohit Jain

            @Mouli – Fuel spends are almost always never eligible for RP ( Unless of course it’s a dedicated fuel card; in that too RP capping is embarrassingly low ). In my understanding ELITE fee waiver is on 10L annual spend. Hope this helps.

          4. Abhi

            @Mohit, nice !
            But for Infinia vs Elite, points = fee every yr vs only first yr, unlimited lounge access vs limited, lounge to supp holder vs only primary holder, fee reversal at 8 lk vs 10 lk, reward rate of 3.3 vs 0.5 (max 2% including milestones) I still see Infinia as winner (Though I don’t have either 😀 🙂 )

          5. Mohit Jain

            @abhi, Your points are noted duly. However kindly see my point by point feedback ( Practical feedback from card usage on daily basis, not from website catalogue)

            But for Infinia vs Elite,
            1) points = fee every yr vs only first yr
            1a) Accepted but irrelevant, since fee is waived off after mile stone spend for both.
            2)unlimited lounge access vs limited, lounge to supp holder vs only primary holder,
            2a) Agreed, but then I have enough portfolio of other cards ( including premium debit cards, or you could just get the pedestrian Paytm Card for this particular feature) to cover for my lounge access and my guest.
            3) fee reversal at 8 lk vs 10 lk.
            3a) Again, agreed but not relevant. See point #1.
            4) reward rate of 3.3 vs 0.5 (max 2% including milestones)
            4a) Noted, but then again Amex has best rewards catalogue ( Including periodic spend based vouchers. I almost always end up getting 40K+ Annual value from my Amex Gold card – In addition to other cards)

            Kindly read my responses from a practical user point of view. Any one owning such premium cards has a particular profile. They have multiple options to get access to similar perks. Banks know this better than anyone else. I personally would leave the Infinia ecosystem the day they do away with 10X, and upgrade to Amex Platinum. Now 60 K Annual Fee Vs 10K annual fee, Apples and oranges you say? Not even a bit. Its upto me to drive the value out of Amex Plat.

    2. Naresh kumar

      It’s to keep people on their toes so that they keep utilizing those benefits, contrary to what most people believe, they are actually making money via 10x reward points system in addition to get an edge over other banks and rule the cc industry. They are now getting deals from merchants for their network and showing the offer on their smartbuy channel.
      It’s a marketing strategy almost every online wallet company is using including amazon.
      Once you dive deep into how human psychology works with such extraordinary offers, you will realize how it’s affecting our spending habits.
      If it wasn’t for these offers from all these companies we wouldn’t have bought half of the shit we all own nowadays a lot of which we don’t necesarrily need.

  8. srikkanth

    No sign of Uber premier 10x rewards in diners website, think they have stopped from jan 1 2020 which they had in prev months

  9. Prasanna


    There seems to be a new addition in the form of a SmartBuy voucher for 10% of SmartBuy transaction value



    whether train bookings and instant vouchers also is covered ?

    The link in the hdfc smartbuy portal doesn’t seem to include those

  11. sumit kasera

    Thanks Siddharth for all the good work you are doing in this space. HNY 2020.

  12. VK

    Hope they continue on with this legacy reward structure.
    Have you applied for the new Diners Privilege card yet?

  13. Dr. Aneesh T

    I see that Swiggy is mentioned in the Diners website, but in the Swiggy app itself the offer is not mentioned.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      @ Dr. Aneesh
      On final page in swiggy, under ‘Apply Coupon’ if u scroll to the end, you would see payment offers, wherein you would see Diners 10x offer, but there is no coupon code. I believe if u make payment with Diners card you would get it.
      Hope it helps.

  14. Anish

    Even IRCTC is added on smartbuy for 10X on credit card and 5x on debit cards.

  15. Priyansh

    Any idea how can I claim 500 rs voucher?
    Crossed 80k in calendar month of Dec.
    But dunno how to claim the voucher as didn’t receive nor showing on website.

    1. A2Z

      Once you receive sms you can check on below link :

      I have received sms yesterday. You also check this link without sms, maybe they enabled it already for you too

  16. Ak

    Hi Sid,
    Which is the best way to pay lic premium? Is diner black the best option?

    1. Pareshach

      Its descirbed please check payment / coupon offers at the bottom of page

  17. Rohit

    Did you notice that Uber is not a partner anymore.. I thought you would have pointed that out 🙂

    1. Mohit Jain

      Uber is available under Instant Vouchers – Eligible for 10X rewards still. So, technically Uber is still a 10X partner.

  18. Anant

    It seems like the 10X offer on Uber Premier rides has been discontinued. Can anyone confirm this?

  19. Shekhar

    Thank you sid for the update. And I agree checking the offers every month is cumbersome. It would be more convenient to check the updates quarterly.

  20. Rajesh Kodityala

    Hi Siddharth,

    I am seeing PRIVY STREET MEMBERSHIP FRESH in spend promo details section of my rewards of HDFC netbanking. Do you have any idea what it mean what we will get if we spend 60000(which is shown for me). My card is REGALIA.

    Rajesh Kodityala.

    1. SM

      Hi Rajesh

      Even I am seeing the same message in spend promo details section. My card is also Regalia and targeted spend amount is also 60K. Please post here in case you get any further details.

      Thanks and Regards

      1. Rajesh Kodityala

        “We wish to inform you that privy pass membership will be sent over registered email and mobile no once your are qualified” — This is the response when i wrote mail to customer care.

    2. Himanshu

      Hi Rajesh,

      It is showing in my Regalia account as well with a spend threshold of Rs. 60000. Did you manage to get any info on that?

    3. Rahul Kumar

      Where is this spend promo section in net banking? I cant find it

    4. deva

      Me too got the same offer 60k spend and 5k voucher for october month and again on december month..However i spent around 63k in october ,but yet to receive any voucher so far..In reward section (spend promo details) mentioned as not qualified for october
      Wrote email,but they too seems to have no idea whether i was qualified or not..
      For the december ,i spent more than 1.5L,hence shud not be a issue in qualification..
      No idea about how to get /redeem the voucher

  21. Rajesh KSV

    In Diners 10x rewards, They removed 10x on Uber premier rides. However you can buy Uber gift vouchers (under smart buy 10x rewards) and use Uber. So, its okay 🙂

    1. Rahul

      Has anyone received uber premier 10x for September?
      I didnt get it. Neither did I get the 5x on grocery/supermarket offer.

      1. jatin chopra

        Even i haven’t received 5x electronics/10x emi sep offer points . It’s already been more than 90 days since offer end date i.e. sep 30th.

        1. RM

          I have not received points for Amazon transactions done in August & September.
          I have chased both HDFC as well as Amazon.
          Now, I am fed-up of chasing.

    1. RM

      Only God knows.
      I asked Customer Care .. first they told Ola RPs have been credited & later they retracted by saying Ola & Uber Premier RPs will get credited after 90 days.
      They say for Myntra & Swiggy, RPs are getting credited in 1st week of next month, but as per my calculation all my Swiggy & Myntra points have not been credited.
      Biggest problem is with Amazon transactions .. I have been chasing them for some transactions done in August & September 2019 & still not credited.

      1. Naresh kumar

        For me, ola got credited next month first week and swiggy as well.
        Amazon also crediting on time now, had a proem for july points but they were sorted.
        I am trying for my compare and and shop tatacliq points for transaction done in August but no response from 1 month, they are just sitting there with my request.

        1. RM

          @ Naresh Kumar : I also have a similar problem with Amazon transactions of July-2019 & Sep-2019 that RPs have not been credited.
          How did you resolve your July points problem with Amazon transactions ?

          1. Naresh kumar

            Call the customer care and ask them to raise a request for the points and give the transaction ids of amazon transactions with it. It may take 1-2 weeks but it will solve, make sure to keep checking it every few days with them.

  22. Hitesh

    Thank you and a very happy new year to you as well.
    The way HDFC is positioning the Infinia Vs DCB, I feel it is more beneficial to have the DCB than the Infinia.
    The 10X partner program more than makes up for the 10000 deficit in the smartbuy program.
    I have both and DCB seems to be earning more than the Infinia for me.

  23. Surya

    They have started charging Rs.10000 + GST for DCB, but 10x limit is at Rs.15000. Whereas Infinia has a 10x limit is at Rs.25000. HDFC should reset the 10x limit to Rs.25000. Hope HDFC is reading these articles.

    1. MT

      DCB has 10x partners with 25000 bonus points limit over and above the 15000 point limit for smartbuy , totalling a potential 40,000 points a month , what more could you ask for ?

  24. Abhi

    WoW !! 0 comments? Is HDFC loosing the steam with their 10x or is it just the holiday season ? 😀
    Personally, with so much lack of transparency and chasng to do, I’ve started giving preferences to other cards then 10x unless it is a big spend.

          1. Siddharth Post author

            Sure. Here’s a super quick review of that: it tastes good 🙂

    1. RM

      Totally agree with the original comment (by Abhi).
      There is total lack of transparency in the crediting of RPs to HDFC Diners Black.
      You have to keep chasing Customer Care to know if the RPs for each transaction in last 3-4 months have been credited yet.
      I and many of my friends have started reducing our transactions on HDFC Diners Black.

  25. DinersGuy


    Has anyone been able to redeem the monthly benefits for Diners Black? Clicking the link on the diners black website doesn’t lead to redemption of benefits

    1. Kiran Amruthavaakkula

      Yes I am able to do so, you need to use the old card number for monthly benefits

    2. Arun

      I’ve spent more than 1.5L in December. Still I do not see anything in poshvine. Don’t know how the monthly benefits work.

      Anybody who has claimed? Please help

      1. Jatin Chopra

        You’ll receive an sms and email from hdfc for monthly spend offer. Don’t worry it took time in my case too.

      2. Mouli


        For November spends,I received the communication by December 12th, for December spends you can expect anytime after 10th January as per my understanding

  26. Arun

    Also, I did a 60k spend on Flipkart smartbuy. Where should I look for the 10% smartbuy voucher? Didn’t get any message on it yet.

  27. Saurav

    Has anyone faced any challenge using Diners Black card at Ola? I have added the diners card in Ola payment. But when making the payment through card during the trip and afternoon entering the CVV, the app redirects to payment gateway which then doesn’t accept diners card.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Vineet

      There was a notification on OLA yesterday or day before. Got in my sms. It stated that due to some technical issues they are not able to process payment through diners black. This will be resolved in a few days

    2. GTMAX

      Ola is temporarily facing some challenges with Diners card payments. I even received an in-app notification stating that they will notify once the issue is fixed. You are not doing anything wrong but you would need to wait till it is resolved.

    3. Varun Rai Kapoor

      There was an issue being faced in the Ola app w.rt Diners cards. They had sent out a notification yesterday. Not sure if that has been resolved as yet.

    4. Points Addict

      I am facing the same issue. As usual there customer service is clueless on why it is happening.

    5. Abhi

      Don’t worry its not you or the DCB. Problem is with one of the idioticness of Ola. You must initiate payment ‘a little before the trip ends’. Else it won’t accept the payment by electronic means. Now the twist comes when someone is Ola postpaid member. My guess is it tries to bill the trip to postpaid and initiates a payment through Ola postpaid, which doesn’t accept Diner.
      Ola is big lala atitude company, idiots sitting all around.

    6. XeonXP

      I got a message that this is temporary glitch. Will be sorted. I lost good 1000 points on 3 rides before realizing it.

    7. saurav

      Thanks everyone for the reply. I did not get the OLA notification, hence was unaware about the glitch.

      1. Saurav

        Almost a week later, Ola is yet to resolve this glitch. Anybody able to use diners card in Ola?

        1. Naresh kumar

          Working for me,did a transaction on 9th of Jan after the trip ended with my dcb, no issues occured.

  28. Krishnakumar

    Ola sent a notification saying that there is temporary issue with diners and they shall revert once it gets sorted.

  29. saurabh

    how are the 10X points calculated for capping.
    For eg:- if i buy something for 60000 INR using smartbuy on flipkart, the normal points i would get is 2000.
    If there was no capping of 15K points then i would be getting an additional 18K points.
    Now since there is a cap on maximum points , would i be receiving 15k-2k=13K additional points of 15K additional points for the above transaction.

    1. Jatin chopra

      You will get additonal 15k points as the capping is for incremental 9x points . So total rewards=17k points in your case.

    2. RB

      Capping is on extra 9x RPs. So, in your case, you’ll get 2k as usual.. and at the time of crediting extra 9x points, you’ll get only 15k.

    3. Bluemoon

      How reliable is the tracking for flipkart via smart buy? I recently got the card and want to buy a mobile phone on flipkart. I am just little hesitant if the 10x points are not traced.

      1. SG

        It can be a miss sometimes. Do it through desktop, disable ad blockers and take a screnshot of the final order confirmation. That’s what I do for a big purchase.

      2. RM

        With Flipkart, tracking for 10X has been reliable till now & even extra 9X RPs get credited within a week or so on Diners Black.

      3. deva

        Should not be a problem as flipkart website for smartbuy customers are different from the normal flipkart website..I never missed any reward points in flipkart so far..Better use desktop rather than mobile app

  30. Shubham singh

    I have more than 10k points in my CC but I don’t have HDFC bank account.
    I’ m not able to redeem my points on airmiles (on credit card portal ).

    How can I redeem my points in airmiles provided I don’t have internet banking details ( as don’t have bank account with HDFC)?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    1. MT

      On the netbanking portal , you can create user id and password using your credit card details , just set up one and you can access net banking for credit cards on HDFC website

  31. RB

    I have couple of doubts and would really appreciate if someone can clarify:
    1. For purchases on SmartBuy, there is a promotion of 1500 Rs SmartBuy eVoucher for purchases on Amazon/FK/Yatra/Cleartrip. I made few purchases on Yatra last month, but don’t see any SmartBuy voucher. How and When do we receive these vouchers?

    2. When does HDFC credits 10x RPs for Partner Brands? Is it on statement generation? I have been received SmartBuy RPs in couple of days after transactions, but haven’t received any Partner Brands points.


    1. RM

      Yes, even I am not sure whether all my Partner Brands 10X reward points for December have been credited yet.
      It is becoming a major hassle to track if all RPs of each transaction have been credited or not.
      HDFC needs to do something quickly before people start dropping off.

  32. Ankit Agarwal

    Has anybody received the Smartbuy.voucher worth RS 1500 (upto) on transactions done in December. I have written thrice to HDFC, but they are clueless. The have sent me standard replies that it the cashbacks / RP’s would be posted within 90 days.

  33. Ashish

    Is 10X reward point also valid for DTH recharge in Infinia prvileges through SmartBuy?

  34. Siddharth Srinivasan

    Does payzapp was let reload accrue points for Regalia?

  35. Prashant Gupta

    Has anyone received the 10% smartbuy voucher for spends via Smartbuy portal?. Also i have achieved spends of Rs.2.5L on my DCB card (Nov-Jan criteria). Any suggestions on how it will be upgraded? Will i also get the memberships free with the upgarde?

    1. Jatin Chopra

      1) I asked cc and they said smartbuy voucher for dec sodnds would be sent to users by jan end.
      2) Regarding upgrade offer to new diners black card there is a lot of confusion so i called cc to clear it.
      There are two options for upgrade.
      i) Upgrade today and pay 10k joining fee and recieve all membership welcome benefits after 30 days of first spend on new card. All your points would be transferred to new card.
      ii) Do a 2.5 lac spend in 3 month span (aug-oct or nov-jan) and get the new card under current pricing of your existing card. Now here i also thought that i would get the upgrade free but what it actually means is that your new card will be LTF if your existing card is LTF, or your new card will be paid variant if your existing one is paid one.

      So in summary, if your card is a paid variant spending 2.5 lac would not fetch anything. You will anyway have to pay 10k joining fee on upgrade.

      Good news is that they are offering a joining fee waiver if you spend 1 lac in first 90 days if I remember correctly.

      There is another way of getting the welcome benefits as well but that will happen if on your existing card renewal date if you spend 8 lacs in current card anniversary year. In this case you will need to wait till your renewal date which might be months away.

  36. Anurag Kakati

    Can i get 10x rewards by buying Makemytrip vouchers from Smartbuy? I have a DCB. Thanks in advance.

    1. Ramasamy R

      Yes , you will. many brands are available in “Insta voucher Gyftr” platform.

  37. Jatin chopra

    Hi Sid,
    I got an offer to increase my DCB limit from current 6.75 lacs to 13.5 lacs.
    My annual spend is not more than 4-5 lacs though.
    Is there any downside of having too much limit? Whst happens in case of fraudulent transactions with high limit cards?

    – Jatin

    1. RB

      I think you should accept it. As long as you don’t spend based on how much CC Limit you have, this should be useful from Credit Score point of view/Card-on-card applications/Upgrade to Infinia.

      1. Jatin Chopra

        Thanks RB,
        I am usually just worried about fraud on high limit cards otherwise it is a positive thing to have it.

        – Jatin

        1. RB

          Yes, that is a concern. What I generally do is keep the International access disabled. In India, all transactions require OTP, so chances of fraud are a bit less. When I travel overseas, I set the limit for International transactions low, in case something goes wrong.

    2. Binay

      I got only 6.25 to 8.5L in DCB, my annual spend has exceeded 10L.
      What is wrong with HDFC.

      1. Rakesh

        36% Limit increase is absolutely normal 🙂 nothing wrong from bank !

    3. Bharat Jaiin

      Having higher credit limit is always good.
      Being safer for online fraud, you may always get a free add on card with, set lower limits on it & use it online.

  38. Nihar

    Uber Premier spends till Dec 19 were to receive 10X reward points.
    Guys any idea if you started receiving the 9X post 90 days from last day of the transaction month.

  39. Pradeep Kumar Palchuri

    This query is regarding the NPS payment through diners credit card. There is no diners credit card option available on NPS web portal for payment . Only VISA/Master/Rupay is available for payment. Is there a way i can make the NPS payment through diners credit card?

    1. Rahul

      why would you want to make NPS though credit card?

      Does HDFC credit reward points for NPS payments – for diners black or infinia?

    2. Ravi arya

      You just enter your diners card details. I think it takes it. I tried till the OTP and it was accepting diners card.

    3. Abhi

      Diners is now discontinued on NPS’s both payment gateways. Amex is accepted though.

    4. Ashok

      Pradeep, Load the money in payzapp using dcb. Later use the visa payzapp card in nps website. Personally i hv seen reward points being credited for payzapp wallet load.

    5. Ramasamy R

      I did it eNPS payment through “Billpay” option using Diners Black only last week.

  40. Chintan

    My September amazon 10x points were pending for credit. I sent a mail to customer care highlighting the transactions, they said the transactions aren’t done through SmartBuy. I am habituated to land in amazon and Flipkart only via SmartBuy and i cannot make in this.

  41. DD

    Hi everyone, I have a doubt,
    Is the 10X benefits applicable for Addon card transactions also ? I mean if I purchase something from amazon going through smartbuy link and make payment using Addon card, then will my purchase accrue 10X reward points. Has anyone tried this ? TIA , waiting for a verified answer.

  42. Abhinav

    Any offer running on HDFC or any other credit card on insurance payment. I have a LIC policy payment of 90k due this month.

  43. Anoop E S

    seems like they have added new conditions for EMI transactions. Think it was not there before.

    “Bonus RP would be posted every month on the EMI amount levied on that given month”

    Credit card Easy EMI Transactions – “Eligible for a Min Transaction of Rs.3000”

    Debit Card Easy EMI transactions – “Eligible only select customers and for a Min Transaction of Rs.5000”

    1. Prashant Gupta

      It was already there bonus points were credited with respective emis billed.

  44. Pranab

    Hi DD,
    Do you have HDFC add-on card? (Please don’t get me wrong) If you have it, you’ll know that there’s NO difference with primary card except only the name. So, the add-on card(s) are basically same card.

  45. Rahul Kumar

    Smartbuy vouchers for Dec 2019 spends have started coming. I got two already.

    Unfortunately time limit to spend vouchers is till march 31 only.

  46. DD

    Thanks Pranab for this information. Actually I was thinking to apply for an Addon card on my primary card. Now I changed my mind, as I only use my DCB for 10X smartbuy.

  47. Sanchit

    Ola app has been updated with information that 10X rewards with Diners will continue till 31 March 2020. So hopefully other 10X/Smartbuy benefits will also be extended 🙂

  48. Shawn

    Diners 10X rewards extended to Feb 29, 2020. Only Myntra, OLA, First Cry and Zoomcar are partners now.

    10X on Smartbuy partners extended to Feb 29, 2020 as well!

      1. MT

        Both of them present in insta vouchers , though for swiggy , you can only use 1 voucher per order (excluding taxes and charges )

  49. Prashant Gupta

    Thats really sad to see swiggy gone. Other 10x partners are of no use. The card will become like infinia gradually then.

  50. Kartik

    With bookmyshow no more a 10X partner.. can we not buy a BMS voucher from smartbuy insta voucher section as they still qualify for 10X rewards.. that way it would fall under the smartbuy points cap..

    Am i correct in my understanding of how it works?

    1. Siva

      Yes, that’s the only option remaining.. But of course, it will eat into your 10x limit, which is bad..

      I was thinking of shopping in godrej nature’s basket from this month onwards.. Lol..

  51. Harsh Garg

    Anyone knows how to make the OLA payments? Because the website says not valid for postpaid payments but the new interface of OLA only provides option for postpaid payment like it is in UBER.

    Any help would be appreciated !!

    1. George Mathews

      Hi harsh,

      Pls add diners black as a mode of payment along with other cards you might have already saved.

      Next time you are booking a trip, change the mode of payment to the saved diners credit card.

      Hope this helps.

      George Mathews

    2. Neo

      You simply add ur DCB to Ola as a payment method & pay after every trip just like Uber

  52. Yogesh

    The promo code HDFCFLY is now not applicable for flight bookings on Smartbuy (200 discount).. so i guess they have started to cut down on the benefits .. Any other promo code anyone else is using ?

    1. MT

      But at 236 rs , it has one of the lowest convenience fees in the industry still , also they dont charge per passenger, rather per booking

  53. Chintan

    I received incremental 4x points for diwali transaction, received 5000 points in 1 go.

  54. Pawan

    Amazon & Flipkart Gift vouchers are back! Though a cap of 5000 p.m. has been imposed. A balancing act by Diners for taking out BMS & Swiggy??

  55. Praveen Perumalla

    I checked with CC today and they are expected to be credited in the first week of Feb. There is a slight delay.

  56. Naresh kumar

    Amazon vouchers are back in smartbuy vouchers but with a limit of 5000 per account.

  57. Maddy

    I am sure the below question has been answered previously.
    But can someone please update:

    1. Is there is difference if I avail 10x rewards through the smartbuy portal ( main page) vs infinia page ( accessed via privileges section of smartbuy website)

    2. What is the redemption value of points accrued using Infinia card ? Is it different for flights, hotels, devices ?

    Thanks in advance

  58. Ankit Agarwal

    Insta Vouchers – HDFC smartbuy….I am not able to buy swiggy and big bazaar vouchers… because on the proceed button to buy, it does not move forward. Anyone else facing the same issue. I tried all browsers and mobile app, but still not working.

  59. saurabh

    slightly off topic here
    i have got a refund in my credit card account and want to transfer it to my other bank account
    how can this be done , can i remove cash from ATM and then transfer the cash into my account
    will there be any charges
    I dont want to pay any charges


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