SBI Credit Card Year End Spend based Offers (Dec 2019)

By | December 30, 2019

Its been more than 18 months since I got the last spend based offer with SBI credit cards. Even-though they were targeting a few with small offers from time to time, I never got one. Finally looks like SBICard decided to attract all new year party spends on their credit cards and I assume they must have sent out this for most cardholders. Here’s the offer I received on SBI Prime:

SBI Credit Card Amazon Voucher Offer

  • Offer: Spend Rs.25,000 to get Rs.1000 Amazon Voucher
  • Type: Spend based, targeted
  • Offer Period: 27th Dec 2019 to 2nd Jan 2020
  • Exclusions: spends on Fuel, ATM Cash Withdrawal, Easy Bill Pay, Balance Transfer, Spends in Foreign currency, International Transaction, Encash and Easy Money draft products of SBICPSL.
  • Fulfilment: within 45 days of offer end date
  • Offer Reward Rate: 4% + Regular Points

Its a neat & simple offer and its indeed a decently rewarding one as you get 4% return on spend apart from the regular rewards. But remember to read the offer T&C carefully (check your email) as they might have different conditions for different offers.


Its good to see that SBICard is ending 2019 on a good note, and I hope they would come up with better spend based & merchant offers in 2020 as its going to be a BIG year for them.

Did you get any spend based offer from SBICard? Feel free to share the offer you’ve received in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “SBI Credit Card Year End Spend based Offers (Dec 2019)


    Mine is spends 63000 rs to get 1000 rs barbeque nation voucher. Gonna skip this one as diners black give much better return even on 1x spends.

  2. Ameya

    I have 2 SBI cards. The offer on each is as below:
    1) SBI Prime: Spend ₹40k to get ₹1k BBQ Nation voucher. Going to avoid this one.
    2) SBI BPCL: Spend ₹6k to get ₹300 Amazon voucher. Will take this.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Interesting, so only SBI seem to send offers to multiple cards held by same customer.

      1. Ameya

        Yes. They also treat them as separate customers as credit limit is different for both.

      2. A2Z

        Indusind too does it during their annual Rewardz Festival
        They send separate emails & targets for Iconia Amex & Visa variants held by single user

  3. Amit

    I think sbi also added to list also to cards who hates me
    Previous haters :- Amex, Rbl, Hsbc, yes and Hdfc,
    Looks like Sc and Icici only likes me.

    Sid any suggestions to get offers like this? Maybe because i use all cards regularly and spend more than 40%+ on almost all cards.

    1. Mouli


      Seems you have more haters and almost all

      Better rest few cards that don’t have much reward rate specially SBI ,Yes.They always better spend based offers for those who don’t use their cards much
      WIth Amex,its too tricky to find a pattern,I was also ignored for this diwali offer

    2. Pratik

      It can’t be as I am using almost 100% of all my credit limit but I still receive offers.

  4. Pratik

    The SBI “Big Treat offer” on my cards are below.

    SBI Prime: Spend Rs. 106200 and get Taj experience voucher of Rs.3000/-
    Air India Signature: Spend Rs.91800 and get Barbecue Nation Voucher of Rs.1000/-

  5. Shankar

    1K Barbeque Nation voucher on 35K spend
    Offer period: 6 Dec 2019 to 5 Jan 2020

    This is for SBI Prime Card.

  6. Kishore

    Can’t understand their approval system…SBI successfully rejected my application for the 3rd time this year.. Having couple of premium cards and good CIBIL and payment history..
    I have contacted their support to know the reason as usual they thrown an automated email .. “banking policy …etc..etc..”Now I have sent an email to their Nodal officer Regarding the same.Now I decided not to apply any SBI card until I get the reason for the rejection..



  7. sudipta

    Nothing from SBI now – I got a 4 times spend offer in September or Oct – 4X 1000 to get 1000. Sbi elite

  8. Ikshit

    I am using SBI PRIME , with good spending since the last 4 months. I didn’t receive any spend based offer on my message. How and where do you get this offers from? Message or mail?

    1. Ameya

      I received this offer communication on SMS as well as on Mail. My spends are very low on SBI cards, which is why I may have qualified.

  9. Pulkit

    I just checked my mail if I missed such offer, and glad that I did as the target is 11700 for 1K voucher of BBQ.


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