Amex Offer: Get upto Rs.50,000 worth Taj Vouchers based on your Spends

By | February 24, 2020

Just like last year’s Feb 2019 Spend based offer from American Express, this year too we’ve a new targeted spend based offer with return on spend higher than previous year. Last year we got Amex domestic travel voucher as a reward but this year we get Taj Vouchers.

As you might know, American Express India is in love with Taj for a long time, so it seems Amex is enjoying the long term relationship benefits that’s evident from other recent changes like American Express India adds Taj Vouchers under Gold Collection. So here are the offer details:

Amex Feb 2020 Targeted Offer Details

Just like every other Amex spend based offer, this offer too comes with different targets for different users. Here’s a quick look at the 3 different variations of the offer

  • Offer 1: Rs.20,000 Taj Voucher on 3L spend (Reward rate ~6.6%)
  • Offer 2: Rs.30,000 Taj Voucher on 4.5L spend (Reward rate ~6.6%)
  • Offer 3: Rs.50,000 Taj Voucher on 7.5L spend (Reward rate ~6.6%)
  • Terms & conditions

As you see, that’s definitely an amazing return on spend with all 3 offer targets. The T&C clearly excludes Platinum Charge Card but they may send a separate offer for them as they did so for Diwali.

Apart from that, it seems very few have received the offer this time as I myself have not received a communication on this yet. I called up support and they can’t help either, though promised a call-back within a day (did not receive any call yet).

Update: This offer was sent to a very small % of Amex users, likely to those who could spend this high under a short time.


These spend based offers are amazing way to earn extra rewards on spends. And Amex offers are usually there not only to give rewards, but also some unique experiences in life. For ex, I availed this offer last year which let me have a memorable stay at The Oberoi, Mumbai.

Maybe if you’re targeted for this offer this year, you may redeem the Taj vouchers at the Iconic hotel in the country: Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai.

Are you targeted for this offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Saugata Halder & Ashwani for sharing the offer info.

Author: Siddharth

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50 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get upto Rs.50,000 worth Taj Vouchers based on your Spends

  1. Prashant Gupta

    I haven’t received the offer too. Nice way for amex heavy user to get taj vouchers.

  2. Rakesh

    Holding Amex PT, MRCC, Amex PT Travel.. but no sign of the promo email yet !

    1. Rakesh

      Holding Plat card.. voiding the chances fo receiving promos on MRCC and Plat travel also I think !

  3. Suryanarayana Reddy Poll

    If you spending High with amex then you don’t receive this kind of Amex OfferS ‘Get upto Rs.50,000 worth Taj Vouchers based on your Spends’ this is tricky in American Express , boz of this is only who not spending much on amex they will get this kind offers don’t trust aMEX

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This statement is generally not true with Amex. They might have added a new filtering criteria like city/spend type.

    2. Shiv

      That is not true. I have spent around 6L with my card and I still got the offer 1.

    3. Jay

      I only use my Amex for the minimum # of 1000Rs transactions to get the 1000 bonus MRs each month on all of my 3 cards. Yet I haven’t got any of these offers from them.

    4. Anindita chowdhury

      THis hold true… Amex has gone bad to worse….its no more rewarding and their offers are more targeted to the ones who wont avail it… unlike other times…now they don’t send offers to those who spend lot on cards…even those 3L/month…. but to those who hardly spend 2-5k on their cards….to attract them to spend more…. while leaving aside high spenders( mostly)… verified this among at least 20 amex holders i know… best thing if you ask their customer service team or escalate the matter even to their managers they have only one reply….. its their BACK-END team …. quite a shitty job they are doing compared to other bank cards these days !!

      1. Nik

        Hey Anindita I second you on this one! Myself spent over 8 lakhs a month and still haven’t received any offer for spend based criteria! Amex these days is gone from bad to worse and customer service too has faded ! Been with them for 5 years now and so good enough time to see how it’s become worse! I never get the issue resolved and their pay flexi is gone for a toss now!

  4. Varun arya

    Can anybody send the email along with the link to subscribe to the offer on the portal. So that lets try if our card can be valid for the offer

  5. Satendra Sharma

    I think Amex ignoring their old customers, who previously have enjoyed these type of offers.

  6. Mohit Jain

    ‘Get Taj Gift Cards worth ₹ 30,000!’ on spend of 4.5 L. Offer validity 22/02 – 31/03. Got this offer yesterday.

  7. Siddharth Mehta

    While the returns are awesome , the offer is clearly not for everyone . Expecting such huge spends in a single month is crazy. Not many will benefit I suppose. I got 30,000 offer yesterday.

  8. Lokesh

    I also don’t get any offers from amex except friend referrals. No change despite complaining to customer care.
    With 6% MDR, amex is effectively paying out only 2000 for 3L spend, 3k for 4.5L spend and 5k for 7.5L spend.

    1. Abhi

      6% ? Incidentally MDR for AmEx is same as Diners. A bit less than 3% (Best I’ve seen is 2.85, I think) Amex would be getting around 2.25-2.50. So for sure Amex offers are from marketing budget and they are spending much more than 2k-5k.

    2. Shivi

      MDR for AmEx depends on a lot of factors and is not constant. It varies with the acquiring bank/ direct AmEx terminals, type of business, turnover, place of business, place of supply, nature of business, past relationship with AmEx, existing relationship with AmEx merchant service personnel, minimum guaranteed swipe, brand name & brand value, payout settlement dates etc.

      I have 4 different AmEx MDR agreements at 3.3%, 2.8, 2.5% and 2.2% on SBI, ICICI, HDFC and Direct AmEx terminals respectively. GST extra!

      1. Abhi

        3.3 % ? You paying a lot on that one…
        As for MDR, Isn’t it that way for all the cards ? For Master/VIsa also MDR differs between different aggregators. When Gateway/Acquiring/Issue all are one everything goes into one pocket. Then they can give much discounted rates. (I wasn’t aware AmEx is offering terminals also. Nice. Is it huge setup/volume commitment for AmEx terminal?
        But for DCB even on HDFC machine I think MDR is high

        1. Anonymous

          AmEx has been offering their terminals since a long time ~ Most of the 5* hotel chains have standalone AmEx PoS machines.

          Volume commitment is not there in most cases. AmEx MDR depends on their settlement payout period with lowest being in the 30 days settlement time frame.

          Lowest in Visa/MC Credit Card was @ 1% flat.

          1. Abhi

            1% Flat?? Which is that? Let me know. Want to get that one. That case PayU, ccA, Razpay, HDFC, Paytm, mobikwik all are very expensive comparatively. Best I see is 1.9 maybe 1.8 with volume negotiation. What is the best for Diners ? Best I get is 2.9 for DinerClub.

  9. Bhatia

    As always, Ignored by AMEX again. Not received during Diwali not in February. I guess need to cancel existing card and apply for new one then may be will get offers 😛

  10. Mouli

    Amex getting worse day by day

    I got an email for my Platinum Travel card being eligible for this targeted offer.Spend 4.5L and get 30k Taj voucher
    Unable to enroll ,when contacted CC said my card is not eligible and even none of the Platinum Travel card is eligible

    Not sure why they sent an email with my cards’s last 5 digit.Raised complaint with them
    Never expected Amex to be like this.Didn’t get Diwali offer,that time no email.Now they sent me this targeted offer and still claiming I am not eligible

  11. MAA-traveler

    I was not targeted for any of the three Amex cards I hold. Anyhow I would have not gone for this offer as it is very aggressive spend target for 5/6 week period and doesn’t make sense unless one has some planned purchases/expenses this period.

  12. Bhavin Shah

    Never get email from Amex but when i called i was informed I am eligibile for Rs 30K voucher on Rs 4.5 Lac. Those interested may call CC and check their eligibility

    1. Amit

      Like bhavin same happened with me during diwali offer.
      I didn’t received offer but i called and they activated offer for me. Not sure why i also don’t receive offers from amex.
      For me it is platinum travel card.
      This time im not calling since i donot have planned big spends

      Conclusion :- Calling cc helps sometimes but we need to give root cause so we receive mails in future.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Calling doesn’t help this time though. And yes, it doesn’t matter for most as the spend targets are pretty high with this promo.

        1. Bhavin Shah

          I agree, calling doesn’t help. I called just to check as I do not get such marketing offer mails. I simply asked them whether I am eligible for any offer and they said yes. I did not complain or asked them to activate offer.

  13. surya

    I never received any of the targeted offers, and this time would have been useful with insurance spends due next month! I’ve got 3 cards Plat travel, MRCC and plat charge. No promos received of any of the cards 🙁

  14. Siddharth Mehta

    Just here to bust some myths about the offer. I have been an old customer of AMEX (since 2009). Been holding Amex Travel Plat since 2013 and Received MRCC last year around this time. On an avg, I’ve been spending north of 7L on this card each year and in fact, I have spent lesser than 5L this year.

    I did get the offer 2 and as I said before, spend targets are quite unrealistic given the timeframe.

    1. Rakesh

      Are you getting fee waived on Amex plat travel every year ? Or paying the fee every year ?

  15. GP

    i totally agree…. amex customer care and their so called fabulous offers is a myth…. through their system they are only selecting and sending offers to those who are less likely to avail it (Verfied through other members)…but advertising it on social media & others sites on full volume…. while ignoring high spenders ….. why do they discriminate among members of same category of card…. amex india is doing a really bad job.

  16. Aravind

    I am kind of pissed now. I did not recieve the offer and had spent 3 lakhs single transaction on 28th Feb. I called them and asked if i am eligible to which they said ‘Yes’. I informed it is not everyday that i get to spend 3 Lakhs and that i need an explanation. They said their system shoots emails to which i said, if i am eligible and your system didnt send then clearly your system ‘is not working’. Had i been aware i would have met the spend too. They told they will get back to me. As i told enrolling now would be no benefit because i will not be spending 3L from now to end of this month. I clearly expressed my dissent that ‘what’s the point if it is not emailed and eligible?’. Lets see what they come up with. First time that i am this disappointed with Amex.

  17. Ankit

    I think for Amex Taj Voucher, taxes neeed to be paid extra. Can we pay taxes by Taj Inner Circle Points? Pls help

    1. SH

      Yes you can. In fact the Taj front desk person are not so much familiar with the T&C’s of the various vouchers. They are glad to take the voucher or your TIC points and have you pay for the balance.

  18. Purna

    I got the 30K vouchers on May 29 and it is clearly written these vouchers can be redeemed on taxes and food

  19. Bhavin Shah

    Finally i have been informed that i will get voucher Rs 30,000/- after 3-4 calls

  20. Mouli


    I also haven’t received the voucher and this is the first time its happening with Amex,where they haven’t sent the voucher in the committed timeline

    1. Bhavin Shah

      Yes, i got it finally after 7 -8 calls . First 3/4 calls just to convince them that I am eligible and next 3/4 calls to inform them that I have not received after they confirmed that I am eligible. Everytime i called they use to tell me my spend has not met criteria and asked me for proof which is available in their system itself. In past all my queries were resolved on 1st call. Also I have noticed that most of the times in past only female executives with pleasing voice/behavior were attending queries and they use to understand the query and resolve. Now-a-days male executives are coming with lesser understanding and sometimes slightly rude tone. Last words….this time also it was resolved only by female executive


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