Amex Offer: Get Hotel Stay Vouchers worth upto Rs.30,000

By | July 10, 2019

We’ve seen quite a lot of Amex offers since Jan 2019 and now there are some AMAZING Spend based offers too getting rolled out in batches. As always it is a personalised offer based on one’s spend pattern.

This time though it looks like there are lot many variants in this promo. Here’s a quick look into some of the targeted offers that the other readers have received.

Amex Spend Based Offer – Feb 2019
  • Offer 1: Rs.30,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 6L spend
  • Offer 2: Rs.20,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 4L spend
  • Offer 3: Rs.10,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 2L spend
  • Offer 4: Rs.5,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 1L spend
  • Offer 5: Rs.2,500 Flipkart Voucher on 50k spend

Looking into the offer info, looks like the offers are made to let you save ~5% on the spend, and this is over & above your current earn rate on the card.

Now this one of the many reasons to hold American Express Credit Cards. Just incase if you’re still not into Amex ecosystem, its wise to grab Amex Platinum Travel card for FREE (a limited period offer) before the offer ends.

Thanks to Vinay for sharing the offer info.


That all said, I haven’t received the offer on any of my Amex cards yet. Looking at the usage I’ve with Amex, I assume I’ll get a nice offer like it happened with Amex Diwali 2018 Promo. Well, i maybe dreaming too 😀

Update: If you haven’t received the email, Customer Care can now check if the card is eligible for the offer. I was said that I’ve Offer #2 enabled on Gold Charge Card.

I also called up Amex Customer Care to check on this and i was said that everyone is going to get one on/before Sunday.

That aside, this is an AMAZING opportunity to save on your spends. I’m super excited as to what American Express has for the rest of 2019.

Update: Fulfilment done on 10th of July 2019

While I’m hoping to see a good offer triggered to my card, which offer have you received in meantime? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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41 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get Hotel Stay Vouchers worth upto Rs.30,000

  1. SH

    Well, I haven’t got the offers either, and based on my analysis of the T&Cs, you will see that these are valid on credit cards only. So what Amex wants you to do is spend relatively large amounts in a short span (just to hit the offer), and then convert that to EMI. They make money that way, and they will plan to give a part of that back to you as vouchers. This fact is further underlined, with the conspicuous absence of these offers on the charge cards, where they expect you to pay back in full, and thus no avenue for interest accrual by Amex.

    That said, I have also observed that folks who have successfully enrolled in the past, spent the required amount, and then paid back in full may not have been targetted for this round.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Well, not really. I got a similar offer on Gold Charge Card last time.

      Btw, the problem with Plat Charge card is that most of those aspiring centurion cardholders doesn’t seem to like “spend this get this” type of offers due to which Plat Charge may get excluded in some promos.

    2. HG

      I like the way you think but unfortunately its not true. I hold the Gold charge card and fulfiled the Diwali Tanishq 4.75L spend offer (vouchers due end of month) and have been offered Offer #2 here (20K on 4L) spends. I believe Amex is banking on heavy collections plus the vouchers they will disburse are from a cleartrip white-labelled site 5 months down the line so there is some scope for them to get what they give back. Just speculating

  2. Nipun

    Why no good offers on Payback Card?? And they don’t have a option for Upgrade or Pre-approved.

  3. Hardik

    Get a complimentary Flipkart voucher worth ₹2,500*
    from all your day-to-day spending.

    Clicks or swipes, now make your usual spends more rewarding with the powerful backing of American Express®. From February 25, 2019 to April 15, 2019, simply use your Card for all your in-store and online purchases, be it groceries, apparels, electronics, travel or even fuel, insurance and utility bill payments. All your spends could add up to a complimentary Flipkart voucher!


    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can spend then pay and then repeat. But Advance credit to card (thinking to increase limit beyond 25k) is not something Amex likes.

  4. MAA-traveler

    I got the Offer 3: Rs.10,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 2L spend. I feel the limit to spend is on the higher side. I wish to do the spending but also am vary about my capacity to pay back without converting to EMI. Mostly won’t achieve the target spends.

  5. Gagan

    Hi Sid, Others, I hold Amex MRCC.

    Today received one promo email from Amex regarding Flipkart 2500 voucher; details as below:
    Spend a total of ₹50,000 or more on your American Express® Card, including spends on your Supplementary Card(s) and Get Flipkart voucher worth ₹2,500. OFFER VALID FROM FEBRUARY 25, 2019 TO APRIL 15, 2019.

    Further few days back also got promo email regarding upto 5000 Membership Rewards Points on your insurance spends!
    Get 10 Membership Rewards® Points up to a maximum of 5,000 Points for every Rs. 100 spent with all the insurance companies during the offer period with select American Express® Cards. OFFER VALID TILL MARCH 31, 2019.

    My question is that will both these offers be applicable or only one will hold good. I have registered for both.

    1. Priyansh Modi

      Both will be applicable.
      As they are different offers with different rewards and qualifying matrix.

      I have also registered for insurance spends and planning to pay that via Amex and double dip in offers.

    2. Ajay

      Hi Gagan,

      From my experience, Amex offers stack up – so both offers will be should be applicable. Although it would not hurt and check with Amex guys, considering how good support guys are – this shouldn’t take more than 5 mins to verfiy.

  6. Sanjay

    I rec’d an offer of 2500 flip kart Boucheron spends of 50000 till 15.4

  7. Manoj

    Received offer 4 for my MRCC. good offer but i missed out on 10% discount on amazon,flipkart,etc.. couldn’t receive that even after talking to customer care. Does this offer have any t&C’s like only valid on hotels bookings on some categories or star ratings

  8. Shikhar Makkar

    Not related to Amex but recently I got an offer on my ICICI credit card. The offer was spend 20k and get 1500 cashback (7.5% return) or spend 40k and get 4000 cashback (10% return). Didn’t know ICICI is becoming so much proactive in CC business!

  9. Ajay

    Well, I got ‘Offer 1: Rs.30,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 6L spend’ on my Platinum Travel Card. But I think I may take a pass here because of 2 reasons –
    1. Limit of 6L is too high and I do not foresee expenses even close to that number in next 2 months
    2. Doubling down on Marriott Rewards (now Marriott Bonvoy) these days. And bookings made through any third party website does not count towards Elite Status

    Considering these points I do not see much value (and satisfaction) in stretching / rerouting my expenses towards Amex card.

    1. Unknown

      Hi Ajay – Can you pls explain more on second point. What is the double dip offer on Mariott Rewards?

      1. Ajay

        Oh, I was not talking about any offers on Marriott.

        What I meant was that – I have started to put my bets on Marriott Bonvoy now – it becomes pretty rewarding and especially if you spend 50+ nights with them per year. Considering the coverage Marriott has, I do not think there is anything that comes close this loyalty program right now – India or Abroad.

        1. Unknown

          Oh! Got it now. I agree. My target is to rake up enough points to redeem in Maldives. I read somewhere that if you book 4 nights (even thru points)….you get 1 free.


    I got offer 1:
    –> Spend a total of ₹6,00,000 or more on your American Express® Card, including spends on your Supplementary Card(s)
    –> American Express® Domestic Travel hotel stay voucher worth ₹30,000.

  11. Nihar

    Got Offer 2: Rs.20,000 Hotel Stay Voucher on 4L spend on my Plat Reserve but not chasing it , spends way too high.
    These spend offers are primarily targeted to tap the big insurance spends of the salaried class. It’s a pity that Feb – March becomes a sweet time for insurance companies given the tax saving rush and every CC companies are coming with 5x/10x rewards and cashback !
    Note : Not received this offer on my Amex Travel Card .

  12. Chirag

    Have recently got the Amex platinum travel card under the first year free scheme. I noticed that none of the offers are being made available to me. Is it because the card is recently issued or because it is first year free?

  13. Manzb

    Got the offer of 10K for a spend of 2 lacs. Let me see if I can hit it considering I am expecting to make some big travel purchases for the School hols in May.

  14. Chirag

    As an update, I have raised this with American Express’s customer care. let’s see if they make it available me.

  15. vimal mahesh

    Hi ,

    I’m from madurai , tamilnadu .
    Is there a way I can get an Amex credit or charge card ??

  16. Yash Jain

    i got the flipkart 2500 voucher promo.

    is it random or some kind of pattern?

  17. Apul Agarwal

    one more offer… I got
    Spend a total of ₹75,000 or more on your American Express® Gold Card, including spends on your Supplementary Card(s). American Express® Domestic Travel hotel stay voucher worth ₹4,000

  18. Mohan

    I received 7.5 K voucher on the spend of 1.5 L on my gold charge card. Didn’t receive anything on my MRCC Credit Card

    1. Mouli

      Below is the subject line and the amount mentioned varies .Received this email by 22nd Feb
      “Your next holiday is on us! Get Complimentary hotel stay voucher worth rs 30000”

    2. Manoj

      Sub line is: Limited Period offer: A complimentary hotel stay voucher worth Rs….

  19. Murali Krishna

    May i know which premium category credit card gives points even for fuel transactions (except co branded fuel cards). Not only just fuel, Almost on every transaction!!


      Standard Chartered – Super Value Titanium Card give 5% Cashback limited to 200 INR per month. Other benefits are like 5% Cashback on Telephone bill payment (limited to INR 200) & 5% Cashback on Utility bills (limited to INR 100).

      Annual Fee & First Year Fee: 750 INR +Tax
      (Also waived off from 2nd Year on wards, if previous year spend is above 60,000 INR)

      Other Benefits: Get 100% onetime cashback (up to INR 1500) on Fuel spends within first 90 days, if apply through online portal of Standard Chartered Bank.

  20. Abhishek

    Call the customer care and they will enroll you for this offer and post that offer will be eligible on your card.

  21. BGL

    Got today the offer from Amex for my Amex Gold charge card.

    “Spend Rs 75,000/- or more by 15 April and get Amex Domestic Travel hotel stay voucher worth Rs 4,000/- ”

    Some interesting T&C:
    – It is mandatory for the Cardmembers to enroll for the Offer
    – In case a Cardmember did not receive any direct Offer communication from American Express but enrolls his/her Card account for the Offer, the Card account will not be eligible for the Offer
    – Spend must be posted to the Card account by April 15, 2019 to be eligible for this Offer. If the merchant partner does not submit the initiated charge, to be posted to your Card account, during this period, the spend may not be eligible for this Offer.
    – E-Voucher will expire after 60 days from the date of delivery of the voucher
    – This voucher cannot be clubbed with any other Offer currently live on American Express Domestic Travel including cashbacks, discounts etc. on a particular American Express Card
    – The voucher cannot be transferred or gifted to another person. Voucher can only be redeemed in conjunction with an American Express Card eligible under Offer.

  22. Nithish

    Have you received the voucher?
    I have received the fulfillment message, but haven’t received the voucher. Please suggest.


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