New Goa Airport Lounge – Good Times Bar Review

By | February 12, 2020

This article is contributed by Mouli, a long time reader & contributor at Cardexpert. Here’s his review of the newest airport lounge in Goa: Good Times Bar.

I didn’t have any expectation because of the previous reviews about the Goa Port Lounge which was probably the worst airport lounge in India known. While on the way to boarding gate, I saw a guy walking with TFS in his dress and I enquired about the lounge access. He mentioned the new lounge location and few other details.

It appears that the lounge was opened this late 2019, hardly few months old when I accessed the lounge. Here’s a quick review & some snaps,


You can see the Good Times Bar opposite to Gate D and E in the domestic departure.


Lady in the reception said we can have buffet soft drinks as complimentary but only for selective cards. This is the first lounge that mentioned card names that are accepted and they didnt allow me to go through the list or take a snap of the list of Accepted cards,still I managed to find few that I listed below. A lot of people were unable to use their cards in the lounge.

  • HDFC Diners, Infinia
  • SBI Prime and Elite
  • Yes First
  • HDFC Platinum Debit card
  • IDFC First Debit Card


Interiors are good but its not big, around 75 can be seated and not all the tables has charging point.


Dinner Buffet: It has good number of options and food was delicious. They had a mix of all cusines: Pasta, Noodles, Sandwhich, Rice, Briyani, Chicken gravy. Best of all is the desert Strawberry Chenna and another Chocolate mix.


  • CardExpert Rating: 4/5

A new airport lounge in Goa is definitely a great news as its one of the prime holiday destination in the country. That said, it seems they decided to limit the access only to premium cards to avoid the crowd. This may of-course change in future.

Ideally they should have 2 or more lounges at Goa Airport to accommodate everyone. What say?

Have you been to the newly opened Goa Airport Lounge? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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55 thoughts on “New Goa Airport Lounge – Good Times Bar Review

  1. Sam

    I accessed this lounge using my Diners/Infinia in November, so this has been open for a few months now. It’s a decent lounge, albeit a bit crowded. Buffet is good, but limited snack options, and only a few soft drinks available.

  2. Gautam

    Hi Mouli,

    Good review.
    Going next month with friends , who don’t have the cards mentioned in your post..A couple of questions
    1. Did they insist that name on the boarding pass match with name on the card?
    2.Safe to assume that even PPs will also not be accepted?

  3. Mouli


    1 No, I used 2 of my credit cards for my friends and they said explicitly that they don’t check for names
    2. I think If you use PP in domestic lounge, it would be charged and I haven’t tried PP so far


    1. Gautam


      1. Thanks for confirming. Now I am certain at least 2 people can access the lounge.
      2. My PPs just say complimentary access, don’t explicitly mention only International lounges. Any way I can get this checked?


      1. Prashant Agrawal

        Depends on the kind of PP issued by the bank. Best to check if ‘only international’ is mentioned on bank website or card welcome letter.

        If it’s not, it can most probably be used for both. Typically issued for high-end card like YFE.

    2. Udit

      I always use Priority Pass to access lounge in Mumbai and Delhi. Never been charged a dime.

        1. Prashant Tekriwal

          I beg to differ here. I once used my Yes First PP in Bangalore Domestic Airport and I was charged Rs ~2200 (inc. Tax).

    3. Sharathkumar Anbu

      If am travelling with my friends, I can use my additional cards for friends but if they carry my card and enter lounge, they won’t be allowed.

      There should be at least one boarding pass matching the card holder name.

      1. Mouli

        Sharathkumar Anbu,

        Not everywhere.there were instances where my friend carried my card in my absence and still he was allowed.
        Even in Goa its same,they are not expecting that at least 1 name should be matched

      2. Prashant Agrawal

        Depends on the person at counter and lounge discretion. Some check, some allow.

  4. Vipy

    Hi Mouli, nice review of the lounge. Could you confirm if priority pass is accepted at this particular lounge?

    1. Mouli

      Pranav Sharma,Vipy

      Sorry,I am not sure on PP. I don’t remember seeing PP in the accepted list

  5. Sudheer

    Do they accept any Visa infinite debit card and SC ultimate credit card?
    and what about Amex platinum/platinum travel credit cards?

    1. Mouli


      Few guys came with Amex and it was not accepted.One thing here is that they don’t accept anything in general like visa ,master.Few bank visa card they are accepting

      To be safer on the safer side ,you shall carry all you have

      The accepted card list was big and they didn’t allow to take a snap of that

  6. Nikhil

    I Accessed this lounge on 29 sep 2019 with my HDFC diners black for me and Yes premia card for my friend, They don’t check card names with boarding pass. The lounge is quite small, though food quality was decent.

  7. neil

    i was in Goa this week and casually asked if this was a lounge. to my surprise it was. they have a sheet with photocopies of cards they accept. They categorically rejected Regalia. Was able to get thru with IndusInd AMEX Voyage. they offer a 200 ml Coke or sprite. The food selection is very elementary but better than paying 250 bucks for a Subway ;-). Alcohol is available on paid basis.

  8. Arnab Chaudhuri

    Is ICICI Emeralde Amex accepted there ??? or INDUSIND legend signatue card ???

    1. Sandesh Lavti

      ICICI emeralde amex is accepted.
      Indusind legend signature card not in the list but u may try.

  9. Umesh

    I was in Goa and used this last Sunday only. My observations

    1. Limited but good food options. Taste was good
    2. Small area but we were 5 and didn’t had problem getting the place.
    3. Not all cards are accepted and again it depends on the varient.
    HDFC Infinia – Visa only . Mastercard is not allowed. Same with Regalia
    Yes first preferred and exclusive – Master card
    Strangely none of Amex direct cards are accepted I believe. However they accept Amex issued by other banks such as ICICI, INDUS ETC…

  10. Dhruvil Patel

    Much awaited article & must needed lounge. Visited Goa 3 times in 2019 & with 6 high end credit cards in wallet still sat ideal.
    Thanks Sid & Mouli, a big thumbs up for this info & contribution.

  11. Mouli


    What time you went there?
    I was there during the dinner time and options were as good as in any other lounge.It has lot of options for both veg and non-veg

    1. neil

      I was there at about 2 pm. very limited options atleast for vegetarians. They had Rice – dal!!!! i finally grabbed some red pasta and few spinach corn sandwiches.

  12. Neil P

    Thanx for the info. I regularly travel to Goa, and this is very welcoming news.

  13. Rohit

    Nothing Surprising if they are restricting. Been to Chennai lounge domestic yesterday and it was so much crowded that i Had to stand and eat 🙂 was there during lunch and food was incredible much better than KLIA airport 🙂
    Didn’t expect that especially with domestic terminal. But the crowd had to stand in line for swiping .HIgh time they have a separate lounge for super premium cards and PP.

  14. Nilesh Desai

    A few people asked about the Priority Pass is usable or not. We were in Goa towards the end of Jan and were a large group. I specifically asked about PP and the lady said PP is not acceptable.

    But I guess there are a lot of cards which are accepted, I didn’t catch the full list. We used the following to get 12 of us.
    Infinia, HDFC Diners Black, HDFC Platinum Debit, SC Ultimate, Yes First.

    Multiple of each of these were used including add ons.

  15. Chintan Shah

    I have visited the lounge on 17th Feb with my Indusind Iconia Amex Card along with Addon card with my wife. To my observation they are not checking name on credit card and they just inform us they will charge Rs.1 /- and inform me that buffet soft drinks as complimentary and it is kind of restaurant type as every one come inside take the drink based on menu provided so there is no exclusive for some premium credit card holders or pass holders only.

    The buffet is good they provide both option for buffet Veg and Non Veg, in soft drinks they provide option of Sprite, Pepsi, Miranda and Cappuccino also.

  16. Vineel

    I do not understand why the other cards are not accepted in this place.
    The food was border line stale. Place was extremely cramped and doesn’t even have a washroom.
    In terms of hygiene, I have seen rats in this place.
    Goa airport should have a lounge as a lot of flights get delayed from this airport.
    In all I found this place so bad that I had complain about it.
    Extremely astonished by 4 star review

    1. Mouli


      Seems you are talking about old restaurant.This is a lounge and you can check most of the comments also ,all mentioned food is good/decent
      When I went food was good.Most of the lounges wont have washroom inside the lounge

  17. Sandesh Lavti

    the following is currently List of cards accepted at Goa airport good times lounge February 2020.
    1)HDFC Diners Club
    2) HDFC Infinia visa
    3)HDFC easygo platinum debit card visa
    4)Indusind Celesta American Express cc
    5)Kotak Royale visa
    6) SBI Airindia visa
    7)SBI elite visa
    8)SBI prime visa
    9)Yesbank FIRST preferred MasterCard
    10)IDFC debit card visa signature
    11)bank of Baroda premier visa signature
    12)icici emeralde amex/MasterCard
    13)axis bank Burgundy debit card visa/mastercard
    14)DBS platinum treasures visa
    15)TAV passport
    16)TAV passport edition
    17)TAV pasport plus
    18)HDFC corporate cc visa platinum

    NOTE : I don’t know about this TAV passport cards but I read on its website that it allows primary holder can take 1 guest along and children upto age of 18.

    2 of my friends enterd it.
    1 reviewed food as okay and other reviewed very poor food quality.

  18. Sudheer

    I was in this lounge today. They don’t accept SC cards ( I have ultimate card). They accepted Diners black and any AMEX variant ICICI card (I have ICICI Sapphiro card)
    Food options was not great. Just ok

    1. Jambui

      Yes first is also mastercard world variant same as ultimate mastercard variant.
      If yes first is accepted and ulitmate not then definitely sc problem no mastercard.

  19. Pranab

    @Sandesh Lavti,
    I’ve Infinia Mastercard variant (and PP also). So I can’t access the lounge!!

  20. Sudheer

    Yes… she said that they don’t accept Standard charactered cards. Mine is SC Ultimate master card. May be they accept other master cards.

  21. Karthik

    How about acceptance of hdfc platinum debit card, mastercard variant? Unfortunately I have regalia also in mastercard Variant. The only visa I have is citibank rewards and amazon pay icici. Those are no where in premium category.

  22. Sandesh Lavti

    I have mentioned HDFC infinia visa variant and not master.
    They don’t accept master card other than few credit cards of master card listed.
    I have listed all cards which were accepted with their accepted variants.

  23. Karthik

    Well I went today, icici coral visa is not accepted. Rubyx and sapphiro only allowed. Hdfc preferred platinum too was not accepted, reason being mastercard. Alas, hdfc corporate card is the one which got me in. If its corporate, both visa and Master are accepted, irrespective of the variants.

  24. Leslie Pinto

    This lounge accepted my sbi platinum visa credit card. It is located opposite gate F on the domestic departure holding area. It can seat about 30 odd people so it’s a bit smaller than other airport lounges. At lunch time, on offer, was a buffet with a limited number of dishes but whatever was there were prepared well and tasty. Biryani, chicken and vegetables masala, dal, salads, pasta, and sandwiches.
    Beer and other alcoholic drinks were very pricy for Goa standards.
    Still having a few hours to kill we settled in the lounge area in comfortable sofas.

  25. Goan guy

    Hey thats great news. I travel frequently and rued the fact that Goas lounge had not restarted for quite some time now. Good to know. Looks OK, not great though. Infinia and YFE should grant access.
    This is a great site, Siddarth, Thank you so much. So much information here. The commentators are enlightening as well. So many informed users. Thanks for the heads up.

  26. Vinod Babu

    This lounge is closed now (2nd March), due to Covid-19 pandemic. Was hoping to use my Infinia/Yes first exclusive here

  27. Ajai Singh

    The lounge is OPEN again but they accept very few cards and I will list them from memory since they did not allow me to take pic’s

    1. Diners “Got in with my wife’s addon”
    2. HDFC Platinum Debit Card
    3. Corporate cards from ICICI & HDFC
    4. IDFC cards

    Do note my HDFC Infinia, Priority Pass, Amex Platinum and Axis Burgundy
    Debit Card failed to get me in. The food was not bad but the pleasure to have a few beers before domestic flight is quite desirable wonder why they stopped serving the same in domestic flight.


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