Goa Port Lounge (Domestic) Review

By | February 12, 2020

Update: This lounge is now closed & new one is open. Checkout the new lounge here: Goa Airport Lounge – Good Times Bar Review

On my way back to Bangalore from Goa, me & my friend planned to visit Goa Port lounge to have some bites and take some rest. We were bit tired after long wait on checked baggage queues and I was really in need of some food & juices to cover my lunch for the day.

Basically Goa Airport was way too much crowded, i’ve never seen such a crowd even in a Railway station. Almost all seats were filled up and it was too noisy. We found the lounge and entered in finally.


Goa Port Lounge cum Restaurant (Domestic)

My Experience at Goa Port Lounge (Domestic):

First thing first. Its NOT a lounge. Its basically a RESTAURANT and of-course crowded as it has free access for everyone in the airport. Apart from restaurant tables & chairs, there are 3-4 sofa sets to give you a lounge experience and it can accommodate only very few people.

On top of that, unlike other lounges, there is no wifi & food is limited by 1 Snack + 1 Drink. That’s very bad for the kind of royalty Priority Pass holders have.


Inside Goa Port Lounge (Domestic)

My bad, i missed my Priority Pass card at home and am unable to enjoy the benefits. I did however mentioned my Priority pass number to see if they can help me. But the manager on desk never mind to listen to what i speak, no kindness in talks, nothing. Very poor hospitality. They never mind even if you move out because its the only restaurant in the airport and basically enjoying the monopoly in the space.

My Friend did have master card and so he ordered Pizza + Canned Juice as complimentary and i went with a burger on paid basis. Burger & pizza were good, juice was not upto the mark. At least they have complimentary water bottle. nothing else you can expect in the so called lounge. Some snaps below.


Goa Port Lounge Menu


Pizza at Goa port Lounge

Facilities at Goa Port Lounge:

  • Wifi: No
  • Food: Yes (limited). 1 Snack + 1 Drink.
  • Workstation: No
  • Ambiance: Crowded & noisy. Its a restaurant.
  • Recharge Station: No
  • Complimentary Access on: Most Indian Mastercards, Priority Pass, Diners Cards
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 2/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

As you can see from above, its in no way compared to the concept of a “lounge” however its just a place to take a bite if you’re hungry. At-least something is better than nothing. Its a big disappointment for me as i initially had expectations like Bangalore Plaza Premium Lounge and ended up in a noisy restaurant with no private space to take rest. Do you have any experience in Goa Port Lounge? Share your experiences below.

Author: Siddharth

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37 thoughts on “Goa Port Lounge (Domestic) Review

  1. Prashant Agrawal

    Hehe. I took some time believing that this was a *lounge*. Everything from service, behavior, food to ambiance is crappy. I felt like I wasted a PP visit. This is despite Goa airport is quite a popular airport.

    And I agree, no competition has probably led to this farce owing to guaranteed footfall. They’ll come in line the day another lounge (TFS?) opens up.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, you could have used some Mastercard instead. PP visits are precious 😀
      No idea about the new lounge. Airport itself is so much crowded.

  2. Anush

    The staff in restaurant ( aka lounge :p ) don’t know its a lounge. I had to show him the master card website and swipe the card myself in the POS still he phoned his boss and confirmed :D, but he was kind enough to let me do it at 5:10AM 😉

  3. Alan doulton

    Very poor service for master card holders. Counter staff and waiters play the fool with customers, pretend that the card does not work. Makes customer experience very humiliating.

  4. Manoj Menon

    Lousy service… First thing the waiter said was they close between 7.20pm to 8.30pm for cleaning… And when I asked if we need to move out he bluntly said we close down. Never experienced such a lounge in any airport and we are trying to promote tourism in India….

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I also noticed the entire Goa is like that. Poor hospitality everywhere except in star hotels.

  5. thomas

    went to port lounge/restaurant 2 days ago. staff are much more organised. they accept mastercard , amex, visa, pp. the lady at counter was very helpful. we swipe the card they dont check whose it is meaning if u have multiple cards whole family can use it. its a restaurant so grab a seat quickly. a fixed menu is there once u give the waiter ur pos printout he asks what we require 1 snack and 1 drink from menu.

  6. Ajinkya Patil

    Haha…just experienced the crappiest lounge in India !!!

    I was told tha those “sofas” are apparently only for business class folks (and that too Jet only). Any card or PP won’t get you access to these “sofas” 😀

    I swiped a couple of Mastercards for me and my wife for the food and it was just like what you have mentioned. Smelly chicken sandwich and oily fries n cutlet. Cold coffee and lemon soda was okayish.

    Filed a complaint with Mastercard too about denial of “lounge privileges” a.k.a. sofas !!!

    Goa seriously deserve a better lounge or at least a real lounge !!!!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Never mind, those sofa’s were not that comfortable either 😛

  7. Pawan

    They have increased one more item to lounge menu choose from bread toast or french fries or samosa. Though I was told samosa is out of stock even before I started.
    Though Wouldn’t have ordered either stoll I saw they gave to somebody else who paid from out of pocket. So basically they are taking us for granted becoz we don’t have any other options & ultimately they would be paid by Mastercard or rupay etc.

    They got a new way of denying the sofa section at last now, saying it’s for delayed jet Airways flight for whom no one arrived for time i was there.
    The waiter with eye defect was ahole who brought me tap water in glass instead of bottled water which was complimentary.
    Worst lounge even restaurant.
    I told my self won’t waste pp visit on these dholes.

    1. Hari

      I was there yesterday and was told the sofa section was for Jet Airways Business class customers only. I was asked to first find a table at the restaurant before swiping my card as it was overcrowded. The service is pathetic to say the least. I wish someone set up a real lounge.

  8. Aman

    pls confirm if the visa card is accepted here ? i have hdfc jet privilege debit card visa varient ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Visa Lounge collection is getting bigger this year. So yes, you may get access if the upgrade is done in the lounge.

    2. Raulnayak

      Yes. Visa card has access. Now Visa has 36 lounges all across India and Goa’s Port Lounge is a part of it.

      1. Naeemahemad

        Now they have 29 Lounges, they removed one of the best lounge from Mumbai international airport (clipper lounge now change to loyalty lounge) and they have discontinue tie up with, recently i denied entry on my SBI Card Prime

  9. Urluck

    It was very busy and small area U have to play musical chair to get sitting table and chair.
    They will swipe ur MasterCard and against this payslip, waiter will take order for 2 snacks and 1 drink from fixed menus. Food and service was ok.
    Veg cutlets will be served with 2 plain bread slice and French fried.
    Pizza will take 20-25 mins and risky if flight is in time.

  10. Ram Charan

    Went with family yesterday and the service was not good at all . To call this a lounge is misleading – this is small restaurant with limited air conditioning and ambience is not great . If you are used to the better airport lounge like Delhi – you will be terribly disappointed . They treat you like you are stealing something if you “swipe the card” (PP) as opposed to pay the bill ! Quality of food – pizzas were really bad !

  11. Hitesh

    Hi Sid / others,
    Does Goa Lounge comes for free visit under Master or PP ? Do they provide complimentary food ?
    I do not find it in the list of Master , Visa or PP .
    Can you or someone confirm the latest. I am planning to go to Goa , early next year.
    And suggest which card should be swiped, pp or Master ? I hope it will count as 1 entry.

  12. Ankush

    As per Google, Goa port lounge has been permanent closed. Not sure if there is any other lounge newly opened after that. Anyone recently visited there may confirm.

  13. TG

    The only way to have them add a proper lounge in Goa or any other airport is to give feedback.
    Cardexpert readers should to send a feedback email/call to their respective credit cards, banks and PP, DragonPass requesting them to add the lounges. Greater number of feedback and request will increase the odds.

  14. slo

    No lounge in Goa airport- either on the domestic or international side. They are closed for some time now.

  15. Dennis Dmonty

    I was not allowed in the Goa Good Times Bar lounge as the lady at the counter said that the icici coral visa card was not in their list….that was kind of strange.


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