Hdfc Moneyback Credit Card Review

By | November 20, 2020

Update: This is an outdated product. If you’re already holding it or thinking to get this as a fresh card, consider taking HDFC Millennia credit card instead.


Hdfc Moneyback Credit Card – the best cashback credit card in india


Hdfc Moneyback Credit Card is one of the best cashback credit cards available in the India which gives reward points on all retail spends with few exceptions like government bills and such. The accumulated reward points can be redeemed to cashback at the rate of Rs.40 for every 100 points you earn through spending.

This is one of the very few credit cards that gives you reward points across all expenses, i mean, almost all other credit cards with cashback feature usually gives you cashback on certain spends like supermarket expenses, groceries, etc. But with this card, you can earn reward points on all spend categories. Also, unlike other credit cards you can earn unlimited rewards, however, make sure to redeem them within 2 years as they expire post that duration.

On every purchase you make you’ll accrue reward points which can be converted into direct cashback into your credit card account which gets adjusted in next billing cycle. The most exciting thing about the card is that You get 2x reward points on online spends. So this is the best credit card in beginner level if you’re making quite a lot of online purchases.

Tip: If your monthly expenses are less, you can also use HDFC platinum DEBIT card to avail 1% cashback up to Rs.750 per month.

How to Redeem HDFC Moneyback Reward Points to Cash:

Update: You can now redeem points from the net banking itself. No longer need to follow below steps.
Thanks to our reader “balaji” for the info. To redeem your reward points on your Titanium Edge / Platinum Edge / MoneyBack / Solitaire / Business MoneyBack credit card towards CashBack, fill the form and drop it at your nearest HDFC Bank Credit Cards drop box. Terms & conditions are,

  1. Cashback will be credited to your card account within 10 working days from the date of receipt of this form.
  2. Cashback though credited within 10 working days will reflect only in your subsequent credit card statement.
  3. Minimum 500 Reward Points (as per the last statement balance) should be available in card account, to process this request.
  4. Maximum Reward Points available for redemption will be as per the last statement.
  5. Redemption fee of Rs. 75 will not be applicable while redeeming Reward Points as cashback.

This is an awesome feature of the card. For example, if you have 10,000 points on this card, you can get Rs.4000 as cash credit on your Credit card billing Account. So you don’t need to deal with limited catalog redemption options as like other cards.

Critical Update: From June 1st 2016 onwards, 1 Reward Point= Rs.0.30 (it was 0.40 earlier) and all online spends gives you only 2X reward points (it was 3X earlier). Now the most popular product of  HDFC gets devalued heavily.

Are you a self employed professional/businessman? You can get HDFC Business Moneyback card instead of the retail card. Business Variant still gets you 3X reward points on many catagories.

Features of Hdfc Moneyback Credit Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 2.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]
  • Reward rate: Upto 0.8% Cashback (As Reward points to Cashback redemption)
  • Cashback Conditions: You get only 0.4% Cashback on merchant outlets/stores. 0.8% cashback on all Online retail spends.
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Nil
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Capped at Rs. 250 every billing cycle (S.Tax applicable).
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: First year fee reversed if you spend Rs. 10,000 in first 90 days of card set-up date and renewal fee reversed if you spend Rs. 50,000 in a year (Else Renewal Fee: Rs.500)
  • Special Features: No limits on earning reward points.

Related Information:

If you’re a beginner getting started with a new credit card, HDFC bank’s Moneyback Credit Card is the must have card in your wallet. Almost anyone can apply for this card who has a savings account with HDFC bank and approval is quite easy for this card. Have you used this card? Do reply with your comments below 🙂

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277 thoughts on “Hdfc Moneyback Credit Card Review

  1. Naresh

    HDFC credit card services are very nice if u make payment of outstanding amount correct time.I got cash back of 2300 rupees with 10 months also I got life time free card now with out any charges

    1. Mohan Gajjala

      Hi sir i am mohan gajjala from hyderabad. .I apply for hdfc money back credit card. ..this is the first time I am using the credit card. …tell me the advantages. .and disadvantage of credit card ..and show me the points ..

      1. Vaibhav Phalke

        You get 3x,2x cash back on online shopping which is now 5%normally but increase while online shopping.
        Also due Smartpay option available in this card the annually charges get cancelled and also their is no joining fees.
        fuel service charges also get cancelled when you fill fuel with in the range of 400Rs-5000Rs.

  2. Balaji

    How is the redemption of points in this money back ?? Do the points get convert to cash back and reflects in the credit card statement? Or we have to redeem through their redemption site as gift vouchers?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve mentioned it above in the same post, yes, the points can be converted into cashback and reflects in the next credit card statement 🙂

      1. Balaji

        Sorry, my bad. Couldn’t notice that . BTW does it require certain threshold of points to get accumulated and if so how many ?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Not sure Balaji, but should be very minimum, less than 1000 RP i suppose.

        2. Shashwat

          Minimum 2500 Reward Points required for redemption.

      2. Yuva

        Hi sid

        Pls tell me the prcc of stop the plan which is card safety like we missed the card and they offer some kind of policies. They charged rs 1799 in my credit limit and also they said if u dnt hv intrst in this plan u can deactivate within 45 days. Pls tel me how to deactive this plan and get money back


          1. Muralidharan

            Whether money-back Visa platium eligible for 10X offer from smartbuy? I booked flight ticket, but 10X point not yet credited.

  3. Gaurav

    I m applying for hdfc moneyback card and this is furst time in world of credit card so i m not aware about it. HDFC says that it is lifetime free but above u have mentioned that first year fee and some renewal fee will be reversed. Can u plz clarify is there any charges as annual fee or renewal fee ? I m bit worried about these type of hidden charges, if applicable. Also plz tell me that what is meant by interest on credit card. I have read somewhere that 3-4 % monthly is charged on some credit cards. What is it charged on…. Is it on the spent amount on the card ?
    Plz help urgently ….

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Bank sometimes offers lifetime free card, if you’re said so, you can trust it.
      Interest will be charged only when you did not pay the CC bill on or before due date.
      Interest on outstanding bill is insanely high and varies from 30%-45%
      if you wish to carry forward balance, either make it as EMI or take loan on credit card.

  4. Ramakrishna

    I have 2576 cashback points in my MoneyBack HDFC credit card. Can anyone suggest the way to convert them to money?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ramakrishna, Just Login to netbanking and redeem your points. It will be credited into your Credit card account which will be adjusted on your next CC bill statement.

      1. Tanmoy Rajguru

        I just did that. Lets see how much time it takes for processing. So it seems there is no need for physically filling the form for the cashback?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, they’ve simplified the process and devalued the points in turn.

  5. Ravi


    I have just received my new HDFC Back Credit Card and I want to know about the Fuel Surcharge Waiver process and limits of this credit card and on which all petrol pump it will work.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      For fuel surcharge waiver, you don’t need to do anything, just swipe and forget, they’ll reverse the charges every month, probably upon bill generation. It works with any petrol bunk. Check out HDFC Netbanking for current limits on your card.

      1. Mohammed

        If we fill the fuel below 400 rs then what is the charges for that transaction?

  6. Sreenivas

    I have money back card and I didn’t get any cash back since 3 bills , when I spoke to customer care they says the transaction more than 2000 only will be given cash back..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Check netbanking for available reward points on your card. You can ask customer care to convert them to Cashback if you meet their minimum reward points for cashback redemption. Usually you need to send a letter for Cashback redemption.

  7. sreedhar

    I would like to buy laptop worth 52000 with this credit card, and like to pay in EMI..
    Could you please suggest me in steps..

    Thanks in advance..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just pay as usual on your card and check your statement after 2 days.
      You’ll find option to convert to EMI.
      Note: There is a 0.99% offer at the moment until month end along with processing fee waiver. Make use of it 🙂

  8. Satish

    Hi siddarth,
    I have 5000 reward points In platinum plus card.but my cc is expiring Jan 01 2016.these reward points will forward to next renewal credit card or not?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It will be carry forwarded to new card. However, i suggest you to redeem them and upgrade to moneyback card as it gives far better reward points than Platinum Plus.

      1. Purvesh

        Customer Care providing me Upgrade to Regalia Card. Can you please tell me Difference in the Both Money Back and Regalia, What is pro and cons of both cards.

  9. Siva


    I have 3 credit cards, i want to close 2 credit cards and keep only one. which one is better from the below

    SBI IRCTC Visa platinum Card
    Citi bank Rewards Card
    HDFC Money back card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      SBI IRCTC card is Great option if you’re a frequent train traveller.
      Citi bank Rewards card is good if most of your expenses are with their partner outlets (as they have 10x rewards)
      If you don’t mind about above, yes, Moneyback is the best for variety of uses. Especially for online purchases, you get 3X reward points which is great in this segment.

      1. Siva

        Hi Siddharth,

        i want to keep only one, and i want to use it for only paying bills (electricity, Goods, phone etc..), and online purchases. Can you please suggest one. Thank you.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          HDFC Money back card will be the best choice then.

  10. Shekar Patwardhan


    I am planning to get the Money back credit card, can you let me know the breakup for cash which can be withdrawal+ amt that can be spent on online or outlet purchases. Is it 60-40??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Anywhere around 40% cash limit, not sure as it varies from customer profile to profile. But Cash w/d has insane interest rates. instead, take “insta loan” on card that will give you funds into your savings a/c in few mins.

      1. saherab

        but what if i have HDFC Credit card but dont have a saving account in HDFC?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I think they issue as Cheque in that case. Talk to customer care.

  11. srujan

    Can I transfer the amount from credit card to other saving bank account…. If it’s just let me know the process for it pls.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its possible if you use “HDFC Insta Loan” that comes with some interest though. Credit limit gets blocked and you can get cash in your savings a/c in few mins. You need to pay an EMI then on.

  12. siva

    Hi, Am very new to credit cards, I have applied for HDFC Moneyback but one of my friend said that this card doesnot offer EMI facility… Please expalin me about the EMI and the interest rate of the EMI on this card…

    Thanks in advance….. 🙂

  13. shan


    I am new to credit card .. I have applied for HDFC money back card .. wat would be the credit limit .. and what would be the time limit to pay back .. If I pay before due date is der any charges for that like interest ? and how do pay dat …

    thnks in advance ☺

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Your credit card limit depends upon your monthly income. no, you don’t need to pay interest if you clear dues within due date (usually 50 days)

  14. amit

    hello siddharth,

    i have applied for money back credit card and my documentation is also done by there representative please let me know the expected time of arrival of it and also if i have to pay annual maintenance charges for it i would rather like to apply for lifetime free card how can i check this

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Usually you’ll get the card within 10-15 days. You’ll get a call during approval, just ask for Lifetime free offer if they have any. There is spend base waiver as well.

  15. Vijayendra Pratap Singh

    I want to buy a LED TV from online or retail outlet from my city. Can i convert the payment made threw this card to EMI? I call helpline and they told me that it depend on the retailer that he will provide the facility for EMI on the card? I am confused about that.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      All cards come with EMI facility by default. If you doubt, open your account statement and click on “check eligibility” for EMI which will be right next to your each transaction.

  16. Rajesh

    Hi , recently i have received my money back card. at the time of registration. i hve asked for lifetime free card. but on brocher i received it mentioned thsn it will waive off on spent of 50000 per year. kindly advise. second i would like to change my cc cycle on 20th of every month. now it is 16. what is the process for it.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Charges maybe printed by default on Brochure. Just drop them an email whether your card is a LTF & about Billing cycle. You generally get right answer over email CC than over phone.

  17. yashwant

    I need a high credit card limit against Fixed Deposit (10-15Lakhs). Can I get HDFC Moneyback Credit Card Against Fixed Deposit?

    Also, can I get accelerated reward points on International Transactions in Foreign Currency Transactions. (Mostly in USD).

    Is there any upper cap on no of reward points I can get every month?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, you can get 80% of your FD as Credit limit. Moneyback card is a beginner card. With 10L range, go for HDFC Regalia credit card. It has lower markup fee with USD transactions.

      1. yashwant

        Thanks for the confirmation Siddharth. I have checked Regalia Credit Card Also but looks like that doesn’t have option of converting reward points in Cashback.

        Also Money Back Card gives 6 points on 150 v/s 4 points on 150 on Regalia card for online transactions. Correct me if my information is wrong.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          True that, you can save 1.5% directly as cashback. With regalia 2% you can save, but yes, not as direct cashback, but you can use it for recharge/flight/hotel/movie booking.
          100 Regalia RP = 75RS.
          100 Moneyback RP = 40RS.
          Note that point “value” is important.

      2. MATHY EC

        Hi Siddharth,

        Your answers really helping lot people I really appreciate it..I have a question I recently bought a money back card How do I know on which day of month is my billing date or due date?

          1. Arun

            Hi Siddharth,
            I want you to suggest me, which card i have to apply. Easy EMI or Moneyback card. which can give me a good benefit

  18. Dr Kiran

    Sidharth, it’s nice of you answer to all de queries put forward by beginners in the credit card era. Me too am a beginner doctor by profession, I want to take a credit card confused between Hdfc doctors super is and money back card. I usually purchase through online and shopping using my debit card as of now, not a frequent traveller or dinning out. So could you help me on which card to go about?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Moneyback card is the better than Doctor’s superia. Yes, with Online purchases, you’ll get pretty great reward points. hope it helps 🙂

  19. Arkaprava Majumder

    I have hdfc money back credir card, credit card limit is 50k.

    1st Q: how much amount I can spent with that card? can purchase a product with 49999 ?

    2nd Q: i want to buy two product worth 30,000 and 40,000 respectively with EMI. emi plan is 6 month with 6500 and 7000 respectively. should i purchase with 50k card limit?

    please suggest.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s 70k in total. In that case, you can buy only one product, either 30k or 40k as you cant exceed your credit limit.

  20. Dip

    Hello Siddharth,
    Im very beginner to the Credit Card. I like this HDFC Money Back card after reading the reviews. I have SBI salary account n net banking with SBI but i don’t possess any HDFC account. So am I eligible to apply for this card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Dip, Yes you can. Get in touch with your nearest HDFC branch.

      1. Dip

        Thanks so much Bhai Siddharth, will send u mail if i have any difficulty.

  21. Anoop Rajan

    I have started using HDFC money back credit card, it says “Fuel Surcharge Waiver capped at Rs. 250 every billing cycle (ST applicable)” is that means the fuel surcharges on cards pay will be get back for a minimum of Rs.250 fuel bill. and is this fuel purchase is eligible for reward points? for example im having a monthly petrol bill up to Rs.3000 then what will be the final surcharge and how many reward points i will get???

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Fuel surcharge = 2.5% x(fuel purchase)
      Maximum Fuel surcharge = 2.5% x(Rs.10,000) = Rs.250/bill
      Minimum Fuel purchase at once = Rs.400

      So, for your bill of Rs.3000/m, you fall within the limits. Hope it helps.

      1. dr sathish

        Dear sid,
        Here you have missed something very important. Even we fall within the 250/bill cycle they charge Service Tax. for example i spend 2000rs for fuel, they collect 7rs. 51 rs surcharge has been refunded! This 7rs is a loss from ourside.

  22. John

    I will be getting hdfc platinum money back credit card. But from customer care I got a call that they will be giving for medical health card and also they will charge Rs.2799 for card protection plan. I don’t want to have above features.Is that compulsory to get it?

  23. Balaji

    I have switch my HDFC VISA Signature card to VISA MoneyBack card and I retained all the reward points as the conversion factor for points is 100%. The point value is really high in MoneyBack card if encashed. For 11K points if redeemed you get a INR2500 worth laptop backpack but when encashed each point is worth 40paise which converts to INR4400.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for redemption info, its added to main content. True, cashback is good option.
      But Signature card (incase of regalia) has 75ps/point value which gives Rs.8250 for 11k points, against Rs.4400 on Moneyback. However, yes, it can be best used if you book air tickets. I’m waiting long time for them to add bill pay option, which will be helpful to use the reward points easily. Catalog redemption is useless as always.

  24. Sona

    I would like to know what is the annual fees for the money back HDFC Credit Card after the second or third year.

    Please Reply.

    1. Remon Nady

      If your employer is listed company of HDFC then its free for lifetime. If not then it will be charged. 500 p.a

  25. Nilesh

    Hi Sid,
    What is the difference between Money Back CC & Business Money Back CC ? Both are same or Different ?
    In above reviews somewhere it shows Life time free CC & Somewhere shows renewal charges 500/- after 2nd year, what is mean by life time CC?
    Can you please give me a clarity so that I can go ahead for Money Back CC.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. Business Money Back CC is bit different and is also better. (issued only to self-employed)
      2. It depends on what you’re offered by the bank. Usually if you hold savings a/c with good standing HDFC gives lifetime free CC.

  26. Chenrichy Shankar

    While I am purchasing from online i preferred on COD delivery. On this I swipe my credit card on the United Bank Of India POS Swipe machine.

    My doubt is whether any service charges for using my HDFC Moneyback CC in the UBI swipe machine.

    Also Please explain Add-On HDFC Cards and its charges and how to apply.???


    1. Siddharth Post author

      No charges for swiping anywhere.
      3 Add on cards are free on most HDFC cards, check with bank to apply.

  27. Pravin

    Hi Sid,

    My titanium edge CC converted to Superior Money back credit card. Is this card OK. I have no saving a/c in HDFC bank. So this is not life time free.But Customer care says this card is life time free.What is the meaning of APR ?It’s showing 40% for this card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      If customer care says lifetime card, then not to worry. Bank has many ways to provide LTF cards. APR is related to interest placed on the balance brought forward to next month. Its very high in most cards.

  28. Mahendra


    Is there any app available on play store for using the credit card like other banks have there own app for credit card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, there is no separate app, you can still view the card info from HDFC app itself.

  29. Remon Nady

    I am using HDFC MoneyBack VISA Platinum Credit Card but want to change this to MoneyBack Master Card…But is there any difference between both card. Pls someone revert.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      There is no difference. Visa is always better.

  30. Ganraj Shrigadi

    Hello Siddharth,

    It’s been great watching all these replies from you. I am using Credit Card for the first time and its the HDFC money back that I opted for. I just wanted to know that when does the available balance reflect in your account? Is it after paying the lump sum outstanding amount or it gets reflected on the statement date. I know you might have got this but just wanna give an example here. Assume limit is 10k, you spent 7k and week after you pay 3k, so now new o/s amt is 4k. So when does new o/s amt starts reflecting?

    Also the cust care don’t answer our queries properly, i just wanted to convert the amount into EMI after purchasing a product through credit card. I had a call with cust care and they said that your card does not have any offer and you can’t convert any into EMI. Could you please help me out understanding on this?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      New Outstanding reflects within 24 hrs if you pay via HDFC savings a/c. Else it might take 2-3 days if you pay via VISA billpay/NEFT. Yes, EMI offers keep changing from time to time, usually every month they change interest rates & eligibility of card to avail EMI.

  31. D Vasanth Kumar

    Dear Siddharth,

    I am using HDFC CC for the past four years. Initially, I got titanium card, then I upgraded as platinum plus and now recently I got upgraded to money back card…

    But I had nearly 20000 points in my platinum plus CC card, but the customer care executive said 70% (13000) points only transferred to money back card.. I accepted this and I got the money back card.. Is it right? Now I thought this is not a better option.. Kindly advise for the above… Also tell me the features of money back card, except redemption part ie., (Rs. 40 per. 100 points)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This is a better choice because you can redeem 13k points for Rs.5200 as cash credit on your Account. Apart from that, you save 1.5% on Online spends(in points). Its a great money saver if you spend a lot online.

  32. D Vasanth Kumar


    Also kindly tell, which card will be better than money back card… I want better options for the next level.. Pls tell

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Infinia > Regalia > Allmiles > Moneyback
      There are also other cards, but these are major ones. Hope it helps 🙂

  33. Dinesh


    Am having a HDFC Platinum Edge Credit Card. Now I have an offer to upgrade to the HDFC VISA Platinum Moneyback Credit Card. Both are Lifetime free cards. Which is better? Should I upgrade to the Moneyback or continue with the Platinum Edge?

      1. Rupa Sharma

        Hey Sidhharth,

        I wanted to know how to change the payment type in my Net Banking under CC section. When I had filled the form online for MoneyBack CC i had chosen autopay 100% a/c balance but now i see that it shows in the payment type as Minimum amount due. I want this to be changed into 100% payment due how and where shall i do it from in order to avoid further interest on the balnces carried forward. Please help as I am a beginner. Just got my CC last week. One more doubt regatding limits of CC, does the CC limit get renewed every new month as the payment due is made.

        Thanks in advace for your info.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You can set auto debit to 100% through netbanking. Check Cards section and look for the option somewhere on left menus, Or, you can also call customer care to update it for you.
          Reg. Credit limit, its updated every 6 months once. You can also request for limit enhancement by sending your income documents if you feel its less.

  34. Hrishikesh Mungekar


    Please let me know how I can view the redeem points for a particular card.

  35. Gaurav jain

    Hi, I am planning to purchase Enfield ….. For that I need some money as a loan . should I go for two wheeler loan or go with credit card
    I never ever used credit cards till today ….. Plz suggest … Wt. To do ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Two wheeler loans comes with low Interest rates, credit card loans interest is bit more.
      However, these days processing fee is waived on HDFC CC loans, so you might consider taking loan on CC rather two wheeler loan.
      Also, you dont need to spend money on hypothecation removal in future.

  36. Abhishek gupta

    How much salary is eligible for applying Hdfc Moneyback Credit Card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      20k Should do i believe. Please contact bank.

      1. Iyaz

        Basic salary of 11.3k without incentives and bonuses still got the card it depends on the employer rather than the salary package.

  37. Vishnu

    Am using HDFC moneyback card for the past one month, I actually wanted diners premium or airmiles card as there was an offer from HDFC bank that they are issuing all the three cards as lifetime free. However they issued me a moneyback credit card as I was a student and told me to upgrade the card after 3 months. As I am a student, my eligibility for a credit card was based on the maintenance of my sb account in HDFC. I am a frequent traveller and it would be very useful if I could use the complimentary lounge services in the airports. Could you please tell me the procedure to upgrade my card to allmiles or regalia? Is there a timeframe like.. only after 3 months of application of cc, you will be eligible to apply for a credit card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Vishnu, you have to wait 6 months for the upgrade. Sometimes its possible even in 3 months. Approach cust. care after 3 months, not before.

  38. Jenith

    Hi Siddharth

    Which is better option for the online spends Allmiles or Moneyback?

    is there any major difference in points?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Both gives almost same % of rewards if its online. If you wish to redeem as cash, go for money-back, else Allmiles.
      Also, Allmiles is a Visa Signature Card, which carries some extra privileges.

  39. Puneet

    Hi Siddharth,

    i am planning to go with HDFC Money Back CC. Before that i have few questions .
    What is procedure to block the CC in case i don’t need it in future and Is this possible to block it from outside INDIA without any physical visit in HDFC Branch ?

    Please suggest .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Puneet, You can do it by calling CC or even through net banking.

  40. chitra

    What is the credit limit for my salary 35k & i m salaried person i have applied hdfc money back card is this card is good & have benefits for me…

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Credit limit depends on lots of factors. You can expect limit around 70k to 1L if your cibil report is in good standing.

  41. Bikash

    I have done my first purchase through HDFC MoneyBack CC , so when can i expect my reward point reflecting into my net banking CC section?

  42. Avishek Dey

    Hello Siddharth,
    I am holding HDFC Platinum EDGE rewards card since last year, is it possible to upgrade this card to Moneyback Card.

  43. Puneet

    Hi Siddharth
    this might be repetitive question.
    can we convert reward points into money through netbanking ?

  44. Amit

    Hello Siddharth ,

    A bank agent is visiting our office and telling that he can provide any HDFC Credit card without any yearly fees which includes the renewal fees too……… your opinion which credit card i should go for to get the maximum reward points on any purchase , he told me that he can get me Diners Club Black card which gives 5 reward points on every 150 spent (and in this card each reward point is equal to Rs.1) , so on every 150 i get 5 back , but it is not acceptable at most of the places with swipe facility as it requires a Diners Club swipe machine only to swipe this card , in such scenario , can you please guide to which card should be best for online shopping , daily bill payments , mobile recharges , grocery etc.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Any application is subjected to approval by bank based on eligibility criteria. If you are a HNI with high income, yes, you can get any card, preferably Diners Black or Infinia. Beware that bank agent just needs a filed application from you to achieve his monthly target, so don’t fall into that trap. Check with an RM or BM in the branch if you’re really eligible for any card.

  45. Mohammed tousif

    Hi I had upgraded my credit card with hdfc bank 3 months ago but do to some problem it didn’t reach me….Nw the old card which I was using is been de activated…Wat is the process to get back the card

  46. Chenrichy Shankar

    Hi Sided,
    I got HDFC bank to upgrade my Moneyback CC to Allmiles. What’s my doubt is I am having around 12000 reward points in my CC. What is the conversion rate from Moneyback to Allmiles CC. How much points I get after upgrading my CC to All miles..!?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I believe its around 70% Not sure the exact number. Its better to convert to cash first and then upgrade. You’ll get Rs.4800 cash credit for 12000 points.

  47. Nitin Mathias

    When i try to convert my purchase into EMI i get message as there is offer in your credit card. And when i called customer care they say that it depends on offer s that are available on your credit card. You can convert purchase into EMI if there is offer . I dont think so. Because every bank has that option. Please help.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      HDFC is bit different. EMI offers keep changing every month. Check the EMI and loans link on the post for more info.

  48. Sayani Bhattacharjee

    Hi! Could I use a MoneyBack credit card for international transactions, like paying for my GRE registration fee?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, you can always use it for international transactions.

  49. Sumit Motghare

    Hi Siddharth,

    I have HDFC Money Back CC with Rewards point 2000 and i would like to convert it into CaskBack.
    Will you please tell me the Net banking procedure of converting Rewards points into the Cash Back. Since the offline procedure is quite lengthy.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sadly, it can processed only via old age filling of forms.

  50. babblu

    i have hdfc business money back credit card.
    i want know about service tax & swatch bharat tax on fuel. (fuel surcharge is waived on this card but service tax & swatch bharat tax are applicable)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, applicable and wont be waived.

      1. babblu cess will be applicable on total amount or on surcharge amount? & what is its %?

  51. Sourab

    Hi I got my Platinum Moneyback Visa credit card along with my Salary Account. I have switched to other bank due to various reasons and I do not know if I should continue with this credit card. This account will be converted to savings account in 3 months. I also wish to know the credit card payment methods once I am out of this bank and also the charges I will be levied to pay via other banks? I also wish to know the annual charges for having this card after the first year.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can still use billpay/NEFT to pay your Credit Card bill w/o any additional charges. Nothing would change. Ask bank for renewal fees on your card, if any.

      1. Praveen

        Q1. Is hdfc money back cc a good choice for booking irctc tickets?
        Q2. Is there any limit for coverting reward points to cashback? And when these reward points will expire? After reaching limit or After reaching time? What happens to my reward points if they have not reached the limit in a given time?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          1. Check out SBI IRCTC card for better offers
          2. Reward points are valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation
          Hope it helps!

  52. Nishitha

    Please don’t use hdfc credit card. It is not worth of 0.5 star also. The worst banking service and reckless customer service. They keep charging for various reasons which they don’t say u prior. They will make you beggars by charges on the account

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they do charge for insurance, loan etc without confirmation from customers while taking a new card (at times). But you can always ask them to reverse the charges and they will do. I’ve had such experience as well.

  53. shubham

    I want to increase my credit card limit and my CC card is more than 6 month old , please suggest me how can increase my cc limit of hdfc money back card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just ask bank for the same.
      Check out the link in article related to Credit limit for more info.

  54. Rajendra

    I have HDFC moneyback credit card. I am using this card for every fuel transaction .
    HDFC adds Rs 10-15 for every transaction and I never get this amount refund of Rs 10-15 .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      yes, check out my latest article on Fuel surcharge waiver, explained this in detail 🙂

  55. Gagan

    If i do transaction of 1000 USD, then how mich will be charged on credit card including markup fees. Considering the exchange rate of 66 INR PER USD

    1. Siddharth Post author


      There are couple of components:
      Actual Exchange rate: 66 + (~2% of 66)
      Markup Fee: 3.5% of Actual Exchange rate
      Service Tax: 14.5% of Markup Fee

      So, it should be = Exchange rate + Markup Fee + Service Tax

      Hope it helps 🙂

  56. Dini

    Hi Siddarth,

    Now HDFC moneyback card has reduced their redemption to cash value to Rs. 0.30 from 0.40/- . Is there any other credit card who offers more redemption value with less annual fee?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, from June 1st 2016 onwards, this card becomes useless.

    2. Avishek Dey

      Also 2X rewards points for online transaction.

  57. Dini

    Hi Siddharth,

    Please check and let us know if we have some other credit card with more benefit, how about citibank cashback card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      yes, its good as well, you can check my recent review on that 🙂

      1. Vishnu

        Great Work!
        I’m currently using HDFC Moneyback Credit Card. I normally do Online Purchases and POS Transactions. Now that the benefits have been devalued, I’m planning to shift to any other banks’ credit card which offers better Cashback.
        1) what is the procedure to cancel the existing Credit card? If you had already explained this, please share the URL.
        2) which card would you advise me to shift to? Please share the URL of that card’s review as well.
        Thanks a ton.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Instead of cancelling, simply upgrade to a better card like Allmiles or Regalia.

          1. Vishnu

            Thanks. Could you pls suggest a similar card from another bank that is equivalent to HDFC Moneyback?

  58. amit gaikwad


    I have got my Money back card yesterday same has been active but details not showing in account while checking through net banking

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You have to link your card to your cust ID sometimes.

  59. Naveen Derangula

    Fantastic updates about the money back card, I’m about to receive the money back card in two days. I see that there is decrease in cash back points . So May I know if it’s better upgrading from platinum edge to money back?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      As far as i know, Platinum edge is the old card which Bank no longer issues. You have to upgrade to Allmiles probably.

  60. Bhavna

    Hi Siddharth… i am planning to apply for HDFC cred it card. At present i am using HDFC Visa debit card which i got from my employer company 2 years back. Which credit card i should apply? And one more thing is it mandatory to spend any minimum amount each month from the card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its good to start with a beginner cards like Moneyback, else Allmiles. Yes, almost all HDFC cards has some spend based yearly fee waivers.

  61. Rinku Singh


    I have a HDFC Money Back credit card and it has 5500 rewards point. From 1st June 2016 the value of each point will be Rs0.3. I want to know whether my old reward point value will be Rs0.4 each or new rule is applicable for New rewards point


    1. Siddharth Post author

      New reward point/value will be applicable.

      1. Avishek Dey

        A new features has been added in net banking to redeem points against outstanding for applicable credit cards. So now no paperwork’s required.

  62. Avishek Dey

    Hi Siddharth,
    Is it possible to upgrade HDFC Moneyback card to HDFC Dinners Club Rewards Card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Certainly Avishek,
      Just make sure you’ve used the card well and that 6 months has passed.

      1. Avishek Dey

        Thanks Siddarth,
        Actually last March I had Upgraded my Platinum Edge Card to HDFC Money Back Card but within a month they reduced the points value of this card. So just thinking to upgrade this card after 6 month.

        Have few query,
        1. Can I use HDFC Dinners Club Rewards Card in HDFC Register and Pay services to pay utility bill.
        2. By upgrading this card can I get Lifetime free Rewards Card.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          1. No idea, but you should be able to, technically.
          2. Likely possible. Contact Bank as they have diff rules for each cust profile.

  63. Yousuf Shaik

    Hi Siddharth,

    Yesterday I got two HDFC credit cards (jetprivilege titanium and diners club rewardz) for lifetime free. But these two cards are useless for me as iam not a flyer and I am not interested in restaurants. So i want to switch my two existing credit cards to two another cards ( money back and times platinum cards). Please tell me the process for switching and do i need to wait for sometime or can apply immediately? Please suggest me.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You need to wait for 6 months before you change your cards.

      1. Yousuf Shaik

        Hi Siddharth,

        Thank you for your prompt response.

        If i block and return these two cards (JP and diners club) to HDFC,
        1) Can i reapply for another new cards which i want?
        2) Is there any chance for rejecting my application?

        Thanking you in advance

        1. Siddharth Post author

          It will give negative impact on your CIBIL score. Hold it for 6 months and then change, or try pushing after 3 months.

  64. Avinash

    Great site!
    I logged in their CC portal and converted the RP to cashback. On online portal it calculated accordance to 0.4 INR.
    Had to pay the Rs75 as fee. Hoping the benefit I might have if the site is not updated yet I didn’t wait to fill and drop the form.
    Lets see what comes in statement.

  65. jogesh

    can u pls tell me what is the value of each reward point for HDFC moneyback card with effective from 1st June 2016.
    lic premium payment using money back card through lic web portal will Give how many points.

  66. Manish

    Hello Siddharth ,

    In your opinion which credit card is better HDFC’s Diners Club Rewardz card or MoneyBack, Could you please guide me which card should i apply for general usage e.g. online shopping , daily bill payments , mobile recharges , grocery etc.

  67. vinodh

    i have a moneyback card i want to upgrade for better card in hdfc kindly suggest how to upgrade from basic to higer featured card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Check for upgrade offer on netbanking, else contact Bank.

    2. Avishek Dey

      Hi Vinod, you have to fillup Upgradation_existing_CC_to_Premium form the same.

  68. NILESH

    hi, as of now i am having two credit cards(CITI-REWARDS CARD and SBI-TITANIUM CARD). I am using both cards since last 3 years. Now I want to change/Replace one card preferably SBI card. pls suggest me which card would be the best in terms of – CASH BACK, REWARD POINT SYSTEM, MINIMUM CARD FEE.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.

  69. Sayantan

    Hi Siddharth

    Firstly I must patronise you for your wonderful knowledge and acute analysis of every kind of credit cards you come across. Truly commendable! Now that greeting ceremonies are over let me come to the point. I am a moneyback creditcard holder of HDFC Bank. Until June 1, 2016 I was pretty happy with my card. but after the bottle necking of benefits I used to enjoy on this card I wan to switch to a new card. I’m looking for a card that gives accelerated points on online spends mainly and dining and groceries if possible. And I want the reward points in cashback credit form just like the moneyback card but with a better redemption ratio. My avg monthly spends on credit card is 30k+ mostly online spends. Can you help?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      SBI Signature card is for you, if you spend 5L a year, you can save 3% approx as points, which you can redeem to cash credit as i did in one of my recent posts.

      1. Sayantan

        Hey Siddharth,

        Thanks for responding and for your advice as well.


  70. vishal singh

    i m using hdfc money back card since 3 month but want to convert it into hdfc regalia card.plz suggest me wht should i do.rightnow my credit limit 30k ,i spent whole amount in each billing cycle and also pay whole amount before payment due date

    1. Siddharth Post author

      30K limit is too low to avail Regalia. Try for Allmiles.

  71. balraj

    Hi I’m looking for my first credit card. When I applied from Bank Bazar one person from HDFC got in touch with me. He’s suggesting me to go for HDFC SNAPDEAL Credit card.
    Can you provide some review on this.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Check out Snapdeal card review on our site 🙂

  72. sitansu sahu

    Hi Siddharth g…..
    i have applied HDfC credit card .and the HDFC bank manager told that i willl be getting SNAPDEAL HDFC BANK credit i dont have any idea about HDFC CREDIT card. so which card would be better for me SNAPDEAL HDFC OR MONEY BACK CARD ???Actually i am looking for more cash back type of card. so please suggest that which one will be best for me ?????????

  73. Puneet

    Does adding money to various wallets using cc amount to gaining points on a money back. Hdfc cc. was hoping to derive benifitts from both from cc and wallet offer?

  74. Bhanu

    Hdfc bank called me to offer credit card. They said I can have 4 movie tickets with 1+1 offer per month. And here I can’t see that mentioned.

    Did they lie to me to take credit card about movie tickets?

    Or do money back card CC have offer on movie tickets?
    Can anyone clarify?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      One on one offer is with Diners cards.

  75. balaji

    Now they have changed the policies and is not lucrative as it used to be.


    2 Reward Points (RP) on Rs 150 spent. 2 X Reward Points on online spends. {earlier it was 3x for online spends}
    *Effective 15th April 2016, Reward Points will not be accrued for fuel transactions
    Redeem Reward points as CashBack on your MoneyBack Credit Card (100 Reward Points = Rs 30) {earlier this was rs 40}

    Now doing the math again
    for offline the effective cashback = 0.4% {earlier this was 0.533%}
    for online the effective cashback = 0.8% {earlier this was 1.6%}

    now time to stop using this card as my hdfc debit card gives 1% cashback for all transactions except fuel,jewellery.

  76. Umesh

    1.What is the validity of money back reward point

    2. When I have taken money back card there is a annual charge 499 but now on website it is showing lifetime free. So my card also become lifetime free

    3. And in my cc statement some of reward points adjusted what is the reason for that

  77. Anil Shinde

    1)If i take instaloan. If there any problem on getting iterest free benefit on remaining credit.2) if i withdrawl money within my cash limit if there any problem on getting interest free benefit on remaining credit. 3) some merchants demands 1 or 2 percent extra money they says we have not receives total amount some amount deducts from credit card bank . Is it true. What is ratio of deduction of creditcard holders money and money gets to merchants. If merchants says things are true how cab we say interest free preiod.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Instaloan & cash w/d reduces the limit for which interest will be charged.
      Yes, merchants are charged 2-3% by banks.

  78. Aman Sharma

    Recently I have applied for HDFC Credit Card, while verification I told them to make it a Money Back from Titanium which they were trying to offer. I need to pay one merchant in China for a product I’m buying through Ali Express.
    Which Card i get by default. VISA or MASTER ? Can I make international transaction to the above merchant in US Dollars ? What is the limit for International Transaction ? Give some details about International transaction in MONEYBACK HDFC CreditCard.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can do intl txn on all cards, including most debit cards these days.

  79. Anil Shinde

    Anil Shinde
    August 21, 2016
    1)If i take instaloan. If there any problem on getting iterest free benefit on remaining credit.2) if i withdrawl money within my cash limit if there any problem on getting interest free benefit on remaining credit. 3) some merchants demands 1 or 2 percent extra money they says we have not receives total amount some amount deducts from credit card bank . Is it true. What is ratio of deduction of creditcard holders money and money gets to merchants. If merchants says things are true how cab we say interest free preiod.

  80. Tuhin Saha

    Recently HDFC has upgraded my card to Money Back Credit Card. But now they are asking for an amount of Rs. 2000 per year as an upgradation charge. What should I do?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ask them for Lifetime free card as its advertised everywhere on HDFC Web.

  81. Vassim K

    HI Sidharth,

    I am using HDFC Titanium Edge Card. Is there any Time limit for submitting the Reward Points. I have 7300 reward points. How much amount I will get if I opt for cashback.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Always try to redeem within a yr to be safe as devaluation is common.

  82. sudhir

    Hi Siddharth,
    I used HDFC Money Back credit card, and buy petrol 500 Rs and got around 2.5 waiver off.
    But when i check the statement they cut Rs 514. and Rs 14 paid to service tax as per dicussed by customer care.
    So my point of view there is no benefit with this card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They will refund the 2.5% but they wont refund 15% on 2.5% which is negligible though.

      1. sudhir

        Hi Siddharth
        They will refund 2.5% but when i purchased petrol Rs 500 & paid Cash payment. ST is included on paid payment. while using Credit card for Rs 500. around 15% ST extra. Please clarify it .


  83. mehul shah

    Hi i have salary A/c in hdfc from last 11years , i have previously hdfc PP card from last 4 yrars with LTF, now they upgraded my card with money back card with upgraded card limit also, but not mentioned its LTF or yearly chargeble fees?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just call Cust care and ask what plan you’re in.

  84. mehul shah

    Why hdfc always give master card instead of visa card? What major difference or compare master card vs visa card ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Mastercard genrally has better lounge access program, it was once having on this card too, though not now.

  85. Deepak

    I have made payment of electricity bill online . will it give 2x reward points as this is an online spend (according to me) on hdfc money back card….. When this bonus point will reflect (if applicable)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, you’ll get 2x points. I guess within a week.

  86. Garvit


    i was looking for credit card may i know what is minimum salary eligibility for HDFC Mony back Card my salary was 17000 can i apply for this plz suggest other credit card also which is feet in my salary

  87. Sunanda Bangera

    On HDFC Insta loan (from HDFC credit card) HDFC is charging service tax extra, kk tax and cess tax extra apart from 14.5 or 15.5 interest rate and no one from the bank has communicated about the same. I was shocked to see those charges. Including all the above charges personal loan interest rate shoot upto 17%…Its seriously pissing me off.

  88. Sourabh Jagga

    Is there any minimum amount of transaction per fuel filling needed to get fuel surcharge waiver?

  89. Apurv

    hello sid, being a new comer to the world of grownup’s and total noob in the financial world i found your site extremely informative and helpful. i recently started working and wanted a credit card. i had filled up forms for axis,sbi and hdfc cards. no idea about the others but i am finally getting a moneyback card from hdfc. i wanted a premium card but this was the card that was given to me. after reading your article i realised its a good card. but will i be able to upgrade to a premium card later ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, you can upgrade after 6 Months to Allmiles or Regalia First based on usage 🙂

  90. Vinay Upadhyay

    Hey, I just got my hdfc money back card and I started using it to, I would like to know, when does the statement gets generated ? I got my card on 17 nov and I used it on 18th nov? Will the statement be generated on 30 nov and from 30 nov I’ll have 50 days to repay my credit ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its diff for each. You’ve to ask the customer support.

  91. Jithin

    Hi Siddarth,
    I’m a beginner in this field, my question is that can this card be used for paying the application fee for foreign universities for higher studies?


  92. Anil Shinde

    What is maximum credit limit on hdfc money back credit card for non business

    1. Siddharth Post author

      There is no maximum limit. Generally its 50k-2L, as beyond that you can have a premium card.

  93. Vinoth R

    Hai ,

    I need to apply for HDFC credit card , can someone say me the eligibility for applying card same time i don’t have account in HDFC, is it possible to get credit card in HDFC without having saving account

    Thanks in Advance


    My name is udaykumar and i recently got my hdfc money back credit card limit of 21000/- and i spent 8000in first months

    my quary is will i convert this amount as EMI .please suggest

  95. Vishal B

    Which one is best between HDFC Moneyback and ICICI Platinum chip credit card for purchasing online, fuel purchase on card?


    I have 11000 cashback points in my MoneyBack HDFC credit card. Can anyone suggest the way to convert them to money

  97. Arjun Ghose

    Today , i tried to redeem my points as cashback but in the final button it was asking for confirmation for charging Rs75 for the same


    Dear team can u plz tell me the credit limil of money back card………n what is the annual fee of card

  99. aniket shirsat

    can i get the reward points on fuel payment by moneyback credit card

  100. Gaurav

    i have the hdfc money back credit card, i have a limit of 40,000 INR Rs. I have consumed the maximum limit of the card, how much interest rate should i expect to be charged on the above mentioned amount.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Pls check moneyback card’s revolving interest rate. Its very high.

  101. Narendra

    Is there a limit to accumulate reward points in a month?lets say I spend 60000 through my card this month via online transaction..what should be my reward point in this particular month?

  102. Abdulqadir Ujjaini

    In HDFC money back card how to know how much point i have earned in a transaction. Suppose i do 3-4 transaction in a day than on each transaction how much point is earned ? is there any statement which shows how much point is earned in a transaction

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You have to email them or call up Phone Banking.

      1. Abdulqadir Ujjaini

        Do you have email id of the same so that i can mail them & inquire about the point statement

  103. Dipesh Bhagat


    I m applying for hdfc moneyback card and this is firstt time in world of credit card so i m not aware about it. HDFC si,
    I m applying for hdfc moneyback card and this is furst time in world of credit card so i m not aware about it. HDFC Bank Relation Manager says that it is lifetime free and also they told me that if u have not pay any charge than u can download HDFC ewallat payzaap application and intiated 2 or 3 trancstion within 90 days than its becomes lifetime free for AMC. Can u plz clarify is there any charges as annual fee or renewal fee ? beacuse i have already talk to tollfree no and they informed me charge onward 2nd year
    I m bit worried about these type of hidden charges, if applicable. Also plz tell me that what is meant by interest on credit card. I have read somewhere that 3-4 % monthly is charged on some credit cards. What is it charged on…. Is it on the spent amount on the card ?
    Plz help urgently ..

    If we have any AMC pay rhan what is the proceezer of card cancellation pls tell me.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Varies from offer to offer. Whatever is available when you take the card will be applicable.

  104. Abhishek tiwary

    What is the credit limit for my ITR498000 & i m Bissness person i have applied hdfc money back card is this card is good & have benefits for me…

  105. Ganesh


    What is the difference between hdfc moneyback card vs hdfc titanium edge ? I could see both are cash back credit cards and additionally I could see a line in titanium edge stating ” earn 2900 on spend of 5 lakhs”.

    Currently I have moneyback card ? is it wise to upgrade to titanium edge ?

  106. Amar

    Hi, I recently joined in an early stage startup in Bangalore (7 members in total ) and this is my first job. My salary is about 50K in hand, not sure if they are taking TDS or similar deductions on that, 50k is what I get in my account. Can I apply for a credit card? My company is not listed as per the bank, and my account is still savings account, not salary account. Is it okay to apply for a card? What are the documents that I have to submit with them? How long have I to work before applying for the card? – thanks

    1. Siddharth Post author

      last month salary slip alone should help. Talk to bank 🙂

  107. Rajul Mondal


    While applying for the HDFC moneyback credit card the executive give information that if I register my card with Payzapp, my yearly subscription charge will be lifetime free.

    So please give me the clarification for this information so that I can continue with your service.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This offer varies from time to time. Bank is the one that provides service, you will sign a form about this while applying which should clear your queries.

    2. Swapnil

      Rajul Monday, I have got the same information from HDFC

  108. Sushrut Bhattacharya

    I’ve applied for a CC on the HDFC site & it shows that I’m eligible for a Life Time Free HDFC Moneyback card but HDFC Kolkata credit card representatives are saying that we don’t give CC to your pincode…What the hell !!! I have ICICI bank Instant Credit Card which I got by opening an FD in the ICICI bank…Now I need another Life Time Free CC & I can’t get it…I have account in Axis bank but Axis bank doesn’t want to give CC because I don’t maintain high balance there…HDFC is saying that we don’t give CC to your pin code…

    Now I’m out of luck…

    1. Sushrut Bhattacharya

      More than 1 year has passed & just few days ago now I got a MoneyBack card after opening an account with them…Now will have to figure out how to make the card Lifetime free… 🙂

  109. Snehashish Ghosh

    I am using Hdfc money back credit card frm 9 months. I have spend 1.2 L already. What upgrade can I get frm Hdfc? Is there any credit card with better reward points? My take home salary is 30000.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can expect Regalia First.

  110. Yash Gohel

    Hi there, thinking to apply for a credit card, I have very less knowledge about this. Just had a question. If I apply for a money back credit card, what would be the credit limit? My bad if the question is irrelevant.

  111. kailash

    HDFC bank is not resolve any query of customer.

    Please do not open account on HDFC bank.

  112. Ashwini

    I have hdfc times titanium credit card. They keep sending me messages that I have outstanding unpaid bills. In fact, I have paid Rs.3.160 of excess payment. They refuse to adjust it against subsequent purchases. I have a bad experience with hdfc credit card.

  113. subha

    What is billing date of HDFC money back CC, i got CC by applying through online.So i am not aware of my billing date.My credit limit is 80000.How to check for the billing date , can you help.

  114. Rahul

    I’ve heard that we can get HDFC credit card without ITR or Salary Slip. just by maintaining Average Quarterly Balance of Rs,25000 of something. Is that true?

  115. Digvijay Singh

    I have this CC i want to upgrade my credit limit and upgrade to a better card how do i go about it, i spend almost my whole credit limit and make payment on time too, so will they upgrade me automatically or there is a procedure?

  116. Siddharth Mumbaikar

    Hello….i have applied for the HDFC credit card and I got a verification call. She told me that card will be life time free if you do the mobile recharge 6 times of minimum 100 rs. What is the duration for these 6 recharge.

  117. Pradeep Sharma

    Dear Siddharth,
    I am using HDFC money back CC since more then 1.5 years, my question is can i convert the amount in EMI after purchase i.e. i pay full amount by swipe and later convert in EMI. I heard Money back card dont have this option. Pls confirm.

  118. Anish Advani


    I have a Moneyback credit card with a 59k Limit. I have used up about 61 K after transactions chargers since I got the card on August 16th. When will my first statement arrive and how much minimum due amount do I have to pay next month? Please answer accordingly.


  119. Ramesh

    What is Eligibilty for Money back card and what document require for take it.


  120. Aditya Date

    I am a regular reader of this blog… Kudos to Siddharth for creating such an amazing repository.Can you please help me with the following difficulties.I currently Have a moneyback card with limit 1.4L and a preferred relationship with HDFC….My current CTC is 14L and CIBIL of 808.What are my chances of regalia? ??
    Secondly considering high spends on my card I am considering another card so that I don’t cross 50% limit on any card… So can you recommend a second card? My requirements are good cashback and BMS vouchers… Lounge access is always welcome.. I was considering icici rubyx and was approved too… But backed off after reading reviews… Please help

  121. Prashant Gupta

    Aditya. You can easily get regalia. There are many card you can opt for like sbi prime, amex mrcc, amex platinum travel, yes prefered etc.

    1. Aditya Date

      Hi Prashant,
      Thanks a lot for your reply. I asked my RM about the upgrade. She is saying, Regalia wont be possible. She is saying that your salary criteria does not match (they want NET salary above 1.2 L) and that moneyback cards are not even eligible for Regalia upgrade. Hence she is offering me Regalia First.

      However the hdfc cc rep at my office is saying he can get me approved. I do not know whom to trust. I really want Regalia badly. Is it worth taking a chance or shall I settle for Regalia First?

      Please help. Thanks.

  122. Senthil

    Hi Guys,
    I’m Using Moneyback card for more than 6 yrs and now im planning to switch to another card(Regalia first or Diners Club Premium).
    1) Is it possible to upgrade my Moneyback to Regalia first or Diners Club Premium card.?
    2) Is it possible to carry forward my redeem points to new card?
    3) If Upgrade is not there means can i deactivate r cancel my Moneyback and apply for new one (Advice please).
    4) Need to know the advantages and difference between the Moneyback, Regalia first and Diners Club Premium card.
    5) Which card will be best? I’m looking for life time free with no hidden charges, good redeem points and good offers.(Guidance please).

    Thanks in Anticipation.

    1. Arth

      Hi Senthil
      If you have good credit limits, you can upgrade ur credit card , check net-banking if offer is available, or call customer care, also you can send upgrade request to Chennai office, dont cancel CC.

  123. Abhradip Dutta

    I don’t have any savings account in HDFC Bank. Can I have moneyback credit card??

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      Yes, you can through their website or local CC representative.

  124. Vipin Aggarwal

    Reward rate is now only 20 paisa per point. I think the lowest reward rate in the industry.
    I keep this card for online offers only.

  125. Arjun Menon


  126. ARJUN

    hi mr siddharth just wanted to know the cashback of 5 percent if u register with redgiraffe and pay your rent with hdfc money back card.i called the hdfc call centre with regard to this and they didnt have any clue ,and in the redgiraffe website its written to contact the hdfc credit card with regard to credit card cashback etc please guide

  127. Vinod Kumar

    Worst experience with this Bank . i had problem with my card , i wrote so many times to credit card service to give EMI facility on my card and to convert all my outstanding amount in EMI . There is no any reply even not any call . Nobody exacctly tells whom should i talk regarding this matter .if i talk to customer care they just say u just put an email to customer support, i do that so many times but no reply..

  128. Mickey

    Sid –

    You need to update the features/ benefits of this card because a lot has changed since your review 3 years back!

    And there are 2 free domestic lounge access per quarter. I have used it many times in the past year

    1. Harshad

      I don’t think there is a lounge access for “MoneyBack Credit Card”. There is nothing mentioned on their website.

  129. Prasanna Kashikar

    Cashback value per 100 RP is brought down to Rs. 20

  130. Praveen Katiyar

    Received an offer in my HDFC Money-back CC, to get RS. 1500 BMS voucher on spending Rs.36000 between 5th -31st May.

  131. Benny Alphonso

    I want to apply for a money back credit card. So I wanted to know what is the eligibility like how much my income be and my age and also this will be my first credit card so what will be my card limit

  132. Sufi

    hello Sir, Recently I received a call from HDFC employee, they are offering me a lifetime free money-back credit card.
    Q1)Can I go for it? advantages and disadvantages?
    Q2)I’m confused, I don’t have an HDFC Account, then why they are offering me a Credit Card?
    Q3)Lifetime free means ? is there any hidden charge? term and conditions? because I don’t have any idea about Credit card

  133. Syed Arif Ali

    Hi sir i have applied for hdfc credit card online and i received the card i did shopping of Rs 50,000 i want to convert that amount in to emi but hdfc bank is saying that there is no emi option i call customer care and went to branch i tried every thing but the problem i am unable to convert my money in emi but when i received credit card no one said me that i cannot convert the amount in emi only he gave me card and said me that sit there is limit of 72,000 you can shopping any convert that amount into emi i dont even know the name of the person who gave me credit card because i received the card from blue dart courier
    I need your help because it is not possible for me to pay the full amount once

  134. ram

    sir,i have money back card with 40000 limit,since 1 and half year,there is no credit limit increase for me.
    I have salary account bank statement only,no salary slips.
    during this time,i unable to send post to chennai
    how can i request for limit increase online?

  135. Roopesh vishwakarma

    I HAVE Time tatanium credit card i have to upgarde to money back credit card it is possible if it is possible then what is the procedure my payment is 17000 and which card is better time titanium or moneyback credit card

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