Get Upto 3X JPMiles on JetPrivilege Co-branded Credit Card Spends

By | August 23, 2019

Post JetAirways shutdown, one of the major revenue stream for JetPrivilege is through their co-brand credit card partnership. Just incase if you don’t know, every-time you earn JPMiles, JetPrivilege is also as happy as you, as they earn money for every JPMiles they give you.

But due to the bad news of Jet, almost everyone including me swapped JetAirways JetPrivilege credit cards, primarily because they attract a renewal fee & inability to redeem JPMiles for a better value.

And that must have affected the revenue seriously, so much so that they’ve now come up with 2X and 3X JPMiles offers with select credit card issuers to boost the spends on the credit cards. Here are the offer details,

Amex – 3X JPMiles Offer

  • Offer: Earn 3X JPMiles on Amex Jet cards [ Get 24 JPMiles for every Rs.150 spend. That’s 16K JPMiles for every 1L spend. ]
  • Spend Criteria: Minimum spends of INR 25,000
  • Potential Reward Rate: 2.7% to 8%
  • Offer validity: 1st August till 31st Aug 2019
  • Bonus JPMiles will be credited by October 31, 2019.
  • Source

ICICI – 2X JPMiles Offer

  • Offer: Earn 2X JPMiles on ICICI Jet cards [ Get 10 JPMiles for every Rs.100 spend (domestic), 14 JPMiles for every Rs.100 spend (International). That’s 10K JPMiles for every 1L spend (domestic) ]
  • Potential Reward Rate: 1.7% to 5%
  • Offer validity: 1st August till 30th September 2019
  • To Join: SMS “Fly JP No XXXX” to 5676766
  • Source

HDFC – 50% more JPMiles

  • Get 50% more JPMiles for spends done on HDFC Jet cards. Min. spend amount applicable, differs based on card variant.
  • Potential Reward Rate: Upto 4%
  • Offer validity: 17th July till 16th Aug 2019
  • Bonus JPMiles would be posted after 90 working days of campaign end date.
  • Source

Note on Potential reward rate: Its calculated by assuming 17Ps/JPMiles (for Amazon voucher) as minimum and 50Ps/JPMile (approx. Etihad redemptions) as maximum.


As you see above, the Amex offer is simply amazing, thanks to Amex for grabbing such a deal. Lucky are those who still hold Amex Jet cards as you could get a really cool reward rate on the credit card spends.

But for most of us, this makes no difference as we’re out of the Jet cards ecosystem.

Its good to see that JetPrivilege is taking efforts to help us earn more JPMiles but what’s most important is giving better value for those JPMiles. I hope they enable partner award redemptions sometime soon.

What’s your take on the new attempts that JetPrivilege is taking? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Get Upto 3X JPMiles on JetPrivilege Co-branded Credit Card Spends

  1. Farhan

    Does the jp miles get automatically converted into your jet account ? . I am unable to transfer my points from Icici into jp account . Kindly help

  2. PK2

    Thanks for sharing
    Even JP program now offering 2X miles buying ticket from JP website

  3. Akshat

    Hi Siddharth,
    Can you list any redemption where 2 JP Mile = 1 INR. I see most of the redemption options on the website around 1.66% only?

  4. sandeep

    Has any one earned JP miles after the shut down, when you fly on their partner airlines. I had checked in online giving JP number on Cathay Pacific, but the trip did not reflected on my JP account.
    Jet had a number of tie ups with good airlines and was the best to earn the miles..

  5. Krishnakumar

    Is there any news of JP miles devaluation? I received an e mail from JP that miles requirement for one way Business class to Europe from Mumbai on Etihad is 332000 miles (instead of 84000)


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