What happens to JPMiles post JetAirways shutdown?

By | May 19, 2021

So we all know that the Jet Airways has been temporarily out of service and there is no sign of them getting back to normalcy. Looking at the way things are, we can “assume” that Jet is probably gone for ever. That leads to the question “What happens to my hard earned JPMiles?”

Just as you may know, JetPrivilege (JP) loyalty program that gives you the virtual currency as JPMiles has 9.8 Million members and is actually owned by Etihad Airways as it has 50.1% share. But as the remaining share is owned by Jet Airways, it has caused the turbulence to the system.

Yet, here are some of the ways you can redeem your JPMiles at the moment,

Any Airline Ticket

You can now redeem JPMiles on any airline with the new feature called “Select Flights” with the same amount of JPMiles required as before. But the downside of this is that you need to book tickets in advance, like 2 months early to really make use of it.

These are basically revenue tickets which makes the entire JetPrivilege system more like reward points program, rather than miles with which you could get way more value.

  • Approx value: ~32Ps per JPMile

Sad part is, the same goes for business class ticket too! So ideally, if you compare this with the previous situation, you loose atleast 60% value!! 

Partner Awards

Jet airways had grand set of airline partners where JetPrivilege allowed to redeem your JPMiles. This is one of the major reason why I didn’t care about Jet’s status before.

But this too has gone now. You can no longer redeem JPMiles on partner airlines, except on Etihad, which is still open for redemption as confirmed with JP team on 19th April 3PM.

  • Approx value: ~1Rs/JPMile

Its good to see that Etihad redemption is still there but I’ve no idea how long this gonna last at current miles requirement.

Gift Vouchers

JetPrivilege has been allowing users to redeem JPMiles for various gift options like Amazon and Flipkart vouchers. This is amazing, but the value you get is way too low. 

  • Approx value: ~17Ps per JPMile


JetPrivilege has recently added new redemption option that allows you to redeem your JPMiles for hotel stays. Its not impressive by any means, yet you still get a decent value here.

  • Approx value: ~35Ps per JPMile

I rather wish JP gave a cleartrip voucher or any other similar travel vouchers instead of building the entire booking system, which is totally UNWANTED in my perspective.


Overall, its safe to assume that the hard earned JPMiles has been devalued by atleast 60% overnight for ‘most’ of its members. Yes! that’s hard to digest.

It would be very nice if JetPrivilege takes some steps to on-board select domestic airlines as partners with better miles requirement based on distance, not on fare value like now, where the value of JPMiles is too poor.

Other than that, I think we may also get the partner awards back, as anyway Etihad has most of these partners with them as well. As Etihad has the major share in JetPrivilege, it would totally make sense to allow JP to book on Etihad & its partners. This would be the big news, if happens. Else, JetPrivilege would become yet another useless loyalty program, like Payback.

While this is the current status around JPMiles, we never know what’s gonna happen in the future. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to know of any future changes to the JetPrivilege.

Author: Siddharth

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42 thoughts on “What happens to JPMiles post JetAirways shutdown?

  1. Guru

    This is really a sad news. I have around 1.2L JP Miles. Wish I had redeemed it earlier for some vouchers. It’s time to close my HDFC and ICICI Jet CC as well.

  2. Purna

    I have received below

    Dear Mr. Kankanala,
    We thank you for being part of our growing JetPrivilege family which stands strong at 9.8 million members. As our airline partner, Jet Airways, navigates through these turbulent times, we understand that you may have concerns around the value and validity of your JPMiles.
    We, at Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd., as part of the Etihad Aviation Group, want to reassure you that your JPMiles are secure and their value remains intact. We know that you have earned and nurtured your JPMiles over the years and we consider it our foremost duty to safeguard the trust you and our partners have placed in us.
    Keeping you at the centre of our business, we have introduced our air reward offering,
    ‘Select Flights’, which allows you to redeem your JPMiles across more airlines, any destination in India and globally. What’s more, you can redeem your JPMiles for any seat available on the flight, starting with the same JPMiles requirement as before which was applicable on Jet Airways and its partner airlines.
    As always, you can continue to use your JPMiles on hotel stays, fuel & 2500+ merchandise options at the JetPrivilege Reward Store.
    Over the last few years, your passion for collecting JPMiles has inspired us to constantly expand our partnership network. And today with over 150 programme partners, JetPrivilege offers you diverse JPMiles earning and redeeming opportunities.
    We remain focused on creating memorable and rewarding experiences for you.
    This is our commitment. It is a continuum.
    On behalf of Team JetPrivilege,
    Manish Dureja
    Managing Director
    Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “value remains intact” – is a false statement!

      Yet, i’m still hoping they’ll make the program attractive once Jet confirms their situation. Let’s see.

      1. Imran

        Since Etihad is a major stake holder in jet privilege, it should convert all jp miles into etihad guest miles so that one can redeem jp miles for all etihad flights with the same redemption structure as it was on jet airways flight. For example bom – LHR one way was 42500 miles for economy and 85000 for business class. This is the only best way I see to please their millions of jp members.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Nice idea. Maybe they can add Etihad as a transfer partner. Anyway, we need to wait for the final status of Jet, for Etihad to take next move.

  3. Suhas


    Thanks Siddharth. Was waiting for this. What is your recommendation of an alternative miles program in India?


  4. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Just now IATA has suspended Jet Airways with immediate effect, in accordance with the provisions in Resolution 850, processing of ticketing, refunds or credit/debit transactions are suspended.

  5. Ramkumar

    Hi Sid.

    When I try to book flights, it asks me for a 400000 miles from Bangalore to Munich.
    Also, this never used to happen before as the standard was 100000 miles to go from Bangalore to Europe .

    Looks like my 125000 miles are trash now ;(
    Even hotels redemption is quite bad ;(

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Let’s hope Jetprivilege brings in some good redemption options in future.

      1. ND

        Was planning my trip using JPMiles since 2 weeks for Award Flight.. wish I had booked it. Had saved the miles for this trip. Now have to shell out money..

  6. Nihar

    Nice post Sid, good that you have a comprehensive review here !
    Well in my experience I could see some domestic redemption options in May19 with same JP miles, but they are not with UK or AI , the full service carriers.

    If they want to run the JP miles programs there are so many things to fix –
    1. How would they give the Platinum and Gold class members the privileges earlier available
    2. If you don’t fly there no tier benefits or progression, this too is currently available only on Ethihad.
    3. What about Co branded cards ; with the current rewards rate is it worthwhile to have one of them in the wallet.
    4. Since if frequent flyers can’t maintain the Platinum tier all the Co-branded cards become full fees cards !
    5. And what about upgrade vouchers , I have so many with me – what’s their use now ?

  7. Debajyoti

    We customers are always the ones getting lurched … First we shift to one airline to maximize it’s FF programme and overnight all the effort goes down the drain.
    Time has come for miles transfer programme between airlines as a currency else who knows if Vistara or AirIndia FF is next ??.
    Wonder how many people feel character the way I am feeling in this. Just pathetic ! Now onwards no more accumulation .. be it FF or CC Points . Burn them while you can !!

  8. Ashish Nikhare

    Hotels redemptions are bad but not as bad as vouchers. I collect JPmiles mainly for hotel redemptions. We get good 3 & 4 star options for respectable JPmiles. Anyhow, airline redemptions for domestic travel has never been so rewarding especially when one has to pay taxes & carrier charges from own pocket. But hotel redemptions are totally inclusive of all taxes & cess.

    Hence, once the airline redemptions are gone, consider hotel redemptions as the best value for JPmiles. I had thrice in the recent past redeemed for Hotels and simply love redeeming them. I never convert my HDFC Diners RPs to JPmiles, but those are collected by way of Shopping, Thyrocare & ICICI Jet Sapphiro rewards (Amex only always). And ofcourse, who would like to miss the Spa visits with Dragon pass.

  9. Nihar

    Another update : Jet co-branded cards are not accepted in T3 Amex lounge as well as T1 Plaza Premium lounge in Delhi. Don’t see lot of value in these cards now .

    1. Abhishek

      They are accepted at T3 Amex Lounge. I have been there recently in May.

      1. Nihar

        Have you used the Jet card at T3 Amex lounge ? I used Reserve to enter in April and out of curiosity was my question , they replied in negative !!

  10. nitin agarwal

    lets us wait once jet airways situation clears in may 2019. till then, we should not panic and should not use these miles for trash.

  11. HTC Fan

    I dont think Etihad redemption is open as airline partner based on the mileage chart which was hanging on the website till a few weeks back. The CC is saying that etihad is bookable using “select flights” option which severely devalues the points.

  12. Rajat

    Guys, The shutdown is not overnight, Jet was in turbulence since quite some time , It has given lot of time to redeem, I did exactly that.I had around 200000 JMiles, almost finished now 🙂

  13. Avinash

    I redeemed my miles for an Amazon voucher. But I still haven’t received anything from them. When I called the egyfter team they said due to the ongoing issue, they are not issuing the voucher.

    1. MAA-traveler

      Even I dumped my JPMiles for vouchers and waiting for the same since about a week now. Meanwhile, I got this email today:

      Dear XXX,

      Your order is on its way. However, it may arrive with a slight delay due to increase in the order volume on Reward Store.

      Your order details:
      Sr. no Order ID Item Name Quantity

      Request your support & co-operation as always.
      Please ignore if you have already received your order.

      In case of any queries, please write to us at memberservices [at] jetprivilege.com.

      Warm Regards,
      The JetPrivilege Team

    2. Hari

      You can call the GYFT team on 8510004444 and check the status of your order.

      1. MAA-traveler

        Yes, it did. But almost 10 – 14 days delay.

  14. Manu

    Best value I think we get at Indian oil pumps now. 4 mile can get you 1 re of petrol

  15. Saveri Pal

    I had previously redeemed the points on Petrol pumps with .25P per mile value. Is that still available?

  16. Raghav

    My wife and I had approximately 1.3L JP miles between our accounts. I sensed that JP miles redemption will stop anytime soon, and so on the 25th of March I booked a one way ticket between BOM-LHR on 9W on 27th March for 42.5k JP miles. The value was very poor (approximately Rs 0.28 per mile), but it was worth spending JP miles and saving some cash. At the end we are left with approximately 90k JP miles, and we used them to book SpiceJet tickets to BKK from BOM. Surprisingly, BOM-BKK sector is still available for 22.5k miles per person per sector, and we had to pay a convenience fee of Rs 1770. We got a value of Rs 0.4 per mile (better than on Jet itself, also not the best value but it is still better than ) for this sector. I found that so far, BOM-BKK is the only sector that values JP miles at the highest valuation. Hope that this helps anyone planning a trip to BKK.

  17. Rahul

    Got my Amazon vouchers for all the JP miles. Delivered after a week delay.
    If anyone has learned from stock trading .. this is the moment to encash immediately.
    “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush”

    Get whatever value you can and deboard the ship.

  18. abhishek menon

    Can also redeem for amazon pay vouchers.
    5751 miles = Rs. 1000

  19. hari

    They have credited 5000 jp miles for my unused complimentary flight ticket.

  20. Guru

    Redeemed 1L miles for return economy award ticket BOM-DXB on Emirates. Surprisingly Indigo and Air India Express also charging 1L miles on the same route.

  21. Vijit

    Tried redeeming today at the Indian OIl Bunk on JVLR in Mumbai, the guy refused to accept JetPriviledge as payment saying they haven’t cleared his dues of over 6 Lacs.

  22. rahul

    What is the best miles card available for India right now?
    I’m confused between
    1. HDFC Infinia/dinersclub (with their 1:1 transfers)
    2. Vistara Axis (with their free business class tickets and 6 points per 200 Rs)
    3. SBI Air India
    4. Axis Miles&More
    What’s the best card for high spenders?

  23. HTC Fan

    Time to update the article. Etihad is no longer available under the partner redemption structure. RIP Jetprivilege

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Let’s see what they have from tomorrow. Etihad should be there but at poor value.

  24. NT


    JP is now InterMiles.

    What is your opinion on points transfer from cards that dont have good rewards programs but have an alliance with InterMiles?

    Hit me back.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Transfers not suggested for now. But will do an article on Intermiles sometime.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Hotel stays – usually we get bit more than 35ps/intermile (as of now)

    2. Abhi

      Fuel at specified IOC outlets @ 25ps for a mile. No min or max spend.

  25. Vijay G

    I had 2 award tickets with intermiles, the airline cancelled the flight(Spicejet) and issued full refund. Intermiles refused to refund 2360 (1180 per ticket) they charged as convenience. Even escalation to the MD didnt help.
    This were the miles which were returned on cancellation of tickets during covid. Again they did not return 5600 approx fee, even though etihad had given full refund.
    So Beware on booking through them.


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