Marriott brings it’s first Moxy hotel to India in Bangalore

By | January 17, 2024

That’s right, Bangalore finally gets Moxy, an airport hotel from Marriott which was long due now. Despite being such a busy airport I always used to wonder why we don’t have a decent hotel nearby airport.

And now that’s getting sorted with a Marriott Hotel under the brand Moxy. The hotel is 10 mins away from the Bangalore airport and it’s named as “MOXY BENGALURU AIRPORT PRESTIGE TECH CLOUD”.

But well, if you’re into Marriott and have stayed at Moxy hotels before, you might not be so excited as Moxy hotels historically has nothing much to offer, except a room to sleep. 

However, looking at the upcoming first moxy hotel in India, it seems to be an upscale property than a typical Moxy hotel seen in Europe/US. Maybe it’s just like Courtyard by Marriott properties where-in the US Courtyard’s are dull while Indian Courtyard’s are quite luxurious.

Speaking of airport hotels in Bangalore, yes we do have Taj hotel in the airport area itself but the rates are way so high that it can’t serve as a transit hotel.

I stayed at the Taj airport hotel an year ago and I would say it’s totally not worth the price in many ways, as it also used to be too old back then. During my recent trip in late 2023 I saw that the new building is ready and that probably would make sense for some who would want to experience the luxury of Taj.

For the Marriott loyalists, only courtyard Hebbal served as a transit hotel so far and from now on Moxy would absorb some traffic from them. 

That aside, if you’ve some time to spare, you might as well explore the JW Marriott Prestige Golfshire or the Mulberry Shades Bengaluru Nandi Hills – a Tribute Portfolio hotel, as both of them are wonderful resorts from my experience, also great on point value.

Co-incidentally all the above 3 hotels are run by Prestige group. It looks like prestige has fallen in love with Marriott and that’s good to know. Just incase if you’re not aware, even The Artiste – a tribute portfolio hotel at Kochi Forum Mall is also a Prestige property. 

And it looks like Prestige is also building one more Marriott property in Bangalore among other locations. It’s nice to see Prestige has gone aggressive and hope we get much more Marriott’s from Prestige soon.

That all said, the hotel is officially opened on 15th Jan 2024 and currently the rooms are on sale for 13K INR+GST but Marriott Bonvoy points redemptions are not active yet.

When redemptions goes live, I would ideally expect it to be anywhere between 8K and 12K points, beyond which it wouldn’t make sense. Let’s see!

And with this, much more Moxy hotels are in the pipeline across the country in the coming years!

Author: Siddharth

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9 thoughts on “Marriott brings it’s first Moxy hotel to India in Bangalore


    I have stayed in Moxy for more than 100 nights, like you said it just gives good room to stay overnight.
    Not sure how it will be in India, but considering in India we have other brands also like Ibis which are considered to be business hotels with no other benefits besides bed and breakfast, not sure how successful Moxy will be with so high room fare like you have mentioned.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      100 Nights – Interesting!
      May I know this is across how many unique Moxy hotels?

      I did stay at Ibis few months ago and I may never stay again, at least in India. I think the idea of making Moxy a premium Brand in India makes sense, as anyway Marriott in India is generally taken as a premium brand (even Fairfield’s feels premium), so glad they didn’t go the Ibis way.

      Perhaps Marriott knew what they’re doing, else they can’t be #1 in the industry. 🙂


        It was in Copenhagen Moxy ( Same hotel), during my multiple business trips.
        Room was good, but you will be surprised, there was no wardrobe in the room.

        There was no lounge, no swimming pool, no restaurant, only bar 🙂

        Although gym was there 🙂

  2. Sai Madhusudanan

    Please do one updated article on Amex platinum charge, lot of us got the card recently thanks to Amex’s invite anyone for 135k deal.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I just went through and updated the existing article. Have a quick glance and let me know if that helps.
      Thanks for asking!

  3. Adhav

    Hi Sid,

    Can you update the review on axis atlas post magnus devaluation ?

    And also a comparison with Amex Plat Travel for hotel redemption purpose (especially since amex plat has no renewal benefits)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Atlas review updated, thanks for asking.

      Reg. comparison, I think you can go for Plat travel when your spends are going beyond 5L or to experience Amex with FYF offer and hold as a backup card, as anyway Atlas is expected to be devalued anytime soon.


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