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MMTDOUBLEBLACK membership is the most premium offering from MakeMyTrip which also includes complimentary MMTBLACK membership (Invitation only). The membership takes care of any cancellation in travel plans, if you are a frequent flier. Even if you fly 3-4 times a year, this membership can pay back in one way or other.

My Journey

I received complimentary MMTDOUBLEBLACK membership for first year via MMT ICICI Visa Signature Credit Card.

  • Annual fee for this membership is 1499/- per year (since launch).

At times it is offered at 999/- as a limited period offer, if you hold any of their partner credit cards (For Citibank Ultima/ Prestige cardholders it was offered sometime back with 100% cashback as a limited time offer).


  • It covers any 2 domestic flights + any 2 domestic hotel cancellations (Member has to be a traveler to claim benefit)
  • Annual membership covers Member + 1 co-traveler (For 2 flight cancellations)
  • It also covers 2 Hotel cancellations (separate booking). Though this is nothing extraordinary considering most of the hotels have refundable bookings now days. Still non- refundable bookings are cheaper sometimes and can have an advantage here
  • Cancellation can be done upto 24 hours prior to Flight departure/ Hotel check in
  • My Cash can be used without any restrictions to make bookings or even claim vouchers and will never expire
  • If no cancellation is done in whole year, 50% of booking amount is refunded to My Cash wallet as Bonus (This feature was not available in maiden edition and was welcome addition just few months back)


  • On cancellation, booking amount is refunded as MMT My Cash wallet only
  • Even if you book multiple hotel rooms at once, only 1 room is eligible for refund per booking if cancelled.
  • Refunded My Cash can’t be transferred to bank/ credit card/ debit card
  • Multicity flight booking is not eligible
  • Booking has to be in Economy class only. Business/ Premium economy is not eligible
  • Last minute (under 24 hrs) cancellation will not result in any benefit from this membership


Unlike MMTBLACK membership which once enrolled remains active for lifetime, MMTDOUBLEBLACK membership has to be renewed every year based upon the requirement of the customer.

Also the new edition upgrade of giving 50% bonus as My Cash, if no claims are made in the year is well thought out.

What’s your thoughts on MMTDoubleBlack membership? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Satish Kumar Agarwal

An Engineer by profession. Charmed by the world of finance including Credit cards, Mutual Funds, Insurance etc. Helping friends in becoming financial savvy gives joy n pleasure to me.

22 thoughts on “MMTDOUBLEBLACK by MakeMyTrip Review

  1. AJ

    Can the My Cash credited due to a cancellation be used to claim voucher? Or only the My Cash earned against milestones be used for claiming vouchers? Because if the former is true, their Oberoi 1 night stay can be a steal.

  2. Nithin

    Surprisingly for my cancellation, amount got credited back to the card 🙂

  3. GTMAX

    Could not find any details on MMT app of 50% refund for the annual charges in case of no cancellations.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      It’s there in the image itself and also in tnc.

  4. farhan fazal

    The first edition was better as we could cancel 5 flights.. With the present one only 2 tickets can. Be cancelled that means 750 per ticket cancellation charges. When you book tickets you can insure it anyway by paying 300-500 per ticket.. So I don’t know how it’s worth the money we pay..
    I loved the first edition..but obviously MMT could not sustain it

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      When you pay a fee of 300-500 while booking and don’t cancel it, you effectively loose that money. Whereas with this membership you can effectively book even 10 tickets separately and get that coverage if it doesn’t get cancelled.
      In other words you get the coverage for whole year till 2 tickets are cancelled.

  5. wah

    I just heard that axis bank is merging credit limit into one for all cards.
    earlier axis gives separate limits to separate cards but they now merging and providing one limit.
    This news will be consider as bad one or good.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Please post comments on respective articles page.

  6. Ravi

    I had a bitter experience with MMT. The hotel has dishonored the MMT booking, that too after i had reached the place with family. Had to argue with MMT for close to 3 hours in severe rain to get the refund. MMT offered an incentive of RS 750/-. Within a week the incentive expired. Better be careful with MMT

    1. ravi

      Iam also a MMT Black member. When I called them from Hotel, they kept me on hold for more than 15 minutes. I was forced to call several times, every time, they kept me on hold. Finally at the end of 3 hours and threatening them with police case under 420. I have also told them i had recorded entire conversation and will post them online. Then only they refunded the money.

      These online travel portals do not have much control on the hotels. If the hotel refuses admission, these guys simply try to waste our time and try to avoid refunding your money also

      1. Sree

        Thats a horrible experience i must say.. I have made hotel bookings thro MMT on several occasions in last 7 yrs within India and abroad. Never have i faced such an issue. Bookings have been done to budget hotels as well as 5* hotels. I think you should name the hotel where you were denied as it would help others avoid them. Highly unprofessional

        1. Ravi

          I had also booked several hotels through MMT. Except one poor service hotel on sikkim, rest were all good. Never called hotel on advance.

          That’s why I went blindly with MMT booking this time also.

          Hotel Rachana palace and boarding, Surathkal.

          The hotel claims, they have dissociated from online platform 3 months back.

          What IAM pained is , response from customer care.

          I have told them, this was the issue. Just refund the amount. They claim, they can’t do, only senior manager can do. We are connecting you to him/her. Only that connection never happened. I have the recordings with me. It took almost 3 hours to make them agree to cancel.

          This part I didn’t like.

          It happens , sometimes your local partners cheat. MMT should have immediately told me, fine, we refund you.

          To say that they needed 3 hours and lots of arguments. Threats of police case.

          This is entirely on MMT and they failed there.

          Further the compensation offered lapsed in a week. This is also entirely with MMT

          1. Prashant Gupta

            Yup the customer service in most cases in India is not good. One has to fight for ones own cause.

      2. Prashant Gupta

        The first thing i do after booking travel sites is confirm simultaneously with the hotel so that there is no last minute problem. I havent had any problem with mmt till now, recently booked abroad also.

  7. Mickey

    MMT customer care is Hopeless – don’t even try to escalate because there will be 0 response.

    For EVERYONE –

    Whenever you book a Hotel or Flight through a 3rd party app or travel agent, always email or call up the hotel/ airline and re-confirm your booking and PNR no. immediately.


  8. Mouli

    I have made not less than 50 bookings in MMT so far that includes domestic ,international flights and hotels across all categories of hotel from 3 to 5 star but not even once I faced any issue.
    I always call to the hotel immediately after the booking and confirm my booking

  9. Amann

    I had an issue at an international hotel where the Online Travel Agency voucher said breakfast but the hotel had no clue as to the booking details. This was after showing the voucher. They charged the room for breakfast and later on getting after getting confirmation from OTA they reversed it.

    Luckily I had a 3 night stay and it took them 2 days to get the confirmation.

    Lesson learnt. Always confirm the booking with the hotel in advance so no issue come up later.

  10. Abhansh

    Do you think using an AMEX card would help in such issues. Since if we are denied checkin and MMT denies refund, AMEX could just reverse the charge and we are safe. What are your thoughts on this?


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