Club Vistara Points Transfer Offer: Get upto 50% Bonus CV Points

By | February 1, 2020

Vistara has been adding many new bank transfer partners in past few months and as you might know, they’re not that attractive as we saw earlier with Amex and usually makes sense only when they offer 50%-100% Bonus CV points on transferring credit card reward points. One such offer is here for grab. Here are the details:

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get upto 50% (slab-wise) bonus CV Points on transferring points from the eligible banking partners. (not all cards are eligible)
  • Offer Period: 1st February, 2020 – 29th February, 2020
  • Max. Bonus CV Points: 25,000 Points
  • Fulfilment: within 45 working days once the base CV Points have been credited into the Club Vistara account.
  • Terms & Conditions


Overall its an amazing offer as getting 50% bonus on CV points carries a lot of value. I value CV points at 75Ps (minimum), so if you make use of the 50% offer, the minimum value easily becomes Rs.1.1 or Rs.1.5 at times.

Not just that if you’ve earned these points on Diners Black by making use of the 10X promo, your return on spend becomes massive 49.5% instead of 33%. Even Diners Club Miles gives you great returns.

But well these are just numbers unless you actually redeem and get the value back. Interestingly the offer is not applicable on HDFC Infinia.

What’s your thoughts on the Bonus CV Points Offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

31 thoughts on “Club Vistara Points Transfer Offer: Get upto 50% Bonus CV Points

  1. PointsPandit

    Have dropped an email half an hour back to Club Vistara team to understand the expiry criteria of CV points earned via Partner Transfer and Co-branded Card Payments.

    If the expiry stays at 3 years, makes sense to transfer 50k DCB points to Club Vistara and get 75k Club Vistara Points. With an average burn rate of 30k points per year (3 return flights between Mumbai-Delhi), it makes sense for me.

    If expiry of points is less than 3 years, then have to think if I plan to fly on Vistara to any international destination anytime soon.

    For those based out of Delhi, this is a no-brainer offer.


      Not really. I don’t actually value CV points at 75p. Delhi to blr is 7500 points one way. A value of 75p would mean a ticket price of 5600+approx 400 around extra. So a one way ticket costs 6k. I’m pretty sure the average price of a one way ticket is not so much. Correct me if I am wrong.

      Note that this calculation has been made keeping del-blr in mind. If someone flies some other sector frequently then it might make sense. Delhi-bom in 5000 points is decent I guess.

    2. Prashant Agrawal

      I think the expiry of bonus points will continue to be 3 years but helps to confirm if the ticket size is big, like in this case.

  2. Srikkanth

    I have 31250 axis edge reward points from axis privilege card which gets me ₹ 12500 (2500*5) worth Yatra t&c applied vouchers , what is the possibility of exchange value if they are transferred to CV account ? 31250 axis edge points will fetch me 40625 CV points and they are valued at 28k approx with each CV point valued .70p … Is this correct or am I missing some thing ?

    1. PointsPandit

      Check again. Axis Edge conversion is not 1:1 to Club Vistara Points.

    2. Anoop E S

      I don’t think 31250 edge points will give 40625 CV points. The conversion rate is 4:1 for Aixs Edge points. So you will get approx 7813 CV points and as such this conversion is not eligible for any bonus points.

      so better to proceed with Yatra vouchers

  3. Vivek

    Vistara was never a transfer partner for Infinia anyway, while Diners has been..

  4. Puneet Singal

    Sid, I think you need to relook at the comment about benefit from Diner’s Club Black. On converting 50k DCB points, you get 75k CV points whose value is approx. Rs. 52,500 (valuing each [email protected]). In comparison, value of 50k DCB points equals Rs. 50,000 itself for booking flights. So only an incremental gain of 5% (Rs.52,500/Rs.50,000) by converting DCB points to CV.

  5. Prashant Agrawal

    This offer came just a tad bit late. I transferred a major chunk of CV Points from Diners last month 😒

    1. Mouli

      Happens most of the time,last year I transfered over a lakh points from Amex to Marriott then I received the 50% bonus point offer
      whats the gain percentage usually,when you book with the CV points over directly through hdfc diners portal
      Booking with CV points wont give us CV points and wont be considered for tier value

  6. Shubham

    Does transferring 50,000 points from Diners Black at 50% bonus (total 75,000 points) makes sense if you already have Club Vistara Gold with Axis Vistara Infinite card?

    1. Amit

      With Diners black you can get 1 RP = 1 Rs while with miles you will get max 0.5/0.75 unless you are booking a business class ticket

      1. Neo

        Vistara biz class is usually not worth it by booking on points due to extremely high mileage needed. The sweet spot was PEco but they have changed some of the charts which gets the value closer or below to Re1.
        Else, the perfect way was to redeem a PEco ticket & try your luck for Biz class upgrade using a voucher.

    2. Ankur

      If you are willing to use those points in domestic sectors then it makes sense as international sectors are overpriced and not worth cv points usage.

    3. PointsPandit

      Makes even more sense if you are already having a tier with Vistara.

      Also, those who are calculating CV points at Flat Rs 0.70 are ignoring few major facts:
      1) When you cancel after booking via Smartbuy, you hardly get anything back. If you book via CV points, no cancellation charges at all. Taxes also comes back. Officially they can charge you 500 CV miles, but they don’t.

      2) Last moment flight bookings. The CV value can easily be Rs 2 per CV point.

      3) Bookings during peak seasons e.g. Diwali. Again easily get value of Rs 1.2 per CV points even after advanced booking.
      4) Smartbuy bookings on Vistara are mostly EcoLite fares. Cannot use your upgrade vouchers on these. CV point redemption is regular fare with meal, seat, etc.

  7. Ashfaque

    Hey Sid,

    Can you please share the actual offer URL from Vistara website, tried searching for it and couldn’t find it.

  8. Abhi

    Not sure miles originally earned as credit card points are a nice way to buy tickets in general. Delhi-Mumbai sector Vistara economy ticket, 2 weeks away, is available for 3K all incl. If you have a DCB or Infinia you can redeem 3K points directly on smartbuy to buy this ticket. But CV miles requirement for this ticket is 5K, which requires 5K DCB/Infinia points, and seat is still subject to quota, plus you gotta pay some 800 on top as taxes. Even with 50% bonus on conversion it’s no match. Other credit cards which have a poorer points-to-miles rate are even worse off. I’d rather use credit card points for hotels, flights, statement credits or eGVs than convert to miles. Its just my view.

    1. Anoop E S

      same view. Better to book using credit card points rather than transferring them to CV. Further, booking through credit card points will be treated as a revenue ticket and we will earn miles on that,

      This is where I badly miss Jet and Jet Privilege. Those were the days of points transfer, award tickets and upgrades.

    2. Dr. Mohit

      +1 from me.

      Even at 50% extra- vistara pts for 3000dcb points = 4500

      So vistara ticket will cost almost 3300 pts+ 800 cash whereas while using direct dcb points= 3000

      Also with direct dcb point usage via smartbuy you are not limited to 1 single airline.

    3. Gautam

      +1. I did the same math the day I received the mail from Vistara. With DCB you also have the option to book hotel tickets.

  9. Shivi

    Miles pay off better on a business/ first class ticket when you are gold or platinum tier customer with the airline or hotel and/or travel around Domestic/South East Asia sectors. It’s no use converting for low frequency travels & stays.

    For economy tickets viability with 10-15% return, without elite tier status with the respective airline, you are looking at 30+ fights in a year.

  10. Nitin Chavan

    If you book a ticket using CV points, even than we still have to pay taxes on the air ticket. This has to be considered in our calculation to justify the conversion.

  11. wah

    Does we have transfer 50k points in one short to get 50% bonus,
    Can we transfer from multiple credit cards to get this offer.

  12. Saran

    Hello, does anyone receives the bonus CV Miles in their Visatara account?

      1. Saran

        Hi Mouli, I have transferred around 51,000 points, but I have not received the bonus points yet. can you explain what should I do to get those into my account?


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