Amex Offer: Earn 1,000 Bonus MR Points on 2 or more transactions each of Rs.1,000 or more

By | February 1, 2020

American Express India recently changed the Gold collection redemption options that went live from 1st Feb 2020 and now along with it comes an offer that helps you earn more MR points every month. This is in addition to the default offer of the card. Here are more details:

Offer Details

  • Offer: Earn 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® Points on 2 or more transactions each of ₹1,000 or more in a calendar month.
  • Eligible Cards: MRCC (targeted)
  • Offer Period: February 1 – March 31, 2020
  • Max. Points: 2000 MR Points (1000/m for Feb & March)
  • Fulfilment: 30 days from the date of qualifying transaction
  • Source

Note: This Offer is over and above the value proposition of American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card where the Cardmember will get 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards every calendar month by doing four or more transactions each of `1,000 or more in that calendar month

For now its seems that this offer is primarily targeted for Membership Rewards Credit Card holders, especially the ones with low/no spends as is the case of the card a/c that received this offer.


Since past 2 years American Express was sending better offers only to those who’ve good spends with them but with this, it seems now they’re taking care of everyone.

That said, I wish they sent out a modified version of this offer to everyone (like 5 txns of 3K or more for 5K bonus), as earning Amex MR points continues to be a tough job.

Have you received this Bonus MR Points offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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11 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Earn 1,000 Bonus MR Points on 2 or more transactions each of Rs.1,000 or more

  1. Himanshu

    I haven’t received the offer. I am using MRCC just for 4 transactions of Rs. 1000 each. It seems like it is more targetted on low/no spenders into spending at least Rs. 2000 per month.

  2. Surya

    Amex platinum travel card has much more benefits and there is a huge gap b/w Membership Rewards and Travel Platinum Card. Membership reward is designed to earn reward at end of card membership year whereas in Travel Platinum you can get rewards within couple of months as well. It needs a major restructuring.

  3. Nukul Goyal

    I had applied for MRCC and all of my documentation was complete. They ask me to send some mail in which there were my details and I confirmed the same but there hasn’t been any response after that. Can I know how can I know the status of my application?

    1. Arjun

      Same happened with me. I uploaded all the relevant documents. Got a call from them to confirm my details which they sent to my email, I confirmed. They also asked for Income docs which were to be sent from official email, I did the same.

      Ever since then I haven’t heard from them.

  4. Sai Mandava

    Is this offer only for folks who has received it on email or sms? Or its for all MRCC card holders?

  5. Rahul

    I’ve neither received this email nor the earlier email regarding the gold collection redemption changes. Will this offer be applicable for me?

  6. Arjun

    Hi all,
    just spoke to the amex guys,
    this offer is not for everyone, its just for people who received this offer through mail or sms
    sorry guys, thats a bad news

  7. Manuhar Jain

    WOuld like to understand this 1 thousand spend offer is for any spend (online or offline) or only for physical swipe


    I completed 4 transactions. Only received the usual 1000 pts. I have not received this offer.

  9. Prarthit

    Talked to the amex care executive. No such offer has been running currently. She completely denied. Has to be an exception or a member specific offer.
    Though thanks Siddharth for sharing.



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