HDFC 10X Rewards Extended & Amazon gift Vouchers are back (Feb 2020 Update)

By | June 1, 2020

The 10X Program finally sees a major devaluation; Checkout complete details of the updated HDFC 10X Rewards program with the June 2020 changes.

As expected the HDFC Bank Credit Card 10X program further extended for Feb 2020 and this time you’ve some good & bad news. As most of the offer terms & conditions remains same as that of Jan 2020, I’m not repeating the same but sharing the “updates” alone below.

Smartbuy Updates

  • Validity: through 29th Feb 2020
  • Instant Vouchers: Amazon & Flipkart Vouchers are back but limited to Rs.5K each
  • Everything else remains same
  • Offer T&C

So the most waited vouchers are back for grab, of-course with a condition that you can buy only Rs.5K worth voucher (of each) every calendar month. That’s still a significant savings.

Diners Updates

  • Extended through 29th Feb 2020
  • Swiggy & Bookmyshow are removed
  • Everything else remains same
  • Offer T&C

That removal is not a major impact I guess as anyway you can get the vouchers and continue to enjoy 10X but as a part of Smartbuy and not as a Diners partner.

So you hardly have few partners under Diners 10X now (Myntra, Ola, FirstCry, Zoomcar) and they no longer look attractive. But I guess HDFC should be adding new ones in coming months.


Overall no major impact and its indeed a good news for many as they’ve decided to put back the Amazon/Flipkart vouchers under Smartbuy. Yes, I get it but well, something is better than nothing.

What’s your take on the Feb 2020 changes with HDFC 10X Program? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Gaurav Mishra for the update on Vouchers.

651 thoughts on “HDFC 10X Rewards Extended & Amazon gift Vouchers are back (Feb 2020 Update)

  1. Naresh kumar

    I would say a great move by hdfc regarding keeping a limit so that everyone gets to buy them otherwise people were buying in bulk to sell them.

    Of course diners partners got short but let’s keep a positive attitude maybe they are upto something. Hint: payzapp…

    Also, bookmyshow is not at all attractive to diners customers as we get monthly voucher now for spending 80k per month which is something a diners customer should be able to as it’s a super premium card. Plus hdfc has 10% discount on hdfc cards and 20% on payzapp for bookmyshow transactions.
    Swiggy coupons are added to smartbuy vouchers now so you don’t have to miss it although previously it was double dip for some restuarants with swiggyit coupon code and paying with diners card.

    I personally use zamato because they have less deliver fee and my single orders were not coming to rs 150 for 10x reward points to kick in for swiggy so i had to order more which was causing overeating for me :p

    Anyways you can get 30% discount with Payzapp on both zamato and swiggy so no need to worry for the removal from 10x partners.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Swiggy removal is bad. First u can double dip, secondly zomato is expensive and one has to pay delivery fee which is free for swiggy super. The menu on zomato is different and they charge tax on top of oreder value swiggy does not charge tax.
      Good to see amazon and flipkart back but with all the changes they are eating into smartbuy cap.

      1. Naresh kumar

        Delivery fee is free on orders above 99 and 10x is not applicable before 150 rs.
        It’s not healthy for us especially for people like me who just orders for self.
        I don’t know about you but most people order in bulk just to get discounts only to eat more leading to obessity and other problems in India.
        I don’t know if the zamato is charging tax for you in your city but in my city and for vendors i order from, I pay 20rs less on Zamato for the same item order from the same restaurant when compared to swiggy because swiggy charges high delivery fees for non super members and orders below 99.
        And no, i wasn’t charged any taxes on zomato for the orders which are from same restaurant.
        PS: i have no affiliation with zamato, just my personal experience. I personally hate zamato as well for their previous controversies.

        1. Swiggy

          Hi Naresh, we understand you are unhappy about the delivery charges however, these charges are levied for the services rendered by our delivery partners. We’ve launched Swiggy SUPER subscription which unlocks free delivery for all your orders above Rs 99/-. You could give it a try and enjoy the benefits. Please take a moment to write to us at [email protected] regarding the same with your registered details so that we can look into it right away.

          1. Naresh kumar

            Hello Swiggy,

            Weird to see your team here on a credit card review website but anyways glad to see you guys are taking time to look for your reviews in the comment section instead of properly responding to the customer on your app and giving them a solution.
            Numerous times you guys have denied a refund for bad/stale food sent by the restuarant, earlier you guys were good and took responsibility for the wrong doings of the restaurants but from past few months your customer care people just say they can’t do anything in such cases and i am like what the heck? Why the hell you guys take money from me when you can’t take responsibility of your partner restaurant?

            Also, you guys charge a minimum of 25 rs for delivery whereas Zamato does it for 15rs as delivery charges which is awesome for people like me who just have to order small quantity of item for self eating.

            And your swiggy super is just a plain marketing gimmick. You guys are charging such a high fees for a subscription just to provide free deliery on orders above 99, like what’s the point of that? Why such restrictions? Just so customer orders more than he can chew just to save 25rs? That’s stupid and unethical to charge customers a high subscription fees and then have conditions.
            You guys took this concept from Amazon but atleast have the courtesy to obey all the rules, amazon fulfilled orders are all free shipping no matter the order total.
            I used to order from you guys every other day but after your cudtomer care denied refund for orders sent with stale/bad food a couple of times, i have stopped using your app from past few months. Zamato is better(not the best i agree but still better than you guys at this level of customer care offered by you)

  2. Tina

    Nature’s basket has also been removed as a diners partner

  3. Aman Gupta

    Why would I buy Amazon/flipkart vouchers from smartbuy instead of shopping directly via these sites when I will get exactly same reward points? I can think of only gifting as a use case

    1. Kartik

      I would assume the credit of 10X points towards insta voucher purchase would be alot faster than 10X points towards purchase on Amazon via smartbuy portal.

    2. Prashant Gupta

      simple to make payments on other sites… make bill payments, recharges etc. its a saving isint it.

    3. Gautam

      You can use the vouchers to pay mobile, broadband, electricity bill , water bill and the like. This way you save 33% on utility bills, which is otherwise not possible.

    4. Aman S

      Guess you buy vouchers and load your account, use the balance in the future.

  4. Mangesh

    have a question about the limit of Rs.5k for Instant Voucher.
    “Instant Vouchers: Amazon & Flipkart Vouchers are back but limited to Rs.5K each” ?

    I think one can buy more than 1 qty of 5k instant voucher, where cumulative monthly reward points are limited to card variant (i.e 25k to 15k or 5k).

  5. Varun

    I have both HDFC infinia and HDFC Diners Black, so am I eligible for purchasing 5000 rs of amazon vouchers on each card i.e (Total 10k) or can only make it only 5k.

  6. Maulin

    There are swiggy vouchers now on smartbuy gift vouchers. That should cover the removal from diners and also gives 10x for infinia users πŸ˜€

    1. Gautam

      Not really. You get single use coupons on Smartbuy Giftyr as opposed to spend based cashback under 10x. But yes, if you can ensure that swiggy will not eat into the capped monthly smartbuy benefits of Rs.15k and ensure a minimum order amount of Rs. 300 then there is reason to be indifferent.

      1. Vic

        I think the limit for diners club is Rs.45000 spends for 15,000 points/month of 10x program.
        They first removed the renewal benefit, and raised fee back to Rs. 10,000 plus gst,
        (Renewal waiver still there though at 5L spends) and now removing partners.

    2. Hitesh

      The issue is that Swiggy gives coupons instead of vouchers and max value of coupon is 500 worth.
      You can apply only 1 coupon per order. So although its a benefit on a part of your order, it doesn’t cover the entire order

    3. George Mathews

      Are Gyftr vouchers available for Infinia card holders as well?

      1. Hitesh

        Vouchers are available for all HDFC card holders including Infinia.
        Just the limits are different for each card on how much reward points you can earn per month

  7. Shashank Karnawat

    Redbus 25% introductory discount offer has also been discontinued.

  8. Sahil

    1. Can anybody explain the benefit of buying these amazon vouchers since you get 10X points anyways on amazon portal through smartbuy? (Unless someone wants to resell them)

    2. I’ve heard about payzapp recently only, is it worth using it? Do we have to use payzapp wallet card or will payment happen directly through linked credit card? Dont see any payzapp option on Zomato for instance.

    1. Gautam

      You can use the vouchers to pay mobile, broadband, electricity bill , water bill and the like. This way you save 33% on utility bills, which is otherwise not possible.

      1. Sunil

        Recently i got my diners black. I came to know about this vouchers through these discussions. I was trying to search amazon voucher but could not get it
        I have following doubts on amazon voucher:
        1. After converting it in Amazon Pay balance, what is the expiry date by which it has to be used
        2. Whether I am eligible to get 10X rewards once I purchased this voucher OR I will be eligible once I spend it through Amazon Pay.
        3. Is Amazon vouchers gives 10X points faster than purchasing things on amazon site through smartbuy

        Thanks in Advance,

        1. KT

          1. The expiry of the amazon voucher is for a year from the date of purchase.
          2. Yes you will get 10X reward points within t+3 days.
          3. Yes they do give you faster points accumulation opportunity.

          Amazon vouchers have been out of stock for a while now and i remember they were in stock earlier this month. Not sure if and when they will be back..

          1. sunil

            Thanks a lot KT for your kind reply. I am planning to purchase a 1.5 ton AC. Now, I feel purchasing it on flipkart is advantageous as it gives points quickly and amazon gives after a long time. Sometime it takes lots of follow up for getting those 10X points.
            Do you know that purchasing AC on flipkart will give unconditional 10X points (15000 max for dcb) or is there any exceptions on few products?

  9. Sahil

    Also, i dont see the option for purchasing instant vouchers on the diners specific link. Any reason for that?

    1. Hitesh

      Go to HDFC Smartbuy generic site and not the DIners or Infinia specific website of HDFC smartbuy

  10. Priyansh

    Couldn’t find the vouchers thing you mentioned.. where is it?

  11. Nitesb

    Amazon gift voucher is good for random pantry purchases Somehow going via smart buy to Amazon didn’t seem to work for me.

  12. Aashish Goel

    Hi Siddharth,

    On the Terms & conditions the 5000 limit is not mentioned anywhere. Any specific links.

    Is this 5000 limit only applicable for Amazon/Flipkart or all instant vouchers?


    1. MT

      Mentioned when you reach the amazon gift voucher page , and during checkout it doesn’t allow you more than 5,000

  13. Hitesh Sharma

    A few more Diner partners should be added. Else it does not justify the new 10K annual fees for the DCB.

  14. Lakshmi

    Seems they have removed AZ and FK vouchers form the portal , yesterday night i have 5K AZ voucher but i dont see AZ and FK vouchers

  15. BeingHuman

    Some employee involvement in this?
    They uploaded & within 1 day removed also
    Many people purchased making multiple gyftr accounts in between

  16. varun arya

    amazon and flipkart vouchers are not their any more.

  17. Ashu

    Managed to buy 5k Amazon voucher today morning πŸ™‚
    Thanks for timely info.

  18. Krishnakumar C

    Do we get 10x through smartbuy for Amazon pantry orders?

    1. Naresh kumar

      Yes, amazon pantry gets you 10x rewards because i have received email from amazon that the transaction was done through smartbuy with order id but when i did the transaction via smartbuy two times for Amazon fresh, i didn’t get any email from them. So Amazon pantry yes, amazon fresh a big NO.

    2. Raghu

      Yes. We will.
      No 10x for transactions via AmazonPay (including electricity bills, so on)

    3. Nihar

      Yes for Amazon Pantry . NOTE – No for Amazon Fresh , though I am still following up.

  19. Awenindo

    Time to upgrade to Infinea if you can. Diners is just downhill from here.

    There is a trend where retail merchants don’t want to enable diners payments probably because of the higher transaction costs.

    1. Rohit roy

      I had issue with one of the shops who denied stating high transaction cost but on other hand some small restaurant were accepting it so the pos usability has improved.

      1. Awenindo

        Maybe, but nowhere even close to acceptance like Visa / Mastercard or even Rupay.

        1. cody

          this is plain stupid. diners is accepted everywhere where rupay is accepted

    2. Aashish

      Any tips on doing that? I don’t see Infinia in my netbanking section and RM is useless.

  20. Rohit roy

    Smartbuy Site is showing error as on 05/02 morning πŸ™‚
    Did you guys get E voucher of Rs 1500 for offer in December . I am suppose to get 3 vouchers but no trace of it . Whom should i contact on this ?

    1. deva

      i have emailed hdfc bank and they requested me to wait till 10th february to get the vouchers

      1. Rohit

        Is there any restrictions for using voucher ? Customer support asked to send the order details to further investigate which is real hell. hope they send it at the earliest.


    Can someone help me where are the amazon & flipart vouchers available?
    I looked up the Instant Vouchers on the smartbuy landing page and couldn’t find these vouchers.
    Couldn’t find the swiggy voucher too.

  22. Vishal

    Do we get 10x rewards point -if we buy Az and FK gift vouchers from gyftr of 5k each on DCB ? Its showing as avaiable now.

  23. Abhi

    Q. Why does HDFC extend 10X month-on-month and not make it an year-long offer in one go?
    A. Because 9X is fulfilled 90 days after the offer end date for many of the categories/partners. So they need to keep an end date to the 10X offer, and again run a fresh identical offer the next month and so on. In past the offer used to run atleast quarter-long and some people had trouble in getting their 9X in reasonable time, esp if they had shopped early in a given quarter.
    So no need to be jittery or anxious if the offer will continue next month, 10X is here to stay.

    1. Abhi

      Who said so ?
      So you mean when it used to be per quarter offer, people were getting points after 6 months ? (90day for a quarter and 90 days post offer) Moreover, it is not a religious manuscript saying ‘Thou shalt get the point only after the expiry of the offer’

  24. Sahil

    Do lifetime free diners black card holders not get the welcome gifts (the annual memberships)?

    1. Abhi

      They also get those complimentary memberships, if :
      1. They got their new DCB card after 1st Nov; or
      2. They meet the 2.5lac spend criteria (in Aug-Oct or Nov-Jan) following which they should upgrade to new card (which also comes LTF);
      and make atleast one spend within first 90 days.
      OR 3. If they hit their 8lac annual spend criteria on their existing card (but will have to wait until card anniversary).
      Note: If you have met the 2.5lac spend criteria in Nov-Jan period, you’ll get option to upgrade to new card during 01-30 April.

    2. Santosh Kumar

      No welcome gift, only if you spend 8L, you will get memberships for the next year.

      1. Sanchit

        This is not correct. I received all the welcome gifts with my LTF DCB card.

      2. BGV

        LTF cards also get welcome gift. My husband got them through the university program that was being offered in Nov, Dec 2019.

      1. Abhi

        CC has confirmed this. Everyone is eligible for new DCB and also the complimentary memberships if they meet even the 2.5L spend criteria. Only condition is new card will continue to be under current pricing. So if current one is LTF, new also will be LTF, while the complimentary memberships are offered to everyone who do a transaction within 90 days of getting the new card, regardless of card pricing. Also nowhere does Diners site state that if new DCB is LTF, you wont get memberships until they spend min 8L. See below:

        Upgrade offer for existing card numbers starting with 3608 (Issued before 1st Nov 2019):
        Customers, who have achieved spend milestone of Rs 2.50 Lakhs in the period Nov 2019 to Jan 2020, your card will be eligible for new Diners Club Black upgrade between 1st to 30th April 2020 (under current pricing of your card)
        Note:1. Post upgrade, the new card pricing will be changed as per your existing card pricing by 30th May 2020.
        2. For those who have achieved the spend milestone of Rs. 2.50 Lakhs in the period Aug to Oct 2019, upgrade window will be closed on 15th Feb 2020.

        1. Rohit

          In the month of October 19 i signed a form stating that 1st year would be free and renewal fee would be 5k . Will my card continue to be 5k or increased to 10k. Another worst part is all my life all the cards were LTF but hdfc said they stopped giving LTF cards and still I see bank giving LTF cards. If they keep differentiating customers then trusting bank would become difficult.

        2. Mohammed

          @Abhi i will soon get my diners privilege card and would like to update to black soon. where can i see the current offer of spending 2.5l in current quater? Is it available?

    1. MT

      Smartbuy (except amazon) is 2-3 business day after settlement (usually T+2) , if under bonus schemes , you have to wait till end of fulfillment period mentioned in T&C , amazon 90days from transaction month end , restaurant 2x , airvistara 2x are 2-3 business days for settlement once again , and points become usable only after statement generation

      1. Rohit roy

        whether all restaurant spend in India and abroad gets 2x or specific ?

          1. Rohit

            can you please elaborate what is Non chain/Non hotel. Any partners list for DCB and how much points it would receive?

  25. Prasanna sakthi

    I dont get the email at all. i have subscribed to your list multiple times. Please add me to the notifications list

    1. Gopal Gidwani

      Same is the case with me also. I have subscribed multiple times to the mailing list over the last few months. But so far have not got even a single email from Siddharth. Please do something about this and add me to your mailing list. It will be a privilege for me to be a part of your mailing list because you have taught me so much about credit cards πŸ™‚

  26. Yogesh

    Hi Guys.. Usually in hoe many days do one gets the 10x points from the transaction made on Amazon via Smartbuy?

    It’s been 80 days since the transaction, yet to receive the points on my DCB.

    1. Mouli

      It will take 90 days after,sometimes beyond that also.Once it crossed 90 days check with customer care

    2. Nimesh

      For Amazon, the points are credit in 90 days from the end of the end of the month in which the transaction was made. For example, if you make transaction on 5th Feb 2020, you should expect points in last week of May / first week of June

  27. Surya

    I am not able to claim vouchers for monthly milestone benefits (BMS, Tata Cliq & Ola). If try to redeem it shows as CLAIMED. Is everyone able to claim these vouchers every month?

      1. Abhi

        Yes there was a glitch, which is now fixed. Try claiming now.

      2. Ankit

        It is resolved now, I was able to see claim button now.

    1. PM

      Same happened with me. I talked to the customer service and was told that it was a technical issue.
      Now it seems to have been resolved and just few minutes ago (7th Feb late morning) claimed the vouchers.

    2. Yogesh

      It has worked fine for me in last 2 months .. yet to get it for this month.

    3. Ajinkya

      Try after 13th of the month. That is how I got it working last month.
      Their milestone system seems full of bugs. What is worse is the helpline folks are not willing to admit the issue and not helpful at all.

    4. Shivam

      Facing the same issue. Spoke to customer care who informed that they are aware of this issue and it pertains to website. It will be fixed in few days.

  28. zubin

    Is the 10x rewards on Diners Club cards also valid on flights booked through the Smartbuy portal?

  29. KT

    Can someone confirm approximate timeframe for credit of 9X reward points towards flight booking on smartbuy portal?

    1. Gautam

      All smartbuy points except Amazon’s are credited on T+3 basis.

      1. KT

        Thanks a ton.. yes indeed received points for a recent flight booking made on smartbuy as per T+3 days..

    2. Rajiv Krishna Omar

      you get 1x points on transaction_date+2 and 9x points on transaction_date+3. Points get posted ~1:30AM

  30. Flame

    Yeah looks like they ran out of Amazon and Flipkart vouchers.

    1. George Mathews

      MakeMyTrip vouchers earlier had a 5% discount. Even that seems to have gone.

      1. Dr. Mohit

        MMT doesnt let you use there other codes of 20-30% off which they already have on there packages so there voucher are good for flight only.

  31. Mayank Garg

    Hello sid,

    A quick update. HDFC has again removed the Flipkart and Amazon Vouchers. They are not available now.

  32. Akshay

    I have been trying to get Amazon or Flipkart vouchers for the past 1 week now, but not able to spot them. Do they have a limit/quota on number of vouchers.

  33. Ayush Agrawal

    A strange glitch on Amazon orders placed through SmartBuy:
    I placed a couple of orders on Amazon through Smartbuy 2 days ago, and Amazon sent me an email today saying “thanks for placing order through SBI YONO”. I wonder if anyone else has faced this issue as well.

  34. Sam

    I can’t see Amazon/Flipkart vouchers on Smartbuy. Has it been taken off?

  35. Niraj

    Hey guys
    Does know one know how many days does Diners Black takes to settle Myntra reward points?


      Myntra should be same as any other Partner brand, which means 2nd of Every month for previous month.

  36. Raj

    Did the mistake of buying Swiggy vouchers worth 1000β‚Ή (2×500β‚Ή) from Smartbuy. πŸ˜’
    I thought like Amazon gift card it would add the amount to Swiggy credit/wallet and I could use whenever required. Instead, each voucher can be applied one time only and if the order amount is lesser than the voucher value, the balance will lapse. So if order value is 300 and I apply voucher worth 500, the balance 200 lapses. Also, voucher amount will not be adjusted towards the tax amount and it has to be paid. Secondly, as this voucher is used in place of a coupon code, you lose the discount from a coupon code that you would have applied if ordered normally with a card.

    What a waste!!

    Lesson learnt, always read T&C very carefully. 😣

  37. Rohit roy

    Can anyone tell me how I can use points to book a flight for DCB. My previous card had option to enter card number and directly use points instead of paying. For DCB I can see option only to enter voucher number. So how do i generate that ? Thanks in advance.

    1. Lakshmi

      During payment it will ask to generate voucher for the points u want to redeem and same can use during booking.

      If am not wrong,Once voucher got generated it is valid for 28days.

  38. Gopal Gidwani

    Hello Friends,
    I work as a freelancer and so I rarely travel. I have accumulated a few thousand points on my Diners Black credit card. So, I wanted to ask if I can book a ticket for someone else on the SmartBuy platform using my Diners Black reward points? Also, please clarify if it is compulsory for me to travel with that person?

    1. Raghu

      Hey Gopal, you can book for anyone and its not necessary for you to be along with them. I have done it twice on Smartbuy and faced no issues.

    2. Murad

      Yes, you can purchase flight ticket for someone else and its not compulsory for you to travel.

    3. Pavan G

      You can book it for someone else even if you are not travelling ..I had done it for domestic flights as booking partner shows as Cleartrip or Yatra …but some airlines ask for credit card authorisation letter from card holder ..personally airlines never asked for such letter

    4. Rohit

      @Gopal Gidwani
      Worst case when country wants to deport someone and you use some other credit card airport authorities would ask for authentication which is very rare scenario other than that no issues for advance booking which I did for my family international trip had no issues. Within India nothing to worry coz no body cares how you are booking.

  39. sam

    flight fares on smartbuy portal are quite high and inflated, compared to other portals..better to redeem reward points/buy tickets from another portal..

    1. Raghu

      This cuts both ways.. I found it way better on smartbuy in recent times for example, Chennai to Delhi, Hyderabad to Dallas, etc.. If you include convenience fees and all, Smartbuy turns out better..

  40. Varun

    Can someone confirm?
    Earlier there was a Rs 200 coupon for Flight booking thru smartbuy portal. presently, i am unable to see that.
    Is it removed by HDFC? There is no such information reg same anywhere.

    1. Deva

      Yes..with effect from feb,no more FLYHDFC coupon which provided 200 instant discount..Also no mor redbus 25% discount offer

    2. Rohit

      Previously there was no convenience fee too now they are charging rs 236 and yes 200 is gone. Might be they are displaying reduced fee. You can compare with make my trip.

      1. Pranab

        Convenience fee of β‚Ή236 was always there, at least for the last 7 months (since I started booking Flights through smartbuy).

        1. Abhi

          Thats the interesting part. It was on-off. Some people were charged some were not. Also, during this time, I had paid on most transcription (3-4) and was not charge on 1-2 occasions.

  41. amit kumar

    Does anyone has experience of purchasing iphone on Amazon orFlipkart and getting the 10X rewards? How was it? Please share your thoughts.

    1. Murad

      Yes, I am currently having with iPhone 11 Pro No Cost EMI purchased in November on Flipkart through SmartBuy. HDFC is saying that the purchase not done through SmartBuy.

      At the same I have purchased another iPhone 11 on NO Cost EMI in Jan on Flipkart through SmartBuy which I did receive the 10X reward points when the installment amount was deducted.

      Since i had photo/pics of the purchase confirmation page which shows both SmartBuy and Flipkart logo on it as well as SmartBuy Flipkart Offer website url, I have forwarded photo/pic of purchase confirmation page of both iPhone 11 as well as iPhone 11 Pro to Senior Management and Principle Nodal Office and requested them to provide clarification. Now waiting for the response. Forget about 9X reward, i haven’t received the normal 1X reward for the purchase of iPhone 11 Pro.

      1. Rohit roy

        I was told by DCB concierge that Flipkart NO cost EMI would not fetch any reward points. To get points you will have to use paid EMi which i did and had no issues with points credited in T+3 days.

        1. Murad

          No Cost EMI on Flipkart are eligible for 10X reward points. I got reward points for No Cost EMI on iPhone 11 transaction but still waiting for the resolution on reward points for iPhone 11 Pro.

      2. vaibhav taranekar

        are you sure that you got reward points for no cost emi? in the same month or next? i just bought iphone 11 on no cost emi from flipkart but did not receive any points in my statement right now.

        1. vaibhav taranekar

          UPDATE: I did receive additional points after 2 days of statement generation.

        2. Murad

          Yes, No Cost Emi on Flipkart is eligible for reward points and its in the T&C on Smartbuy. Reward points will be posted when the installment amount is deducted. If you have the photo of purchase confirmation page showing smatbuy and flipkart logo, then raise complaint.

  42. Pravesh Gupta

    I made quite a few transaction on Smartbuy in the month of December (Smartbuy Vouchers & AMazon /Flipkart Both), But I have not received any Additional 10 percent SmartBuy Voucher. Has anyone faced this also?

    1. Mayank

      Yep. I haven’t received 9X points as well as smartbuy voucher till now. Maybe this time they will take 90 days to credit the same.

    2. Anuj M

      You don’t receive Vouchers, you get points which can be redeemed later. In any case Smartbuy – Amazon purchases points will take +90 days.

      1. Shivi

        You receive SmartBuy vouchers also depending on type of transaction

    3. Rohit roy

      @Pravesh Gupta
      I am suppose to get 3 vouchers and didnt receive even one. Sent mail to customer care and they have asked for details like order no , merchant name etc. Now its been 14 days and i got a mail that it is under investigation.
      Biggest problem with HDFC is it would take months to get resolved by then even march 31st expiry day would come.

      1. Ankit Saraf

        Do you have the email for the offer? I also was supposed to receive the smartbuy vouchers but dint receive. I dont remember the offer and the voucher amount.

        1. Rohit

          I did an amazon purchase on Nov 29 so would wait until feb 29 and see whether points would be credited . I didnt receive points yet for 3rd EMI through flipkart . I generally get within 2 days of emi bill date. Not sure whether there is any restrictions for EMI since the product cost is 66k.


    Hi all,
    Are 10x points given on diners for Ola outstation as well? Could someone share their experience?
    Also, how many days does it take for the points to reflect?

    1. Rochan

      Yes. It applies to Outstation too.

      But unfortunately, Ola is having a lot of problems with Diners Network.

      I suddenly got a message a couple of hours into my trip that Ola is unable to accept Diners Cards due to a technical error. It was not resolved until about 5 days later IIRC.

      So I had to pay with some other card.

      Be wary of that.

  44. Raghu

    All, any idea if 10x rewards program is applicable on 2GUD via Flipkart?

  45. Yogesh

    Has anyone received monthly milestone benefits for Jan? I am yet to receive one …

    1. Ankit Saraf

      you can directly login to poshvine website and check. Use last month’s link or from diners website.

  46. Surya

    They have removed Rs.200 Instant discount on flight bookings on Smartbuy and Rs.238 gets added as convenience fee. Day by day Smartbuy is losing shine, once they remove 10x many will close the card I believe.

    1. Mohit Arora

      Same day when smartbuy 10x stop, HDFC cc department will also stop. They can go from 10x to 5x easily anytime but cant stop the whole programme as that’s there only USP.

  47. Eshwar

    Is the 10X points applicable on all the partners listed on the instant voucher?

    1. Anonymous

      10X is on all sites you land via SmartBuy sites including a few on that page itself as per the tnc

  48. Pranab

    Can anyone please confirm the bonus 9X points credit timeline in Compare & Shop (Tata Cliq)? I know about others (Flipkart, Amazon and GVs).

    1. Rohit

      You will get no points if purchased from compare and shop

      1. Shivi

        Wrong @ rohit, you get 10x points from compare n shop on SB also!

  49. Gaurav

    I am a new cardholder. Got my DCB in November and I have been spending mainly on Swiggy, Uber premium,ola, amazon smart buy. Recently i checked my february statement and got to know that i havent got my 9x reward points from November and December.
    Any idea about how and when these 9x required points are credited and whom we can chase for this ?

  50. Dhruv Soni

    Hi everyone

    Is anyone aware of any way through which we can check the statement of our reward points?

    Sometimes gets a bit tough to reconcile if all points are credit in the reward points statement or not

  51. Abhishek N Joshi

    Finally, after lot of efforts i got upgraded from Diners Premium to Diners Black yesterday with 50% conversion on RPs. Hence, I wanted to celebrate with you all & Siddharth. Information from all of you has helped a lot.
    I had 3 queries in mind which users like you can only answer, because the HDFC helpline number is pathetic and not knowledgeable at all. They don’t know even their terms & conditions on cards. :-). You all know better actually..ha ha ha
    1. I have seen people talking about 10X RPs for each transaction. The statement does not show transaction wise RPs. How do you get this information for your individual transactions?
    2. The transactions done on primary + Add on card : Both are considered for 5 lacs (Annual fee waiver) & 8 lacs (Coupons) OR Only Primary card is considered?
    3. Complimentary lounge access is available to Primary + add on card holders together at same time OR only to one of them?

    1. Sam

      1. 10x – not sure how to monitor.
      2. Both are considered together.
      3. Both can access the lounge together, though sometimes there can be confusion (happened to me) because the card number is the same. So in that instance, they said I could be charged because I’m swiping the same card twice, but I said go ahead, and I wasn’t charged. This happened only once.

    2. Tejas Ghongadi

      1. Manual Tracking is the only way or else at the mercy of Customer Care executive willing to explain you which transactions have been posted and which haven’t
      2. Both are counted under Annual Spends.
      3. Both together can access the same lounge at the same time using their individual cards.

    3. abhijeet

      1. Many people dont take the pains of tracking it. For initial period you will have to take a screenshot of the transaction confirmation page proving that you have used the right channel with your DCB. Once you do it right then you need to create a XLS where you track the points ( which you are supposed to get ) for each transaction. Once you see you have not got the points , you need to call the Customer care and they will help you to get them. Once you are comfortable doing this, you will not have issues in tracking and getting the points. After certain months, when you have enough confidence on the card, you will only track it through the statement.
      2. Transactions done on all cards combined are considered for fees waiver and the other benefits.
      3. Both. Even if they enter the same lounge

  52. Gaurav

    I have started using DCB from November 2019. My usage mainly revolves around swiggy, Ola, Uber premium, amazon smart buy. However, if I see my total rewards points accumulated till date, its very less. Naturally, I haven’t received the 10x rewards points from any of these partners.
    So I wanted to know, how long does it take to get these points credited. I have heard that amazon normally takes 90+ days but what about the rest ?

  53. mahesh

    How to check and confirm if 10x reward points for a particular transaction has been credited to my account?

    1. Shivi

      Manually only ~ by keeping a track of the transaction bonus points and following it up with customer care if it’s not credited at the end of the bonus credit period ad per tnc

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      Check the reward points being credited after 3 days from date of transaction. Usually 1x will be posted 2 days from the date of transaction and 9x will be posted 3 days from the date of transaction. This applies only for Smartbuy transactions except amazon (which takes 90 days) and for 10x partners posting check 9x posting on 2nd date of each month, where they’ll post 9x of previous month (for transaction done till 28th or 29th). For transactions done on 29th, 30th and 31st, you need to wait for 90 days or raise complaint after 2nd of each month.

    3. Chintan

      Call customer care, but if you don’t have Black or Infinia then customer care is even of no help either.

  54. vinoth kumar

    I own a diner club miles credit card for past 6 months. I don’t travel a lot. I redem my reward points for cash redemption and products. Which is the best card suited for me in hdfc. I use mostly for purchase in online and offline. Suggestions please.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Only for cash redemption. Perhaps, its right time to start burning the points as travel vouchers. Its never good to keep accumulating rewards points.

      1. Mohan

        HDFC never intimate customers, they devalue in a similar way for Regalia in the past. This shows the sign of devaluing of Infinia points soon or limit like 70% usage like in Regalia !!!!

      2. Shivi

        Looks like the next round of devaluation of credit card reward points is around the corner!

  55. Manan Bajoria

    Did anyone get 10x points under Uber Premier offer ? I didn’t get for September & October.
    HDFC Customer Care even for Diners Black has become quite useless, been following since quite sometime but no resolution.

  56. Rohit

    Redeeming the points to cash is never a good option. There are many cards in the market for various purposes. If you don’t travel a lot then infinia and dcb is not at all a good option.
    By the way never give a half baked info. Which card is devalued to 0.30 ? I remember few years back when I was using all miles card and points got devalued after escalating they immediately upgraded my card to next variant because bank knows what they are doing is a sort of fraud but in the end I lost points after devalue.

    1. KT

      Where so did you find the offer mention? Cant seem to locate it.

    2. Rakesh

      I highly doubt how HDFC differentiates b.w Premier and other rides ! So never used and expected from this promo !

    3. MT

      Wouldn’t it be better to just buy uber gift cards on smartbuy and earn 10x and potentially earn 10x on all uber types ? And wont have to worry about the 150 rs rounding also

      1. KT

        Found the offer under smartbuy –> deals–> travel deals.

        However on second thought, looks like a quicker way to amass the 10x points would be the voucher route since the points via this route will be credited post 90 days.

  57. Sahil

    Sid, what is the best multi-purpose card for the highest cash reward rate in your opinion? And does Yes exclusive card have cash redemption/statement credit option?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      No cash redemption/ statement credit option for YFE.

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      For statement credit, you can consider Indusind Iconia Amex which gives 2% weekends and 1.5% on weekdays. Almost same or better is IndusInd legend card,

  58. Pranab

    What is the bonus 9X points credit timeline in Compare & Shop (Tata Cliq)? I know about others (Flipkart, Amazon and GVs).

  59. Pranab

    Booked an international flight on 25th Dec (Rs. 13491 paid through points). Airlines (GoAir) cancelled that booking. Received mail communication from GoAir about the refund (Rs. 13192) on 20th Feb. By when I can expect the point refund in my account (also how much)?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. Just start following up after 2 weeks.

    2. SumS

      Just Call Yatra or Cleartrip through which site ticket booked. They will return to credit card and not smartbuy.

      I had similar situation with Air asia flight canceled and the money was lying with yatra for almost a month.

    3. Gautam Garg

      I am experiencing the same. Had called a flight on 26th Jan ( RS 109242). Yet to receive any refund. Have escalated by writing multiple mails and calls but the customer service is pathetic. I am not sure what to do next. If active can assist, it’ll be great.

      1. Lakshmi

        Any luck, my flight got cancelled today and I had used around 25k points to book this ticket.

        Please let me know the process,i had updated the cleartrip to initiate the refund.

  60. Chintan

    Even after cutting down partners the diners website says diners 10x rewards just got bigger. πŸ˜›

  61. Pranab

    MMT generic vouchers now again providing 5% discount. β‚Ή2K denomination withdrawn, only 1K and 5K available.
    Can anyone provide any trick to use more than β‚Ή15K voucher (MMT supports upto maximum 3 GV)?
    Few days back, tried to do by splitting β‚Ή23K payment to 13K and 10K. But unsuccessful as it was considering the second payment (10K) as single transaction.

  62. AMIT

    I am unaware of this offers…
    just visited the smartbuy site and this link
    but cant see any Amazon voucher ….
    i can see swiggy, flipkart, ola, uber and many more brands but cant see Amazon.. and even on search Amazon no result…

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Missed earlier but bought this time. Wanted to check is it Rs5k per account or card per month.

      1. A2Z

        So what’s your finding?
        Is there a limit?
        Seems HDFC has some malpractices hence uploading stock of Amazon gift vouchers suddenly and then again remove within hours

    1. Rohit roy

      I shop almost daily with Big bazaar or More. I didnt see any amazon voucher displayed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      if so what time …Midnight ??

  63. Rahul

    Where are amazon vouchers? Do they appear under a different name on gyftr smartbuy page then the usual “Amazon / Flipkart”??

    1. Sunil

      Just Search “Amazon” in the search field at the below website
      You will get the amazon pay…

  64. Anoop E S

    anyone facing issue while purchasing vouchers? I’m trying for the last two days (25th & 26th of Feb). After adding the vouchers to the cart, while clicking on “Buy now” button, it is not proceeding further.

    1. Anshul

      Yes, I am also facing this problem.. it works sometime, sometime it doesn’t. Plus there is no cart shown anywhere, don’t know to which cart it is added. Very poor experience.

      Waiting for 10X to get over and then to cut this card into 4 and throw it in the trash bin!

  65. Mallikarjuna Reddy

    Amazon vouchers available now…26 th Feb 1.20PM

    1. Rohit

      Yes i confirmed its per card per account both conditions attached 😐

  66. Rohit

    @Anoop E S
    I had the similar issue with mobile internet. Just try with wifi you won’t have problem. Also I have noticed that with jio it keep saying as processing and later I would have to switch to Vodafone to get voucher. Just log out and login you would get it.

    1. Anoop E S

      got it resolved. made purchases in two parts and it somehow got resolved.

  67. Sunil

    Amazon vouchers are back now, bought 5000/- voucher yesterday.

  68. Naresh kumar

    Amazon vouchers again back 26th feb night as i write this

  69. Ankur


    I received an email from HDFC saying that if I spend Rs1,32,000 before 29th Feb then I will get Amazon/BMS voucher. No more detail mentioned. Please let me know if anyone else received this email and if there’s more info available on this?

    1. Praveen Perumalla

      I received with a different spend milestone. Called CC and they confirmed the offer. It is only for select customers

  70. Pinkstar

    Haven’t received points for voucher purchase. Anyone having the same issue ?

    1. Rohit

      I only received 1x for More and amazon voucher did not receive 9x yet. Feb month has been a mess. First didnt receive E-voucher then Flipkart 10x finally now this instant voucher.
      Now finally what all were asking for 10x is gone πŸ™‚ which is not reflecting in smartbuy. Did any one check with customer care.

  71. Rohit

    Big surprise Amazon voucher was available almost whole day. Now My question is how does it limit to 5k. I was also able to select 3×5000 but I just purchased one 5k leaving rest to others 😁 some sort of a glitch.
    Will we not get 10x if we choose more than 5k?
    I have read people bought for 10k during Feb 5. If you can let us know whether you got 10x for greater than 5k purchase.

    1. Pranav Sharma

      Bro with me didn’t got it was a glitch not now but beware πŸ˜”

    2. Ashish Nikhare

      Its clearly mentioned in the landing page of HDFC Gyftr Amazon voucher –
      “Amazon voucher provides a shopping experience that is seamless. And the best part of purchasing Amazon gift cards is that with current discounts and provides they can be clubbed. Now clients can shop across 10cr+ goods on Amazon using their Amazon pay balance.

      You can buy a maximum of INR 5000 worth of Gift Vouchers in a calender month’s time.”

    3. Rohit

      you will be able to select but when doing checkout it will show you an error

    4. Deepa

      If it was on GyFTr HDFC vouchers shall remain available. But on smartbuy hdfc vouchers are gone

  72. Bhavya

    How many days does it take for 9x points to be credited for Amazon voucher purchased on smartbuy using regalia ?

    1. Gaurav

      Can’t see Uber and Big Basket vouchers. I used these the most.

  73. rahul khandelwal

    Anyone facing the problem of instant voucher points not reflecting after T + 3 days? Also if anyone has noticed, that now the payment page is Payu powered and not the HDFC one that was there earlier, and the transaction name thats there in the un billed section of the card is showing “www gyftr com” instead of Smartbuy vouchers which was earlier.

    1. Nimish Malpani

      Exactly! I have noticed the same in my statement, which has left me wondering if I will get 10x for such purchases.
      Also I don’t feel like calling up customer care just for this given the extraordinary circumstances we have before us.

  74. Sanchit

    It is ‘the night’ again. Let’s hope and pray that 10X and smartbuy offer continues for another month! πŸ˜›

  75. Mani

    The party is over. HDFC discontinued Smartbuy program for Diners Cards! πŸ™
    I was waiting to buy something, but the date was not updated. Called customer care and they confirmed the same!
    It was so good while it lasted!

    1. Sanchit

      The date has been extended which again proves that customer care is full of jokers! Unlike other months, they took approximately 12 hours to update the same.

    2. KT

      Not sure why the customer care representative told you that it is discontinued… Can still see that Smartbuy 10X offer is valid as earlier until 31st march 2020.

      Yes i do see that the 10 X direct partner offer has not been extended yet for DCB.. lets hope that gets extended too..

  76. Atul vora

    Looks like HDFC smartbuy is discontinued effecting Mar 1, 2020.

  77. Pranab

    Big breaking: The 10X offer isn’t extended for March unlike so many preceding months.

    1. Naresh kumar

      Check the smartbuy website, it says it is until march end for diners cards as well.
      So stop spreading lies and understand the big picture.


  78. Tarun

    Is anyone else facing a lot of outlets who stopped accepting Diners ? I live in Bangalore and a number of outlets who used to accept Diners are now refusing quoting higher charges.

    This has happened in multiple supermarkets, apparel stores(Levis etc) and restaurants as well. This takes away from their weekend dining 2x offer as well. If this continues, it will get difficult to use Diners at offline stores

  79. Sahil

    Haven’t received 9X for Amazon instant vouchers purchased through smartbuy on 25th Feb. The merchant name on statement shows as GYFTR, earlier it used to show as SMARTBUY Vouchers.

  80. Rohit

    Even though dcb site is not updated yet smart buy site says 10x extended till March 31st. Did anyone check with customer care why is that 9x points is not crediting for instant vouchers ?
    Is monthly milestone is based on statement date or month end . I did not receive mail for crossing 80k even though it crossed in a month as well as statement date.

  81. Shaurya

    HDFC smartbuy extended till 31 March. Go to website and click on the 2nd banner. Shows validity extended till end of March.

  82. Sahil

    Apparently, the 9X points for instant vouchers will now be credited after 90 days instead of 3 days. They have changed the payment portal and the transaction merchant shows “GYFTR” instead of “SMARTBUY VOUCHERS”

    1. Bhavya

      Where did you get this information ?

      1. Gautam Garg

        I have double checked with customer care. From 25th February, the 10x points will be posted after 90 days just like Amazon.

        1. Aman

          The customer care guy was saying me that u will get points after 5 working days i.e on 3rd or 4th march for transaction of 25 feb

  83. Abhi

    Guys, you should be used to it by now. These days 10x is always extended month by month and takes them 2-3 days to update on smartbuy and sometimes even longer to update on diners site after the month has ended. On rare occasions they have done extensions on last day of the month. This time they have been prompt enough by their standards to reflect it on smartbuy site on the 1st itself despite Sunday holiday. So next time pls hold your anxiety for few days.
    Also monthly milestone (80K) has a 30 day SLA from end of calendar month, although they usually provide the vouchers earlier.

  84. Pranab

    @Naresh kumar,
    It’s NOT a lie. I was continuously watching for the offer extention, but it WAS not there. I even contacted Customer service and she informed ‘It’s NOT extended YET’. Only around 11 am, I found the offer extention which was showing ‘This deal is expired’ till then.
    Hope going forward you’ll like to get both sides of the coin before attacking.

    1. Naresh kumar

      I wasn’t attacking anybody.
      It’s just that people start commenting before doing proper investigation. You posted the comment on March 1st which is a sunday and there can be delay in updating the website from hdfc becauae of that. But smartbuy website was updated. This is not the first time it has happened where in uodate took some time.
      My whole point was stop posting comments before giving the bank to update. Because of your comments sometimes people panic, start calling customer care and irritate them and create a problem and make them take away offers like it happened for payzapp transactions on diners 10x partners.
      Give them time to do stuff, they are also human beings. Peace.

  85. SJ

    Diners 10X rewards extended til 31.03, and PharmEasy added as a partner!

    1. Rishabh Mangal

      I dont see Pharmeasy in partners list.

      1. Anil

        Yeah, they removed it after adding it. It was there till late afternoon.

  86. George Mathews

    diners 10x renewed: pharmeasy included
    smartbuy 10x extended till 31 march
    gift vouchers left


  87. George Mathews

    and.. gift vouchers are baaccckk.. including amazon..

  88. Satyajit

    is anyone able to buy amazon vouchers for March ?
    Though vouchers are available now, it is not allowing me to .. A pop up saying monthly limit is 5k is coming up.

    Last time i purchased the voucher was on 3rd Feb. Any suggestions on how to fix this ?

    1. MT

      Buy after 3rd march , its says once in 30 days limit , mine is also 3rd march

  89. jitendra saraogi

    if anyone can confirm if i may get cashback for payzapp (debit card) as well as 10x reward points for 2 transactions in a month?

  90. Amar

    Are you all getting the 9X points on T+3 for all instant vouchers? Or has something changed?

    1. Gautam Garg

      No, from 25th February onwards, it will take 90 days for 10x points to get posted. (Source – Customer Care)

      1. Amar

        Thanks. So is anything left now where we will get the 9X points within a few days? It is impossible to track the points now.

  91. Ankit

    I can see Bigbasket and Amazon vouchers are back. Just stocked up, assuming these could be gone anytime soon.

    1. Rohit

      Can you check if you received 10X and what name have the vouchers billed under?

  92. Anoop E S

    I never got the opportunity to buy Amazon vouchers. The amazon voucher landing page is not showing any voucher!!!

    1. Ankit

      Even my brother tried by night and they were gone, you just need to be lucky like I was yesterday.

  93. Abhi

    So few 10X partners. Was expecting some additional ones in March. With annual fee matching Infinia, guess they should also match the smartbuy monthly cap of 25K with Infinia, so swapping smartbuy and partner brands cap to 25K and 15K resp would make more sense.
    10X reintroduced on Uber Premier btw.

  94. Sam

    The 10x page on has been removed. Where else is everyone seeing the new 10x partners, or the 10x smartbuy offer?

  95. Rohit

    Bought amazon vouchers on 25-26 Feb but didn’t receive 10X. This could be because the purchase is showing up under “GYFTR GURGAON IN” and not “SMARTBUY VOUCHERS GURGAON IN” as was the case earlier.

    Anyone else experienced this?

    1. Bhavya

      9x points will be credited after 90 days for vouchers purchased on or after 25th February.
      Source-Customer care

    2. Cards guy

      10x is not for amazon vouchers.
      Nowhere it is mentioned

      It is for bata, uber and those mentioned on the website.
      Check again.

      1. Bhavya

        @card guys
        The 10x offer is a generalized offer for instant vouchers bought through smartbuy. It is not brand specific.

      2. Rohit

        I have received 10X for Amazon vouchers. 10X is for every instant voucher purchased through smartbuy.

        1. Ajay

          Hi Rohit,

          Did you get for recently purchased Amazon vouchers? If yes, then that means the 9x is coming in T+3 days Lile it used to.

          1. Rohit

            No. This was for a txn done earlier in Feb.

  96. Raunak

    Amazon vouchers are back up – for those who missed out on it earlier.

  97. Varun

    I purchase 5k amazon voucher on 3rd Feb morning. Now on 4th Mar evening I am trying to purchase still it is giving me 30 day warning and not allowing to purchase. Not sure how there calculation is working. Will try tomorrow if any are left.

    1. Moulieswaran


      I am also getting the same error.May be February had 29 days so still 30 days time not over as per their calculation

    2. MT

      try again , i was able to buy today , last purchase was 3 feb

  98. BLACKI

    amazon vouchers are back but looks like they have a limit on the card now. I tried using 2 different accounts and was able to buy only 5000 for the month on a single card. it did not work on other account. any one tried to buy from different accounts using same card?

    1. Varun

      I have 2 smart buy account and 2 cards (Infinia and Diners Black), purchase voucher worth 10 k (5k from each).

      1. George Mathews

        Hi Varun,

        Can you help understand how you were able to get both SMARTBUY and diners cards?


    2. Rohit

      bro don’t do that , if your transation will be succeeded lets say sa its not hdfc link and they are gonna give points after 90 days so you won’t be getting points,my friend did the same he didnot got too

    3. S&S

      I did. Used same Infinia card details.
      Bought Amazon 5K vouchers with my log in details on Feb 27th.
      Bought using my wife’s account details on
      March 5th.
      Funny that Amazon voucher limit is monthly but I couldn’t buy with my log in on March 5th.

      Strange are the ways of hdfc.


  99. Deepak

    Hi all,

    I need help in purchasing a 30K item from Flipkart using the HDFC Club Miles card. The 10x limit on this card is INR 20000 (5k points per month). I want to understand if I choose EMI option on FK page would I get reward points for each EMI or only the max 5k points. Or do I need to let the complete transaction through in Flipkart or choose the EMI option in HDFC website.

    Thanks for the help,

    1. Pranab

      1 answer for your 2 questions….
      Purchase in EMI on FLIPKART payment page. You’ll get what you want.

      1. Rohit

        I did a flipkart transaction for 65k for 3 emi. I received 10x for only 2 emis. I raised a complaint and its been almost 25 days and still they are saying that it’s under investigation.
        Not sure from now on even flipkart it would take 90days to get 10x points.

  100. Rohit

    Did anyone try to get amazon voucher using add on card?
    Also the 10x points would be credited to whose account for add on .
    I was able to get voucher on Feb 27. Does it mean I will have to wait till march 27th that’s BS when it says calender month then why 30 days restriction.

  101. Sam

    Amazon gift vouchers are available as of 6:00 PM – 6 March

  102. Prashant Gupta

    Has anyone received Jan Swiggy points.

    1. Blacki

      I didn’t somehow. Raised a query with cc.and awaiting.

  103. Anshul

    One can buy multiple Amazon instant vouchers through different mobile number accounts on smartbuy. Will all be eligible for 10X? As usual, no clear tnc from HDFC.

      1. Gautam Garg

        Did you ask customer care about this 5k monthly limit? If yes, is it pe calender month or statement month ?

  104. Kashyap

    Be aware of normal HDFC slimy techniques.

    After several calls to their Infinia/DB line, and conflicting information, I was told, only spends that are settled within that month are counted for both Monthly mile stone and target spend based offers, NOT the actual transaction dates.

    1. Rohit

      what do u mean actual transaction dates ? Did u mean billing date ? My billing date is 14th of month and 80k is from 1 to 30th of a month i guess. For last month milestone i got voucher just few days back. Can anyone confirm whether the validity of BMS and tatacliq is just 15 days or we are suppose to claim the coupon in 15 days time.

    2. George Mathews

      Hi Kashyap,

      Trying to understand, for regular online transactions like

      1) buying gyftr instant vouchers
      2) purchasing on amazon/flipkart via smartbuy
      3) other online transactions

      How much difference can there be between transaction date and settlement date?

  105. Rahul

    Earlier voucher would come as smartbuy vouchers on the bill and you would get 9x on t+3. Now I am seeing it as and 9x not getting credited on t+3.

    Others facing the same and got any answers from helpdesk?

  106. Ajay

    No point buying Amazon vouchers now. T+3 day 9x points are not coming. And there is no guarantee they will come after 90 days. Everyone feels the second I guess and thats the reason vouchers are available on gyftr website with no takers. Earlier they use to go away in a flash.

    1. Rohit

      I got 9x in around 86 days for transaction done through amazon and also too many points keep accumulating if its t+3 for instant voucher so in a way 90 days is ok with instant voucher. By the way it is easy to track.

      1. Raghu

        @Rohit: How do you track. Please elaborate.

        1. Rohit

          Maintain an excel sheet. In net banking –>cards section–>Account information you can check current points. By noteing that you can know whether 1x and 9x is getting credited or not.

    2. Chintan

      I checked with customer care, they said that they are informed about this change and the points will credited after 90 days.

    3. Aman

      Ya u r right . Beacuse of 90 day condition no one buying

    4. George Mathews

      there is one way these amazon pay vouchers are useful and that is to pay utility bills and on websites like Urban Clap etc, where normally you wouldn’t be able to pay with 10x benefits. Same for flight and hotel bookings – but the 5000 cap is a bit stifling.

      1. Shawn

        Hi George,
        Do you know if I would get 10X reward points if I use my Diners Black Card to pay my utility bills, reacharge etc. On the Amazon app via the Smartbuy Portal?

        Appreciate your inputs.


        1. George Mathews

          Hi Shawn,

          The 10X reward points trigger when you purchase the amazon pay vouchers on gyftr (via HDFC Smartbuy: earlier the 10x points credited in 3 days but now these points credit after 90 days).

          Once the voucher is converted to amazon pay money in your a/c – you are free to use the money in the amazon pay a/c to pay off utility bills, recharge, etc. There are a few offers on first-time payment of utility bills, recharge, etc so you can double-dip.

          You can also use the instant vouchers available for mobile recharge on the gyftr site. That will get you 10X RP as well.

          I hope this was helpful.

  107. Praveen Perumalla

    I never missed a single 9X from smartbuy amazon so far. I do track but even without that I feel giving a ring to CC after 90 days should suffice for confirmation. I don’t think gyftr 9x credit would be any different from smartbuy amazon. T+3 is good but I wouldn’t complain for T+90 as long as it is working fine. 33% any day is better than 3.3%

  108. George Mathews

    Hi Shawn,

    The 10X reward points trigger when you purchase the amazon pay vouchers on gyftr (via HDFC Smartbuy: earlier the 10x points credited in 3 days but now these points credit after 90 days).

    Once the voucher is converted to amazon pay money in your a/c – you are free to use the money in the amazon pay a/c to pay off utility bills, recharge, etc. There are a few offers on first-time payment of utility bills, recharge, etc so you can double-dip.

    You can also use the instant vouchers available for mobile recharge on the gyftr site. That will get you 10X RP as well.

    I hope this was helpful.

  109. Santosh

    Amazon vouchers are back on gyftr, however limited to 5k worth vouchers per calendar month only.

    1. SumS

      It is not calendar month, whereas it should have been like that. Instead it is 30 days gap from last Amazon voucher purchase.

  110. George Mathews

    anyone able to access the gyftr website today?

  111. Chintan

    This month i received amazon points for November month and December Month together as per my day calculation December points weren’t due till end of March, i guess HDFC is improving on this.

  112. Arun

    Don’t we get 10x points for Instant voucher in T+4 days now?

    I bought 5K amazon vouchers in DCB and Regalia First.

    Regular points are credited in T+2 but the remaining 9x points are not credited yet.

    Anybody else facing this issue?

  113. Mohit G.

    Still haven’t received 5000 + 9x reward points for $1000 forex card load transaction done on Dec 15th, though Amazon reward points for December have been credited. Is anyone facing a similar issue. Any idea if this will be credited when the statement is generated?

    1. Gautam Garg

      Hi Mohit,

      For transaction is December, you can expect the reward points 90 days post transaction month i.e. March end.

    2. Naresh kumar

      Happened with me, registered a complaint and they credited it within a week

  114. Karin

    Bigbasket vouchers gone. Just when you need these the most – pls update if anyone sees these back in stock

  115. Sudheep Ravi

    Smartbuy offers extended till 30th April..

  116. Abhishek Rukhaiyar

    Can somebody confirm whether the bill paid via Payzapp are entitled to 1x reward points. I activated Redgiraffe bill payment when it was getting 10x reward. Afterwards, also I’m paying my bill hoping it of my 36,000 rent. I may at least earn 3.3 % on my DCB. Something better than nothing.
    However, this month just thought whether it is giving reward points or not. Reason. Payzapp wallet loading do not attract rewards. So, would HDFC consider all transactions on Payzapp as wallet transaction or they can differentiate between the two.

    1. Anant

      Hi Abhishek, you will get 1x points on the rent payments. I also do it through the same channel and have been getting the points for the last 10 months. Sometimes, there is a delay in the points credit, but eventually they do come.

    2. Bhavin Shah

      Bill paid directly through payzapp is eligible…bill payment from wallet after adding money to wallet is not eligible

    3. Pranab

      It’ll (I got 1X RP not only for RG but for other bill payments). Need to make sure you pay with card, not adding in wallet and then pay through wallet.
      But how did you used to get 10X earlier? Was RG a 10X partner for DCB?

      1. karun.

        Earlier there was Payzapp partner for very short period of time .

      2. Abhishek Rukhaiyar

        For a month Payzapp was added as 10x partner. There are many here who started paying rent via RG only after this offer came.

      3. Abhi

        Once upon a time long long ago, in a galaxy far far away.. HDFC made Payzapp as 10x partner for a month. Very next month they realized their mistake πŸ˜€

      4. Rohit

        I add money to Payzaap visa credit card for which i get 3.3% from there I make payments for electricity for which I get 5%( Max cash back Rs 200 per month) . In this way I get 8.3 % benefit and if bill cost is more I get 6 to 7 %.
        By the way I completely forgot about December 2019 Insurance offer of bonus 2000 points. When Am i suppose to get ? Also It says points would be credited after offer period ends March 31st 2020.

        1. Abhi

          How do you get 3.3% for adding money to Payzapp ? I thought most cards don’t give RP for adding money to wallet. HDFC does not.

          1. KD

            SCB Ultimate gives a flat reward of 3.3% on wallet loadings. AFAIK HDFC does not.

          2. Rohit roy

            I add denomination of 150 making it 3.3%. Yes HDFC doesnt give points if you add in amazon pay or some other wallets which i never tried since i have other cards to deal with it. I have an other card in payzapp to which I add. Might be thats the reason I am getting it. Not sure technically how it is working.

    4. Abhishek Rukhaiyar

      Thanks Everyone.

      I’m paying via credit card only.

    1. Shivi

      Check their (Diner’s) website for updates

    2. Aims

      Diner 10X parner offer is withdrawn. The link is updated now and shows only smartbuy offer

  117. Vaibhav

    Hi All, I am not able to buy any instant voucher,.
    Is any one else facing the same issue.
    After selecting the voucher and confirming the terms and conditions it’s not going on the payment page.


    1. Pranab

      That happens when you try to purchase multiple brand (or more than 2 denominations like β‚Ή500, β‚Ή1000, β‚Ή2000) vouchers in a single transaction.
      I faced the same problem whenever tried more than 2 denominations (same or different brands).

      1. Vaibhav

        Thanks. What I have observed is that I am facing the issue only for Swiggy vouchers. Others I am able to buy.

        Any issue with Swiggy.


  118. Abhi


    Is there any way to check transaction wise 10X points that HDFC is crediting to us? similar to what AMEX shows in their portal. Diners portal is only showing cumulative accrued points and no breakup – how does one reconcile in that case whether 9X points are correctly getting accrued or not?

    1. Kiran

      You can track by using an excel sheet and keep checking the corresponding points that credited towards your each transaction.


    2. Pranab

      I maintain an excel sheet, no problem at all.

    3. Varun

      There is no way to check individual break from the online portal. You can call the customer care and get the breakup in case required.

    4. Khalid

      can you please share the template of excel sheet

  119. Prashant Gupta

    Has anyone received Dec 2019 Amazon points.

    1. Pankaj Gupta

      Not yet, I am also waiting for 2000 points for insurance spends for offer that ended on 31 December

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        Insurance transactions for Jan and Mar 2020 are credited, but still waiting for Dec 2019 transaction.

    2. Srikanth V V

      I haven’t received Amazon points for October and nov. Is there any specific customer care number for DCB?

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        Yes, please call to the number printed in back of your card.

      2. Rohit

        @Srikanth V V
        Always use mail while claiming for points so that it can be tracked. I did not receive 10x points for one of the EMI flipkart. With mail communication and sharing details within a month I got the credit.

  120. Amit

    Any idea when will HDFC open the window for issue of new Diners Black card for those who have achieved milestone spend for the period Nov’19 to Jan’20.

    1. Rohit

      Why do you want new card. Other than paying more for annual fee there is no such benefits. With existing card atleast you will pay lower annual fee.

      1. Tejas Ghongadi

        Annual Fee is now the same for old and new DCB. If you have already crossed 8 Lacs spends in the current card year and have 3-4 months to go, dont upgrade to new card. If you have crossed 5 Lacs but not 8 Lacs but you can cross 8 Lacs with the card anniversary year, dont upgrade. If you are very close to your annual fee month, then you can considering upgrading as you will anyhow get First Year Free and of course the welcome benefits.

        1. Amit

          @ Tejas

          I didn’t get you, why you should not upgrade when you have crossed or will cross the 8lac spend before the card anniversary?

          My situation is like this:

          I got DCB in Jan 2019, so my anniversary year is Jan 2020. Since mine was a paid card, I spent 5 lacs on it by Jan 2020 and got fee waiver. Also I spent 2.5 lacs in the period Nov’19 to Jan’20. Now if I upgrade, would they charge me fee in the first or second bill that is generated after upgrade?

          After upgrade will my anniversary change from January month to April/May which is the month where I will receive the new card.

          Also are they going to change the date of upgrade window from 1-30 April as the option to upgrade the card in Net Banking is not working and their DCB call center are closed and all lost/stolen cards and fraudulent transactions requests need to be raised on regular call center.

      2. Nikhil

        @Rohit- If old card was LTF, then new card will also be with same pricing i.e. LTF as per offer T&C. So you will get free memberships along with ltf card

      3. Amit

        @ Rohit

        Everyone has to pay the revised fees of Rs.10,000 from Jan’20 (apart from those having lifetime free card).

        Those who spent more than Rs.2.5 lacs in the period Nov’19 to Jan’20 are been issued new DCB card with the existing pricing and with the welcome benefits which includes memberships like MMT Double Black, Times Prime etc.

        Mine is not a free card. But since I am spending more than 5 lacs in a year, my card fees get waived off.

        So when I upgrade I get all the membership and fees won’t be charged to me.

      4. Abhi

        I did not upgrade thinking same. However, recently, CC told me even if I have old card, my annual fee will be 10k only (unless I cross waiver threshold offcourse). So old card offers no advatage. Newer card atleast gives you Amazon prime which would be 1k otherwise. (Sadly, after 14th feb, they are in no mood to upgrade my card now)

        1. Rohit roy

          I signed an agreement on Oct 19 for FYF waiver and 5000 for Annual fee, No way they can make it 10k. I know how to deal with the bank and have also done it in the past. By the way the agreement was done with some top executive from mumbai office and not by some duffer branch staff. Also one of the reasons the bank got it signed was because all my previous cards were LTF so they didnt want any room for confusion.

        2. Tejas Ghongadi

          The only difference between the Old & the New Card is the Card Number series. Old Cards were starting with 3608, the newer ones with 3610 I think.

          Rest all features, annual fees, everything remains the same. So if you cross 8 Lacs spends on your old DCB in this year, you get all the 6 annual subscriptions as anyone else.

          1. Nikhil

            @tejas- This is true for paid cards. However for LTF cards, new cards have membership benefits worth ~5k without any 8 lakh spend criteria for 1st year as 1 time benefit.

  121. Arun

    I haven’t received smartbuy instant voucher points for last month and this month. Did anybody else face this issue?

    1. Anuj

      Same here Arun. I have not received many points during this month and thinks that it relates to instant vouchers one only.
      How can we check which all reward points are pending?

    2. Raj

      I’m facing the same issue. Haven’t received any voucher points for the past 2 months!

    3. Raghu

      9x points will be posted in 90 days – they have changed this recently (used to be posted within 2-3 days earlier).

  122. Anubhav

    Has anyone recieved monthly milestone benefits on Diners Balck card for the month of March? It is generally posted on 5th of every subsequent month.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      From Bank: “You have unlocked the monthly milestone benefit for Mar’20 on your HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card. The benefit will be issued post the current imposed lockdown is over.
      Till then, Stay home & stay safe.”

      1. Prashant Gupta

        My bookmyshow voucher expired on April 4. Will hdfc extend the same due to lockdown.

      2. Rohit roy

        I have received points and now it is useless for atleast 1 year for BMS. I am sure no sensible person would be daring to hit theater.

      3. Anuj

        I have not spent 80000 this month. However, I still received this message. Not sure if I will get monthly milestone benefits, or this message is sent to all the cardholders.

      4. Bhavin Shah

        In case of DCB, Monthly milestone for April is now available with due date of June 4 for redemption but what about March? has anyone received any communication?

  123. Varun

    Will we get the annual benefits on spending 8 Lakhs in anniversary year on the old card ?

  124. Abhi

    My old card is LTF and is the 3608 series. I ll be touching 8L this month and still 2-3 months away from card anniversary. I had also met the 2.5L spend for Nov-Jan period. I guess there’s no point in upgrading my card, unless anyone thinks I may lose out on some benefit?
    In netbanking it shows I can upgrade to new DCB but that has a 10K annual fee (wonder why). Can’t clarify with CC as they are shut. Amex CC is great that way, they have wfh.

    1. Nikhil

      If you have already achieved 8 lakh spends, no point on upgrading to new card, stick to old one.

  125. Anuj

    How can we check transaction wise reward points. I maintain a file related to my transactions and reward points and the calculation of reward points generally do not match what I get after every cycle.
    Is there any way to check the transaction wise balance? or it is always by calling customer care?

  126. Amann

    Hi Sid

    Has HDFC stopped giving 9x RPs for Flipkart in 7 days??? Have done transaction through smartbuy flipkart on 1st, 4th and 7th April but did not get the 9x RPs… Seems HDFC has put Flipkart to 9x to 90 days like Amazon…

    1. Rohit

      I purchased a phone on March 22nd through flipkart and i got 9x points in T+3 days

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      Seems from April it’s not getting posted in T+3 days, so need to wait for 90 days.

      1. Rohit

        @Ramesh Kumar
        Honestly telling 90 days is good especially because of this crisis where no international travel would be there for 1 year atleast. No point in getting points in 3 days when it cannot be used.

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          True, but also we needed to track and follow up with HDFC to get 9x.
          Now 9x is being posted a day after statement generation, I got 9x for my flipkart transactions done on April.

  127. Ramesh Kumar

    Seems today hdfcbankdinersclub website’s privileges sections updated, unfortunately they have removed 10x partners(like ola, myntra, firstcry, etc).

  128. Abhi

    Partners 10x must have been removed temporarily. Should be back post lockdown.

  129. Nikhil

    It seems now HDFC is giving 9X RP post 90 days for all smartbuy transactions. Flipkart, instant vouchers, irctc, I tried these

  130. Shikhar Makkar

    Is the 10x offer still running? On gyftr website, I didn’t see any such banner which was there before.

      1. Shikhar Makkar

        Thanks, found it there on the smartbuy website. The offer is currently valid till the end of this month.

  131. Pranab

    Got 9X for Flipkart EMI transactions on 17th (3 days after billing). But didn’t get flights 9X (also for vouchers which is already in 90 days club).

  132. Aims

    Got 9x for Flipkart and Voucher purchase transactions done in April

  133. Arun

    Received 9X for Amazon voucher bought in March with DCB and Regalia first.

    1. GCA

      How are you sure it’s for that transaction only. Mine Feb & March Points pending.

      1. Bhavya

        My points are also still pending for Feb and March.

      2. Arun

        @GCA, I didn’t do any other transaction in my DCB in March and April. And all the festive offer points were credited already. So It should be that of smartbuy instant voucher.

      3. Arun

        Also, I received Regalia first only in march and I bought amazon vouchers on both DCB and regalia first on the same day. Received 9x on both the cards on the same day.

    2. Rohit

      It is strange that you got points for Amazon in months time.
      Something similar happened to mine in the month of Jan and got points in 1 month. Any ways i will have to check with customer care since it is 90 days plus for that transaction.

  134. Surya

    Is Gyftr vouchers still eligible for 10x rewards?? Someone clarify

    1. FreqFlyer

      Gyftr comes under smartbuy and smartbuy 10x is still active. So yes you will get the 10x points.

    2. Arun

      Yes. It is mentioned in Smartbuy website that instant vouchers will get 10x in April. Points will be posted with 90 working days.

  135. Rohit

    never tried big basket before. In T & C it is mentioned has GC should be used at once and if not it would get expired or balance amount would be lapsed automatically.
    If I buy for 750 and add to BB wallet. Can i shop for 500 and balance 250 can i use it later ? In general wallet works like that not sure what it meant here ?

  136. Anuj

    I booked hotel using my reward points.
    Now since travel is not poasible, how should i cancel the hotel booking. The hotel policy mentions it as cancellable. Is it only through calling the customer care since i do not see any cancellation option on website?
    Also, will i be credited back my reward points back?

    1. MT

      Changerequests at smartbuy dot co , there is an email u need to write , also add a screenshot or link stating that the booking is refundable, if the hotel themselves cancel , they inform the agent who in turn calls you , but if you want to initiate cancellation, they ask for approval from hotel for cancellation… then you will get a mail teply saying due to COVID 19 , it will take time for them to process the request , i personally got 1 refund fast (the hotel initiated it) and 1 refund pending (which I initiated at the time of writing comment ) which i have no clue of when i will get the money back

      1. Rohit

        most of the international flights overseas are giving a reason that they cannot refund the money for at least 1 year due current crysis. ALso i have booked a flight through voucher and not sure how it is going to work . Most airlines are crediting the amount in their wallet so in that way we can convert our voucher to wallet amount.
        Also did any one get 5x bonus for insurance transaction done in the month of dec 19 ? Do we get a reply with customer care or it is complete lock down.

        1. MT

          If you get a credit voucher from airline , you cant do much , in my case singapore airlines has clearly declared a refund criteria where i fit in , so trying hard for refund now … fare paid by points will be refunded in points and card will be credited in card account , bonus points 9x will also be reduced accordingly

          1. Prashant Gupta

            @MT were u able to contact smartbuy or cleartrip. I have bookinh with singapore airlines and they have agreed for full refund but i need to ask cleartrip to contact them. But these cheat cleartrip are not reachable. I have hotel and flights booking to cancle but dont know where to go. Also all were from points. Dont know will i ever get points back. The bookings are 2.5L points.

          2. Prashant Gupta

            The problem is I requested the hotels to cancel the bookings 2 did it except 1. All the 3 have said that booking is through expedia and i need to contact them for refund. So Smartbuy bookings have long chain. Smartbuy-Cleartrip-Expedia-Hotel. And if it is through points one has to follow up with conceirge for points later.

            Surprisingly Cleartrip called me yesterday for the Singapore Airlines Booking telling that I am eligible for full refund(which i told them that Singapore Airlines have already written to me). Cleartrip proceeded to cancel the booking and said that refund will be available in 30-60 days. I havent received the confirmation mail yet though. This saved me 1,84,000 points. More at stake with cleartrip.

        2. Abhi

          Got the bonus points for insurance. I made the payments in Dec as well.

      2. Anuj

        Thanks MT. Also, how will I get the refund since I used my reward points for making the booking and did not pay using credit card.
        And what is the email ID: changerequests [@] ??

        1. MT

          Dot co not com , you will probably get reward points back once airline refunds the money to your agent

  137. Ramesh Kumar

    Now Smartbuy transaction’s 9x being posted on within T+3 days, I did transactions on 22nd and 23rd and both transactions received 9x.

    1. Anuj

      But how did you check that you have received 9X points?

    2. Gowtham

      Can you mention which transactions on smartbuy got you 9x points in T+3 days? Flipkart, flights, Gyftr?

    3. Rohit

      @Ramesh Kumar
      Things are getting confused . First I got 180 points on 22/04 which is 9x for voucher purchased Amount Rs 600.
      Looking at my oldest trans which is on 27/02 for Rs 600 so accordingly i should get 180 point on 27/05 (3 months)
      Again on 24/04 i purchased 1500 voucher and 9x is 450 which I received on 29/04 (T+3) Now what i have noticed is on 14/04 I purchased for Rs 600 and 9x 180 which I got on 22/4 might be of transaction done on 14/04.

      Might be now for april month HDFC is giving all points by month end. Can anyone check the above pattern. It becomes difficult to track if randomly the bank keeps crediting rather than either following T+3 or 3 months.

      Did any one mail regarding 5x bonus points for Insurance done on Dec 19.

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        Yes, that’s correct. For transactions between April 1st till 20th received on 22nd, that’s next day of statement generation. From 21st transactions, it’s T+3.

        Insurance transaction done on Dec didn’t get 5x, but Jan to Mar received points on T+3 days.

  138. Arun

    Since there is not much shopping now, I’m buying 10k amazon vouchers every month in my DCB & Regalia first, so that I can use them for Insurance premium, broadband bill and electricity bill. We can get 33% there, which we wont get otherwise πŸ™‚

    Do we get better rewards than this for Insurance premium and broadband bills?

    1. Rohit

      FYI Regalia first is not eligible for 10x but only regalia so be careful before transacting.

      1. Arun

        Rohit, thanks for the heads up. But I received 9x for 5K amazon voucher that I bought in March. It should be applicable I think.

        Can anybody else confirm if 10x is not applicable for Regalia first?

  139. Ankit

    @Rohit @Ramesh
    Yes this is confusing now. The transaction that i did on 20th and 27th April, I got the 9x points in T+3 days but for the transaction in the period 27th Feb – 13th April, I still havent got the 9x points.
    Now it will become very difficult to keep track of 9x points.

    1. Rohit

      In T & C of smart buy it is mentioned that for Jan transaction there will be a delay of 1 month for points so I presume all points between Feb 25- April 13 would take 3 months so still it is possible to track.
      I feel main reason HDFC started giving 9x in T+3 days is because as per WHO travel ban would be there even after 1 year and already UK government has said that post vaccine for additional 6 months there would be travel restrictions which means 2 years. Most countries is going to follow this and that means HDFC is going to save tons on points .

      Did any one open FD with Yes bank post moratorium ? Their toll free number doesn’t work, Branch number doesn’t exist πŸ™‚ Considering Lock in period for SBI for 3 years whether it would be right to open an FD with the bank for at least a year ? Also did any one visit bank post lock down are they completely functional ?

  140. Pranab

    Looks like current month’s Gyftr (surely) & Smartbuy (probably) transaction 9X points are getting credited on T+3 days. But Feb & Mar Gyftr (and Amazon) 9X aren’t credited yet. Also no bonus points (4X) yet for the insurance transactions (Mar).

    1. Bhavin Shah

      Summarised well, this is what is pending for me as well. Also milestone rewards for March is pending

  141. Pranab

    In the hard times, HDFC continues it’s 10X offer. Now extended for the month of May.

    1. Rohit

      Thats the only way HDFC can make its users to continue using their credit card and 10x would continue moving forward since many would be already having their points expired (considering no international travel for another 18 months) so indirectly it is double win for the bank.

      1. Pranab

        Yes, that’s the case. Even points redemption to statement credit value is also reduced (anyway, that’s a better option than lapsing points).

      2. karun

        Diners black points validity is 3 years from the date of accumulation ! already used many points in feb trip.

  142. ashu

    Hi Guys,
    Can I buy more than 5k amazon vouchers from different account using my Diners black card and still get 10x points for them?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Nikhil

      No 5K cap is at card level, Using different account will not make a difference

      1. GTMAX

        Where is it mentioned that 5k is at card level?

        1. Prashant Gupta

          5K is at card level and id level too. It was mentioned earlier. I bought 5k amazon voucher twice using different id and cards in March.

          1. GTMAX

            I haven’t noticed any thing mentioned about point capping for Amazon voucher purchases. As long as a person is able to use the same card for multiple 5K transactions through whatever ways, I think he will get the 10x points for all those transactions. Kindly share the screenshot if any one has which mentions about point capping.

          2. Chintan

            I tried buying 5k amazon voucher using different ids, the transaction gets declined.

          3. Sudheep

            @CHINTAN different ID means? smartbuy ID/ Gyftr ID ?

      2. Abhi

        There’s only smartbuy cap of 5K per 30 days per acc. No cap at card level except card’s own monthly cap like 15K for DCB or 25K for Infinia. As long as your card works on other smartbuy accounts, you can buy as many amazon GVs and get 10X from each. It works.
        Just check if your card works on other smartbuy accounts, for some people it declines altogether any transaction done on others’ accounts.
        As for the 10X, the card simply tracks the spends as gyftr purchase and doesn’t distinguish between brands.

        1. Sudheep

          different smartbuy accounts or gyftr accounts? because even if u are not logged in to smartbuy account, navigation to gyftr via smartbuy works, there you need an account.

          i think different gyftr accounts should work for multiple amazon 5k vouchers. Didnt try yet.

          1. Abhi

            10X is on smartbuy , not on direct purchases done on gyftr. You have to navigate into gyftr via smartbuy for 10X. So you need different smartbuy accounts created with a different mobile no and email.
            I think if you are not signed in on smartbuy you ll be asked for OTP before proceeding, else you are already logged in – even if it appears that you are not.
            Again, some people see their cards getting declined on others’ smartbuy accounts.

        2. Sudheep


          just tried and successfully purchased amazon gift card beyond 30day cap value(purchased for 5K before).The following steps were followed.

          i)signed out form smartbuy
          ii)signed out from gyftr
          iii)navigated to gyftr via smartbuy(without logging in to smartbuy)
          iv)logged in to gyftr via a new mobile number and email ID
          v)Purchased amazon- it went through -no capping warning.. got the voucher delivered to my new mail ID. With the caption “voucher from HDFC smartbuy “(eligible for 10x)

          1. Abhi

            Cool. Hence the 30day cap is on a given mobile+email based account. Not on the card. Now just need to monitor the 9x credit. Accumulate while stocks last, in past amazon GVs were not available so easily.

          2. Ankit

            Even after following this, i am not able purchase multiple amazon vouchers.
            It’s getting declined.

          3. Nikhil

            Using same method, I purchased 5k amazon vouchers twice using different id’s. However I have received 9X for only 5K, Only 1X for second 5K transaction till now

          4. Abhi

            Flipkart is currently available, bought multiple flipkart GVs the same way as Amazon.
            Also, as long as your card succeeds in the GV purchase, it is eligible for 10X (only capping is card’s own monthly 9X limit).

  143. Rohit

    Did anyone notice shops who were allowing previously to use Diners card has stopped accepting recently ?
    One supermarket near my place have a put a board that NO Amex and Diners. And when I asked they said heavy charges is being billed to them for using Diners. Yesterday one more shop who were accepting DCB from past 6 months has blocked the trans. Looks like they might have incurred loss because of me πŸ™‚
    Now only use of DCB is 10x and luckily LIC started accepting which is again matter of time they realise.
    Anyone knows how much shop has to bear to accept DCB. I have read that Visa charges around 3% not sure whether that is true.
    Also did any one use DCB to buy a car or a bike ? Any charges for using it ?

    1. The Conscience

      At automobile outlet, they charge 1.8% on all credit card , 1% on debit card, and no charges on cash as usual. I’ve bought activa, bullet, i20 using credit card with different dealers in delhi and I found it same among all. I used amex too. Charges remains the same , u can bargain too. Hehe

      1. Shivi

        CC MDR charges are increasing. We have STOPPED taking corporate/business credit cards! AmEx and Diners were stopped 6 months back.

        I really don’t get it – first Govt. asks for Digital India and then they double the digital payment/transaction price.

        1. Rohit

          what does we have stopped taking means ? In the end dealers or merchants are benefited and we consumers have to pay the cost. Dealers or merchant have nothing to loose. If rates increase you simply deny to swipe the card. We are paying huge annual fees and in return where we want to use we cannot especially Diners card holders.

          1. Shivi

            We (i am a merchant + all in our industry) have stopped taking certain type of credit cards. Dealers and merchants have a LOT to lose (specially On Diners and Amex). Decimals end up eating into a few thousands to few lakhs to even few crores of the revenue/profit.

            Starting mid May we’ll stop accepting credit cards altogether due to the high rise in MDR fees. You will see its effects slowly.

          2. Sharathkumar Anbu


            I am not able to reply to your last comment, hence replying here. I understand the pains of merchant where the MDR is interfering with their profit margins. For Amex and Diners, I agree small merchants or business with very less profit margin cannot afford for it.

            But you are saying starting mid may, your industry I don’t know what it is, will stop accepting credit cards altogether.

            As a customer, you want to mint high rewards from Infinia card and super premium cards but as a merchant, you will not accept credit card itself, I clearly don’t understand what kind of mind set is this. Such things will lead to devaluations only.

            May be I don’t know how to understand this or comment.

        2. FrequentFlyer15

          Shivi, I see your comments on several posts which have me believe that you are a credit card fan like the rest of us here and hold several premium cards.

          So it’s very ironic to see that you want to stop accepting the very cards that you are using to milk benefits.

          At this rate, the banks will have no option but to devalue. And when that happens, I will wait to see your comment on that post. πŸ™‚

          1. Shivi

            My idea as a customer don’t mix with my ideas as a merchant. That’s like saying why is one increasing the price of the same goods which one uses!?

        3. Rohit

          As a merchant most of them charge 2% to customers and MDR charges is 0.5 to 0.75%. And might be lower for other cards. I dont see any loss here plus no discounts is given and unwanted charges are added in the name of additional warranty , Smart cards, Mandatory accessories etc. This is the main reason people stopped visiting showrooms and here too union files for a case stating they want unification on price and ban e-commerce. The hard truth is merchants cannot hide card payments where else cash can be always unaccounted.
          I as a customer and all who purchased offline have actually lost in lakhs and even crorers with no benefits. The only benefit we can get is 45 day interest free period which is again absorbed by banks plus to achieve annual spends. And even that I have noticed merchants who were accepting before have stopped and if this continues I can see collapse of Diner/amex is for sure.

          1. Shivi

            The industry I am in is not affected by online purchases; maybe marginally but not substantially. It is, however, affected greatly by the Credit card fees!

          2. FrequentFlyer15

            I work in Marketing of brands so I know this; when arriving at an MRP for any product, from cars to cellphone to makeup to even your chips, brands take into account all the costs from raw materials, shipping costs, Credit card MDR, prepaid payment bonus, literally everything that you can think of, we add as a cost and make the MRP.

            If merchants say they will stop accepting cards, as a brand I’m happy, not because you will earn more but mainly because now I can drop the MRP a little more and gain more sales.

            As a merchant I am sure you know what a margin and a scheme is, they are calculated by a team called Trade Marketing. When giving you a margin and scheme, they don’t come to you and just say Il give you 10%-30% markup or markdown, they sit for months to calculate all costs so that you earn a decent amount else you won’t buy my product and instead go for my competitor.

            In fact, almost all merchants have stopped the concept of cash discount except for things like flats and vehicles. So you are already earning crores and lakhs from those saved MDRs. Did you know that the sales of Big Bazaar increased by about 20 crores a month because they priced all products to 199 instead of 200 and then instead of returning the Re 1, giving chocolates instead.

            So you want to stop accepting credit cards, be my guest, especially when I am looking for ways to cut down cost in this coronavirus world.

    2. Arun

      I bought a Honda Dio with DCB. 2% charges for using CC. I negotiated and paid 1.25%.

      1. Rohit

        Thanks a lot for the info. I might buy a product either from Yamaha or TVS. It would help me meet annual millstone.

  144. DK

    I did read this on this site somewhere but I am unable to find it. Sorry if this is a repeated query.

    If I want to buy a mobile on flipkart for 35000 using my Diners Privilege and use the EMI option will I get 10x reward points on the EMIs?
    Or will I get reward points only based on the max 10x of 5000 points available for the first month?
    If EMI is eligible is this the normal EMI that I can opt for while going through the smartbuy page?

    1. Pranab

      Hi DK,
      You’ll get the 10X on EMI posting date (your Statement date)+3 days. But 2 things to keep in mind: 1. 10X is within your monthly cap, 2. You’ll get only 1X if by any chance this 10X offer is not extended on the EMI month.
      You must go through smartbuy page (can keep the product already in cart) and pay through EMI, nothing more.

      1. Chintan

        Last time when I had purchased a phone from Flipkart on EMI, I didn’t receive any 9x or even 1x point for complete 6 months, later I called the customer care, they raised a complain for me, later they credited all 10x points for all 6 months in one go. The total of 10x was around 28000.

        1. FrequentFlyer15

          Wait, were you able to bypass 5K point per month limit on a single purchase by splitting the purchase into emis?

      2. DK

        Thanks. Just one question further,

        If I buy a mobile on 20th May through EMI will the first EMI be counted in this month’s spends or is it based on billing cycle? My credit card billing cycle is on the 15th of every month.

        1. Pranab

          Hi DK,
          First EMI date will be 15th June for you. Also the 10X (9X to be precise) will be under June month’s cap. Your current month’s (May) cap will be unaffected.

          1. Vipul Aggarwal

            I guess EMI trans are not eligible for points, are they? I read somewhere that no points for emi transactions. I brought phone directly from Flipkart without using smartbuy ( I didn’t know about 10x that time) but I didn’t get 1x points for those transactions.

          2. FrequentFlyer15

            Hi Vipul,

            You DO get 10x for EMI transactions but only on Flipkart.

        2. Roy

          I have noticed that HDFC has changed the EMI calculation. Now they started charging interest from the date of conversion to EMI which used to happen within 2-3 days of purchase so the first month’s EMI amount will be more if the purchase happened just after billing date. In this case, the EMI will start from June onwards but the amount for June month will be more than other months as it will include interest from EMI conversion date till statement generation date.

          1. DK

            Ohhhh. But I was of the impression that the EMI on SmartBuy was a No Cost EMI?

  145. aboochahai

    Has this been extended to May 31? I couldn’t find any info on privileges page yet

  146. Pranab

    Hi DK,
    It’s indeed no cost EMI on Flipkart (if mentioned), but with a little tweak in calculation. Flipkart will give you upfront discount of the EMI interest. Here is my last EMI purchase details on 25th Feb (My statement date is 14th).
    Product Price after all the discounts: 14662.
    EMI interest Discount: 360.
    Total Principal amount charged on 14th Mar, Apr & May: 14302
    Total Interest amount charged on 14th Mar, Apr & May: 406
    Total I’m paying: 14708. The extra 46 is possibly the interest for the period 25th Feb – 14th Mar (Purchase to first EMI posting).
    Also note, you’ll get 10X on principal amount only, not on interest.
    Hope this helps.

    1. DK

      Thanks for the detailed explanation Pranab. Much appreciated. This clears my query.

      1. DK

        Flipkart Vouchers now available through SmartBuy @Rs.5000 max/month

        1. Can someone please confirm if I buy a Flipkart voucher of Rs. 5000 for buying a mobile worth Rs. 25000, will I get the option to pay the remaining Rs. 20000 through EMI option that usually fetches 10x based on monthly EMI installment amount?

        2. Say I have 2 FK vouchers of Rs 5000 one of which is purchased through my account and card and the other through my uncle’s account and card. Can I use them both for buying the mobile in the same transaction on my SmartBuy page?

    2. Amann


      The extra charge is usually due to gst @ 18% on credit card interest. Sid has written about this GST on interest when he compared EMI to insta loan (Gst charged) and Jumbo Loan (Gst not charged on interest).

      1. Shivi

        GST is now charged on interest of Jumbo loans too.

  147. Rohit roy

    Can anyone tell me how does the annual milestone achievement is calculated for DCB for 5 lakh spend. Is it sum of total monthly due or something else. I am asking this because previously I had a bad experience with regalia card annual spends. When I asked for bonus points bank claimed that my actual spend was only 1 lakh where else billing amount crossed 5 lakhs. Bank denied international flight bookings which accounted more than 2 lakhs. I know it is bullshit and no where there is T&C on this. I dont want the same fate to happen to my DCB spends
    Did any one else experience this ?

    1. Shivi

      Nope, first time i am hearing a thing like this!

      Annual milestone is year to year (12 billing cycles) provided, as per banks tnc in some cases, you have not defaulted on payment, are not carrying forward any balance due and have been paying total amount in full each month (not only minimum amount due).

    2. Fruityloops

      You can check your spends my rewards (When you go to redeem them through netbanking). It is 2-3 days slow but gives you a to-date achievement . Was on track to hit the threshold. Post COVID its uncertain

    3. RM

      Its the sum total of all months. But its better to call them can cross check once a while to know your total spend and renewal date.

    4. Saurabh

      I too am having a bad experience with Regalia annual milestone reward. I completed 5 Lakh spend between JAN’19(new card set up) and JAN’20 but they didn’t credit the bonus rewards yet. Have been following up with customer care for 5-6 months now. They are not helpful at all.

  148. Shivi

    @ Sharathkumar Anbu ~ When i am using a credit card as a consumer, my priority is to earn discounts/benefits but when i am doing business my priority is to earn profit. There’s nothing more to it πŸ™‚

    My local business community calculated a loss of 119 crores on the increased credit card fees going forward. That’s a lot to put mind into, don’t you agree?! Decimals are a very interesting subject!

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      @ Shivi

      I agree the credit card fees will end up eating the company profit and they will incur consider it as loss / expense. Same is the case when you use your own credit card at any other merchants, they are also bearing this loss, that’s how the market works.

      The merchants when they work on the MRP / Price, they will include all this into calculation isn’t it? If the merchant where you are using your credit card, stop accepting credit cards then you will also be under loss. So it’s basically merchant work to include the MDR into their price calculation and set up profit / income expectation accordingly.

      1. Shivi

        I’d rather use debit card or bank transfer and pay less for a product than insist on using credit card and have the price jacked up unnecessarily. We have already absorbed the debit card MDR in our revenue (not charging to customers). Different perspective.

        Anyways, as we speak, we have received more emails from banks about their increasing MDR. RuPay debit cards have no MDR on SBI machines.

    2. naresh kumar

      So you won’t account the Rs 11.9K Crores of sales those “Supposed loss” gave you in return? and the 10% profit(which is usually the starting profit for most industries) on that revenue?
      Talk about being a Hypocrite.

      Without credit cards a chance of a customer buying something decreases a lot because they know they can pay the bill from next salary.

      1. Shivi

        @Naresh kumar – Whatever dude. Don’t buy from “us”, ok? Move on. Lol.

  149. Shivi

    @FrequentFlyer15 ~ We are not a brand; we also don’t need marketing. Your limited calculations may apply to millions of businesses out there but not to us πŸ™‚

    Anyways, back to topic! 10x rewards extended till May 31.

  150. Nikhil

    Bigbasket gift vouchers seems to be not available, quite annoying when you need the most

    1. Rohit

      Bigbasket in chennai i always find there is no slot.In a whole month only once i could get it and that too it was by accident πŸ™‚ Very annoying but luckily it is available in Hyderabad where my relatives are there. What about other cities like mumbai which is a hotspot .

      1. Nikhil

        In Bangalore, now bigbasket slots are easily available in my area. Orders are getting delivered within 24 hours

      2. MT

        depends on the warehouse here in mumbai who supplies to you , upper eastern suburbs are getting more access , my access in central mumbai has increased over the past 2 weeks , but only 1 order at a time is allowed , so once an order is placed , i cant place another one till the first one is processed and out for delivery , timings are not being maintained ( but that doesnt hinder me) , limited product availability is another thing , but they are improving

  151. DK

    Is Flipkart Supermart eligible for 10x hen bought through the SmartBuy page?

    1. Rahil Shah

      Yes, Flipkart Supermart through Smartbuy is eligible for 10x. I’ve received the points on my Diners Privilege card.

    2. FrequentFlyer15

      Anything and everything available on smartbuy is eligible be it Amazon Fresh or Flipkart Supermart.

  152. Arun

    Big basket vouchers are not available anymore? It is not listed at all, under grocery.

  153. Rohit

    By the way nobody has talked about it . 9x is again gone for T+3 days in the month of may for infinia/DC ?. Does it mean it would be credited after 3 months or month end ?

    who said cash discount is not given on electronics. Might be not for small but for LED/OLED TVs you pay cash you get heavy discount. Why is that, because that tv might have been smuggled or brought by passenger. You might say thats not possible. Many retailers like reliance digital , croma have their own service team. They insist to only contact them but not manufacturer. Only when i look back i know i have been taken on a ride and ever since i have never stepped into those stores. I am ready to pay extra tax to government but not these people.
    In business there is something called has Win-win strategy and i am not getting into others like Win-lose, Loose-Loose etc. Most famous brands who survived always have a Win-win attitude and if you want win-lose they wont survive lot in the market. Being it a credit card forum I dont want to take it further on this πŸ™‚ and thanks for sharing your experiences.

    1. Shivi

      @Rohit – I never said anything about cash discounts or electronics. The industry I am in right now won’t even bother with B2C as the B2B demand in itself is huge; till your purchase order is over tens of thousands of crores. And we are not a brand.

      I really can’t figure out why everybody is getting so jumpy about what I wrote.

      9x points are now being given after completion of 90 days.

      1. GCA

        In April they gave it in T+3 for vouchers, now back again to 90 days? Did you confirm? I also haven’t got 9X for May Transaction. Asking because Diners Website is still not updated for May Smartbuy 10X which is very unusual.

        1. vipul Aggarwal

          Yes it’s stange they stopped crediting 9x points on t+3 basis after 23rd February but gave in April and stopped giving them again in May.

  154. Vinit Kumar

    Now, dont we get 10x points on directly shopping from Amazon & flipkart through smartbuy (not through vouchers)??
    Now, I dont see flipkart & Amazon’s name in the 10x ad on smartbuy homepage though ‘shopping’ is mentioned?
    It’s getting somewhat confusing!!!

    1. Shivi

      Everything is right there as before along with the tnc: “Offer is valid on Successful Transactions completed on Smartbuy under categories Flights, Hotels, Bus, Rail, Instant Vouchers, Flipkart Store in SmartBuy, Amazon Store in SmartBuy and Compare and Shop section in SmartBuy. This Offer is not valid on offers given by individual merchants under offers section”

    2. SK

      Please go through the T&C. You will get your answer and it won’t be ‘confusing’ then!

    3. Rohit

      @Vinit Kumar
      Try to read T&C when ever things are confusing. At smartbuy page ,click on How to avail in that Amazon exclusive store and Flipkart exclusive store is available.

      I used amazon pay balance for amazon pantry. Never knew we can use Smartbuy-flipkart-supermarket to get 10x.

  155. Abhi

    Guys, what is this about ? Any business owner is free to decide whether to accept a card (or any card) or not when huge fee is levied. Similarly you as a customer are free to take or leave the services of a business house. Why are you guys trying to convince 1 person here? Even if Shivi agrees to your points (Though I don’t think letting away revenue/profit decisions are influenced by such discussions) there are thousands other who won’t agree.

    MDR is always paid by merchant, in most customers won’t pay extra (I think there is even a govt guidline one not passing MDR to cust) so decision should also be merchant’s whether he want to let go customers not willing to pay cash or whether to let go profit as part of MDR. BTW, for some products 2-3 % is a huge as there is very thin margins.

  156. Rohit

    Is there any way to pay telengana southern power (electricity) using amazon pay balance ? Currently only Norther is available in amazon. I am not able to utilize amazon pay balance because of this. Other way is to pay through paytm which again doesn’t allow amazon pay wallet .
    I have come across amazon pay UPI id which i never used. if i use amazon pay upi id will i be able to use amazon pay balance and then use paytm ? (Never tried UPI before)

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      UPI is only for using amount in bank accounts. Amazon Pay cannot be used as UPI.

    2. FrequentFlyer15

      If you just want to dispose the points, you could use it to buy gift cards. You can get thousands of gift cards on Amazon.

      1. Rohit

        I have no issues with usage of points as of now but was wondering how can i use 5k amazon pay every month when i cannot pay electricity bill with it. Paytm we can order gas cylinder too. I feel paytm gift card if they exist would be great with smartbuy.

        1. Mayank

          You Can use Amazon Pay also to pay for Gas Cylinder (Bharatgas).

        2. Prashant Gupta

          With amazon pay u can pay all bills. I do it every month electricity, landline, mobile, datacard, dth, piped gas. Its a wallet afterall.

        3. Naresh kumar

          Use payzapp to pay, you will get 5% cashback plus more 5% cashback if you have hdfc millenia card.

          Doing it from many months.

  157. Harish Jindal

    If I have to shop from amazon and get 10x, there are 2 ways: one is buy 5000 vouchers from different mobile numbers but from same card and purchase from amazon app normally whenever you want to… this way, the points cant be missed as merchant is hdfc gyftr. Other way is buy directly from amazon thru smartbuy in which point posting is erratic and purchase process is cumbersome as you have to click out from laptop/desktop and ensure that product is not in cart and then also you are not sure whether points will get posted.

    Can anyone confirm whether, if we buy 5000 vouchers from different mobile numbers but from same card, do we get 10X?

    1. Kiran

      You can’t buy vouchers using different number with same card number. It will take till payment page and then decline.


    2. Pranan

      You’ll. In April, I purchased 5000 amazon GV each from 4 accounts (mobile numbers) with single card and got the 10X.

      1. Cardexpertfan

        Well the million dollar question is “Did you get the 10x for 20,000?” If yes, which card?
        @sid we’ll appreciate it if you could please follow up to this!

        1. Pranab

          YES, I got 10X for 25000 Amazon GV purchased with 5 different mobile numbers/mail id (April). My card is Infinia MC.
          Can’t confirm for Mar (7500) & May (10000 as of today) as none of them are credited yet.

    3. Cardexpertfan

      It is clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions while buying the smartbuy voucher from gyftr.
      Purchase of only 5000 rupees Amazon gift voucher per month is allowed per card. You CANNOT buy more!!!

      1. Abhi

        This has been discussed several posts above. The cap is only on your smartbuy acc, not on the card. If other smartbuy accounts accept payment from your card (gets declined for some people though) then you can buy as many 5K Amazon or flipkart GVs as there are accounts, and get 10X, subject to card’s own 9X cap like 15K RP for DCB or 25K RP for Infinia. Any instant voucher bought via smartbuy, regardless of brand or quantity, is eligible for 10X.
        Others who had query reg 9X posting, note that GV purchases from 25Mar to end-Apr were given 9X in Apr itself. Else it is 90days.

    4. Ashu

      I am also having same doubt!! Can anyone confirm whether, if we buy 5000 vouchers from different mobile numbers but from same card, do we get 10X?

      Thanks in advance.

    5. abhishek Indore

      I have done this in March using same card but 10 different mobile numbers. Expecting bonus points in June end. Then only we can confirm.

      1. Points Addict

        what is the best use of HDFC points going forward? Many of us won’t travel much for one year or so and hence Hotel or Flight redemption are useless.

        1. Vipul Aggarwal

          I would wait for the right time and use the points for traveling only.

        2. Prashant Gupta

          Has anyone used points to recharge DTH via HDFC Infinia card.

        3. FrequentFlyer15

          I am holding my Diners points for a while now till they run a bonus transfer offer; either Vistara, Singapore or intermiles. While you may not travel for a few months, points are active for 3 years in HDFC and then another 2-3 years in the partner accounts giving it an insane validity.

          To be honest, sometimes I do get Shoppers Stop vouchers just for fun but the true value of points can be milked out only through Miles and Flights and hotels.
          Just like how I will never redeem my Amex points except for Mariott and now that the pandemic has happened, I am sure that they will run killer transfer offers soon.

        4. MT

          Voucher redemption at 50% point value or statement credit at 30% point value if not using for travel

        5. Rohit

          @Points Addict
          points are valid for 2 or 3 years based on the card you hold so by then hopefully things would be better. Still things cant be predicted if there is a wave 2 or wave 3 we would never know.

      2. Ashu

        That’s a lot of risk you took. For April month I received points instantly T+3 days…

  158. Pranab

    Hi DK,
    You CAN.
    In my one reply to you (where I mentioned the EMI & interest break-up), I used Rs1500 from gift card balance in my flipkart account and made 3 EMI for the rest amount. Today (16th May) got the 3rd EMI’s 10X.
    You need to add the gift cards on your flipkart account (can buy from anywhere). You can combine up to 15 vouchers in a single transaction. Need to go through smartbuy before final payment. Also you can’t partially use the gift card balance, either you don’t use it or you have to use it fully.

  159. Pranab

    Is there any way to pay ‘LIC’ premium payments with amazon pay? LIC’s official site support few other wallets but not APay. Amazon support lot of insurance payments (paid HDFC Life premium) but not LIC.

    1. Rahul Khandelwal

      Could you use your amazon pay balance to pay the HDFC life premium? ( buying gift voucher, adding it to the balance and then paying the premium )

      1. Mayank

        You Can check the list first on Amazon by going through payment page. If it is there, then load your wallet and make the payment.

    2. Ashu

      Unfortunately LIC currently do not accept Amazon Pay..

  160. Pranab

    Did anyone able to buy Flipkart voucher? Tried with multiple accounts (mobile numbers), but not able to purchase a single time.

  161. Rohit

    Can flipkart gift card be used to pay bills, recharge mobile buy medicines through their partners like 1mg also flipkart supermarket ?
    Once I load gift card worth 2000 do i have to use it at once or I can use it partially ?

    1. Pranab

      You can use it partially. You’ve β‚Ή2000 in FK account. Now i) if the product price is β‚Ή2000 (say β‚Ή2500), either you have to use this β‚Ή2000 fully and pay rest β‚Ή500 (or full β‚Ή2500) by any other means (can’t use β‚Ή2000 partially).

      1. Rohit

        There is no wallet you can choose partially to pay. Might be what I phrased it wrong. Can I buy a product worth 500 use wallet to pay and use rest of the 1500 for something else without getting wasted or lapsed.
        Ola voucher had that problem and many lost their money.
        And what is that no for πŸ™‚ cant we use wallet amount to pay bills , buy from 1mg or supermarket.

        1. Pranab

          Yes, it’ll not lapse. Balance β‚Ή1500 will be there.
          You got it right. You can’t use wallet amount to pay bills, 2 Gud, 1 mg.

    2. Prashant Gupta

      U can use it in any number of times.

  162. m s murty



  163. Kishore Krishna

    I have a question about the Smartbuy Gyftr vouchers. Infinia Card holder here.

    Is the total voucher limit 5000 per month, or is the amazon voucher limit 5000 per month?
    Can I Buy Amazon Voucher for 5k, and then buy Myntra/Swiggy vouchers for 2k and ger 10x points?
    Also can I buy 1 Flipkart voucher of 5k, and one Amazon voucher of 5k per month and be eligibe for 10x on both?


    1. Prashant Gupta

      Yes you can. 5K limit is only on amazon per account and not card.

    2. MT

      Yes , infinia monthly limit for 10x smartbuy is 75,000


      Yes. You can buy any number of voucher under the 10X reward offer. The cap is on the total number of bonus points(9X) which can be earned in a month via Smartbuy, which is capped at 25k per month.

    4. Gautam Garg

      The limit mentioned is per voucher type. You can buy 5k Amazon, 5k Flipkart & unlimited other vouchers subject to smartbuy monthly limits(25k 10x points) . I hope this helps clarify your doubts.

    5. Raghu

      Yes. 10x eligible up to a total of Rs. 83000 per month, across any number of gift vouchers or any other smartbuy purchases.

    6. prathmesh

      That limit is for Amazon vouchers only.
      I had bought Amazon voucher 5K and 2K voucher for Bata in the same month.

  164. Rohit

    Hi all
    I booked airasia flight for this month using gift voucher and balance through smartbuy. Since lockdown is extended I got a mail from air asia to process refund. they gave me 2 options :
    1. Unlimited date change till october 2020.
    2. full credit account (might be their wallet valid for 730 days)
    It says that if i book through travel agent ” the nett ticket value paid by your travel agent to the airline (may not include your processing fee).”
    whether booking through smart buy also is considered as booking through travel agent since i did not use air asia official site. Does nett amount include gift voucher too ? In that case I would be loosing Rs 236 convenience fee.
    Also unlimited date change they have not mentioned about extra to be paid for flight difference which is strange.



      For the air asia query – points do count as rupees for the airlines as end of the day they were paid by cash.

      Smartbuy takes from you – cash + points
      Clear trip/ yatra take from smartbuy – cash
      Airline takes from clear trip / yatra – cash

      Best way to check is to download the itinerary from air asia site directly. There on ticket you’d see how much rupees they had received

  165. Pranab

    @ Rahul Khandelwal,
    Yes, I paid the HDFC Life premium from my Amazon pay balance (gift card bought from smartbuy).

    1. Rahul Khandelwal

      Thank you for the reply,

      I have bought vouchers worth 40-50k in this month from the same card ( to pay insurance premium), using different Id’s, i think we have to wait or 3 months to understand if will get points for all of them or only for 5k will get points.

  166. Pranab

    @Kishore Krishna,
    Limit of 5000 each is only for Flipkart & Amazon.
    For your Infinia card, you can buy any amount of vouchers, you’ll get bonus 9X upto 25000 (spent Rs 83400).
    Please note, your 25000 bonus points monthly limit is cumulative of all your smartbuy spends (Flights/hotels/compare & shop/Flipkart/Amazon/Gift vouchers).

  167. Pranab

    @Prashant Gupta,
    I’ve used my points to recharge DTH.
    Also used my Infinia card to recharge and got 10X (Feb).

  168. Sachin Gupta

    When we buy instant gift card through smartbuy gyftr what does it mention in credit card statement?
    Smartbuy voucher or gyftr


    Hi all,
    How many days are the 10x points taking now for Flipkart purchased? Is it T+2 or 90 days?

  170. Rohit

    I have purchased flipkart gift card and not able to use it for paying bills or recharge. Absolutely waste for me. I have asked this query before and I was said we can use it.
    I don’t think it would also work for flipkart super market or partners like 1mg, OYO and others.

    1. Mayank

      It works for Flipkart Supermart. I have used it 15 days back. Regarding Bills, it will not work as it is being done by third party i.e. Mobikwik. Also, it will not work for partners like 1mg, OYO and others.

    2. caks

      bills or recharge – Not possible
      flipkart super market – Yes
      1mg, OYO – IDK

  171. Ayan

    Hi, Do you get a mail or notification of any kind when you buy on Flipkart through Smartbuy? I usually get a mail from Amazon stating that I have purchased this x order through HDFC Smartbuy. Not able to verify the Flipkart Smartbuy orders. Thanks!

  172. George Mathews

    Hi All,

    In these times of lockdown, with limited delivery options Amazon pay 5000/- are suddenly getting used in the 1st week only, especially since bigbasket vouchers are not available.

    Has anyome tried the flipkart gyftr vouchers? Are they of any use other than the regular purchase of items on flipkart?

    If there is any other ‘novel’ uses of gyftr voucher that you had found useful in the last couple of months, do share.


  173. Arun

    I understand we get 10x only via smartbuy and the voucher value is capped at 5K.

    Do we get 3.3% points on buying amazon gift card at

  174. Pranab

    Hi Ayan,
    It’s not required for Flipkart. If you go through smartbuy, you’ve payment option of only HDFC card and Payzapp (also Flipkart wallet). But at Amazon, you’ve the options of payment from any mode. So, this confirmation mail from Amazon is required if there’s any dispute for 10X in future.

  175. Zaheer

    Does 10x apply to purchases made in Amazon Business Account, where GST invoices are provided which can be used to claim input credit.

    Can someone confirm this, please?

    1. P J

      Yes, 10X are received for purchases made on business accounts as well

    2. Chintan

      Oh yes it does apply, I have amazon business account and I get to buy a laptop every other month. You will also receive a SmartBuy confirmation mail from Amazon within 48 hours. The points get credited within 2 and a half month, There is no exact time frame.

  176. Ashutosh

    Hi All,

    Just realized that my Gyftr voucher purchases of amazon and bigbasket in the last couple of months are not reflecting the 10x points in T+2 or 3 days as they used to earlier. Assume that they would be added sometime later as per the 90 days T&C? Anyone else also seeing similar delays in Gyftr voucher or Flipkart 10x points. This is with regards to my Infinia card.


  177. kumar avijit

    Quick check folks.

    I do not see for DCB 10x program extension for the month of May. Any information on this?

  178. Mani

    Now we have to wait for 90 days for the coupons purchased in GYFTR.Customer care confirmed the same on the call.

  179. Amit

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone help me with Diners Black customer care email id (i am not looking for concierge email id).


    1. Shawn [at] it’s applicable for Diners Black too.

      1. Rohit

        Can we use this mail ID for points related issues too?
        I used to send mail to their regular customer care and used to take 20 days plus to resolve.

  180. Abhishek Sethia

    Hi guys,

    How do we use credit shells issued by airlines fir smartbuy flight.

    I chose Cleartrip while booking and I can’t redeem now

  181. Pankaj

    HDFC is now planning to degrade its 10x program. What I head from people in HDFC amazon and Flipkart 10x are gone and now it will be reduced.

    1. Pranab

      Your statement is self-contradictory! It can be either gone or reduced, can’t be both at same time.

      1. Pankaj Khandelwal

        10x is gone and reduced to 5x or 3x

        1. Kushank Wadhwa

          Reward points reduced for Infinia and Diners to
          5x for amazon
          3x for flipkart

          All other cards (including regalia)
          5% cashback for amazon
          1% cashback for flipkart

    2. Saurabh

      You are right, MAX RP reduced to 7500 on DCB and Amazon 5x and Flipkart 3X

  182. Karthik sd

    Does 10x apply if partial payment is done through amazon pay and rest is done thro hdfc cc?

      1. Binay

        Are you sure ?
        I think needs full payment from CC

  183. Pranab

    Hi Ashutosh,
    Gyftr T+3 days bonus 9X stopped since Feb. But they did credit it in April (T+3).
    Again in May, they stopped not only gyftr but all smartbuy bonus 9X. CC confirmed it’s now 90 days.

  184. Sagar Agarwal


    Hope all are doing well & staying safe.

    I have gone through the comments above about how to get 10X points while using EMI option on Flipkart. However, can someone please confirm me if we have to use the paid EMI option or NoCost EMI option will also work if we want to earn 10X points. I plan to buy a laptop worth 2L/-

    Thannk you in advance

    1. Cardexpertfan

      If you choose the emi with interest, you’ll receive the points only for the principal amount. You won’t receive points on interest and gst. In this case you end up loosing some reward points in the form of interest.

      Needless to say, it helps if the product you’re looking to buy has no cost EMI!

      Also, please note that the 10x partners/smartbuy are expected to change in June. I’d suggest you wait for the new partners to be announced and only then buy the laptop.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Rohit

        The same thing customer care told me that no cost EMI is not eligible for 10x so I took paid variant . But again people in this forum told that they received points for no cost EMI. So some one who got it should comment it.

        1. Murad

          No Cost EMI is eligible for 10X RP on Infinia/Diners/Regalia credit card variants only.

    2. A2Z

      10x on Flipkart is gone
      Now it’s 3x on Flipkart & 5x on Amazon from June 1 onwards

  185. Ramesh Kumar

    Seems like flipkart and amazon going to be devalued at 3x and 5x from June 1st under smartbuy category with only 7.5K reward points(RP) max for DCB and 15K RP for Infinia.
    Source: HDFC smartbuy

      1. Rohit

        Link has been removed from HDFC πŸ™‚

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      Seems devaluation is live and now it’s shown in homepage of Smartbuy.

  186. Mouli

    Seems a Major Devaluation in HDFC 10X Program from June 1st across all categories and cards

  187. Rohit

    Even though they reduce 10x it is bullshit to reduce from 15k to 7500. Is the fee also reduced from 10k to 5k? Are they giving points for paying annual fee? Hdfc is becoming more greedy. First they give infinia and black card to most. Raise money by getting 12k and then devalue. By the way I think they made a profit of 2300 crores last quarter. So covid is not the cause but just a reason. And for people who say 10x can’t stay forever. Hdfc makes immense money from partners, credit card companies(visa/DC) etc.
    Now the only major benefit for infinia/dcb is airport lounge which is also gone for another 2 years. So what exactly justifies the annual fee.

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      Why the sudden rant I dont undrstand!

      Just because HDFC makes tons of profit, they dont need to run a huge rewards program forever. They have forced anybody to take the Infinia or DCB. People have gone crazy over Infinia & DCB and trying to do anything and everything to get that card.

      When somebody wants a card from the Super-Premium category, they should understand whether the card is good for the annual spends they do on a credit card. I see a lot of people taking Infinia or DCB just for the 33.3% Reward Rate without really having a significant amount of spends on credit card.

      Both cards, in my opinion, have a decent milestone of an annual fee waiver. If one is not able to meet it, then dont take the card. HDFC is already givings both these cards as First Year Free. DCB & Infinia has an Annual Fee Waiver Milestone at 5 Lacs & 8 Lacs respectively. Considering the eligibility criteria indicated for both the cards, the Milestones are anything but outrageous. Infinia still gives 10,000 Points against Annual Fee (If Charged).

      So my opinion would be not fret over it and move on. The Golden Days are over. The Silver days are still there. Mint the rewards till it lasts.

      P.S. – My ownership of DCB is just a year old and I have already accumulated enough points to cover for over 15 years of the current annual fee. First Year Card was free. Second Year Free after crossing the 5 Lacs Spend milestone. Apart from that, I got all the 6 Annual Membership Milestones. Not to forget the number of Lounge Accesses for myself and family members.

      1. DK

        It’s funny to see you go on a rant about a rant.

        Had i owned an Infinia/DCB I too would agree with you wholeheartedly. But please spare a moment out of the DCB lot and maintain 2 minutes of silence for us Regalia and Diners Privilege, underprivileged lot.

        I own a Diners Privilege which is equivalent to Regalia. It’s users has seen an “Uninformed Major devaluation of 92.5%” in card value.

        So don’t mind us if you see us crying a river for a while. πŸ˜€

  188. Prashant Gupta

    Looks like one can buy amazon voucher only one time with a card, its giving error while buying with different mobile numbers. Same with flipkart.

    1. Rahul Khandelwal

      You can buy, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours, then buy from another number

      1. Prashant Gupta

        Ya i bought today and it was success.

      2. Mayank

        But the question remains that whether we will be getting extra reward points or not?

        1. FrequentFlyer15

          You will get for sure. I have been doing the same for months now and have got the 10x for all.

  189. Rohit

    are you all getting correct points for instant voucher purchased on Feb month . Mine is short by 490 points. To which mail id you all send to complain regarding points for DCB ? I was sending to a regular credit card complaint and they take 20 days plus to solve the issue.

    1. Pranab

      Feb 9X (Gyftr & Amazon) isn’t yet credited for me.
      But got the correct points for April Gyftr and other Smartbuy (except Amazon).
      Got Jan Amazon 9X credited today, 30th May.
      Also got double 10X (20X) for Flipkart EMI transactions for last 2 months, EMI posting date 14th Apr & May. CC confirmed but also mentioned it as some mistake. It doesn’t bother me as it comes under my monthly cap (exhausted my 25K/m limit in both months), so the same number of points will be reduced before crediting 9x 3 months later.

      1. Ashu

        Even I got bulk of points posted today of about 8k, but very hard to understand for which transaction i received points even though I maintained excel.

        1. dimmu

          ! smartbuy throught Amazon ) Amazon 9x points for month jan 2020.

      2. Rohit

        To whom can i mail for points for DCB ?
        I used to send mail to [at]

      3. Murad

        Same happened to me. I also received double 10X (20X) for Flipkart No Cost EMI transaction for the statement of Apr and May.

  190. P Ramesh

    Don’t know what is the issue. When i click the link on comments section comments are not visible. This is happening frequently.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Is this happening to others as well?

      1. Pankaj Gupta

        Yes this has been happening very frequently. After clicking the new comment which I want to read, the home page of that story opens and not the comment. But when I refresh the page in this situation, I am able to see the desired comment.

      2. Mouli

        Yes Sid,I have also faced this sometimes

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Oh, is this happening in last 1 month or before too?

          1. Chintan

            it happens because after visiting a particular article once, when you visit the article again, the webpage loads the one from cookies and does not refresh the same, so basically as the comment wasn’t there in old article the page is not able to navigate to the same. You need to write some code which refreshes the article when the user visit it for the second time or when user visit the same by clicking in the comment section. To see new comments after returning to the page for second time, users have to refresh the page to load the same.

          2. Ramesh Kumar

            It’s happening for last 2-3 weeks, but when page is reloaded again then it’s going to desired comment.

          3. Siddharth Post author

            It should be browser cache. Will check what needs to be done.

      3. Vineet

        Yes Siddarth, for more than a month. It refuses to open in chrome but opens in Xiaomi browser most of the time. Though today the exact opposite happened

  191. Ankit Jain

    With 10x gone, and value of RP to cash conversation rate reduced.
    Fee of 10k. Thinking of stop hdfc Diners card.
    SBI prime also stopped..
    Citi devalued.
    IndusInd devalued.

    Which is good alternative Credit Card to make as alternative now.
    Need suggestion and discussion.

    1. Arnab Chaudhuri

      Indusind devalued ??? where?? Are you talking about utility category @ 70p ???

    2. Rohit

      @ankit Jain
      With current crysis no point in closing cards since almost all banks would devalue. I still doubt 10x would be gone since only infinia and dcb holders would be benefited more. Instant vouchers just came recently so atleast 10x has to continue with hotel and flights as it was before . Rest they can get rid of 10x for others.

    3. Ashu

      What is Reward point to cash conversion reduced rate? also what is existing rate?

      1. Ankit Jain

        Reduced from 50 paisa to 20 paisa. Though, you can use at full rate at smartbuy

  192. Dang

    I know this has been discussed before but want a latest update:

    1. Is it necessary to go to the gyftr smartbuy page through smartbuy main page every time? Or directly logging into works? I have been making past few purchases using the 2nd method and I’m scared about my points now

    2. If we purchase Amazon vouchers through multiple gyftr accounts using the DCB card, do we get 10x points on all?

    1. Pranab

      Need not to worry.
      I’ve done both as you mentioned and got the 10x in the month of April (Infinia).

      1. Akshat

        How do you get the transaction wise reward credited info?

        Usually mailing the cc team is time consuming and painful exercise each month.

  193. DK

    I got a mobile on EMI just a few days back from Flipkart using my Diners Privilege card. Now I’m gonna get just 1% cashback for it over the course of 3months. No 10x.

    Tried returning the mobile too since ICICI has come up with a cashback offer. But it says replacement only. You guys know of any way I can return the mobile after having received it in good condition?

    1. Chintan

      Go for the replacement, once you receive the replacement return it again you will receive refund then

    2. Rohit

      Thats unfortunate. From past 4 months even I was in the same confusion that 10x would be gone and didn’t take any chance. Unfortunately you cannot return. Only possibility is lock down and if they are not able to deliver on time they will give you option to cancel. There is no way you can return a product in India.

      1. DK

        @Rohit & Chintan
        I have currently applied for a return which is under review for a replacement. They have said they’d review my reason and come back to me.

  194. Anuj

    The total reward on black diners reduced to 7500 per month. Similarly 15k for infinia.
    Does.this limit apply to overall monthly rewards, or only the incremental 9x reward portion. In site, it is mentioned reward poimts cap, so i believe it should be total. Pls confirm.

  195. Prashant Gupta

    Received some points yesterday and today 1 june. Dont know for which transactions.

    1. Pranab

      I also got some points today. Contacted CC and he confirmed these points are for all Smartbuy bonus 9X (except Amazon) for the month of MAY. This also confirms bonus 9X for all Amazon (28K) & Flipkart (15K) vouchers.
      I got the proper bonus 9X for all these 43K gift card purchase.

  196. Prashant Gupta

    The devaluation news was true. Its up in website. I miffed with diners black being degraded especially when they were weeding out customers with 10k fees. Now i might upgrade my dcb also to infinia. Already have 1 infinia thought.

    Also there an offer going on if u open a savings account with hdfc they are providing ltf free DCB. I have asked for infinia and they checked at backend that my wife is eligible for ltf infinia, so going ahead with prefered banking savings account. Also with Rs. 5L initial deposit we can choose our own account no. last 10 digits.

    1. DK

      Hi Prashant,

      Any reference for the LTF DCB offer on Savings account?
      I was just going to enroll for Preferred Banking from HDFC next week which has a Avg Monthly Balance of 2lacs. If this offer could get me a DCB I reckon it would be now worth it.

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