Amex Republic Day Offer: Get upto 30,000 Bonus Reward Points on Spends

By | May 15, 2021
Amex Republic day offer 2021

Here’s a lucrative 3 day offer from American Express on select Credit Cards for Republic Day (2021). This is similar to the previous spend based offer which we saw in Nov 2020. Here are all the details:

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get additional XX,XXX Membership Rewards on spending Rs.YY,YYY
  • Eligible Spend Types : All spends.
  • Offer Valid for: Select cards that received the communication
  • Offer Period: 24 Jan to 26 Jan 2021
  • How to opt-in for offer: auto enrolled (in my case)
  • Fulfilment: 31 May, 2021
  • Terms & Conditions

Speaking about offer variants, there are few and here are the ones I came across:

  1. Spend Rs.1.5L and get 30K points
  2. Spend Rs.60K and get 12K Points
  3. Spend Rs.30K and get 6K points (I got this on plat charge)
  4. Spend Rs.25K and get 5K points

Update: There are many other variants based on the card you hold. Above are for the top level cards (Plat Charge, Plat Reserve, etc). And the lower end cards have extended validity, upto 31st Jan 2021.

Looks like the emails are being sent in phases and should receive the email by EOD. If not feel free to call support and ask. They will talk to the marketing team and let you know the offer over the call (if available), usually within a minute or two.

amex republic day offer rewards multiplier

That aside, Amex is also running the rewards multiplier at 15 MR points per Rs.100 spend on select merchants. That is nice ~7.5% return on spend but is nowhere close to HDFC Super Premium cards.

And now as HDFC upgraded 1000’s of cards to LTF super premium cards, I guess this will likely put a dent on these rewards multiplier spends for Amex. I mean why would anyone go with 7.5% while they can get 33% with HDFC 10X Rewards.

Anyway, let’s see if these help to see a permanent facelift of Amex Rewards Multiplier anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

The return on spend for this offer is close to ~10% for most (as points) and that’s indeed awesome. If you’re wondering how I arrived at that % you may want to know how to Maximize Your American Express MR Points Value.

It’s wonderful to see frequent targeted offers like this from American Express. I checked with couple of my friends and all of them have received the offer, so maybe this is that offer which is targeted for “all” cardholders!

  • Offer Fulfilled: On 13th May 2021

Have you received the offer? If so which one, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

74 thoughts on “Amex Republic Day Offer: Get upto 30,000 Bonus Reward Points on Spends

  1. Prannoy Ghosh

    The offer period end date is 31 Jan 2021 instead of 26 Jan 2021…. Just change the small error

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its for entry-level cards. Updated the article.

      Which offer you’ve received btw?

      1. MT

        Got 6k points on 30k spends offer on plat charge only , end date for me is 26jan

      2. Prannoy Ghosh

        I got the 5k on 25k spends offer…. It’s great overall if you’ve not completed the monthly quota to double dip

  2. Sharad

    Got 2500 MR points offer for 25000 spend on Amex MR card which I hardly use! Decent!

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      I got offer for 5,000 Bonus Points on spend of ₹25,000, on MRCC.

      1. Praveen Katiyar

        Good offer considering the fact that I can load my Amazon Pay and pay bills/insurance and get around 9-10% returns as points.

  3. MAA-traveller

    These days I don’t get offers (no Diwali offer or any spend based offer) but got “Earn 2,500 points when you spend INR 15,000.” on my Plat Travel.

    Decent offer and auto enrolled but I think Amex has to do more to retain customers and their wallet share. My father went from Freedom (paid) to DCB (LTF)!

    1. A2Z

      Same is the case for me as well
      No offer since Diwali
      No Amazon 10% offer
      And over chat Amex CC told me same Spend 15000 Get 2500 RP

  4. Stockinfopoint

    I got 5k points on 25k spend…. interesting if this is combined with current reward multiplier of 15x you get decent 8750 points in total. Reward multiplier is applicable till 26th Jan though.

  5. AM

    I got 10k rewards offer not 12k on 60k spend on travel card. And good thing they added apple online shop in reward multiplier also

  6. Ankur

    Got 5k for 25k.

    I guess, wallet loads are supported? Only option is Amazon Pay as Paytm is charging a ridiculous 4.07% surcharge

  7. Rakesh Sawant

    how do you say the returns are 10%? isn’t 1 MR point = Rs 0.25 (or usually even less at Rs 0.2) ?

  8. Rahul

    I have got 1000 points for 5000 spend on my amex gold card which I hardly use after paytm introduced 2% charge on wallet loads

  9. Ayush Agrawal

    5k on 25k on my plat travel, validity till 31st Jan. Great offer.

  10. Karthik

    Do you know if this is in addition to the 5x via rewards multiplier?

  11. Diptendu Bhowmick

    The TnC says “Cardmember to spend a total of Rs. XXXX or more in eligible spends during the Offer period on their eligible American Express Platinum Card (including the spend on their Supplementary Card(s)) to receive YYYY Bonus Membership Rewards® Points. “.

    Does anyone know or have checked with AMEX whether gift vouchers fall under “eligible spends”?

    1. Ankur S

      All spends are considered. Eligible spend is term used to to disallow reversals or disputes.

  12. Deb

    I have received the following offer.

    Spend Rs.60K and get 10K Points. offer validity from 24th Jan to 31st Jan.

    Dont know whether uploading Amazon Pay balance will be considered for the spend criteria.

  13. Saurabh

    “Get 1,500 Bonus Points when you spend ₹10,000
    or more on your Card.
    Hurry, offer valid from 24 January to 31 January 2021 only!”

    Got this offer on my plat travel card.

  14. Amit

    Sid, I always check this forum for all “hidden” updates from various cards and banks, last being HDFC card update offer. It really amazes me that you always have first mover advantage. Just to inform you, I would have missed this offer if not for your site.
    I never received any email from Amex, so I checked with Amex customer care today. I had a spend based offer which was conveyed to me on phone. Amex being Amex they went extra mile and informed me I am not receiving offers since the option to receive marketing email was not turned on in my card account, and enquired if I would like to turn it on. After my consent they turned it on for me.
    The process to turn on marketing mails is pretty simple. First they ask you 3 digit number at the back of your Amex card. After that you receive a 4 digit sms code from Amex. You have to tell Amex customer care the 4 digits code you received. Offers email will be activated on your card in 10 working days.

    1. shailesh

      this is really important i think, thanks for update defiantly will help a lot of users who do not receive any offer

  15. Xander

    It’s getting beyond disappointing at this point, the last offer I got was Jan-Feb 2019, no offer ever since.

    Have already requested a cancellation of my card.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I am also not receiving any offers on both MRCC and Gold card from long time.

  16. MT

    Can it be used for gift card purchases ? Amazon or gyftr ? I guess wallet transfers will not count as eligible spend

  17. Arun

    60k Spend- 10,000 MR points, not 12000 MR points..

    Or may be 10000MR points is only for me?

  18. gitns

    Great timing! I too got the 6k MR points on 30k spends. I had placed an order on Amazon for 32k yesterday while this offer is valid from today. I canceled the order immediately and placed it again. On top on this, I used the Reward Multiplier as well. So, almost 10k points on 32k spends.

    After a long time, AMEX sent an offer to me at the right time. 🙂

  19. Gopal Gidwani

    I got the offer: Get 2500 points on spending Rs. 15000 . Valid from 24th Jan to 31st Jan on my MRCC card

  20. Abhi

    Got the 5000 bonus offer on 25000 spend on Platinum Travel. That translates to 20 bonus plus regular 2 RP per 100. Planning to combine it with insurance spend offer of 15 RP per 100. So that should give 35 per 100 on insurance or 22 per 100 on other spends.
    They don’t give regular pts on insurance, so here 35 per 100 is great. Its further accelerated if anyone’s combining the airindia threshold with this.

    1. MAA-traveler

      All these offers (Insurance, Utility, Air India, etc.) are targeted and not all would have got. But this one and 15MR/Rs100 Reward Multiplier offer clubbed with the normal Rs 4 Lakh spend based rewards is common for all and gives decent returns.

  21. Rohit Bindal

    Hi Siddharth,

    Will insurance payments will be counted as eligible spends ? Any Idea ?

  22. Sameer

    Amex travel card, got 10k points on 60k spend. From the above posts, it’s clear that Amex Travel got 10k points instead of 12k points. Still it’s a good deal.

  23. Ajai Singh

    “Get 1,500 Bonus Points when you spend ₹10,000
    or more on your Card.
    Hurry, offer valid from 24 January to 31 January 2021 only!”

    On Amex Reserve with a month spends around 40-45k weird that I got such a low offer but I have fired a lot of mails for proper LE.

  24. Savi

    Hello Sid and readers,
    HDFC smart buy is coming with a big offer this month end as republic day sale with 15X rewards on super premium cards and 3000 cash back on other credit cards. Do plan your spends appropriately 😉

  25. A2Z

    Not receiving any spends based offer since Diwali
    Amazon 10% was first in line to miss & nothing after that
    what can be wrong? what can I do?

  26. Shri

    Ahhh this is so perfect! Just made Insurance premium payment, earning 7500 bonus points from the ongoing offer plus met this offer’s spend requirement for another 6000 bonus points. All in all not bad!
    Amex is doing so well these days.

    1. Sachin

      Insurance premiums are not included brother, sorry for crashing the party 😂

  27. MrNightStar

    Acc to TnC GiftCards from amazon and flipkart are not permitted. Can I buy giftcards using gyfter?

    1. Diptendu Bhowmick

      Which TnC are you referring to? I thought everything was allowed.

    2. Puneet

      Where did you see this condition mentioned? It’s not there in the T&C link given by Sid.

  28. Sree

    I didn’t get this offer.. I think I made the mistake of enrolling for the air India offer so they’ve skipped this one on my card to avoid double dip. Really frustrated

    1. Prasoon Agrawal

      Hi Sree,

      I got this offer (1500 points on spending 10K valid till 31st Jan) even after enrolling in the Air India voucher offer.
      May be there is no such restriction from Amex and offers are being sent out randomly.

      1. Ravi

        I had a check with AMEX customer care, both offer holds good if the spend is reached

      2. Sree

        Funny turn of events. I called cust care and the lady promptly checked and said i dont have anyh such offer on my card. However i went on the app and connected via chat a day later just to be double sure and there it was. Agent confirms i have an offer for spend 60k get 10k points on my plat travel. Bad mixup by the agent on call but i guess it ended well for me anyway. Had an NPS payment of 40k which i’ve done with ease and will easily qualify for both air india and the points offer

  29. FrequentFlyer15

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to share my experience. I had noticed the past few months that alot of offer mails were not coming to me but on chatting with the execs on the all, I was eligible. Since this happened with this offer also, I asked them to check and it seems some part of subscription was off. So I asked them to turn everything on. Let’s hope this fixes the issues.

    They have told me that almost all users are eligible for this offer. So you can use the chat option in the app to check for the offer.

  30. Sukant

    This offer is not linked to the air india offer seems. I had enrolled for air india offer and i receive the offer spend 60000 to get 10000 points

  31. Shailesh

    Just chatted with american express who informed me that marketing email were off for my account and she proceeded to enable them . Unfortunately she informed me there no spend bese offer currently shown for my account but in future i will get emails for the same,thank you for ur help


    Hey Sid,
    I didn’t the email from amex, but took a chance with amex cc team,, My card was eligible for the offer… but detailed tnc not available to me… mind sharing the link for MRCC TNC for Jan spend offer

  33. Chethan Lobo

    I have received 27.5K INR cash back, spends on Ethos, bigbasket, filpkart croma etc, valid till 27th July 2021

  34. Niju

    Although I didn’t receive any communication from AMEX on the Bonus MR but upon contacting Customer Support over chat I was informed I was eligible for 5K on 25K spends on My Platinum Travel Card.

  35. Raghavendra Araveeti

    I have recieved 12k points on 60k offer on my platinum card. But not recieved any offer on travel and jet airways card.

  36. manoj

    IS NPS and insurance spends are eligible for this offer..please confirm. Someone in this thread said insurance and wallet load and gift cards are not eligible for the offer. can you please confirm

  37. Sagnik

    I was just denied for a spend based offer because between the dates there were some refunds of some transactions that was posted on my card account between those days and and the refunds have been adjusted in the net spends . I have a different perception of the net spend thing. Is this the norm ?

  38. Amol Godase

    Yeah received 10000 Membership rewards on 13 may 21


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