Amazing Sign-up Offers on American Express Platinum Charge Card

By | March 16, 2019

American Express Platinum Charge card is one of the best credit card in the country if you’re a regular traveller, especially those who’re travelling internationally. While it’s not the card for everyone, it’s only for the select few who’s lifestyle matches the benefits that the card comes with.

Recently Amex started issuing this as a metal card in India and tweaked some benefits including the joining fee. But now we’ve some great Sign-up offers, just incase if the increased joining fee stops you from getting one!

American Express Platinum Card – India (Image: Amex)

#1 Rs.25,000 Amex Domestic Travel Voucher

I got a call from the sales guy a day back who said about this amazing offer, available only on offline applications.

OFFER: Spend Rs.5 Lakhs within 90 days of receiving the card to get Rs.25,000 worth of Amex Domestic travel voucher with which you can book domestic hotels/flights.

I totally love this offer and is indeed very much tempting because the net cost of the card goes to just ~45,000 INR instead of ~70,000 INR (includes GST). You still get 100k MR points as signup bonus. Totally worth it!

Note: This offer is applicable in Chennai circle as per my knowledge, till 31st March 2019. If you’re not from TN, You need to check with your city sales guys. Offline sourcing only. (Caution: sales team in some cities say that its only for new customers.)

#2 25,000 Bonus MR Points

Every year Amex sends targeted upgrade offers to select customers and this is one such upgrade offer sent to someone I know.

OFFER: Upgrade Amex Gold Charge Card to Amex Plat Charge card and get 25,000 Bonus MR Points. So totally you get 1,25,000 MR Points instead of the usual 1,00,000 MR Points.

This too is a decent offer but it needs to automatically come to you either by email/call. If not, you can’t avail it.

There are also other upgrade offers that amex send out periodically, like Free lifetime Plat Reserve/Plat Travel card on Upgrade.

#3 10,000 Bonus MR Points

If above 2 offers are not reachable to you, this referral offer should help you anyday.

OFFER: Get 10,000 Bonus MR Points on spending Rs.5,000 within 90 days of receiving the card. So totally you get 1,10,000 MR Points instead of the usual 1,00,000 MR Points.

To avail this offer, you need to apply using the below link,

Nice offer, yet, I wish they had given 20k points or so on 2L spend kind of, as 5K spend is low for cardholders of this range.


American Express is definitely rocking the industry with huge signup/merchant offers this quarter and hope this continues for rest of the year.

If you think this shining metal platinum card is not for you, remember, American Express is still running the First Year Free offer on other two cards. Check out: Amex MRCC Offer & Amex Platinum Travel Card Offer.

What’s your thoughts on these aggressive Sign-up Offers from American Express?

Author: Siddharth

I love Credit Cards! Minting reward points and cashback for years. Now exploring Airmiles & Hotel loyalty programs. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

38 thoughts on “Amazing Sign-up Offers on American Express Platinum Charge Card

  1. BGL

    The new Amex offer seems to be too good.

    About 3 months back or so, I had once received a pop up message when i logged on to my Amex online account and there was an offer to upgrade the Gold charge card to Platinum charge card. Since the joining fee was too steep I ignored it without reading into it much. Not sure what was on offer for taking that offer. Also I thought the offer to upgrade would have been sent by Amex to me by mistake πŸ™‚

    That was the only one time I had received the offer. Let me check if I receive this offer again now.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      If you’re spending a lot on the card or holding it for many years, chances are it was not sent by mistake πŸ™‚

  2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Great offers. I know Siddharth that you love Amex Platinum very much and you are eyeing it from a long time. Are you going to go for it now ?

  3. Sanju

    I have a unpopular opinion – Since Sid has given us a such a great platform want to discuss it here.

    I still feel Amex is a farce ! – I know Amex Platinum and Centurion etc is for “select” customers who wants best concierge and Invite only events etc …

    I doubt even how these “select” customers finds value in these cards. Joining fees are steep and you get MR points alone. Compared to cards like DINERS BLACK which offer cool 33% returns on Travel and online purchase … Even Amex Platinum will loose. Many will say Amex Platinum is for “elite people” who don’t care for money but I respectfully disagree. Rich people stay rich by ensuring greater returns on their investment.
    The only thing I see amex is high on is aspirational value. The sales rep capitalize on everything saying it’s a AMEX CARD !! LIKE IT’S a novelty !! And Novelty it is – with such pathetic POS acceptance (owing to industry highest Merchant Discount Rates) and mostly we end up spending online alone.
    Moment I compared DCB with Platinum sales rep almost fell off chair in disbelief … 33% back in points ?? He couldn’t believe me and even brought his boss along next day for lead conversion. Even the boss was unable to explain how I would recover my joining fees alone, leave aside earning from the card.

    Unpopular opinion but I really feel maybe I lack some info which experts here have. What say ??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Okay, that helps me to write a detailed article about “Amex acceptance”. Coming soon πŸ™‚

      And will probably review the plat charge in detail.

    2. Neo

      Hi Sanju,
      I believe the only solid benefit of the Plat Charge is the Elite Hotel memberships (i am not a Plat Charge holder, FYI).
      Those 100K points, along with other spends if transferred to say a Marriott ( ratio 1:1) maybe good enough for you to derive value of >1 INR per 1 MR. The IAP offers are mainly on business class/first class & hence may not be useful to all.
      I have the DCB myself & love the card for its 10X points & will never have Amex Plat as my primary card.


    3. SH

      Sanju – on the face of it the Amex Plat is not that appealing. But when you get into the details of it, boy does it deliver. This is mostly a travel and lifestyle card. So you can recoup the fees many times over if for example, you travel international, play golf, and stay or dine at 5-star restaurants. Last year I did not travel internationally for personal vacations, and even without that I recouped the fees by six months.

      And Amex acceptability is great. If you can’t swipe then load your e-Wallets and pay through it. I pay for almost all daily expenses through Amex (even for half a liter of milk, or road side tea near my office)

    4. Amex Guy

      I keep seeing these posts for Plat and Centurion and I can’t help but get amused. The problem with HDFC is simple — they don’t have a reward program, they have promotional offering. They will pull the carpet any time, so long term play is out, and that’s where the big returns are.

      But to your more direct point — the problem is 25K a month capping. With DCB (which I own and use), you don’t really get 33% back. A simple business class int. flight can be 1.5 lacs return (as an example). Amex gives 15% off minimum. There, having to travel twice a month alone makes DCB a subpar choice compared to Plat, by almost 2X! I’m not even counting the accelerated earnings on hotels, the upgrades, the free breakfasts, beers, and lounge access in hotels with unlimited booze, the free golf and golf lessons, accelerated Star Alliance gold, FHR, free wines all over the world, and similar indirect benefits — none of which you’ll get on DCB. Assuming 7 nights at a hotel each month that’s 7000 bucks saved in breakfast at least, 10K bucks saved in dinner as I eat at lounge buffet, 5-10K saved in booze, and at least 30K worth of upgrades (not essential) assuming 50% hit rate to suites. That’s over 1 lac value in 2 trips and 7 nights in hotel. Of course this is paper napkin math, but you get the idea.

      I did calculate my returns on DCB by using it exclusively for a month. Was around 2.68%, fixed, due to Rs. 150 cut off and me running a lot of smaller value transactions. Amex Plat is 2.5% minimum, which I pushed last redemption to 5X it’s value by redeeming wisely. Plus 3X on forex, no cap!

      For Centurion, one first class upgrade on a trans-atlantic route will cover the 25K of DCB several times over. Imagine if you get that first class upgrade 20-25 times a year. That’s more than what you’ll get back on DCB in its lifetime, before HDFC devalues it. If you don’t, the card isn’t for you.

      The simple reason you’re not seeing value in a product most frequent travelers and travel hackers swear by, is because you don’t quiet understand it well enough. πŸ™‚

      I agree to your point that Amex sales staff is clueless about Plat.

      1. Neo

        Hi Amex Guy,
        Great post, loaded with analysis as always. I had a query & was wondering if you could help answer it-
        My work related travel is exclusively domestic ( Economy being the preferred class). After reading the forums here, I have moved my stays to a SPG/IHG property wherever possible . However, we do like to travel ( me & my better half) both domestic as well as international ( 1-2 times a year).
        Do you think it makes sense for me to go for an Amex Plat charge in order to enhance our travel experience?


        1. Amex Guy

          In your situation, Prestige may work better. Both of you get unlimited priority pass. The miles you’d earn should be of great help with yearly family trips.

      2. Priyansh Modi

        Hi @Amex Guy
        Have seen you in few posts. Wanted to ask few queries- if you have any in detailed comparative or even detailed Amex Plat review, do share..

        As I feel would be able to go for it inspite of having limited international travels if can see the value.

      3. jude

        wine all over the world? isnt taste for platinum only in india?

        1. Amex Guy

          There is a separate Amex network dining program that runs in EU/ Asia-Pac and US. They started Taste of Plat in India because no place in India was part of that program. And still, Tase of Plat is restricted to Indian cardmembers. I’ll share the PDF of restaurant directory with Sid so he can add.

      4. Ram

        I see amexguy all out alone so my thoughts… I hold plat charge close to a year now, initially I was very disappointed with the card and was also discouraging people from applying for it for the initial 3-4 months… I didn’t spend a rupee on plat charge for those months and was using my other cards….Fast forward to current day… I figured out how to use the card and in less than 6 months have got more than a lakh rupees in return for the 50k I paid to amex… If you take at least 2 international trips in a YEAR then don’t think twice… You will need to do your homework but once you figure out the way around, this card is exceptional…. I hold amex plat charge, plat travel and MRCC (all paid) and am gonna continue to hold them for years to come … Add prestige to this arsenal and you have hit the jackpot as me….. I won’t get in to the details but the rule is simple for both the cards as stated above

        1. Vaibhav

          Hi Ram, I have been sitting on the fence for this card for sometime and unable to decide. Would it be possible for you to shed some light on “I figured out how to use the card and in less than 6 months…..”??


          1. Ram

            Get on to flyertalk and do a bit of research, you will figure your way around… In a year I’m sitting on 1 lakh MRP and its easily worth min 1 lakh INR to me… Few redemption examples… A night in St. Regis costs $1700 during september and the same is bookable using 60k Marriott points. A F seat on 9W from BOM-LHR can be booked for 160000 MRP(not through JP) , the revenue cost is ~2.5 Lakhs… There you go, 2 redemptions which give you easily rs 1.5-2 per point… I would suggest that you compliment this card with platinum travel and MRCC… Please don’t get amex waive charges by burning MRP, that’s a sin (I figured it out late myself)..

          2. Ram

            Sorry, if your question was about how I earned those MRPs, I maximised the 15x offer on hotel bookings, guess I got 60k points just with that.. Then my forex expenses for most of the rest… You might counter that prestige is better for forex, I do agree and hence my advice to keep both the cards if you can… Prestige is the most powerful airline card i know of (ignoring the bonuses that you might receive in other countries)

    5. jude

      Amex travel has an offer on international/domestic hotel bookings which returns 15x points per Rs 40 spent – in other words – a cool 37.5% return (if u value 1 amex point as rs 1)

      1. Neo

        But wouldn’t you miss out on the loyalty points like Bonvoy/Honors etc if booked via the Amex website ?

  4. Jay

    Sid, do they send upgrade offer even for people who don’t have the required ITR of 15l and just a long time Gold Charge Card user?

  5. Vineet

    Sid will loading AMAZON PAY with Amex MRCC accrue membership points. If not which credit cards accrue points for wallet loading. I presently use Amex MRCC, CITIBANK Premier miles, HDFC Regalia, Sbi Elite, Yes Bank Prosperity Edge. Thanking you

    1. Jay

      You wont get basic MR points but it will be considered as an eligible transaction for monthly bonus MR points (1,000) upon 4 such transactions.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        Loading amazon pay will giver MR points. In fact all wallet loada give points for amex

  6. Ani

    Hi Sid, I think the minimum salary is 25 lac for this. As on feb my total revenue as per salary slip is 24.17. Do they accept it? I feel they won’t accept incentives and other variables. How do I know it? Will they provide exceptions if taxable income reached around 22 lac ? I want to talk to you about it . I’m already holding Jet airways AMEX and platinum travel card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It’s a hit or miss. 25L for salaried is bit strict as far as I know. But “sometimes” application might go through if they see good usage of old cards, or if the guy who verifies this is busy with other stuffs.

      1. Amex Guy

        Unlikely, Sid. They have a monthly figure of 209,000 they are looking for. Hard to not correctly verify that on pays lips. I won’t take a CIBIL hit unless sales looks at pay slips and says it will work.

  7. Shaunak Guharay

    Hi Siddharth,
    I currently hold Plat Reserve and MRCC, and my father was considering getting a Plat Charge for business cum pleasure usage.

    Do you know what benefits apply to supplementary Plat Charge holders. Do they get their own hotel/flight/dining statuses or is it applicable only for the primary holder.

    In HDFC Regalia/Infinia, supplementary card holders cannot view their own statements and cannot receive OTPs and status SMSes. Everything goes to the phone number/account of the primary holder. Can you elaborate how it appears/works for AMEX.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Add-on cards on plat charge is as good as the primary card, in most aspects including hotel/flight/dining statuses. Detailed review coming soon.

      1. Shaunak Guharay

        That sounds great. With addon cards for myself and my mother, we can reap even greater benefits from the Plat Charge then.

      2. rahul bansal

        waiting for detailed card review for this card, since ages. still eagerly waiting for it.
        Sid please upload it ASAP. Will be grateful to you.



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