Get 5X Points on International POS spends with HDFC Credit Cards

By | February 7, 2019

One of the most popular promotion in Indian credit Card industry is 10X rewards by HDFC bank. 10X Program on HDFC Diners cards also had 10X points on International spends which recently got ended with January 2018 Update.

So this has now re-started again but only with 5X points, similar to the 5X offer – April 2018. And the good news is that its applicable on most cards like HDFC Regalia and not just limited to Diners Cards. Here’s everything you need to know,

Offer Details

  • The Offer: 5X Reward points on all International In-store (POS) spends. Not applicable on Online Spends.
  • Promo Period: 1-28 February 2019
  • Excluded Cards: Jet variants, Bharat variants and credit cards without reward point features.
  • Fulfilment: Within 90 days (31st May 2019)
  • Max cap: 10,000 Reward points
  • Source

While 5X is not as great as 10X offer as in the past, it’s still good to see the offer to be back. As this is only for limited period, who knows, we may get the 10X offer back anytime, “maybe” for the next holiday season.

This coupled with HDFC Global value program gives great returns on International spends on HDFC Credit Cards.

Potential Savings with 5X Points:

Note: This 5X offer is applicable for ALL and is not a targeted offer.


Accelerated points on HDFC Cards are awesome and i made good use of 10x Points on Diners Card during my 2018 year end trip to Vietnam. I bought so many chocolates and even gifted some πŸ™‚

While 5X points are amazing, you may also need to check out the 10X offer on forex reload as it may workout better for some.

What’s your take on this HDFC 5X offer on international POS spends? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “Get 5X Points on International POS spends with HDFC Credit Cards

  1. Ankit Arora

    “5X Reward points on all International In-store spends.”
    It looks like it is not applicable for online international transactions.

  2. Dinners Black Customer

    Can we use the card thhrough paypal and earn reward ?

  3. Shailesh

    So you have used Diners Card in Vietnam..Was it widely accepted in Vietnam?

  4. Maj Shetty Gaurav

    Siddharth,please tell me how will I get an update on all your articles via email…I couldn’t find any link where I can subscribe… Sorry for asking this out here

    1. Sharad

      Like on FB…and as soon as you get an update….log on to web and read article on site πŸ™‚

    2. Ram

      A lot of us would love to have updates on each comment 😊 the information shared on this blog via comments is marvelous. Im sure there are some developers frequenting this blog, they could advise Sid if it can be achieved

  5. rajat gauba

    Recently I applied for DCB verification guy came to my house as well as to my office all went well however sms and email came that my application is rejected. I called Chennai office they are saying its in process… Please help??

  6. Rahul Singh

    For diners black, you mentioned 16.5%. but it’s already covered under 10X. Can u clarify?

  7. Tarun

    How is Diners acceptance in the USA? I will be travelling soon and would like to know

  8. Kartik Sharma

    I would like to know how is the Diners Acceptance in central/eastern europe, because very soon i will be travelling to Slovakia,Poland,Hungray and Czech Republic, and would like to know will it be worth activating the global value program.

    1. Ashu

      I recently visited Paris. DCB card was not accepted in one of supermarket and CDG airport duty free shop as well πŸ™

  9. Shantanu Ghosh

    Can we use the reward points on DCB for statement credit? If so, how can we redeem this?

    1. Biplav


      Do you mean like literal Cashback (reduction in outstanding amount in a cycle)? If so, then not possible. You can only redeem those points to buy something/ or travel

  10. Ajai

    Was it really extended ?

    I got no messages of bonus points on spending via Regalia in Russia POS.

    My Indusind exclusive debit card got blocked after a few transactions totalling about 2lac again in Russia.

    Dinners is a lost cause there, my friends DCB could only be used in a few duty free shops in LED and everywhere else it was declined in Russia. Interestingly his amex platinum was accepted most of the places but my Regalia/Indusind Exclusive combo was at a 100% acceptance rate.

  11. Niranjan

    Hey guys…..Any update about extension on International transaction either POS or online as well !!

    Was it extended post 31st March. I can’t find anywhere πŸ™

  12. Jayant

    If I enable Global Value program on Regalia, then on making any online transaction in some other currency, will I be getting 1% of the value back?

    I will be charged 2% as Markup and GST on the markup value. Then I will receive 1% back.

    Net excess charge will be 1% of total value and GST charges?

    Also, Global Value program is automatically renewed and charged to the card or we need to again activate it after a year?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Chintan

    Anyone had any update on offer related to international spend with HDFC bank cc.

    1. Maj Shetty

      Chintan , I mailed hdfc…they asking me where is the offer mail or message…very disappointing…spent in Europe using this card

      The source given in this article is also expired.only if Siddharth is able to give the offer code

  14. garima

    has anyone recieved points?
    i have not and now hdfc customer care is saying where is the offer mail or message.


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