HDFC Bank Launches Diners ClubMiles Credit Card

By | January 19, 2020

Below content maybe outdated. Checkout the latest review of this credit card here: HDFC Diners Club Miles Credit Card Review

HDFC Bank has recently added a new credit card to its portfolio under Diners Club network called “ClubMiles”. Design front, the card looks identical to the HDFC Diners Premium Card with the only difference being the card numbers printed are gold in colour. Having a look at the features and benefits, its a nice card that comes with 2.6% reward rate when redeemed for Airmiles/hotel points. Lets have a look into it in detail.

  • Joining Fee/ Annual Fee: Rs.1,000+GST (you can get it for free/LTF)
  • Eligibility: Salary Rs.50k/m (or) Rs.6L ITR (lesser than diners premium)

HDFC Diners ClubMiles Credit Card

HDFC Diners ClubMiles Reward Rate:

  • Earning: 4 Points on Rs.150 spend (same as Premium)
  • Redemption on HDFC Diners Voucher: 1Point = Rs.0.50 (1.3% reward Rate)
  • Redemption on Airmiles: 1Point = 1 Airmile/Hotel Point (2.6% reward Rate)

So the only major difference i see between Diners Premium and Diners Clubmiles is airmiles redemption that gives 2x value on Clubmiles than premium. So HDFC created a new card just for 1 differential benefit, Seriously?! They could have gone with this easily by placing one line in their redemption page of diners premium for Airmiles.

Anyways, it might be different scenario for the Bank as its easy to trick customers with the “miles” name on card. It always works for banks that way, as i’ve seen my friends holding HDFC Allmiles thinking its a premium travel card! Great strategy for banks to target travellers.

Note: All 10X points and other offers are valid on Diners Clubmiles like any other Diners card. Its still a reward points card, so we may expect this card on most 2x/5x/10x promotions. The max cap on bonus points is same as Diners Premium for all.

Diners Reward Points Transfer partners:

All these transfer partners are also available with other diners cards which was added very recently to their transfer program. The intention to add Hotel loyalty program is good, but Trident?! I explored Trident loyalty program benefits and its not so exciting. Just with 10 hotels in the country, its very tough to make functional use of this benefit.

It looks like Trident is working hard to promote their loyalty program recently as they also got in tie up with SBI cards like elite and prime as well. But Hyatt, Starwood, IHG .. Where are you guys?!

So who needs Diners ClubMiles Credit Card?

  1. If you’re stuck with Diners Rewardz and unable to upgrade to premium due to eligibility criteria, now you may get ClubMiles which seems to be easier due to relatively low income criteria.
  2. If you’re stuck with Diners Premium and unable to upgrade to Diners black, you may now get Clubmiles as it gives 2X more value on Airmiles redemption.

Note: If you are the person who spend less on 10X partners and redeem your points for JPMiles, you can get better reward rate with HDFC Jet Airways co-branded cards instead of Clubmiles.


HDFC Diners Clubmiles stands between Diners Premium and Diners Black and is for sure a great credit card for travellers who can’t get hands on Diners Black. With 2.6% reward rate on transfer partners, it can certainly be put in the list of premium credit card for travellers.

And not to forget, Diners Club Credit cards acceptance is still a concern, especially in foreign countries. In domestic, the acceptance is far better even in non-metro cities.

I still wonder why HDFC is not working out on a whole new card for years. What’s your take on HDFC Diners ClubMiles credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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225 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Launches Diners ClubMiles Credit Card

  1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    I have Regalia first with 1.8 lakhs limit. Can I get Diners Club Miles ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Same category: Diners premium, Regalia, Clubmiles
      Regalia First is one step below.

      So you can apply for upgrade with LE and it has to go through.

      1. Vaibhav

        Does this card have free domestic lounge visit

        1. Vikash Singh

          Yes, they provide upto 6 complementary lounge access in a calendar year.

  2. Surajeet

    Hi Siddharth,
    I have a LTF Diners Premium. Is it worth giving up the premium and asking for the Club Miles? Was wondering what would I miss out on, if I give up the diners premium.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You don’t loose anything. But you might need to wait and watch for few weeks as to how this works. They may or may not have new rules/benefits added in coming days. we never know.

  3. Abhishek Roy

    The acceptability of Diners is extremely low even in UK. I am struggling to find a store that’ll accept Diners/Discover. Very very few. It may be better in bigger cities like London or so may be. Visa and MasterCard rule. Even Amex has better acceptability that Diners in UK. However one can use Diners online for hotel booking in any country in Europe. It’s very difficult to use Diners if you’re looking for PoS transactions. By the way, I got my 10X points for international transactions as soon as December started. Leave 90 days, they didn’t even wait for my billing cycle. And they have been bang on. Absolutely correct points credit as per the statement. I am really happy for the savings. 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, Diners acceptance is very poor internationally. Good to know about faster posting of 10x bonus on intl txns. Yet to check what’s happening on my A/c.

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Same here i got my points for international transaction at the start of December. its really useful as i am looking to make booking using reward points.

    3. Chaitanya Varma

      Another weird thing I found recently is the diners cards are NOT working in HDFC Machines itself …. It happened twice for me, no matter you dip or swipe the card, there is definitely something fishy about this card acceptance…. I think some merchants opted out to accept Diners due to high charges just like Amex, may be in that case even if the swiping machine is HDFC, internally acceptance might be controlled ….. Any idea? Have you faced similar situation?

      1. Siddharth Post author

        I’ve faced it twice and was said that Diners network was down at that time.

    4. Majumdar

      A Roy Dada,

      You are on tome something. My own statements with both DCB and Infinia seem to indicate that 10X with even smartbuy and 5X are getting credited in the next statement itself, not 90 days as the Bank promises.

      Lets not advertise this too much tho’.


      1. Abhishek Roy

        Yes. True bro. Actually we had confirmed in past through the comments that on any direct purchases from Smartbuy like Flights or hotel bookings, the 9X points will be credited directly next billing cycle itself. However for affiliate purchases like say Flipkart, you’ll have to wait 3 months. Cheers. By the way great to know that you have both DCB and Infinia. Pretty rare to come across. 🙂

  4. valliappan

    I think it still depends on how miles are going to be used, in case of jet, just for instance from Chennai to Paris if the cost is 25k then the miles required is 50k, the higher class you go better is the utilisation. This card maybe useful for those who fly in upper class.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, Airmiles game is for those who wants to redeem for biz/first class tickets.

  5. ashu

    Interestingly, in the Rewards Redemption catalogue (apart from Miles conversion) …… this Credit Card is categorized on Highest Side as”F”
    F – Infinia/ Diners Black/ Diners ClubMiles

    @Sid – I already have HDFC Regalia with 5.1L Credit Limit… I can apply for this new card too??
    HDFC allows two Cards ??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Still, am not a fan of catalog redemptions 🙂

      Dual card: Totally depends on your NRV.

  6. Prashant Gupta

    Hi, dont you think 2.6% airmile rewatd rate is misleading as in vistara for 4000 miles one gets a revenue ticket costing around rs.2000-3000. So the reward rate in terms of ruppee remains same ir slightly better. Or am i wrong?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s how i rate it considering where/how i use them. But yes, Vistara is totally different which i’m yet to explore. In most cases, you can get Rs.1 value or more and as always, when it comes to flights, we got to compare Biz class fares and not economy.

      1. Amex Guy

        You don’t need Biz tickets for Re. 1 valuation, unless we’re talking JPMiles or something. Since they have Avios now, you can very well get Re. 1 valuations on domestic flights, at least if you are travelling within Asia.

        JPMiles, coach tickets to HK — 32000 miles. Use Avios to book on Cathay coach — 12500 Avios. Yes, that’s how much devalued JP miles have gotten in a few years. Addition of Avios has brought back a lot of life in Diners program.

        The only problem with Avios is when you go westward, because Heathrow taxes are very expensive. But then, it is still 3 times as valuable program as any of the other partners. Especially the devalued JP.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          All my views are based on the JPMiles redemptions. Yet to explore Avios and its partner airlines.

          And “Cathay coach — 12500 Avios” seems to be great value!

  7. Majumdar

    Looks like an attempt to placate relatively higher end of Premium Card customers with the card having been significantly devalued. On the positive side, if the Indian Diners Cards could introduce Diners/Discover US’s international transfer partners (Hyatt and a few international airlines partners) it could become an even more awesome card.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Certainly! Hope they keep adding more partners.

    2. Amex Guy

      Discover US does not transfer to World of Hyatt points. I see no such option. I can buy a Hyatt gift card though. Diners in US at least have completely different reward and redemptions structure that has nothing to do with Discover cards. I checked the website and Hyatt is not a Diners US partner as well. Where are you seeing this? Also, except for Avios, most of Diners US miles transfer partners are local US airlines.

      Given the current 3X promotion, if Discover Us transferred to Hyatt, it would be a riot. As Hyatt points are great value on Cash + Points deals.

  8. ravi

    seems hdfc doe not allow non account holders to apply for cards . not sure whats the reason..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They do. Check with right person. Branch guys may want to get some incentives so they always push for accounts.

    2. Anoop E S

      try to apply through their website. I’ve opened HDFC SB account just one month back only. I was holding HDFC credit card for last 6 years without any account, that too Diners Black during the last 6 months

  9. Jay


    I’m having DCB with 8L limit, can i get DCB Jet Card by sharing the limit ?? It can be easily get me Jet Platinum Status… Will HDFC provide both like other banks do ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It depends much on your NRV with bank. Give it a try as the limit is good enough 🙂

      1. Jay

        Problem is neither branch guys or customer care guys are aware of dual variant cards. I don’t know whom to contact for this. Both says HDFC doesn’t allow more than one card per customer. Ah.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Talk to BM directly as you must be holding good NRV with bank.

        2. Hari

          I requested through my RM. He got the approval for dual cards from the credit card team.

        3. Anoop E S

          I’ve tried twice by sending a request letter to chennai address, but was not successful.

          Depends on the customer care guy you get over phone. I was guided twice to apply through branch. But I didn’t had any such relation with HDFC during that time.

          I’m told that dual card with limit sharing is normally given to JP Platinum members. I’ve just opened SB account one month back and now got upgraded to JP Platinum. Will try again within next two months for Jet HDFC world card (limit sharing with Diners Black)

  10. Anoopwa

    I’m not sure why HDFC isn’t switching to contactless enabled cards faster. I saw a Regalia card in the wild a month ago with the contactless symbol, and HDFC seems to have added the text to its page as well as one of the Jet card’s photos, but for no other cards. (No Regalia First or either of the Business Regalia variants).

    Could you maybe do a short article about HDFC NFC cards?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Maybe the transition to contactless is taking longer than expected. I found zero terminals with contactless enabled in past 2 months.

      1. Anoopwa

        You barely see them outside big cities, but in Bangalore I see contactless terminal in the wild at every other restaurant/bar/shop. You also see a lot of Axis Bank + Samsung Pay branded terminals that are contactless – I think HDFC is lagging behind compared to the other large banks.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          HDFC has all the data. They should catch up soon 🙂

  11. OP

    to add lounge access:
    Up to 6 Complimentary access to 25+ Domestic Lounges within India and 700+ Lounges Worldwide in a calendar year.

  12. Pranav

    Hi, I hold a Diners Premium currently, LTF. Any ideas on how to switch to this card?

  13. Amex Guy

    I’ve heard they are discontinuing Premium and Rewardz cards. If that’s the case, and as this card costs as much as Rewardz, I’m thinking they will probably upgrade all Premium/Reardz customers to this one?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I don’t think they would discontinue anytime soon as they changed the design just few months back.

      1. Ramprasad

        Amex Guy is right. They have removed Diners Premium & Rewards credit cards from their Product list

    2. Prashant Agrawal

      Yes, this seems to be happening but I don’t think they’ll upgrade existing cardholders (till much later, if at all); merely stop new issuance for Premium/Rewards.

      P.S. not many people know about this, boy do you know a lot 🙂

  14. Satish Agrawal

    Is it better to upgrade to this Diners Clubmiles card from Regalia First enroute to Diners Black or Regalia/ Diners Premium will be better.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Regalia/ Diners Premium/Clubmiles are all on same range considering its redemption rates on diners site. So anything should be fine.

  15. Sujit

    Hi Sid
    Checked multiple sites and notice you were the first to comment on this card variant. Nice detailed review and I do hope there are more in store for this promising card.

    Is it worthwhile to upgrade from HDFC Regalia LTF with 2.5 lac limit to this variant?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It depends. If you’re into Miles game, yes!

  16. Ramprasad

    Hi Sid,

    Just discovered another high end credit card, this time from ICICI called ICICI Diamant Credit Card. It is premium and requires 50LPA. Do review it.

    Like last time (when I shared YES Private CC), you could decide to not post this comment. Just wanted to share this info with you.

    As always, very happy to see you back on the site. Feels homely.


    1. Siddharth Post author


      This was reviewed a while back. Hit search button 🙂

        1. Ramprasad

          😂 Agree! I do have similar thoughts on some of the other supposedly high-end cards too ..

  17. Ram

    A generic note Sid, I feel we extensively discuss only about the RPs, Cashbacks and Miles in your blog whereas there is lot of rarely sailed waters that most of don’t use (E.g: Roadside assist from Indus, No cash advance fee on RBL Supercard, Golf lessons (on lot of cards), Concierge experiences (Amex/Citi/Diners etc.) and lot more) and all of us would love to share and know about. Wouldn’t creating a separate article about “Unique Experiences” be interesting.

  18. Narendra

    My hdfc moneyback card with 1.8lak limit was not upgraded till now.
    Whats the best level card in hdfc for upgrade. Pls suggest me
    Thank you

  19. Dr Shetty Gaurav

    Bye Siddhartha..yours was the first review I read on the diners club miles card… query is diners club premium annual fee is rs 2500 and club miles card is rs 1000..but still for airline partners club miles is giving 1 RP=1Re…and all other features are same of 10x on select is this possible..
    Which is better

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, It’s bit confusing. They maybe be pushing clubmiles with 1k fee so it might sell like hot cake 😀

      Instead of looking which is higher variant, just see which gives max value to you and take accordingly.

    2. Majestic Heights

      I think its just an introductory offer. They may soon raise the price to 2500 /- for Clubmiles card. The proof is here — Go to HDFC bank website – Select “Forms centre” at the bottom of the site – Select Credit Cards – Select pdf download “Application for Card Credit Limit Increase / Card Upgrade – Classic & Non-HNW Customers (Customer Version)”. Here they have mentioned as 2500/- for Clubmiles. There is also a method to have this card LTF.

  20. mayank

    HDFC is not discontinuing Rewardz and Premium cards. They are still listed under products (Hover mouse over the tab)

    I recently requested an upgrade from Rewards (LTF) to Premium. They agreed to give me an LTF card if I register for Smartpay for any of my utility bills.

  21. Utkarsh Mishra

    Hi Siddharth,
    I upgraded to Diner’s premium in August after using Rewardz for around 6 months.

    I saw that HDFC has removed Rewardz and Premium from the Product page (you only see them when you hover on Products, but not in the products page).
    Also launching Clubmiles seems like an attempt to sell more cards to a larger population by decreasing the price and eligibility.
    Does this mean that they might launch some more new cards in future as right now they have only 2?
    Will it be safe to change my Premium to Clubmiles now?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Someone recently reported that they were able to upgrade to Premium. So i’m unsure if its really gone.

      Yes, switching to Clubmiles is a good idea if you plan to redeem points for airmiles. Otherwise, its all same.

      1. Utkarsh Mishra

        I’m only worried about them launching a new better card in coming months.
        If I switch to Clubmiles now and suppose they launch a better card by February, will they allow me to switch again, after holding the Clubmiles just for 2 months?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          As you know 6 Months is required for switching!

  22. Joseph

    The official site has been updated I think.
    Eligibility – salary 40000pm/ITR 4.8 lacs pa
    Spend Rs. 1L in 12 Months and get Renewal Fee waived for next renewal year.
    They are really trying to push this card…

    Just a doubt, is regalia first cc to DCmiles really an upgrade (if you are not interested in airmiles) , I mean even Airport lounge access is only 6 per year. (Regalia first is 8 per year domestic +plus 3 international through pp)

    1. Amex Guy

      Yes, it still is. Reward rate is on par with Regalia when redeemed on HDFC portal. Also, 10X promotion on Diners.

      1. Jeethu

        Ya but 10X offers on Diners does not include Amazon, or other travel sites where one could really earn some points.
        I still have access to 10x through Smartbuy with my regalia first cc.
        Wondering whether I should take the effort to upgrade to DCmiles.

        1. Deepak

          Yes you should definitely upgrade to Diners as reward rate is Re0.5 vs Re0.3 on Regalia First and you also get 10x on other partners and international spends..

  23. Shrey

    Hi Sid,

    So for every Rs.150 spent on 10x partners, you get 40 airmiles? Assuming 1point = 1mile. Or the 10x points don’t apply to airmiles conversion?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Easiest way to look at this is:
      Usual reward rate: 1.3%
      10X rate: 13%
      Airmiles conversion rate: 26% (Eg. 26 JPMiles for every Rs.100 spend on 10X Partners)

      Yes, its pretty much close to Diners Black.

      1. sumit kumar begwani

        hi siddhart can you plz explain about 26% .I m Confused a=now as you told it is not good for economy booking stil the 26% looks atttarctive ??

  24. Ankit

    @Siddharth: I see diners premium removed from the site.
    What is the plan for existing customers? Auto upgrade to club miles?
    What if we upgrade to club miles? What is the rewards conversion rate?
    I cant find the same on the chart online

  25. Shrey

    For a BOM-DEL economy flight on Vistara you need 5000CV points which can be earned by spending around 20000 on 10x partners (40 points on 150 converted into 40 air Vistara CV points).

    Jet privilege has 10000jpmiles for the same sector.

    So for this card the redemption is better if done on Vistara than on jet airways right?

    1. Ashwin

      Jet’s JPMiles is a poor loyalty program IMO. People stick with it because it was the only proper one available. Now with Vistara expanding fast, JP has to pull its socks.

      Some good redemptions:
      1. Avios of BA for Cathay Pacific routes. I think we need 12500 avios to Hong Kong from India.
      2. Singapore’s Krisflyer miles. Takes 18500 miles for MAA-SIN. Krisflyer miles can be used for Star Alliance partners like Air India. Krisflyer miles can be almost valued at Re 1 per miles for Singapore or Silk redemptions.
      3. Vistara like you illustrated. Can even be redeeem for much lower miles for economy to premium economy.
      Heck, even Eitihad Guest has better redemption than Jet’s JPMiles particularly for business class redemptions.

    2. Ashwin

      Jet’s JPMiles is a poor loyalty program IMO. People stick with it because it was the only proper one available. Now with Vistara expanding fast, JP has to pull its socks.

      Some good redemptions:
      1. Avios of BA for Cathay Pacific routes. I think we need 12500 avios to Hong Kong from India.
      2. Singapore’s Krisflyer miles. Takes 18500 miles for MAA-SIN. Krisflyer miles can be used for Star Alliance partners like Air India. Krisflyer miles can be almost valued at Re 1 per miles for Singapore or Silk redemptions.
      3. Vistara like you illustrated. Can even be redeeem for much lower miles for economy to premium economy.
      Heck, even Eitihad Guest has better redemption than Jet’s JPMiles particularly for business class redemptions.

  26. Satish Agrawal

    Dear Sid

    Now HDFC Diners ClubMiles cc eligibility requirement page says 40k pm salary or 4.8 lacs pa.
    Also annual fee waiver on spends above 1 lac only. I think they have reduced the criteria by quite a bit. Please update the same.

  27. Joseph

    @ Siddharth:HDFC diners club miles or city bank travel miles card ?
    Which should I opt for

    1. Sreehari

      Premier Miles transfer ratio is 2:1 whereas it is 1:1 for Clubmiles, so that definitely scores for me. Also Diners has 10x in partner merchants whereas PM gives 10 RP per Rs. 100 when booked directly with any airline. Clubmiles has Vistara as a transfer partner in addition to Jet, AI and British Airways whereas PM doesn’t have Vistara but many other international airlines. Guess I’d go for Clubmiles- though Waller loading and EMI won’t earn any miles.

  28. Vaibhav

    Got this card for my wife. Will now have first hand experience on how it stacks up against diners premium in redemption

    1. Ssg

      Hi all
      Which one is better Regalia First or club miles dinner club ?

  29. Amandeep Sharma

    Hi. Is it worth upgrading from premium to club miles ? I’m using diners premium card for past 1 year (spent more than 5lacs) and I wanted to upgrade to black version. In my netbanking site I’m getting option to upgrade to club miles. So, my question is to get diners black card should I first upgrade to club miles and wait for around 6 months to get an upgrade to dcb.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      First try to send upgrade form to chennai for black and wait . If it is rejected then apply for club miles.

    2. Mouli

      To upgrade to DCB , you need to spend more and have good long term relationship with HDFC
      If you are preferred customer and your spending in card is high then chances are very high to get DCB else your take home salary should be around 1.75Laksh
      Yearly spend pf 5L won’t be sufficient to upgrade unless you meet above criteria

  30. Raulnayak

    The Requirements seem to be changing. Now its much lesser,

    Eligibility CriteriaYou are eligible for Diners ClubMiles based on the following
    Customer Profile Criteria
    Salaried Age : Min 21 yrs & Max 60 yrs.
    Income : Net Monthly Income > Rs 30,000 per month.
    Self Employed Age : Min 21 yrs & Max 65 yrs.
    Income : ITR > Rs 3.6 Lakhs per annum

    Fees and Charges
    First year and renewal Membership Fee – Rs. 1000/- + Applicable TaxesWelcome Benefit of 1000 Reward Points and Renewal Benefit of 1000 Reward Points (applicable only after the membership fee is realized and not applicable when the fee is waived off.)* Terms & Conditions ApplySpend Rs. 1L in 12 Months and get Renewal Fee waived for next renewal year

    1. Surya

      This is what worries me. I want to upgrade to this card, but the requirements are even lesser than regalia first (which I hold currently now) even though reward point benefits are better than the regalia first. Only drawback compared to regalia first is that regalia first offers complimentary international priority pass visits. Even when I called the credit card guy in my nearby HDFC branch, he said that diners club miles is a lower credit card than regalia first.
      I hope they are not planning to devalue it to the rewardz level.

      1. Raulnayak

        Based on the redemption chart, currently, it is at par as the Regalia which is higher than Regalia First. Diners Club is not as popular as the Visa / Mastercard and this may simply be a tactic to get as many people on board as possible since such easy access to a premium card and waivers can make people less hesitant to take the plunge and try it atleast for the year.

        I would say go for it, if it is devalued, you can always move back to Regalia. In Fact, getting the Clubmiles will being you at the level of Regalia and then you can switch to Regalia without any issues.

  31. Nanditha

    I received Diners ClubMiles Credit Card today. I am new to CC. After seeing benefits of this card, I came to know that it is useful only if we travel more. I want to know other normal benefits, points as we do not travel often. Is this card suitable for me? Is there any option to change the card?

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Nanditha how much credit limit you got with diners clubmiles ?

  32. rohit

    hello Siddharth

    I have a hdfc Diners Club Rewardz card with a credit limit of rs 90000/-. Hdfc has offered to upgrade my card to DINERS CLUB MILES CARD INTL with same credit limit and it is also a lifetime free offer. I wont be using this card for redeeming travel miles. I would be using it for rewards redemption from the catalogue. Two questions:-
    a) Should i upgrade?
    b) Does DINERS CLUB MILES CARD INTL have the same rewards redemption catalogue as does the hdfc Diners Club Rewardz card ?

    I want to know other normal benefits, points as we do not travel often. Is this card suitable for me?

    1. Vinod Kannan

      Hi Rohit, Diners Clubmiles card is definitely superior to diners Rewards card. But the value of rewards is very less when u redeem from the catalog. U can reap maximum benefit od HDFC cards knly if u redeem for travel vouchers.

      BTW I have one question for u. How did u receive the upgrade offer? For the past 1 year the Credit card Upgrade tab is not ebabled in Hdfc NetBanking… Did u receive the upgrade offer through mail or Call?

    2. Rahul Garg

      How did you got it from Diners Rewardz?
      Did you manually applied though ITR or via Netbanking?
      I am also holding Diners Rewardz since last 8 months and spent close to 2 lac till now, but in my netbanking section it doesn’t shows any LE or Upgrade option.

  33. Kiran

    When I applied online, I got a call from the customer care. They offered me Regalia and Diners club premium. However, I am interested only in ClubMiles because of better mile reward. I told them that I want ClubMiles and they said the card is no longer being issued and for my salary (30% tax bracket) I only get DC premium. The CC lady has no idea about their own cards when I asked about the Jet Airways Signature card. Baffled by this, I asked their customer care on Twitter regarding ClubMiles eligibility. They didn’t answer the question but just sent me the link to the credit card page. I replied back again telling them the whole story and they suggested to write an email. I feel like I better take the JetAirways AMEX card instead of circling around HDFC.

    1. Raulnayak

      I would say, drop by your nearest HDFC branch and talk to a RM or the BM.

    2. Sanket

      Hi Siddharth,

      For the past 3 years I’ve been stuck on a Diners Rewardz card with a ₹32500 limit. I want to upgrade to the Diners Black or atleast the clubmiles since the rewards rate is awful on my card. I called customer care & they asked me to write to their chennai correspondence address as I already own a diners card. They’re not willing to upgrade it over the phone. How do I get around this roadblock?


    At the website, they have mentioned eligibility as salary 30k per month or ITR of 3.6 lakhs.
    Why would anyone prefer diners premium over diners clubmiles, where the features are almost same but premium is costly by 1500 bucks annually.
    Please tell if a person is eligible for clubmiles if he has an gross salary of 55k(net45k in hand), having 4 credit card already ( with a maximum limit of 90k and maximum 3 year old).
    Also what is the best way to apply for it? By branch, manually or online?(ratio of card issuance)

    1. Raulnayak

      Your Salary is within their requirements. However, if one of those 4 credit cards is an HDFC, you will not be eligible since they do not allow 2 credit cards unless you are a preferred/imperia customer.

      Generally, the best way to apply for a credit card is through your RM or your branch.

  35. Akash

    How to redeem rewards points for dinners club miles card?

  36. Surya

    Stupid HDFC people rejected my upgrade request from Regalia First to Diners Club Miles. Reason : As per HDFC, regalia first is a higher level card, and I am not allowed to downgrade my card. What the hell. Now I am thinking of closing my HDFC card as it will take some time for me to be eligible for Diners black.

    1. Raulnayak

      Why dont you try talking to your RM. Generally they have the power to do this.

  37. Nitesh

    From my experience, it’s not wise to upgrade to Diners Club miles from Diners premium, if you are not going for points’ redemption for airmiles.

    But, it would be good to upgrade to Diners Club miles from Diners Rewards.

  38. Arnab Chaudhuri

    Got Diners CLubMiles as LTF from Diners Rewardz. But the embossing ink is in silver colour whereas the website shows gold embossings in the card number and all. Can any one else plz confirm whether their card number and name engravings was done with silver embossing or gold colour.

  39. jiten tibrewala

    Hdfc regalia first or diners club miles which credit card is better for complimentary lounge access?

  40. Anantha

    I do not have any HDFC cards but i have 2 cards from other banks, can i get this card LTF. Does HDFC waive off joining fees and annual fees?

  41. Sharathkumar Anbu

    Except Jet cards, Diners Black and Infinia all other cards are LTF in HDFC provided you have a Smart buy bill in the card or Add on card etc..

    Except Jet Diners Black card, every other card has spend based renewal fee waiver too.

  42. Anantha

    Dear Sharath, Thank you for replying, what is meant by Smart buy bill? please let me know.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Hi Anantha,

      It was a Typo. It’s Smartpay where you can pay bills like Electricity bill, Postpaid mobile bill, etc..

      If you have any active Smartpay bill connection, then the cards are LTF

  43. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Its any utility bill payment like Insurance premium etc. First you register it via smartpay on your cc and then the premium or any utility bill gets paid automatically on due date and charged to your cc.

    Or else take addon card in any of your family members name.

  44. Ashish Nikhare

    Received 10X points for February spends offer today. Massive in-pouring of points. Birthday 10X offer spends points are next !

  45. Jay

    When converting a diners premium to clubmiles, are existing points transferred to the new card, have about 100000 points on the premium. looking to convert them to avios through clubmiles,
    which conversion ratio would apply 1 = 0.5miles or 1:1? TIA

  46. Akash Dey

    Can i get the clubmiles credit without annual fee?? Like lifetime or no joining charges.

    1. Anks

      Its available as LTF if you attach a insurance policy, a telephone , electricity bill etc or take an addon card.

  47. Narinder Pal Singh

    Guys, Dinner works on amazon??? i recently taken Dinner’s club miles along with my Regalia First and tried on Amazon. but it is not working.

  48. Mahesh

    What is the expiry of Diners club miles points? Not mentioned in the site

  49. Arup

    hey Sid, how are you? back to your page after some long absence since Dussera… just today got to know about this new card, exciting… good to see Avios included as point transfer partners. One way from Australian cities to HKG/SIN is just 20k avios in Y, 60k avios in J. So 5k DC points in a months, and within a year, you’re off to a memorable biz class one way flight on Quantas or Cathay.
    For domestic flights another good addition is Vistara, it takes lesser points for a domestic Y ticket than AI or Jet. Provided, you are from that city where UK has it’s service.
    Keep minting points guys!

  50. Mahesh

    Upgraded to Diners club miles. Thank you all authors and viewers for all the info. Next is black. Currently holding
    1)Diners Club Miles,
    2)Citibank Premier Miles,
    3)Sbi Prime,
    4)Axis Neo.
    Looking forward 1)Diners black(Ugrade),
    2)Yes First Preferred,
    3)Amex MMRC or Gold,
    4)Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium.

  51. Durga prasad sharma

    After repay the amount which i spent from hdfc Dinner club mile credit card,Will l get again credit amount for the next month?

  52. SB

    Hi I recently applied for Diners black card instead HDFC gave me Club miles card.
    Should i use this card and hope for upgrade?

  53. Utkarsh Mishra


    Has anyone tried converting the reward points to air miles?
    I have submitted the request for converting Clubmiles reward points to Club Vistara Points, but it’s been a week and I still have not received the points.
    How long does this usually take?

  54. Vivek Agrawal

    People had told that they were able to access the lounge with diners premium even though it wasn’t officially allowed. Has any1 been able to do the same thing with this card?

  55. Sai Kiran Kothuri

    I have a HDFC Regalia first card with a limit of 2.91 L. I wanted to move to Diners clubmiles card as it has better reward point conversion rate (0.5 rs per point compared to 0.3 ). I also attached my payslips to show that I meet the eligibility criteria. When I filled the conversion form and sent the request to their Chennai office, it was rejected saying downgrade from regalia first to clubmiles is not allowed. I found this very confusing because I believe clubmiles to be above Regalia First. Any ideas on this?
    Should I try for Black? (I don’t meet the salary eligibility of 1.75 per month)

    1. Sudhir Hagawane

      I suggest upgrade to regalia or diners premium instead of trying diners black. And from their to diners black. That will be easy.

  56. dev007

    I have a money back card from over 3 years and it was simply replaced after expiry with no automatic upgrade.
    This money back card has Limit is around 1 lakh.
    What would be ideal upgrade for me, considering I have regalia first and diners club miles are the only options available.

    Usage: mostly online
    Expectation: to have better reward points than my existing one.
    Spends: around 1L p.a which would be sufficient to waive off the charges. (other spends are diverted to Amex gold credit card, sbi simply save, yes prosperity Edge, etc cards)

    1. Nabendu Mondal

      I recently got the diners club miles credit card alongwith amex . Acceptance of diners is better than amex though not like visa/ MasterCard atleast in metro cities . If it’s the only card you will use then I would suggest regalia first as preferred choice though rewards rates is lower than diners clubmiles . However if u have other cards, then based on points and 10x offers currently diners makes much more sense . Also diners clubmiles is considered as a down grade to regalia first inspite of better rewards rates so if u get a regalia first now then there’s no option to get a diners clubmiles later . Also 6 national / international lounge access with good network doesn’t make it any bad than priority pass in my opinion

  57. Nikhil Jain

    How do I get Diners CLubMiles upgraded from Diners Reward?
    I had applied for Diners Clubmiles 7 months ago but got Diners Rewardz instead. When I contacted branch, they said that hold this card for 6 months and you will get upgraded.
    Now, I am holding Diners Rewardz from last 7 months and spent close to 1.5 lakhs on this card and wish to upgrade.
    Netbanking doesn’t shows LE or upgrade offer.
    What shall I do now? Shall I wait to get automatic upgrade offer or shall I request it manually?
    If manually, then through which medium (by directly sending documents to Chennai office or through branch?)

    Please help me as I have to make some big ticket purchase online and do no not want to miss out on 13% reward rate offered on this card.

    1. Nikhil Jain

      Any suggestion from Clubmiles card holders?
      @Sid what do you recommend?

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Nikhil I got my wife’s business moneyback credit card upgraded to Diners ClubMiles by submitting upgrade form to my branch along with 2 years ITR. I am really happy as as I will get 13% value back and acceptance has also increased by leaps and bounds. It got accepted in ( small stores ) POS of HDFC, SBI and UNION Bank.

        1. Nikhil Jain

          Oh, That’s really nice.
          How much ITR did you file for last two years?

          1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

            Nikhil she did not paid any income tax and income was around Rs. 3 lakhs for current year and same Rs. 3 lakhs last year. My wife’s ac. was showing automatic card upgrade offer to Regalia First. Instead of Regalia First I tried for Clubmiles and it turned out to be extremely difficult to get Diners ClubMiles for us. We submitted documents to our branch but nothing happened even after 1 month. Than I raised an email complain asking what happened to my request. After few days the branch guy and BM gave me a phone call and asked me again for documents ( I can see the tremendous pressure on them ) and after that within three days my card got upgraded.

          2. Nikhil Jain

            Oh. So finally you got upgraded, Captain.
            I have also submitted my income docs to the branch. Hoping to get a upgrade soon.
            Btw, I still have a concern, the 10x program. if its not extended, the card would be of no use except intl lounge access.

          3. pawan

            Even I got upgrade offer from allmiles to clubmiles as my allmiles was about to expire.
            Sent email to card support and they lied(i think so) that your new card is generated.
            Escalated email to next level of support , i think grievance level.
            Voila! new club miles was generated in less than 3days with proper response that ur card is being sent.

            Fast fwd 10months and 5 lacs spent. I sent another email to card support asking for upgrade to black as i spent the amount required by HDFC to make black card free.
            Got response to sent docs to chennai. Can’t escalate as response I got was proper.

            Not having required ITR was thinking to send sole upgrade form with reasons to chennai. Was in two mind. didn’t send.
            Two weeks later black card upgrade offer in netbanking.

            You know best part of clubmiles? 1:1 transfer to Black card. Means all the 10x rewards i earned using clubmiles are 26.66% return back in flight value not 13.33% once you upgrade to black.

            Also clubmiles card got 6 international/doemstic lounge visit valid on most airports.
            I value clubmiles even above regalia as HDFC is very lazy in sending priority pass along the card. I never received one with allmiles and they ended PP altogether in allmiles later.

        2. Praveen Katiyar

          @ Captain
          Can u confirm if u are getting RPs on wallet load on Club Miles.

    2. Chintan

      Just send documents to Chennai you may receive the upgrade in 10 days

  58. Akshat Jain

    What will happen to the 10x rewards program post Dec 31,2018? Looking to get this card but if 10x goes off in Dec then all diners cards will become quite devalued isnt it?

    1. Rakesh Cheruvu

      Dont worry.. 10x merchant and smartbuy offers would be extended for sure.. happenning from last few yrs 🙂

    2. Mouli


      Mostly it will be extended, as its happening so for last few years
      Few 10x merchants got changed and few T & C changed but the 10x program got extended for last few years

    3. Nabendu Mondal

      Well I guess devaluation happened sometime back in 2017 and then there were hardly any users of the diners credit cards . If diners need to expand their business in India surely they would keep the offers coming . Anyways if you feel anyday that the rewards are diminishing you can raise a request for transferring to regalia first as it’s an upgrade . I am earning 5k points in the very first month due to a 20k + purchase on Flipkart . Converting to Vistara airmiles will give me a DELHI MUMBAI economy class flight ticket worth atleast 2.5k to 3k even if booked in advance . And for last minute travellers the conversion will work even better. To put the points into comparison , I have been using ICICI Jet Amex Coral Variant for the past 6 months and with their normal points program( no accelerated 10x type scheme ) have still not been able to get a Mumbai Delhi Flight ticket . Have approx 6k points now . ( Jet requires 8k miles for Mumbai & Delhi ). The point is this card right now on 10x websites is giving u atleast a 10% additional cashback rate over and above your normal discounts so you may go for it blindly unless this is the only card you own . Another rewarding card is amex mrcc though I guess your earning will be restricted to around 8k Amazon GV on 18k points or 10k statement credit for 24k points a year whereas with diners clubmiles 10x your getting 2.5k flight ticket a month converting to around 30k a year . However , Amazon GV or statement credit perceived value can be higher in comparison as the conversion of diners clubmiles into air miles reduces it’s usage options to flight ticket purchases . So the real value of the points can differ between different individuals

      1. Akshat Jain

        How did you get rewards for flipkart purchase? was it through Smartbuy? Can you explain how smartbuy works since you have used personally…TIA

  59. Rahul Walia

    Hello Sid,

    I have Clubmiles with 132000 credit limit and monthly usage ranging from 50000 to 95000, with foreign swipes as well!!

    It got it upgraded from moneyback to clubmiles 3 months back by sending documents to Chennai branch, and I have been paying in full well before the due date, still, I never get limit enhancement offers or jumbo loan offers. And the same was the story with moneyback card as well!!

    is there anything I can do to get limit enhancement offers or card upgrade offers??

  60. Chandan Malik

    Please write a article about Airmile redemption in jet airways & Vistara… It’s very confusing…

    1. Mayank

      Yes Please write an article for the same. Its really too much confusion.

    2. Vishal

      Request the same @Sid or anyone else who have converted their points.

      I want to convert my clubmiles points to vistara but struggling since so many days.
      If not separate article, please brief the process here.


      1. S&S

        Log into HDFC Bank
        Go to Cards/Enquire/Redeem Reward Points
        Select the card you want to redeem reward points (ie, if you have multiple HDFC credit cards)
        Click Ok.
        A separate page opens (Ensure pop is disabled)
        Go to FF Registration, Choose your airline
        Add Frequent Flyer Number and Expiry Date (Check FF e card for expiry date or call airline to check FF expiry date)
        Then go to Airmiles Redemption
        The airlines you have already registered show in the drop down menu
        Enter the number of points you want converted (Look closely at conversion ratio, Conversion allowed only in multiples of 100, Rs.75 is charged per redemption)
        Click Process
        Say OK/Yes on confirmation screen…

        Conversion may take place anytime between 3 days to 10 days or more.
        Keep following up with bank CC and airline for miles credit…

        if I’m right, Infinia, DCB and Club Miles convert to Jet, Vistara, Kris Flyer, BA & Trident @ 1:1
        Regalia and few others convert only to Jet & Kris Flyer @ 1: .50

        For best value:
        Use miles for Business class or for economy during peak season.

        Hope this helps 🙂

        Corrections and Clarifications welcome.


        1. Vishal

          Thanks a lot man. Finally!!!!!
          I also had doubt about Vistara FF expiry, but as you suggested, I will call the airlines and ask about expiry.

  61. Priyank

    Hi Sid,

    I have recently got HDFC Club Miles card in Dec 2018. There was an offer going on for 2000 BMS voucher. I’m yet to receive the same.

    Now the question I have is, under HDFC netbanking I see an offer to get 2k worth of Amazon voucher on applying LTF Card. Where I can see Regalia First and Club Miles card.

    Can you please confirm if HDFC would report a seperate account in CIBIL/ Any other credit score institution or will it be a same account.

    Is it advisable to get another credit card so soon, having said that I have a pre approved offer and got a card last month.

    Please advise.

    1. GTMAX

      You might see another pre-approved credit card offer for few more days after getting the first card. But it would not be approved even though you apply as you have already received a HDFC credit card and that too very recently. It is may bevisible just because of delayed information sync between their various applications.

    2. Vishal

      Was this BookMyShow offer was also valid for Credit Card upgrade?
      I upgraded from Rewardz to ClubMiles during the offer period by manually sending upgrade request from branch.

      1. Priyank

        I don’t think so. Very specifically they had written that the offer will be applicable only and only if you use the link from the offer banner.

  62. Chintan

    Today i received an Add on card for a family member from HDFC Bank.
    Now I don’t know how this works. Card Number, Expiry Date and cvv are same in Primary card as well as Add On.
    So does that mean that PIN is also same in both the cards.
    Customer care said that i need to generate PIN from ATM though i am not taking that as everything is similar.
    Also i asked them about lounge access, they mentioned i will get total 6 lounge access which i can use in sharing between both the cards.

    1. Rohit

      Yes, I have one too. Everything is same except the PIN. OTPs and trx messages will only come in primary card phone no.

      1. Chintan

        Oh thanks, I really wanted to know about the pin. Is there any way to generate the pin online or over call.

        1. Joseph

          You should get the physical pin by mail from hdfc for the add on card. Can take upto a week.

  63. Ananthapadmanabha Kurup M

    I was wondering if someone could shine some light into the registration process of FF memberships numbers to the HDFC regards redemption page. I just got my HDFC Times Titanium card to a Diners Club Clubmiles card and went into the FF redemption page and tried registering my Club Vistara number, but it asks me for a date of expiry or something like that from a Club Vistara card, but I just have the CV account number. Actually it would be great if Sid could do a write-up on the way these redemption partners work.

    1. S&S

      Check your FF ecard on the Vistara website after log in…
      Atleast mine says valid till November 2019.


  64. Priyank

    Anyone who has converted points to Club Vistara, please advise – what have you used as the FF Expiry Date. I am unable to find the expiry date on the Club Vistara portal.

    I have got the Silver Tier membership from SBI Prime card. But nowhere I could see the expiry date.

    Can anyone please help me on this?

    1. Priyank

      After months of follow up from HDFC Bank on this, I got to know though a twitter reply:

      “We request you to input any future date (15 years Buffer) and do the registration.”

      1. Tuhin

        did you try future date as vistara FF expire date?
        my FF reg date is 24jan2019…
        can i enter 25jan2035 as FF expire date?

  65. Sai Teja

    One difference I’ve noticed in the terms and conditions between Diners Premium and Diners Club Miles is the Foreign Currency Conversion fee.
    Diners Premium = 2% .
    Diners Club Miles = 3% .

    1. Chintan

      It’s 2% only mentioned in the booklet that comes with card

      1. Sai Teja

        In the last page of the terms and conditions, it is mentioned.

  66. Vishal

    While transferring points to Club Vistara, is it a requirement that Name of the cardholder must match name of the ClubVistara account? If I want to transfer CV points to my dad’s ClubVistara account, is it possible?

  67. Shailesh

    Can someone please confirm Foreign Currency Makeup fee on Diners ClubMiles card. Is it 3% or 2% ? Also, do Ali express supports this card?

      1. Shailesh

        Thanks but I called them they said 2% is for Diner Club Black and 3% for Club Miles.
        I need confirmed info about Club Miles as I really want 2% card.

        Now I’m really confused. No site on internet has latest information on this and also nowhere in there official site.

        1. Chintan

          Yes, i cross checked in my last transaction it is 3%.
          I though i read 2% in the booklet that come with card.
          Sorry about the misguide.

  68. Ashish Nikhare

    Can anyone confirm, how much time it takes for Krisflyer miles to reflect into Krisflyer account after redeeming HDFC Clubmiles Reward points on their redemption portal. 1 RP = 1 Krisflyer mile.
    By the way, to inform you, Krisflyer is running an offer right now where you require just 50% krisflyer miles to redeem flight tickets during entire March 2019. Eg. Bengaluru to Singapore is 18500 + taxes. But, during offer, require just 9250 miles.

    1. Neo

      I transferred to JPMiles & the transfer took 2 days. No reason to believe KrisFlyer would be any different.

  69. Vaibhav Taranekar

    Currently using LTF Diner’s club premium card, i have have an option to upgrade my card to ClubMiles in netbanking, however i rarely travel and only storing my points. Current limit is 1.2lakh and preffered customer. Should i upgrade or not? will i get more options down the road ie 6-12 months or will i have to upgrade right now then only i will get more upgrade options in future? What is the procedure to get it LTF?

    1. Chintan

      Take the upgrade, for 1.2 lakh limit they aren’t going to offer Black. Take this upgrade and opt for all the credit limit Enhancement you receive in future.

  70. Ravi

    Hi, i got a general HDFC bank account, I am holding since a year and since some months keeping an average monthly balance of 1.5 Lakh. How can i upgrade to classic banking OR preferred banking?

  71. GTMAX

    Reach out to the nearest branch. If they find you eligible, fill the respective banking program form and get it done.

    1. Ravi

      Hi, i also want to know charges if i fail to maintain minimum 1 lakh rupees balance after the classic upgrade.

      1. GTMAX

        You will get to know the same at the branch

      2. Himanshu

        No charges. If you fail to maintain 1 lakh rupees. You a/c will be downgraded to general account.

  72. jas

    Hi Sid,

    Is this the best card to accumulate miles if we can spend on the 10X merchants?

    I am already holding amex platinum travel.

  73. Chintan

    Check out new credit card upgrade forms from HDFC, they have now stopped giving Life Time Free and Diners Rewards and Premium is removed from the list.

    1. Vishal

      Removal of Rewardz and Premium means now Clubmiles is their entry level DinersClub card.
      Does it signals a devaluation on Clubmiles in near future?

      No LTF means they are becoming less aggressive on their Credit Card portfolio. So, 10X Party getting over post 31st March?

      1. Karthik

        They might want to hold to LTF offer only for new customers maybe. Upgrade option with LTF would have reduced their profit margins since people who request for card upgrade are pretty savy in credit card game.

    2. Surya

      Link? I am still seeing the life time free option.

      1. GTMAX

        Google HDFC Form Centre. Under credit cards, click on the link for upgradation form updated on 19/02

      2. Chintan

        Can’t share link here, in Google search write “Hdfc forms”, select first link and checkout upgrade forms under credit card.


    Dear Sir,
    I got a pre approved limit enhancement of ₹ 5000/-
    ( from 3.95 to 4 L ) in my HDFC Clubmiles which I own for the last 6 months. Should I opt for it or I will be given enhancement with higher limit again. Hdfc phone banking personnel say that if we don’t accept this we won’t get automatic limit enhancement again .
    Narayana Prasad

  75. Nihar

    Hi did anyone try transferring miles from Card account to Club Vistara, how was the experience .
    I thing this mid range card can be handsome with 10X promo and subsequent transfer to CV . Guess it can topple the Co-branded Axis cards also .Do share an update how smoothly it goes .

    1. Ankur

      Transfer is smooth but it may take a week or two for transfer to happen.

  76. Rahul

    Hi ,
    I have diners club mile card and my wife has
    Add on card , can we both access the card together at international lounge in malaysia ?

    1. Prashant Gupta


      Add on card does not have lounge access whether domestic or international

      1. Gaurav

        As a matter of fact, my add-on card member has been using lounges across India. Although, both of you would not be able to access the lounge the same day.

  77. Rahul

    Hi ,
    I want to have ragalia first card and add on card for my parents ? Can they access complementary lounge access together ?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Add on can access internation lounge through priority pass but the limit is only 3 access per year. Check the HDFC website.

  78. Chintan

    Conversion rate from diners clubmiles to black is changed from 100% to 50%,
    The only reason i opted for clubmiles and not premium is conversion rate.

    1. Jambui

      @chintan who told you this? Dont ask cc they are hardly aware about it. Club miles still has advantage of 1:1 miles transfer.

  79. Prashant Gupta

    The conversion rates on upgade should not matter as Rupee value of points are always preserved while upgrading. I dont know why people look at conversion charts.

    1. Chintan

      Because before the conversion rate from clubmiles to black was 100%. So before if I were having 25000 clubmiles points worth Rs. 25000 and I upgrade to black the point would remain intacked as conversation is at 100% but point value get doubled i.e. after upgrade I will have 25000 points worth Rs. 25000.

      But now as the conversion ratio is 50%, if I upgrade now my 25000 reward point would become 12500 RP worth Rs. 12500.

      This was a unique benefit of clubmiles before which is now gone.

      1. Chintan

        Rectification if I were having 25000 clubmiles points worth Rs. 12500 after upgrade as the conversion ration is 100% the points remain intacted but the value of point get doubled. That means after upgrade I will have 25000 RP worth Rs. 25000

  80. Jay

    Just checked diners club rewards page post their new interface update. Not able to see Trident under partners available for conversion under clubmiles tab. I consider it a major devaluation since have used it for conversion to avail 3 nights across Trident Jaipur and Trident Agra respectively with savings of at least 28,285/- against 18,000 points hence reward rate of 1.57/- upwards.

  81. Narinder

    As now Payzapp accepts Diner Cards. Are we eligible for reward points for transactions on PayZapp using Diner Cards?

  82. akash

    which card should i go for Regalia first or Diners clubmiles?

    1. Raghu

      Reward rate is better in clubmiles compared to Regalia first (RR is same as Regalia) – but the tradeoff is that Diners might not have the same acceptance ratio as Visa/MC

  83. Chintan

    I received credit limit enhancement on my Clubmiles Card from Rs 120000 to 200000. I wish I receive next upgrade to Diners Black. 😋

  84. Sandeep

    Hi all, I recently applied for this Credit card and I had the phone verification done from the HDFC’s end. Post the processing the online status of the card got turned to Decline status without any further reason.

    I also checked my CIBIL enquiry and there is none to be seen from HDFC for this card.

    Is there anything I could do to know the reason behind for the declining the Card? As i see the eligibility criteria is lower compared to other cards. Thanks

  85. Nabendu Mondal

    HI All ,

    Received a CL Enhancement from 108000 to 372000 . This card was actively used since issue date Novemeber 2018 . One of the best cards I own apart from Iconia due to the benefits . Have accumulated more than 44000 points till date mostly through 10x partner offers . Surprised to see CL Enhancement in just like 9 months . One step closer to DCB. Waiting for the DCB Upgrade option .

  86. Sid S

    Hi all, I hold a diners premium card LTF, and getting an offer of upgrading to club miles card, which is having Rs 1000 as annual fee. Please suggest if it is worth upgrading to it?
    Also, will it help me in my journey to DCB?
    Thanks in advance.

  87. Nabendu Mondal

    Another Update

    Seeing Sids comment (in the hdfc 2x visa contactless card thread ) that the diners series are being issused with contactless nfc features i immediately placed a request for a card replacement. The customer care executive wasnt aware of the same however i proceeded with the card replacement request. Received it in 3 working days and the new card is identical to the previous one albeit with the contactless feature .


  88. Chintan

    I just got a ClubMiles AddOn card for my Mom and yes it is a contactless card

  89. Bhavya

    I tried to apply for the millennia credit card but the executive at the credit card department in my home branch said that a person can only hold one HDFC credit card at a point of time. Is there such a limit for number of HDFC credit cards per person ?

  90. A G

    I’ve Diners ClubMiles credit card. Is there a way I can make this card lifetime free card? The sales representative told me that if you register for Smart Pay within 3 months of issue of card and pay any utility bill for next 3 months, the card becomes free for lifetime. Does that mean if I pay my utility bill trough SmartPay only for 3 months and then discontinue the SmartPay, still my credit card will remain free for lifetime? Is it true? Or do I need to keep SmartPay active for lifetime for my card to become lifetime free.

  91. Pratap Nayak

    Hi all
    I had got Clubmiles last month find that the 10X points are getting credited within 3 to 4 days. Had booked flight tickets 2 times and the points got credited the 3rd day. Had sbi simplyclick for nearly 2 years the points would be credited with in 2 days, got upgraded to Prime in July but Prime is not giving 20X for SI, when I call them They are asking all detail but still not credited Sbi has gone from very good to worse. but Hdfc is improving I feel.

  92. Chintan

    I don’t know i am receiving credit limit enhancements like anything,
    January Diners Rewardz to Clubmiles 50000 – 90000 (Upon request)
    January end 90000 – 100000
    February 100000 – 120000
    August 120000 – 200000
    September 200000 – 260000
    October 260000 – 338000

    1. Pradeep

      Hi Chintan,

      Could you tell where are your spends happening?


      1. Chintan

        Mostly online on Amazon, flipkart and paid car down payment of 1.5 lakh last month. Spent more than 7 lakh since January. In the month of May when limit was less i had completely utilised my limit and then i had to charge card before bill generation in order to use it.

        Also i make around 7k everymonth on 10x category. SmartBuy + Diners Partners.

        No major international transactions so far. Just some minor purchases at AliExpress.

    2. MT

      Keep taking , improves your credit utilisation ratio if you keep your spending constant

    3. Pratap Nayak

      Hi Chintan
      Could you please let us know a few things like
      1 what is your balance in hdfc saving account
      2 How long were you holding Diners Rewardz card
      3 what is the annual income you showed to hdfc
      4 what was your spending from jan
      Thanks in advance

      1. Chintan

        I am holding Diners Rewardz since April of 2018,
        I guess all the enhancements are because of high usage, check my reply of 26th October for detailed overview,
        Balance in my saving account remain between 75000-125000 and it is a classic account.


    Hi Guys
    If I go to Amazon and pay my electricity bill will I get 10X points for it .Or any other way to get the maximum out of the card.Have Diners Clubmiles and Sbi Prime Thanks in advance.

    1. Arnab Chaudhuri

      On the rewards page im getting a conversation ratio of jpmiles using points @ 1=0.3 instead of 1:1. Can any1 plz confirm. I have clubmiles with 2 lakh limit…recently got my card re issued as i lost my wallet. Plz kindly can some one confirm and let me know. Also i can only see jetairways and krissflyer from the list.

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