SBI Card Launches “PRIME” Credit Card – Review

By | July 29, 2019

Update: Please check out the latest review of this card here: SBI Prime Credit Card Review (2019)

SBICard recently launched a new credit card and is positioned a bit below its premium credit card SBI Elite but infact has better features, the most important of which is Priority Pass benefit with 4 Free Visits (international only). It comes with a lot of lifestyle benefits, available on both MasterCard World & Visa Signature variants and is a contact-less card.

  • Joining/Renewal Fee: Rs.2,999+Tax (Renewal Fee Waived on 3 Lakh spend)
  • Welcome e-gift Voucher: Rs. 3,000

SBI Card Prime Features and Benefits – Review

Welcome Gift on SBI Card Prime

Welcome e-gift Voucher worth ₹ 3,000 from any of the following brands: Bata/Hush Puppies, Marks and Spencer, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop and Yatra.

  • Gift Voucher code will be sent to your registered mobile number within 15 days of request
  • For Bata/ Hush Puppies, Marks and Spencer, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, you can redeem your e-Gift Voucher by showing the code at the respective brand store
  • For Yatra, you can redeem the code online at the time of purchase

I would prefer “Pantaloons” voucher anytime or “Yatra” if there is any upcoming travel.

Reward Points

  • 20 RP per Rs.100 spent: Standing instructions of Utility Bills payments (5% Value)
  • 20 RP per Rs.100 spent: All spends on your birthday (5% Value)
  • 15 RP per Rs.100 spent: BigBasket, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Trends and Sahakari Bhandar stores (3.75% Value)
  • 10 RP per Rs.100 spent: Dining, Groceries, Departmental stores and Movies (2.5% Value)
  • All other spends: 2 RP per Rs.100 (0.50% Value)
  • 1 Reward Point Value – Rs.0.25 (can be adjusted as statement credit)

Lots of slabs, but the good one i see is first two with 5% value with no upper cap (as i believe). Also you get decent value on departmental store spends. This should simply replace your Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card as SBI Card Prime is now one of the best credit card for families with Groceries & Departmental store spend benefits.

The very important point to note is that you can adjust these reward points for statement credit as you do with Elite card, which is a great benefit.

Milestone Benefits

  • Spend Rs.50,000: Get Rs.1,000 Pizza Hut e-Voucher (every calendar quarter)
  • Spend Rs.5 Lakhs: Get Rs.7000 worth Yatra/Pantaloons Voucher.

Airport Lounge Access

  • International: 4 complimentary visits per year to International Priority Pass Lounges, outside India (max. 2 visits per quarter)
  • Domestic: 8 complimentary visits per year to Domestic VISA/Mastercard Lounges in India (max. 2 visits per quarter)
  • Both for Primary Cardholders only

All banks are now pushing Priority pass to be used only for Intl visits. This is because Bank might need to pay a higher amount from their pocket for your Priority Pass visits, wherein Mastercard/Visa maynot demand a higher amount for their lounge access as its a part of their core benefit.

By the way, do you know that SBI Elite card now has 6 free Priority pass visits from July 1st 2017? 🙂

Club Vistara Membership

  • Enjoy Complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership
  • Get 1 complimentary Lounge Access Voucher and 1 Upgrade Voucher
  • Earn 9 Club Vistara Points for every ₹ 100 spent on Vistara flights

Good move. Upgrade voucher gives a lot of value.

Other Features

  • Enjoy complimentary Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership & other benefits linked to it.
  • 4 complimentary rounds on Green Fees


How to get the best value out of SBI PRIME Credit Card?

As you can see, its a power packed credit card with a lot of features stuffed inside. From milestone benefit to lounge access, SBI Card prime has everything you need under single roof and that too with a renewal fee waiver of just 3L spend which is very much acceptable. So how can you maximize the value? Lets consider a spend of 5 Lakhs in a year:

  • Spend on categories with 5% value as mentioned above, You save -> Rs. 25,000 as Reward points
  • You get ->Rs.4,000 worth pizza Hut vouchers (provided quarterly spends are reached)
  • You get ->Rs.7,000 worth yartra/Pantaloons voucher (5L Spend)
  • Total Savings: Rs.36,000 on 5L spend which is ~7% Reward Rate

Ofcourse, you can’t always spend on 5% value categories, but yes, if not 7% you can get value as good as at-least 3~5% considering the milestone benefit and spends being spread out across other categories.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.5/5 (as of 2017)


The time has come to get rid of the monopoly in the market (HDFC) as SBI Card prime will serve as an easy replacement for the HDFC Regalia Credit Card in most aspects.

Also, considering HDFC’s poor customer care experience, SBI would serve the needs far way better. Just that HDFC partner offers are good for now, but its just a matter of time and i believe SBI will top the premium credit card market in coming Years.

Great move SBICards! Lets welcome SBI Card Prime with Warm Hands 🙂

P.S. If you have any problem with you existing SBI Card, just send an Sms as PROBLEM to 9212500888 and you’ll get a call back from them within 24 hours.

I’m sure that this will adversely affect the spends on HDFC Regalia, what do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

644 thoughts on “SBI Card Launches “PRIME” Credit Card – Review

  1. Shalabh Agarwal

    Looks absolutely brilliant move from SBI – I had been HDFC Premium Diner’s card holder for past 8-10 months, and what I am experiencing right now is due to the mandamus of payments bank based market sharing, more share for the digital transactions post demonetization, post mergers of plethora of mammoth banks, SBI is playing big in the market. I believe in 10-15 years down the line Credit cards are obsolete if not innovated, and in the time to come for them to exists, the demand has to be created, it is still quite prime to keep the elite cards in the wallet, just for the show off may be, but diversifying the segments like (SBI prime) will give others to think upon their strategy rather than devaluations. The inequality is rising & middle income groups are increasing and demand has to be met by the desires/needs. HDFC diner’s premium is all I am using for all my spends, & with recent caps to the rewards points, I primarily kept this card for the Lounge access. However, I am now going to apply for the SBI Prime/Elite card for sure. Which one do you recommend?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Prime is good to go if your spends are in accelerated reward slab with total spends around ~5L,
      (most HDFC regalia, YES Preferred and other premium card holders gonna love this)

      Or, if you spend north of 10L,
      then Elite is good, as it has higher PP visits and BMS offers.

      1. Shalabh Agarwal

        Well even my heart is beating for Prime – it does looks amazing. How long it took for you to get this card? And any salary prerequisites? Recently I have applied for the HSBC card (non -account holder) too, which is yet to arrive just because I needed an additional support credit card except Diners’ for the simple reason it is not used at some places/websites. However, I am still going to apply for this one. I am sitting pretty decent with my CIBIL score when I checked in March, i.e. 880+ something & I guess it should be approved if applied. I probably would end up spending 4-5 lakhs on the normal basis then 10L. Are they giving it in MC variant as well? Diner’s I will keep it for Domestic lounges – looking for some card in Travel section as well – hope something will come up soon.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Its a very fresh card, SBI don’t demand any high salary even for ELite card.
          So this should be easy to get for someone with even ~30k salary range.

          Yes, you can get Mastercard variant. Make sure to mention it while applying.

          1. Shalabh Agarwal

            Alright ! Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. Regular to the site to know about the fantasies in the credit card world. One of the best source for the info. 🙂 And regular updates are USPs to keep up with the ever changing world.

            However, on that note, How do you apply for the same? Any contact/toll free number? I am afraid if I try calling anyone to the customer care, they even won’t be knowing about it. Also, I am not very confident if this one is loaded on their website yet.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Thanks for the kind words.
            Pls visit branch. That’s best way to apply for SBI cards AFAIK.

          3. Siddharth Post author

            More acceptance for lounge access.

          4. Vikash Singh

            I have this card and when I visited Banglore Airport then used it’s priority pass now its bill of 27$ idded in my statement. What I did wrong? I think it’s complementary visits from Credit card and only annual fee is being bourn by SBI priority pass. Per visit charges of priority pass is being charged.

      2. AS

        BMS weekend blockbuster available on this card if you get visa signature one. Not as good as Elite one, but still not bad.

        1. Swaraj

          kindly elaborate how BMS offer can be availed in the PRIME card .
          Actually SBI is pushing me really hard to shift to their ELITE or PRIME card … The BMS offer attracted me for the ELITE one , but today i received a call for their PRIME variant which i think is good .

          1. Mahendra

            Hi Swaraj,
            In BMS credit card offers section, we can see visa blockbuster offer. It is 1+1 offer(Rs. 300/- max)with seats quota and we can get 200/- offer on food combo too.

          2. Mahendra

            BMS offer is not available for SBI Prime card. I recevied VISA variant. It is not available on this card.

          3. Rahul

            IF BMS OFFER IS NOT THERE, THEN this is nothing good. SBI Elite is far better in that case.

      3. Abhijeet

        Hi Sid,

        I have a query, on the SBI prime card page. It is mentioned that you “earn 2 Reward Points per Rs. 100 on all other retail spends”. Does that mean only office retail shops? or it covers online spends also?

        By the way, I really like your website. Reviews are fantastic.


      4. mustafa

        hello i applied for sbi simply save credit card and bank customer person call me and he said u r luck bcz bank selected for sbi prime credit card
        so i need to ask u my limit is not more and prime card is good or simply save??
        please answer me


        Good review. One point of caution. You need to remind customer care about your milestone voucher, or they won’t send it to you. Personal experience since Oct2017.
        Another plus point is that payments are shown instantly and not after 2days with various other cards

    2. ALI

      I have sbi prime credit card… don’t have any priority pass… with out priority pass can I access in lounges

  2. Ganesh

    Great news Sid! Many thanks for your endless efforts!


      1. Senthil Kumar

        sir what is the eligibility for SBI prime card sir?? I am business yearly turn over 25+ laks I am applying GST just now.4 years it file I have..

  3. Rahul

    HDFC’s lifetime free scheme will always help keep it ahead in terms of market share. For a person like me, i would rather have a credit card with no strings attached wrt spending limit than a Rs 3000 annual fees hanging like a sword if i dont spend atleast Rs 3 lacs. Just a food for thought.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True that. But if that’s the case, SBI will run that promo to all of its SBI customer base and get the numbers in no time 🙂
      They maybe testing few things. Lets see what’s coming!

      1. Shalabh Agarwal

        Well in that case, one should wait for the card to be offer life time free? to accumulate the numbers?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          No, it was just a thought. They may or maynot do.

  4. Shalabh Agarwal

    Siddharth, the international complimentary visits are they chargeable – brochure marks that 27$ would be charged every time being a visitor? Is it true?

    Also, how good is the Vistara membership with upgrade voucher? Thoughts?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      4 PP visits are free as mentioned on SBI website itself.
      “4 complimentary visits per year to International Priority Pass Lounges, outside India (max. 2 visits per quarter)”

      Vistara upgrade vouchers are part of Silver Tier and yes it should be easy to use with less complications as they’re a Premium carrier. I may review this in detail in coming months as i get practically exposed to 🙂

      1. Shalabh Agarwal

        Awesome ! Thanks and looking forward to it.

        1. Shalabh Agarwal

          Also, I tried opening the Prime card brochure & it says that $27 charged on the card? Not sure. If that is free upto four visits. Then it’s cool.

  5. Meet Sharma

    Can I get this card with no credit history, but with salary of 40k?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Well, you got to give a try!
      Hit or Miss! More chances to go through if you’ve some existing relationship with SBI.
      Anyways, this card is also available on FD basis which is highly suggested for your case.

      1. Meet Sharma

        I’ll get in touch soon with my friend who happens to be in SBI and have a look at it.

      2. AS

        Link please regarding the eligibility for card on basis of fd.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Just Visit branch. 1.25L on Fd should do i think.

        2. Shivi

          Called up SBI credit card personnel. They say minimum FD of 50k should do it.

  6. Rohan M

    And meanwhile HDFC did this
    EasyEMI and e-wallet loading transactions will not accrue Reward points.
    Reward points accrued will be reversed if a retail transaction is converted into SmartEMI.
    Reward points accrued for Insurance transactions will have a maximum cap of 2,000 per transaction.
    I got mail regarding this and I hold regalia first.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they updated Infinia page a while back.

  7. Ebin Johnson

    Check Elite. They are giving some additional offers. Priority pass is there too + club vistara silver membership + trident privilege membership

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they’ve added all these features to Elite too.

  8. Sunny

    Wow this is brilliant and shocking, never expected SBI to dish out such a card with great benefits

    It definitely trumps HDFC Regalia any day, now I’m really thinking of trying for this.

  9. David

    Ok so I got SBI Simply Click and I heard you can hold only one card from SBI at atime, so does it mean I should jump over to PRIME?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I recently did it as well, but i heard from phone banking guys that you can anytime change the card if you’re not satisfied with current one/Simplyclick. But approval from internal team is required.

    2. Siva

      I have a simply click too which I use a lot – around 40k+ per month average, but all my spends are online. I believe its actually a loss if I switch over to this as the rewards on online spends on simplyclick is best (3.25% for first 2 lakhs and 1.25% post that) and 10X rewards on some partner sites. Note that I use other cards (Amex etc.) for offline and fuel transactions.

      Any thoughts Sidharth?

    3. Saumyaranjan

      I have 2 sbi card one is Tata sbi and another one is simply click and I today I upgraded my simply click into Sbi Prime

  10. Prashant Gupta

    This card dont seem to be of use for some of us who use sodexo and other food card for grocery purchase. For dining regalia give 3.3% and diners black give 6.6%. But yes its a perfect replacement for sc manhattan and other grocery and departmental store focussed cards. Most of the cards have some or the other movie offer and Paytm also. For retail spend and online purchase this card seems to be useless even for travel bookings.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, it can no way compete with super premium cards like Diners Black.
      But it sure wins over Regalia (tough to get too) & Yes preferred.

      Infact if i see it right, SBI may come up with upper cap on each category sooner or later!

  11. Prashant Gupta

    The rating should be revised to 4 or 4.25.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I was about to give 5, but then reduced to 4.5 🙂
      Any reason why you think it only deserves 4?

  12. Alok


    What could be the deciding factors between this Prime and the Yes Preferred?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Prime – you can redeem points for cash credit while u can’t on preferred.

      1. Manav

        Yes Preferred is LTF, so didnt understand your “cash credit” point.
        With Yes Card, you can use it for travel / hotel / movie.. that might be a fair deal I suppose

  13. Majumdar

    Offtopic but breaking news. No RPs on ewallet loading on HDFC CCs wef July 1.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, its there for a while. Will put it in detail shortly.

  14. Pranav

    Would you recommend getting this card instead of Regalia? Also how does this compare to Diners Premium?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Regalia – Yes.
      Diners Premium – depends, as it has 10x and unlimited domestic lounge access.

  15. Anirban Roy Chowdhury

    Hi Sid,

    While visiting BB few weeks back , a salesguy persuaded me to get the sbi fbb credit card with a limit of Rs 3.8L. Its tied up with FBB and I hardly buy clothes from fbb. Is there a way I can change that card and get a SBI prime card? Please can you let me know the process. Its not even a month that I got the sbi fbb card. Thanks!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just raise a complaint with phone banking stating you’re not happy with FBB card and wish to change.

      1. Anirban Roy Chowdhury

        oh..thats it ….Thanks 🙂 …and hey …really appreciate the prompt response !

  16. Prashant Gupta

    Siddharth if u can see how many of us spend mainly on grocery and departmental store max rs. 3-5k but on other spends much more say rs.10k for which u only get 0.5% points. And most of those working in MNC and PSU now days get sodexo and meal cards. I also buy groceries and others using sodexo which give tax benefits which is more useful. I cant justify its usage for a person u does not spend on grocery, reliance stores. Its a perfect mid ranger card which will give tough competition to RBL, Axis and sc bank and most probably trump them becuase of cool lounge access feature.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The milestone benefit increases the reward rate on other spends. 🙂

      But yes, if you deal with lots of sodexo, it may help only a bit.

  17. Ebin Johnson

    I go with Sid for the rating. I get Sodexo, but is mainly used for lunch + some cafeteria spends. Some shops accepts it only for food related purchases. Also Like Elite you can exchange your points for statement credit which is really useful. As a new card, at least for an year they won’t devalue it. Hope this justifies the current rating.

    I am using SBI Elite and AMEX Gold for last 3 years. SBI’s customer care is equally as good as the other.

  18. Ashwin

    From the website only ELITE cards are eligible for statement credits. Can we have statement credits in case of PRIME also?

      1. Rachit Goel

        Is there any RP limit on statement credit? Like only on accruing 5000 points like Citibank?

  19. Gokul

    Does this card provide RP for Utility payments(Insurance, Bill payment etc)

  20. Praveen Perumalla

    Any idea about the date of launch?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This week i guess, you should be able to apply right away!

  21. Amandeep singh

    Hi sid,
    Great article as always. M elite card is due for renewal in August if I swap to this card will I get yatra voucher?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thank You!
      Yes, you get the welcome bonus as long as you pay the card joining fee.

  22. Shobhit Kohli

    Dear Cardholder, we have introduced a few more features on your SBI Platinum Card, which will be applicable w.e.f. 1 Jul ’17. In all future communications from the effective date, your card will be referred to as ‘SBI Card PRIME’. Please note that all the existing features would continue to be applicable till 15 Jul ’17. For more details on the new features, refer to the e-mail sent on your registered e-mail ID on 15th Jun ’17 or visit sbicard website.

  23. Shobhit Kohli

    All SBI platinum cards are being converted to SBI Card Prime 🙂

  24. Anil

    HDFC is reducing rewards day by day, no ewallet loading points, Regalis & Diners both are downgraded in comparison to their previous structure
    Amex raising spending threshold for offers & fee reversal getting touher
    Considering that this card is definitely good for 3-4 lacs spenders
    I used SBI Signature for a while till I could manage 5-6 lacs & then I got it downgraded to Simply Save which gives 2.5% on selected categories which is better than Indusind iconia 2%/1.5%, Yes Preferred 2%
    ICICI Rubyx still have better ratio 3.2%/1.6%

    PS : Sid thanks for such nice articles, even I am card freak & the way you put up info is commendable but my comments go under moderation each time & I do not even get notification if that goes live or some posts a reply
    Also post some article on comparison of diff reward options & catalogue
    thanks in advance

  25. sundeep thomas

    Hi sid,
    I just got my Simplyclick advantage credit card two months back against a 1lac FD. I want to apply for this PRIME card mainly for lounge access.what is the procedure for getting this card? also would like to know if i ll get the same RP for spendings on amazon?

  26. Mahendra

    I sid,

    I am regalia holder. I didn’t get any benifits from the card even I spend 15lacs last year. Mostly on retails and dinning( Travel is not my concern). As I saw this card details on your site, I immedialty applied today morning. As a surprise, bank called me collected documents too today itself.. They require only Aadhar, PAN and one photo(No ITR, no sal slips). I feel this card is definitely better than Regalia for milestone acheivements.

    Thanks for the article. Keep it up.

    1. Shivi

      If your yearly spends are 15 L + then better apply for HDFC Infinia!

      1. Himanshu


        My spending will cross 15 lakhs this year on Regalia. How can i get infinia or black? MY CL is 4.95 lakhs. Been a month have upgraded to regalia.

        Just spending high can get you infinia?

  27. Saravanan R

    This is very good card with lounge access. My Dad holds SBI Platinum Credit Card and he often gets calls from SBI to switch to Elite or Air India Signature Card but i will tell him not to go for it due to high annual fee and no waiver option.
    But this is very good card with lounge access benefits andwith 3lac spend annual fee waiver, it is a must have card. Need to upgrade to it immediately.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You should have got upgraded for free if you hold platinum before 🙂

  28. Shivi

    Foreign Currency Transaction Fee for All Cards Except SBI Elite is still 3.5%. HDFC Regalia still scores over SBI Prime in that department with 2% markup.

  29. Rahul

    I was planning to get a new CITI card, for spends approx. 1.5LPA. Would this be recommended for such a range. I would be ok to pay the joining fees since I am getting a Yatra voucher with it which I can use.

  30. Anoop E S

    I am told by the SBI Customer Care that SBI Prime will be available only after July 15

  31. Anil

    Thanks for deleting comments
    Your moderation is slow as well as pathetic

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not deleted. I approve when i get time. Usually takes about a week or so.

      1. Anonymous

        Oh…what a busy man…better wash your face first before replying to queries

  32. Prashant Gupta

    The min. One can earn considering only other spends is 2.7% and not 5%. Please correct above. Overall one can earn around 3%.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve updated the numbers. Yes, it differs as we can’t find exactly where ppl would spend.

  33. Vijay

    Does the Prime card accrue reward points for Fuel Transactions? Most credit cards do not give reward points for fuel transactions.

  34. Anilkumar

    Everything looks goods, but It seems annual charge of 3000 +Tax is bit high

    1. Shivi

      You can get SBI Gold card. It’s with Rs. 500/- annual fee 🙂

  35. Anwar

    Hey, I was forced by a sbi sales guy to apply for tata card and got it a week back with a ~1.5L limit. When can I ask for an upgrade for prime or a better card? Most of my expenses are on travel sites, and amazon. My other card is regalia first.

    Also, I can spent ~20L on jwelleries on coming months as a part of my sister’s wedding. Is there anyway to make use of card in that process?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Diners 10X promo should save you good amount.

  36. Mahendra

    Hi Sid,

    Thanks for the article. I applied for the card and it has been approved. I will get hands on soon. Meanwhile I would like to get VISA SIGNATURE variant of the card as I saw offers on this variant. I called customer care, they have no idea how to get specific variant.
    Is there anyway that I can get VISA variant?

    1. Mahendra

      And could you explain what is difference between prime and prime advantage cards?

        1. Shivi

          Thanks for the clarification AS! I was confused with their “Advantage” tag too! Btw, I asked the SBI card team. Prime is issued against FD of minimum 50,000/- only!

    2. Shivi

      There is no specific way. You just need to wait and keep asking SBI customer care if they have the VISA variant IF they issue you a MasterCard!

    3. Hari

      You have to ask them for Visa Signature variant during the verification call.

  37. Pradeep N

    I am using SBI Elite card since last so many years when it was Signature card. Recently PP benefit was announced on this card. I had earlier used the PP benefit when it was a Signature card and thereafter the PP card validity expired. SBI cards is reluctant to issue me another PP card after adding the PP benefits to the Elite Card. They say that I will have to renew it myself at my own cost to avail the PP benefits. Is SBI stand correct ? Can I get the card closed now and get my proportionate renewal fee back for the unused period ?

    1. Shivi

      Renewal fees are non-refundable as per the terms & conditions of the card. You can close your current SBI Elite Card and apply for a new Prime card or new Elite card but that would come with its’ own set of charges.

  38. Amit Kumar

    I Apply Sbi Prime card and now my application is approved and I got this Sbi Prime Card with in a week. Sidharth One Question for this SbI Prime card My all transaction online like ebay, amazon and utility bills paid mostly online I used this card if I spend online 100rs than how much reward points I earned on this card. Mostly All transaction I done online Only and I also one think is not clear in this card. “20 RP per Rs.100 spent: Standing instructions of Utility Bills payments (5% Value) ” What is Standing Instructions in this Card ? and what is 5% value. Please explain with easy way this line. Please gave me any example on this line than surely I understand what is the mean of this line.

  39. Anonymous

    I have the Simply Click credit card. It has been only a couple of months though. Can I upgrade to Prime?

    1. Shivi

      Guess what? Ask SBI card customer care! Ting Tong 🙂

  40. Nish

    Excellent review, you’ve convinced me to upgrade my Simplyclick card that came just a few days ago, hope sbi approve it.
    Check creditsmart for their review of sbi prime. They have literally copy pasted your article. Hope you’re flattered. Lol

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lol. CopyCats are always there.

    2. Siva

      Unless you spend evenly on offline and online, I believe SimplyClick is the best card for online and as of now I chose not to upgrade to Prime.

  41. Tushar Acharya

    I already have a Priority Pass Membership that I got with my HDFC Regalia First Card.
    Now, if I apply for the Prime card will I get a new Priority Pass Membership or do they add the benefit to the existing membership ? Can a single person hold two Priority Pass Cards/Membership ?

      1. Tushar Acharya

        So I can hold two Priority Pass cards on my name ?

  42. Harish

    I have got the prime card got degraded from elite, card looks super cool.

  43. Sahil

    I also got my card recently…looking forward to using the benefits…

  44. Saravanan R

    SBI Card is being very slow and pathetic.
    I asked for downgrade from SBI Platinum Card to IRCTC credit card for my dad card and request was not honoured, initially they made me wait more than 15 days and then i messaged again and they told me to visit sbi website and apply for new card.
    Then Prime Card was launched and on the same day placed request to switch from Platinum Card to Prime Card and it took more than 10 days for them to call them to brainwash into taking elite but declined and successfully placed request to change from Planitum to Prime and then again waiting.

  45. Anish

    Hey, Sid!
    Can you just review SC Emirates World Card? BTW a comparison with Prime too ??

  46. Mahendra

    Hi Sid,
    I applied this after reading review in your site. I spend 50k 15days back. Today, I called customer care for pizza Hut coupon which I didn’t received even after 15days. Shockingly, I was told that pizza hut coupon offer not applicable to all customers and it is applicable only to some prime cards. The offer based on some card codes. They told my card code is 751. I wrote mail to customer care. Waiting for reply. If the offer not applicable to my card, I will close the card.

    1. Shivi

      That is typical of all Credit card companies ~ never reveal the full terms & conditions related to the offer!

  47. Ebin

    Sid, looks like another guy is copying your reviews and adding minor changes. Not sure if I can mention the name here.

    Anyway, yours is d best work. Keep going….

  48. Hemabh

    Dear Sir, I have become SBI PLATINUM card holder since last 2 months..Now i find out SBI has launched SBI PRIME instead of PLATINUM..If so – Will my card be changed to SBI PRIME (and will i get a New card) – Also – Mine is VISA PLATINUM..While SBI PRIME is shown to be VISA SIGNATURE…So which type of card will i finally hold in the end….And which type of card is better ??

  49. Mouli

    Has anyone got 20 RP on Birthday spend ? Is there any max limit for this and how long will it take to get those 20 RP to be credited ?

  50. Mouli

    Important Update on 20 RP / 100 on birthday: Its not only on Birthday but for three days

    – Cardholder shall earn total of 20 Reward Points for every `100 spent on Birthday for three days (applicable on your birthday, a day before & after)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing the info. Its quite important indeed!

    2. Arjun

      Ah So we can buy a car @ 5% on our birthday , by getting the statement date fixed on our birthday and spending on all the three days .Ah nice way to buy a car on discount I guess.

    3. GTMAX

      Hi Mouli,

      This is an amazing thing to know. I could not find it anywhere on the website. Is customer service team the source for this information or were you also able to find it in written form anywhere?

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Google “Vistara Boarding Pass Exclusives”

      2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        I can confirm its 100% true. I got 10X RP for 3 days of birthday.

  51. Amandeep

    I called customer service to switch to this card. As per them platinum is prime card now With all the benefits changed. They will send me platinum card which is prime card. Have you received the card does it say “Prime” on the card or platinum.

  52. Ankit

    HDFC Regalia is changing pay per point to 0.5 instead of 0.6. Any way to freeze benefits?

  53. Siddharth Post author

    MRCC has fees and low acceptance. Yes, SBI PRIME is the PERFECT replacement for Regalia now.

  54. Pranjal

    Went through quite a few of your articles (if I may call them that). Quite impressive. I just go the Prime Card, but then, online spends on this don’t seem to fetch very good returns. Wotsay you?
    Also, am a bit confused about Priority Pass. Can I just flash my credit card and gain access? Or should I use my Credit Card to get a Priority Pass membership. Also, does access mean free food and beverages too? Or is that chargeable?

    1. Siva

      Agree. I also have a lot of online spends and chose not to “upgrade” to Prime from my SimplyClick card which gives roughly 3.5% return for the first 2 lakhs and 1.25% post that.

  55. Mouli

    I used both HDFC Diners black (10X reward points on Birthday Spends) and SBI Prime (20 RP on Birthday Spends). I got 20 RP in SBI Prime within 2 days , that’s too fast. In HDFC I need to wait for 90 days then also they won’t credit the points, I have to call CC and send mail then they will credit. Awesome service from SBI. I got mail from HDFC RM, I called him for a clarification he was not even aware of 10x on Birthdays but when I called SBI CC they answered all the queries. High time to move to SBI Prime if you are holding any HDFC Cards other than Infinia and Diners Black

    1. Priyank

      That’s true. Once the transaction is transferred from ‘In Process’ to ‘Settled’ (usually 2 -3 working days) the respective reward points are credited to account.

    1. Saravanan R

      There is no LTF in SBI nowadays, they stopped.
      My dad is having platinum card as LTF and SBI offered several time for me to upgrade into Signature/Elite Card and turned down the offer saying i need it only as LTF.

  56. Jagan

    Hi Sid,
    I own 2 cards citi and dinners.. SBI rejected prime application, donno why? any reason

    Thank you for your interest in SBI Card. We have received and evaluated your application for the SBI
    Card basis your bureau report for processing of your application pursuant to the consent given by you
    in this regard.
    We regret to inform you that basis our internal policy, we are unable to issue a credit card to you at
    this time.

    1. Shivi

      They rejected my card against card criteria as well ~ no reason given @ CIBIL score of 850 & 5-year-old card with 7L limit. Sometimes I feel this CIBIL is just another way for the banks to bully law abiding citizens. Definitely doesn’t come in the way of people like Mallaya ~ Maal-liya-aur-bhaag-liya!

      1. Himanshu

        Hey Shivi,

        How did you reach to 850? Any secured loans taken?

        I have 4 cards on cibil and my score is 784 with no defaults.

  57. Vineet

    Do we have option to pay Rent (via RentPay) using this card? And does that comes under Utility bill payments?


    1. Sreehari

      Vineet, I checked with Red Giraffe and SBI both. Yes on both counts, so enjoy that 20 RP/Rs.100 on your rent 🙂

      1. ka

        4% return is too good to be true! what is transaction charges rate for rentpay on sbi cards!? is it 0.39%?

        1. Priyank

          I think 20 RP will account to 5%.

          Also, if they charge GST on the transaction charges @18% that will bring it to a final rate of 0.46%

          Effectively, one can earn about RP @4.54% (which could be accumulated and redeemed in form of cash) 😀

          Correct me if I am wrong 🙂

          1. Priyank

            Can anyone please confirm if SBI will be charging 1.75% + GST on top of the 0.39% charged by Red Giraffe. I couldn’t get any information on Terms and conditions

            Need to pay rent for October, any updates will highly appreciated 🙂


          2. Priyank

            Can someone please confirm if SBI is going to charge additional 1.75% for registering Red Giraffe as Auto Pay?

            I have read some discussion going on in other article.

            Appreciate if someone can clarify this!

          3. Priyank

            After paying the rent through Red Giraffe, I got my RP credited to my card today.

            SBI CC clearly said that they will not be charging anything extra from their end for Auto Pay.

            The best part is that there is no capping on the reward points earned!!

          4. Narinder

            Hi Priyank,

            Were these RP were calculated as 5% for Red Giraffe, as SBI is saying 5% is for utility bill payments but rent payment is in different category, kindly confirm, so i should request for an upgrade to prime.

          5. Priyank

            Hi Narinder,

            Let me explain this you with the numbers

            I registered for a rent payment worth Rs. 38,000
            Red Giraffe charged me 0.39% + GST on that = Rs. 38,175
            Amount debited from my SBI Prime card (4 days before the due date of rent payment) = Rs. 38,175

            After the transaction moved from In Process to settled, RP earned = 7,635

            which turns out to be worth Rs. 1908.75

            I hope this clarifies to everyone!!

          6. Anmol Mithal


            I resisted online for auto pay facility but none of my bills are being settled & customer care is saying that they cannot billers registered as I did it online & they surprisingly do not have any auto pay facility for redgirraffe !!!!

            Is any one else also facing this problem ??


  58. Mahendra

    Anyone get pizza hut e- coupon, welcome gift(e-coupon) of our choice till now?

    1. Mouli


      I have received the welcome gift (Shopper stop e-coupon)but yet to receive the pizza hut voucher, raised complaint to the CC

      Welcome gift will be given , only after the first month bill is generated

      They mentioned in 15 days we will get the pizza hut voucher but its more than 24 days , still not received


      1. Mahendra

        Hi Mouli,
        Please raise a ticket and immediately escalate to Nodal officer. I did to and fro conversation with customer care people, but no use. The process will take about 1 month.
        Thanks for info about welcome gift.

        It seems nobody get e-coupon till now even after crossing 50k.

  59. Nidhi chaurishiya

    I have applied for sbi irctc platinum card. But in message there is for prime card. Representative told me annual fee 500 rs but here is written for 2999. I have that is called cheating. Now m trying to talk representatives no body is giving answer. Please contact me for this

  60. Guru

    Hello Sid…What are the redemption options for this card..? Can we convert the accumulated RP to Air Miles or can it be used for hotel booking..?

  61. Prashant Gupta

    Nidhi, if u have the receipt of the application call the customer care and tell them about the situation.

  62. Shivi

    Err… this is NOT SBI card customer care department Miss!!

  63. Anant

    I am being offered SBI Prime and SBI Elite. Which is having better reward points and value for the annual fees?

  64. Balaji

    Will we get 5% cashback on insurance payments too?

  65. Rakesh Reddy

    Hello Siddharth ,

    My query is whether the add on member alongwith my primary card can access lounhe access for a nominal fee on SBI prime card ?

  66. Sreehari

    I received my SBI Prime card yesterday- received a Visa Signature variant even after categorically requesting for a MasterCard World variant. On speaking to customer care, they have informed that the MasterCard variant has been discontinued. Anyone here who has the SBI Prime Mastercard?

  67. Prashant Sharma

    HDFC has lot of collaboration with GoIbibo and MMT. I get lot of offers such as 1200/1500 on booking tickets. Does SBI has these kind of offers or collaborations with any travel partners? Also, hdfc has far more offers running on different e-commerce portals…Is SBI in same league?

  68. Sanjeev

    Do we get welcome bonus when we upgrade the existing card? Just curious lol

    1. Sanjeev

      Called CC and we’ll get the vouchers. Also they’re offering only the visa varient. Are Visa card so bad for lounge access?

      1. Hari

        By default, they are offering the Visa variant. We have to ask them for MC variant during the verification call and they will dispatch the same, if approved.

  69. pradka

    Received my Prime today. Looks like the complimentary PP membership is only valid for 2 years. Is that the same with Regalia too?

    After 2 years, if you are still using the card, would it be renewed?

  70. Ishan Garg

    Hello Author

    It’s a great article, helping us availing facilities.

    I wish to have a Debit Card which gives me Domestic & International Lounge access.
    I travel every 6 months, but haven’t used the lounge facility yet.

    Could you help me suggesting the best Debit Card which grants me Lounge access Domestically and Internationally.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      IDFC savings account comes with visa signature debit card. Check out the blog for other options.

  71. Ram

    I recently obtained an SBI Prime Card. When I presented that at Chennai as ell as in Milan airports, it was not honoured for lounge access. Chennai lounge said I shoulkd have a Priority Card.
    Would you clarify how this works?


    Hi Siddharth
    Is there any offer on Joining Fees for SBI Prime ? I am looking to consolidate my number of cards.

  73. Yash J

    I have a Platinum SBI and got upgraded to PRIME, my only confusion is that I have a physical PP associated to my sbi platinum, with the new PP advantages on PRIME and since I became a prime member now, will I also be getting 4 visits internationally on PP? If yes then is it suppose to be used with my existing PP only?

  74. Akshay Sapar

    Received my SBI Prime Card today! The card looks super cool and classy..Time to cherish the benefits now!

  75. Sandesh

    Hi sid,
    I have applied for this card online on sbi but got rejected. when i asked they didnt gave a satisfactory answer y it was rejected. they said due to internal compliance. when i asked some executive at branch so they told practically SBI dont give to person not having relation with SBI bank. she asked me to open an current account and maintain 1 lakh balance.
    My problem is i cannot open current ac (CA) in sbi as i have CA and cash credit (CC) in IDBI bank. As per banking rules if i have CC of 1 bank then i cannot open CA in other banks.
    I already have 3 term loans with IDBI, RBL bank, Axis Bank and 1 CC with IDBI Bank.
    I have loan since 2-3 years with IDBI and 1-2 yrs with RBL and 1 yr with axis.
    I have always paid my EMI and interest on time but I dont know why SBI rejected.
    reason for opting this card is im into manufacturing so i have high electricity bills. So i can pay that bills by standing instruction with this card and will get high points. Is there any limit on this reward ? btw I couldnt find any restriction or limitation.
    Guide me how can get this card?


    WHEN JOINING FEE OF RS 3000 WILL be taken….after receiving the card or after one year of completion of card..on SBI CARD PRIME

    1. Mayank

      In the first statement as it is joining fees. After 45 days you will receive the vouchers.

    2. Pradeep

      It should be on the 1st statement you receive

  77. Shivi

    So, what’s the credit limit everybody has been getting on Prime?

  78. Manish

    SBI Prime has limited number of Billers availabl and they are charging for bill payment. CAT1/CA2. 1.82%+GST which means actual benefit of autopay biller is not worth as they are taking 2% upfront and giving points for later redemption. This is new card and slowly all hidden terms and conditions will come out.

    1. Mahendra Kumar

      Hi Manish,
      SBI will charge 1.8% on cat2 biller only if you pay bills manually. If you set autopay option , no charges levied.

  79. Manish

    And there is redemption fee of 99, then why would i go for auto bill payment with this card when other wallets are giving better offers and discount without any fee.

  80. Shiladitya

    I applies for Prime card recently.
    Got a call from SBI to submit documents.

    They told me that they are providing only VISA variants, no mastercard.
    Is this true?
    I wanted to go for Mastercard due to more lounge accesses.
    Is there any way to get the Mastercard variant?

    1. Hari

      Not True. Even I was offered a Visa variant. During the verification call I asked them for a MC variant. I was told that I would be issued a MC variant. I will confirm once I receive my card.

      1. Sanjeev

        Yes,even i requested for the MC varient and they said they’ll put a note but can’t promise anything at the moment. I’ve received my card and its a MC varient ☺️

      2. Hari

        Received my Prime card (MC Variant) today. Applied on July 31st received the card on Aug 31st.


    Hi Sidharth,
    Thanks for the valuable info.
    i’ve SBI Simply Click for 3 months. (credit limit is Rs.113000/-)
    1) I tried 2/3 times to upgrade my card to Prime. But they rejected. What might be the reasons for that?
    (My monthly usage is around Rs. 70000/-)
    2) can we have two SBI/ HDFC cards at a time.
    3) I have HDFC money back card ( credit limit is Rs. 60000/-) and they offered me to upgrade to Regalia First. Can I move to it?

    1. Shivi

      1) I tried 2/3 times to upgrade my card to Prime. But they rejected. What might be the reasons for that?
      (My monthly usage is around Rs. 70000/-) – Check CIBIL statement for any discrepancies in the report.
      2) can we have two SBI/ HDFC cards at a time. – Yes. 1 secured against FD and the other unsecured
      3) I have HDFC money back card ( credit limit is Rs. 60000/-) and they offered me to upgrade to Regalia First. Can I move to it? – Yep. You should

  82. Shivi

    Is there any way to put a net limit/sub limit on SBI credit card transactions like we can do in HDFC cards? I am not sure if leaving the entire credit limit open for fraudulent transaction/swipe is a great security feature! :-/

  83. Uday

    I m using HDFC MoneyBack card for petrol, insurance, policy premium, online shopping and super market. Shall I get this SBI Prime card or any other.

  84. Rochaak

    Hi All,
    If you go for Elite card you also get INR 500 for movie tickets on bookmyshow which is worth INR 6000 already .I am using Elite card from one year i also got pantaloons voucher worth the annual fee of INR 5000 .I think its worth it if you watch movies regularly as i have actually sold the tickets at half the price to my friends 🙂 couple of times as well . i was also able to use the PP also for me and my friend at an international airport …

  85. Maj Dr Gaurav Shetty

    Siddarth,i am holding SBI platinum credit card..but website says it is now changed to SBI prime card..Will i get the benefits of SBI prime on my SBI platinum credit card..thanks

  86. Kapil Khurana

    Hi Sid

    I have accumulated about 6k points. How to encash them into statement credit? And will I be charged Rs. 99 for each encashment?

    1. Kapil Khurana

      Asking again:-
      1. what is the process of redeeming RPS against statement cash credit?
      2. Will I be charged Rs. 99 for it?

      1. Aman

        Send email to feedback[at]sbicard[.]com
        They can charge 99+ gst. Sometime they may revese this charge.

      2. Mouli

        Call the Customer care for encashing the RP .
        Yes you will be charged 99 + GST 18%

  87. Ashwin

    SBI has this nice system of first checking if we are eligible for card and only on the in principle approval do they come for documents verification. Timelines:
    6th August – expressed interest through my father’s referral
    9th – In principal approval after asking few details
    10th – documents collection
    19th – call verification
    Another 7-10 days before the card is dispatched. Requested for a MC variant. Lets see what I get.

    Can we add Tamilnadu EB as biller? We tried but there is TN Electricity bill option.

    1. Pradeep


      were you able to register TNEB for autopay? Thank in advnace.
      (my calls and mails to sbi did not get a proper answer, if yes, i’ll be down grading to prime from elite )

  88. Sasianand

    How many SBI credit cards can be used by single customer?
    I am already holding​ SBI simplysave Credit card .If I am apply for SBI elite card can I get it as a separate card with separate credit limit?

  89. Mouli

    Hands on Experience of SBI Prime card

    This card gave me benefit worth 35000 in two months time

    I planned and did all my spends on my birthday for 5L and I got reward points around 90000(20RP/100)
    I adjusted RP against statement and got creadit fo 22000
    I got 3000 rs voucher against joining fee
    I got 3000 rs voucher for crossing the 4L spend (This was not mentioned anywhere)
    I got 7000 rs voucher for crossing 7000 voucher for crossing 5L spend
    Other good thing is when you make online payment through billdesk ,it reflects withins seconds and limit become availabe within a minute
    When I make the payment through bill desk for AMEX,Yes and other bank cards its taking 2-5 days
    offering Balance transfer for very less interest rate for 0% ,.5% and .75%
    I Used this card also for Lounge access in Chennai.someone previously mentioned that it didn’t work in the lounge
    Credit to Siddarth for introducing this card through this blog

    For spending 50k they said I should get 1000 rs PizzaHut voucher but after multiple complaints for last 2 months , still I haven’t received the voucher

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Wonderful numbers! Happy Savings Mouli.

      Pizzahut voucher may take time. They might run the eligibility after the end of that quarter .

    2. Mahendra

      Hi Mouli,

      What voucher you got for 4 lac spendings?

      1. Mouli

        I got three thousand worth Pantaloons Voucher, there were other options also but I opted for this. This 4L is not mentioned anywhere. Anyone got it or I got it by mistake ?

        1. purna

          this 3000 voucher for 4L spending is for 1st year only and they will offer only either pantaloons or yatra only.

        2. GS

          Could you explain how you got Rs.3000 worth EGV after crossing 4 lakhs.I called customer care regarding this and the reply was no such offer from SBI PRIME card.

        3. Jatin

          I overpassed 4 lakhs spending a week ago, haven’t got any voucher message/mail. Do you think this can be escalated as it is not mentioned anywhere?

    3. purna chandra

      Hi Mouli,
      This is purna chandra.
      Like you only I spent total 5lakhs with in two months for different transactions.
      Totally I got 40000 reward points which is equivalent to Rs 10000.
      I received welcome voucher of 3000
      I received 3000 voucher for achieving 4L spends…
      I received 1000 pizza hut voucher for quarterly benefit.
      I received 7000 voucher for achieving 5lakhs spends…..

      Thanks a lot to SBI Prime……………

    4. Purna

      How you spent 5 laksh in 1 day.Do you have 5 lakhs credit limit?

  90. aayush gupta

    Does Nris also can get Sbi prime card without fd

  91. aayush gupta

    One more thing in terms and conditions of Sbi Prime card, it is mentioned that priority pass membership is for 2 years, does that mean it will extend after 2 years or it will stop after 2 years ? because it is the most important feature for me to apply for this card…..

  92. Shiladitya

    I have received my SBI prime card y’day.
    Depite asking for mastercard variant 2 times during verification, they have given the VISA signature one which I am not happy about.
    Not sure if I should ask for change or whether it’s possible.
    Limit is 5 lacs.
    card looks nice and the overall packaging was also good.
    I am curious about the 10X points on department, grocery etc and whether the normal stores which I use qualify under those or not.

  93. Manish

    My Experience with SBI Prime Card.

    1. They are very careless in handling customers, even if you escalate till CEO of SBI they will take minimum 15 days to resolve your query. Still waiting for my queries to be resolved.
    2. Auto bill pay has very limited options and no guarantee that it will be paid on time. They goofed up everything on my bill payment and transaction didn’t went through on scheduled date and I had to pay directly to provider to avoid penalty. After 5 days suddenly a transaction started showing in my account which actually happened 8 days late from scheduled payment. SBI is still investigating and no one knows what happened any why happened. Outcome is double payment happened.
    3. Even if your grocery transaction is 599.86 you will get 50 points and not 60 where as my other credit cards take up ceiling in such transactions.
    4. Apart from grocery stores ,reliance, big basket all other transaction give 2 pt/100 even if you swipe at POS machines in mall , My debit card is even better than this which gives 1% cashback on POS transactions.
    5. Customer service is very poor and doesn’t know answer of simple queries. I have 5 queries pending and for then 15 days minimum is normal time , before that don’t ask for resolution.

    20 RP per Rs.100 spent: Standing instructions of Utility Bills payments (5% Value) – Not worth I found only 1 utility bill payment for which they goofed up everything.

    20 RP per Rs.100 spent: All spends on your birthday (5% Value) – This is good but yet to utilize it.

    15 RP per Rs.100 spent: BigBasket, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Trends and Sahakari Bhandar stores (3.75% Value) – other credit card have good offers on bigbasket. standard chartered will give me 5% on reliance fresh. If this applies to Reliance Digital than its ok but HDFC running offer of 10% on reliance digital so overall not worth.
    10 RP per Rs.100 spent: Dining, Groceries, Departmental stores and Movies (2.5% Value) I found Standard Chartered Manhattan card is better than this for groceries 5%, rest is good.

    All other spends: 2 RP per Rs.100 (0.50% Value) no difference as almost all credit card gives it and their reward rate is better.

    1 Reward Point Value – Rs.0.25 (can be adjusted as statement credit) – This is better but other credit card have better reward rate like sc manhattan 0.27, HDFC regalia 0.5 on regalia website else 0.30

    SBI Reward Redemption Fee: 99 – HDFC: 75, ICICI: 25, SC: 0

    3000 Renewal fee and 3L spend for waver – I would rather keep 2 credit cards which are either LTF or very less spend for waiver and still get almost every benefit this card is providing and sometimes even more when offers are running. And remember this card cannot match other card on online spends where most of people are doing transactions.

    Overall in my experience and usage its thumbs down, may be useful for people who does lot of high value transactions.

    1. Manish

      I want to mention one more important information here which I got from customer service.

      Customers should know below codes for accelerated 10x rewards and wherever they go they should first ask what is your merchant code and then proceed with shopping?

      Departmental Stores & Groceries
      Department Stores 5311
      Grocery Stores & Supermarkets 5411
      Eating Places and Restaurants : 5812
      Drinking Places : 5813
      Fast Food Restaurants 5814
      Motion Picture Theaters : 7832

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Thanks for the codes. But problem is those who swipe our cards in the counter never know any of these details!

  94. Prashant Gupta

    I agree with manish. They take minimum 15 days to redolve query. And worst there cust care timings are 8-8 and sunday off wtf.

    1. Mouli

      Yes, customer care is too slow.I raised issue regarding not getting 1000 rs Pizza hut voucher for spending 50k in June quarter on July 19th , still they are working on it and no resolution.

      I like the card features but CC is a big let down

  95. Narinder

    While setting up the auto payment, SBI has different categories like Utilities,Insurance etc. As this card gives 5% on the utilities, will i get this 5% value if i place auto payment for my insurance premium??

    An in Indusind, for the bill payment we have a option, to pay manually. You register the biller, and you can login and initiate payment if you don’t want auto payment. But SBI only accepts auto payment. Is there any option to make it manual??

  96. Prashant Gupta

    Another instance of looting by sbi. I checked my mobile bill of last month was charged Rs.74 for 37 pulses. I had to call them many times as they had issued me wrong card. Still after one month i have not received the correct card, infact bill has been generated for first month and annual fees has been billed. One should also factor the cost to call the customer care in the reward rate. Pathetic to be said.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Never call them, Let them call you. SMS PROBLEM to 9212500888 and get a call back from within 24 hours.

      1. Manish

        I did sent SMS PROBLEM to 9212500888 and got reply back we can’t serve you please call on 18601801290.
        I called but the guy was not able to help me and told to send email and for 9 min 18 rupee deducted.

        For past 20 days I am following up on 3 requests, none of them is resolved, lost hope with SBI. I am not mad to raise another request and keep on chasing them. Highly disappointed . I have made huge mistake by taking SBI card. I will close the card as soon as possible and never go for it in future. Think 10 times before you go for SBI.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          It happens at times. In such cases, you can raise requests through portal. This is not smooth either, but they do the needful at last escalation level.

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Got my card closed without even using it. They raised the bill with annual fees without even card being delivered. I told them to reverse the charges and charge them in next month. They flatly refused. I was so irritated by then that i asked them to close the card and in this age they accepted my request in 1 second and closed the card. What a customer care and retention. I had same ezperience 10 years back and closed my card and vowed not to apply again and after this instance will not again.

  97. Mouli

    There is an option My Interactions , once you logged into your account. There is an escalation option also , I am trying this option one and going to raise in Twitter also @SBICard_Connect.

    Has anyone used Vistara Lounge or Vistara Upgrade Voucher?

    Does Vistara have separate lounge in Delhi Airport ?

  98. Mahendra

    Hi All,

    My experiance with BMS offer. (Applicable to Visa signature credit/debit cards under Visa Blockbuster Weekends Offer).

    I got 1+1 ticket worth 250/-(upto 300/- is the offer).
    In Food and Combo I got flat 200/- discount.
    This offer applicable from Thursday to Sunday till Dec 31st 2017.

    Addon card will be treated as seperate card. (Addon card number and primiary card numbers are different unlike HDFC)

  99. Ashwin

    Yes, Vistara has a separate lounge at Delhi.

    Have you got the Pizza Hut vouchers? Also how is the auto bill payment doing?

    1. Mouli


      Yes, I got the Pizza Hut vouchers atlast. I haven’t opted for auto bill payment.
      Any review on Vistara Lounge at Delhi ?

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Mouli congrats for Prime card. Can you please tell us how much limit you have in Prime ? You also seems to be having credit cards from other issuers. So please tell us about your all credit cards collections along with credit line. It will help us a lot.

      2. Sreehari

        Few quick questions here.
        1. There is an upgrade voucher as well as a lounge access voucher. So if you grade to Business class using the upgrade voucher, do you get another access to the lounge?
        2. Do you have to call up the customer care for the joining and Pizza Hut vouchers?
        3. Has anyone used the Trident membership? Is it useful?

        @Mouli: Have been to the Vistara lounge once. Beautiful interiors, great food and mostly empty. Way better than Plaza Premium but not as good as the Amex lounge in my opinion.

        1. Mouli


          1. Thanks for the info.
          2. Call to the customer care and you need to follow up with them to get Pizza Hut voucher, better raise the complaint online

  100. Uday

    m using HDFC MoneyBack card for petrol, insurance, policy premium, online shopping and super market. Shall I get this SBI Prime card or any other.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Just call customer care and place a request to close or sms “problem” to 92125 00888.

  101. sathya

    I dont think the Prime Card suits for all … they have set a maximum spend of 3 Lakhs rupees ans the renewal fee is tooo high 2999/- . We cannot use the cc for all the times and if even use it for 10 to 15k also then no use of the card with each year renewal 2999/-


    1. Is it possible to swag from sbi prime to sbi simple save credit card ?
    2. I made a fixed deposit 70k and got my limit 55k. Now if I increase my fixed deposit, will they upgrade my credit limit ?

  103. jitendra saraogi

    i have recd platinum card instead of prime card from sbi on the plea that now platinum card is being issued instead of prime card with same features of prime card.
    just wanted to inform and reconfirm about same.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Platinum and prime are not same. Who told you. Check with Cc. They generally goof up while processing card like mine.

  104. arjun

    hi mr sidddharth very informative whatevr u r saying,,just wanted to know ,i already got my sbi prime card but my credit limit onle 41k,how do i upgrade it?i am self employed and last time i tried to increas my limit they rejected it…wanted to know how to successfully get a credit card approved “CARD TO CARD BASIS”,, I WAS REJECTED FEW TIMES other credit cards which i have hdfc money back and kotak ,,,thank u ,i applied card to card basis ofor rbl and hsbc and got rejected

  105. Abhisek

    Siddharth, i have been seeing a rather strange issue with my new SBI prime master card , not sure if this is known or anybody has seen it before. On certain websites like Yatra,, Amazon add pay balance, payzapp app, my transactions does not go through and gets rejected citing different reasons on different website, other websites like vodafone, bescom and all POS transactions it has gone through fine . For e.g. on yatra it says its a card issued from outside India and hence did not accept transaction. On airtel it said not suitable gateway could be found . On payzapp it fails with technical reasons. On amazon pay add balance , the card does not get added while trying to add balance using this card.. I’m really puzzled , SBI customer care seems to have no idea about this problem and haven’t been able to go one step ahead for figuring out the issue .
    In you vast experience , have you ever come across similar problems before ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Never have!

      This maybe due to the Bin Range. Consider changing the card to Visa variant if it continues.

      1. Abhisek

        Hey thanks so much Siddharth for your suggestion and help as always !!
        For now SBI is shipping me a replacement mastercard (with a different number) , will update this page if the replacement works else will go for visa .

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Problem with replacement card is they usually change only last few digits. Anyways, do see if it helps.

          1. Sreehari

            Abhishek, I have the VISA variant and on certain websites the transactions don’t go through the first time but go through perfectly the second time. Amazon Add Pay, PayTM, Ola etc show this issue for me.

    2. ashu

      I face similar issue on my IndusInd Titanium Debit Card (MasterCard variant)…. some Online sites it easily goes through as usual, some Online Sites — it creates similar error / issues.
      their Customer care is also clueless about this.

      IMO , issue is related to BIN series maybe not updated / shared across etc or something…

      For Amazon, your Card will be shown as “Saved Card Details” option on Add Amazon Money. (as it is getting considered as International Card or Prepaid Card …)
      But it will get reflected Under –> My Account –> Payment options.

      One thing Confirmed — Issue is with MasterCard variant ONLY

    3. ND

      Abhishek, I faced similar issue (my wife has the Prime variant) while adding money on Amazon Pay exactly like yours… It is a VISA variant! Looks like some goof up at SBI’s end for sure.

    4. Sanjeev Khatoi

      The same thing is happening with me. I’ve a mastercard variant and i am facing exactly same issue. Called CC but they’re clueless. I don’t know what to do. Thinking of cancelling it

  106. ashu

    @Sid….. Any Specific reason why Moderation is necessary for each & every comment…
    Could it be like Only New Users ( or Users with Less than 20 Comments) need to be moderated.

    At times, my reply / comment appears after 1-2days Gap….
    My Solution / Response / Query could be critical & urgent for someone or myself

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ll take the feedback. Will see what could be done in upcoming design refresh 🙂

      1. ashu

        Being receptive to Feedback is crucial to improve the Blog.
        Have been addicted to your thread since I have started reading in last 10-15 days….

        You may not Post an Article Everyday but I check it regularly at least 5 times a day to see any new Article on CardExpert..
        keep up the Good Work!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Glad to hear that.
          I’m working on increasing the frequency of posts in near future!

  107. Abhisek

    Thanks guys for the responses , looks like the problem is seen across both Visa and MasterCard variants on certain bin ranges .
    @Sreehari- the transactions don’t go through even after multiple attempts for me .
    ND,sreeshari- Have you tried reaching out to SBI customer care , maybe you could too shoot an email to [email protected] from your registered email address , having talked to them they mentioned they have never heard anyone else complaining about this problem 🙂

  108. Manish

    I am also facing issues while doing transactions online on sbi prime visa variant card. Airtel, phonepe etc…. all of them i am having issues and getting errors as others mentioned above. And as usual SBI customer care is unaware of any such incidents and are saying transaction are not reaching to them so they can’t do anything. I will also try to request replacement card.

  109. Abhisek

    @Manish, my replacement card too doesn’t work , seeing the same issues as i mentioned before with the exception of it started to work on . Just escalated this case on helpline , i would really request everyone having issues with this card to escalate this case with SBI ,only if they receive multiple such complaints they may look into it.

    I’m sorry if i am hijacking this page with this particular issue 🙂

    1. Manish

      I also raised complaints couple of time with SBI and they are saying every time that no one else complaint about it. They said transactions are not reaching to them so we have to follow up with the merchant only.

  110. Ganesh

    Just wanted to update on my usage of SBI prime CC –I received INR 500 pizza hut voucher after applying for an add-on card. The best part of the card was to pay rent through Redgirraffe which incurs 20 RPs/ INR 100. Recently, registered for payment of LIC premium. Not sure if it will also give max. RPs. Any inputs on RPs for LIC payments?

  111. Priyank

    Hi Siddharth,
    First of all, you have been doing an amazing job keeping us aware of the benefits we can get with the variety of credit cards available in the market.
    After reading the reviews and input from other folks I decided to go with SBI prime card.

    The card was delivered today.

    While going through the Terms and Conditions booklet (Page 41 to be very specific), under Welcome Gift Terms & Conditions point #4 has mentioned the value of gift voucher as 5000 instead of 3000.

    Can we ask SBI Cards to give us voucher worth 5000 instead of 3000 based on this information 🙂

    Looking forward for inputs from everyone on this

    1. Aman

      Please see if you are looking at prime or elite. They may having having the same booklet or sent you elite booklet by mistake. 😉

    2. Santhosh Kumar

      I agree with you. I confirm that for the prime card user booklet clearly mention that EGV worth 5000 RS.

      1. Priyank

        I have not got any resolution from the CC on this. Escalated the matter. hoping they would give what they have printed on the Terms and condition booklet 🙂

        1. Priyank

          I got to know from the customer care today that they will be able to give only a ₹3,000 voucher to me and not ₹5,000 as it was a misprint and nothing more than that.

          I have raised the grievance on their facebook’s official page. Will keep posted on the development on this issue.

          Feel free to have a look at their facebook page under ‘Posts’ section.

  112. Priyank

    Guys, can anyone confirm which will be the best card to pay the LIC premium payment online using anyone of the following cards :

    1. SBI Prime ( Got this month)
    2. HSBC Platinum credit card (got 2 months back)
    3. HDFC TimesCard Titanium
    4. RBL Fun+ credit card
    5. ICICI Platinum chip card
    6. Yes Bank Rewards plus card (Got this month)

    1. Sakthi

      LIC recently started charging service charge for all the credit cards (except AXIS)… also most of the cards doesn’t provide reward points for insurance payments (or reward points are capped)…i was using HDFC smartpay option till last month for LIC payment.. used to receive 1% cash back and reward points too..

      1. Priyank

        Thanks for the reply Sakthi.

        However, I called the CC of SBI Prime card. Got my policy payment registered through them (as the option was not available online).

        They said I will be getting 20 RP/ 100 Rs. as the offer applicable on my SBI Prime

        Apart from that, I would be getting 20 RP / Rs. 1000 as well for the insurance policies

        Overall, this would give me 5.5% cashback!!

        The due date for the payment is 26 October, let’s see how it works out 🙂

        1. Ganesh

          Hi Priyank,

          Can you please update if you got 20 RPs against INR 100 for LIC payment.

          1. Priyank Khandelwal

            The premium payment of LIC was charged on 21st October and today it got settled.
            I have received 9200 RP for my LIC payment (standing instruction – autopay) of ₹46041


        2. Pratik

          Can we Pay LIC Insurance Premium through Auto Bill Pay in SBI Prime Card?

          1. Ganesh

            Yes, LIC bills can be registered by calling customer care representative (most of them do not have clue about if LIC bills could be registered and paid). But their system is lousy.

            Another method of LIC payment is through eWallets–no extra charges applicable. I paid through JioMoney.

          2. Priyank

            I am not sure why my last comment was not approved/ still pending by the moderator.

            Reposting again :

            The premium payment of LIC was charged on 21st October and today it got settled.
            I have received 9200 RP for my LIC payment (standing instruction – autopay) of ₹46041

        3. Pratik

          Hi Priyank,

          Any Update on “The due date for the payment is 26 October, let’s see how it works out”


          1. Priyank

            Hey Pratik,

            I wish I could approve my messages right away. Not sure why has it been kept pending under moderation for so long.
            I hope it gets through this time.
            The payment for LIC was deducted on 23 Oct from my card and payment was made to LIC on 26 October.

            I got the reward points @ rate of 20 RP/ ₹100 spent.

            One more benefit I could see was – while paying the LIC Premium from LIC website, there is an extra charge for the credit card payment which otherwise on setting Auto Pay will not be levied.


  113. Shiladitya

    Just an update from my side –
    I got my first statement today.
    For total spend of Rs 10816, I have got 692 reward points.
    The calculation is complex but it seems for several of my spends I did actually get the 10 reward points per Rs 100 which applies to dining, groceries or departmental stores. So, my guess is that most of the leading stores are meeting this criteria which is great.
    So, based on this statement, my reward rate is 1.6%.
    This is excluding all the accelerated reward points based on spend.
    So, my conclusion is – if somebody is using this card as primary card and annual spend is around 5L, you can easily earn around 4% overall reward rate and the renewal fee waiver.
    But if annual spend is less than 3L, this card is not a good option as you have to pay renewal fees plus you don’t get the milestone benefits.
    I am happy with this card overall but the only problem is this is a VISA card and therefore, lounge access is limited to very few lounges in India

  114. Shiladitya

    I wanted to add something to my previous comment but there is no edit option.
    So, posting as a separate comment.

    I don’t think this card is as great as I thought it should be.
    There are a few issues –
    1> If annual spend is less than 3L and you don’t meet the milestone benefits criteria, the average reward rate is around 1.5% which is good but not great. You can get similar reward rates from life time free cards.
    2> SBI is mostly providing VISA variant only. So, lounge access is limited

    However, SBI sometimes runs good promotions on sites like Amazon or flipkart and hence it makes sense to have a SBI card. Since they don’t have LTF cards, you can go for simplyclick or simplysave based on your need which has renewal fee waiver on less annual spends.
    I think i’ts better to go for Yes exclusive or Yes preferred card than this one.
    I will most probably not renew this next year

    1. Priyank

      Till the time they are giving 5% back as RP (20 RP/ 100 rs ) I am going to continue with this card.

      For a simple reason, there is no cap on the reward points earned (monthly/ yearly) and my rent payment through Red Giraffe (through which I am getting 4.54% return as rewards) alone will make it very easy for me to complete 3 lakh in a year. I can easily target to complete 5 lakhs as well.

      Although there are no milestone gifts/ rewards post 5 lakh spent. However, one can continue to pay the bill through the Auto Pay facility and earn rewards.

  115. Shashank

    Hey Sid, I don’t have significant spend on the utility or groceries in the specified stores (for 5% rewards). Overall spend in a year is currently approx 3 lakhs – Yes Bank approached me for the Yes First Preferred card but with a rider of 3 lakhs FD. I’m unable to decide between the two cards since the I don’t spend a lot on Pizza Hut (reducing the milestone benefit that SBI provides). Your thoughts ?

  116. Priyank

    Just a correction based on the information you shared by CC, the domestic lounge access (Visa Lounge) is valid for add on card as well. Both the primary and add on card(s) will share the common allowance, i.e. 2 access per quarter.


    Hi sid,
    In your opinion which is better mastercard world or visa signature.

  118. Abhisek

    @Priyank – good to know about both lounge access on add on card and LIC payment via SI . Had a couple of questions.
    1. have you availed of lounge benefit with your add on card ?
    2 . also i hope this will be valid for master card as well . can we use the lounge access twice at the same time – one on primary and other on add on card ? reason being both me and my wife would be travelling soon and would like to avail the lounge access at the same time for both of us.

    BTW on the issues with regards to payment on some websites which i highlighted with the prime card , there has been absolutely no progress from SBI customer care. they simply can’t seem to accept it as an issue from their end.

    1. Priyank

      1. Not yet availed. However, got this information from CC. Will update you on this once I get a chance to use it.
      2. It should be valid on both Visa and Mastercard. Yes, you can use it on both the cards simultaneously.
      However, keep in mind the limit (quarterly basis) on lounge access would be on shared basis.

  119. SN

    Sid – I owe my SBI Prime card to your blog, as this is where I learnt about it first. Thank you.

    I was blissfully unaware and seemed to be doing just fine with my decade old ICICI card (credit limit 42,000 !) and HDFC Regalia ( limit 3,00,000). I chanced upon your blog a few months ago when I read about HDFC Regalia devaluation, and that led me to the SBI Prime post, and the rest is history.
    Here are some stats:
    > Applied on Sept 22nd
    > Card Delivered on Oct 3rd
    > MasterCard, Limit Rs. 3,84,000.

    Will share more updates after my first statement. Thanks to all who have posted their experiences and made this an extremely informative thread.

  120. Hari


    Today I called MC toll free number to check the number of Complimentary Lounge Visits. It says two are available for add-on card and same with the primary card too. Does add-on card and primary card has a combined limit of 2 visits/quarter ? Also, do we have a toll free number like MC for Visa to check the number of complimentary visits available ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’m not sure on this Hari.
      @ PRIME Card users, Pls throw some lights!

      P.S. No # for Visa avail.

    2. Abhishek Roy

      You’ll have to check about this. Diners Cards allow cumulative lounge visits. Means the total number of left over lounge visits can be used by both Primary and Add on card members I guess. But there is no way to check.

  121. Vicky

    Ever since I got my Prime card, I have been receiving multiple calls from CPP, Royal Sundaram and other insurance companies offering anything from card liability cover to accident cover. It feels like violation of your privacy as clearly my contact information and card delivery status has been shared with these people. I understand the need t cross-sell, but this is definitely undesirable and almost shady tactics by SBI.

    1. Gaurav

      I was getting the same too, but stopped post closure of card.:P

      Now i am getting sms’s for re issuing of card

    2. Sulabh Gupta

      same here. got card yesterday, 3 calls today already.

      1. Priyank

        Simply tell them , you have a similar protection plan from some other bank.

        They stopped calling me on informing the same.

    3. Abhishek Roy

      Actually the thing is if you carefully notice, while filling up the form online/offline, SBI on online channel gives you an option out option of receiving calls from CPP companies. By default it is taken as customer wants the CPP so you WILL get a call. If you opt out during application only then you won’t. Same was the case with Offline application form. I did that very particularly. I never got a call from any 3rd party callers.

  122. Ram

    Definitely someone’s selling the information. Within a couple of days of getting the SBI Simply Click card about 3 months ago, i received a call asking for my card details for sending me a gift voucher. True caller had already identified that it was a fraudulent call. The next time i got a call about 2 weeks back saying my card has to be replaced with chip enabled card and the caller was asking me to share my card number and details. This time as well True caller did the job. Your comment reminds me that i have to report it to SBI CC

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Same here Ram. My wife also got a call the lady knew the card number but was asking other details like card expiry, address etc. my wife called me same time and i asked her not to disclose anything. She then talked to that lady with authority and she immediately cut the call.
      SBI is pathetic, be carefull if you have their credit card.

  123. Sayan Nandi

    I have sbi prime card, can you please tell me what will be the charges if i use it in Thailand???

  124. Mahendra

    Hi all,
    There is an important update, transaction reversal will not consider as a statement credit in SBI.
    I made a booking in worth of 50,000/-. I cancelled the ticket and got a refund of 30,000/-. Total payment due is 70,000/-. So I paid 40,000/- excluding reversal. SBI didn’t consider refunds and fined me around 3.5% on total due but not on the remaining amount. I raised a complaint. Waiting for updates.

    1. Priyank

      I checked with the telephonic customer care on this.

      They said that in a similar scenario (as mentioned above,) the amount payable should have been 70,000 and not 40,000 (post-adjustment) and the refund of Rs.30,000 would be adjusted in coming bill.

      I have also sent an online request to understand this better (through SBI portal).
      Will share here once I get an update on that.

  125. Ashwin

    I’m using the card for the past month and it is by far the best card for Utility payments. Had requested and received add on card without much hassles.

    1. I’d requested for MasterCard variant during verification but received Visa. I’d request to issue a MC card now which they said is “not available” for me. Nontheless the request was taken and it might take a couple of days for them to take decision. Any pointers as to how to take this forward?

    2. Statement credit will be done but there is a Rs 117 charge. If we take e-vouchers, then there is no Rs99+GST charge.

    1. Sreehari

      Ashwin even I received a VISA card even after specifically asking for MC variant. Do update us regarding the discussion for reissue.

      1. Ashwin

        I had raised complaint online two times that I requested for it and the response I got was:
        1. “We wish to inform you that there is no difference in the features of visa and master card.”
        2. “We hereby inform you that due to a technical encumbrance, we shall be unable to up-grade/covert your SBI Master card to a Visa card.”

        Then I escalated to level one. Got a call from the nodal officer saying that the features are same in both the variants. Then I’d explained that there are subtle differences which I find attractive over Visa variant. Still they did not budge and like a parrot said the same thing that there is no difference in the variants. I then gave told I’m going to escalate to next level. Then the told they will consider and asked me to wait for seven days.

        Will update later.

    2. Priyank

      for Point #2 – are you sure there are no charges on e-vouchers?

      Can someone please confirm if they have had taken a voucher and no charges were applicable on it?

      1. Ashwin

        @Priyank –
        As per the CC, there is a Rs 117 charge for statement credit or where they need to do a courier. For e-vouchers there are no charge.

        @sid, Though the messages were replied on Oct 24, I’m seeing them on Oct 31 only. Please remove the comment moderation. Or consider using a captcha to remove spam bots posting.

    3. Carl

      Hot Tip. Redeem the 6.5k yatra voucher for 20k points. That’s a 32.5% return! More than the 25% as cash credit. Only thing is you have to redeem it in one transaction.

    4. AS

      Never mentioned about statement credit redemption charges!!

  126. Mahendra

    Hi Sid,

    Sbi introduced new variant in prime card. i.e, Prime pro. This is card is applicable to selected customers.

    1. No joining fee(First Year free)
    2. Renewal fee waiver on spending of 2lac instead of 3lac unlike in Prime card.

    Remaining features and offers are same.
    My father is applying for this card. Will let you know any other differences once card received

    1. Priyank

      Any source from which you came to know about it?

      I am unable to find any news/ article on Prime Pro credit card.

      If you have any update, could you please share?

      1. Ashwin

        My card is also marked “PRIME PRO” on website though image not loaded. Card dispatched on November 1. Yet to receive. See my comments above. I’d requested for a MasterCard variant and I think they ave issued it.
        Also if you’re a SBI Exclusif customer you get PRIME PRO where first year fee is zero.

      2. Mahendra Kumar

        Hi Priynak,

        Even I didn’t find any information. Customer representative directly contact my dad in branch and my dad agreed to apply. It may take 15 more days to receive the card. I heard info about this card second time when a customer representative called my dad to explain features of the card. Except two points mentioned above, no other deviations from Prime card.
        Anyway, we can’t apply this card directly. This is for selective people only.

        1. ashay

          If you have Prime PRO, you won’t get TRIDENT and Vistaara membership as mentioned under PRIME card details.
          You get 5 reward points for Rs 125 spend on dining, movies, groceries and dept stores.
          Rest 1 RP per Rs 125 spend.
          Much lesser benefits then what I expected when SBI offered Prime card. :/

          1. Shivi

            Prime Pro is scaled down version of prime card.. As compared to prime card.. However renewal fee reversal is lowered to 2 lacs in stead of three…you get less points for spending as compared to main card.. And finally is only free for first year of your name is in the short listed data of SBI.. They call it project shikhar.. You get only 500 coupon instead of 1000 for same about of exp…. you don’t get welcome coupons as well….…..

  127. Praveen Perumalla

    My wife applied for the card and got one recently. But they issued the old platinum card saying it I’d Prime. I asked for a reprint with the new design and they denied. So I called CC got the card blocked and got it reissued. Again, they have sent the old platinum card and I don’t like that design. What should I do to get the card with the actual Prime design?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lol. Looks like they’re getting rid of some old plastic!

      Maybe you need to wait for a month and then try again.

    2. Hari

      I got two add-on cards with the new design a month back.

    3. Prashant Gupta

      How does it matter. Anyways sbi is the worst. Try to stay away from them. I can very well equate SBI and Flipkart. Both arrogant and thinking that customers are fool.

  128. Priyank

    Write to the social media team and say that you never applied for Platinum card but a PRIME card.

    Hope that should be able to help you on this.

  129. K A

    What are criteria to increase credit limit in SBI ?
    How to apply for credit limit increase in SBI , not able to find option in Internet banking !

  130. Abhisek

    @KA, pls call customer care and they would guide you . you would have to fill a form for credit limit increase and attach a couple of income proofs they may ask and email them. i got it done last month.
    @Priyank – did your LIC payment via SI go through ? i asked them to add mine 3 weeks back but its not added yet

    1. Priyank

      You won’t be able to see the LIC bill in your internet login portal. Since, it must have been registered by calling the customer care.

      However, you will receive the details/ update on your email/ SMS.

      Do note that the Bill payment is debited from the card usually 5-6 days before the end of grace period of premium payment and it is credited to the LIC on the last day.

      For confirmation, you can check with the customer care if the bill is scheduled properly or not. Also, make sure you have enough available credit limit in that duration.

      Hope it helps.

      P.S. My policy payment went smoothly with SBI Card 🙂

      1. Sulabh Gupta

        According to the SBI website, LIC is a category 2 biller which means we incur a 1.82% surcharge on payment through SBI easy bill pay. Were you not charged for this?

    2. JR

      @Abhisek, is it possible to get sbi limit increase based on another credit card limit ? having another cc with 3X limit than SBI. not having any IT document for support

      1. Abhisek

        @JR, im not sure about that. SBI may insist on some income proof to increase the credit limit. you may want to check with the customer care.

  131. Sulabh Gupta

    Is there still some free vouchers up for grabs for applying an add-on card 🙂 ?

  132. Ashwin

    I now have a MasterCard variant! I was issued Visa and here is how I got it changed:
    I had raised complaint online two times that I requested for it during verification and the response I got was:
    1. “We wish to inform you that there is no difference in the features of visa and master card.”
    2. “We hereby inform you that due to a technical encumbrance, we shall be unable to up-grade/covert your SBI Master card to a Visa card.”

    Then I escalated to level one. Got a call from the nodal officer saying that the features are same in both the variants. Then I’d explained that there are subtle differences which I find attractive over Visa variant. Still they did not budge and like a parrot said the same thing that there is no difference in the variants. I then gave told I’m going to escalate to next level. Then the told they will consider and asked me to wait for seven days. Got issued in 4 days.

  133. Shivi

    A heads-up for all SBI Prime card users. My SBI Prime card has already been compromised twice in a space of 3 months. The first time in Mid Aug and the second time on November 1. Unauthorised usage from Brazil and Chile on an American game site. And it has to do with one of the SBI partner sites which in my case is Amazon! So, keep your “International Usage” on SBI Prime deactivated and active/deactivate it as and when you are making an individual transaction only. DO NOT leave the “International Usage” activated.

    I will be closing the SBI card and won’t be taking another one from them. Too scared to even use it normally :-/

    1. Mahendra

      Hi Shivi,
      It is better to disable international usage always. When you require you can enable on the fly. You can disable for intentional usage from website, in requests section.

    2. Sulabh Gupta

      That’s actually my guidebook. I keep all cards disabled for international usage apart from AMEX.

  134. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Today I got aprroved for SBI Prime master card. I applied for the 4th time and than I got approved. Got 75k limit. Hoping to reap birthday benefits on 14th November. Planning to spend at least 2 lakhs in a day.

    1. Santosh Prasad

      What was your CIBIL when you got approved? I also have tried 3 times with no success. My CIBIL is in 760. Can you please tell how much gap should be there between 2 applications..

    2. Santosh Prasad

      Did you applied online through sbi card website or by any other way?

      1. AVIJIT

        My CIBIL is 838 now. Holding SBI Simply Click, applied for PRIME once but request disapproved. 🙁

        1. Santosh Prasad

          How do you people apply for SBI credit card. Do you apply online or through agents?

          1. Prashant Gupta

            You can apply through both. Try applying online as there are aome offers like bms voucher etc.

    3. Shivi

      You can’t spend 2 Lakhs in one day with a credit limit of 75k !! xD

      1. Abhishek Roy

        You can actually spend 2 L on a credit card even if the limit is 75K. The trick is to pay say 1.25 L on the credit card bill before the actual spend day. Assuming that the credit card didn’t have an earlier due balance. So that way even though the limit is ₹75K but your credit limit is ₹75K + extra ₹1.25L that you have paid before hand. So when you start spending, you can actually spend ₹2 L. But that would exhaust the entire limit. So my suggestion is to pay ₹1.5L in advance and then even if you spend ₹2L on it you are still left with ₹25K as CL. ₹75K (CL)+ ₹1.5L (Extra payment before hand) = ₹2L (spends) + ₹25K (CL left). Hope this works. 🙂 This is perfectly legal.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          With SBI, Best way is spend, free up limit instantly by paying using billdesk and then spend again.

          Crediting before we spend with some issuers like Amex becomes a problem as money gets stuck for ~1 week and it goes through a review. They consider it some kind of “money laundering” case. Hence, such pre-payments needed to be avoided with Amex.

          1. Abhishek Roy

            I didn’t know billdesk could credit that early. If it’s the case then SBI is a great.

          2. Amex Guy

            It is a money laundering issue for any US based issuer who has not taken W-8BEN/FATCA form from you. Basically, they cannot keep any money for any person liable for any kind of US tax. By crediting money to them, you’re technically asking them to hold your money for a period. Typically this is solved by FATCA for individuals and W-8BEN for others, but Amex doesn’t take either for individuals. Basically a US company (AEBC) can’t use a foreign entity (AEBC India) to store money that is liable to US tax (Of person who is to pay US tax and has Amex card).

            Either way, the way to solve this is to call them and tell them you need to make a big purchase. They either say it’s fine, ask for bank statement or ask you to prepay certain amount. I have no idea how they solve this with credit cards, but I suppose they will ask for prepayment.

          3. Siddharth Post author

            Amex Support can lift the limit in ~4 hrs if the NEFT/billdesk txn snapshot is shared. I’ve availed it sometime back, it helps as usual payment method takes 2-3 days to reflect.

      2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Shivi when you exhaust your 75 k limit than you can pay through bill desk and it gets credited instantly. Than you can spend again.

  135. Aaron

    Just a quick question, not sure if this has been discussed in the previous comments, can the Tata Platinum Credit card who’s tied up with sbi be compared with this sbi prime card or can you do a separate review the Tata Platinum credit card?, thanks Aaron

  136. thomas

    Is it wise to change from Simplyclick creditcard to Prime? i do a lot of shopping from amazon. Using the spend analyzer of sbicard online, amazon is catogerized as dept and groceries. so will my reward points get reduced if i change to Sbi prime? But then i also wanted domestic and international lounge access. the other cards i use are are indusind signature(1.5%return) , hdfc allmiles card(useless card,which they simply wont upgrade) and icici rubyx. i do more than one lakh spend a month.

  137. Manish

    SBI is worst. I did transactions at restaurants which has hotel too. I did not get 10rp/100 instead got 2rp/100.

    Have been chasing SBI customer care for 15 days but same old reply check out our link for merchant code, your transaction is not eligible for 10 reward points.

    So for dining no accelerated reward points. Check merchant code before you transact.

    1. Priyank

      I have been getting the points into my account correctly for all the expenses – accelerated / normal both.

      Is it happening only for a particular hotel/ merchant or for multiple transactions done at distinct places?

  138. Santosh Prasad

    Do we get gift vouchers on payment of renewal fees also or is it only given as welcome gift for 1st time fee?

    1. Priyank

      It is valid only on paying the joining fee (1st year) and not on payment of the renewal fee.

      So, it is just a one-time thing for the Rs.3000 vouchers that you would get.

      1. Santosh Prasad

        Thanks Priyank. I think there should be a thanks option also besides reply option so as to thank or upvote for helpful suggestions.

  139. Sulabh Gupta

    According to the SBI website, LIC is a category 2 biller which means we incur a 1.82% surcharge on payment through SBI easy bill pay. Are folks not getting charged for this?

    1. Priyank

      They are yet to update this information in the online portal.

      The categorization of billers into Cat 1 and 2 have been stopped completely.

      You won’t be charged anything by SBICard over and above the bill received.

      Hope it helps.

      1. Jatin

        Are you sure about this, it still says this information on their billing portal.

  140. Vinay

    What is your opinion on citi bank Premiermiles credit card against the SBI Prime? Please advise if the reward points expire on this Prime card? Where is Premiermiles points will not expire and I have an option to convert the points to airmiles.

  141. Abhisek

    Just a quick update that i was able to use my wife’s add on card for lounge access in Terminal 1 Plaza lounge in Delhi
    I used a different card for myself so I’m not sure if the visit on the add on card is counted against the primary card or separately ( as per CC there is only 2 access overall per quarter)

    1. Ashwin

      Was it a MasterCard variant?

      I’ve a MasterCard variant and used for add on card. As you did, I also used another card for my access.

  142. Priyank

    Can anyone confirm this –

    If I purchase some clothes from myntra/amazon/flipkart. I get reward points for the transaction.
    What would happen if I return the clothes and get refund. Will the reward points be reversed as well?

    Can anyone confirm this for SBI Prime card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, it gets reversed. All cards work that way.

    2. AVIJIT

      How many reward points you get after shopping on FLIPKART/AMAZON/MYNTRA or other online shopping websites?

  143. vicky

    Just add all your wallets on your birthday and then transfer back money to your bank accounts. U will get 5% cashback in 20 RP and also easily cover the 3 lac spending annual limit for fees reveral

  144. Abhishek I

    First of all, want to say this is a great website for CC Reviews. Reading this, i went for SBI Prime Card to give it a try. Asked for MasterCard Variant but as expected, i got an E-mail stating that SBI Prime VISA Variant has been dispatched.
    I have a few queries though:

    – Does the Visa & MasterCard differ only in Lounge Access or are there any other differences as well in the benefits?
    – Based on people’s experiences till now, is the 10X Reward Points on Groceries, Dining, Movies applicable on any and all Shops and is it the same benefit for both VISA and MasterCard Variant.
    – Since VISA is more popular in India, are there more benefits or promotions for VISA Variant, leaving aside the Lounge part.
    – Do i go through the hassle of cancelling the VISA and reissuing MasterCard Variant, or VISA is good enough?
    – My understanding is that 2999 is the Joining and first year fee. Since we are getting 3000 worth Vouchers, Card is almost free for 1st Year. If i decide to close it say before 1st year renewal, are there any charges that i will have to pay?


    1. Ashwin

      – there would be different offers for Visa and MC. Like MC run Uber offers and Visa Bookmyshow offer,etc. But not much difference. MC is better coz:
      A. More lounges
      B. Add on card also gets lounge access. Maybe for Visa too but tried and works for MC.
      C. Better forex rates.
      D. Better dedicated customer service

      – there is 10x only for utility and birthday spends. For slabs, read the article. No difference for MC or Visa.

      -if you close, there is no charge. But if you spend over 3 lakes, then no renewal fee.

      – I took the pain of changing from Visa to MC and you can read my experience in the previous comments.

      1. Abhishek I

        Thanks Ashwin for your response.
        My bad, i meant 10 Reward Points and not 10X. Do we get it if we transact at any shops or restaurants or is there a specific list?

        Another comical thing i observed is that i see the Credit Limit in my SBICard Account as 10,000 /-
        I mean, is this a Joke? Is this Normal with SBI? What is the Credit Limit people are getting?

        With 10,000 Credit Limit, how can they expect me to reach 3L or 5L spends in a year to reap the benefits?

    2. Santosh Prasad

      Hi Abhishek can you please tell me how you applied for the card and what was your CIBIL when you got your card approval.

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        I think I can help with your query Santosh. I applied through in the month of October 2017. Though I am a businessman I applied as a salaried person ( they don’t ask for income proof ) as chances of approval for businessman is very less. I got the card in November. Limit is 75k. During the same period I also applied for AXIS and BOI credit card and I also applied for BOI Cash credit ac. and a Personal loan. At the end I got approved for everything and after than in the 2nd week of November when I checked my CIBIL I found that its has fallen from 883 to 867.
        One very usefull information for every people is that when SBI guys comes to collect KYC at that time we can ask specifically for Mastercard variant. They have an option to choose in the physical form.

      2. Abhishek I

        Hi Santosh,

        I actually applied for the SBI Simply Save Card when i went to RACPC to sign my Home Loan Agreement. Then, i realized Prime is a better card and flipped it to Prime Card. I did not check my CIBIL.


        1. Santosh Prasad

          Thanks. That means you directly applied through branch. The card was issued on basis of salary or against FD. As I went to 2 to 3 branches of sbi in Delhi all say no one is there to look for SBI Cards. There are outsourced agents who do this. I do not have salary account with SBI. Anyways thanks for reply.

  145. Abhishek I

    I am already getting fed up of SBI Customer Care. And i haven’t even started using the Card yet.
    I have been provided a Credit Limit of 10000 only.
    I will be unable to get the 1000 Rs. worth Pizza Hut Voucher on quarterly spend of 50000since my Limit is capped at 30000 for 3 Months.

    SBI is saying they can increase Credit Limit only after 6 Months. So, for 6 months, i can spend 60000 max. And, for the next 6 months, i will have to spend 2,40,000 in order to get the Annual Fee Waiver and 4,40,000 for getting a 7000 Pantaloons Voucher. Crazy.
    I have escalated to Nodal Officer as well but of no use till now. They are all saying the same thing.
    What is the Credit Limit people are getting on this Card?

    How do i go about this? Or do i Close out the Card since i will not be able to gain the benefits offered?

    1. Rohit

      May want to check your CIBIL score, just to be on safe side.

  146. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Abhishek how much limit you got in SBI Prime ?

    1. Abhishek I

      I got a limit of 10000 for this so called Premium Card. Crazy, isn’t it? I am struggling with SBI People to get it increased. Escalated to Nodal Officer and still trying. Lets see how it pans out.

      1. Shivi

        They gave me a higher than normal “limit” on SBI Prime. I have asked them to reduce it and they aren’t too sure whether that can be done on a new card or not! I really have no idea how they fix credit card limits or whether or not CIBIl enquiries and score matter :-/

  147. Naveen

    I have a question??
    I am living in remote area where i can not utilize free movie tickets and Pizza hut vouchers and I may be able to spend nearly Rs. 200000/- annually over the card, then which one of SBI card is beneficial to me. can anybody suggest.

    1. Jai

      Hi Naveen,

      You can use your SBI Prime credit card for Rental payment also, which’ll help you to reach the yearly target milestone spend. This also gives you 20x rewards points per Rs. 100/- on standing instructions of utility bill payments.

      If the card is for your everyday usage, then choose the “SBI SimplySave” creditcard for your everyday usage like departmental stores, grocery, movies and dining. It gives 10X rewards points per Rs. 100/-

      If your usage is mostly online, then choose the “SBI SimplyClick” credit card which offer 10x rewards points per Rs. 100/- with exclusive partners like Amazon etc. All other online purchases give 5x reward points. Also you get Amazon Gift card of Rs. 500/- on joining.

  148. jitendra saraogi

    i have sbi prime card.can i pay insurance premium for policy in name of my brother?
    and later on said sum of premium can be paid to card company directly by brother before due date.
    please confirm if it is allowed?

  149. jitendra saraogi

    i have seen below remarks on icici pru site-

    In case, the proposer/policyholder opts for premium payment through Credit/Debit Card**, the payment must be made only through Credit/Debit Card** issued on the name of such proposer/policyholder.

    so please clear my doubts with regards to all types of insurance premiums.

  150. Zakir

    Thousand applause for writing a bitter truth:

    “The time has come to get rid of the monopoly in the market (HDFC) as SBI Card prime will serve as an easy replacement for the HDFC Regalia Credit Card in every aspect. Its time for HDFC to realize that their endless series of devaluations is no longer going to help them.”

    I am holding two credit cards. One of them is Regalia First. Interested to replace HDFC Regalia First with SBI Prime. My brother is going to receive his Prime. I will use its Addon till I receive my own.

  151. mayank

    SBI customer care has started telling people that Prime only comes in Visa version. This happened recently when i applied for a Prime card for my wife. I have asked them to check their website and they should get back to me.

  152. AvB

    Guys I have the SBI Prime card and am unable to resolve a few doubts with regards this card.

    1) I am unable to set an Auto pay for Aegon Religare Life Insurance. The customer service centre also discourages registering for Auto pay (Not sure if it is their ignorance or a genuine concern).
    2) As per the product features – The holders of Prime card may subscribe to Royal Sundaram group insurance. Unfortunately both SBI staff and R.S staff is unaware of such a product.
    3) Unable to get information on the ‘Prime Pro’ card on the SBI website. The customer service and the walk-in desk in my city are aware of this product and vouch for the product details being available on their website but we know better.
    4) Does any one know if online shopping from Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra and Dmart qualify for accelerated reward points. Sadly the walk in desk in my city deems this to be ‘classified information’ not for the eyes of the customer. So much for ‘the enlightened staff SBI’.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      Hi @AvB. Actually, I was watching the portal for Bill payments yesterday. The thing is, SBI cards doesn’t allow “Auto Pay” for many billers including Insurance payment billers. Except few insurance premium billers like ICICI Prudencial or SBI Life, SBI Cards doesn’t allow Auto Pay for any other billers. They in all probabilities might have made this provision deliberately so that they don’t have to pay accelerated reward points on SBI Prime Cards for those Insurance Premium Billers. However, I saw that Rental payments through RedGiraffe was allowed for autopay, allowing you to get a cool 5% off through statement credit on your SBI Prime Cards.

  153. Sundeep

    I just received my SBI Prime CC today. Few queries
    1. Will the wallet top-ups be considered for annual spends of 3 lakh.
    2. If I have to access a PP lounge, the 27$ is charged after the 2/quarter and 4/year limit expiry right?

    Slightly off topic question…
    I am planning to book a round-trip flight from India to UK, wat is the better option to save few bucks
    1. Let my cousin book the tickets from UK
    2. Book the tickets using my SBI CC and let him transfer the money to my Indian bank account (considering minimum applicable charges)

    P.S. Great site btw

  154. Sundeep


    Regarding reward points redemption…
    If I have accumulated16000 points and planning for amazon e-vouchers, I would rather adjust the points in statement for 4k and load the same amount in Amazon pay instead of 2.5k e-voucher which is being offered. So wats the point in redeeming with products and vouchers which give less than 0.25 reward rate unless they r very exclusive or with any other benefit.

    1. Sreehari

      Sundeep, even I’m faced with the same dilemma. Guess one has to spend time to find those vouchers which give more than the 0.25 reward rate-there are a few for sure. A slightly unconventional way would be trying the points+pay option: for example there’s a Yatra voucher of Rs. 4000 going for Rs. 3400+ 500 points which would then give a reward rate of 1.25 (600/500) which is almost five-fold the normal value of a point. But yes, this would be totally cumbersome.

  155. Abhishek Roy

    I would like to know how the users of SBI Prime have been able to use Auto Pay to gain 20 RPs/ Rs 100. It’ll be very handy to know all the name of billers and the different strategies people use to gain 20RPs/Rs 100. That way, this post can be updated if required with the names of such billers. There are also a few companies that have omitted from the category of earning 10RPs for departmental stores. We would love to have replies to this comment.

    1. Hari

      Under Utility Bills we have billers like Airtel, BSNL, BESCOM etc based on the state. Under Subscriptions you have Readers Digest. Most of the major Insurance billers are available although some of them are only presentment (Auto Pay doesn’t work for these). Charity Billers include SAVE, CRY etc. For rent payment we have RedGirraffe.

      1. Abhishek Roy

        The purpose of the comment is to list all such billers which allow Auto Pay. Like in insurance, I saw only ICICI Prudential and SBI Life allows Auto Pay. Similarly Redgirraffe allows Auto pay. So it’s good to know all the channels which allow Autopay. The other thing is the strategies people use to get 20RPs per ₹100. This will benefit all the customers owning the SBI Prime Card.

        1. Hari

          I have ICICI Prudential life, BESCOM, BSNL, Redgirraffe, LIC registered for auto pay. LIC has to be registered by calling the customer care. Registered TATA AIA, but it is a presentment only biller ( no autopay). With these spends I think one can easily achieve the 3 lakh spends per annum.

          1. Abhishek Roy

            Ok. That’s great. The money you said LIC, I wondered because I did not find LIC in the list of the merchant’s for insurance premium. So you’re saying, even LIC is allowed as Auto pay. That’s pretty cool. Unfortunately the insurance co.pany I have my family’s plans with isn’t allowed for auto pay as most of the insurance merchants. It’s great to see that you are using the card in the best possible way. This is the way credit cards are ought to be used. Congrats and keep sharing tips with other readers. We will update the article with the list of billers that are being allowed as Auto Pay. We will also mention that LIC registration can be done by calling customer care.

        2. Arjun

          Yes I agree with Abhishek on this.Credit Cards should be used for maximum savings instead of only spending(spend only what is necessary).Insurance autopay for LIC or other insurers will really help in cutting off 5% from their premiums straight of the bat.Think further from the point where others have stopped thinking.

          1. Arjun

            Just to add ,it will also help in completing the yearly spends easily thereby taking us one step closer to the milestone benefits as well as reversal of annual/joining fee :).That should bring cheer to all PRIME users.Personally I want to buy a car on my birthday with this PRIME card 😛

    2. Rohit

      I was able to register online for autopay for Vodafone & RedGirraffe and had to call customer care for LIC policy registration.

      I was unable to find a way to register PNB Metlife insurance for autopay. It is only available for manual payment.

  156. Sharathkumar Anbu

    All eligible Standing Instructions get 20 RPs/ Rs. 100. Maximum benefit is when you pay rent via Redgiraffee. Since usually rent payments are on higher side, we will get higher reward points.

  157. Aman


    I have 2 questions:

    1. Isn’t redemption best via credit in statement for sbi?

    2. Is there an option for UPPCL(Uttar Pradesh Electricity) auto bill pay?

  158. Priyank


    Has anyone got the ₹7k worth of voucher yet?
    Can you please let me know the denomination of the gift vouchers received?

    Eg. SBI gives ₹500*2 Pizza Hut vouchers as the quarterly milestone gift vouchers.

    Asking this because I was planning to opt for Yatra GV worth 7k. However, it won’t make much sense for me if they split up the gift voucher amount and give as I won’t be able to club them for booking the flight ticket.

    Requesting for a confirmation on this. Thanks in advance!

    1. Mahendra Kumar

      Hi Priyank,
      I opted for pantaloons. I received 3 vouchers worth 2500/-, 2500/-, 2000/-. I guess SBI spilt for yatra too.

  159. Rohit

    Has anybody managed to get the milestone reward of 1000 Rs. Pizza hut voucher? Already escalated to Nodal officer but they keep saying the voucher has been sent as SMS to Phone but that’s not true.

    1. Priyank

      Even i don’t receive the SMS of the Pizza Hut gift voucher.

      You can ask them to send the code in an email. After multiple follow ups I received it in my email inbox.

      Hope it helps.

    2. Mahendra Kumar

      Hi Rohit,

      Even I faced the same issue. Finally found that their system has issued to send SMS. Just call customer care to send milestone voucher to your email. Ask them to raise a complaint for not receiving SMS on mobile even though they send SMS. I received finally I got SMS for this quarter

    3. Ashwin

      Me and my father have SBI Prime card. He receives the SMS for the voucher without any follow up but I don’t. If you call and then complaint, then they will email you the vouchers.

      1. Rohit

        Thanks, I did finally get it. One more question, are there any charges for getting bonus points adjusted as statement credit? I guess that is the best way to redeem, the gift cards hardly give any better conversion ratio.

        1. Ashwin

          Yes, there is a Rs 99 and 18% tax for redemption. Free if redeemed for e-vouchers.

        2. Ramesh Kumar

          Yes, there is charge of 99+GST for each redemption request.

  160. jitendra saraogi

    i have registered lic policies for auto payment thru sbi prime card.
    but as premium is paid by sbi card after considering grace period of 30 days i doubt that many policies for which premium fall in march will be paid in april thereby i may not get benefit of 80c deduction in this year.
    if same problem faced by anyone else and any solution to same will be much appreciated.
    thanking you in advance.


    Hi everyone,
    🚨 alert….alert….alert….alert….
    Be alert with SBI.
    I’d a worst experience with SBI!
    I’ve been using SBI Simply Click cc for 10 months and I spent around 5 l. One day I requested SBI to upgrade my simply click card to Prime Card. The same was accepted and delivered to me. I received P.Pass also. I started using the card. One fine evening one lady from sbi called and told me that since you’re not eligible for the upgradation again we’re downgrading the card to simply click and the same was done. I don’t understand the concept of SBI. I escalated the same and nothing was done. It was very much irritating.

    1. Abhishek

      The exact same scenario happened with me. I had the Simply Save Card which i upgraded to Prime. Their Escalation is also Hopeless. Needless to say, i terminated my relationship with SBICard. They treat Customers like Crap.

  162. Santosh Prasad

    Thanks to you all finally I have laid my hands on SBI Prime CC. After so many failed attempts I was finally approved. They were even offering me ELITE but I went with Prime and surprisingly I got Prime Mastercard version. I have noticed here that many people even on specifically mentioning to receive mastercard version instead got Visa. Now it’s time to reap rewards of Prime card..

  163. Apoorva

    I just got my SBI prime. The weird thing is that they seemed to have removed 15 RPs on Big basket, Reliance stores etc. Thats a disappointment. It was one of the reasons why I had applied for the card. what should I do?

  164. Purna

    I got SBI Prime Card and I have used the card on my birthday for 2,50,000.I got 50000 points which can redeem as cash credit to my card

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      Yes, you can raise request to convert reward points for statement credit, but there is redemption charge of Rs.99+GST.

    2. Mickey

      Out of curiosity – what did you spend 250,000 on in 1 day??

  165. Dolphy

    I received SBI prime card 6 months ago…..and crdit limit is 47000 .. i applied for limit increment option from but got reply as ” Sorry to inform you we cant increase your limit at this point”
    Any one succeded in limit increment so far?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      SBI needs atleast ~12 months for LE from my understanding.

      1. Mahendra

        No Sid, I guess 6 months are enough. I applied for LE after 6 months. I got 100% increment after sending my payslips.

        1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

          Mahendra congratulations for your limit enhancement.
          1. How you applied for limit enhancement ?
          2. What documents you provided ?
          3. How much was your income increased ?
          4. What was your credit limit in the first place ?
          5. Which card you use ?
          6. How much was your overall spends ?

          1. Mahendra

            Dear Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya,

            1. I applied through website.
            2. last 2 months sal slips.
            3. Income increased 90%.
            4. 1 lac.
            5. Prime
            6. Around 8 lacs.

    2. Sreehari

      As per my discussion with SBI team, LE is processed after 6 months if your income has gone up or after 1 year after decent spending.

  166. Manish Fageria

    Hi Sidharth,
    I just got my CBI PRIME PRO credit card 5 days ago. I am confused between SBI Prime Pro and SBI Prime.
    Would you like to tell me the major difference between both cards as SBI website is also not showing this card.

    Please help.

    1. Shivi

      CBI.. is Central Bank of India… not that same as SBI!

  167. k.padmesh

    Dear sir,

    I had SBI Simply save card but now i have upgraded to Prime card. I want to know what is the credit limit for SBI card prime.

    1. Shivi

      Check your SBI Prime welcome letter. It’s mentioned on that!

  168. Mahendra Kumar

    Hi Sid,

    I am able to save 0.5% when load money into wallet like payzap
    Will I get 20Rp/100rupees if I load money into wallet on my birthday too?
    Because I don’t have any planned spendings on birthday and I don’t want to loose chance of 5% saving.

    Anyone got 20rp on wallet load on birthday?

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Yes you will get 20 RP/ Rs. 100 spends.

    2. Mouli

      But you will loose 2% as withdrawal charge,rt ?

  169. Arjun Mahajan

    Are rent payments through Redgirraffe still fetching 20 RP per Rs 100 (5% value)?
    Is SBI charging any extra charge over the 0.39% + GST charged by Redgirraffe for processing the rent payment?
    How much is the transaction time usually after the money gets charged on the card? For example, if I have set the autopay on the last day of the month (30th or 31st), the landlord usually gets the payment by? (Factory in working days only)

    Planning to apply for the SBI prime card primarily for this reason. Any feedback from a current user would be of great help.

  170. Ashwin

    This is the best card for utility payments. Will recommend eyes closed.

    Yes, 5% value. Only 0.39% charged. Not any extra by SBI. Rent gets paid by 4-5 working days after money is charged to the card.

  171. Mahendra


    What amonut should I mentioned while registration of LIC on autopay? Is it only premium excluding tax or should I premium include tax while registration of policy? Customer care people has no idea about that?

  172. Rakesh Joseph P

    Hi Friends..

    I am using Sbi prime credit card.. I received my sbi evoucher worth 3000 two weeks back.. but it got deleted unfortunately.. am very much depressed and now I have no idea whom to contact exactly or from where can I get it back.. please help me out guys.. thank you!!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Use website to raise a request to re-send it. It’ll take long, but you’ll get it.

    2. Mahendra

      Hi Rakesh Joseph P,
      Customer care people can help on this. They are able to send on the fly. I got pizzahut voucher like that.

    3. Purna

      If it is a Yatra Voucher then you can call customer care to resend it.It will be done in 2 min.Not sure about other vouchers

    4. Rakshit

      Alternatively call the sbi card helpline. i did not receive it so had to call helpline.but the guy took not more than 30 seconds to generate the voucher and did apologise too! they are super quick.

  173. vishal amarnani

    Have been using SBI Prime for a long time now. It is only Lounge access as free to stay in or you can eat and drink side in 4 complimentary uses at Mumbai lounge. I was recently charged 1756 Rs for the same?

    While buying the card, the agent mentioned you can eat and drink inside – buffet.

    1. Narinder Pal Singh

      Vishal possibly you have used either add-on card for access or you have exhausted free permitted access. But normally these lounge guys, dip the card and they tell if this access will be free or paid.

  174. Prashant Gupta

    With lounge access food and non alcoholic drinks are free. Have you exceeded the the number of useage or used a lounge which does not accept sbi prime for free access.

  175. sanjeev jha

    hi, i have used more then 50k every quarter but never got pizza hut coupon. what is the procedure to get the coupon. shall i contact sbi for this.

    can u elaborate point 5 and point 6 which you have mentioned. is there any charge that i have to pay for this

  176. Santosh Prasad

    Can someone please help me. Recently someone tried to make international transactions on my SBI prime card. Thankfully I had already switched off my card international uses, so the transaction was declined and I got a message about it. Few months back same issue happened with my Standard chartered card. Someone made 10 transactions on my card in Vietnamese dollars of 200 each before I could even react. I blocked the card. I just want to know how the card is compromised when I have not shared my card details with anyone. Is it possible that when we swipe our cards they are cloned. Is it safe to use cards to make payment for Uber rides or buying things on e commerce websites. It will be of great help if some of you can share there experience about how to prevent such uses.

    1. Purna

      First, you need to make sure block all international transactions for credit cards and also you should not use your card on public computers and try to use only on reliable e-commerce websites. And also don’t save card details on their websites. Try to use virtual keyboards while typing card details. Switch to EMV Chip cards if you are using old credit cards. You should not share the credit card information to anyone in any form.

  177. Swapnil

    Have been using SBI Elite card for more than 1.5 years. After two years they not extending priority pass membership. Also club vistara silver membership gonna expire soon. Paying close to 6K annual fee just for retaining this card when other privileges not being extended(except bookmyshow offer) doesn’t make much sense. I’m thinking to downgrade to SBI Prime card. Would like to know few things:

    1) How to downgrade ? I seen some comments downgrade not being approved.

    2) Will I get joining e-gift voucher after downgrading from existing elite card ?

    3) Will they retain existing credit limit on my card even after downgrading ?

    4) Will I be getting new Priority pass & club vistara silver membership benefits or not ?

  178. Parag Goel

    Does insurance premium payment comes under utility category???

  179. Narinder Pal Singh

    Friends, how are you adjusting reward points against statement??? I am not getting option for this in net banking.

    1. Ashwin

      You can redeem either by calling or writing to them. In Net banking, go to MailBox->Compose->Reward Points Redemption->Request for Redemption and then request for statement credit there.

  180. Arjun

    I had a question here for Sid and others , if i register for autopay of my annual payment of LIC for 3 lakhs premium on my birthday.What reward points do i get?

    1. Mahendra

      It should be still 5% obviously. It doesn’t matter whether autopay debited on your birthday or normal day, you are entitled to get 5% of spending equivalent points.

      Hi Sid,
      How SBI is able to give 5% cash back? What is the profit SBI getting from autopay?

      1. Arjun

        For Birthday spends there is a separate 5% back ,hence the query.

    2. Purna

      You get 20 points for Rs.100 for auto pay irrespective of date

  181. Arjun

    Hi,anyone knows if we can pay the bill for wbsedcl(west bengal state electricity) with autopay in prime or amex mrcc?

    1. Arjun

      Didnt get any reply for this, any Bengalis using it maybe can throw some light on this.
      Abhishek do you know anything on this?

  182. Ramp

    How to use complimentary green fee waiver? Particularly in delhi. I guess no one has asked this before.?
    Please shed some light on this.

  183. Shaan

    Hi… I have applied for Prime Card and it’s approved.Waiting to get hold of it. I read all the posts took almost 1 hour. Following Doubts still There.

    1. Will I reward points on using Add on card also? On my birthday also if I use add-on Card will I get 20 RP.

    2. Those whose got 7000Rs Yatra Milestone voucher. Was it a single voucher of 7000 or splitted one Plz share.

    3. Saw people saying Domestic Lounge Working for add-on card also. I don’t think it will work for International I suppose ( Pls correct if I am wrong).PP Lounge access for domestic is chargeable for HdFc only right or is SBI Prime also charging now for domestic lounge since I saw some one posting that he was charged.

    1. purna

      it is not a single voucher.. it is denominations are 2000 2000 and 3000

      1. Shaan

        tHANKS… Will I reward points on using Add on card also

        1. Sreehari

          1. Yes you will get reward points on using add-on card also.
          2. It’s split-denominations vary, some have received 2000+2000+3000, others have received 3500+3500 etc.
          3. PP provided is free for international lounges only. For lounges in India, the credit card itself allows 2 free access/quarter.

  184. Dolphy

    I received my Prime card in May 2017, with 47000 Rs limit ,they even didnt asked me for any salary document.. they just took my Pan card copy and Aadhar card copy.. in November 2017 .i requested for LE but they denied my request..

    Last week i again sent request via sbicard website along with latet ITR copy of 5.20 lakh, this time they only increased 18000 Rs on my card so my creit limit is 65000, i think which is very low for current salary is in hand 43000, so how much maximum i get credit limit, Some one told me most of the credit card company will fix 3 times of monthly salary ..if so 43000 x3 = 1.29 lakh im eligible , I have only this one credit card as of now…. do u know any bank provides card to card credit card on based on my SBI card?

    1. Arjun

      Credit Limit varies from bank to bank.Generally from 1x to 3x.For amex it goes upto 3x.For risk averse banks it is lower.

  185. jitendra kumar saraogi

    if i can apply this card in company name?
    please confirm.

  186. Pradeep


    i’m getting offer for upgrade from prime to elite, but there is no offer for limit enhancement. checked with customer care to0. so, i want to know that if any one got limit enhancement after upgrade?

    1. Dolphy

      Sbi cards there no minimum income required for any prieum cards including prime and elite…i got prime card without any income group..for limit enhacement send ur ITR COPY or salary slip of 2 months… they will update le within 24 hours..

  187. Vijay

    Is 20rp on birthday spends,applicable to add-on cards on their birthdays as well?

  188. Rohan

    Hi, Can any of the user who set BESCOM autopay confirm if SBI charge convenience charge(1.82%+GST) or not?

    1. mahendra

      I am using BESCOM autopay option. No convenience charged.

  189. Khwaja Siddique

    I am seeing an option to redeem 1000 reward points for 250rs Bpcl e voucher. Product available in all cities. Is it worth?
    Is 99rs Redemption handling fee applicable for redeeming catalogue Vouchers?

  190. GG

    Hi all,

    I got following spend based offer, not sure if you got it.

    “Use your SBI Card ending xxxx, 8 times between 12Jul-31Jul18 & get FREE Flipkart voucher worth Rs1000.Min. trxn Rs.1000.Not valid on cash&fuel.T&C”.

  191. Mickey

    My application for the Prime got rejected. 😔

    Maybe bcoz I’m self employed with ITR of 11l ? And my CIBIL score is 800. I have a limit of 5l across my other 3 cards – Citi rewards, ICICI coral and HDFC moneyback. No default or even late payments ever!

    Not sure why??

    Should I apply for the Yes Primia instead? I wanted another card for lounge access locally.

    Thanks guys!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      SBI & Citi usually don’t like self-employed.

      1. Mickey

        Thanks Sid!

        Should I escalate to SBI nodal officer?

        Or should I just try Yes Bank Primia? I wanted another card for lounge access and less mark-up fee on Forex transactions

        1. Amann

          Then you should go for IndusInd Exclusive Signature/World Debit Card . Lounge access and nil Forex markup.

      2. Vinod Kannan

        If u use SBI current account statement for applying SBI credit card, they wont reject it…

  192. Manuj Mittal

    since a lot of people here have sbi prime, can someone confirm , has there vistara silver membership been continued to 2nd year, or everyone was downgraded to basic membership

    1. Mouli

      Vistara Silver membership wont be continued for 2nd year, if you haven’t taken the number of flights eligible for Silver Tier Membership

  193. Mickey

    UPDATE —

    I escalated the matter to the Principal Nodal officer (a level above the Nodal officer) but it was declined with the same wording – due to internal policies we are unable to issue you a card at this time.

    Response was within a day from the PNO so at least the customer support is fast!

    Otherwise, the language on the call I received from them was not very polite. The lady who called me from Gurgaon SBI PNO office was very clinical and cut the call abruptly after delivering the card-is-declined message.

  194. hari

    I just completed one year using the SBI prime, Yes Presferred and SCB Ultimate cards. Sharing my thoughts here.
    Cards that I hold now

    HDFC Regalia
    HDFC Clubmiles
    SCB Ultimate
    SCB Manhattan
    SCB Landmark Card
    Citi Rewards
    Yes First Preferred
    SBI Prime
    Indusind Iconia Amex
    ICICI Coral Amex

    I prefer putting all my regular spends on credit cards where ever possible and don’t spend for the sake of points.
    To get the best out of my SBI Prime card I registered for rental payment, Insurance and utility payments which helped me reach the spend target of 3 lakhs and get back 5% as rewards – Received statement credit of 13,000 and Pizza hut vouchers worth Rs 2000/-
    By using my YFP card only during promotions with spend targets from Dec 2017 to till date I could redeem for vouchers worth Rs.8500/- – I hardly spent Rs1,50,000/- on this card
    By using my Citi Rewards card on BB to purchase monthly groceries I got cash back of Rs.3000 in six months – – 20% cash back
    I use my Diners card for purchases through smart buy and convert them in to miles.
    For all other spends I used my SCB Ultimate card and received cash back and vouchers worth 25000/- till date
    Add to the above other cash backs specific to the cards on e-commerce portals, BMS discounts and Lounge access I have received up to Rs.60000/- just by putting my regular spends on various credit card.
    Also, if I am not making purchases through HDFC Smartbuy, I use Jet Privilege to make purchases on e-commerce sites thereby earning JP miles over and above the regular RPs.

  195. Sanjay Kumar das

    Hi everyone
    No more pizza hut all over india.
    Has anyone facing the same problem?? Pizza hut outlet has stopped accepting coupon code.
    What to do now?? I have 2000 rupees coupon from sbi prime credit card.
    Please reply.

    1. Ashwin

      Yes, I also faced the same problem. I spoke with the store manager in Chennai and he says it is a loss for them too and this is an issue for the past 1-2 months. He said you can pay the amount in full and then get the value reimbursed as points from SBI. I’m skeptical about this option and will not use till Pizza Hut accepts the voucher.

    1. GG

      Received following input from SBI on PizzaHut:

      “As a part of our SBI Card PRIME value proposition, cardholders are provided Pizza Hut vouchers worth INR 1000 on spending Rs.50,000.00 in a calendar quarter.

      Due to a technical glitch in their back-end system, Pizza Hut vouchers are currently not being accepted at select outlets across Kerala, Telangana, Mumbai, Gujarat, Pune, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh etc.

      The Pizza Hut team is working on the same and it is expected that the issue would be resolved by next week”.



    Can anyone comment which departmental stores are eligible for higher reward rate?
    I am getting 10 reward points on Grocery but I am getting only 2 reward points for spends in stores like Shoppers Stop/Pantaloons/Lifestyle which makes no sense.
    Can anyone confirm which major stores are included in 10 reward points category?

  197. Mohit

    I already have SBI Simplyclick card. Can I apply for new SBI Prime card for a FD or is it better to upgrade my simplyclick to Prime?
    What are itr requirements for prime card?


      you can have both at the same time. i have both cards simply click and prime.

  198. GG

    Hi all,

    FYI. Received 1K flipkart GV for spend based offer yesterday, for July.


  199. Mickey

    Has anyone used the Trident membership Red tier with Prime? Is it beneficial in any way at all?

  200. Mickey

    Can the Priority Pass (given against Prime) be swiped twice at the same time in the same lounge for access to 2 persons as long as free visits are valid?

  201. Mithi

    SBI did not waive my annual fee while my annual spend in 4.5 Lakhs, I have raised complaint with them.

    Will they waive both fee + tax or only fee.

    1. hari

      First they charge the fee to the card and credit it back to your card with tax.

  202. Mickey

    Sid – I think 1/2 star needs to be docked for the Prime because their forex mark up charge is 3.5% and not 2%. This is a major drawback for a premium card.

    It’s definitely not a 4.5 star card with forex mark up of 3.5%!

    1. Abhishek Roy

      The value that th card provides at fraction of the cost, I think 4.5 stars is well deserved. Had the mark up fees been 2% or less, Sid should have given it a 5 star rating.

  203. Vicky

    Is there any limit on the reward points we can get on birthday?

    If i make purchases of 2 lac rs , will i get 40,000 reward points?

    1. Mahendra Kumar

      Hi Vicky,

      As of now there is no limit on number of rewards points. You will get 40k points.

  204. Himanshu

    It seems like SBI is now out with their festive offer. I have received the following SMS:
    This festive season, get 50% BONUS Reward Points with your SBI Credit Card ending XXXX on spending Rs.25,000 or more. Validity: 10 Oct – 05Nov’18. Not valid on cash & fuel. T&C

    It would be nicer if we get extra Reward Points on accelerated category as well.

  205. Narinder Pal Singh

    I have not received any such office. Anybody else received it?

    1. Ashwin

      I have received the offer. Shop for 45000 or more with your SBI Credit Card ending xxxx & earn 50% BONUS Reward Points.

      Max Reward Points: 2000

      Offer validity: 10 Oct – 05 Nov’18

      1. Narinder Pal Singh

        I received it today 200% bonus points on 75000 or more. Useless as 200% means 2 additional points per 100. So if i spend 75000, i will get additional 1500 points which means 325 Rs worth points…. that too on spending 75,000. No point.

  206. Sanket

    I just applied for SBI Prime and was wondering if there is any major difference in the MC/Visa variants, specifically wrt lounge access and possibly other offers. Could somebody shed light

  207. Anshul Jain

    Hey! I never received the welcome gift voucher. When I called up the customer care, they said that the welcome voucher is expired and nothing can be done. This is outrageous since all other credit card companies provide a new voucher with extended dates. How do I get around this?

  208. AS

    With effect from 10th Jan’ 19, benefit of 15 Reward Points per 100 spent at any store
    of Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Reliance Trends, Reliance Footprints & Sahakari Bhandar
    would be discontinued.

  209. vikas Bhalla

    Hey Siddharth,
    First of all I want to thank you for this helpful site. I was a credit card noob and I learnt a lot about how credit cards work in India. My question is that would it be possible to apply for this card against my PPF account at SBI?

    1. Shivi

      Nope! You can get the card against fixed deposit held with SBI but not against PPF!

  210. Rohit Nath

    When will I get my 3000 Rs. voucher as I have not got yet even I get my sbi prime card on 30-11-2018.

    1. Mahendra

      Dear Rohit,

      You will get SMS to choose between different vendors(like BATA, yatra, pataloons) once you paid first bill which includes joining fee of 3000/- + GST.

    2. mithun

      I got mine IN November too..after payment of annual fee, 15 days gap, then u will get sms. I paid in 1st Jan, do on 15th Jan will get

  211. Himansh

    I am holding a SBI prime MasterCard. Can I use it for free lounge access at INTERNATIONAL terminal lounges within India? Please let me know. Anyway great site with lots of information.

    1. Abhisek

      Yes, you can use it with the VISA/Mastercard lounge access for both domestic and international lounges within India.
      if you are taking about priority pass lounge on PRIME card , it is applicable only for lounges outside India and not within India.


    I have been using SBI prime card for the last couple of years.
    It’s an excellent card if you dont have premium cards. A couple of years back when I got this card, I was using only basic Credit cards and this card seemed like an excellent choice.
    Now, thanks to this site, I have 2 premium cards – Diners black and Yes first exclusive which has much better reward rates for all kinds of spends. So, my usage of Prime card has gone down a lot. Mostly the Prime card is being used in local grocery stores and SBI specific promotion offers.
    SInce the major advantage of this card is if you spend more than 5 lakhs and the renewal fee waiver is at 3 lakhs, I was not sure I will be spending that much.
    So, I decided to downgrade to SimplySave card (only 90K spend for renewal fee waiver)as some of the SBI specific offers are very good and I feel everyone should have a SBI card (flipkart/amazon/makemytrip promotions). Called SBI customer care and they downgraded without even asking anything. The worst possible retention team I must say.
    SO, to summarise, this card is very good if you dont have other premium cards. ALso, the birthday spend and bill pay advantages are great if you can utilize them (my bill payment monthly is only 2000/-)

    1. Jay

      Hi Shiladitya,

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      Can you also share what limit you had on Prime and what limit you got on SimplySave after downgrade.

      Because SimplSave cards are from Basic rang and upper cap of limit is just 5l, I want to understand if one is holding a Prime card with limit 5l+ what limit they’ll offer when card is downgraded.

      Thanks in Advance.

      1. Shivi

        @ Jay – There is no upper cap limit of any sbi card. I held simply save credit card @ 7 lakh credit limit. Now i have simply click credit card with 7.5 lakh credit limit.

        1. Himanshu

          Woah, didn’t knew basic sbi cards can go upto 7.5 lakhs that’s too much imo.

          I upgraded to prime from simplyclick . Limit went to 2X.

          May I know for how many years you using sbi cards?

  213. Joseph

    I recently applied for sbi prime through the branch. Got an sms the other day which said
    “2xxxx5 is your SBI Card app code. Please enter this code in the online form to authorize access to your bureau record and SBI accounts info”
    What does this mean? I downloaded the sbi card app from play store. There is no option to enter this code anywhere.

  214. AJAI

    Standing instructions can only be done for a handful of electricity distributors. Hpseb not being among them, this is what I was told by customer care.

    Correct me if I am wrong

  215. Jayant Deshpande

    If the said card kept in my back pocket, will it complete transaction without my knowledge?

  216. Joseph

    Got my prime card yesterday. Planning to shift my day to day expenses from regalia to prime because of better reward structure.
    One doubt. I have CV silver status through regalia. But wont be able to maintain it beyond this year as I don’t have the required number of flights.
    So can I get CV silver status again through prime after my current silver status gets downgraded.

    1. Anmol

      Yes, apply for silver membership post expiry of existing one.

  217. Shahil

    I have got SBI Prime card against my HDFC Jet Platinum card in Dec 2018. So far, this is the most rewarding credit card I ever held.

    I spent around 4.62 lac on my birthday and got 100,000 reward points. I was given 25,000 rupees as statement credit to my card immediately after contacting their phone support.

    Already availed 2000 Pizza hut voucher, 3000 + 7000 Pantaloon Voucher as well, totaling somewhere near 37,000 rupees in value back in just two months of usage of this card which is incredible to say the least!

    I was initially offered SBI Elite but I chose to go with the Prime card since it provides more value for money and has better offers including milestone benefits.

    1. Mandeep Kumar

      How can u avail 7000 rupees pantaloons voucher in just 2 months?? Is tht possible?? I thought the eligible limit was 5 lacs spend in one year..after tht they give this voucher..plz enlighten me

      1. Mahendra Kumar Gunda

        Hi Mandeep,

        You will get pantaloons voucher withing 2 weeks of time after you crossed 5 lacs spending.
        No need to wait till one year completion.

  218. Prabhat

    What comes under 20 RP per Rs.100 spent: Standing instructions of Utility Bills payments (5% Value) ?

    1. Is RentPay from RedGirraffe considered (rent via credit card) ?
    2. How about ACT Broadband bills paid (paid once in 7 months [6+1 months plan]), Airtel DTH bills count too ?

  219. Nipun

    Standing Instruction of Utility Payment means/ Auto Pay or register and if I approve Manually Will I get the 20 RP..

    1. Mahendra

      Hi Nipun,

      If you pay manually you won’t get 20RP instead you will get only 2RP.

  220. Pradeep

    Can someone confirm if TamilNadu Electricity board (TNEB) is available for auto step-up for untility payments?
    it’ll save a lot for me. i upgraded to elite 6 months back


      Hi Pradeep… TNEB is not available in SBI Pay net… It is available in HDFC PayZapp though…

      1. Pradeep

        Thank you for the reply. Already using payzapp & smartpay

      2. MAA-traveler

        Are you sure? TNEB is available. Was not available earlier but now available. Listed as Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) and autopay can be availed. 🙂

        1. Peadeep

          Yes previously not available, so I upgraded to elite. If I go to bill pay options the Four different options of pay, register and pay, auto pay are not working, instead at the bottom “pay now” button only works which shows TNEB, Called customer care they said auto pay is not available elite and prime. So, kindly confirm here for sure.

  221. Sanpreet Singh


    Though I’m using this card for almost 1 1/2 year and been quite happy with its reward program but a recent bitter experience washed away all the befits I rendered from this card. So I though this’ll be a good platform to bring forth the awareness.

    Simply put, my SBI PRIME Credit Card got cloned somewhere, somehow even though, I NEVER used it ever at any UN-trusted location.
    Now this cloned card was used to withdraw money from an ATM and as soon as I received the SMS I immediately got the card blocked and raised a dispute.
    I was told that the resolution may take 120 days and on my repeated followup they did temporary credit of Rs 15000 excluding the ATM charges. Now I got a mail from them stating that the ATM log shows the transaction was done (obviously) and I have to pay the money that I never took.

    All said and done I just want to request all the users to be very careful while using this card because if any fraud happens, there are high chances that you have to bear the loss as the investigation team hardly investigates anything and there are many loopholes in their security.

    Also if you still want to use this card I would suggest to get rid of cash limit available as most of us hardly use these credit cards for cash.

    1. GTMAX

      Oh! This is really a nightmare. A lot of my colleagues have faced this issue with SBI cards in the last couple of months. Not in terms of cash withdrawal but unauthorized online transactions.

      Also how can one get rid of the cash limit?

      1. Sanpreet Singh

        You can simply call the customer care and request for removing the cash limit.

        1. GTMAX

          I called them up to block/disable/reduce the cash limit, but they said they do not have any such option

          1. Sanpreet Singh


            That’s strange, I got the cash removed from my other cards like ICICI etc.
            I suggest you call the customer care and talk to a manager there for this.

    2. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Hi Sanpreet,

      I have recently read many articles about card skimming and people making fraudulent cash withdrawal from ATMs.

      Without PIN, No body can withdraw cash or transact at Indian POS. I suspect someone might have recorded your PIN using some spy camera may be and used the skimmed card to withdraw money from ATM.

      One such big incident happened in an IT Park in Chennai. People working in Canteen seemed to use skimmer device before swiping in the actual machine and record the PIN user entering with Spy camera and withdraw cash using the skimmed card from some other state after 3 or 4 days.

      You might be a victim of such type of incident.

      1. MAA-traveler

        I have also had my Prime card fraudulently used recently. There were 9 transactions from the same biller. I got the card blocked ASAP and also disputed the transaction. I however got the issue resolved within two weeks where I was initially given the Temporary Credit and subsequently given credit too.

        I use my SBI Prime card only for bill payment and any SBI based offers so planing to cancel/block the cash limit as well as de-activated international usage.

        1. Sanpreet Singh


          That’ll be a good decision.

      2. Sanpreet Singh


        I think you are right … i’ll be lot more careful now while using my other cards.
        Thanks for the info.

    3. Purna

      You can write to RBI through their website. You will get response from RBI for sure within 7 to 10 working days.Its bank responsibility to stop or prevent such fraud transactions.

      1. Sanpreet Singh

        Thanks Purna, I din’t know about this. I’ll surly do the same.
        Thank you so much for this info.

    4. Mayank

      Ohh. Sorry to hear your bad experience. I believe then AMEX cards are much better in such situations.

  222. Keenu

    Sbi is worst in selling your info, mostly done by employees thanks to sarkari attitude now that ge money is out of the venture. My name on sbi card is diff from real name due to some clerical error. And i get most marketing calls for that diff name.

  223. Shivi

    I faced the same issue with SBI Prime card, twice. I used on Indian Amazon site, and the next moment I realise somebody used it in Brazil! The next time i used that card on ZoomCar and again an International transaction @ USA triggered off. Now I just keep the International Transaction on my SBI card disabled and ask for a card replacement once a year just to be on the safer side.

    You can’t disable or permanently lock the cash limit on SBI card, at least not via its’ site or Mobile App. It is possible, AFAIK, only on RBL, IndusInd and ICICI cards!

  224. GTMAX

    Now I am strongly thinking whether I should cancel my upgrade request to SBI prime placed around 5 days back. All these fraud cases that I have heard in my office or here on the blog have happened with the same card SBI Prime. The reward rate fraudsters are earning on this particular card is far high that being earned by customers.

  225. GTMAX

    Hi Dr. Roy,

    Is it possible to stop the auto pay for one of the payment cycle for Redgiraffe with SBI card like HDFC? As per my conversation with them, they said no such option is available. However, whenever one has to do it, you have to de-register the bill and again register it later

    1. Abhishek Roy

      I use SBI Prime for all my auto pay bills including Redgiraffe. Yes, there is an option to stop Autopay for the month if you want. You have to go to “scheduled bills”. There it’ll show Redgiraffe, there are is an option from there to stop the Autopay for the month. You don’t have to deregister and re-register each time.

      1. GTMAX

        Yes Thanks Abhishek. Yesterday, I registered Redgiraffe and saw that like HDFC it is the same back end interface of Billdesk which is I think used across most of the banks.

        SBI customer care always make sure to share incorrect information. They told me that you cannot register billers through the app/website and I need to call and get it registered.Even if I do it through app/website, it would not be considered as registered and for future payment. When I call their bill pay registration team to register it over call, they ironically tell me to use app/website and to do it. Also the customer care is not aware that a bill can be stopped for one cycle.

      2. Gala

        Abhishek – do you Get 20 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent when you spend on RefGiraffe (5% Cash back).

        Currently i pay rent through Dinners Black (3.3% Reward) was planning to apply for SBI Prime and move bill payment there.

        Is there any way we can avoid the joining fees of Rs 3000 for new relationship with SBI?

    2. Shivi

      You cannot stop one autopay payment. Either you make full manual payment before the autopay date kicks in or cancel the autopay altogether and thereafter start the process of registering the biller again on your card/account.

  226. Himanshu

    Got upgraded to sbi prime card. How can i register Auto pay for utility bills?

    Apart from that i have 2 PP with yesbank and hdfc. Can i also apply with sbi prime? Same goes to Club Vistara membership.
    I have with hdfc regalia. Can i apply after 6 months?

  227. Amar

    Anyone else to facing an issue with Autopay for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance bill pay since last month.
    My card account is being debited and then says bill pay failed. SBI is not even reversing the transaction – happened to me thice now in 1 month.
    Money is getting stuck and Bill also didn’t get paid

    1. Naveen

      How did you manage to resolve the situation. I have the same issue with another Biller. Any insight that you can share is greatly appreciated

  228. Ankit Saraf

    I applied for upgrade from SimplyClick to the Prime card and the bank denied. Is there any suggestion to get approved?

    1. Himanshu

      Same happened with me when I requested to upgrade my Simply Save Card to Prime. Actually, my card was eligible to upgrade to Air India Platinum card and I asked them to upgrade it to Prime. They took the request but later denied stating that there is no offer on my card.
      After around 1 month, I received a call from SBI and they offered me AI Platinum Card. I told them the only card I want is Prime. So, they connected my call to some verification department who explained to me all the features and approved the upgrade.
      One trick here is if you are eligible for an upgrade on your card( be it any SBI Card other than Prime) then click on Request a Callback Option and they will call you to upgrade the card. Once you receive the call, tell them that you want Prime Card.

      1. Himanshu

        Hey Himanshu, Ankit

        I was also using simplyclick for 2 years but now upgraded to prime card. I requested few times for prime but everytime they deny. This time one of SBI Card sales guy forcely applied for new SBI card which is prime. Tho it was flip process. One fine day I got approval message. Maybe high spends from 3-4 months approved the application.

        Try to move your spends to your existing SBI card and apply for upgrade.

  229. Govinda

    I have not any experience of SBI banking because there are so many documentation, formalities and unnecessary charges applicable.

    After long time when i have tried to get SBI Credit Card Experience. It is believed my thinking correct

    First time i applied SBI Prime Credit Card. They confirmed me over telephone communcation the charges would be RS. 499 + GST but and i was shocked to see the generated statement of Yearly Charges Rs.2999 + GST.

    There is actually lacking of loyalty before submission of application, user confirmation and ever verification time. If anyone ready then will go otherwise let me go why are you fooling someone.

    1. Govinda

      At the time of SBI Prime card submission even verification thru call, they had confirmed me the yearly charges would be application Rs499+GST. But i was shocked to see the statement of Yearly charges Rs.2999+GST.

      There is actually lacking of loyalty otherwise it is depend of people want to apply or not…

      Request to please revise or cancel my card…

    2. Himanshu


      Maybe the sales agent told you wrong or you misunderstood. SBI prime comes with a yearly fees of Rs 2999+ GST. Fee is clearly mentioned on the website/application form. You get an equivalent welcome voucher. If spends are more than 3L in one year, Sbi will waive off the fees.

  230. Manikanta

    Couple of times my upgrade request to SBI Prime from SimplyCLICK is denied, i have escalated the issue till principal nodal officer and they created a 3rd upgrade request on exceptional basis. Got a verification call today and during the conversation with them, got to know that for LIC bills if we add them in standing instruction, we’ll get 20x points only if the LIC bill period is monthly. In case if the LIC bills are quarterly/biannual/annual then we get only regular 2x points. Is it true? Has any one received 20x points for annual LIC bills paid in autopay of Prime card?

    1. Ankit Saraf

      Finally received the SBI Prime MasterCard variant today after trying for 2 months. Online, offline, speaking to customer care, writing them, nothing worked. No one was willing to even fill out application form for upgrade from simplyclick or a new card. Finally saw option on Yono app and immediately filled up the application. Card approved and reached me within 2 weeks. Have moved all my bills for SI from HDFC regalia to Prime card. 2L limit has been granted which I feel is generous. I have some major payments coming up, so planning to reach the 5L milestone (will take maybe 6-8 months). All good for 1st year. I can still keep the simplyclick card for another 1.5 years as the 1L spend crossed few months back.

      1. Addy

        hi ankit

        Thanks for your idea it worked for me as well (applied through yono). But for me they asked to flip the card and the limit also is the old one and not as shown in the application (in yono and it was 75% than previous limit) . So my old card (simply click) is closed and new prime is issued with limit of old card. What happened in your case?

      2. Shashank

        didn’t they ask you for a flip of the simplyclick to SBI prime? How were you able to keep simplyclick? Did you not declare that you have an SBI credit card when you applied for prime?

        1. Ameya

          Even I have 2 SBI cards (First SBI BPCL and then Prime) and the second one was automatically added in my account.
          No issues at all. I even received a credit limit increase offer on my BPCL card.

        2. Addy

          Yes they asked for flip as i have already written. My sbiclick is closed. I have not declared that i m holding a sbi card.

  231. Manikanta

    Anyone here paid LIC annual bills through standing instruction in SBI Prime and got 20x reward points?
    As per my recent conversation with SBI cc, only monthly bill payments in SI will be given 20x points it seems.

    1. Mahendra

      Hi Manikanta,

      I am paying LIC bills and getting 20X points. However, I registered one year back, not sure if u they change anything regarding that. But I am pretty sure you are misguided. Last month also I paid LIC and got 20X points. Anyway, you need to pay. So just try once.

  232. Mickey

    What is LIC bill? You mean Insurance Premium right?

  233. Mickey

    PRIME privileges stop after 2 years? I just read that Vistara upgrade is for 1 year/ 1 time only.

    And Priority Pass is for 2 years after which they will not re-issue. So the International Lounge Benefit goes after 2 years which quite a big takeaway

    1. Rohit roy

      Yes thats correct. Not only to prime but also to elite card they will not issue priority pass. Its not worth to get it if travel is concern.

  234. Amit

    You get 20 points for any standing instructions with auto pay.

  235. Mickey

    Is Fuel spends also counted for 20 RP on Birthday spends?

    1. Priyank

      Except for Fuel spends, all other spends will be considered for 20 RP/ Rs. 100 spent.

    2. Amann

      Do the fuel transaction through Paytm. Think you can get 20 rp on that on birthdays.

  236. Cardi-N

    Now the Capping on monthly reward points is 6000, that’s what the customer care told me when I called for the downgrade request from elite to prime. Can you guys confirm?

    1. Ankush Vashisht

      Please validate if this information is correct. If there is capping on Reward points than its a major devaluation….

  237. Manikanta

    Hi Cardi-N,
    I just checked with SBI Cards CC. There is no max capping on the 20x points receivable on utility bills however max capping of 6000 points per month is applicable only on the regular points(2 reward points for every 100 sent)

  238. Ankit Saraf

    I have moved my SI to Prime. I will wait for the first LIC payment and check. If they dont provide 20rp/100 as promised, I will move again to regalia. For time being the monthly rent payment will have to suffice. There’s no mention of monthly bill anywhere mentioned. Just mentioned Standing instructions of Utility Bill payment. Let’s see anyways.

  239. Anuj Tripathi

    How can I identify if the merchant comes under “Dining, Groceries, Departmental stores and Movies” categories which gives 10 RP per 100.
    1. Like I paid at a restaurant using Dineout, will it qualify for Dining purchase?
    2. Similarly, If I book movie on BookMyShow, will it qualify for Movies purchase?

    1. GTMAX

      With Merchant Category code(MCC) it can be identified. Depends on how merchants are registered with Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Amex and the same merchant can be registered somewhat differently with each of these.

      1. Dineout is registered as discount store category with Mastercard. So it is not considered as dining. Not sure how it is registered with Visa

      2. As Bookmyshow has non-movie options, it might as well could be registered with a different MCC code.

      1. Priya Upadhyaya

        A few credit cards which offer merchant specific points/cashback do mention the Merchant Category codes in the Card statement.

        2 of them are IndusInd Platinum Aura Card and Citibank Cashback card.

        Someone with these cards can help us with MCC of different merchants.

        1. jambui

          axis bank and kotak bank also do that.

  240. Sourabh

    Can we set a monthly standing instruction for NPS (National Pension Scheme) payment?

  241. Nandhakumar

    Today got prime card with 3 lakh limit card to card basis.
    I was not expecting this limit

  242. Monic

    Today i spoke to SBI CC, they confirmed as per revised T&C, 20 Reward Points for every 100 spent for SI , now limited to 6000 Points. Can existing user check statements and confirm back

  243. Himanshu Kainth


    I too confirmed with cc on phone. One said 6000 max on SI. After that 2 RP per 100. Few of them have no idea and some told me max cap is 7500 RP per month.

    I got my Prime card a two months back. I am about to hit 6000 points just for SI bills. I’ll check my statement, if SBI puts cap it would be most disappointing thing.

    Guys please share your experience if you have crossed 6K points in a month just for SI on utility payments. Let’s hope for the best.

    1. Priyank

      SI bill processed on May 27 2019. I have got a total of 11k points for the same.

      There is no cap on the points from SI Auto Pay bills.

      You can be assured.

    2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      I can confirm that there is no upper cap for standing instructions via redgirraffe. Just today we got points in one of my friend’s Prime card. The party is not over YET.

      1. A2Z

        How to setup auto pay? Only via call centre? or via sbi card website?

        1. A2Z

          I got it
          Login to
          Go to Utility Bill Payments
          Add Biller
          One has to choose Card No. & other details

  244. Gokul

    SBI Card application process is very painful & annoying. I used to get call daily for 3 weeks & they will ask the same thing( address, id proof, etc). At a point I got annoyed and asked them to cancel the application. 10 minutes later another guy called and asked for the same thing. If you have the patience to say the same details over phone for like 30 times then apply this card.

    1. amit

      Gokul, The calls you are receiving may not be genuine and may not be from SBI. Be careful.

  245. Himanshu Kainth

    We would like to inform you that as per the feature of this card you will get 20 reward points per Rs. 100 spent on standing instructions of Utility Bills Payments and there is no capping as well.

    Yours sincerely,
    Anshul Sharma
    From Nodal Officer Team – SBI Card

  246. Siddharth S

    Do prepaid electricity meter recharge also count for 20RP/100 scheme?
    If I put SI on it will it be eligible?

  247. ARR

    Hi all,
    I used to have Simply Click CC with the credit limit of Rs.1,13,000/-. I tried many a times to upgrade to Prime and to enhance the limit. But, all went in vain.
    One of the executives of SBI forced me to apply for Prime. I was reluctant to apply. But, the executive convinced to apply and I did the same. The card was approved within a week with the limit of Rs.4,99,000/-

    1. Pradeep

      do you hold both sbi simply click & prime now?

  248. ARR

    Hi all,
    I received the Pizzahut voucher worth Rs.1000/-(500+500) for reaching the milestone. It was sent automatically.

    1. Himanshu Kainth


      I too recieved 1K pizza vouchers on quarter spending for 50K. Best card for me. I can easily save 7%.

      1. Ankit Shukla

        How to do you save 7% given that the Rent Payment Biller is also removed now!

  249. Rakesh

    Does Netflix subscription come under utility payment?

    1. Mahendra

      Hi Rakesh,

      Yes, It will come under utility payments. However, For netflix, we won’t get 10X reward points.

  250. Joseph

    How to adjust reward points for statement credit? Can someone tell me, I cant find the option online?

  251. Rohit varghese

    How are you guys burning your SBI prime points. Is statement credit the optimal choice or are there any other choices apart from catalogue redemption.


  252. Prem

    Is insurance premium covered as part of utility payments.. ?? What rewards points for the same..?

  253. Varun

    Hi Siddharth, how do I pay rent using SBI Prime Credit Card?

    1. Moulieswaran

      goto redgiraffee register there and link that registration number in the SBI Standing Instruction

  254. Himanshu Kainth

    Can anyone tell is their any capping on birthday spends on sbi prime?

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      There is no capping. I had spends more than 3 lakhs on 05.06.2019.

      1. Himanshu Kainth

        Thanks Captain, Mouli and Ankit

        1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

          Hamanshu you are always welcome and happy birthday to you in advance.

  255. Mouli

    No capping on birthday till last year but not sure of this year
    If you make spend on fuel during birthday ,is that transaction also eligible for 20 points as in normal scenario no points for fuel transactions ?

  256. Mahendra

    Hi All,

    Party is over. There is limit on standing instruction rewards points. Points limited to 6000/- per month. Standard rewards will get apart from accelerated reward points.

    Today my lic amount got debited about 1lac but only 6000 points +standard reward points credited. When I called customer care i was told that there is limit on accelerated rewards.

    1. Ankit Jain

      They reduced reward points, it seems
      I paid lic of 9180 and got only 566 points.
      Approx percentage same you get of 1L.

      And redgiraffe removed.
      What next


        Yes you are right , I also got 6 points per 100 . Maybe some error …got the statement yesterday in that it shows 20 points for auto pay

      2. Puneet

        Isn’t the capping for 6000 points per month. If your SI expense for LIC was for 9180 during the month, you should still earn points at 20 per 100 spent?

    2. Rohan

      Hi Mahendra,
      Is your payment to LIC reflecting in LIC?
      My standing instruction got debited on 19th July but still not seeing receipt of payment in LIC!

      1. Ankit Jain

        Hi Rohan, It will reflect after 3 days of payment and do share the reward points received.

      2. Mahendra

        Hi Rohan,

        It’s credited and got email receipt from lic After 5 days.

        1. Rohan Meegada

          Thanks Mahendra for the response. Finally amount got credited today. Lic told that it shouldnt take more than 3 days for credit, but it took 5 days!!
          Ankit, I got around 2K points for 40K payment, I think thats the balance remaining for 6K points.

  257. Siddharth S

    Hi Sid,
    Can you tell me if the lounge access on sbi prime card is limited by network ie mastercard.
    For example if i hold a MasterCard card from two different banks, will the lounge access be separate on them or combined (as both are on MasterCard network)?
    Siddharth S

  258. BeingHuman


    Dear SBI Credit Cardholder, w.e.f 25 Jul’19, Red Giraffe will no longer be a part of the list of Billers available on Easy Bill Pay. We will be unable to process your Standing Instruction payment for Red Giraffe & request you to pay the biller directly. We regret the inconvenience caused.

    1. Siddharth S

      Is this card still worth rs 3000 fee with this development?

  259. Mukundd

    Redgiraffe is no longer supported on SBI cards. Time to cancel this card then

  260. Himanshu Kainth

    I thought i was only one who is not getting points as per reward structure for SI on utility Bills payments. But that’s not the case.

    Red Giraffe is gone. Now utility bills will blow up.

  261. MAA-traveler

    I’ve shifted my rent bill payment to SCB Ultimate and at 3.3% reward rate, it is not too bad. After this major devaluation (removal of Red Giraffe and points cap) , there is no point in holding SBI Prime. I used to achieve the milestone benefits though bill pay only.

    Going to close the card shortly.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Does red giraffe support SCB Ultimate? I don’t see red giraffe in SCB bill payment portal. Please share the link if any.

      1. MAA-traveler

        Yes and I’ve already paid my rent bill yesterday with SCB Ultimate. Once you login though the net banking of SCB, you see a “Pay your Bills” link. From there you can see the rent option to pay.

      2. SG

        It does. just log in and go to payments section.

      3. MAA-traveler

        Yes and I’ve paid and received the reward points for my rent payment as well. After logging to the net banking, there is a “Pay your Bills” link on the main page itself. From there there you can find your way through the links and pay. It is pretty simple and straight forward process.

        Now that my spends are ZERO, received spend offer on SBI Prime – Spend Rs. 38,000 during 23 Jul to 23 Aug & get Rs. 2,000 worth Barbecue Nation Voucher.

    2. BeingHuman

      I did already
      SBI is too quick
      They downgraded so fast
      Reflecting on netbanking too
      Received epin also of downgraded card

  262. JK

    Received spend offer on SBI Prime – Spend Rs. 88,000 during 23 Jul to 23 Aug & get Rs. 5,000 worth Taj Hotels Voucher. Not valid on cash & fuel. T & C. Sounds good..

    1. Kevin Clint Dsouza

      I received an offer yesterday to spend 65000 till 23rd Aug and get 2000Rs BMS vouchers in return

  263. Amann


    Please update SBI Prime review with latest developments.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes its time to re-review a couple of cards. Will do very soon.

  264. BeingHuman

    All those who opted for SBI Prime card for Redgiraffe or Unlimited points on utility bills
    Giraffe has run away & Utility bills have no utility now
    Holding Prime card is Crime now

    1. SG

      There are still people (not me) who are minting points through auto payment on electricity bills.

  265. Manikanta

    @BeingHuman, Which card you have downgraded to? After so much of escalation till senior Nodal Officer level and strong mails, my simply click card is upgraded to Prime just few month back. Which card you suggest to downgrade from Prime with minimal/no fee and has good benefits assuming I use Prime card only for RedGiraffe?

    @Sid, my most comments won’t be posted. I know you discard some comments if similar comments are already posted, but pls allow this comment.

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