7 HDFC Bank Credit and Debit Card Offers Worth Checking Out

By | November 30, 2017

HDFC bank is known for its good set of merchant offers both on credit and debit cards. Since Diwali HDFC seems to have gone high with endless offers thrown every other day. With their 1000’s of offers scattered here and there, it has reached a point that HDFC is sending their customers to Analysis Paralysis.

HDFC Uber Weekend Offer

#1 Get 5X rewards to Add-on Card Holders (in-store spends)

  • 5X Reward Points for HDFC Bank credit card Add-On customers (and not Primary cards)
  • Valid only for retail In-Store (POS) transactions done in Grocery, Department Store and Supermarket.
  • Maximum Reward Points: 1000 / Month
  • Fulfilment: 90 days after the transaction month.
  • Offer Period: 01st Oct’17 – 31st Dec’17

Offer Source: Link

#2 Get 10% Cashback on New HDFC DEBIT Cards

Here’s a nice offer on DEBIT cards, if you’re new to HDFC Bank.

  • 10% Cashback on purchases of Apparel, Fuel, dining, travel and grocery using HDFC Bank Debit Card.
  • Max Cashback: Rs 1000 per month
  • Monthly Minimum Spends should be Rs. 4000 in order to avail the offer.
  • New accounts opened from 1st Apr’17 to till date are only eligible for the offer.
  • Offer Period: 1st Nov 2017 to 31st Dec 2017
  • Fulfilment: Within 90 days after the offer end date on a best effort basis.

Offer Source: Link

#3 Get 10X rewards on international Transactions with Diners Cards

All HDFC Diners credit cards get 10X reward points on all international transactions until Dec 2017. The bonus points are capped to 10k points per month. Remember, the currency conversion on international transactions has become lot better with Diners cards past 2 months. Diners conversion rates are now as good as Mastercard, both of which matches pretty well to XE rates.

#4 Global Value Program:

Here’s an opportunity to earn additional 1% Cashback on international spends with the help of its Global Value Program which is there for about an year.

  • Welcome / Renewal Benefit – 500 Bonus Reward Points on 1st International transaction. This feature is available once in a year.
  • Cashback Benefit – 1% Cashback on all International transactions (upto Rs. 1,000/- per statement cycle). This gets credited on subsequent statement cycle.
  • Milestone Benefit: Get Rs. 2,000/- worth Yatra voucher once you accumulate International spends of Rs. 1,50,000/- in a year. This feature is available once in a year.
  • Program Annual / Renewal Fee: Rs. 199/-
  • How to Activate: Call Customer Care. Request will be processed within 5 working days.

#5 Get 20% off on Weekends with UBER

  •  Get 20% off on each weekend trip(Saturday and Sunday only) upto a maximum of Rs. 75 per ride
  • Promo Code: HDFC20

Offer Source: Link

#6 Get 5x Points on all HDFC Credit Cards

This is getting confusing over time as they’re adding/updating/extending/removing partners very frequently for non-diners cards. Ideally, you get as below,

  • 5X Points on all HDFC Credit Cards at: Makemytrip, Caratlane, Lifestyle, Basics, Snapdeal, Jabong, Bigbasket.

#7 Get 10x Points on all HDFC Diners Credit Cards

The most popular offer which was covered enough already. Note that this is separate from all other offer listed above.

What’s your take on HDFC’s massive set of offers they’re releasing every other month? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

38 thoughts on “7 HDFC Bank Credit and Debit Card Offers Worth Checking Out

  1. nithish

    Hi Sid , do you feel diners black will devaluate soon? .how are they able to afford to throw away so many points and money, i don’t get it .
    I’ve started to book tickets on smart buy with the 25000 reward points back and then buying gold in flipkart every month to get back 25000 points and shopping on amazon.com (US site) every month to get back the 10000 points .
    I still don’t understand why HDFC which is the big miser would love to throw away rewards 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      With hundreds of merchant offers & 5x/10x they’re really quite generous.

      Well, they don’t credit bonus points for many unless you claim! That’s one way they’re able to do it 😀

    2. Vikram

      There are not many takers for Diners Club cards. Many people don’t even know what Diners Club is. And you won’t get a Diners Club card unless you specifically ask for it, and even then the startled personnel will give you a perplexed look. When I applied for a Diners Black card I had several people calling me from HDFC bank itself to make sure I am making a conscious decision because they’ve had several customers in the past calling up and making complaints that they aren’t able to use it in many places. In fact many even tried to convince me to settle for Regalia instead. I was stubborn. I live in Chennai and most petrol bunks here don’t accept DC cards. Even among stores, only those that have HDFC machines accept them alongside major stores. So only people who have spare visa/master cards have a DC card mostly. And this being a Super Premium card I am sure only about 10-15% of the HDFC Credit Card customers are likely to hold it. Another thing is, the mindset of most people is that a Credit Card isn’t worth paying annual fee for. Among about 100 people at least that I know of, that are earning well over average, trust me, I am the only one that has a card that charges annual fee. So, I don’t think HDFC would be losing much anyway. 🙂

  2. Vineet

    Hi Sid,

    One update from my end as well in this list, Spicejet Monday offer.

    Instant Rs.1000 off + Free priority check-in Round Trip
    Instant Rs.500 off + Free priority check-in One-way
    Promo code HDFC1000


    Valid till 11 Dec 2017

  3. Prashant Agrawal

    To avoid this analysis paralysis and saving money and time is why we built LittlePixi. Offers from all banks, cards in one easy to use place. Get the app: go.littlepixi.com/littlec36

  4. Rex

    Hi sid
    I have sbi card against fd. Now I want an unsecured card from sbi. Technically two card from sbi possible. But customer care told me that they are not sure whether person having secured CC can get second card as unsecured.
    According to them if 1st card is unsecured then one can get 2nd card as secured. They haven’t tried other way round.

    Do you have any idea.

    I noticed that sbi is very slow when it comes to reporting to credit bureau. My card is 6 months old but still they have reported only 2 times.

    Meanwhile hdfc bank starts reporting even before first bill is paid.
    Also my cousin was using unsecured credit card from hdfc and used 95% credit limit in first month while I was using secured credit card and used less than 10% of credit limit but still his credit score is 50 points better than mine after first month. This all goes against wisdom preached on almost every blog.

    One reason could be that hdfc does not report credit limit to bureau.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      “According to them if 1st card is unsecured then one can get 2nd card as secured. They haven’t tried other way round.”
      I’ve done it an year back. Its possible.

      Reg. Score, there are lot many factors that decides the Credit score apart from the credit limit utilization ratio.


    My age is 20. Can I get any HDFC credit card? I have a saving account with hdfc. Already having an axis credit card from last 12 months.

  6. Tarun

    Is the 5X offer on Makemytrip applicable on Holiday packages? The HDFC offer listing page mentions only flights & hotels. The terms and conditions page, mentions all transactions

    I booked a package through Makemytrip, and they have a field for Promo code, however, I am not sure if this coupon is applicable or not.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They were issuing points for all MMT txn’s in the past irrespective of whether you use the code or not. But i’m not sure about the current scenario.

  7. Raj

    Nice post.
    Do you know when they will credit 10x points for an international transaction? Will they do after bill generated like they do for 10x reward point for specific merchants? Or they will take 90 days to generate it.
    Also, will they include online transactions like done on amazon.com in US $?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      As per their T&C – “Incremental Reward Points will be posted within 90 days from statement cycle.”

      1. Raj

        T&C is same for 10X Program but they generally credit in next billing cycle so I wanted to know is this the case with international spends also.
        please, bonus points on diners card on international spends are limited with respect to the type of card.
        This is not 10,000 for all cards.

      2. Ab

        Hi Sid,
        I have upgraded my DC rewards card to premium. Before upgradation I make purchasing of 25 k on flipkart via smart buy. I got my 1X RP in the same statement but still not getting the 9X RP. I made my payment of 25k towards that purchasing on 2nd Oct 17. Will I get that ? What should I do now as 3 months is now over to that payment.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You wont get it in general case as card numbers gets changed. Though, you may request HDFC to look into it and they may/maynot issue those points.

  8. Aditya

    Hdfc 5X offer on credit card and 5% cashback on debit card exists on samsung pay till december 31st, it really easy to use

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, this is yet another wonderful offer. Sadly though i’m into Apple family.

  9. L_D_M

    The 10x points on international transactions is a joke, given how poor the international acceptance of Diners cards is. Of the 15-odd attempts I made to pay with my Diners Black in Europe last month, just two went through. The card was declined every other time, even in places where they said they accept JCB/Discover.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Offline acceptance of Diners is indeed very poor in most countries. Many with Discover logo doesn’t support as merchants seem to de-activate them due to its high TDR.

      1. L_D_M

        Even online acceptance, as far as I know. I’ve tried to use my Diners for all kinds of online payments but my only success was with a Dropbox subscription fee.

  10. Himanshu

    One offer I came across recently is 50% CashBack on shopping using HDFC Bank Debit Card. Though the cashback is capped at Rs. 1500 but still 50% is a decent offer I guess.

    Offer Link

  11. Majumdar


    I think it is worthwhile even for hardcore Apple fans to keep a humble Samsung as a backup, just for the myriad Samsung Pay offers. Had you purchased a Samsung phone in Jan 2017, you would have recovered your entire investment and would still have been left with something.

    As far as international 10X is considered, the amount isnt particularly generous, practically 30K spend. Shopping on duty free shops + purchase on Alibaba and purchase of some of the recent generous hotel RPs would suffice to use up the limit.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Might work out that way, but i’m still not into Samsung, after hearing to lots of sad stories.

      Well, according to me, any kind of 10X on DCB is godsend!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, but can’t overlap if same merchant is there on both. You get 10x in that case. However, do check with cc when u transact, as they change rules quite often.

  12. Prashant

    Hi Sid,
    Is the 10X partner program and 5x partner program separate? Do we get additional bonus points by using 5x partner program apart from 25000 bonus points limit of 10X partners?

    I once called HDFC customer care about this and the HDFC representative told me that they are separate programs and that I will get points for both separately but I don’t have much trust on these customer care guys.

    Is there anyone who has used these two programs and got more than 25000 bonus points?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Unless same merchant is involved in both 5x/10x offer, each one is separate.

    2. Garima

      I recieved 10x as well as 5x for transcting on big basket through dcb 3 months back.That time i got for last 3 months transaction in one go.After that never recieved.

  13. HTC Fan

    Hello experts

    Wanted to check if it is possible to combine the Add on card 5x offer with Diners 10x offer at Lifestyle for POS shopping. Cannot see any specific clause for exclusion in the 5x offer terms and conditions.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      I don’t think you can double dip. I’m sure you’ll get the max though. But it is something that no one has tried yet. You have to do it know how the system treats the transaction. My best bet will be that you’ll only get max 10X points.

  14. Ehtram Ali

    hi sid,

    i have a hdfc regalia first credit card since last few years. could you please help me to know is regalia first is entitled for reward points while we doing transaction on online sites like flipkart , amazon and while adding money in virtual wallet like paytm , phonepe.

  15. Rakesh

    Are the offers valid for international online transactions on websites like Alibaba etc or only physical POS transactions?

  16. Raman Sharma

    HDFC debit cards offers are fraud they didn’t give any cashback I haven’t received any cashback I have send so many mails and call to customer care but useless these cash back offers are fraud they are fooling the customers so don’t believe them


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