Lounge Review: The Loyalty Lounge (Mumbai – Terminal 1B)

By | April 8, 2017

This is a review by our regular reader & contributor Manish R Khetwani who recently visited “The Loyalty Lounge” at Mumbai Airport – Terminal 1B, (Domestic Departure)

The departure terminal for my Indigo flight to Jammu was at 1B, Mumbai Domestic Airport. Since there was still time for my flight to take off, I also decided to visit the Loyalty lounge at the mezzanine floor after first visiting the Good Times Bar (Mumbai Airport – Terminal 1B) that i reviewed earlier.

Loyalty Lounge Entrance

Loyalty Lounge Mumbai airport – Lounge Entrance

Now this lounge should not be confused with the Loyalty Lounge at T2. This is the old clipper lounge at T1 which has been re-designated as the Loyalty lounge. Both are operated by the EIH Ltd./Oberoi Airport Services.

It was comparatively less crowded than the Good Times Bar. That’s not surprising since the complimentary access to this lounge is restricted to Diners Club Card/ Priority Pass holders/ Rupay platinum debit Cards & lounge club members. Paid access is also available for Rs. 700/-.

An important point to note is that VISA cardholders have no complimentary access to both the lounges at Terminal 1B. That’s also because now most airlines are now shifting to the T2 terminal.

My Experience at Mumbai Airport – Loyalty Lounge

The lounge had a premium feel in terms of location, layout, space, seating and even the food served, although the choice was limited. The buffet spread was quiet basic in terms of few dishes and beverages. As per my enquiry regarding wifi, the same was not available.

Buffet at Loyalty Lounge, Mumbai Airport

Cereals – Loyalty Lounge

Loyalty Lounge – Seating area

This however remains the saving grace of T1, especially since the shutdown of the Carnations and the American Express Lounge w.e.f. 1st April 2017.

Facilities at Mumbai Airport Loyalty Lounge (Terminal 1B)

  • Wifi: No
  • Food: Yes – Buffet with few dishes
  • Ambiance: Good
  • Recharge Station: Yes
  • Complimentary Access on:  Priority Pass, Diners Club
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 4/5

Its not a great lounge, still, something is better than nothing. Have you been to the Loyalty Lounge at Mumbai Airport T1? Feel free to share your experiences below.

7 thoughts on “Lounge Review: The Loyalty Lounge (Mumbai – Terminal 1B)

  1. Raman

    Hi There,

    I would like to access if the buffet food was complimentary (access with credit card) or one needs to pay separately for the food?

  2. Tushar Pandya

    Service here at Mumbai T2 is degrading week by week. Earlier they were providing cold drink cans of different variety including diet coke. Now they stop doing it totally. Also they were providing different type of flavored yogurt which is also stopped. Almost every time in the morning they run short of coffee cups and different food items and they are not replaced for a while.

    It seems as if they are going out to business or not interested in providing service.

  3. Sumeet Gupta

    Sir, it will be very kind of u as always if I can please tell me if the lounge at domestic terminal or terminal 1Mumbai is open or closed? As I have a flight on Sunday via Mumbai with a half of three hours with my family. My cousin went day before yesterday and he was told that the lounge is closed. It will be very disappointing as I always go home via Delhi. This is the first time I have chosen this route and it is very disheartening to know if the lounge is closed.
    Many thanks in advance, waiting for your reply.

  4. Sandeep

    I am holding diners club international credit card rewards and i have access to international airport mumbai as per list mentioned on website of diners club but i have to board flight for delhi. Can i have aceess to lounge ??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      AFAIK, Diners RewardZ card do not have lounge access now after recent devaluation.

  5. Ajinkya

    How many lounges do we have (as of today) on Terminal 1B in Mumbai? Also, I have Visa Signature, ICICI Visa, and Mastercard world cards (No Diners/Amex access left).

    Which all can I access?


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