Lounge Review – The Good Times Bar (Mumbai Airport – Terminal 1B)

By | April 5, 2017

This is a review by our regular reader & contributor Manish R Khetwani who recently visited “The Good Times Bar” lounge at Mumbai Airport – Terminal 1B, (Domestic Departure)

I began my trip to the North last month with an Indigo flight to Jammu enroute to Katra for my trip to Vaishnodevi. My departure terminal was at 1B, Mumbai Domestic Airport. Having reached the airport a good 2 hours before my departure, I used the opportunity to visit both the domestic departure lounges at Terminal 1B, i.e. the Good Times Bar and the Loyalty lounge (which I will be covering in my next review).

Lounge Review – The Good Times Bar (Mumbai – Terminal 1B)

Mumbai Airport Lounge – The Good Times Bar Ambience & Food:

The complimentary access to this lounge is for Mastercard / American express card holders. ( W.e.f. 1st April 2017 with the closure of the Carnations and the American Express Lounge in  Terminal 1C, Amex has announced free lounge access for Platinum Reserve Card holders (overall 12/year) and Platinum Travel Card (overall 4/year) at the Good Times Bar.

For cobranded Amex cards of ICICI & Indusind Bank there is a nominal Rs. 450 fee (post complimentary access usage)

Buffet / Food at The Good Times Bar

Seating Area – The Good Times Bar Lounge

The lounge has a more pub like ambience with the alcoholic drinks (paid) in one section. Being 9 in the morning which was basically breakfast time, there was a buffet spread in the form of poha, idlis, uttapas, sandwiches, chicken sausages, boiled eggs, muffins, cakes and beverages.

Main Counter

Bar Area – The Good Times Bar

The lounge somehow lacked the premium feel which I experienced next at the Loyalty Lounge which had better seating, was less crowded, had better variety of food, and a more soothing ambience.

However overall I found the Lounge clean, the food was good and the staff friendly. It could however do with better seating, more charging points and better variety of food.

Facilities at The Good Times Bar – Mumbai Domestic Airport (T 1B, Domestic Departure)

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Food: Yes, their chocolate cookies tastes good
  • Ambiance: Good
  • Recharge Station: No
  • Complimentary Access on: MasterCard, American Express
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Have you been to The Good Times Bar at Mumbai Airport? Feel free to share your experiences below.

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19 thoughts on “Lounge Review – The Good Times Bar (Mumbai Airport – Terminal 1B)

  1. Sunny

    Adding to this review, would like to mention that this Lounge does not free for VISA card holders,
    Happened with my colleague who hold a VISA card and he do not have a complimentary visit in Both, loyalty lounge and Good times lounge….
    Thanks to the Guy at the counter who allowed him to sit with me(MasterCard holder, costed me ₹25 on swiping at entry for myself) without any fee but told that refreshments are not allowed for him (Happy with such a friendly gesture from him).
    Moreover, few seats are comfortable but not all.
    Lounge do not have their own toilets and you have to use toilets at the terminal which is just near to the lounge (clean but crowded).
    Food is good (not awesome though, but good). I do like their chocolate cookies, damn tasty and fresh.

  2. Pal

    for indusind amex iconia card, is the access to this lounge free or do we need to pay 450 Rs ?
    their term and conditions seems confusing

  3. Harshal

    I was checking on HDFC Diners website to get the lounge details for domestic departure at Mumbai T2 terminal but it doesnt exists. I can find the lounge at Mumbai T1 associated with Diners program.
    Did anyone used Diners card for lounge access at Mumbai T2 terminal for DOMESTIC departure ? Thanks in advance.

    1. Manish R Khetwani

      The lounge associated with HDFC Diners Card for Mumbai T1 is the Loyalty Lounge. Please refer my review of the same.

      1. Harshal

        Update on my own query-
        I had 2 flights to catch from Mumbai T2 terminal. One was international and other one was domestic. The Diners card was allowed for Loyalty Lounge international departure area but not for Loyalty Lounge Domestic Departure area.

  4. Darsh

    I have sbi master card.Will I get free lounge access in good times.

  5. Suraj Bhandari

    Need an information on little urgent basis,

    1. Are the ICICI AmEx or Sapphiro card holders are allowed with free access, IF yes then how many complementary accesses in a year?
    2. Secondly, the paid access for guest accompanying is how much for a duration of approximately 03 hours and what all facilities he/she can avail??

    1. Avi Jalan

      Icici is running fraud in partnership with Visa, there is no lounge at India’s major Mumbai domestic Airport for visa cards. So while they take huge yearly fees from you promising free lounge entry, and they cheat by not having a lounge at major airport of India. If you escalate, they will not understand or read the problem, simply reply with totally unrelated things like – details of lounge at domestic departure of t2 Andheri Airport, or they will uselessly tell that a totally unrelated altitude lounge access does not exists.

  6. Sumeet Gupta

    Sir, can u tell me if there is any domestic lounge currently open in Mumbai terminal 1?
    Can it be accessed by rupay platinum debit and rupay credit card?

  7. Balpreet Singh

    I realised today.. the boarding gates in Terminal 1 are divided and the area that I am in ( gate 22 onwards ) doesnt have a lounge.. Lounge is on the other side and that too post security check, hence I cannot use…

    I dont know whose idea is it to put 2 lounge in one area and no lounge in other…


  8. Vishal Verma

    Good times bar (lounge) is one of the worst lounge I have seen. Only few items in buffet, egg, bread, poha, sousage, etc. When I asked about coke/Pepsi. They said it is chargeable and asked me to pay 170 for a Can. More then 3x price. When enquiring about complementary beverage with buffet they said only juice is available.
    Goodtimes bar is only good for alcohol lovers.
    The loyalty lounge is available only flights departing from gate 20 and above. I was on gate 14 with indigo, used my ICICI HPCL AMEX CARD. CHEAPEST ANNUAL FEE 199. they have ola select option. Even Visa Signature card was not working.

  9. MKD

    I will be travelling by Indigo
    Myself and my wife having American Express Jet Privilege Card
    Can you tell me how much to pay for 8 Years Child or is it complimentary.

  10. Ritesh

    I have a (paytm b bank)rupay card and it say complimentary access to your lounge on there site .
    Wanted to ask is that true and what’s the basic charges needed to be paid by me


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