Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Review

By | May 16, 2019

After launching a set of Vistara credit cards in the early 2016, Axis bank few months back silently launched the Privilege credit card with travel benefits. Before the launch of Privilege credit card Axis Signature credit card was one of the Axis bank’s premium credit card for many years, mainly just because there are no other good variant. I personally like it for the 2x points on birthday month, apart from which, it’s just yet another credit card. Let’s dive into the privilege credit card details:

  • Joining/Renewal Fee: Rs.1,500+tax (Renewal Fee Waiver on Rs.4L spend)
  • Welcome Bonus: Rs.5,000 Yatra Voucher

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card (Thanks to reader SriKrishna for the snap)

Its impressive to see that we get more than double the value of joining fee. I still wonder if there is a catch, though they say that the voucher can be used for domestic/international flights, hotels, and holiday bookings which is more than enough. However, they don’t seem to give any renewal benefit, does any of you able to get Renewal fee waiver on Axis Premium cards? Curious!

The Catch on Vouchers:

  • You need to use your card thrice within 60 days to avail this benefit.
  • You’ll get 2*2500 vouchers (by redeeming 12,500 Rp’s)
  • Both vouchers cannot be clubbed for single booking
  • Validity: 4 months

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Reward points

  • 10 Points on every Rs. 200 spend (~1% Reward rate)
  • Spend Bonus: Get Rs.5,000 worth Yatra Voucher for every Rs.2,50,000 Spend. (2% Reward rate)

Considering the benefits received from both points and travel vouchers, it adds up to sweet 3% reward rate which is quite close to reward rates on super premium credit cards like HDFC Diner Black/Infinia which is 3.3%. To make the best use of this card, you need to spend 2.5L after which you’ll get Rs.7,500 value back.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Review

Axis Privilege Credit Card Features:

  • Card Expert Rating: 4/5
  • Reward Rate: 1% to 3% as Edge loyalty Reward points + Spend based vouchers
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver, for a minimum transaction amount of Rs. 400 and a maximum of Rs. 4000. Maximum benefits upto Rs. 400 per month
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Yes, 2 complimentary Visits per quarter to Mastercard Lounges
  • Special Features: Spend based travel Vouchers for every Rs.2.5L Milestone
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax

If you’re a traveler, this is a must have credit card in your wallet. Or, if you’re having an Amex/Diners card which doesnt have 100% acceptance, this is one of the best card to have as a backup.

It’s been few years since i closed my FD based Axis Insta easy credit card and it’s time to start a fresh credit card relationship with the bank now. If everything goes well, i’ll probably be holding it in next couple of months.

Update Sep 2018: This card is issued as FYF to Axis Priority Account holders.

What do you think about axis bank privilege credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

138 thoughts on “Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Review

  1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Very tough to get this card. One should have 6 lakhs od annual income.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Most premium cards are given for 6L+ above on ITR only.
      You can still get a basic card and then upgrade from there.


    Axis people are so particular about being salaried.
    Seems they want to leave the Self employed/Business/Entrepreneur class for other banks.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Really? I was offered this card despite being Self Employed.
      Maybe the branch ppl are misleading you.

      1. Manu Kumar

        I had contacted the bank and also the customer care.
        I was told this..

  3. Balpreet Singh

    Got a call from Axis Bank. I was told by their person.

    1) I can apply for Add-on Card(s) along with my card. On each add-on card, they give 5000/- worth Yatra vouchers.

    2) I can get 3-4 add on card after 3 months of usage. so total of 15-20k Yatra Vouchers.

    Seems surprising… Anyone who was told this? or has actually got free yatra vouchers for Add-On cards?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Vouchers on Add-on card? i seriously doubt!

      1. Nandhakumar

        I have axis privilege card past 6 months with one add on card.
        I was get only one voucher.

        1. Vinod Rajpal

          I am having axis signature from 2005 & now they offered me privilege card pl suggest can I go for it is there any benifit

          1. Mouli

            Vinod Rajpal
            if you travel more then you will get better rewards rate with yatra voucher else this card dont have much value

          2. SS

            Don’t know the about signature card benefit. But privilege givies you reward points in everything, like fuel and wallet load. only yatra voucher redemption givies you 2% value back, else there no much better redemption benefit

    2. Sanjay RAWAT

      I think they are misleading you. Add on will not yield you any more free vouchers they are there just to widen your expenditures. I.e. to be done by the add on card holders borne by you. Even i have been told that if i spend 25k in first 45 days i will be getting refund of jooning fees amount. A claim which is not verified by any of the axis executives over twitter when asked.

  4. Abhishek Reddy

    I think Samsung Pay offers on card payments also need to be highlighted.

    Along with Axis and other banks, Samsung Pay has been launched aggressively. Axis offer is the best, spend 250 or more 4 times, get 1000 back. So 100% off. Ofcourse these are launch offers.

    I get intriguing looks when i use my S7Edge for transactions on normal Swipe Machines, but that negates the need for me to carry all cards when i go out. Just my phone is enough for shopping. As every shop has different offers for different cards.

  5. Adi. H.

    Hi. Which Axis Bank Card can be given easily if the ITR is somewhere 7-7.6 lac. Cibil 804. Self Employed (Work from Home). Delhi.

    I like Edge Reward Program of Axis Bank Alot.

    Kotak 2015 94,500
    ICICI 2016 63000


  6. Jagan

    10 Points on every Rs. 200 spend (~1% Reward rate). Pls explain

  7. Anuj Karwa

    Can this card be issued Life time free if my ITR has 7 lacs income or do u need higher income for LTF??

      1. Sunil

        LTF credit card are generally not provided by Axis bank or specifically this card is not given life time free?
        Axis isued my friend Life time free Myzone credit card.

          1. Amit Solanki

            Axis also gives Axis Platinum card as LTF to retain the customers. I have got one too.

          2. Karunya Sharma

            Hi Sid,
            I have been given a LTF signature card since 2012. I am holding a priority account only.

      2. Aniket Singh

        Today Axis Bank executive came to my office and offered me LTF privilege card. He told me that bank is offering LTF for Govt employee having monthly salary more that 50000. I am getting 60000 per month. Can i apply for this card as it is LTF. Please guide me.


          1. Aniket

            Yes Bikramjit, but later they denied to issue the card and asked me to apply for the Axis Neo Card which is a very basic card. Finally, they declined my application for an even Neo Card. I am holding total 7 credit card, including Amex Charge Card and Regalia First, despite they declined my application.


  8. ANOOP E S

    Dear Siddharth

    Could you please review miles and more card(two master card variants) from axis Bank?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its not so great card to have. Well, will look into it.

  9. Surya

    Dear Siddharth,

    Last year I started my first job. Axis is my salary bank and I was offered Axis Neo Credit Card with meagre 30k limit which is now 35k. I don’t about ITR but my current CTC is 8.5 lac per annum with monthly take home around 60k.

    I want to apply for a better credit card and I am confused between HDFC Regalia First and Axis bank privilege. Can you suggest. Is there any better option?

    1. abhishek

      I have my salary account ( priority ) with axis bank since 2013 , initially axis gave me credit card with limit of 60 k which they increased to 2 L gradually , then on renewal they automatically gave me a neo card without even discussing what card i can get . Now i have decreased my relationship value with bank and im using only HDFC regalia card so that i can update it later to Infnia.

  10. Yogender

    I enjoy reading your site. The return ratio for Axis Privilege is 2%. The voucher obtained is against the edge points only. The site has a clarification also.

    “Note.: The travel voucher can be redeemed against the eDGE Reward Point earned.”

  11. Dharmesh

    As per Axis website, maximum rewards anyone can achieve is 2% (considering 2500 value Yatra voucher is to be bought by customer with eEdge points he/she has earned). In this article it is mentioned that customer gets both eEdge points and a Yatra voucher separately, which makes reward rate of 3% (which seems unachievable). Has anyone received this Yatra voucher already from Axis? They can better clarify.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Considering the benefits received from both points and milestone travel vouchers, it adds up to sweet 3% reward rate. Anyways, you need to be aware that these vouchers carry a lots of terms & conditions.

  12. SKG

    Hi Siddharth & All experts,

    I am a salaried person working for a MNC company. I have been using Axis Bank Insta credit card (issued against my FD) since last 2 years. My CC limit is low. I went for this card as I have CIBIL defaults (Settled & Written Off Cards issued in 2007) in Past.Also, I have a running Used car loan from Mahindra Finance and I have already paid 13 EMIs. I have never defaulted payment in either of these currently running accounts.
    In June 2017, I was looking for transfer of my car loan (from NBFC) to any good bank based on my repayment track record but by a DSA, I was intrigued into applying for a personal loan from Axis bank which was rejected consequently. The damage was already done to my slowly recovering CIBIL score.
    In July 2017, my file was sent for used Car refinance loan to HDFC & Kotak. The Kotak has already rejected my case and the HDFC is still re-looking at my case ( As I have salary a/c with HDFC + but have a settled HDFC CC 6 years back).
    Now my query all respected members is , since I am using Axis Bank Insta card since last 2 years + I have a Car Loan repayment track record + they have rejected my Personal loan application last month + 3 CIBIL enquiries in last 30 days , Can Axis bank give me any credit Card against their own Insta Credit Card? If not now then when should I approach Axis bank for a Card ? Also kindly advise some easy to get cards from other banks as well that I can get based on my existing Axis bank Insta Credit card / Car loan track record?


  13. Praveen Perumalla

    4.5 rating seems too high just for reward rate and lounge access with no other special benefits.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Down to 4 on request 🙂
      The vouchers does have lot of conditions in it. So its worth the downvote!

      1. Raulnayak

        Here are the conditions,


        This e-Voucher once redeemed cannot be cancelled.
        The Instant e-Voucher is valid for booking on – Flights (Domestic/International), Hotels/Buses (Domestic), and Holidays (Domestic/International) only at
        e-Voucher is valid for ONE time transaction only.
        e-Voucher can be used online for booking of Flights (domestic/international) & Buses (domestic) individually.
        e-Voucher is Cumulative, i.e. 2 or more vouchers can be clubbed together to make a booking. However, Cumulative redemption is possible Offline only (through Yatra Call centre).
        Buses (domestic) can be redeemed online only.
        Hotels (domestic), Holidays (domestic/international) can be redeemed offline only by calling 0124 – 3040707/700 between 10AM to 7PM (all seven days).
        User has to apply / quote the unique e-Voucher code at the time of booking to avail the benefits.
        Any applicable convenience fee/processing fee/excess tour cost/ government taxes shall be payable at the time of booking (Only if the package cost exceeds the e-Voucher value).
        If e-Voucher is lost or stolen, Yatra will not be liable for replacement or Compensation.
        This e-Voucher cannot be clubbed with any other ongoing offer discount/cash back/promotion run by
        No additional Discount / reduction in the price will be entertained other than the offer mentioned on the e-Voucher.
        If a purchase is less than the value of the e-Voucher, then customer can avail the discount maximum up to the value of the purchase only. Balance e-Voucher amount will be forfeited and customer will have to pay Re.1 to complete the transaction.
        If a purchase is equal to the value of the e-Voucher, then customer will have to pay Re.1 to complete the transaction.
        If a purchase is more than the value of the e-Voucher, then balance amount can be paid through Net Banking, card (debit/credit cards), Mobile Wallet or Consumer can pay balance amount through another e-Voucher through offline mode of redemption only (in case Consumer has more than one e-Voucher) e.g. if Consumer wishes to redeem an e-Voucher against the booking of Rs. 5,500 then he can use a Rs. 5,000/- e-Voucher and the balance amount of Rs. 500/- can be paid by Net Banking/card/ Mobile Wallet or by using another e-Voucher (through offline mode of redemption).
        In case of Hotel booking, purchase amount should be equal or greater than the value of the e-Voucher..
        Confirmation of any booking will be subject to availability at the time of booking and will be governed by the standard booking terms & conditions of is not liable to pay for any difference in fare/tariff between date of redemption request placement and date of using e-Voucher during booking.
        No change or cash can be taken in exchange of this e-Voucher.
        In case of cancellations, e-Voucher amount will not be refunded back to the customer.
        All the terms and conditions of the e-Voucher as given hereof and standard terms and conditions, user agreement, privacy policy (subject to change) of as mentioned in the website yatra and the terms and conditions of the respective airline/ hotel /resort/other service provider shall be applicable on the Customer.
        Any legal disputes, whatsoever regarding any aspect of the promotion shall be handled in the jurisdiction of the courts in Gurgaon, Haryana only.

        1. Mouli

          vouchers are no more cumulative and you cant combine multiple vouchers for single booking in offline also
          called to yatra customer care and they confirmed it

        2. Ramesh Kumar

          I had bad experience with axis yatra voucher, even if flight carrier cancels the flight due to operational issue or bad weather you won’t get refund.

      2. NJ REDDY

        Hi Siddharth ,

        just got this card because of the axis bank mistake. just a quick question. what is the minimum amount of 3transcations to get those 12,500 bonus joining points? can i just load 200rs in amazon wallet for 3 times to be eligible?

  14. Jatin

    Hi Sid,
    I think you got it wrong here. Everytime you spend Rs.2,50,000, you get 12500 edge rewards points which helps you to get 2 vouchers Rs.2500 (6250points) each. So the reward rate will be only 2% like most of the cards.

    And I feel it should be rated 3 maybe for 2% reward rate.

    1. Firose

      I was offered this card but I did not upgrade for the same reason as Jatin said. I was just wondering if someone would point out the mistake. Best I would give is 3 or 3.5. Not more.

      They just call it milestone benefit but actually its just a redemption benefit. I read the terms n conditions.

  15. Nikhil Goel

    Hey one thing i would like to add in this article. We get 3000 eDGE Reward Points on renewal of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card which converts to Rs. 1200 in terms of Yatra vouchers giving us an effective renewal price of Rs. 570 only.
    This adds a sweet renewal benefit and seems a must have card for travel enthusiasts.

    1. Firose

      ok one question. Once you spend 2.5 lakhs, u get two yatra vouchers for 2500rs each. If I spend another 2.5 lakhs in the same year, will I get another 5000rs yatra voucher?

      or this redemption benefit is only for the first 2.5 lakhs and renewal points?

      1. Viswanathan

        Yes, for every 6250 edge points, you can convert into Rs.2500 travel vouchers. Another unknown benefit is, the rewards across savings accounts, cards are merged to a single customer id and those rewards as well can be redeemed at the same rate (6250/2500). So, this is a must card if you earn lot of edge rewards through other cards / accounts etc.

  16. Sushil Gupta

    After Making the First Payment, How many days does it take for the Yatra Vouchers to come? How do they send those vouchers?

  17. Ashish Nikhare

    Hi Sid, can you please enlighten on the T&C of the Yatra voucher. Can >1 voucher be clubbed to maximise the benefit ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It has lots of limitations AFAIK. Hope the actual users throw some light on this.

      1. Raulnayak

        You can even convert the 12500 into JP miles. Though I personally prefer converting them into Amazon Vouchers.

  18. Pragyan Sen

    I had a neo credit card and got a privilege credit card recently. The made the neo card LTF instead of canceling when I asked them to cancel. Now I noticed they both have 1.6 Lacs credit limit individually. I want to increase the credit limit of a card which will help me to get more premium cards on a card on card basis offer. They didn’t agree to increase my credit limit right now. Can I ask them to combine the credit limit and make it shared among these two cards? that would give me 3.2 L limit which is pretty decent.

  19. Gaurav Malik

    Hi Sid,

    I have just received by Axis Privilege card but I am surprised I did not apply for any card so how come I have got one in my name. I do hold a Axis Priority account but no call nothing and a card with 1 L limit is with me. If I cancel the card I am afraid that I would take a hit on my cibil score so I need advice what needs to be done. If I do not swipe the card will I still be charged a fees of Rs 1500. I am also planning to escalate to the Nodal team of Axis.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s interesting. And Privilege card is free for Priority A/c holders, so you wouldn’t be charged.

  20. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    I hold an AXIS buzz credit card. What will be the process to upgrade it to Privilege ? I also hold a priority saving ac. . My branch person is telling that I have to apply for a fresh card and I also have to cancel Buzz before applying for Privilege. I think its rubbish .

    1. Raulnayak

      Send an email to them. They let you upgrade now. They replied to my email with a list of cards I am eligible for.

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        What is the e-mail id ?
        I have just completed 6 months but I don’t have automatic limit enhancement offer on my AXIS Buzz card. Usually how long it takes ?

        1. Raulnayak

          It took me a year of usage to be offered an automatic limit enhancement. I would say, call them up directly and request for it.

  21. Purnima Baliga

    Can you please tell me the difference between privilege card and select card…..and the benefits ….

  22. Raulnayak

    If you are worried about the terms of Yatra, just buy some other voucher worth Rs 2500. The terms say so.
    12,500 eDGE points shall be credited to card-holders’ eDGE Loyalty account upon successful
    completion of 3 card transactions within 60 days from the date of card setup.
     eDGE points may be redeemed against 2 Yatra vouchers worth Rs. 2,500 each
     Alternately, these eDGE points may also be redeemed against any other
    products/GVs/services worth upto Rs. 2500 listed on the eDGE website / partner websites
     Any disputes related to crediting or redemption of such eDGE Loyalty points may be raised
    directly to the Axis Bank customer support team via calls / email / through the website /
    mobile app.

  23. Anoop E S

    Renewal benefit of 3000 Edge reward points.

    Siddharth… Pls update the article

  24. Praveen Katiyar

    Hi Siddarth,

    I made an online application on the AXIS website, got a call from the Axis executive, very next day. To my pleasant surprise I was told that if i spend 25,000 within 45 days of card issuance my joining fee for Axis Privilege ( Rs. 1500) will be reversed within 90 days of card issuance.

    Also i was told by the Axis executive that if i spend Rs. 4 lakh in a year, the next year annual fee will be waived off. As i anyway planned to spend Rs 2.5 Lakh to reach the milestone benefit, i can with little more efforts reach the milestone of Rs. 4 lakh and get my annual fee reversed.

    As I made up my mind for this card, both of these came as a positive news.!!

    More as i get the card and use it.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      My docs were picked in Jan and i kept waiting and from Nov 2018 (wen first time i got the call) to Jan 2019, I kept applying online almost every other day, but no call, no response. Recvd card in mid Jan.
      Very poor response considering that a customer is himself applying on your website. It took more than 40 days after i got the first call to get my docs picked up.
      When the executive visited me in Jan 2019, he told me that reversal of first year fee on spending 25,000 in 45 days is not applicable, as the offer ended in Nov 2018.
      I was sad, but since i made up my mind, i went ahead and gave my docs.
      After i received the card, i spoke to customer care few times for reversal, they all gave same reply that this offer is not applicable to me (even if it was their fault in taking 40 days to pick my docs, because of which i missed the offer which was told to me on first call).
      I used their chat window for chating with customer care, during which i told him to check how many times i made online application between mid Nov 2018 and Jan 2019, and no action was taken by them from Nov 2018 to Jan 2019.
      I saved the chat and took request no. (do take request no.) for my request, saying that as a one time gesture they shud give me this offer and hoped for the best.
      After following for more than 15-20 days, finally on 15th Feb they confirmed that they would reverse my annual fee for first year.
      They once again confirmed that on spending 4L in a year, next year annual fee would be waived off, but customer has to request after spending 4L, it wont happen automatically. (Expected from Axis)

      My main reason for which i zeroed axis card is for LIC payment on their website as it does not charges convenience fee. Visa and Mastercard limit max payment in one shot to 1Lakh, amex allowes any amount but charges convenience fee. As my amount is more than 1Lakh i had to had axis or amex, but Amex MRCC(which i have, thanks to & Sid) wasnt giving points on insurance and charging convenience fee so Axis was the only option left.

      1. ankit verma

        Not sure the limit but I paid around 42k via paytm using my Yes exclusive card to LIC and no convenience fees was charged.

        1. Praveen Katiyar

          @ Ramesh Kumar
          Annual Fee reversed after completion of 1st year is actually annual fee for 2nd year (which is charged at the end of 1st year), which would have happened after you reached the spend based waiver of 4lakh.
          What I’am struggling with Axis is reversal of my first year fee as promised, after spending more than 25K within 45days of card setup.

  25. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Siddharth according to AXIS’s website this card now has annual fee reversal on spends of Rs. 4 lakhs.

  26. Saket Shubham

    Hi Sid,

    Great initiative by you to put in so much of efforts into reviewing all these cards for us. An avid reader of your blogs.

    Coming to Axis Privilege card, being a priority account holder was offered this card for free. However, I am holding the Axis Vistara Signature Card which I believe gives better reward rates (1 Premium Economy Voucher on spend of 1.5 Lakh, max 3 vouchers). Even if you take minimum Premium Economy fare between Del – Bom (~4500), the reward rate would be 3% + ~1% normal reward rate, which can go upto 10% (I was able to redeem 2 vouchers for 1 week ahead travel date costing around Rs. 22000). Joining and annual fee is 3000 + 540 GST, but you get another Premium Economy voucher which is worth more. Though you have already provided a detailed review on this card, still putting my two words.

    The only catch is limited flight options from vistara, though the redemption process is quite smooth. Plus the ambiance of Premium Economy (only provided by Vistara) is cherry on top. If you fly out of Delhi regularly, there won’t be much problem as Vistara has it’s base in DEL. You need to plan for redemption in advance, which is usually the case with most airmiles redemption. Still I find it better than most of the Premium cards, as there is no specific requirement to spend at select merchants. All transactions except EMIs are considered equal.

    1. GTMAX

      Hi Saket,

      Is Axis Privilege credit card given as free only for first year or is it free till the time you are a priority account holder or is it offered as Lifetime free(wishful thinking)?

  27. Siddharth Mehta

    Planning to take this card today as I got a call from Axis executive yesterday. This one will fill the gap in my wallet as this was the only “major” bank missing in my collection 🙂 I have cards from HDFC, ICICI, AMEX, IndusInd, SBI,CITI, SC, HSBC,YES and now Axis too.. Need to get my hands on RBL and Kotak some day.. 🙂

    Fee reversal on spends of 4lakh is accurate as that was confirmed to me by the executive on phone.

    1. Dr Gaurav Shetty

      How many cards are u holding…I have from 7 banks

  28. Hari

    Got approved for this card today with a handsome limit. Looks like Axis bank is very generous with the limits.

  29. sivaraj

    what is the credit limit for this card if we get free card for prority account

  30. Hari

    There is a spend based waiver of Joining Fee too for this card which varies for each customer which is communicated by them over a call.

  31. Pratik Gatttani

    do you get yatra voucher for free card too? i hold a priority account with axis and the card can be taken FYF..shall i be getting yatra voucher in tht case?

    1. Zetendra

      Being a priority customer, you will get this Priority Card for free. If you are getting card for free, then you will not receive yatra vouchers. Yatra vouchers is only for those who pay the joining fee

  32. Zetendra

    “Considering the benefits received from both points and travel vouchers, it adds up to sweet 3% reward rate which is quite close to reward rates on super premium credit cards like HDFC Diner Black/Infinia which is 3.3%. To make the best use of this card, you need to spend 2.5L after which you’ll get Rs.7,500 value back.”

    This is wrong. On spend 2.5L you will get no any extra points, with existing points only you are eligible to redeem yatra vouchers worth 2500*2

    Reward Rate: 1% to 3% as Edge loyalty Reward points + Spend based vouchers
    This can be changed to “Reward Rate: 1% to 2% as Edge loyalty Reward points


    1. Prashant Gupta

      I agree with you the value chart on the card page says Rs.5000 yatra voucher on Rs.2.5L spends i.e 1 extra voucher of Rs.2500. I ws hoping to apply as its free being priority customer but since its not visa signature and less reward rate i will not apply….

  33. Md Ashfaque

    Hi Sid,

    Are you holding this card now ? or do you recommend any other Axis card in terms of reward value and benefits ?

  34. Mouli

    Though I am a priority customer and eligible for free version of this credit card still I opted for paid variant
    I will pay 1700 but will receive 5000 worth yatra voucher, so its good to go for the paid variant

    1. Hari

      They don’t provide Yatra vouchers, instead, the give you 12500 edge rewards which can be redeemed for Yatra vouchers. The Yatra vouchers are no longer available for 6250 edge rewards for INR 2500 voucher. Now you get INR 2000 voucher for 10000 edge reward points.

      1. Praveen Katiyar

        Yatra vouchers INR 2500 are available for 6250 edge points, just search again. They always are available, just add them to your favourites and u can see them all the time.

      2. Anoop E S

        I’m also confused about how to convert 12500 edge points to 2 yatra vouchers of rs.2,500. Unable to find any link.

        1. Praveen Katiyar

          @ Anoop E S
          Download Axis app -> Reward point -> reward store -> in the search, search for ‘Yatra’
          Here you will see yatra e voucher exclusive for privilege card, this takes is 6250 points n worth Rs. 2500.
          In general Rs. 2000/5000 voucher is for 10000/25000 points.

          1. SS

            The 2500 RS vouchers had not been reflected on my account. I called CC and after that it’s reflecting.

  35. Bharat

    Is it true that if you get the free version of the card , you will not receive 5000 worth yatra vouchers? Is there a minimum transaction amount for the 3 transactions?

    1. Mouli

      No Yatra Vouchers for free version of the card.No minimum amount for the first 3 transaction

  36. Srik

    Hi Siddharth

    Can you please clarify all the rules around the vouchers? I do not trust Yatra that much. They dont let you spend more than 250 per ticket

    1. Ashish

      I have used these yatra vouchers for flight bookings. Essentially, you can apply the voucher and it will reduce 2500 from the total payable amount.

      1. Mouli

        You cant combine these vouchers and remaining amount has to be paid from the Axis Privilege credit card against which the voucher was issued else the transaction will fail

  37. Kiran

    Hi, I opened a priority acc recently & was told privilege card is complimentary. There’s no preapproved offer on net banking. Will they send it without me applying? What’s the process? Tia

    1. harry

      You have to contact your RM to apply the Privilege card. Yes you have to fill the application form and apply. Only first year is free. you would be charged if your annual spends are not 2.5 lacs the previous year.

  38. Kiran

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: You can now enjoy a waiver on your Annual Fee for your Axis Bank Privilege Credit card w.e.f 20th July’19, on minimum spends of just Rs. 2.5 lakhs in the card’s last anniversary year.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      Yeah.. noticed that in the latest bill..
      Came here to cross-check..

  39. Ankur Priyadarshi

    Can I get the privilege card if i have fixed deposit of 15 lakhs in Axis bank ?

  40. Srivatsa

    I was just wondering about their complimentary insurance cover of 2.55 Cr.

    Is it Accidental Insurance or the regular Term Insurance?

    What are the criteria for availing it?

  41. Joginder

    If I spend 5 lacs in one year . Can I Get 12500 +12500 reward Points two times.
    Means every 2.5 lacs spend get 12500 edge reward point .. ?
    Pls clear this sir ..

  42. Rohit

    Which Axis bank credit card should I apply which has minimal or no annual fee.. I already have HDFC Diners, Yes first exclusive, StanC Ultimate card. Want axis due to more cashback offers attached to it.

  43. Ashish

    I am facing some difficulties redeeming edge reward points for yatra vouchers (6250 points for 2500 rs voucher). Have raised a complaint with their customer care. After placing the order for voucher, the order is getting canceleed automatically. Anyone faced anything like this before?

  44. Hardik


    I have using Priority Account for axis debit card 10% cashbak , as its says this card is issue for FYF to account holder is there any Income document we have to provide or its given on basis of account only . I have very law ITR and self employed ?

  45. Praveen Katiyar

    Got this info after digging in newly launched Edge Reward site. Posting here for benefit of all.

    EDGE REWARD points are valid for a period of three (3) years, starting from the day of the month on which the EDGE REWARD points are earned. For example, if a member has earned EDGE REWARD points on 10th January 2013, the EDGE REWARD points shall be valid for redemption till 10th January 2016.

  46. Mouli

    W.e.f 1st April 2020, redeeming EDGE REWARD points for double benefits on Yatra vouchers will be replaced by redemption for Paytm Flight & Hotel vouchers

  47. Srikkanth

    W.e.f from 12th April 2020, EDGE REWARDS earned on transactions done for wallet* spends / reloads using your Axis Bank Credit Card will be discontinued.

    1. Gagan

      Thanks for sharing. I too received email today. Question is how to find which all Indian merchants fall under this MCC?

      As per details shared by Axis : Purchase transactions performed on these Merchant Category Codes (MCC) as allotted by Visa or MasterCard shall not earn EDGE REWARDS:
      Wallets (6540)

      So, need to check if we make payment via Paytm/Phonepe/Payzapp/Amazon for utility bills – will it still be considered as Wallet or not.

  48. Vikash Singh

    Hi Sid,

    2x rewards in Birthday Month. I wish to know that Birthday Month means where this month count will start? Like my birth date is 7th of February so birthday Month will be 01 feb to 29 feb or they consider 7th Feb to 7th March??
    Please clarify.

    1. Shivi

      Calendar month of birth date i.e 1 Feb to 28 or 29 Feb. Having said that, do seek confirmation from the card issuing bank.

    2. The Conscience

      Vikash, did you get 2x points in birthday month? Im doubtful coz I can’t find this feature in their site. May is my birthday month, customer care is as usual clueless, I’m the one to tell them reward points discontinued for wallet load.

    3. Ramesh Kumar

      This feature is removed some months ago, also cross checked my edge statement and they credited only 1x.

  49. Maulin

    I will never recommend Axis Bank credit card to anybody. I got cheated by them.

    I asked for my Axis Bank Select Credit card to be canceled as I had no use for it. The phone banking executive convinced me to downgrade to the privilege card as the annual fee was waived off. After I got my new card, I saw that Rs 3000 which is the annual fee of the Select Credit card had been charged. I raised so many requests to get the annual fee waived off via phone banking, chat, branch relation manager all to no avail. I also have been charged a late fee and interest now on non-payment. My RM kept telling me that the card department has not given any response to my requests. Phone banking executives always have some network issues when I ask them to check my old complaints. As soon as the lockdown is done in my city, I will be marching to my branch and closing all my accounts with that bank. No point being a priority customer.


    Hi sid,
    I am an existing flipkart axis bank credit card holder. Just got an upgrade offer to Privilege Card with joining & annual fees as usual. Need an advice whether to go for upgrade or not. BTW I am more of a shopaholic than traveller. Don’t travel much.

  51. Viswanathan Doraiswamy

    Kushal, I’m able to see them in my mobile app – Rewards Section.

  52. Ravi

    Do they give points on NPS payments spends. Is that amount used for the annual spend calculations?

    1. Vishnu Sreenath

      They do !!! I did get mine… But NPS charges some % for the transaction

  53. Ashish

    Can both the primary and add-on card user access the lounge the same day??

  54. Abhihsek

    I was holding Axis neo credit card ( Axie card holder for 7 years ) , after reading comments on this forum , had called for upgrade to Google Ace card , they also upgraded my neo card to World Privilage mastercard

    Now can some please guide me if Prvilage card and World Privilage card same or different ?

    1. Viswanathan

      ‘World’ is the level higher, next to ‘Platinum’ as per MasterCard.

  55. Prashant bhushan

    Do they give any benifits on card renewal of Axis Privelege if you pay fees? Has anyone negotiated?


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