Axis My Zone Credit Card Features & Benefits

By | September 28, 2022

Note: The features mentioned below are outdated, kindly refer to the latest review here.

Axisbank has been one of the oldest private banks in India. Yet, it was somehow not able to cash in that advantage and make it work for them in their credit cards department. One of the main reasons for this is Axis Bank simply doesn’t provide cards that are good enough or better than the ones by the rival banks like HDFC Bank or ICICI Bank which are the other two large private players in the country.

Lately Axis Bank has been able to ramp up its credit card portfolio with introduction of co-branded cards with Vistara and Privilege card . However, one card that has been in their catalogue for quite some time now is the Axis MyZone Credit Card.

Axis MyZone Credit Card Rewards & Benefits:

My Zone Card has now been upgraded to provide some significant reward points. Let’s see the benefits of this card:

  1. The MyZone Card gives you 25% off for movie tickets booked online or at box office. However, you won’t be getting any reward points for the tickets purchased.
  2. You can earn up to 4–40 points for spends in the dining category. However, on weekends, 10X points are earned. That means you earn 40 RP/₹200 on weekend dining spends.
  3. 4 RPs are the regular earning rate per ₹200.
  4. Reward Rate: ~0.4% (on regular spends)
  5. You can get Complimentary access to Visa Airport lounge with the MyZone Card (2/qtr). Even though this is okay but it is pretty much something that is the norm in the credit card industry as of now.
  6. There is waiver of fuel surcharge on spends ranging between ₹400-₹4000/ month. However, as with most of the cards, you won’t be getting back the service tax that is deducted. You don’t earn any points too on the fuel purchases.
  7. Cardexpert Rating: 3/5

Apart from these very average benefits, the card doesn’t have anything more to offer. However, one can argue that this card can still be kept if this is being offered as a life time free card. It is usually offered Life Time Free to Salary Account customers and also to others (once in a while). Besides, even if it is not offered LTF, you can still get it for a very nominal fee of ₹500/annum.

From my experience, I can tell you one thing is Axis Bank is pretty generous with the credit card limits. So, if you are a first timer too, you can easily expect a credit limit that is almost double your salary.

So if some of you want to get a higher limit on a credit card, you can apply for better cards like YES FIRST Preferred Card through Card-On-Card Basis (it requires a minimum credit limit of 2 Lakh), you can give it a shot. However, to apply Card-On-Card Basis you still need to hold the Card for more than a year.

This is an entry level card and can very well act as your entry into the wonderful world of credit cards. Let us know if you are interested in the offerings from AxisBank or not.

Author: Abhishek Roy

Abhishek is a Doctor by profession and is passionate about Technology and Photography. He pursues his hobbies during the little free time he gets and likes to make the most out of it. He has special interest in Credit/Debit Cards, Reward Points, Air Miles and Travel Hacks.

58 thoughts on “Axis My Zone Credit Card Features & Benefits

  1. Adi. H

    Hi, Congratulations for your card.

    1. What are the requirement to have this card from Axis Bank like ITR Numbers, CIBIL Score etc?


    1. Abhishek Roy

      If you have a salary account with axis bank, they will be offering you the card approximately after 6 months of setting up the salary account. Usually this card is offered for free for life to anyone who is getting above ₹50-60 K a month. This is a relatively easy card to get approved for in comparison to ICICI which has been even rejecting customers for its entry level Platinum card that comes life time free. Of your salary is ₹50 K and you already hold a credit card from other banks, expect a limit of above 1 lakh. If you are a first timer, they see the type of job and place of issue and usually match the salary.

      1. narendra

        when i applied for this card am earning 55k salary and i was given jus 25k limit in the month of nov 2016.
        now am getting 65k.Have requested fr limit increase too but they informed to wait for3 m then i again requested then again 3 more months they informed to wait for limit increase.
        if i upgrade axis myzone now which card i can get ?and let me know limit i gonna get sir
        thanks for the myzone card review

  2. Raj Sinha

    I applied for this card in February when it was being given LTF if applied on When the executive came to collect the documents he asked if I wanted an add-on card for my wife. I have her documents too and within one month I got both our cards. As Abhishek mentioned, they are lenient with the credit limit. They offered me 3.7 lakhs, which is the highest of the 7 credit cards I have.

    Btw, during that period bankbazaar was offering ₹750 worth Amazon vouchers on every successful application.

    Life time free card + Amazon vouchers for free = not bad! 😉

    1. Siddharth

      That’s a handsome limit and a nice deal indeed.

    2. Praveen Perumalla

      Just curious..what are the other 6 cards that you have?

      1. Raj Sinha

        Here is a summary of all the credit cards I hold –

        1. IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card – The most useless card I have. IndusInd executive showed me false benefits and I believed him. One time joining fee of Rs. 899 (refundable if spends more than Rs. 25,000 in first 90 days). 1 complimentary lounge visit per quarter. Complimentary Priority Pass too but no free visits. Credit limit – Rs. 2,50,000.

        2. Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards – Another (almost) useless card, other than 2 lounge visits per quarter, no annual/renewal charges. Points limited to Landmark group. Credit limit – Rs. 2,50,000 (Landmark + Manhattan combined).

        3. Standard Chartered Manhattan – good for cashbacks and reward points, annual fee of Rs. 999 is usually waived off if annual spend greater than Rs. 75,000 (I think). No lounge access. Credit limit – Rs. 2,50,000 (Landmark + Manhattan combined).

        4. Two AMEX Gold Charge Cards – 1 personal and 1 corporate (not counted in total 7). No lounge access, but good cashback offers on flights, hotels and restaurants. Annual renewal charges – Rs. 4,450 but got it waived off. Good rewards after 18000/24000 points. Credit limit – NA, its a charge card.

        5. Axis Bank My Zone Card – LTF. 2 domestic lounge visits per quarter. Credit limit – Rs. 3,70,000.

        6. YES FIRST Preferred – LTF card, got on card-on-card basis, 3 lounge visits per quarter, complimentary Priority Pass membership with 4 complimentary visits in a calendar year. Credit limit – Rs. 1,00,000.

        7. HDFC Diners Club Premium – LTF card. Unlimited complimentary domestic lounge visits and 5 complimentary visits to international lounges in a year. 10x rewards if applicable. Credit limit – Rs. 2,50,000.

  3. Shubhendu Shekhar

    What is card-on-card basis? How to apply using card-to-card and which all cards are applicable for this?

  4. Anil

    Axis My Choice Card is quite good as it offers 5% cashback on 2 chosen categories
    Maximum cashback 1000
    Annual Fees 250
    So net gainer card
    I used it on Grofers 1-5 April & availed 350 discount + 5% cashback also as Grofers came under Grocery my chosen category

  5. Harish

    Earning and saving on obvious expenses is great thing, thank u Sid for this financial literacy drive which is helping its readers to save on their expenses
    Recently I have acquired this card as it was offered LTF, 25% cashback includes your expenses in side movie hall i.e. You will get 100 cashback on 400 Popcorn so it is better to use other cards for tickets having buy one get one features and this card for cool drinks and popcorn inside the hall.

    1. Siddharth

      That’s a great tip on saving with movie food purchases.
      Did you get cashback on most theaters for the same?

      1. Harish

        I have tried in PVR and Inox both the places I have received cashback, as per their Terms Cashback is applicable on Merchant Category as Movies, probably we should get on all theaters if they registered in movies Merchant Category

  6. Aman


    The Bank reserves the right to not credit the Cash back amount and downgrade or cancel the
    credit card account, if the spends on the cash back categories exceeds 25% of the total spends
    of the said card account in a 3 months period.

  7. Aman

    Better use of card on weekends dining (10x ) and weekend shopping (5x):

    Earn eDGE Loyalty Rewards
    eDGE Loyalty Rewards points for transactions and 500+ rewards and offers to redeem points. Earn points for these transactions:
    4-40 points with every Rs. 200 spent through the credit card
    100 points on first online transaction
    10x points on weekend dining (only on usage of valid MY Zone Credit Card for payment and for categories for which the merchant has registered) Click here to know more
    5x points on weekend shopping (only on usage of valid MY Zone Credit Card for payment and for categories for which the merchant has registered) Click here to know more

  8. Srikanth nalla

    The reward points can be utilized for uber cab bookings also..


    Applied for it today, as it Is offered as LtF.

    Let’s see, how the experience is.

    1. Sameer

      Manu, How did you get it LTF? via some wesbite or directly thru Bank?

      1. MANU KUMAR

        The bank executive offered me while opening the account.

  10. Udesh

    Can i use Axis my Zone credit card (VISA Platinum ) out side of india ( International )

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Yes you can. Do confirm with the bank that the International Transaction is activated by default or not. If not then get it activated. In my opinion, if it’s a EMV Chip card, it should be pre-activated.

  11. Manish

    I am self employed with ITR of 10 lacs.

    What limit will i get on this card with the above income??

    Does axis bank gives limit enhancement faster than hdfc bank??

  12. Manu kumar

    Axis bank seems to be very slow in processing card application, even though their executives come armed with tablets and other gadgets for data capture.

    I has been 2 wwks and no decision has been taken, even reference number has not been sent.

  13. MS Rao

    I have approached Axis. have salary account since 8 years. Though have received calls several times i have ignored and finally i have contacted bank last week and My Zone card was approved and received with in a week. Credit card executive has informed that i have pre-approved limit of Rs.1.75 Lakhs and limit offered with card is ridiculous Rs.25,000/- Have mailed credit cards dept and they say that it will be reviewed after 6 months.
    Very irresponsible and careless behavior from bank. They are not bothered.

  14. manu

    The application was rejected today , the reason behind this is POOR CIBIL SCORE.
    Great review by the bank ,score of 823 is very bad indeed nothing less than 900 would be enough for them it seems.

    1. MS Rao

      If you deal with Axis bank credit cards dept, you can understand that give foolish and generic replies. Even i have experienced such foolish replies. They take blind stance even if they have acted foolishly.

  15. jitendra saraogi

    5x rewards on shopping apparels/dept stores/supermarkets) on weekends.
    i will appreciate if anyone can confirm which dept. stores & supermarkets are eligible for above?

  16. jitendra saraogi

    if balance transfer facility is available on axis my zone credit card?
    would appreciate which card offers zero rate or lowest cost balance transfer facility.

  17. shilpy

    Hi can you please tell me. it is applicable on T3 airport Lounge Only??? what about t1 ??

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Yes it is valid in Terminal 1D (Plaza Premium) too if it’s Mastercard. Else, if it’s Visa, then only terminal 3

  18. jitendra saraogi

    if during birthday month all rewards get 2x/10x/20x for regular spend/apparel & dept stores on weekends/dining on weekends?
    please confirm if anybody is aware about same.

  19. Shivangi

    If i pay some amount (say 20k) to another bank account directly or phone pe wallet or paytm wallet through MY ZONE Axis bank credit card, what charges or interest rate will apply in such transactions ?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      You cannot fund other bank account balance through credit card.

  20. Anwar

    Hi, I’m backpacking in these days and my credit card expenses are mostly travel bookings. I hold two cards now, one is from HDFC and other is from SBI. Since I’m planning to spend few more months on road, I’m thinking to apply for one more card so that I can be safe in case of emergency. My CIBIL is around 844 now, I think that is good enough.

    I’m looking to apply for a card with a high approval chance and quick processing. My goal is to get a credit line with a new bank so that the trust will grow slowly even if I don’t have a stable job in India. Do you have any suggestion for a bank that processes the application quickly?

    1. Vicky

      U can try for Kotak Urbane Gold Card or SC Super Value Titanium. Ignore ICICI!

    2. Amex Guy

      If you don’t have a stable job or business (I’m not sure how you’re defining it), Amex and Citi are not your options. I would have recommended PremierMiles as a good travel option. If you’re otherwise well off, opening a Citi Priority should get you a PremierMiles card.

      For quick card on card processing, SC is a good option. Although if your existing limits are low, expect a low limit which will likely never increase. But there isn’t much for domestic travel. Your other good option is going with whichever Yes card you qualify based on existing limit. You might also into available Jet cards.

      Since you’re on road domestically, and you have HDFC and SBI, your emergency case is almost sorted. No other banks except ICICI have as deep presence to assist you.

      My generic advice would be to not overload with less than stellar cards of a lot of banks who either don’t allow multiple cards or have bad upgrade routes. If you get 4 joker cards, it will be a long time before you can get a proper card from the likes of Citi. This will also force you to then close your bad cards and that will affect your CIBIL. Yes and SC are good on these fronts. You can have as many SC cards as you want, and upgrades are possible and encouraged on Yes.

  21. hari krishna

    I have an savings account with axis from 2011 and got good service with that. Recently I was asked for a credit card so I applied. They told me that this is a card with the credit limit of up to 3Lac rupees and with the annual fees of 899. I said ok. I own a small business myself. Thought it would be helpful to extend my business requirements. I have never missed a loan re payment or credit card bill earlier. I have a very good credit health like 799/900. Two days later the phone conversation one executive called me for the document collection and asked me to come down to a bus stop which is a half km distance from my place for the submission. He said he is coming by bus and couldn’t come to my location. So I thought it would be helpful for him, so went there submitted required documents, filled form and signed it. That’s it I never got a call or sms regarding the process of up to 15days. On the 16th day I hope I got a text about the documents approval. And 5days later they updated the details in the net banking. After I checked the details I immediately called customer service and cancelled the card. Can you expect the reason. They have given me a card with the credit limit of 40k. I already have two cards from other banks each has came with 60k and one card is going to upgrade its limit in two months. Should I really want this 40k??? I even warned them not to call me again in the future regarding any credit cards or loans. I have a very bad experience

    1. Himanshu

      Cancelling the card right away would only hurt your credit score and show as hard inquiry in the report.
      I think it would have been better if you continued the card and then asked for Limit Enhancement after 6 months based on ITR. Never believe the agents who say that you’ll XXX limit. The credit limit is assigned after series of algorithms and various checks.

  22. Narendra

    Received this sms just now from Axis cc section
    Dear Customer, complimentary airport lounge benefit on your Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card is revised to 1 visit per calendar quarter starting 16th April’18. T&C

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Yes. It has been reduced from 2/quarter to one

  23. Rajesh

    Hey Abhishek,

    What is the eligibility for MYZONE CARD? Self employed.I file ITR of Rs 8 lacs. Have YFP, R.F and SBI click cards for more than a year. What should be next card Amex gold charge or My zone? Spends usually on online shopping, Movies and Groceries.

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      My Zone is a better card if you consider it overall. 8 Lacs ITR is more than enough.

  24. Rajesh

    Thanks Abhishek for the reply.I am not a salaried person. Why banks prefer salaried over self employed? And My credit score is 784. Can i get a amex card with 8 lacs ITR. Tips and Tricks for getting a better score? I have 3 cards as mentioned above.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Yes you can get Amex card with 8L ITR.

    2. Vikas

      Salaried are preferred because of 2 things.
      1. A Stable credit score & monthly income, so chances are they’ll pay-back on time. If they don’t, they’re easy to catch by getting information from their employer.
      2. If fixed monthly earners spend a little higher, then they’ll have to take loan scheme or whatever that gives interest income to the bank.
      3. Both above points are not guaranteed in case of self-employed people, plus who knows, who turns out to be a goon or you know, maybe a politician. That credit money will be gone case for the bank, like the most we see in news!

  25. Roshan

    I got this card pre approved , Disappointed to see that it has got 3 star rating they did offer me the buzz and the privilege card but I opted for the my zone card as am beginner and had a preconceived idea that i am not ready for the challenge of a credit card .

    My primary objective being boosting my cibil score !
    Hope will be upgrade with in a year to a better card ,
    Wish I came across the website before saying the word GO !

  26. Narinder

    Sharing my experience with Axis Bank. I don’t have any relationship with Axis bank. As there are multiple offers from axis bank, few months back i though like applying for Axis Bank’s Credit Card.

    I applied through their website. After a week i got a call from a lady, who asked if i do have any account with Axis Bank. I said i can provide my salary statement of statement of my existing credit card. But she denied and replied, i need to have an account for credit card.

    Then suddenly last week ( After approx. 6 months), a lady called me saying, some time back i applied for axis credit card, she can process if i still need it. I simply refused. Next day she called again saying they have a offer going on due to financial year closing, where they can offer My Zone or Neo card life time free. I said OK. Although card is not good, but no harm in having a lifetime free card.

    On Saturday, i got a call from the executive if they can come to collect document. I said i am not at home but at a different location, he was ready to come there, I was only carrying my pan card and aadhar card. He came to the location with the tablet. Whole process took approximately 10 mints. Choose code “LIfe Time Free Card” , some where card quota “IBM” ( I am not anywhere associated with IBM ). Immediately i received sms, saying 0 joining fee 0 annual fee.

    To my surprise, they took document on Saturday afternoon and today on Tuesday morning i received sms saying card is approved. ( One working Day).

    More over, if i check status of my application on axis bank’s website, it shows approved with a limit of 1L.

    I am really surprised with the speed of approval but little bit disappointed with the limited provided as axis bank is known for giving good limit. But they given even less than my monthly salary.

  27. Hardik

    Sid,i am holding this card and weekend 10x and 5x shopping and much has been removed and card has been devalued and new benefits has been added , today got mail regarding it, you can refer to their website for changes in card from 1st may and update the article accordingly 🙂

  28. Shivansu

    I am 19 years old and have a independent Axis Bank account under family banking (Linked with my Father’s Salary Account). I usually have balance under 10k but use my debit card for a lot of transactions. I was offered a LTF Axis Bank My Zone Credit card with a limit of 1,25,000 with no prior history of credit cards. It’s still confusing how I was eligible for it. Can anyone validate this ?

    1. Himesh Mishra


    2. Himesh Mishra



    3. Shivi

      Same member group/ Family banking (especially salary accounts) help with credit card offers. Ofc depends on where you are living (place) too!


    At present conditions are changed for my zone card from May 1 2019.
    1)Cashback for movie tickets will be given only if booked through Paytm site/app not for all theatre metchant category as before.
    2)10X&5Xreward for weekend shopping and restaurants transaction is removed
    3)25% Cashback for transaction in Myntra for min bill ₹1999
    4)2500 points on spends of ₹30000 in calendar quarter.

  30. Saraswata

    Free lounge access on Myzone CC has been reduced to 1 per quarter.

  31. Mugunthan

    I am getting this card for the second time now (as LTF card) for downgrading Privilege card. Will change it to another card soon. Anyway, the new features and benefits on MYZONE Credit Card, eff. 15th March, 2021:

    1. 40% off on Swiggy on food delivery (Discount upto Rs.120, on min. transaction of Rs.200, Applicable 4 times per month per card) – (Total savings Rs.480 per month)

    2. Buy One Get One Free on Paytm Movies (Max. discount of Rs.200 per month per card)

    3. Flat Rs.600 off on AJIO (Min. transaction of Rs.2000, offer valid on select styles)

    4. Free SonyLiv1 year subscription (Min. spends of 1.5 lakhs in card anniversary year, Offer applicable on payment of annual fees)

    5. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access (applicable on select lounges, once per quarter)

    6. 4 EDGE REWARDS per Rs.200 spent(not applicable on EMI, movies, fuel, wallet loadsandfinancial transactions)

    7. 1% fuel surcharge waiver (on fuel transactions b/w 400-4000, up to Rs.400per month)

    **Once again it proves, Axis bank entry level cards are unbeatable by any other bank**


      i had my zone card LTF and after 1 yr i got upgrade offer to privilege card. now i don’t use card much , i also want to downgrade to my zone LTF card . what reasons should i give to customer care . will i get my old card activated or new myzone card will be issued if customer care accepts my downgrade proposal. plz reply bro

  32. Mugunthan


    Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see this page.

    Actually I have asked for card downgrade as when the exclusive Paytm travel voucher (Rs.2500 for 6500 rewards) offer from Privilege card was removed in April. I made several calls and finally it was accepted (because I was also having two loan EMIs running on the privilege card).

    The CC who accepted for card downgrade checked my annual spend on the Privilege card. He said if it exceeds 1.25 lakh, he can downgrade it. After checking the annual card spend which crossed 1.25 lakh, he downgraded it to LTF MyZone card.

    Now the exclusive Paytm travel voucher (Rs.2500 for 6500 rewards) offer for Privilege card is back again (after customers complaints).

    What complaint you will raise? Try your luck.

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