Axis My Zone Credit Card Review

By | September 5, 2023

Axis Bank not only has lucrative premium and cashback credit cards but also has some good entry-level cards like Axis My Zone Credit Card that serves a certain purpose, for ex, dining in this case.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card that’s being issued as a Lifetime Free Card for a limited period (ends by 31st March 2023).


TypeEntry-Level Credit Card
Reward Rate0.4%
Annual Fee500 INR+GST Lifetime FREE
Best forDining & movie benefits
USPSwiggy offer (40% discount)

While the Myzone Credit Card is positioned as an “Entry-level credit card”, I would call it as a “Dining Credit Card” for the delicious discount that the card comes with, more on that shortly.

apply now

*** Limited Period Offer: Lifetime FREE ***


Joining Fee500 INR+GST Lifetime FREE
Welcome BenefitSonyLiv Premium
Renewal Fee500 INR+GST Lifetime FREE
Renewal BenefitSonyLiv Premium (on 1.5L spend)
Renewal Fee waiver
  • Welcome Benefit: Complimentary annual subscription to SonyLiv Premium
  • Value: 999 INR

While I’ve signed up for the SonyLiv Premium long back, I didn’t find a reason to use it. But well, some of you might like the content.

Note that the membership can also be renewed when you renew your credit card, as long as your spends are over 1.5L in the previous “card anniversary year”.


  • 4 RP’s for every 200 INR spend (Reward Rate = 0.40%)
  • 1 RP = 0.20 INR on edge rewards portal
  • No rewards on movie, fuel & EMI

This credit card is not for you if you’re looking for handsome rewards on ongoing spends. If you’ve high ongoing monthly spends and still don’t wish to pay any fees for credit card, you should instead explore Axis Ace Credit Card.


Myzone Credit Card Design

Axis Bank has changed the design of most old credit cards recently and MyZone was part of the refresh as well. Note that the card is currently issued on Visa platform.

The new look is quite decent, except that we don’t know why the headphone is there in it (maybe because of SonyLiv ?!). Ideally they should have put a dining plate or food on the design, as that’s the current USP of the product.

Swiggy offer

Caution: this benefit is now devalued from 40% to 24%

  • Discount on Swiggy orders (approx 24%)
  • Coupon Code: AXIS120
  • Max cap: 120 INR / txn (min spend: 500 INR)
  • Limit: 2 times a month

Swiggy offer is indeed an amazing one that’s not worth missing. The Swiggy offer is the only reason why customers are taking this card in 2023, because it makes sense even if the card comes at a fee.

This offer alone can help you save about ~5700 INR a year easily. Along with it, you might as well go for Swiggy One subscription to save further on delivery charges.

With such attractive benefits on Swiggy, I would anyday call MyZone Credit Card as a “Swiggy Credit Card”.

Movie Offer

  • Offer: Buy one Get one (valid on movies only)
  • Max. Cap: Upto Rs.200 off on 2nd ticket
  • Monthly limit: 1 per month

Paytm movie offer is a pretty good one indeed if you watch movies in theaters that costs ~200 INR a ticket. But remember that not all theaters are listed under Paytm.

Airport Lounge Access

Domestic Airport LoungesVisa / Mastercard1/Qtr

While it’s good to see that we’re having complimentary airport lounge access with the card, do note that only lounges in Indian metro cities are part of the program for this credit card.

Other benefits

  1. Ajio Offer: 600 INR on 2000 INR spend (30% savings). Coupon Code: AXISMYZONE
  2. Flipkart Offer: Axis Bank often runs 10% instant discount offer on Flipkart when the sale goes live and Myzone Credit Card is eligible for the same.

My Experience

Axis Myzone Credit Card Welcome Kit

I was using Axis Bank MyZone Credit Card for about an year as it was good to see an instant 40% discount on Swiggy, including those Domino’s orders.

As I hold 3 Axis Bank credit cards already, I couldn’t continue to hold MyZone Credit Card for me but I’ve got one in family for now to take care of the Swiggy spends. The coupon code works flawlessly on the app, as you can see below,

Axis Myzone Credit Card Swiggy offer

After the major devaluation of Zomato Credit Card that gave me free meals for over an year, this is perhaps one of the best dining credit card out there right now for ordering food on Swiggy.

How to Apply?

You may apply online through axis bank website in a matter of few clicks. Usually the card gets approved within a week from the date of application.

If you’re new to bank, not to worry, you don’t need to open any Axis Savings A/c to have an Axis Bank Credit Card.

I’ve written a detailed guide for beginners getting into Axis Bank Credit Cards, but you may not need it as long as you’re just getting into Axis for MyZone Credit Card.

apply now

*** Limited Period Offer: Lifetime FREE ***

Bottom line

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5 (for this segment)

The Axis Bank MyZone Credit Card is not only for the entry-level credit card seekers but also for anyone who love discounts on Swiggy.

Ideally, it fits for those who are looking for an entry-level card with low ongoing spends (or) for premium and super premium credit cardholders who are looking for good dining benefits.

That said, My Zone Credit Card is issued as a lifetime free card for now, so there is no reason to skip it.

Are you holding Axis MyZone Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

79 thoughts on “Axis My Zone Credit Card Review

  1. K Jijo

    Hello Siddharth,

    I am using this card last 5 years never face any problem, rewards is good in Swiggy and movie offer is also decent. As long as it is LTF no more expectation.

  2. Arjun

    Hey Sid, any particular way you managed to get 3 Axis cards? I always believed they had capped it at 2 cards per Person. Also, Axis Airtel card looks promising – any idea if it is available to public yet. Thanks.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It’s usually 2 regular cards and 1 co-brand card, 3 is quite common. Airtel is certainly good for some.

      1. Akash

        I also have 3 Axis cards ( Ace, Myzone and Flipkart) but I also hold 2 Citi Credit cards, I am wondering how will it work when the merger is complete

    2. Rahul

      I had Axis Select, myzone and vistara infinite. All three were issued in a 15 days window

  3. dare devil

    Sid, you have turned more money minded than providing value to your users.
    You have got ads about this credit card on your blog so you are promoting it with a review otherwise this is very old and not so lucrative offering.
    Also, there are SBI cashback card etc new launches but you are not writing a review about it.

    1. Akshat

      That’s a bit harsh

      I’ve know Siddharth to be one of the most genuine card reviewer in my experience.

      The reason my zone is mentioned now is because of LTf offer which will expire in coming days.
      Although Siddharth is very low profile on the commercial angle and transparent too in case he sells something such as his consultations,i wouldn’t fault someone to expect some financial gain for their content. And Sid’s content is great!! Crisp sharp and to the point

      No free lunches in the world!

    2. Siddharth Post author

      “Sid, you have turned more money minded than providing value to your users.”
      – I feel it too! Partly agree, but couldn’t help. Me being too good is not good for Cardexpert. I ran the blog for over 5 yrs with almost nil monitization, only to let it die, almost. It doesn’t work just by giving free info my dear. Have to pay a bit to authors/contributors, etc and that I can’t do without being money minded.

      I’ll stop writing the day when I feel I can’t add significant value to readers. Been thinking on that line on & off already anyway as these days people are well aware of the cards.

      Disagree, Myzone is highly lucrative if you know what the card can offer as LTF. In-fact I got it as a paid card back then, for Swiggy offer.

      SBI Cashback card is known to most now and is yet to be covered as I don’t want beginners to get into issues, as its the usual affair with SBI in the first month for new card launches. I just went through the not so great process and the card is on the way. The review should be up in a week or so.

      1. dare devil

        Why not go for full monetisation in that case?
        Get more ads on website.
        Start a youtube channel.
        An account on instagram for sharing snippets on reviews.

        You will easily earn a lot and provide value to readers!!

      2. AAJ

        Hi Sid,

        I’ve always had issues with SBI card application. Cashback card got rejected as I hold Paytm/Simply Click, they even denied to upgrade my current card to Cashback card, I am not likely to apply again and possibly if they come up with upgrade to it – until then if they have not devalued (which they did with Simply Click partners 10x).

        I had heard from one of pioneers in a software, only good software get pirated, taking cue from there, only good sites/blogs gets ads :). So should be proud of it

      3. DB

        You don’t need tp pay heed to such comments.
        All the effort you have put over the years is highly appreciated.

        I am a card enthusiast too and currently hold 24 cards, in case you need anyone new writing a column or reviewing… then please do let me know… I would love to be part of the system.

      4. aka

        @Sid – I paid for your axis bank card content only to show my appreciation to you for all you do and have helped me in saving lakhs over the past few years.. though i knew it wouldn’t add too much knowledge to what i already know ( majorly due to this blog ), i still went ahead and paid for the content cause sometimes we need to show our appreciation and goodwill with other ways than words !

      5. Akash Burnwal

        As other people said, please discard the negativities. I love your content and won’t mind if I could help you in earning some money from your investment.
        I currently hold close to 15 different CCs and a lot of them has been because of you.
        My friends call me a credit “card expert” although most of what I know comes from your blog.

    3. Abhi

      Unfortunately we have 1 in 1000 comments like this. And if you are looking for much value out of this site for free, aren’t you being money minded.

    4. AbhiKohli

      Guys, chill. Don’t criticize daredevil for his right to opinion.
      Anyways, it is also fun to have a -ve comment once in a while, I am sure Sid enjoys it too.
      Also, criticism gives you a constructive direction. Like here Sid has been able to give his candid version, which otherwise he’d not.
      Also, don’t forget, Sid is the one who approved the comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ So he is not as offended as you guys are getting ๐Ÿ˜€

    5. Vineet

      Is being money minded a sin. As an adult you have the capacity to discern if the card is for your benefit or not. He is writing content and earning through it. There is nothing wrong in it. He is not promoting it in any fashion according to my personal view. And even if he is he is laying all the facts bare bones, which, by being an adult you have the capacity to separate the wheat from the chaff

    6. Pradeep

      @dare devil,

      You wouldn’t be coming to cardexpert if you aren’t money minded.

      get over cheap thought and learn to benefit from this blog

  4. Vikrant pitke

    Axis bank has a personal grudge against me. Keeps rejecting my applications for no proper reason from the bank.
    I hold regalia, amex platinum travel, indusind legend, citi Indian oil and a couple more cards, all with great CL. CIBIL is also well above 770. Not sure what else do they want.

    1. Sandeep

      May be in case you have not tried, you can try applying via a branch. As executive will push your case plus they can find out the real reason for rejection.

    2. Radhesh

      Mine too is rejected axis ace and axis my zone even though i hold axis flipkart card.

      But nevert give the reason, govt should make it mandatory to provide the reason for decline.

  5. Nikunj Palaniya

    Myzone is lucrative because it’s LTF. I got Axis Vistara Signature with credit limit of 1,00,000. Surprisingly Myzone came with limit of 1,75,000. It will help me to increase my credit limit till I become eligible for Magnus. It works for me.

  6. Tushar


    You provide a ton of value for free, and I for one am happy if you can monetize the content. Have been following your blog for years, and it has always provided me with a good read even though I no longer spend much time thinking about which card to get or use!

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Ravi

    Sid, I am holding MyZone and Ace cards. I have a pre-approved Axis Privilige, Select & Atlas cards. I have recebtly received SBI Cashback card; so I am planning to close my SBI Prime Card and thinking to choose Axis Select. Do you think Axis Select card is a good replacement to SBI Prime? I do not hold any other premium cards.

    1. Deepak

      I recently got my MyZone card converted to LTF.

      And I have also received the SBI Cashback card and planning to close SBI Prime ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Rajarshi Roy

    Applied for this card 2weeks back under present LTF scheme. Approved same day, video kyc done. Next day one guy called to ask name addresses etc. After 2-3 days card approval message came with courier tracking ID. Received card after 7-8 days. Very cheap looking package, even EPIC or Aadhar card comes in better packages these days.
    Activated card by calling helpline number. CC number is paid. If you don’t have axis account, to install their app, you need to call CC first to get PIN generated then only can register in app. Could’ve done easily by OTP in RMN. Anyway limit given 1.5L. all the offers promised was written in welcome letter too.
    Now after doing first transaction, not received Sony LIV activation code yet, after 2 weeks. When contacted CC, replied that will get in 45 days.
    For swiggy offer, it’s written in website, axis40 code to be used, but today tried ordering with that code, app showed ‘ code doesn’t exist’
    Any help for Sony LIV subscription and swiggy offer? Anyone received them actually can share the tricks.

    1. Saurabh Dua

      Yes, this issue comes in iOS app sometimes and gets resolved in a day or two or sometimes after raising a helpdesk ticket with swiggy , on android app the code AXIS40 works fine with same login. Looks it’s a swiggy issue and they focus on android more as their majority user base might be using android

    2. Anupam

      I got my card recently and within few days got the SonyLIV code. AXIS40 works on orders above 200 for 4 times in a month. Usually Swiggy has their own promos, but this card is useful when Swiggy does not have any other promo on the restaurant.

    3. daredevil

      I am also getting ‘Code doesn’t exist’ error for AXIS40 on Swiggy.
      Sid, are you sure it works for you? Otherwise this Swiggy card is useless!!

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Works for me until I exhaust the monthly limit, after which this error shows up.

        1. dare devil

          I read your review again and found that it works on app and not through shops section in Zeta/Sodexo app ๐Ÿ™‚
          So, one more app installed!
          Thanks for letting us know that the offer still works, I had stopped using it long back thinking the offer is cancelled.

          For those, who are still paying renewal fees for this card, just ask customer care to make it LTF (Life Time Free).
          If they deny, just ask them to cancel the card(after paying outstanding dues). They will either offer you to make it LTF, or will raise a closure ticket.
          Later, you will get a confirmation call from customer care and they will make it LTF.

  9. Varun

    I got this card LTF when I wanted to close my Select credit card. Worth it for the Swiggy thing alone, bar the 1 lounge access per quarter.

  10. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Had to call the CC for something on my Flipkart card and they mentioned the offer. Didn’t take it then as it didn’t seem too attractive. But after reading this, I am just thinking… Swiggy has some or the other offer either from the platform itself or from any of the other cards. The base reward rate is pretty low for this one, and though I do use Sony Liv, don’t see myself spending 150000 on this card every year, so doesn’t really work.
    BTW, we all come on this site as we are money-minded as well, hope Sid is able to find more value including monetary through this very helpful platform. And I hope he’ll lock away those thoughts of ‘stop writing’, as he most certainly is adding a lot of value to the readers…

  11. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Looking forward to the review of the Cashback SBI Card. A friend with a Simplyclick called up the CC for upgrade and was denied, so holding back for the time being. Hope Sid will be able to provide some direcction…

  12. Maendra

    Hi Sid,

    I guess Axis Ace was stopped long back. People looking for axis ace can be look for SBI Cash back card, AXIS Flipkart, ICICI amazon pay for pure cash back

  13. Sam

    I had got this card last year by paying rs 500+gst. Have used it for airport lounge access & swiggy orders.

  14. Harissssssssss

    I am using MyZone card way before than Swigyy AXIS40 offers. I went to cancel the card last year and CC told me that they can make it as an LTF card, so no need of min spend or renewal fees to keep the card active. Also, one more hack to effectively use the Swiggy discount is that search for the merchants already having 50% discounts without using any coupon code. Then you can effectively get food items at 50% + 40% off(on original price) = 90% off + taxes. Ex of such merchant is “SubHub”(above average copy of Subway) & “Punjabi Food”(2* rated) in West Delhi. Simply get cold-drinks below MRP when month is ending and you have not utilized 4-times limit of the offer.

    And yes I disagree with @Daredevil comment about unnecessary criticism. Just from the articles and comments from this website, I am able to save a lot by taking the maximum advantage of potential offers.

  15. Nishant

    when you put on the headphone and listen, then you are in your zone, hence “My Zone” ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Rajarshi Roy

    Well, I was using in android and was using it for first time in swiggy, so no chance of limit exhaustion either. Will try again and update.
    So now, i didn’t get sony LIV code yet.
    Couldn’t use swiggy offer yet.
    To top of it all last night, while traveling out of Kolkata airport, this card was denied free access in international dep lounge, was told only paid access possible with that card (ultimately we accessed through SBI doctor’s card & kvb master platinum debit) . Though axis Bank website pdf list shows my zone card in Set A, in which serial number 9 shows Kolkata international dep is available for complimentary access.
    Totally disappointed with this card.

  17. Bhushan Patil

    I do have same card but it has very less limit as I had taken it long back, how can I increase my limit without getting annually charged?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The offer has been extended till 15th oct. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Siddharth Pandit

        Hi Sid, Any official source where it is written that it is extended till 15 october? (because on axis website i can not find anything that offer is valid till 30 september or 15 october both) Please give the source

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Unfortunately no, it’s an internal update. But I will be able to help just incase if you’re getting into fee issue, as long as you’re applying through above “apply now” links on Cardexpert, as I’ll then have the rights to follow up with Axis in that case. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Praveen Katiyar

        As always, kudos to your efforts.
        Would you like to edit the last line of 2nd para ? People may read few lines and leave the page, few read comments, remaining will not know if this offer is extended.
        I will try applying it, this time.

          1. Praveen Katiyar

            Welcome @Sid.
            I have applied, but through the hyperlink (not through the ‘Apply Now’ button).

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Cool, that works the same way as well.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You’ll see it while applying. You shall take a snap of that page for reference.

  18. Siddharth Pandit

    Hi Sid,
    If we applied on 28 september and still not approved and say on 16 october card gets approved, so will it still be lifetime free (which was shown while applying online) or not?

  19. Siddharth Saudagar

    I am holding ICICI amazon pay CC, HDFC Regalia CC and SBI SimpyClick CC. So I don’t think I would be using it much but after reading your review I found SonyLIV as one benefit (right now having 6 months subscription left. So can extend it using this) and 10% off on Flipkart during sale might come handy some time and most important its Lifetime free. Swiggy isn’t available in our area so thats out of context.
    So what you would you suggest? Should I apply for this Axis MyZone CC?

    The only paid CC I am having is SBI SimpyClick CC. Is there any trick to make it Lifetime free or any variant which I should ask SBI customer care for upgradation?

    1. Mangesh

      Just drop an email to customer care they will converted to LTF within a week if card is more than 5-6 years old.

      Got mine converted to LTF sometime back

  20. Rohit

    How to apply for existing Axis Flipkart credit card holders? The customer care on phone is saying it is paid option for me not LTF.

  21. Sri

    IMHO, the Swiggy offer is not as great as you make it out to be
    Max cap of Rs.120 means you derive max benefit for a bill amount of Rs. 300.
    Usually, Swiggy has many other offers running in parallel which give around Rs. 75-100 discount or even more for higher bill amounts.

    The benefit of MyZone card is only an additional 20-30 Rs. per order, sometimes less.

  22. Vasanth

    Does this card offer any special benefit for dining (barring the swiggy offer) ?

  23. Abhishek

    Just after going through your review I got it through my father’s axis account ( LTF ) , process was very simple just few clicks and it was approved via mobile app . Should be delivered in next 7 days .

  24. Ramakrishnan

    How bad are Axis in communicating status of application card? Applied for it on 13th and status on portal is still not updating despite claiming a TAT of 2-3 days. When you call customer care, they say it takes 21 days for application to be processed and approved/rejected. I am fairly sure my application is declined (no idea why though) but this lack of communication and transparency is really pissing me off – is this how Axis usually operates?

  25. Gagan

    I applied for MyZone Credit Card on 15th October and today (30th Oct) got an SMS that the application is accepted. Honestly it took quite a long time..

    In between there was radio silence. With this have got 3 cards from Axis : Neo, Select and MyZone.

  26. Hari Nivas Kumar

    Do we still have the Swiggy offer on this card? Used the code AXIS40 and it says the coupon is invalid. Or this coupon offer is applicable only to specific restaurants/time slots? Thanks.!

  27. Ankit Saraf

    My application for Myzone was denied. Now the LTF offer is gone. I have Axis Ace and Flipkart Axis. Reason was internal policy.

  28. AAJ

    Hi Sid, may be you would like to update. They devalued a bit, in terms of edge rewards earning potential for certain transactions.

  29. Chandrasekhar Adusumalli

    Hi Siddharth, the most important thing about Myzone is that it gives unlimited 40% off. You need to have multiple phone numbers. For each and every unique phone number, you get 4 times 40% off.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve noticed that they track card and not a/c when this was tried on “Select” card benefit but I’m surprised to see it go through well on MyZone. Hope it helps some.

  30. Mangesh

    Can you provide a list of cards that are eligible for Axis Gift Edge, Travel Edge or any other accelerated reward points program from axis.

    Itโ€™s a bit confusing since Axis has both rewards and pure cashback card.

  31. Neha

    Donโ€™t know how axis bank works . I hold an Airtel card with limit of 1.81 lacs applied for Myzone card got a limit of 4.78 lacs.

    So the limit of shared across card or both have individual limit.

  32. Ashok

    I recently bought the Axis Myzone card, I got it as LTF, card is very good for swiggy, I did’t received voucher for SonyLiv subscription as promised in the website. Is this offer applicable to LTF customers?

  33. Suhasa

    This card is currently lifetime free. Just got approved. But you’ve got to have patience since I had to wait for 12+ days for the decision.

    1. nikhil g

      I don’t think its free, I applied yesterday I see 500 Rs charge. Alternatively it suggested me neo card which has no lounge access and it gives 40 per off on zomato which is ltf .

  34. kalyan

    can i get this card life time free still ? if no, any good alternatives for swiggy, zomato and movies aspect?

    1. Ashwin Agarwal

      I suppose the offer has expired but I found the offers on dbs co-branded (bigbasket and bajaj Finserv) quite attractive with more usage limit.

  35. S Padmanabhan

    AXIS40 is not working for me since Sep. Did anyone face this or a devaluation is on the cards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They changed it to AXIS120 unfortunately.
      Min Spend: 500 INR up from 200 INR


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