IDFC Diwali Offer (2022): Get Points & Cashback on Credit / Debit Card spends

By | October 12, 2022
IDFC Credit Card Diwali Offer

Just like most other banks, IDFC First Bank also has come with good set of credit & debit card offers during this festive season. Here’s a quick look into the same,

Targeted Offer

idfc credit card targeted offer
  • Offer: Spend Rs.XX on IDFC Credit Card and get vouchers/points worth Rs.YY
  • Offer Type: Spend linked, targeted offer.
  • Offer Period: 5th Oct, 2022 (after enrolling) to 31st Oct, 2022
  • Excluded Spends: Insurance, rent, fuel, wallet load
  • Fulfilment: before 30th Dec 2022
  • You need to enrol, as per the email you’ve received.
  • Source

I’ve received the offer “Spend 10K INR and get 500 INR cashback” and that’s probably because I hardly used the IDFC Wealth Credit Card recently.

Some have received 5K points offer, but not sure which is the highest offer variant among.

If you do the math, it’s overall a decent gain on spend apart from the regular rewards.

Top Spender Offer

IDFC Credit Card Top Spender Offer
  • Offer: Be a top spender on IDFC Credit Cards and avail various gadgets, from iPhone 14 Pro to Apple Watch and more.
  • Offer Type: It says targeted offer but ideally most have received one.
  • Offer Period: 5th Oct, 2022 to 31st Oct, 2022 (daily/hourly winner dates are different though)
  • Spend restriction: Only personal spends are taken into account.
  • Excluded Spends: Insurance, rent, fuel, wallet load
  • Fulfilment: before 30th Dec 2022
  • You need to enrol, as per the email you’ve received.
  • Source

The interesting part is that the top spender offers are separately run for respective credit card variants. So if you’re holding entry level cards, it could be lot easier to win.

Further, it seems they might as well give away the prizes in the form of rewards or Cashback, as they wish.

That’s good in a way, as IDFC rewards are anyway cash equivalent. Rewards ideally makes sense for the bank and I guess that’s what they would be doing it, let’s see.

Debit Card Offer

IDFC Debit card Diwali offer 2022
  • Offer: 1% Cashback on all spends (Online, POS & contactless)
  • Offer Period: 10th Oct, 2022 to 10th Nov, 2022
  • Max Cap: 2500 INR (2.5L Spend)
  • Excluded Spends: Wallet loads
  • Fulfilment: within 48 hrs of txn

That’s a short & sweet offer on IDFC Debit cards, except that it’s sort of trimmed compared to what we’ve seen before, still 1% is quite decent for a debit card.

Final Thoughts

While I’m not a fan of top spender offers, the way this offer is designed makes sense to give it a try, if you could.

Otherwise, the targeted offer on credit card is a decent one, though wish IDFC starts to come up with some premium & assured offers like that of Amex or Axis, perhaps better, hopefully in future.

That aside, it’s nice to see the debit card offers continue to show up.

Just incase if you do not have IDFC Credit Cards, consider taking either IDFC Select or IDFC Wealth Credit Cards.

Have you received the targeted offer? What was the offer you got? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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23 thoughts on “IDFC Diwali Offer (2022): Get Points & Cashback on Credit / Debit Card spends

  1. AAJ

    Hey Sid, I received 10k bonus points on 75k on wealth cc, due to too many conditions I might give it a pass.
    DC 1% has dropped from 10k max CB to 2.5k , but might use this as conditions are less.
    Wishing you and readers a Happy DeepavaLi/Diwali.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Nice, good to see 10K points target.

      !!! Happy Deepavali !!!

    2. AAJ

      IDFC cc when asked says TnC doesn’t say no to bill payments via wallet, in case of usage – May be a dispute could be raised, used – hope they honour rewards 😀

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Unfortunately no! It’s a poorly designed system for enrolment. They should ideally trigger an email or SMS ack.

      1. neil

        When you click on the link in the e-mail it takes you to a webpage confirming the enrolment. the page has T&C for the high spender offer.

        I have taken a screen shot of the webpage

  2. Shivi

    No offer!

    That’s like them telling me -“Keep your money, you miser!”

  3. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Got offer of 7500 reward points for spending 40000. My friend got 5000 RP for spending 25000 offer.

  4. Ankir

    Would the debit card offer be valid on paying through CRED other credit card bills?

    1. Rajesh Subramni

      Yes, it worked with paytm. I have received the Cashback within 2 days of credit card payment..

  5. Dev

    Any idea about how much spend will make me a winner. In my view top spender may be required to spend around 40-50L.

  6. Rohit Bahl

    Hi Sid,
    No offer mail apart from 1% Cashback on all Debit card spends. But the cashback limit is far less. Previously, the similar offer was giving 1% upto Rs.10,000.
    Need to see, if they give cashback for credit card bill payments using debit card on Mobikwik.
    !!! Wish you & your family a very Happy Diwali !!!

    1. AJ

      I think someone confirmed from the Customer Care that CC Bill Pay is included. Others also did get cashback via Mobikwik.

  7. Ravindra Kumar Kumawat

    Hi SId,

    I got the same offer on my Wealth Credit Card – Spend 10K INR and get 500 INR cashback. I enrolled and am hopeful to achieve it.

  8. Manoj singh

    I got 500₹ on 10000 spending and 2500 points on 25000₹ spending for my wife

  9. Shahid Pathan

    Got the offer but once clicked on enrol now, the website says “Apologies, we are facing some technical difficulties & are unable to process your request. Please retry after sometime” .

  10. Varun

    I did not received 1 percent cashback on debit card for bill payment via cred of 1.5 lacs. Checked with bank and they mentioned it is marked as loan emi transaction which is not considered

  11. Ravindra Kumar Kumawat

    The cashback of INR 500 got credited to me yesterday. IDFC fulfilled its promise.


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