HSBC Diwali Offer (2022): Get iPhone/iPad on Credit Card Spends

By | October 2, 2022
HSBC Diwali Offer 2022

Just like most other credit card issuers, HSBC India too sends out these Diwali offers every year. While it’s usually decent, this year they went quite aggressive and sent out amazing offers to their customers giving them an ability to grab iPhone/iPad (guaranteed) on credit card spends and even more. Here’s everything you need to know,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend Rs.XX and get Voucher/cashback/product
  • Offer Period: 1st Oct 2022 to 10th Nov 2022
  • Offer Type: Spend linked, targeted offer with 3 different milestone targets
  • Excluded Spends: Insurance Spends
  • Fulfilment: before 10th Jan 2023

There are couple of variants under this offer and we know few of them so far, as below. Of-course you should have been targeted to be eligible for the offer.

Offer Variant #1

  • Target 1: iPhone 14 Pro on 20L spend (Reward Rate: 6.5%)
  • Target 2: 20K Taj voucher on 6L spend (Reward Rate: 3.4%)
  • Target 3: 3000 cashback on 75K spend (Reward Rate: 4%)

Offer Variant #2

  • Target 1: iPad Air 5th Gen on 15L spend (Reward Rate: 3.3%)
  • Target 2: 10K Taj voucher on 4L spend (Reward Rate: 2.5%)
  • Target 3: 3000 cashback on 125K spend (Reward Rate: 2.4%)

Final Thoughts

This is probably the first time in India where we’re seeing a guaranteed offer for high value items, like an iPhone. This is a great move by the bank and hope others too someday get closer to the HSBC offers.

However, apart from the target #1, the reward rate on other targets are not attractive in 2022. Yet, these are lot better than MMT vouchers and Amazon Echo dots. So it’s fine in a way.

Have you received the HSBC offer on your credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

29 thoughts on “HSBC Diwali Offer (2022): Get iPhone/iPad on Credit Card Spends

  1. Sumit

    Received another variant.
    1. Ipad air 5th gen >15 Lakh
    2. 10k amazon voucher > 4 lakh
    3. 1k cashback > 30k

    Are they cummulative i.e. all three if spend >15 lakh.
    But Insurance spend not covered so reaching even 4 lakh might be tough

    1. Bhavin Shah

      I have same question, terms and conditions are silent on this. In past it was clearly mentioned but I believe it cant be cumulative.

    2. Vish

      The offers are cumulative

      If you achieve 15L spend, you will be entitled for 1000 cashback, 10000 Amazon voucher and ipad 5th gen 64gb.

      I confirmed the same with customer care

  2. Raman Sharma

    I have got following 2 offers besides the ipad air one :
    1. Spend 4L for 10k amazon voucher
    2. Spend 30k for 1k cashback

  3. Shivakiran

    Hi thala. I received the offer variant #2. However, the Target 3 was quite generous for me. I got “Spend INR30,000 and win cashback of INR1,000” offer which is a cool 3.3%. Will definitely target for 30k spend.

  4. Abhi

    Didn’t get any from hsbc yet, but it’s surely lucrative, not just for the iPad or Taj vouchers, but also because of its regular reward point transfer feature of 1:1 with Taj. And, these spend based offers may help you get the accelerated points also, which once received, makes even regular rewards worth some 3.25% .

  5. Gurpreet Singh

    Hi… I need a bit of help… I am a Govt Employee and have a salary account with PNB at the moment. But their services are not good. So I wish to move to either HDFC or IDFC First. Both banks appear good and thus I am confused as which one to proceed with. I already have HDFC Regalia Credit Card and IDFC First Select Credit Card. I rarely see offers on IDFC First Cards but perhaps as they are setting up themselves, they might offer slightly better service. However, my overall experience with HDFC in Credit Card and personal loan has been excellent. So kindly advise which bank is better suited to me.

    1. Pratyush

      Hi Gurpreet, I’ve no experience of IDFC salary account, but have a dealt extensively for savings account. IDFC still lacks a lot in terms of effective and quick resolution, proper escalation path in comparison to the top 3 private sector banks of India. The branch officials usually don’t have knowledge about the product availability and once you raise a query, you will be trapped in a loop between the branch officials and the customer phone support. No doubt, you will be given 1 free locker facility and Visa Infinite credit card to avail the privileges such as BMS + food combo vouchers in the Wealth savings account with average balance of 10 lakhs requirement that you might not find in HDFC Bank. Again I’m presuming that there’ll be a Wealth salary account in IDFC with similar privileges. But HDFC stands class apart in terms of issue resolution and handling escalations.
      Moreover, recently we had written an appreciation mail for one of the employees of IDFC bank(due to active, rare support and quite uncommon) to the head of the consumer baking but there was no response from their end. But in the past with ICICI bank, we had at the least got an acknowledgement for the feedback and the same has been conveyed to the employee.
      Again these are some anecdotal evidences but you may always inquire about the experiences from the people located in your city about the branch 🙂.

      1. Deepak

        Do not go for HDFC, they need everything in writing or paper, plus their service is very bad.

        Axis is far better than HDFC and offers better limits too.

        Axis internet banking is more user friendly….

    2. Kiran KS

      Both are good. HDFC….if you can get to their preferred program based on salary account or maintaining good balance., then its as good as a zero balance account….IDFC on the other hand requires 10k/25k min balance even after getting into select program….However, if balance is not criteria then both are good. While both banks relationship management is not that great HDFC relationship managers are a bit better….

    3. Praveen Katiyar

      I would (& did) go with HDFC. Getting Infinia (or Diners Black) will be worth it.
      And a bank account along with other businesses you can have with HDFC, helps.

      1. Gurpreet Singh

        So overall 3 persons have commented and all have recommended HDFC 🙂

  6. AAJ

    Mine are
    a) 15 lakh or more and win an iPad Air 5th Gen
    b) 4 lakh or more and win an Amazon voucher
    worth INR10,000
    c) 75,000 and win cashback of INR2,000

  7. Rohit Bahl

    Offers are good. But Target#-1 is targeting customers who have such a high limit of 15L or 20L category.
    The spends doesn’t seem to be cumulative. And in such a short spend duration, its literally excluding majority customers out of it.

  8. DB

    This what I got…
    Minimum Spend Amount What you get
    Level 1 Not applicable 50% cashback upto INR500
    Level 2 INR4,00,000 Amazon voucher worth INR10,000
    Level 3 INR15,00,000 iPad Air 5th Gen 64GB

  9. KK

    Thanks Sid. I got the 2nd variant (with slight variation of 10K Amazon GV on 4L spend) but I would have missed this if I hadn’t seen your post.

    Any idea if wallet loads are excluded or included for this offer? The T&C clearly says insurance spends are excluded and no other exclusions but wanted others opinion.

  10. Rahul

    20 lakh spend in a 40 day window.. Even assuming 100% utilization.. min credit limit guys will be 15 lakh or so..

    Very few would be actually eligible!!

    1. Rk

      Need not require such high limit. You can always pay your dues to achieve the target spend

  11. Kartikay Sharma

    I got below 3:
    Spend INR15 lakh or more and win an iPad Air 5th Gen
    Spend INR4 lakh or more and win an Amazon voucher
    worth INR10,000
    Win assured 50% cashback up to INR500 on your spends.

  12. Praveen Katiyar

    I got the offer of spending 4L and getting a 10k voucher. I will skip it. Having both Infinia and Ultimate, this is not worth it. Plus a major bummer is not allowing insurance payments.

  13. Mahesh S. Panicker

    IDFC First has also comeout with their festive season offer, including a range of Iphones for top spenders. There are 2 kinds of offers, one for top spenders, wherein you can get Iphones, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Apple Watches. Then there are personalized offers, Spend XX and get YY reward points. I got spend 40000 and get 7500 bonus reward points. Sure Sid would be covering things in detail soon.

  14. aka

    IDFC has come up with bonus reward points along with top spender prizes !

  15. Bhavin Shah

    Positively surprised to received both cash back and voucher, i was expecting only voucher.

  16. Vish

    Received the below variant.
    1. Ipad air 5th gen >15 Lakh
    2. 10k amazon voucher > 4 lakh
    3. 1k cashback > 30k

    Spent 15Lakhs/

    Got the 1k cashback on 6th Jan, 10k amazon voucher on 10Jan and ipad imagine voucher on 10th Jan.

    imagine website had some issue in placing the order with the gift card, i called the imagine customer care and they fixed it now.

    placed the ipad order online, hope they ship it today.

  17. Shubham Jain

    Got the 2k cashback and 10k amazon voucher last month. Timely and smooth fulfillment by HSBC.
    Though they gave me another pleasant surprise, which was unbelievable at the first go.


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