HSBC Diwali Offer: Get MMT Vouchers & Cashback on Credit Card Spends

By | September 30, 2019

Just like all other banks HSBC too is up with the Diwali Spend based offer for 2019 and it is similar to 2018 HSBC Diwali promo with slight variation. There are two type of offers, one based on spend and other based on luck! Here are the offer details,

Offer Details:


If you managed to spend 2.5L, you get about 2.8% return on spend which is good to see from HSBC. And if you make it to top 5 spender or first 10 to hit 1L spend, you get unbelievable kind of returns as well.

But the problem with such Bumper offer is that we never know how true the bank fulfils it because there were a lot of cases in 2018 wherein even high spends did not help to reach the low bumper targets set by SBI as a part of SBI 2018 Diwali promo.

Hence, I continue to hate these kind of bumper/top spender promos.

What’s your take on 2019 HSBC Diwali Spend based promo – Happy or Unhappy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “HSBC Diwali Offer: Get MMT Vouchers & Cashback on Credit Card Spends

  1. Abhi

    All cards are raining offer except mine. DCB (or HDFC in general) do they ever come-up with spend based offer ? (Yeah offcourse default rate is 3.3 which is high anyway.) YFE gave 500 for 15K but in second half of the month, most of the spending was already done by then. 🙁

  2. Kevin

    I received an offer for HSBC with MMT for 15% discount on MMT gift cards with max discount of Rs.3000. I think it is for all HSBC card holders. That offer seems to be much more beneficial in returns than this offer.

  3. Bhavin Shah

    I have not received any communication from HSBC but I have registered. Am i still eligible for the offer?

  4. Narinder

    Friends, any idea how I can activate this if I am not in India currently?

  5. Priyank

    Did anyone get the MMT 5k voucher and the cashback yet?
    Please confirm.

  6. Prathmesh

    I am awaiting my own rs 2000 cash back. But yes the fulfillment date is the 31st jan.

  7. Priyank

    I have still not received the cashback as well as MMT voucher. Can anyone confirm if they have received the same?

    1. Mouli

      Received cashback yday and MMT Voucher today through email.
      HSBC always posts cashback on time

  8. Amar

    Cashbacks was posted yesterday evening. MMT voucher came in to my spam box just a couple of hours ago.

  9. Bhavin Shah

    Not received even 5000 mmt voucher, spent more than 3 lacs…please guide how to register complaint

  10. Bhavin Shah

    Finally they gave voucher details over phone after multiple follow up. On asking details of additional eligibility of 3000 vouchers they mentioned it was at discretion of bank….looks they do not have transparency and they just tricked us to spend more and that too quickly


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