RBL Diwali Offer: Get Amazon Fire TV Stick on RBL Credit Card spends

By | September 30, 2019

Just like 2018 RBL Diwali promo, this year too RBL Bank has tied up with Amazon to give away one of their gadget (Amazon Fire TV Stick) for spends done on their credit cards.

The spend target is different for each cardmember and is based on their previous spend history. Here is the offer info,

RBL Bank 2019 Diwali Offer Details:

  1. Offer Period: 29th September to 31st October 2019
  2. Target : Spend X amount to get Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote
  3. Offer Reward Rate: ~1%
  4. Excluded Cards: Corporate Cards
  5. Excluded Spend Types: Nil
  6. Fulfilment: 30th Nov 2019 (That’s pretty fast, as always)

Speaking about the target, some of the readers reported 2L, 2.5L & 3L spend targets which gives about 1% return on spend as the value of gadget is currently on sale for Rs.2,799.

Thanks to: Kiran for sharing the info.


While the offer is decent, I wish they had a different gadget on offer, as most of us would be holding Fire TV stick anyway. Moreover, its not an aspirational gadget for someone to consider applying for an RBL card in future.

But given the type of customers they have, this is OKAY, yet they could have had another spend target with some premium aspirational gadget. Just my thoughts!

Have you received your RBL credit card offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “RBL Diwali Offer: Get Amazon Fire TV Stick on RBL Credit Card spends

  1. Amit Solanki

    I received this offer with a target of Rs. 1,00,000. That makes the return rate of 2.8%

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Even my card target is 1lac as I did not spend a penny in last 3 months on RBL card.
        Also on offer is choice of 500 amazon/ flipkart/ big bazaar/ BMS GV on spending 20K.

        1. Sanjeev Khatoi

          I have received the same email as yours. Does paytm spend counts towards this offer?

  2. Mohit Arora

    Siddharth You accidentally wrote 2018 instead of 2019

    Fulfilment: 30th Nov 2018

  3. Prashant Agrawal

    I got one for 1.5L too. But no GV offer, which was more doable. They could also give an option between Fire Stick and Echo Dot.

    I like that there is no excluded spend types. Some of us can pay insurance premiums or educational fees and avail the offer.

  4. Akram Khan

    I received this offer on a target spend of 2.5 lakh. That’s pretty difficult within a month unless you are shifting in a new home or planning to travel somewhere in Europe with your partner.

  5. Ramesh Srinivasan

    I too received this offer with a target of Rs. 1,50,000. That makes the return rate of 1.87%.
    and the good thing is we will get bonus rewards 5000 points for anual spend RS 4,00,000.
    We can use these points for flight ticket booking.

  6. rohitash

    I have received the same offer , There is no capping on reard points that you earn for festive season .

    My CC LIMIT is 148000 i earned 1560 reward points by adding money over and above my CC limit .

    Can someone else verify this .


  7. Sunil P

    I have received 500 Gv offer for 30000 spen and also fire stick for 100000 spend. Customer care confirms I will get both if I achieve the spend target.

    1. Sunil P

      Btw we continue earning RP as per MITC. And for me its 3.2% reward earn rate exclusive of RP.

  8. Anil kumar

    I got an offer of firestick on spendings of 2 lakhs but my card limit is 1 lakh only and the offer period is sept 29 to oct 31st ,so how can it be possible.please clarify my doubt

    1. Sanjeev Khatoi

      Well, the only option I can think of is spending 1 lakh and paying off the bill in between your billing cycle and spend another 1 lakh. I’d still suggest to contact CC and get this checked.


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