HDFC Bank Credit Card Reward Points, Lounge Access – Q&A

By | December 6, 2016

I recently got a comment from a reader named Priyabrata Pan, long one to be on comment section, hence thought of making it as a separate post for everyone’s reference. Here we go:

Hi Siddharth,
Many many thanks to you for helping the persons by your knowledge. I also have some queries. Please keep patient to read it.
1: Starting from 2012, I used HDFC platinum plus credit card (having corporate salary account with HDFC bank) & gathered some points. Later last year I have online upgraded this card with HDFC visa Allmiles card. Now the bank representatives are updating my credit card this November 2016 with HDFC VISA Regalia CC. In that situation please tell me that whichever points I have gathered with my platinum plus CC & with Allmiles CC till now, will it lapse after issuing the regalia card or it will continue lifelong until I redeem the points. Bank customer care is telling that only 40% of accumulated points will transfer to Regalia card & from November 2016 the regalia point value will decrease from .75 paisa to .60 paisa. Is it correct?

Answer: Points gets transferred from card to card during upgrade and usually this % of loss in points conversion is taken care of by itself as upgraded card usually has higher value per point. Usually the loss in this conversion is very less. Just do the math before you upgrade your card.

2: With my HDFC Regalia VISA CC how many priority pass I will get ? Bank rep s are telling that they are giving me this Regalia card with life lime free & to issue that Regalia CC they are issuing one Add on credit card with my father account which is already tie up with my corporate salary account (as you know that HDFC bank offers ‘0’ balance family savings account with all corporate salary accounts). So the PP whichever will be issued with my Regalia CC would it be chargeable for annual maintenance.

Answer: Its going to be free if they say it is free. PP card or add on cards doesn’t affect this. You may cross verify by calling HDFC customer care. For other doubts on Priority Pass limits etc, please refer to: Priority Pass by HDFC – Everything You Need to Know

3: With the help of this PP tagged with the regalia VISA CC should I be able to enter freely inside the domestic airports even when I do not have the flight ticket, with having free access of lounge(like complementary beverages/drinks, accessing the corridor, accessing the Wifi s/computers and so on…..)

Answer: Lounges are usually located in the Airside area, which means you need to pass the security to access the lounges. For this you need Flight Ticket.

4: Which will be better? HDFC VISA Regalia or HDFC Master Card Regalia. Please provide me the respective reason for choosing as better.

Answer: Mastercard has more set of lounges in India. Hence i would prefer that. Visa Signature sometimes has offers, but too less. Everything else is same. Check out these links for Mastercard Lounges/Visa Lounge Access.

5: I am using HDFC VISA platinum Easyshop Debit card. Do it has the free airport lounge access for domestic/international? If no, then can I get this facility if I change my Debit card as HDFC Mastercard Platinum easy shop one. Please let me know which HDFC & ICICI debit card combination with VISA/Mastercard has this free airport lounge access facility.

Answer: Please check out:  10 Best Debit Cards with Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

6: I am also having ICICI Mastercard Titanium Debit card. Will it has the free airport lounge access.

Answer:  You can know the free access available on your Mastercard by calling ‘MasterCard For You’ toll free helpline: 1800-102-6263

Hope the info helps!

16 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Credit Card Reward Points, Lounge Access – Q&A

  1. Sumit

    Hi sid I made 3 txns on payzapp application worth rupees 25000 via my regalia first card on 2 &3 December and as per bank offer I am not get 5 times rewards points till now so please guide me thanks

      1. Sumit

        But on my wife original rigalia card bank will give 5times rewards point after one day when txn is shown in net banking I contacted my Chandigarh cc theyvtold me that this is only for regalia card

  2. Chaitanya Varma


    Can airport lounges be availed on arrival also? For ex if Am travelling from Hyd to Mumbai, after landing in Mumbai, can I access the lounge before going out?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Generally not possible, but its available at Delhi T3 terminal alone, as far as i know. Though its useless as they served me just coffee and biscuits and the lounge space is very small.

  3. Arijit

    Hi Siddharth. I have a question regarding in PP card for regalia.

    My card validity is from April to April. Both for PP and the regalia card. So how are the 12 free lounge visits per year calculated? Is it 12 free visits per calendar year, or as per the card validity year?

  4. Saurabh

    I was on call with HDFC customer care today, and they shelled a bomber: All priority pass memberships have been withdrawn from ALL HDFC credit cards, including the Diners premium I hold. No priority pass or complimentary access is allowed after 31st Dec 2016. I called them to talk to another cc rep, in case the first one was hallucinating. Same reply!

    Is this true? Anyone else heard something similar?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I don’t think it is true. Diners premium doesn’t have any PP.

      1. Saurabh

        Really? Diners’ provides 5 complimentary lounge visits on PP network. And thats what has been withdrawn as per cust care folks.

  5. Naser

    I am holding Regalia Card. I would like to know how many lounges i have utilized and how many are remaining. So kindly provide me any link or number to check.

  6. Sunny

    hdfcbankdinersclub[dot]com It was working previously.

    Although hdfcbankdinersclub[dot]in appears and working… But is it official site for diners club ?

  7. Sunny

    What is the validity of rewards points earned with diners rewards ?
    Please put some light on it. Probably It’s not available on their website as well….

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Forget about the validity. Any points if you hold it more than a year, its risky as it will be devalued sooner or later. Hence redeem them ASAP. 🙂


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