Credit Card Spend based offers from HDFC & SBICards – March 2020

By | March 4, 2020

HDFC Bank Credit Cards and SBICards have rolled out spend based offers for March 2020 and here are all the details about the offer.

HDFC Spend Based Offer

  • Offer: Spend Rs.X to get Vouchers worth Rs.Y
  • Validity: March 1st to March 31st 2020
  • Source

That’s the offer I received on HDFC Infinia. Voucher value is indeed good and overall adds additional ~3% return on spend.

SBICards Spend Based Offer

  • Offer: Spend Rs.X to get Vouchers worth Rs.Y
  • Validity: 28th Feb to 28th March 2020
  • Fulfilment: within 45 days of offer end date.
  • Source

Received the above offer on SBI Prime. Even-though it gives 2% additional return on spend, I wish they better not send any offers with vouchers less than Rs.1000 as Prime is not a basic card anyway. Hope it gets better soon.


I’ve been receiving HDFC Spend based offers almost every month since late 2019 except for Feb 2020 and its good to see it back again for March 2020. These offers are amazing esp. on super premium cards as they shoot up the reward rate to the roof.

Speaking about offers on SBICards, I rarely get spend based offers, maybe got twice in 2019 and they’re yet to get attractive.

Have you received the spend based offers for march 2020 from HDFC & SBI? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

58 thoughts on “Credit Card Spend based offers from HDFC & SBICards – March 2020

  1. Amar

    How do you subscribe on email for these offers? And any offers for DCB?

  2. Rishabh Mangal

    For me I received spend based offer on HDFC DCB but additional criteria to add new smartpay biller in March.

    For SBI, received offer for 100Rs Flipkart voucher, feels like why to take pain of meeting spend threshold just for 100 rs voucher 🙂

    1. Ashish Nikhare

      Didnt you already had a smartpay biller enabled. Did they ask you add another bill in smartpay ?

  3. Mouli

    I received in DCB, for spend of 49000 get 2500 worth voucher and they mentioned to add smart pay, I am not sure whether that it is optional or mandatory

      1. Sai

        Yes, I got an offer of 2.5k voucher on spend of 69k. This was on DCB card.

      2. Moulieswaran

        Yes the same offer that you are referring to.Are you already registered for smartpay with your Infinia?
        I havent registered for any smartpay so this way they are indirectly forcing me to register for smartpay

        1. Siddharth Post author

          No, I don’t have any bills active on smartpay. Got that offer on some other cards in family, seems random.

  4. aka

    i got 5k on spends of 104000/- ..exactly the one i got in Feb !!
    also rs 200 amazon voucher on only 1k transaction for SBI 🙂

  5. Shubham Pratap Singh

    Question is – How would you spend so much? Having many cards is a problem too. Any help would be appreciated in this regard.

    1. Rohit

      @Shubham Pratap Singh
      Dec,jan and Feb is the month for insurance payments so it easily crosses for most of them. And I don’t think anyone would use other cards in India if they have infinia or dcb.

  6. Vipul Aggarwal

    I never get such kind of offers from hdfc. Any suggestion how to receive such kind of offers?

  7. Bhavya

    How do you subscribe for these offers ? Never received a single offer till date !

  8. Gaurab

    Unfortunately I never receive any spend based offers on my HDFC Infinia (previously Regalia) 😐

  9. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Siddharth we have two Diner’s Black in my family and we spend more than Rs. 50,000 every month in each card. We never get any spends based offers. What to do and can you tell us how much was your average spends in your Infinia card ?

  10. Praveenkumar M

    For mi its sbi sayin spend >153000 to get van heusen voucher of 3k, it is not much attractive

  11. Varun

    I never receive any offer from HDFC either for infinia or diners black.
    My average combing those card would be over 20 lacs per year.

  12. Rohit

    Spend rs 54000 and add smart pay and get 5% cashback plus 2500 voucher for DCB.
    Point to be noted is I have already spent 85k in past 15 days of my billing date.
    Also year end is coming so expect more offers from most of the banks.
    I somehow lost interest in vouchers. I still didn’t get e voucher for Dec 19, flipkart 10x dated Feb 14. Just like instant vouchers whether flipkart also takes 90 days to credit? For me still bank says they are looking into it.

  13. Siddharth Jain

    Hi All,
    Whats the update in HDFC Diners Black for this month ?

  14. The Outrigger

    For those already spending a lot on the card and not getting any offers, that’s exactly right! You already spend a lot on your cards, they don’t need to incentivize you. They’re giving incentives to those who don’t spend a lot in order to get them to spend more.

    1. Shivi

      True! I decreased by Infinia spends and saw the offers come around slowly.

  15. Nishit Sanghvi

    Spend Rs. 30000 on HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card xxxxx
    and register on SmartPay to enjoy
    5% CashBack on subsequent bill payments.
    What’s more, you also get a shopping voucher worth Rs. 1500 of your choice
    from the brands below:

    I get this on my club miles.. Not get any offer on sbi prime… I’m using sbi prime since 2.5 year but even no limit increase offer received yet.. Every year I spend more then 5 lac on prime but idk what’s wrong with them.

  16. GTMAX

    Received spend based offer every month from Aug to March except Dec on my DCB.
    Spends requirement: 60-70K
    Benefit: 5K Bonus points/Voucher
    Qualified: For each of these months till Feb.
    My interpretation: HDFC spend based offers might not be directly correlated only to your spending. I have been constantly spending upwards of 70K every month but still getting this offer month after month. There is a high chance that people do not receive it due to some of the other factors.

  17. Vaibhav

    what is email adress of HDFC or sbi from which these offers are given

  18. Rohit

    I have never registered for smartpay. Can we deselect LIC policy if I not interested to continue also utility bills can we remove it through net banking ? Anyways we get 200 cashback through payzaap for utility bills so not sure whether its worth to register at smartpay.

  19. Dheer

    offer I received on DCB in Nov-19 – spend 47k get vouchers of 5k. I got vouchers on 29th feb. In the meantime, I got another offer on DCB in feb-19, spend 53k and get vouchers of 5k. Voucher handout date is May 2020.

  20. Shivi

    True! I decreased by Infinia spends and saw the offers come around slowly.

  21. Udit

    Hi, can someone confirm if Rent payments and Wallet recharges are counted in the spend calculations for HDFC cards or not.

  22. Anirban

    I got 1000 gv on spend of 10k. So a 10% return on spend.
    One query – do spends on fuel and wallet recharges count as far as this offer is concerned?

  23. Ankit Saraf

    got 500 fk voucher offer on 10k sbi. never got any spend based offer on dcb in the last 8 months i have had it.

  24. Chintan

    I received one in February 67000 for vouchers worth 2500. but sadly I didn’t make it

  25. Praveenkumar M

    Out of syllabus 🙂 Get 1000 points when you transact on any three categories out of Fuel, Grocery/Supermarkets, Dining & Utility Bills using your StanChart credit card from 5 – 31 Mar 2020. And the min spend is 1000₹

  26. Manpreet Singh

    “Congratulations! Your SBI Card ending 24 is eligible for a Rs. 1000 worth Barbeque Nation Voucher. Spend Rs. 40000 or more during 28Feb20 – 28Mar20 to get your voucher. Not valid on International spend, cash, fuel, Easy Bill Pay Trxns.T&C”
    Same message i got no. of times on my sbi card, but never got any spend based message on hdfc regalia card.. However i m using hdfc from 2016

  27. lalit

    For Jan based spend based offer on HDFC Cards, when can i expect the voucher. As i have completed the milestone, and i have not received the offer till now.

    1. Rohit

      If its jan then by feb you should get it. I once got it on the sanme month and 2nd time I crossed milestone around 20th of month and got voucher On March 3rd. But there seems to be some glitch which says voucher already clained. have raised complaint for that.

  28. Kashyap

    Be aware of normal HDFC slimy techniques.

    After several calls to their Infinia/DB line, and conflicting information, I was told, only spends that are settled within that month are counted for both Monthly mile stone and target spend based offers, NOT the actual transaction dates.

  29. Gourav

    I got the mail to spend 69k for an 5k voucher in Feb and now I got the same offer again for March. Also I did got the spend based offer in Nov for which I got a mail recently to select the vouchers.

  30. dinesh

    I am spending milestone amount from October till February but received only once 5K voucher on 6th February by SMS but not by email. please confirm dates if anyone else received so that can check with customer support

  31. nitin

    Is cash redemption on Diners Black card now Rs. 0.25 for every1 point? I think they reduced it.

  32. Ashish Nikhare

    Does this spend based offer from HDFC cards make any sense ?
    “Spend Rs.6000 on Phone Bills/Recharge/Travel/Apparel from 20th Feb’20 to 31st Mar’20 & get Hotel voucher worth Rs.300 using Credit Card xx2263”
    Even though, its not an attractive offer and it would fulfil automatially. But the thing is, I recieved this offer on 14 Mar 2020 whereas the offer period starts from 20th Feb. Why is this so late ?

  33. Kishore

    Today I got my first spend based offer on my HDFC card..”Spend 38k and get 2500 voucher of Amazon, Flipkart or big bazaar of your choice”



    1. deva

      i got upgraded to infinia in january 2020 and till date there is no joining fee deduction from my hdfc account..Not even got anything in hdfc credit card statement too..seems like first year is free

      1. Rohit roy

        Hi Deva
        Could you let me know how did the upgrade process happen for Infinia. What was your previous card/Limit and whether you have submitted some document or IT returns was asked.

    2. Shivi

      It’s mentioned on your card’s netbanking page and varies person to person/offer/month.

  35. Ashish Sharma

    I am using HDFC money back credit card since 10 month with 25k limit
    previous month I got a offer of 1000 gift voucher with spend of 15000.
    In march month I got a offer of 2000 gift voucher with spend of 30000.
    How i can spend this target
    and please suggest any tips of spending to get Limit increase offer or card upgrade offer

  36. Udit

    Has anyone received the vouchers from Hdfc for Jan spends offers?

    1. Rohit

      Never expect cashback or voucher from HDFC . In rare instance you will get it. Out of 3 vouchers i didn’t get anything and after mailing they gave only 2 and said i have nothing else to receive in spite of mailing them order details , transaction date etc.
      So the rule with HDFC i have is never get carried away for spend based offers, cashback, bonus vouchers etc.

      1. Udit

        Rohit, better experience than yours with the vouchers.
        Jan voucher received on 26th May and Feb voucher on 28th May. Had raised an email complaint to which I got standard COVID response. So waited for a month and receieved hoth vouchers now.

  37. KMS Rao

    I have met the spend based offer received for March 2020 on my Regalia card and I am supposed to get a voucher for Rs.2000/-. Have not received the voucher till july and have written to customer care on July 30,2020. There is no response form them even after follow up and have written to Grievance redressal authority on 31 Aug 2020. Have received a reply yesterday night from ([email protected]) that “” On receipt of your e-mail, we had liased with the concerned department and would like to clarify that your card account is not eligible for the March 2020 voucher offer.”” No reason has been given. This is the second time I am facing such issue, earlier being vocuher for Rs.200/- , which i dinot receive even afer follow up.
    Have searched for mail ID of Nodal officer for Credit cards and coudnt find any. Has anyone faced such issue? Please let me know if anything can be done

    KMS Rao


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