AmEx India Shop Small Campaign gets a facelift with 50% cashback on spend

By | December 6, 2020
Amex India Shop Small Dec 2020

American Express India recently brought in the global Shop Small campaign to India and as you see, the offer was not on par with most other countries.

This offer ran between Sep and Nov 2020. Now Amex India have extended the offer further for Dec 2020 with sweet 50% cashback on spend instead of 20% previously. Here are the offer details,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend Rs.1000 or more and get Rs.500 cashback per txn (50% off)
  • Max cap: upto 3 times, which is Rs.500*3 = Rs.1500 max cashback
  • Offer Validity: 1 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2020
  • Fulfilment: Usually within 3-5 business days
  • Merchant Locator: Check here
  • Offer Source

Its very nice to see 50% back on spend and I hope this helps the local businesses in select cities accept Amex cards more often than they would.

This, along with the previous shop small offer would help you save Rs.3000 this festive season, as long as you’re located in select cities where the offer is valid.


Its good that American Express listened and did the best to do the shop small campaign in India in par with other countries.

Yet, the other important issue still remains! Why isn’t this targeted for rest of the country?

While that question is unanswered, lets hope to see this offer next year for Pan India. Until then, those who don’t live in those 9 gifted cities, may call Amex and ask why?! 😉

What’s your thoughts on the new Shop Small campaign for Dec 2020? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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49 thoughts on “AmEx India Shop Small Campaign gets a facelift with 50% cashback on spend

  1. Amar

    Is this a targeted offer?
    Also, some say that this offer is valid on ICICI and Indusind issued Amex cards as well – is that true?
    I have received any mailer from any of my card issuers?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, it is targeted. But you may try your luck with above link.

      Yes, you can use Amex network cards too. Use same registration link for registering them as well.

      1. Amex Guy

        Not targeted. There’s some error with Amex backend. If you can’t see this offer in offers section (I did not), use the enrollment form. Once it goes through, you will get an email as well as see it as enrolled in offers section. Do this will all your Amex cards.

        Just did this and it works. Website asks us to do the same. If your card is actually not eligible for some reason, the enrollment form will throw the error.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yeah, heard about the same. But its surprising to see a flaw in Amex email system.

          1. Amit Thakur

            Siddharth, whether this shop small offer is separately valid for add on cards also ?

            If I have 1 primary card along with 2 add ons, will I get the offer 9 times ?

        2. gitns

          Is it possible to do this for all other offers (targeted or otherwise)? If so, is there a way to find the enrollment form for any ongoing offer?

      2. Ashutosh

        I don’t think if the offer is not targeted for your card, it can be bypassed using the offer link. But try your luck 🙂

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Problem is the location restriction. Can’t travel to Bangalore just for this 😐

  2. HG

    Cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad have been excluded which is a bit of a bummer, not all Tier 1 cities are covered. Also if you consider Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai into Mumbai, I guess they have covered hardly 4-5 cities

  3. RD Manj

    I did got this offer. Availed once. Got 500 rupees as statements credit in 3 days.

  4. Kapil Suneja

    I have used this offer for 15k
    I have 5 cards(2 basic card +3 supplementary card) ,offer added to all the cards so I am eligible.contacted CC
    I have purchased 2gb gold coin which is equivalent to cash.
    1000*15 transactions (3 transactions per card)
    Offer is indeed good. 😀

    1. MT

      You really got a 7.5k credit ? I thought supplementary cards were a part of the total 1500 reversal

    2. Cav

      Making charges, card charges, buy-sell difference will all account for almost 20% of the amount swiped.

      1. AbhiKohli

        That would be 3k… if cash back is 7.5k still he is in profit of 4.5k (ethical or not is not a debate here)
        I am just wondering, 2gb of gold coin ? What would that mean? A typo ?
        Also, which gold shops are included ?

  5. gitns

    Hi Siddharth
    How did you find the link to the offer? Since there are such targeted offers all the time, we can try to register for the offers by ourselves if we don’t see these offers the account homepage.
    Is there a page where I can see all the ongoing offers? Irrespective of whether I am eligible for it or not.

  6. Satendra

    Most of the shops mentioned in link are not accepting credit card payments.

    But i know if i will pay in cash and share receipt to Amex. They will give Cashback.

    1. Bhavin Shah

      How does that work? If payment is not made with Amex card, still they will pay cashback?

    2. Sandeep

      Well in that case you can complain this incident to amex. They will take up this issue with merchant. One of friend called up the amex CC for this complain and they told him that if you provid the invoice and charge slip of that vendor they will manually credit the cash back.

  7. Bhavin Shah

    Waste….Tried to use at a local shop which was listed on Amex website but card could not be swiped after multiple attempts…. On calling customer care they say it generally works on ICICI, AMex or SBI machine. Had to pay 5% more with another card…So instead of gaining 50% lost 5%

    1. MT

      5% more , why ? Just bcoz the shop guy forced you to pay extra ? My suggestion is next time just dont buy goods from such shops , just leave… if they dont want to absorb MDR , they should very well not sign up from credit card machines

  8. Ankit Saraf

    Skipped Nov offer as I know most shops dont accept Amex in my area. This time I found 1 grocery store accepting. I got cb in 3 days on card. Have 2 supplementary cards as well. Maybe will buy extra grocery and donate.

  9. Abhi

    Little off topic, but has anyone come across any merchants where can we pay to their Bharatpe QR via Amex? Till date I have never been able to pay using Amex or Payzapp to any QR codes.

    1. Ravi

      Many are not even aware is bharat QR. Think banks are advertising bharat QR , as they stand to loose on POS rentals and also lesser MDR on bharat QR payments.

  10. mayank sharma

    Forget local shops, even the so called luxury breweries in Bangalore are not accepting Amex, even though they are listed on the offers page.

    1. AbhiKohli

      I’ve been able to get CB on pharmacy (Chemist shops) & petrol pump in Bengaluru… 500 off on 1000 petrol is coolest it can get…

  11. Ravi

    The offer is not available to those who availed last month’s shop small offer. I have had availed November offer thrice in local shop. Every time 300 was credited within 3 days. But some shops listed on website so not actually accept amex cards. Had to use other cards (Visa/MasterCard/diners)

      1. Sandeep

        I got the previous small shop offer and this one as well on both the cards I am holding. I haven’t faced the acceptance issue on both the shops I shopped to utilize the offer.

    1. Kapil Suneja

      It’s applicable to all the card holders including the add on card
      And is independent of the fact whether you have used it before or not.
      P.S offer needs to be added to all cards individually.

    2. MT

      Not true bro , i had the previous offer as well as current offer on all 3 amex cards

    3. AbhiKohli

      I got in Nov on 1 card (or maybe 2) and got in Dec in all 3 cards. So nothing like that.
      (I have availed in Nov but maybe only 1-2 times)

  12. Kapil Suneja

    Spent 12k from AMEX card including supplementary (1+3) got 6k cashback.

  13. Amar

    Has the cashback posted for anyone on their ICICI issued Amex card yet?
    I received an email from AMEX yesterday that the transaction was eligible for Shop small campaign but don’t see the cashback posted yet!
    For Amex own issued cards, the cashback is posting the same day as the email notification.

  14. Omkar

    @Amar, when the transaction on icici amex card was undertaken? I have also undertaken transaction, however no email and no cash back yet.

  15. Shikhar Makkar

    I have 3 amex cards – Gold charge card, MRCC and Platinum Travel card. I was able to activate this offer on MRCC & Platinum Travel but it does not exist on their supplementary cards. I couldn’t activate this on the primary gold charge card but strangely I could get this activated on one of the supplementary card. Did anyone encounter the same?


    A little offshoot but why is AMEX not considering limit enhancement requests till now?

    1. Ankur S

      You can send your income proof to get your limit increased. Also each card has max limit, example – MRCC has 4lac max limit allowed.

  17. Omkar

    I have not received the cashback despite 7 working days have been passed since I executed the transaction. Does Anyone else has also faced similar experience and how was it resolved??

    1. Amit Thakur

      Just ensure that you saved the offer to the card. If not then do it . If yes, then offer says this may take upto 90 days. However, since 5 days have passed they encourage you to write to them

  18. Pradeep

    I did not have a good experience with this offer. At Bangalore, most of the shops listed on AMEX websites (Particularly MedPlus Pharmacy) outright reject AMEX cards. A couple of them tried only to receive “Error in response data” on message their POC machine.

    I requested AMEX to remove such unverified shops from the list instead, they offered me cashback if I shopped from the AMEX listed shops with a different card.

  19. Gagan

    This offer is back. Check email with subject “Your Shop Small offer is saved to your Card”

  20. Rushabh

    This offer is back this year. This time 5 times. I received email for just 1 card but on portal I was able to save for all cards including supplementary card.

    4 cards total gonna help me save 10k. Amex has gone fully aggressive this season. Can’t wait for diwali offers now


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